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Game Script by Karma_Hunter

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/04/07

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Game Script
by Marten "Karma Hunter" Stein
January 1, 2007


Version 1.00 -- Script completed
Version 1.05 -- Contact information added, some typos fixed


Thanks for using my MGS:PO script (although perhaps it's you that should 
be thanking me?). This script is still a work in progress, and is constantly 
being revised and updated. If you have ANY corrections to make, suggestions,
or just want to send a nice thank-you (though I guess I'll take flames), my
e-mail is:


Got it? Good, on with the script.

The Portable Ops script is told in two formats, plain text and graphic
novel cutscenes. Plain text comprises the bulk of the dialogue and is
used primarily in mission briefings, radio calls, and short 
conversations. The graphic novel cutscenes are like those seen in the 
game Max Payne, and feature complete voice-acting. This format is used 
primarily in detailing major plot points and character-intensive 

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(A flash of scenes, accompanied by sounds of fighting, a blade 
brandishing, and ending with a scream.)

The next scene is a prison cell, with a prisoner just waking up in a 
terror. This is Naked Snake, the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3.

???: Right on time. Excellent. It's been exactly twelve hours since we 
administered the drug. I trust your dreams were pleasant...Big Boss?

Snake: What are you talking about?

???: Please, drop the act. I know all about you, Boss. Or would you 
prefer I called you...Naked Snake?

Snake: Sounds like you've got the right guy. Who are you?

???: My name is Lt. Cunningham. Until four weeks ago, I was with the 

Snake: Cunningham? FOX Unit's interrogation specialist?

Cunningham: Ah, so you have heard of me. I'm honored, Snake.

Snake: And those guys who attacked me - they were FOX, too?

Cunningham: Yeah. Although, we'll leave it at that, for now.

Snake: What do you want from me? I'm retired from FOX. I'm guessing 
this isn't a social call or you wouldn't have brought the goons.

Cunningham: Retired? Yeah, I suppose you are, to the outside world. 
Don't worry. I'm not here to give you a new mission. I just want to ask 
you one simple question. Six years ago as a member of FOX, you 
prevented a full-scale nuclear war. You were hailed as a true patriot, 
given the title of Big Boss by the president. And then you turned right 
around and quit the unit. Threw aside your rank, your good name. 
Mysterious, don't you think? What did you see out there on your 
mission? What did you see in Groznyj Grad?

(Scenes of the Shagohod, Snake/EVA, and the Boss briefly flash.)

Cunningham: Where is the Legacy?

Snake: You mean the Philosophers' Legacy...?!

Cunningham: Yes. The secret cache of funds amassed by the Big Three 
during the Second World War. Where is it?

Snake: If you're looking for the Legacy, try the CIA. They're the ones 
who took it after the mission six years ago.

(Cunningham strikes Snake with an electrified baton, knees him in the 
face, then presses down with a mechanical prosthetic leg on Snake's 

Cunningham: Simply apply the right type of pain, to the right degree, 
at just the right location. It's always been my policy for persuasion, 
and I've found it to be quite effective. The CIA only recovered half of 
the Legacy from the Soviets after Operation Snake Eater. And you know 
where the other half went.

Snake: The CIA...only got half?

Cunningham: You can drop the act. You defeated The Boss and returned 
alive, so you must know where the other half of the Legacy is. And 
now...you're gonna tell me, Snake.

Snake: Don't have a clue.

Cunningham: That's too bad. Because I'd hate to have to continue 
persuading you like this, "comrade." 

(Cunningham strikes Snake's head, electrifying him one more time.)

Cunningham: No matter. We have plenty of time. Sooner or later I'm sure 
it will all come back to you.

Snake: Wait! This isn't an official mission, is it? What happened to 
Major Zero? Tell me the truth, Cunningham!

Cunningham: This is an official FOX mission. For now.

(Cunningham laughs as he exits.)

(End Cutscene)


(after trying to open the door)

???: It's no use. It's shut tight.

Snake: !?

???: Snake...so that's your name, huh? It's got a nice ring to it.

Snake: Who are you?

???: I'm just a prisoner, like you.

Snake: An American? How'd an American like you end up a prisoner in a 
place like this?

???: It's a long story. But never mind that. Don't you want to get out 
of here?

Snake: You know a way?

???: Take a good look under that bed See that duct? The cover comes 
right off. You can go through it to the next room.

Snake: How'd you know?

???: 'Cause I'm the one that took the cover off. But as luck would have 
it, they moved me to another cell right after that, so I never got a 
chance to use it. If you make it out, will you do a fellow prisoner a 

Snake: A favor?

???: Don't worry. You'll get something out of it, too.

Snake: Deal. I'll give it a shot.

(after acquiring the Mk22 - and with it, the Sneaking Suit)

Snake: Aromatic polyamide...this is the FOX Unit's new sneaking suit. 
What's this doing here?

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

???: Well, I'll be damned. It is Snake...Or should I say, Big Boss. Are 
you the real deal?

Snake: You know me?

???: Are you kidding? You're a legend in the black ops world.

Snake: Black ops...

???: What's a hero like you doing in a place like this?

Snake: Beats me. I'd like to find out myself. Where are we, anyway? 
Near the equator, from the looks of it... If I had to guess, I'd say 
South America.

???: You got it, Big Boss. The San Hieronymo Peninsula, to be exact, 
known to the locals as "la peninsula de los muertos", the peninsula of 
the dead. It's off the coast of central Columbia, more or less directly 
south of Cuba.

Snake: Never heard of it.

???: You wouldn't have. It doesn't show up on any conventional maps - 
it's under Red Army control.

Snake: The Red Army? In Columbia?

???: In 1964, the Russians provided military aid to FARC, Columbia's 
biggest rebel faction. And in return, FARC gave them this land.

Snake: 1964... The year of the Virtuous Mission.

???: Two years prior, the Russians failed in their attempt to build an 
intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) base in Cuba. Had they 
succeeded in deploying nuclear-equipped IRBMs inside Cuba, every major 
American city would have been within range.

Snake: The Cuban Missile Crisis.

???: Exactly. In the end, the Russians gave up on the idea of deploying 
missiles in Cuba. But rumor had it that they were looking for a new 
site, one where they could build a base in secret.

Snake: And that place was the San-Hieronymo Peninsula?

???: Yeah. Well, not exactly... Apparently the plans for this missile 
base were abandoned before it was built.

Snake: Abandoned?

???: Due to detente. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union are having 
trouble financing their enormous military budget, and they can't afford 
to keep waging the Cold War like they did in the Sixties. Last year, 
they began conducting the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks with the goal 
of limiting each country's number of ballistic missiles.

Snake: Meaning no more need to build a new missile base.

???: Right. But as you can see, they'd already completed part of the 
facility. We were sent in to investigate what was going on. Before we 
could do that, they ambushed us.

Snake: "They"?

???: The FOX Unit. My team was wiped out in the blink of an eye. I fear 
I'm the only survivor.

Snake: What's the FOX Unit doing in a Soviet base?

???: Not a clue. I'd have expected you to know more about it than me.

Snake: I'm not with FOX anymore.

???: I see. Anyway, that's all I've got.

Snake: All right. Hold on, I'll get you out of there.

???: It's no use. I've tried over and over. You need a special key to 
unlock the cell door. Right now, you've got to get outta here. Head 
five clicks southeast of the detention center and you should reach a 
communications base. I need you to call in a rescue, if you can.

Snake: Rescue?

???: You should be able to make contact with the States using the 
satellite uplink. But the circuit will most likely be monitored. If 
only you could use some kind of encrypted transmission...

Snake: Someone capable of receiving an encrypted protocol that they 
can't listen in on...

???: Any ideas?

Snake: I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off, but there's one 
thing I could try...

???: Great. I'm counting on you, Big Boss.

Snake: Call me Snake.

???: It's been an honor, Snake. The name's Campbell. Roy Campbell. Good 

(End Cutscene)

Campbell: That reminds me...You've been out of action for a while, 
haven't you, Snake? Now would be a good time for a light refresher - 
just to help you get reacquainted with your weapons and basic actions. 
I'll help you out. First, equip a weapon. Hold the Circle button. This 
will bring up a list of carried weapons. Use the directional buttons to 

(after selecting the Mk22)

Campbell: To use a weapon, press the L button to ready the weapon and 
the Square button to fire. Now it's your turn.

(after firing)

Campbell: Good. You got it. Next, let's do a First Person attack.

(if you hit Campbell while firing)

Campbell: Stop! Don't shoot! Come on, already! We're moving on! We're 
on to First-Person attacks now!

Campbell: Press the R button to ready the weapon and the Square button 
to fire. Use the analog stick to aim. While aiming, you can press the L 
button to get a more accurate fix on the target. Try it out.

(after firing)

Campbell: OK, that about does it for weapons.

(if you shoot Campbell)

Campbell: What the hell?! Damn it! Never mind...that's enough for 

Campbell: ...Oh, and before I forget... Do you know about the radar in the 
upper-right corner of the screen? That's your Surround Indicator. It 
keeps you informed of sounds in the surrounding area. The outer ring 
displays the sounds you hear around you. The inner ring displays the 
sounds you make yourself. Be especially careful when you see red on the 
radar. That means the enemy is near. If you make a sound, they'll be 
all over ya.

(if you try to open Campbell's door)

Campbell: Forget it. It won't open.

(after moving for the exit)

Campbell: Hold it! You can't just dash blindly into plain view! You've 
got to check to make sure it's safe first. There should be a guard 
outside to the left. You need to make your exit when that guard isn't 
looking your way, right? So use the wall press and then peek. Face the 
wall to the left, then move towards the wall and press the Triangle 
button. Then, while you're pressed against the wall, hold the Triangle 
button down and make your way slowly toward the exit.

