PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From ExpectedJinjo (11/12/2007; 401KB) 12/14 accolades, all costumes, all firearms and infinite ammo, all melee weapons and night goggles, saved at hospital.
  2. From Kyonizuka (11/11/2007; 431KB) Cleared File. Almost every "accolades" unlocked (it lacks the "Cartographer" one).
  3. From majik2004 (11/10/2007; 431KB) Extra Options, Nigh Vision Goggles, Tesla Gun Unlocked. All Accolades unlocked. 100% complete.
  4. From darkparodius (11/08/2007; 431KB) Save 1: Final Savepoint. Save 2: New Game+ (Collector, Explorer, Savior, Stalker Accolades)
  5. From Maninstagnate (11/10/2007; 431KB) Silent Hill origins 100%
  6. From majik2004 (11/10/2007; 431KB) Tesla Gun, Night Goggles, Extra Options unlocked. Accolades: Savior, Ambassador, Stalker, Collector, Sharpshooter, Explorer, Daredevil, Codebreaker (8/14 unlocked)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Loba_Solitaria (10/11/2008; 439KB) 100% All weapons - All costumes
  2. From SAPS10111 (09/28/2010; 431KB) Completed 3 times. Got all 3 endings. Accolades: 9/14. Includes moon gauntlets, great cleaver and tesla rifle.
  3. From LurkinMadness24 (11/26/2007; 435KB) Start Of 5th Game.. 11/14 Costumes Unlocked.. Brawler, Daredevil & Explorer Left To Get.

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