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So begins yet another tale of loneliness.

Dive back into the royal labyrinth, defeat various monsters and unravel the mystery inside the labyrinth. Also, by inheriting the clear data of I, the scenario can be linked, and only those who have cleared the two stories can confirm the true ending.

Ten years after the death of King Liquistoria.
The archaeological town of Traujito, which was once the stage of the turmoil, was striken by a massive earthquake.
Those who knew of the mutation that occurred here suspected the king's resurrection, and a research team was dispatched to investigate the labyrinth that remained closed, but none of them returned alive.

The player becomes the son of the devastated research team leader and steps into the underground labyrinth to unravel the mystery of his father's death.
Active battle with a sense of tension with monsters is alive and well, and you can enjoy the offensive and defensive battles. In addition, by inheriting the clear data of I, we introduced a scenario interlocking that changes the story of II. The action in the previous work influences the story development of this work. Clear the two stories and see the true ending with your own eyes.

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