(after moving along the wall to the exit)

Campbell: Hey, you're pretty good. Now head for the communications 
base. Use the Triangle button to open any doors you encounter. Well, as 
long as they're not locked, that is. You can view the route to the 
communications base on the Map Screen by pressing the START button. The 
goal is marked with an "X". I also seem to remember there being an 
electronic gate along the way. If you're careful, I think you can sneak 
past it. You know how to crawl, right?

Campbell: I'm counting on you, Snake...Or should I say, "legendary 


Snake: That's a dish antenna for satellite communications... This must be 
the communications base. The communicator that I'm looking for is in 
that building...

(after reaching the communicator)


Snake: Does anybody read me? This is Snake. If anybody can hear this, 
please respond.

Para-Medic: Snake! Is it you? Is this the real Naked Snake?

Snake: That voice... Para-Medic?

Para-Medic: It's me! It's been a while, huh, Snake? It's good to hear 
your voice again.

Snake: Same here. It'd be even better if I weren't in this god-forsaken 
place. So, you're still using this circuit?

Para-Medic: Major Zero kept it just in case. He said if you were safe, 
you might try to use it to contact us. To be honest, I never really 
expected you to call. But I'm glad you did.

Snake: Yeah, me too. But why are you on the line? Where's the Major?

Para-Medic: Major Zero was placed under arrest by the military last 

Snake: The military...the Pentagon arrested the Major? Why?

Para-Medic: He's being held under suspicion of treason. I don't know 
the details, but a month ago, a CIA unit stole a top-secret weapon 
guarded by the military and fled the country. They're charging the 
Major with instigating the revolt. You've been charged too, Snake.

Snake: Me?

Para-Medic: The military believes you spearheaded the rebellion.

Snake: You've got to be kidding me. I'm retired from FOX!

Para-Medic: I know, Snake. Calm down and listen to me. The CIA unit...the 
one that stole the prototype weapon and executed the revolt. Its name 
was FOX. Meaning the FOX Unit is your next target!

Snake: What the hell... What are they after?

Para-Medic: I don't know. Any members of FOX who didn't join the 
rebellion were killed. The unit is in shambles.

Snake: I don't believe this.

Para-Medic: I know how you feel. You know why the military suspects 
you, don't you, Snake? Whoever started this mess managed to gather FOX 
members specializing in solo missions and killed all those who opposed. 
The only soldier who could have pulled that off is you.

Snake: ...Done in by my own overblown reputation. Are you the only one 

Para-Medic: For now, at least. But Sigint's helping us out over at 

Snake: The Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency...

Para-Medic: Right. His frequency is 148.41.


Sigint: Yo, Snake! Long time, no see. I hear you got yourself into a 
bad mess out there.

Snake: Mr. Sigint... Looks like I need your help again.

Sigint: Aw, man, it's cool. We've been through a lot together. With 
your skills, it shouldn't be too hard to find your way out of there. 
But that's not gonna be enough. You gotta catch whoever started this 
revolt. If you can't take him alive, dead will do just fine.

Snake: Huh?

Sigint: We need evidence that proves your innocence. Otherwise, we're 
gonna end up court-martialed for helping you.

Snake: I see what you're saying, but I can't do it. We're not just 
talking about rogue FOX members here. They've got the Russian soldiers 
based on the peninsula on their side.

Sigint: Yeah. That's what we heard, too. It looks like they took over 
the chain of command for a Red Army unit that was secretly stationed 
inside Colombian territory.

Snake: Took over the chain of command... So that's it... I thought this 
seemed a little strange for an official military operation. They got 
the soldiers that were already stationed here to join them.

Sigint: Hearts and minds... the bread and butter of Special Forces. 
Anyway, because of that, neither the U.S. nor the Soviet Union can get 
involved publicly. If the world found out the Russians built a nuclear 
base in Columbia, or that American had one of their most advanced 
weapons stolen, there'd be hell to pay. And the rogue unit is using 
those secrets as leverage to demand negotiations for independence with 
the U.S. and Soviet Union.

Snake: ...They're planning to create a new military nation? So, in other 
words, they've got the strength necessary to back up these crazy 
demands. And I can't expect any backup from home. And you want me, on 
my own, to go in and capture the ringleader of this rebellion?

Sigint: Well, there's no reason you have to do it alone. If the rebels 
managed to get the local militia on their side, who's to say you can't 
do the same thing? 

Snake: You're saying I should convince the Russians and the rebels to 
join my side?

Sigint: It's not that complicated, man. Just think of it as procuring 
your allies on site. That's what you're good at, isn't it? Procurement 
on site.

Snake: You're kidding, right? This isn't the same as catching fish and 
snakes, you know.

Sigint: You gotta try, Snake. Otherwise, everybody's gonna be gunning 
for you - the rebels, AND the Pentagon. And you're gonna bring us and 
Major Zero down with you.

Snake: ...

Sigint: Oh, I do have some good news, too. As luck would have it, we 
just sent a scout unit to the peninsula to gather intelligence. It's an 
SFG unit.

Snake: The Green Berets? Here?

Sigint: We lost contact with them a little while ago, but there might 
still be some survivors. If you rescue them, they'll help you out.

Snake: Yeah, I think I know who you're talking about... OK, I'll see what 
I can find.


Snake: You OK, Roy?

Campbell: Snake, what are you doing back here?

Snake: Found a key. Thought you might be interested in it...

Campbell: Did you call for help?

Snake: Nobody's coming.

Campbell: What?

Snake: Seems they think I'm the one who's leading FOX... The one who 
wiped out your unit.

Campbell: ...That's insane.

Snake: And unless I clear my name, they're not letting me back into the 
country - and we can forget about someone coming to rescue us.

Campbell: Clear your name... But how?

Snake: Track down the real roots of FOX's rebellion.

Campbell: ...

Snake: Roy.

Campbell: What?

Snake: I need your help to pull this off.

Campbell: Me?

Snake: Yeah. I need your skills as a Green Beret.

Campbell: Whoa, Snake, don't go getting any crazy ideas.

Snake: What's so crazy about----?

Campbell: Look at me. My leg's broken. I can barely walk. And I've had 
this nasty fever for days...

Snake: All right. Why don't you drive instead of walk?

Campbell: What do you mean?

Snake: On a base this big, there's bound to be a personal transport 
vehicle or two lying around.

Campbell: Well, yeah, but...

Snake: And you don't need your legs to fire a gun...right?

Campbell: ...

Snake: So are you with me?

Campbell: ...

Snake: Roy!

Campbell: All right. I'm with you.

Snake: Great. I owe you one.

Campbell: (Geez, who'd have thought the legendary Big Boss would be 
this pushy...)

Snake: I'm leaving my spare radio with you. If anything happens, call 
me. We'll use frequency 140.85. Press the SELECT button to open the 
Radio Screen. Use the left and right directional buttons to adjust the 
frequency, and press the Circle button to make a call. Press the down 
directional button to bring up a list of saved frequencies.

Campbell: I'll give you a ring if I start to get lonely.


Snake: OK. First things first. We need intel. Did you get some kind of 
briefing before the mission?

Campbell: The first recon target we were given during the pre-mission 
briefing at Fort Bragg was here... A Soviet front-line patrol base. This 
will be our first target for information collection. I can take you 
there. I've got a good idea of where it's located. ...Well, more like I 
don't know where any of the other facilities are, exactly...

Snake: It'll do. So what's the plan?

Campbell: This place is packed with soldiers - the perfect target for 
our first recon. Get as much intel as you can. You should be able to 
extract useful information by listening in on soldiers. 

Snake: All right, we'll go with your plan.

Campbell: Heh heh. Looks like we'll make a great team, Snake. OK, let's 
get going.



Campbell: OK, now get out there and suss out the situation. You can 
learn a lot from what the enemy is saying. Just get close to an enemy 
and listen carefully. I know you can do it. When you're approaching an 
enemy, hold the Triangle button as you move... That will muffle your 
footsteps during your approach.

Snake: Got it.

Campbell: ...

Snake: ...Mm? Something wrong, Campbell?

Campbell: ...N... No, it's... Just got dizzy for a second.

Snake: You sure you're all right? How's the fever?

Campbell: I'm fine. And there are more important things to worry about.

Snake: Take care of yourself... We can't afford to have you out of action 

Campbell: Yeah... I know.

(after encountering some soldiers)

Soldier A: A weapon that can obliterate all major cities in the 
motherland? Give me a break! You've been watching too many movies. 

Soldier B: No, no. This ain't no joke. I heard that American officer - 
the one our boss brought in - say something about it.

Soldier A: You mean that tight-assed peg-leg?

Soldier B: You should have seen that bastard's face when the topic of 
the weapon came up... There must have been something in that document 
that arrived from HQ the other day...

Soldier A: Probably just has a bad case of the runs. I know I do...

Soldier B: This isn't a joke.

Soldier A: Look. I know what you're saying. Aiming that thing at our 
motherland... That just doesn't sit right with me. Yeah, it's suicidal. 

Soldier B: But it's just a threat, right? A bluff? He's an expert at 
this sort of manipulation. I hope you're right...

Soldier A: Do you ever wonder what kind of weapon we're really storing?

Soldier B: Sometimes... But this is not your run-of-the-mill nuclear 
missile we're protecting, that's for sure.

(after listening in on a few soldiers)


Campbell: It sounds like you've heard an earful already. ...Oh, before I 
forget. Pay extra attention to anybody who looks like a commanding 
officer. They might be carrying something important. Remember that! If 
an item is displayed in red, that's an item vital to your mission, so 
you won't be able to drop it. 

(after retrieving Secret Documents)


Campbell: Looks like you obtained some enemy documents. Good work. OK, 
hoof it back to the truck. We'll look over them once you get back.


Campbell: Snake, about those documents you found just now...

Snake: Find anything interesting?

Campbell: You're not going to believe this...

Snake: Try me.

Campbell: It seems the rebels are actually planning to activate that 
new weapon they stole. The documents outline details of a launch plan. 
The date and time aren't mentioned, but it looks like we don't have 
much time.

Snake: No way. They're in the middle of negotiations with Washington 
and Moscow. Even assuming this launch plan is real, it's got to be a 
bluff to strengthen their hand.

