PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File12/09/06jcarlide51K
13 NOVEMBER 1970; 28 Active Service, 4 Prisoners, 4 Tech Lv, 20 Medic Lv; Easy, Rail Bridge, 4:27:28 Clear 0.
Save Game File12/19/06NYC87454K
All uniques unlocked completed game 2 times on easy.
Save Game File08/03/07EvilZ12345654K
All weapons and items unlocked, including stealth.Medical level 99, Tech level 99, variety of soldiers
Save Game File12/21/06Churro_Guapo55K
Clered 3 times(2 normal, 1 easy) Pretty much everything unlocked including char., weapon, and Stealth Camo.
Save Game File12/14/06HUNK_REVIL52K
Easy,Normal,Extreme finished. # of time's cleared 5 .Uniques: Python,AC!D Girls,Eva,Ocelot,Sokolov,Cunningham,Null,Elisa,Major Zero,Raikov,Para Medic,Sigint
Save Game File04/08/09DrunkenPiliot7254K
Extreme mode beginning game save, 103 hours, all characters unlocked, and all items and equipment including stealth unlocked
Save Game File12/31/06emania5554K
Game beaten twice have 99 tech lvl stealth many unique chars including n.snake roy and a few camo solders 80 active service members
Save Game File12/10/06PS317199154K
Game finished on easy.
Save Game File12/24/06Ferris61954K
Hacked save file all uniques + all diff camo soldiers
Save Game File02/19/07SPILKLEEN54K
I Have All 8 Camo Soldier's, 100 Soldiers, Game Completed 6 Times On Each Difficulty, 99 Tech, Medic, and 90 Active Service, All Equipment, Guns, Items, and Uniques Unlocked.
Save Game File01/04/07B_E_R_T54K
Normal mode completed 4 times.At start of game with all secret characters unlocked without the use of passwords(except for Teliko,Venus,Zero,Ga-Ko). All weapons and items unlocked, including stealth.Medical level 99, Tech level 99

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/20/09Ba_Juan52K
100% completed, story mode complete 2 times, 99 Medic level, 99 Tech level, all secret characters unlocked and all weapons and items
Save Game File01/01/15aladore38452K
All unique characters with max stats (Legit Elisa + Hacked Ursula + Hacked Campbell). Save named "BIG BOSS". All items maxed out. Great (not full S) generic soldiers + all flag soldiers full S stats.
Save Game File10/30/07Ross0_JE53K
At beginning past comm base with 10 S rank elite tech, 10 S rank doctors with all med jobs, S rank spies for each area with spy jobs and 11 different style camo soldiers, no hacks.
Save Game File03/07/09scottpspmgspo52K
cleared 1 time, stealth, all unlockable characters, 99 tech, 95 med, silo complex
Save Game File07/24/07LRT9256K
PAL Save Game. Tech. lvl 98, Medic. lvl 95, all special characters unlocked (except Eva and GA-KO), all weapons unlocked, 1 special camouflage soldier (Spain).
Save Game File06/28/07coreh52K
PAL Savegame. Almost all uniques (expect Zero, Venus and GA-KO) legit way. 99 tech, 90 med. 1 special camo. many fox soldiers. no hacks.

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