• EX Survival Mode

    Win 10 or more battles in Survival Mode to unlock EX Survival Mode. It can be done with any character, and whenever you want.

    Contributed By: abcd9146.

  • Karakura Heroes Mach

    To unlock this rather special mode, simply beat all 20 missions (under Mission Battle > Story Mission)

    Contributed By: abcd9146.

  • Unlock Extra Partners

    Play Soul Road (Hard or Normal) and answer the question correctly, which the answer will be the name of the character you will unlock. The question will only appear when you hit on the blue spot with at least 60% Trust or more.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HanatarouUse Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
    Iba TetsuzaemonUse Rangiku
    IkkakuUse Renji or Bankai Renji
    IsaneUse Hinamori
    IsshinUse Chad
    KarinUse Chad
    KeigoUse Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
    Kojima MizuiroUse Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
    KonUse Rukia or Shinigami Rukia
    KuukakuUse Yoruichi
    TousenUse Gin
    UnohanaUse Ishida or Final State Quincy Ishida
    UruruUse Urahana
    YumichikaUse Kenpachi
    YuzuUse Urahana

    Contributed By: mocha.

  • Unlock More Playable Characters

    Simply do the what the instruction says, and you will unlock the playable character.
    NOTE: for the characters unlocked through Time Attack, it doesn't matter if you play Single or Group, and the time taken doesn't matter. Also, you may use continues.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Byakuya BankaiClear Story Mission #17
    Hisagi ShuuheiClear Time Attack with Komamura Sajin
    Hitsugaya BankaiClear Story Mission #19
    Ise NanaoClear Time Attack with Kyouraku Shunsui
    Ishida Quincy Final StageClear Story Mission #6
    Komamura SajinClear Time Attack with Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
    Kurotsuchi NemuClear Time Attack with Kurotsuchi Mayuri
    Kusajishi YachiruClear Time Attack with Zaraki Kenpachi
    Kyouraku ShunsuiClear Time Attack with Ukitake Jyuushirou
    Renji BankaiClear Story Mission #12
    Rukia ShinigamiClear Time Attack with Kuchiki Rukia
    UlquiorraBeat Karakura Heroes Mach

    Contributed By: abcd9146.

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