Campbell: Maybe. But they exterminated us Green Berets - their own 
comrades - without mercy or remorse. I don't think they're too 
particular about means to their end.

Snake: ...

Campbell: I hope it turns out I'm worrying too much. But if they're 
serious about this, it could ignite a global crisis.

Snake: ...

Campbell: Snake, until we have a clearer picture of what's going on 
here, I think we should assume the worst. Better to overreact now and 
laugh about it later than ignore this and live to regret it.

Snake: ...I can't argue with you on that.

Campbell: Right now, we're the only ones on this peninsula in a 
position to stop these guys. It's our duty to act before the launch 

Snake: Yeah, you're right.

Campbell: ...Even so, the fact is there are only two of us, and we can't 
do this alone.

Snake: Got any ideas?

Campbell: ...Snake, when you were listening in on the enemy, did you get 
the feeling that maybe not everyone's satisfied with their commander?

Snake: Yeah, some of them were griping about it.

Campbell: ...Tell me, how hard do you think it would be to recruit some 
of those soldiers over to our side?

Snake: Recruit them?

Campbell: Exactly. We could use any grievances they have against their 
leader to try and persuade them to join us. Sowing discord among the 
enemy has been a basic element of psychological warfare since the time 
of Confucius, right? Play our cards right, and we might be able to find 
out what's really going on.

Snake: Hmm...

Campbell: What do you think, Snake?

Snake: Sigint was saying the same thing... ...Yeah. It might be worth a 

Campbell: Heh heh. I knew I could count on you. Now, first thing we 
gotta do is choose a suitable candidate.

Snake: So what exactly does that entail?

Campbell: I'm getting reports that soldiers unhappy with the rebellion 
can also be found in other areas. That means you'll have to drag 'em 
back to the truck so we can all have a friendly chat about them joining 
our little resistance. Go out and give it a try. Oh, and one more 
thing... We've learned the name of the enemy's supreme commander.

Snake: Who is it?

Campbell: His name is Gene. G-E-N-E.

Snake: "Gene"...?

Campbell: OK, then. Let's get this mission started. Pick someplace 
where there'll be enemies easy to convert. So where to, Big Boss?



Campbell: Let's review. We're going to scout for soldiers with grudges 
against Gene. Listen to what the enemy is saying. Then, once you've 
found someone ripe for the picking, grab and bring 'em back to the 
truck. The best time to get 'em is when they're alone. Once you've got 
the enemy alone, knock the sucker out. Now there are several ways to 
knock an enemy out... You can shoot them in the head with your Mk22, or 
put them into a nice chokehold. Here's how to execute a chokehold. 
First, unequip your weapon so you're barehanded. To unequip a weapon, 
push the Circle button once quickly. Then quietly sneak up behind the 
enemy. Push and hold the Square button to get 'em into a full nelson. 
Once you've got his arms pinned, repeatedly tap the Square button to 
choke the sucker. Sooner or later, he'll lose consciousness. You can 
also pick the enemy up and carry him around when you're barehanded by 
holding the Square button while positioned above his body. Then just 
drag the unconscious enemy back to the truck. That's it. Go get 'em.

(Snake captures a soldier during the course of the mission. This 
soldier's name is Jonathan) 

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

Jonathan: You!

(Jonathan rises and attacks Snake, who blocks the blow)

Snake: You heal up pretty quick. 

(Jonathan moves and grabs Campbell, taking his pistol. He draws the 
pistol, but is disarmed and taken down by Snake before he can fire)

Snake: Quick thinker, too. They trained you well. You're a good 

Jonathan: Who... who are you?

Snake: Call me Snake.

Jonathan: Snake? Is that a codename? You must be with the Americans. 
Are you with the FOX Unit, too?

Snake: I'm not with the Americans or with FOX. I'm just a soldier.

Jonathan: Just a soldier? Then why...?

Campbell: We're here to stop FOX Unit from going renegade. A member of 
FOX named Gene betrayed the U.S. Government and stole a top-secret 
weapon. He plans to use that weapon, and the warheads in this base, as 
bargaining chips to negotiate with your country. But blackmail is more 
like it. We're here to put a stop to it. Our mission is to free the 
soldiers of the San Hieronymo Peninsula from Gene's control, and 
capture the traitors in the FOX unit. I can understand if you're afraid 
of FOX. But we need others to help us free the Soviet soldiers on this 
peninsula. Will you join us?

Jonathan: You're here...to save us? And you want me to help you defeat 
Gene? (laughs)

Campbell: What's so funny? You think... he's been brainwashed?

Jonathan: Brainwashed? Is that what you think is happening here? A fine 
joke. But I'm afraid you two have it all wrong.

Campbell: Wrong?

Jonathan: We didn't rebel because of Gene... Our country betrayed us 
first! We have stood guard over this god-forsaken base, unable to reach 
our friends and loved ones because of the secrecy of our mission. The 
climate was brutal. The meals were meager. We watched as our comrades 
succumbed to disease, or died fighting the Columbian government. And 
still we went on carrying out our mission, believing our efforts were 
all for the good of the motherland! And how did the motherland reward 
us? By stabbing us in the back.

Campbell: You're talking about the Kremlin's policy shift? If the 
existence of this base came to light, the political fallout with the 
United States could fatally undermine Moscow's position in the 
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks that Brezhnev is promoting. That's why...

Jonathan: We have no use for political rationales. What matters to us 
is that Mother Russia wiped this base from existence. But instead of 
allowing us to return home, the army erased all traces of communication 
and cut off our supplies. They sought to isolate the peninsula, and 
make it look like this was all the work of a few out-of-control 
soldiers. We were abandoned by our own country!

Campbell: That's why you decided to follow Gene?

Jonathan: Gene told us he would build us a nation. A nation not of 
soldiers, but for them. We do not follow Gene out of fear. He will 
deliver us justice. The only thing we fear is losing that justice. 
That's why we follow him, not you. You'll never be able to stop him.

Snake: Justice, huh? The meaning of justice can change from one day to 
the next. A professional soldier never brings justice into the mission. 
The only ones who need a reason to fight are the ones who fight for a 
living. That's what my mentor told me. Politics are fickle. They change 
with the times. So long as we remain loyal to our countries, soldiers 
like us need nothing to believe in. She died out of loyalty - not to 
justice, not to her country. To herself. For the mission.

Jonathan: Your mentor... the one who taught you the art of battle... Who 
was she?

Snake: They called her The Boss. I killed her.

Jonathan: The Boss... The legendary soldier? Then Snake, you must be Big 
Boss. You're the hero who killed Colonel Volgin at Groznyj Grad.

Snake: Prove your loyalty as a soldier. That's what The Boss told me. I 
still don't know what she meant.

Jonathan: Prove your loyalty... Not to justice, not to your country... but 
to yourself. Does Gene truly plan to threaten the motherland?

Campbell: Yes. Snake procured documents from a patrol station that 
confirm as much. If launched from this base, the weapon Gene stole 
could deliver a devastating blow to every major city in Russia. I know 
it's hard to believe.

Jonathan: No. I believe you. Not as a member of the Red Army, but as a 

Snake: ...I appreciate it.

(Jonathan rises and shakes Snake's hand)

Jonathan: I will follow you. Snake, give me my mission.


Campbell: (cough, cough) OK, Snake, what's the plan?

Snake: Hey, Campbell, you sure you're all right?

Campbell: I'm fine... I'll get over it. Now about our plan...

Snake: If we're going to keep collecting intel, we'll need to pick up 
some more new recruits. 

Campbell: Of course I'd recommend putting together a unit of four 
soldiers, but if you want to continue on with a smaller unit, that's 
your call. 

Snake: So we need two more...

Campbell: For now, let's use the buddy system and pair you up with the 
one we just caught. You can organize your unit using MANAGE over at the 
Briefing menu. Push the X button to bring up the Briefing menu and 
select MANAGE. We'll put you and your new friend down as "Team Alpha," 
alright? The new recruit is registered as a rookie, so... ...move that guy 
over to your team - Team Alpha. Don't forget you've got Bravo, Charlie, 
and Delta teams you can fill too. Recruit more comrades and fill those 
ranks. Just remember that there will be plenty of missions that only 
you can lead. So make sure you move to that team before deployment. If 
you need more detailed instructions, push the SELECT button and view 
the HELP screens. 

(after moving Jonathan into Team Alpha and selecting a mission)

Soldier: Big Boss, Campbell's sick. I'm not exactly sure what it is, 
but his symptoms look like a form of tropical malaria that I've seen 

Snake: What?

Soldier: The first bout has subsided. He's lying down here beside me 

Snake: Are you positive it's malaria? I know he took preventative 

Soldier: I'm not a medic, so I can't say for sure. But judging by these 
symptoms... Hey! Don't try and get up!

Campbell: Snake, it's me. I'm in bad shape. Malaria... Who'd have 

Snake: Take it easy, Campbell. 

Soldier: What do we do now, Big Boss...?

Snake: ...The preventative drugs don't work. This could just be the 
beginning... If he's got some tropical disease other than malaria... Then 
there's not telling whether we might start showing the same symptoms.

Soldier: Good point...

Snake: ...I got an idea. Keep an eye on him. Give me a minute to consult 
with my "family doctor" about treatment.

Soldier: Huh? Family doctor?

Snake: Para-Medic. Let's head for the communications base.

Soldier: R...right. The communications base. Got it.

Campbell: Sorry... to be such a pain in the ass, Snake...

Snake: Save your strength. On the way we'll keep our eyes out for new 



Campbell: Good, you made it inside the communications base. They've 
probably beefed up security...but you've got to stay out of enemy sight 
until you reach the communicator.  I don't know how many more of these 
outbreaks I can take. We've got to find a cure, and soon. I know you 
can do it.


Jonathan: Big Boss, let's go over how to switch team members. You won't 
be sneaking in alone anymore. We'll all be sneaking in together. 

