PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From JJR4321 (11/08/2006; 612KB) (Current Mission) Solder (Location) Mainland, Fort Baxter Safehouse (Other) Day 7, $19500, 1.8% complete (Bonus) Fireproof, Infinite Sprint, Extra Armor.
  2. From jfissel (11/11/2006; 604KB) 100% complete in 47:31. Saved at The Clymenus Suite. Day 163 with $1,768,661 in cash.
  3. From NatureBoyMD (11/10/2006; 605KB) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories - All story missions, side missions, balloons, rampages, complete. $8,914,252. Day 161. 93.1% Saved at Vice Point safehouse.
  4. From Mz8691x3 (11/06/2006; 606KB) Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, All Story Missions Complete,The Last Mission Is "Last Stand",Saved at Vice Point SafeHouse. Day 79, $99999999,Full Health & Armor,Nice Weapons(infinite ammo)and Own all businesses
  5. From Manavzx (05/16/2007; 609KB) GTA Vice City Stories - Saved At clymenus suite, Cash-99999999, free payday unlocked, 100% complete
  6. From PS2Marinerfan (11/05/2006; 607KB) Last Mission Completed: Blitzkrieg Saved at Vice Point Safehouse. Day 23 $7536 19.7% complete.
  7. From flipm726 (11/02/2006; 612KB) Latest Mission completed: Over the Top. Saved at viceport safehouse Day 52 $1,334,975. 36.3% complete
  8. From Nathawesome1318 (06/29/2009; 604KB) Super rare black Cuban Hermes from GTA Vice City, Black Bulletproof Sabre Turbo, and Phoenix with no stripes.
  9. From Avt25 (07/30/2010; 611KB) The Perfect Start: Just started the game and too lazy to do any side missions? Mission:Soldier. All main side missions complete:99 Red balloons poped, Vigilante, Paramedic, Firefighter, Taxi and more
  10. From marcy345 (04/16/2011; 604KB) this game is complete

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From SHGSJ (01/04/2015; 604KB)
  2. From clu82 (03/03/2013; 612KB) 'The Lazy Starter's Save' - Only initial story mission complete. All 99 red balloons. Paramedic,vigilante,firefighter and taxi missions all complete. Top save slot. Should also work with non-platinum.
  3. From oab8 (02/04/2007; 606KB) $6611476, Vice point safe house, 54.7%, all storyline missions complete,all bmx&water sport timetrials done!empires:30/30
  4. From shamanthiphop (04/14/2011; 609KB) 100% complete
  5. From pspr0z (11/11/2006; 604KB) 100% complete eu - r0z
  6. From finn_74 (12/01/2006; 604KB) 100% Complete, no cheats used, for Australian Version
  7. From surivivirus (03/11/2007; 609KB) 100% no cheats used 0 times busted & wasted
  8. From Seralight (05/13/2009; 609KB) 250% Completed 0 Times Died 0 Times Busted Everything Unlocked Empire Reputation Max Out Money 9999999999 *Look at the garage* Credits to surivivirus
  9. From Genaga (11/03/2006; 611KB) All missions completed, Day 69, $309082, Own all businesses, vigilante missions done
  10. From kobivr (12/13/2006; 605KB) Perfect Second Island starter 80.4% all possible odd jobs completed except for those that unlock later. No missions done on second island 29/30 empires owned(all robbery).
  11. From Lil_Sokz (11/05/2006; 608KB) Start from Second Island (Zero missions completed in 2nd Island)
  12. From blue_psp (05/26/2009; 605KB) Vice City Police Maverick saved in gararage. Saved at Vice Point safehouse, Day 358,$99999999, 100% Complete

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