Review by knukkles

Reviewed: 12/19/06

An extremely rushed game, but still ok

This game has so many bugs and glitches in it that it tends to get really annoying. Sure you'd expect glitches in a GTA game, but there are glitches that make you lose your cars in your garage, lose track of your balloon count etc. Since the game has so many painful glitches, it appears to be rushed, but I guess we can give it a bit of leeway right? Wrong.

Graphics 8/10: Hmmm...typical GTA graphics. Wrong again. These graphics are way better than any other GTA's graphics. However, they definitely could be better, but GTA will probably never be known for its graphics. Hopefully, GTA 4 will make these graphics better seeing as it will be on the PS3 and likely on every HDTV out there.

Sound: 6/10 Remember VRock? How about Espantoso and VCPR? If you've played Vice City then you'd know what I'm talking about. The radio stations in Vice City seemed to repeat over and over until you got bored and wanted to crack out that Ipod. However you couldn't since it was for the PS2. The same is with this game, I've been listening to VCPR since it was hilarious in Vice City, but I keep hearing the same dumb crap over and over. It repeats like every 15 minutes, which may seem like a lot, but not it you're a fan of GTA. What would make the sound so much better would be writing more material for each talk show and get more 80's music. Every station seems to repeat every 15 minutes. It gets extremely boring.

Story 9/10: The story of this game is wonderful and is the best thing in the game. The story sort of tells you about the "adventures" of Lance Vance and his brother, Vic Vance, who was killed in the beginning of Vice City. You obviously play as Vic and rise up in Vice City as you build your empire. The ending of the game left open a lot of questions such as, *spoiler alert* when did Vic become interested in the drug game, whatever happened between Vic and Lance those two years between VCS and VC, when did Vic develop a Hispanic accent? I'm sure you get the idea. *End of spoilers*.

Gameplay 5/10: The most disturbing part of the game was actually playing the game itself! One of the most annoying things in the game was the aiming system. They give you fine aim, which is definitely helpful, but auto aim is horrible. For example, you get randomly attacked by rival gangs when you start taking over their businesses. I would aim at the guy kill him, try to switch targets so I'm aiming at the guy next to him and would wind up aiming at a pedestrian behind me. This caused the death of me several times, especially on missions which pisses me off a lot because you have to go back and restart the whole mission. Another thing is the garage glitch. In literally every single garage you get in the game, it eats your car. After a while, the garage eats your car, or in other terms your car disappears. The only time the car actually stays in place is when you put it in and immediately open the garage. It tends to get really annoying when I'm trying to save a car for later that's extremely rare.

Replay Value 7/10: This game's replay value is only a seven because it gets really boring after a while. Unless you plan on replaying the story missions, then the game gets boring after the missions. We've all played SA, VC and 3 and know what happens after the story missions: nothing! The only thin left are the emergency vehicle missions, hidden packages and random racing/checkpoint activities. Doing these things over and over tends to get really boring and dragged out.

Final Thoughts:This game is ok but definitely not excellent. If it wasn't rushed like it was and there were less glitches and the gameplay was better, then I would give it a 9, but until they fix it for the PS2, it ain't happening. If you're a hardcore GTA fan, get it. If you're new then pass on this and get VC, 3 or SA which are completely better.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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