Snake: I thought that going in alone was the whole point of a sneaking 

Jonathan: Right, I know. Going in all at once wouldn't be very bright. 
We'll move one at a time, and switch off as we go along.

Snake: What do people do when it's not their turn? 

Jonathan: We'll have them hide nearby. After all there's plenty of 
cardboard boxes in the truck.

Snake: All right. I'm used to hiding in cardboard boxes. 

Jonathan: When you want to switch off with another team member, press 
the START button to bring up the Map Screen. Then select "MEMBER 
CHANGE." Then you'll be prompted to select a "Hiding Point" - a 
location on the map where you can hide - choose one as a place to hide. 
Finally, choose a team member to switch with. Then you're done. 

Snake: OK. We'll do that. 

Jonathan: From what I've seen, there are a lot of soldiers around here 
dressed like me. I should be less conspicuous than you. I used to be a 
rescuer, so I'm pretty good at dragging people around. Meaning I'm 
perfect for gathering new recruits. So make good use of me. 

(if you switch to Jonathan)


Jonathan: OK, it's my turn now. Wow, called on by Big Boss himself - 
this is going to make a great story when I get back. 

Snake: Watch yourself out there. 

Jonathan: If a unit member is dressed like the enemy, they can slip 
through the enemy's guard as long as they don't act strange. Sometimes 
you'll see a blue chameleon icon appear at the top-left of the screen. 
That means the enemy believes you are an ally so they won't sound any 
alarms. Unfortunately, a legendary soldier such as yourself doesn't 
qualify for this special type of infiltration technique. 

Snake: Yeah... All right, show me what you can do. I'll keep listening 
from here and let you know where the enemies are as far as I can tell. 
The red circles on the Map Screen are the locations of the enemy 
soldiers. They show use where the enemies around us are. 

Jonathan: Thanks. I'll put it to good use. All right, here I go. Wish 
me luck. 

(after reaching the communicator)

Snake: OK... Everybody here?

Soldier: We're all set, Big Boss. Everybody's here. So this "family 
doctor" of yours - is she that good?

Snake: Yeah, you could say that. She's saved my life more than once.

Para-Medic: Snake? You came all the way back to the communications 
facility? You must really want to talk to me, huh?

Snake: Yeah, actually, I do. One of my men has come down with malaria. 

Para-Medic: Malaria? Can you get some preventative drugs? Depending on 
the drug, it can be used to treat malaria even after symptoms appear. 

Snake: We've been using the drugs. But they don't seem to be working 
too well. Do you think it might be some other kind of disease?

Para-Medic: Hmm... Wait. You said these were malaria symptoms?

Snake: Yeah. No question about it. 

Para-Medic: I got it. 

Snake: What? 

Para-Medic: Do you know how people get malaria?

Snake: Yeah. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, right?

Para-Medic: It's not a virus. It's a parasite. 

Snake: A parasite? You mean there's an actual bug inside his body?

Para-Medic: Exactly. In tropical malaria, the malaria parasite gestate 
within female anopheles mosquitoes and are then transferred to human 
hosts. Ordinarily, the drugs would prevent the symptoms from happening. 
But there are different populations of malaria parasites. In certain 
areas, the populations are drug-resistant. You know what that means? 

Snake: The drugs won't work? 

Para-Medic: Bingo. So the only way to treat it is to find a different 
drug that's effective against that particular population of malaria 

Snake: A different kind of drug...

Para-Medic: Try the local medical facility. They should have a supply. 
But you'd better hurry. You might already be infected with the same 
parasites. It's only a matter of time before you start to develop 

Snake: Got it...


Soldier: Big Boss, I need to talk to you. 

Snake: What's up?

Soldier: Para-Medic was saying that we need some medicine to treat 

Snake: Yeah. If there were a hospital nearby, I'm sure it'd have a 
supply in stock. 

Soldier: I know where we can find one.

Snake: A hospital?

Soldier: Yes. There's a hospital in the sector my former squad patrols. 
I can tell you exactly where it's located. 

Snake: Must be my lucky day. Lead the way.

Soldier: Yessir. Oh, and one other thing...

Snake: Go on...

Soldier: It's a small hospital with minimal facilities - in the 
mountains. But just the other day, I saw them bringing in a huge 
shipment of drugs and medical supplies. 

Snake: What for? 

Soldier: I don't know. But what I do know is that this shipment was way 
too big for a hospital of that size. 

Snake: Sounds suspicious.

Campbell: In any case, Snake, we'd better hurry to the hospital. 
They've got to have some malaria drugs there. And I'm guessing it'll be 
a prime location to recruit new comrades with medical careers. Might as 
well recruit some new allies for the battles ahead, right? Since you're 
operating as a team, you can all work together to get new recruits. For 
instance, when you knock an enemy out, you don't have to drag 'em all 
the way back to the truck yourself. Why not drag the body over to one 
of your teammates hiding in a cardboard box? Let them do the rest of 
the work. Go ahead, give it a try! Now let's get going to that 
hospital. Find the malaria drugs and recruit some medical staffers 
along the way. 



Campbell: Campbell here. We've assessed that the drugs are in that 
hospital... We're just not sure where. Find those drugs and avoid 
detection. We now know that I'm not the only one at risk from malaria. 
Any of our comrades could be infected. Unless we act fast, it won't be 
long before we're goners. Good luck.

(if you drag an enemy to a hidden ally)


Campbell: So you want to recruit that enemy soldier, huh? No prob. One 
of our men hiding in a cardboard box will handle it. You go ahead and 
continue your mission. Next time, use the radio to give the order 
yourself. The frequency is 143.15.

(after searching the first target area)


Campbell: Ah, did you find the drugs yet? ...What? Oh, I see. They 
weren't in there. All right, then, try the other rooms. There are other 
rooms there, right? Take your time and search them in order. 

(after searching the second target area)

Campbell: This is Campbell: Still no luck finding those drugs? I just 
don't get it... He told us that a huge shipment of medical supplies was 
brought in, but there's not a trace of them to be found. Something's 
wrong here... I got an idea. Maybe the shipment log can shed some light 
on things? Look for the hospital director's office. There must be a 
record of the drug shipment in there. 

(after reaching the hospital director's office)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and a fellow soldier search documents on a table)

Snake: It's a list of outgoing materials... ...heading for a lab?

(a helicopter flies past in the sky, being piloted by Lt. Cunningham)

Cunningham: Where are the escapees? Why haven't they been caught? If 
they get away, I promise you'll regret it. Enough of this! Call Python, 
get him back here. He'll lead the search team. And make sure this lab 
stays secure.

(A blonde woman in uniform stares down out of the helicopter, her eyes 
falling directly on Snake. Snake recoils out of sight and presses 
against a wall.)

Snake: Wha... what's happening to me?

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: There were no malaria drugs in the hospital... not even a 
single dose. According to the log left in the director's office, they 
hauled every last bit of that stockpile of drugs and medical supplies 
away. They were shipped to a research lab north of the hospital. But 
we're in luck. Not only do we know from the log that they took the 
drugs to a lab, but we found its exact location by following the 
helicopter's flight path. Quite a coincidence, huh? You'll see when you 
get there, but the lab is built on terrain that makes it hard to spot 
from the outside. Chances are slim you'd find it unless you had some 
kind of clue. Head for the lab, infiltrate it, and search for the drugs 
again. I'm sorry to put this on you, but I'll need them if I'm going to 
keep command. 



Campbell: Apparently, the medical supplies they brought to the hospital 
have all been transferred to that lab. Which means that the drugs must 
be there, too. Do whatever it takes to find those drugs and bring them 
back. We need them, and soon. 

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and a fellow soldier hide behind a door and listen in to Lt. 
Cunningham, the blonde woman from before, and a man that commands them 
both. This man is Gene.)

Cunningham: What's his status? 

Scientist: We're currently reinitializing his memory and readjusting 
his sensory nerves in the culture tank. By my estimate it'll take... 
another twelve hours, at least.

Cunningham: Half a day? He has to be readjusted after each deployment. 
Not much better than a prototype, a test subject.

Scientist: My apologies, sir. The culture fluid takes time to prepare. 
With such limited equipment and personnel, readjusting Null isn't...

Cunningham: I know. That's why I brought along a specialist.

Scientist: The chief? But...

Cunningham: The escaped prisoners have yet to be found. This could be 
just the job for our Perfect Soldier. We'll roll out the tank as soon 
as the fluid's stabilized. Make all necessary preparations.

Scientist: Yes, sir.

(A group of soldiers are working on a scaffold above)

Blonde Woman: Commander.

Gene: Yes, I know. Cunningham. Don't move.

Cunningham: Huh?

(The scaffold breaks and comes tumbling down directly in front of Gene, 
Cunningham, and the woman. Gene is unphazed.)

Soldier: Commander! Lieutenant! All you all right?

Gene: We're fine.

Soldier: Please forgive me, Commander. Are you hurt?

Gene: Don't worry. Fate would never see me hurt. Now, lie still and try 
not to move. This man needs medical attention. 

(Gene's voice grows louder and starts to resound ominously)

Gene: I apologize for any sense of urgency. Please don't think for even 
a moment that I hold your work -- or yourselves -- in any but the 
highest of regards. This facility you are helping to build is 
absolutely vital to the strong roots of our new nation. But never 
forget that you, yourselves, are no less valuable a resource to that 
nation. A nation that will house the mightiest, most capable military 
ever seen by man. Warriors in their prime. We will end an era that sees 
soldiers discarded like tools, and strike war from the menu of global 
politics. And it is you - soldiers, military engineers - who are her 
first citizens. Our nation's riches, and its fighting spirit. I only 
pray that such priceless resources be not sacrificed in vain!

(Soldiers and scientists alike stand at attention and salute)

Snake: So that's Gene... That voice...and the premonition... was that ESP?

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: No luck finding the drugs, huh? Where the hell could they...? 
Wait... That reminds me! ...When you were eavesdropping on Gene and his men 
just now, didn't you say they mentioned something about a "culture 
tank"? Do you think that might be part of the medical supplies they 
brought in with the drugs? If so, don't you think the drugs might be 
stored in the same place as the culture tank - whatever that is? I 
think it's worth checking out. OK, go look for this machine, this... 
"culture tank". They may have even set up a special chamber to house 

(after reaching the culture tank)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)
(Snake enters the culture tank room)

Snake: What is this?

(Snake peers over the tank and sees the soldier)

Snake: It's him...

(A blonde woman in a lab coat enters the room)

Blonde Woman: Who's there? Can't you read the sign? It says, "Do Not 

(The blonde woman gasps)

Blonde Woman: You...

Snake: A kid? What are you doing here?

Blonde Woman: I'm in charge!

Snake: You? In charge?

Guards (outside): You there, search upstairs! The rest of you, we'll 
sweep the prep chamber!

Blonde Woman: This way, Snake! Hide there -- in that locker! 

Snake: What?

Blonde Woman: Just do it!

(Snake hides in the locker just as two guards enter the room)

Blonde Woman: What's going on here? The preparation chamber is for 
authorized personnel only.

Guard A: Miss Elisa! Are you alone? Have you seen anything suspicious 
around here?

Elisa: No. Is there something wrong?

Guard B: We received a report that there's an intruder in the lab. 
Someone also reported seeing a suspicious truck nearby.

Elisa: Well there's no one here. Just me... And him. You're disturbing 
his sleep. I'll have to ask you to leave.

Guard A: Yes, ma'am. 

Guard B: If you see the intruder, please notify us immediately.

(The guards leave. Snake exits the locker.)

Snake: Now I've seen it all. A little girl, in charge of an outfit like 
this. ...Why did you help me?

Elisa: I don't know. I just got this feeling that I needed to.

Snake: And how do you know my name? Are you with the FOX Unit, too?

Elisa: No.

Snake: But... your uniform...

(Snake pulls aside Elisa's lab coat expecting to see a uniform, but 
only a revealing tank top is underneath. Elisa squeals and recoils in 

Snake: It's...it's not like that... When I saw you at the heliport with 
Cunningham and the others...

Elisa: That was my sister.

Snake: Sister?

Elisa: Her name is Ursula. She's the one who's a member of FOX. I'm 
just a medic.

Snake: You're pretty young. 

Elisa: Well, you were out on the battlefield when you were my age, 
weren't you, Snake? Or should I say... Big Boss? Ursula and I were raised 
in an East German lab. They sent all the kids with ESP potential there 
to study them. My powers are pretty weak. But Ursula is different. 
She's one of the most powerful psychics in all the Communist world. 
Through special training, Ursula gained great power... ...but in doing so, 
lost everything that makes her human. So much so that she can't even 
talk with me anymore. Four years ago, Gene took us away from East 
Germany. He was on a mission from FOX. The CIA wanted to get its hands 
on ESP from the Communist bloc.

Snake: And then you joined his little revolution?

Elisa: Yes. That's right. 

Snake: So this is what you were calling the Perfect Soldier? Does he 
have ESP, too?

Elisa: No, he's just an ordinary human being. That is, he used to be... 
He was raised in a special way -- under very special conditions - to be 
a great warrior. He's incapable of emotions or doubts. He's the 
ultimate combatant, created with one purpose only: to accomplish the 
mission. He has no human memories. The only things he has left are his 
skills in battle.

Snake: No memories?

Elisa: Each time he completes a mission, he undergoes readjustment. 
Like this. Inside the culture tank all five senses are shut out 
completely. Most men would go mad in minutes. Like a baby who's coming 
into the world for the first time, the Perfect Soldier's senses are 
honed to a razor sharpness. He can read the enemy's movements and learn 
them faster than any normal person ever could.

Snake: What kind of person could endure that kind of extreme training?

Elisa: Nobody, of course. The Perfect Soldier project ended in failure 
and was abandoned. He was the only success. That's why they gave him 
the code name Null. He's a lost number. He has no feelings and no 
memories. Not even a project number. Don't even think about fighting 
him. You can't possibly win, Snake.

Snake: You could be right about that.

Elisa: Or you could shoot him now -- but you'll have to go through me.

Snake: I'm no assassin. Shooting a soldier with their guard down isn't 
my style.

Elisa: You're a good man, Snake. I knew you were. 

(Elisa produces a package)

Elisa: Here, take this. It's a drug for treating chloroquine-resistant 

(Elisa gives the package to Snake)

Snake: How'd you know...?

(Elisa smiles. A beeping sound is heard.)

Cunningham (over radio): It's time. Bring the tank out. I trust the 
readjustments are complete?

Elisa: Sorry. It'll just be a little longer.

Cunningham (over radio): I'll send a man in to meet you. Hurry it up. 

(Elisa opens a hatch on the floor)

Elisa: You can get outside through here. Head for the harbor. You'll 
find what you're looking for there.

Snake: You must be psychic or something.

Elisa: One last thing, Snake. If you find Ursula in front of you, don't 
hesitate... Shoot her.

Snake: Shoot... your sister?

Elisa: If you can't do that, you're already dead.

Snake: All right... Next time, let's try for a more upbeat prophecy.

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: ...Whew, that was a close one. My fever's all gone now. Looks 
like those drugs you got from the girl really work. I gave some to all 
the men. Well, at least we don't have to worry about losing our entire 
unit any more. Now what? 

Snake: If we go to the harbor, we might find what we're looking for... At 
least, that's what Elisa said. 

Campbell: The harbor...? I have absolutely no idea where that is. Seems 
we need to do some more recon. 

Soldier: Big Boss, you got a minute? I've got a plan. 

Snake: A plan? What kind of plan?

Soldier: We can get all the new recruits we want, but unless we use 
them, they're just going to be sitting there. And that, if I may be 
frank, is a waste. It defeats the whole purpose. 

Snake: ...

Soldier: So what I was thinking was, we could pick a few of them to set 
up a "spy unit" and send them to key points on the peninsula. We've all 
been stationed here a while... So we've got a pretty good idea of how and 
where to lie low, and we'd make pretty good intelligence collectors, 
too. And - correct me if I'm wrong - you're going to want a broader 
picture of what's going on the peninsula in order to accomplish your 
mission. So what do you think?

Snake: Spies, huh...

Campbell: Snake, the soldier has a point. Right now, we've only got 
awareness of the few dozen yards around our truck. If we think we can 
figure out why FOX rebelled like this, we're not just dreaming - we're 
crazy. I think sending some of our men out to gather intel is a great 

Snake: ...Hmm. OK. We'll go with your plan. We'll start forming a Spy 
Unit right away. 

Soldier: You got it, Boss. 

Campbell: You can manage your Spy Units by selecting MANAGE on the 
Briefing menu. Only instead of putting free soldiers in the Sneaking 
Unit, you'll be putting them into the Spy Unit. You'll need to put 
together a Spy Unit for each location you want to reconnoiter. Then 
just let them do their thing. They'll go out and collect intel on their 
assigned location and report the results back to you. You can see the 
reports by going to REPORT on the Briefing menu. 

Snake: Got it. I'll try it out. But... We don't have enough men to send 
them out willy-nilly. Got any ideas where we should start?

Campbell: Well, we do need to find a route to the harbor... Why don't we 
send a unit out to the supply depot? That's where they store all the 
cargo they unload at the harbor. It might give us a clue as to how to 
locate the harbor. 

Snake: Agreed. In the meantime, I'll keep looking for new recruits. 

(after sending a spy to the Supply Depot and waiting half a day or 

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

Campbell: Looks like we've already received an intel report from the 
spy unit we just dispatched. They seem to know what they're doing. You 
can read the info by selecting REPORT from the Briefing menu. Go ahead, 
take a look at it.

(after selecting Supply Depot report)


Campbell: According to the report, there's a map at the supply depot 
showing the route used to deliver supplies. It details how they get 
supplies unloaded at the harbor to the depot... which means it also shows 
how to get from the depot to the harbor. ...So what do we do now, Snake?

Snake: What do you think? We're heading for the supply depot.

Campbell: Roger that.



Campbell: It's very likely that there's a map showing the route to the 
harbor stored in that supply depot. Conduct a search of the facility, 
taking care not to be seen by the enemy, and find that map. Good luck.

(after retrieving Secret Documents)


Campbell: Mission complete! Now get your ass out of there.


Campbell: This map you found has given us a lot of valuable intel on 
the peninsula. We now know the location of the town, the rail bridge, 
the Soviet security base, and the harbor. And just as we suspected, the 
map shows the precise routes to and from the supply depot.

Snake: Hmm... I guess it was worth the trouble, after all.

Campbell: I'll say Now all we have to do is head straight for the 
harbor... At least, I wish it were that simple.

Snake: ...Why? What's the problem?

Campbell: To get to the harbor, we have to pass over the rail bridge. 
But that bridge has been closed off and turned into a checkpoint.

Snake: How do you know?

Campbell: A supplement to the map lists the rotation schedule for the 
soldiers manning the checkpoint.

Snake: ...Checkpoint, huh. That could be trouble. Is there a way to get 
around it?

Campbell: As you can see from the map, the eastern half of the 
peninsula is divided from the western half by a river. If we want to 
get to the harbor by truck, the only way is to cross over that rail 

Snake: So not only are we cut off from the harbor, we can't get to the 
east side of the peninsula at all... Is there a way to break through the 

Campbell: I can't say for sure without actually scouting the place, but 
I'll bet the checkpoint will be heavily guarded. Busting our way 
through probably isn't an option.

Snake: Damn...

Campbell: At any rate, let's start by getting a feel for the situation 
at the bridge checkpoint. Then we'll talk about getting through.



Campbell: All right. Your job is to observe and assess the security 
situation on the rail bridge. How many soldiers are deployed there, and 
whether there are barricades or other heavy defensive measures in 
place. We need to know these things if we're going to cross over to the 
other side. Proceed to a position from which you can observe the 
bridge. Good luck.

(after reaching the designated position)


Campbell: What? The bridge is completely blocked by trucks? Great... Just 
what we needed. All right. That's enough for now. Head back to the 
truck. We'll have to think of another way.


Campbell: All right... What next? They're using those trucks as road 
blocks. And based on supplements from the checkpoint, it looks like 
security on the bridge is tight as a noose. I'm talking tight. Meaning 
there's almost no way we'll be able to sneak across it unseen. Any 
ideas, Snake?

Snake: We lack the manpower to take them head on and break through. And 
sneaking through seems out of the question... So we need to figure out 
some other way to thin out their numbers. 

Campbell: A diversion, huh? 

Snake: Exactly. If we can crate some commotion by blowing up an enemy 
facility or a prominent landmark, they'll send in reinforcements to 
deal with the situation. It looks like they've got a relatively large 
force deployed on the bridge, so I'm thinking this is the first place 
they'd pull people from. 

Campbell: Good thinking. I guess all that's left is to figure out what 
we should blow sky high. 

Snake: It's probably best to take out key enemy facilities or places 
with things that look susceptible to demolition. 

Campbell: Sounds good, but where do we start?

Snake: That's what the Spy Unit's for, isn't it?

Campbell: Ah ha! You're catching on Snake. Let's deploy our Spy Unit 
right away. But where to send the spies... Well, that's up to you, Big 

Snake: We'll also need some TNT.

Campbell: We're surrounded by military facilities. The supply depot and 
other likely places are bound to have some.

Snake: Okay. I'll go look for the TNT myself.

Campbell: Roger. Then let's get prepped for Operation: Diversion.

(after sending a spy to the Supply Depot and waiting half a day or 

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Supply Depot report)


Campbell: We need to divert some of the guards away from the rail 
bridge. If we blow up a parked truck, I'm guessing at least a few of 
those guards will be sent to the supply depot as reinforcements. We 
need a nice, big fireball - that should grab their attention. Good 



Campbell: All right, this is a sabotage operation. Make sure you 
correctly identify the target position. And be careful with that TNT. 
Good luck.

(after blowing up the supply truck with TNT)


Campbell: OK, that about does it! Good work! Now hurry and get back to 
the truck!


Campbell: You did it! Some of the guards on the bridge just left in a 
big hurry. OK, let's move on to the next target. 

(after sending a spy to the Soviet Patrol Base and waiting half a day 
or longer)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Soviet Patrol Base report)


Campbell: Our diversion operation went exactly as planned. One of the 
guard units has already left its post. This is a good start. Let's keep 
it up. Our next goal is to blow up that armory over there. Let's give 
them some real fireworks this time! 



Campbell: All right, this is a sabotage operation. Make sure you 
correctly identify the target position. And be careful with that TNT. 
Good luck.

(after blowing up the armory with TNT)


Campbell: Looks like you've done it. Good work. We'll be waiting for 
you back at the truck. Head back here ASAP.


Campbell: Yes! Another success. More guards are leaving the rail 
bridge. Let's keep it up! Time to pick the next target.

(after sending a spy to the Research Lab and waiting half a day or 

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Research Lab report)


Campbell: Our distractions seem to be working. Two of the guard units 
on the rail bridge have already left their posts. A few more diversions 
like this, and the bridge is sure to empty out. This is a good start. 
Let's keep it up. Our next target is the culture tank where they keep 
the child soldier. Destroying the tank should also affect the child 
soldier's ability to heal himself. That should soften him up a bit.



Campbell: All right, this is a sabotage operation. Make sure you 
correctly identify the target position. And be careful with that TNT. 
Good luck.

(after blowing up the culture tank with TNT)


Campbell: Nice job! All you need to do now is get out of there. Have a 
safe trip.


Campbell: BOOM! Ha-haa! Did you see the size of that explosion? The 
enemy's got to be pissing their pants by now. Security on the bridge is 
down to almost nothing. I'd say we've pretty much achieved our 
objective. Of course, I wouldn't complain if you took out one more 

(after sending a spy to the Town and waiting half a day or longer)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Town report)




Campbell: This is the last target on our list. We should be able to 
cross the rail bridge already, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to get rid 
of a few more enemy guards. The enemy should be tightening security 
about now, so keep your senses nice and sharp.

(after blowing up the first truck with TNT)


Campbell: Nice warm up, but let's skip to the grand finale! Aren't 
there any other military trucks we can blow up?

(after blowing up the second truck with TNT)


Campbell: Haha! That's what I'm talking about! Keep it up! Think you 
can find one more military truck to take out?

(after blowing up the last truck with TNT)


Campbell: Nice work. We'll be waiting for you back at the truck.


Campbell: Excellent! There goes the last of them! That's four for four. 
The bridge is wide open now. Get ready to move out!



Campbell: How's the guard situation on the bridge? Looking good, huh? 
Then all we need to do now is cross over. We're heading into the east 
side of the peninsula.

(after reaching the other side of the bridge)


Campbell: Excellent! We made it through without a scratch! Hurry, on to 
the harbor!


Campbell: Based on what Snake said he heard from that female soldier, 
the thing we're looking for is at the harbor. Right now, we still don't 
have a clue what "it" is. It could have something to do with FOX's 
rebellion... In any case, the fact is we need every little bit of intel 
we can get. Sneak into the harbor and conduct a search as you see fit. 
Of course, you should still exercise caution. And be extra alert for 
any security - we can't rule out the possibility that this is a trap. I 
can't tell you how many times I've been sweet-talked by a broad into 
getting my ass kicked...



Campbell: Your mission is to investigate the harbor, based on the lead 
Elisa provided. And guys... Next time one of you tries to get a young 
chick to spill juicy info, make sure you get the damn specifics! 
Conduct a thorough search of the harbor. Campbell, out.

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and a fellow soldier sneak up and listen in on two men beyond. 
One is a deranged man in officer's uniform, while the other is a 
complete mystery - possessing a disfigured face and a truly imposing 

Deranged Officer: Freeze! Yankee dog... Keep your filthy paws off my 

???: Well, well... If it isn't Colonel Skowronski. I'd heard you were 
on the run. But to think a base commander such as yourself would be 
caught hiding in a place like this...

Skowronski: Shut up! You think you scoundrels can just do as you please 
in my base? As soon as my reinforcements arrive from Russia, we will 
crush you like the vermin you are! We will teach whose base this really 
is. The same goes for that bastard Gene as well!

???: Pathetic... Is it hard? Being an officer, that is, when no one 
follows your orders?

Skowronski: Silence!

(Colonel Skowronski begins shooting wildly at the mysterious man. When 
he stops, the bullets fall harmlessly to the floor from the man's body, 
completely frozen. Skowronski screams.)

Skowronski: What are you? You're a monster!

???: You try to kill a man, then call him "monster"? Such crude 

(The mysterious man grabs Skowronski's gun)

Skowronski: Damn it! 

(The gun begins to freeze in Skowronski's hands)

Skowronski: My arm!

???: I'd heard an intruder was lurking about here. And here I find I've 
come all this way... For nothing! I'd been hoping to see the face of an 
old friend. Wasn't I...? Snake? My raison d'etre! You... You're not worth 
killing. But I can't have you wandering around like this.

(The mysterious man puts Skowronski in a cage and freezes the lock 

???: There, that should hold you.

Skowronski: How dare you put me in a cage like a cow...! 

???:  Be quiet. The lock should melt some time before you starve to 
death. Best to save your strength.

(The mysterious man leaves)

Snake: Python... You're alive...

Skowronski: Who... who's there?! Have you come back to kill me, Yankee 
dog? Guards, to my side! Eliminate the intruder! This is a direct order 
from Colonel Skowronski! 

(Skowronski laughs as Snake looks on, perplexed)

Skowronski: You're not the same man as before. Do not worry. My orders 
fall upon deaf ears, anyway. Four weeks... It's been four weeks since 
that whelp Gene arrived here. And in those four weeks, everything has 

Snake: Aren't there any soldiers still loyal to you?

Skowronski: You must be joking. Wouldn't you like to know how, in just 
four weeks, that man was able to bring the entire peninsula under his 

Snake: He announced he was building a mercenary nation, right? A 
country of soldiers...

Skowronski: Ha! A mercenary nation? Preposterous! This piper has them 
all dancing to his tune. But I won't be fooled. His methods are 
simpler. His tools lie deep in the hearts of all men: Greed, and that 
which lays beneath it... Fear! He simply reaches beyond the impenetrable 
wall that guards men's hearts... and then strikes! Strikes at their most 
vulnerable point. Fear! Yes, fear! 

Snake: Fear...?

Skowronski: Compared with the fear that man brought with him, that puny 
weapon you carry is harmless. You have no idea... No idea how terrible 
that man truly is.

Snake: Fear, huh? 

(Snake looks up at a crate above him, reading the markings)

Snake: Lavotchkin La-5... What's a World War II fighter doing here?

Skowronski: It is a part of my collection! Once the king of Russian 
fighters, it could hold its own against Focke-Wulf and the 

Snake: Were you a fighter pilot?

Skowronski: Indeed I was. Yes... a fighter. If only I had a MiG... or a 
Sukhoi... I would riddle Gene's body with holes this very day. Somebody! 
Anybody... Bring me a plane! A plane!

(Skowronski laughs maniacally. Snake shoots the lock off his cage and 
leaves as the Colonel continues laughing.)

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: What a weirdo! Well, forget about Skowronski. Let's continue 
the search. Somehow I don't think that drunk was the thing Elisa wanted 
us to find.

(after spotting an odd crate in the ship)

Snake: Mm...? That's strange... That crate looks a bit out of place. It's 
labeled "MADE IN USA"... That's gotta be it! This is what she wanted me 
to find.

(after approaching the crate)


Snake: This is Snake. I found the crate they were keeping the prototype 
weapon in. 

Campbell: How can you be so sure? 

Snake: It reads "MADE IN USA" on the crate. They must have disguised it 
to make it look like it's headed for Vietnam. 

Campbell: Interesting... So what's the problem? 

Snake: I just checked some of the crates and... They're empty. The 
contents must have already been shipped out of the harbor. 

Campbell: What? Are you saying this was all a wild goose chase? 

Snake: Looks that way. But... there's one other thing that caught my 

Campbell: What, it's got the babe-of-the-month centerfold taped to it? 

Snake: No... this isn't your bedroom we're talking about. They left a 
bunch of spare parts behind... HEAT rounds for a recoilless cannon, spare 
barrels for an M1919... and bulletproof armor close to five inches thick. 

Campbell: Whoa, Snake... those sound like parts for a tank or an armored 
vehicle. There's got to be some mistake. The new weapon the U.S. was 
developing was supposed to be able to hit every major city in Russia, 
right? It's got to be something along the lines of a ballistic missile 
or an aircraft. 

Snake: I know that. But by the looks of the crate, it was definitely a 
land-based weapon. I'm sure of it. 

Campbell: ...Something doesn't add up here. 

Snake: We might be overlooking something important. I'll see what else 
I can find here.

Campbell: All right. Be careful, Snake. 


Snake: Campbell?

Ghost: Heh heh...

Snake: Who is this?

Ghost: Oh, I'm sorry. I'd just heard a familiar voice and thought I'd 
say hello. I can't thank you enough for taking care of Volgin.

Snake: Volgin... at Groznyj Grad!?

Ghost: Yes. So you do remember. 

Snake: Who are you...?

Ghost: Sorry, but I can't reveal my name just yet. For now you can call 
me "Prividyenie."

Snake: Prividyenie... Ghost.

Ghost: Hmh. Call me whatever you please. After all, a name is nothing 
more than a decoration. But more to the point. I was listening in on 
your conversation just now. You seem to have quite an interest in the 
prototype weapon. 

Snake: You know something about it?

Ghost: Do you remember the Shagohod?

Snake: That monster that Sokolov built? It was a nuclear-armed tank 
that could fire a nuclear missile from the ground... Then you mean...!?

Ghost: At last you're beginning to catch on.

Snake: So the prototype weapon that Gene stole is a nuclear tank? But 
the Shagohod was only capable of firing a single intermediate-range 
ballistic missile. It couldn't possibly hit every major city in Russia.

Ghost: You're right. The old Shagohod could never do that. But America 
has already developed a working MIRV.

Snake: ...Multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles. A single 
ballistic missile that carries multiple nuclear warheads, each capable 
of striking a different target... That would let it hit multiple cities 
at once...

Ghost: Precisely. But MIRVs do have their weak points. Low accuracy. 
The high cost of deployment. And the inability to control them once 
they've been launched. The prototype that Gene stole is a nuclear tank 
developed by America to make up for these shortcomings.

Snake: A new type of nuclear tank? 

Ghost: The new design travels along a ballistic trajectory that allows 
it to infiltrate the territory of any country in the world. No ABM 
system would be able to stop it. And as a nuclear launch platform 
carrying multiple-warhead missiles, it can penetrate any type of 
terrain and neutralize an enemy country all by itself, without 
requiring any support whatsoever. 

Snake: They're going to strap the Shagohod to an ICBM and launch it 
into an enemy country? That's possible!?

Ghost: It would be impossible - for the Shagohod. But what if it were 
something smaller and more mobile... for instance, a walking tank? And 
what if you used a booster far more powerful than the Shagohod's, like 
the Saturn rocket they used to launch the Apollo Lunar Module? 

Snake: A walking tank... Of course. At the same time Sokolov was 
developing the Shagohod... the Granin lab was developing a bipedal 
walking tank at Groznyj Grad... called Metal Gear... Ghost, are you Granin 
- the man who designed Metal Gear...? No... Granin must be dead. He was 
killed by Volgin.

Ghost: Granin... that name brings back memories. But go ahead and 
believe I'm Granin if you like. 

Snake: So Metal Gear is actually a walking nuclear tank equipped with 
multiple small nuclear warheads?

Ghost: Exactly. However, it's still in the preparation stage. It's not 
ready to launch yet. What was stolen from America was only the Metal 
Gear vehicle itself. Gene intends to arm it with the Soviet-made 
warheads stored on this peninsula.

Snake: But can it use Soviet warheads? Oh, wait... the blueprints for 
Metal Gear were originally Soviet-made, too. ...I'm surprised they were 
able to smuggle something of that size out of America.

Ghost: They had a government official involved. He is said to be dead... 
...but I'm guessing he is at an airport or other likely places, 
regretting what he has done.

Snake: All right. I got it. So if I take out the nuclear storage 
facility on this peninsula, we can prevent Metal Gear from being 

Ghost: I'll give you whatever help I can. Even if I am a ghost, it 
still doesn't feel right to let them launch Metal Gear into the 

Snake: OK. I'll believe you, Ghost. 

Ghost: My frequency is 144.78. I'm counting on you to stop Metal Gear.


Campbell: A man called Ghost... I'm not sure if we can really trust this 
guy yet, but those spare parts Snake found lend his story some 
credence. For now, we'll just have to take his word as fact. In any 
event, we know that this new "Metal Gear" weapon is just a frame. It 
hasn't been armed with nukes. If we can find the nuclear storage 
facility and render the nukes unusable, Metal Gear will be nothing but 
a pile of useless scrap, right? That settles it! Our next mission is to 
find the nuclear storage facility. Now that we're over the bridge and 
into the east side of the peninsula, there are a lot of areas we need 
to reconnoiter. Let's redeploy our spy units and start collecting intel 
on Metal Gear and the nuclear warheads. As for the Sneaking Unit... Why 
don't you go get us some more new recruits? By the way, do you know 
about the medical and technical units? As new recruits come in, try 
assigning some of them to the medical unit and the technical unit. 
They'll make your soldiers' wounds heal faster and develop new weapons 
and items for you. In the meantime, we'll be waiting for word from our 
spy units. Trust your men to do their job.

(after sending a spy to the Security Base and waiting half a day or 

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Security Base report)


Campbell: Snake! We did it! We finally found it! The map to the nuclear 
storage facility is in the Soviet security base! Go out there and get 
it for us!



Campbell: The surest, swiftest way to prevent Gene from launching his 
nuclear strike is to keep the warheads out of his hands. To do that, 
we'll first need to discern the location of the nuclear warhead storage 
facility. That base is the center of the Red Army's security presence 
there. There's bound to be information in regards to key facilities 
throughout the peninsula. This is corroborated by intel we've received 
from our spy units. Conduct a search of the base and look for intel on 
the location where the warheads are stored.

(after retrieving Secret Documents)

Campbell: Mission objectives complete. Return to base. And make sure 
the enemy doesn't detect you along the way.


Campbell: We were right. The document you brought back was a map to the 
nuclear storage facility. In order to stop Gene from using Metal Gear, 
we have to prevent the nuclear warheads from being transported out of 
that storage facility. Here's the bad news - we don't know which part 
to destroy - or how. If we stuck to protocol, we'd first gather some 
intel and then form a plan of action. But with reports of a transport 
team arriving to carry out the nukes, time is not a luxury we've got 
right now. Let's do this by the seat of our pants. Hurry and infiltrate 
the facility. I know it sounds suicidal, but it's our duty to interrupt 
the transport of those nukes. Let's do this!



We've confirmed the presence of a transport team - they're here to 
carry the warheads away. We're in a situation where every minute 
counts. Get in there and find a way to stop them from transporting 
those warheads. Good luck!

(after entering the first storage room)

Is this where they're storing the nukes? An alarm system is installed, 
and security is pretty tight...

(after entering the second storage room)

More alarms... But still no sign of the nukes.


Campbell: Have you found a way to stop those nukes from being 
transported? Those warheads have got to be pretty heavy. They must use 
an elevator or something to transport them out. Now this is only 
speculation, but if we could somehow put that elevator out of service, 
it just might prevent them from shipping the warheads. The best course 
of action would be to destroy the elevator itself, but if that's not 
possible, we can strike its power source as an alternative plan. Is 
there a machine room or something around there? If so, you might want 
to try blowing it up. Look for a machine room. It should be full of 
very large, heavy machinery. If I had to guess... I'd say the machine 
room would probably be in the basement. Go look for it!

(after reaching the machine room)


Campbell: What's the situation look like?

Snake: I've infiltrated what looks to be a machine room...seems like I 
could do something useful here. Any ideas?

Campbell: A machine room, eh... This is just a hunch, but I'm thinking it 
could be responsible for supplying most of the power to the facility. 
It probably provides the power used to run the elevator as well. You 
may be able to stop the elevator system by sabotaging that machine 
room. Cutting off the power source should make it impossible to move 
those nukes.

(if you don't have any TNT)

Campbell: So destroy that room! 

Snake: Easier said than done. None of our comrades here are carrying 
any TNT.

Campbell: Damn it. Get back to the truck and I'll have some TNT waiting 
for you.

Snake: On my way.

Campbell: And hurry!

(if you do have TNT)

Campbell: So plant those explosives of yours!

Snake: You got it.

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake presses the detonator, but the TNT fails to explode)

Python: You should be more careful, Snake. The inner walls of this 
storage facility are more fragile than they look. With the way you 
planted that bomb, the blast would have been far too powerful. You 
would have ended up cutting off your own escape route. You're so 
focused on completing the mission that you neglected your own personal 
safety. Nasty habits are hard to kick, eh, Snake?

Snake: Python... You dismantled the bomb? But you couldn't have had 
enough time.

Python: Time? I had plenty. All I had to do was flash-freeze the 
detonator, and "poof"... ...no more explosion. Sure is hot in here...

Snake: Python... So you were alive all this time. What happened to your 

Python: It has been a while, Snake... How long's it been since our last 
mission together? Nearly ten years? We were both so very young back 

Snake: Yeah... When The Boss vanished... and I didn't know what the hell I 
was doing... you were there to save me. You were one of the few people I 
could always count on in battle. But I thought you were dead. You were 
wounded on that top-secret mission in Vietnam.

Python: Yes, I was. At one point I was within an inch of death. My body 
lost the ability to regulate its temperature. Left unchecked, it would 
rise continuously, uncontrollably! Eventually my body would literally 
burn itself up. Without this suit and its liquid nitrogen filling, I 
wouldn't be able to survive more than half a day. But this suit has 
also made me a superior soldier!

(the air around Python begins to freeze)

Python: Look! Look at this stage I control. Not even your famous CQC 
will work on me.

Snake: But, Python... why? You're a good man. Why join Gene's rebellion?

Python: It's my salvation, Snake. Do you have any idea why the CIA let 
me live this long? They're afraid of you. Snake. You're a legend. A 
hero. You bested The Boss! The CIA knows it, so they searched for a 
soldier strong enough to take you down if you ever betrayed them. They 
chose me. I'm the Anti-Snake, and I'm the one man who can break you!

(still frame of Python strangling a man)

Python: Ever since I came back to FOX, I've been sent to do nothing but 
wetworks, so as to keep my assassin instincts nice and sharp! Can you 
recall those you've killed in battle, Snake! I do! I have nightmares 
about them, nearly every night. They won't leave me alone! 

(Python cocks his rifle)

Python: But I've spilled far too much by now to ever make amends. The 
nightmares end today!

Snake: Python, don't!

Python: I've been waiting for this moment. The moment when we could 
meet each other face to face on the battlefield as enemies. Snake, 
after I've killed you, my purpose will be fulfilled. Let's go!

(if you kill Python)

(Python lies prone on the floor)

Python: Amazing, Snake. I can see why... the CIA was afraid of you. Now 
I'll never have to take another life. Looks like I got my salvation 
after all. Remember this, Snake. I followed Gene becaused he promised 
redemeption. But soldiers like us won't find redemption in the good of 
a nation or the hatred of an enemy. Soldiers need a hero. They need a 
man for whom they can gladly risk their lives. Can you bear the burden 
of knowing that you hold your men's lives in your hands, Snake? If not... 
you'll never beat Gene. Farewell, comrade.

Snake: Python!

(Python's body explodes, flinging Snake backward and destroying most of 
the room.)

(if you stamina kill Python)

(Python lies prone on the floor)

Python: Amazing, Snake. I can see why... the CIA was afraid of you. Now 
I'll never have to take another life. Looks like I got my salvation, 
after all.

Snake: That's enough, Python. No more talk.

(Snake falls on Python and presses his arms to Python's chest)

Python: What do you think you're doing, Snake?

Snake: I'm trying to keep the liquid nitrogen from leaking out of your 

Python: Don't do it, Snake. You can't. Your arms will freeze solid 
before --

Snake: Same Python as ever. The going gets rough, and he gets all hot 
under the collar.

Python: What?

Snake: You still owe me money from our last poker game. I can't have 
you dying on me yet.

(Python laughs)

Python: ...Here I am still watching your ass. Remember this, Snake. I 
followed Gene because he promised redemption. But soldiers like us 
won't find redemption in the good of the nation, or the hatred of an 
enemy. Soldiers need a hero. They need a man for whom they can gladly 
risk their lives. Can you bear the burden of knowing that you hold your 
men's lives in your hands, Snake? If not... you'll never beat Gene.

(Snake leaves with Python on his shoulder, wounded but alive)


Just our luck. The enemy has already finished transporting the 
warheads. Meaning we were way off the mark. 

Snake: I hate to admit, but you are right.

Campbell: But we can't give up. We still gotta prevent the launch. 

Snake: We're running out of options though. 

Campbell: We failed at stopping the transport of the nukes. The only 
option left is to destroy Metal Gear itself. I know that's a tall 
order, but in a way, you could say it has made our job a tad easier. 
Compared to transported warheads, Metal Gear is a much larger, more 
prominent target. There are only so many places it can be stored, and 
more people are likely to know its location. We need to find someone 
who was involved in the Metal Gear operation-a high-ranking officer, or 
maybe a maintenance crew guy. No doubt they'll have more information. 

Snake: I see your point, but...

Campbell: I know. Assuming they've got information controls in place, 
it's more likely they don't have anything useful to tell us. But... right 
now, it's our only lead. 

Snake: ... Come to think of it, Ghost mentioned a government official 
involved in the transportation of Metal Gear... ...Something about a guy 
who was stabbed in the back by the army and is reportedly dead. 

Campbell: You sure he said that?

Snake: No matter how charismatic Gene is, he'd never get away with 
activating this state-of-the-art weapon inside another territory on his 
own. He'd need to pull a few strings first, don't you think? And this 
official who helped Gene and then got tossed aside... If he's still 
alive... He'd probably know where Metal Gear is.

Campbell: ...Incredible, Snake. Of course! If anyone's got info on Metal 
Gear, it's Gene's silent partner in the government! How'd you figure it 

Snake: I've had...experience with how these government types operate...

Campbell: Yes! I remember now. He did say something about how a 
government official was cowering in fear near a tarmac...

Snake: OK, let's focus on gathering intel. Can you think of any other 
likely places?

Campbell: Nothing comes to mind right now, no... We don't know where the 
airport is.

Snake: All right. We'll need to use our spy units a bit more to expand 
the scope of our intel network.

Campbell: Right. As much as Metal Gear sticks out like a sore thumb, 
we'll be here until next year if we have to search this whole place.

(after sending a spy to the Security Base or Warhead Storage Building)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Security Base/Warhead Storage report)


Campbell: We don't have nearly enough information on Metal Gear's 
whereabouts. You've got to collect more intel. According to the intel 
we received from Ghost, a group of senior government officials were 
spotted at the airport. This could be the chance we've been waiting 
for. As Metal Gear is directly involved in maintaining security on this 
peninsula, it wouldn't surprise me if they've been briefed on it. What 
do you say we go to the airport and see what they have to say?



Campbell: This is the airport. We've only just discovered its location, 
and we know next to nothing about its internal layout. Conduct a 
careful search of the airport interior. Don't go barreling in. When you 
find a government official, get them to tell you what they know about 
Metal Gear. 


Campbell: Oh, before I forget... do you know how to interrogate? Let's go 
over the interrogation process, just in case. You've practiced the 
chokehold before, haven't you? Unequip all weapons and approach your 
target from the rear, then hold down the Square button to pin the 
target's arms behind them. Then, instead of tapping the Square button 
repeatedly to choke them, press the L button to interrogate them. You 
don't have to be barehanded to do this - you can also do it with a CQC 
enabled weapon such as a handgun or knife. Then just sit back and watch 
them spill their guts. That's all. Have at it.

(after interrogating the government official)

Government Official: The warheads were brought to the silo located east 
of the ravine!


Campbell: Nice job! All you need to do is get out of there. Have a safe 


Campbell: From what this guy "Ghost" has been saying, the weapon we're 
chasing is a Metal Gear with intercontinental ballistic-launch 
capabilities. An ICBMG, if you will. And we have reports that the 
nuclear warheads were transported out of the storage facility and 
brought to the ballistic missile launch silo. We can't confirm whether 
any of this info is reliable, but the way I see it, we have to operate 
on the assumption that Metal Gear has already been moved to the launch 

Snake: There's no reason to doubt it, anyway. 

Campbell: Exactly. And one more thing... The government official that we 
interrogated at the airport has given up the location of the silo...

Snake: ...

Campbell: Snake... I know what you're thinking, and I agree. Let's head 
to the silo.



Campbell: We're 99% sure the ICBMG has been transported to that 
ballistic missile launch facility. Now's our chance to pinpoint its 
exact location. So do a full sweep of the area and try to find the 
entrance to the underground complex. Stay on your toes.

(after reaching the goal)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and a fellow soldier are standing in front of a man flanked by 
two men, held in bonds.)

Intercom: Intruder detected. Releasing Perfect Soldier. Number [Null], 
take him into custody.

(The bonds are released, revealing a pale-skinned man with a ninja mask 
over his lower face. This is the man from the culture tank - Null, the 
Perfect Soldier.)

Snake: So, this is Null... The Perfect Soldier.

(Snake fires off two groupings of shots at Null, but both sets are 
deflected by Null's machete. Null flips over Snake and slashes in front 
of his face, landing on his other side.)

Snake: What is this guy...?!

(after defeating Null)

(Snake and Null are standing opposite one another with weapons at the 
ready, with Null panting heavily)

Null: ...Why? Why do you still live?

Snake: What the hell's he talking about?

Null: No man can meet the Perfect Soldier in battle and survive. But 
you won't die. Why!?

(Null dives toward Snake, slashing at him as Snake dodges away)

Snake: These moves... I know these moves... It was in... 

(the image of a small boy with a knife is shown)

Snake: Mozambique!

(Null places his hands on his head and screams. A door opens and a 
group of soldiers run in unexpectedly, being led by Lt. Cunningham.)

Cunningham: Stay right where you are, Snake. Hey, you've been quite a 
handful, I'll give you that.

(Cunningham takes the butt of his rifle and hits Snake with it, 
knocking him out.)

Cunningham: Good work, Perfect Soldier. Your mission is complete.

(Null stands hesitantly over Snake.)

Cunningham: Your mission is over, Null. At ease.

(Null lowers his weapon.)

Cunningham: Only a puppet, after all...


Campbell: We've lost contact with Snake... I hate to imagine what might 
have happened to him. But Snake's a legend - he's Big Boss. He wouldn't 
let himself get killed that easily. I... I know he wouldn't.

Soldier: I'm with you, Campbell. We've gotta save him. 

Campbell: Right. We'll start by searching for his whereabouts. It 
hasn't been that long since he disappeared. I think the best approach 
would be to focus our search on his last known whereabouts. 

Soldier: But we won't get anywhere by just hunting aimlessly...

Campbell: Exactly. So we've got to be aggressive. