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FAQ/Walkthrough by Leyviur

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/10/09

Valhalla Knights FAQ & Walkthrough by Leyviur                    v 1.00

This walkthrough may only be used for personal use, and may be used
electronically as long as it remains unaltered. Latest updates of this
FAQ can be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). This guide is
copyright Abraham Liu. Please do not repost it without permission; if
you ask, I will likely consent, so please spare the five seconds needed
to ask!

      Send any questions, comments, corrections, or death threats to

Last update was on Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction                                                 [VKInt]
2. How to Play                                                  [VKHTP] 
3. Quest Walkthrough                                            [VKWlk]
4. Version History                                              [VKVer]
5. Credits                                                      [VKCre]

I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [VKInt]
Valhalla Knights is an action RPG known as a roguelike, and isn't as
forgiving as your average jRPG. This is because managing your resources
is key to the gameplay, and building a strong party requires smart use
of every character's abilities. However, it can be very rewarding.
Valhalla Knights can't be beaten just by going against all the
storyline quests until the end, most quests require level grinding
beforehand in order to successfully complete.

II. HOW TO PLAY                                                 [VKHTP]


Paladi Town is the only town in the game. This is your 'headquarters'
of sorts. You can rest and save at the inn, recruit/modify party
members and take on quests at the guild, buy or sell items and weapons
at the shop, revive characters at the church, and talk to other people
in the tavern.


Valhalla Knights throws you into the game without knowing much of what
to do, even reading the manual won't help. Certain races and even
genders are better at certain jobs, such as female elf mages (who are
the best spellcasters in the game). But nothing's stopping you from
experimenting because eventually it'll all come down to player skill.

When you start out you'll want to try the fighter class - it's a meat
and potatoes class to be sure, but hardy and provides a good learning
curve. Grab a priest as soon as you can in order to provide much needed
healing during the harder quests. As you level you'll find it to be
more and more difficult to increase your levels, so eventually you'll
need to change classes in order to get subjobs to be added to your
primary class.

Try to keep your party small enough that you'll get decent experience
when you grind levels, but large enough that you can handle threats
without danger of getting your party wiped out. A four to five member
party should suffice. You should also never, ever buy armor at the
shop, since you can get better things in chests.

Because there are no 'right' or 'wrong' ways to build your party and
equip them, most of the quest walkthrough will focus on the actual
quests rather than pinpoint and precision managing. I will toss in
recommendations every so often, but they're just tips from when I
played the game, so don't feel obligated to adhere to them; the game's
no fun if you can't experiment, especially in a game like Valhalla

III. QUEST WALKTHROUGH                                          [VKWlk]


You start off at the inn, and afetr a rather rude awakening you'll be
able to get your first quests. But first things first, you'll want to
get another party member, so go to the guild, which is right across the
street from the inn, and get a new character. As mentioned before I
recommend a priest for now.

After this, go to the elf at the northwest of town to obtain the Golden
Pelt. Deliver it to the shop, the go back to the guild to report in.

Now you want to get a lump of gold. From where you got the Golden Pelt,
go north. You'll be in a garden, and to your right is a guard. Head in
the entrance that he's guarding and open the chest in front of you.
Move forward and almost immediately you'll fight a monster. Kill it
to get a lump of gold which you can give to that whiny innkeeper and
complete this quest.


You might want to grind your levels up to level 4 or 5 in the first
hallway of the old dungeon before proceeding with this quest.

From the first hallway of the old dungeon, take the first left. Now
keep going, ignoring the first path on your left, and enter the second
path on the left to find a chest. Now go back into the hallway and
proceed forward until you hit a fork. Turn right and keep going until
you find a chest, then turn left and move forward. Almost immediately
you'll find another chest to your left. Just ahead of the chest and to
your right is a door lock which you'll want to trigger. Turn left,
then keep going until you can turn right. Follow the path until it
splits, then turn right. Keep going forward, then enter the third
path to your right. You'll be in a circular room. To either end are
door locks you should trigger. Right in front is a third door lock
that will lead you to the Rusty Scalpel. Take it, and go back to
the guild for your reward.


Follow the same path as the last quest and you'll eventually find a
female dwarf. Talk to her to end the quest.


This follows a similar path to the previous two quests. However, when
you get to where you met the female dwarf in THE OCEAN VIEW, keep
going straight in order to find the monolith. Examine it to end the
quest and go back to the guild for your reward.


Now that you've finished all the quests for the Old Dungeon, it's time
to find the Lost Road. To find it, you'll want to take a right as soon
as you enter the Old Dungeon. From here just keep going straight and
ignoring any splits in the path. Once you get to the Lost Road just
keep going straight until you hit a dead end. Turn the switch there.
Now, turn 180 degrees so that you're facing the way you came. Walk 
forward and go into the path on your right, then immediately take the
right turn and you'll find a warp gate connecting Old Dungeon and
Lost Road.


From the entrance of the Lost Road (not the warp gate!) that leads from
the Old Dungeon, take the first left. Now keep following the path and
ignore any splits in the road until you get to a dead end with a giant,
a chest, and the girl. Kill the giant, loot the chest, and talk to the
girl to end the quest.


This will be the first difficult quest you'll have to take. First, load
yourself with potions, and equip your main character with the best
equipment you have (if it's too weak, buy stuff at the shop). Now, take
the warp gate to the Lost Road. Head sttraight, turn left immediately,
then turn right, and then right again. Keep going down this path and
ignore all the splits. Eventually you'll run into a corner where you
have to turn left. Do so, and go forward until you find a path on your
left. Go down that path to find the challenger.

The dwarf is extremely powerful, so what you should do is run. You
should be faster than him so whenever he attacks he'll miss. When he
does attack, he has a rather high recovery time. During this time, turn
around and get a few quick attacks in before repeating the process. If
he does hit you (and it will hurt), chug a potion and keep the strategy
going. You should be able to whittle him down.

He'll join your party after you go back to the guild but he's too high
a level right now (which means he'll kill your experience gain).
Adjust his job into a level 1 job (I made him into a thief) in order
to keep the experience flowing.


This one is rather easy. Go to the Garden area north of the town, then
turn left and follow the path until you find the dog.


From where you fought the dwarf in THE CHALLENGE, keep going forward
until you can't anymore. Then go left and keep following the path
without taking any of the splits. Eventually you'll find the Wicked
Forest. From the entrance, keep going until you find a seal. Turn right
and keep going until the end to find a totem, which you can activate in
order to get rid of the seal. Go through the seal and turn right, and
keep going, then turn left and the first chance you get to find
another totem. activate it, then go through the lowered seal. Turn
left, then right the first chance you get. Then turn right again and
keep goig until you see a totem on your left. Activate it and keep 
following the path until you can take a left to find the warp back to
Old Dungeon.


From the warp point, go back to where the second seal was. Turn right,
then turn left the first chance you get in order to find the monolith.
Examine it to end the quest.


From the warp point, go to the second seal from before. Now face the
way you came from, and keep going east. Turn left at the corner and
take the first right that you see. The path will split. Take the left
most path first to find the thief (whom you have to catch) then 
activate the totem. After this take the middle path from the previous
fork and activate a second totem. Now take the rightmost path and keep
going until you can turn right. Do so and activate the totem to unseal
the way to Wenekera Fort Corridor.

Now, go into the corridor. Inspect the statues on either side of you,
and then go through the seal. Turn right, and keep following the path
until you start seeing paths to your left. Enter the third one and
examine the statue. Now go back out and head back to one of the paths
that was sealed before and inspect the statue in there. Once you have
done this, go back to the last room and a new path will be unsealed,
revealing the warp back to Old Dungeon.

The thief will join your party once you report back to the guild.

Do some level grinding in the corridors (I recommend up to 8 or even
10). Now, from the warp point, go east, then south, then east. Keep
following the path and you'll find a sealed area to your left. Keep
going (the path never splits) until you find a statue. Activate it and
go back to where the sealed area was. Now, go west, and keep following
the path. The second door to your right is where the boss is (though
the other two doors lead to chests).

What you want to do now is to control the character the boss attacks
and keep running around, leading him around the room while his attacks
miss and your other characters beat on him (this will be known as the
decoy method from now on). If he switches targets (which he shouldn't)
just switch controls to the other character and keep doing the same
thing. If you've leveled enough he should go down easily enough.

In Wenekera Fort, the third door to your left is where the warp point

To get to it, take the fourth door on your left, then take the first
left and enter the door immediately following that. Activate the statue
to open the door to the warp point.


If the warp point is the third door to the left, then the Monolith, the
goal of this mission, is the fifth door to the left. Keep following the
path and eventually you'll be in a square room with four smaller square
rooms in the center. Go into the southeast room to find the monolith,
ending this mission.


From the entrance of Fort Wenekera Interior, take the first door on the
right. Take the first door immediately in this hallway, and it'll lead
to a room with a statue; activate it. Now go back to where you left the
hallway, and continue. When you hit a turn left, ignore the door you
see, and keep going until you see another doorway to your right. This
is the foor way you want. Go through, turn south, and keep going.
The casket is on the second door on your left.

The monsters here are brutal (especially the lesser demons), so be sure
You're adequately leveled, or are able to run around them. Be sure to
have an escape card ready when you find the casket, because you don't
want to run all the way back through the gauntlet of enemies you just
survived through.


From the entrance of the Fort Wenekera Interior, keep going straight
until you go through a door. Then take a left. Follow the path until
you find another door, then go through it to find two chests. One
has an escape card, the other the Digital Clock.

The problem here is that the chests are guarded by a lesser demon. It's
really strong (especially if you've been lax in grinding your party,
but you can pretty safely run in, grab the chests, then use an escape
card. If you have confidence in your strength, then by all means, tear
it a new one.

The second part of the mission involves fighting a boss, so if you're
hurt, go back to town and rest. From the digital clock room, keep going
straight and you should find the Ghost. It should be fairly easy, and
you can defeat it using sheer numbers, but if you're having trouble,
you can always fall back to the decoy method.

Once you've finished, go through the nearby door to Rucell City.


Unfortunately there is no watp point here, so you'll have to enter
through Wenekera Fort every time. Anyway, for this quest, you should
go north from the entrance. Go west at the split, then go south into
the room. Go through the door and follow the path. Now you should see
two paths leading northward. Go down the left path to unlock the door
needed to complete this mission. Now go back to the second split where
you entered the room by going south. Keep following the path until
you're at the northern part of the center room, and there is a door
leading south and a door leading north. Enter the south door, and then
follow the path until it splits. Take the east path and follow it to
find the goal of the quest.


The screw is in the same area where you finished the last quest.
However, instead of going east, this time you go west.


Now this is difficult. If you've been slacking in levels or equipment
I strongly recommend you max out as much as you can, because these
next few sets of bosses cannot be defeated easily.

Now, once you are ready, go to the north west part of the city (you
can reach it by going down the hallway needed to unlock the door
for mission 14. The boss here is a Mimic Commander with two smaller
enemies. You'll want to focus on the Mimic COmmander first and take
him down as soon as possible - bring in a party with a heavy melee
setup and two healers. Once you finish him off, you can turn your
attention to the other two enemies, which will fall in short order.

The next enemy is in the room in the northeast of the area. The room
before the boss has a checkboard pattern. You want to go north one
space, east one space, north four spaces, west one space, then continue

With the same party setup, attack Agent Chopper first, as he has a much
stronger attack power. Once he's down, you can go after General Tank.
You cannot, I repeat, CANNOT decoy either of these boss fights! They
deal so much damage, and have such a long range that trying is

Once you are done with both these bosses, go back to where you finished
the last two quests. In the southern part you'll find a robot which
will give you access to the door to Akatoki. When you are there, enter
the door in front of you before leaving.


From the entrance of Akitoki, go east until you find a door leading
north. Head inside and keep going until the path splits to an east-west
corridor. Head west, and go north into the door. Head west at the first
opportunity to find Greta, finishing the quest. She'll then join you.


From the entrance, go north. Then, go east. After a long hike to the
end, go north again. Ignore the first turn to the west, and enter the
second path to the west to find the well. Examine it to end this quest.


From the entrance, go north, then east, then north at the first chance
you get. turn into the first hallway east and follow the path to find
the scroll of the ninja. Now, go back to where you were heading north
and continue. When you can't go north anymore, head east, then go into
the first door to the north you see. You will fight Yukitada Ryozan.

You can probably try to decoy your way out of this, but the problem is
you can't stay too far ahead of the guy otherwise he'll use a powered
up attack on you, in which case you won't last too long. Your best
bet would be to load up on Cure Potions and pound him to submission. If
you could beat the bosses in Rucell, then this guy shouldn't pose too
big of a problem.


Level as much as you can and get the best equipment you can. I suggest
a party with two healers if you have them, because these next few
bosses are tough as hell. Now, go to the android that gave you access
to Akitoki, and have him make the Mark of Peace. With it, you can
now enter the northernmost door to fight Count Creitz. Come in guns
blazing, and unleash all your special attacks right at the start. From
then, start decoying the Count with the character he's targeting while
the other characters smash him. Keep an inventory full of Cure Potions.
Those and the healers will keep you alive while your other party
members finish him off. After this, follow the path to Holy Manalum.

Here, you'll find you can't go in. You'll have to then backtrack
to the room where you fought the Count, and fight AST-0000. He's
actually weaker than most enemies in even Akitoki, so if you beat the
Count, you should have no real problems crushing him. Return to town
to regroup, and head to Holy Manalum. Now you can undertake another
quest for this area.


Go to the room where you fought Count Creitz to find Shella and end
this quest.


At Holy Manalum, Head east, then north. When the path splits, head west
then keep following the path until it turns north. Keep going until you
see the third door to the east. Another boss is here, Leena. It's a
one-on-one battle with your main, so make sure s/he's full healed and
crammed full of cure potions. You shouldn't need most of them because
she'll go down with little trouble.

Now, keep heading north, then east through two rooms, then south. When
it ends, go east, then north unril the end, the west, north through two
rooms, and east to find a monolith to activate. Do so, then backtrack
to the center of the map. Keep going north and you'll find Nurikabe.
This boss can be easily decoyed, so do so. It's a relatively simple
fight this way, as he can't hit you if you stay ahead of him. However,
be careful of his stomping attack, which can hit multiple characters.

Now, head into Gehena Abyss. Now might be a good time to head back
to town to restock and regroup. In this area, there are lots of strong
enemies, so avoid battle if you can. You just want to go after the
bosses. So, from the entrance, go north. When the path splits, go west
until it turns north, then follow it to the end. THen turn east, and 
then head south when you reach a dead end. Go through the door to the
east when you hit the end of the southern trek, and head through the
door to the north.

Hopefully your main character has Parallel Heal by this point. Hammer
The Sealed with all your special attacks. Then, continue attacking
it. Start spamming Parallel Heal with your hero when things start
looking bad, and if your levels are up to snuff you should be able to
eke out a victory. Unfortunately, you have to fight another boss after
this and you won't win.

When you regain control, go into the inn and save. THen, go into the
guild. You will notice the new characters you can hire are at around
level 40(!). You may want to replace some of your current party members
with these stronger ones. However, keep one slot in your party empty.

Now, go to the exit at the north of town and talk to Rastul. He'll
join your party and you'll fight a dragon.... which you can make short
work of by now. Go to the garden area, and head east to find Eifa at
the fountain. Now we'll start questing again...


Go into Chinon Castle. There are no enemies here, so from the entrance
go east, then north, then west at the first chance you get. Enter the
door to the north to find the charm, ending the quest.


Now you want to return to the present. Go to Gehena Abyss, where you
fought The Sealed. You'll fight two enemies, a dragon, and its owner.
With your cadre of high leveled mercenaries, these guys don't stand
a chance, as they virtually just sit there and let you hammer them.
Once you are finished, you'll return to the present.

You're left without your level 40 characters, so you'll need to rely
on your old team now.

Now, accept the quest "The Best Equipment" at the Guild, and then
navigate the Old Dungeon to the nine-room maze at the southern part
of the dungeon. Find the monolith to end this quest.

Next, take the quest "True Form." Go through Wenekera, then Rucell 
City, then Holy Manalum. At Holy Manalum, go directly north. The chest
you need is to the left of the second fountain. Grab it and use an
Escape Card to get out.

The next quest, "The Alchemist, Part 3" will take you to Gehena Abyss.
The chest is located right outside the room where you fought The Sealed
during your first trip here, so grab it and Escape Card out again. Now
you're ready for the final battle.

I recommend you be somewhere around level 25 at this point. If you're
not, Rucell City, Holy Manalum, and Gehena Abyss make good levelling
locations. Unfortunately they have no warp points so you won't be
able to get there quickly. Also, gear up your characters with the best
equipment you can get, and load up on the best Potions you can get your
hands on. The final bosses include a one-on-one, and a final battle.

Now, take the quest "Returning to the Heavens." Go to Chinon Castle.
Keep going north, up the stairs, then west when the path splits. Go
north when you reach the end, then east, then go into the door south
when you see it. You'll now have to fight Rastul.

Rastul isn't very hard, but he is really annoying. Hopefully you have
some healing spells by now (with some preist abilities on your main).
Now, what you want to do is run up to him in order to get him to attack
and then run away when he does so he misses. Then, run back in and
attack him with a few quick strikes. If you can cause status ailments,
try to do so, as any help you can get here will mean more resources
for the next boss. If Rastul uses Wind Storm, be sure to heal, because
it can really do a number on your HP.

Now you will fight Lucikus. You can't really inflict many status
ailments on him. Don't even try petrify or paralyze; they won't work.
Also, Lucikus has HEALING SPELLS, as as the fight wears on it becomes
a battle of attrition, with you attempting to deal more damage than he
can heal, while healing yourself more than he can damage you for. This
is the final battle now, so don't hold back. Use everything in your
inventory that you think will help you. RIght at the start, use all
your special attacks and keep attacking him. Have your main character
spam healing moves and potions if the healers get out of their league.
With enough time, Lucikus will go down. If you're anywhere near my
recommended level (25), you should be able to take him down easily.

IV. VERSION HISTORY                                             [VKVer]

-Complete walkthrough finished

V. CREDITS                                                      [VKCre]
-GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.
-Gamefly for a great service and letting me rent this game for a month.
-Whoever wrote http://kimagure.sub.jp/vk/pukiwiki.php, because that
 site helped me more than words can say my first time through.

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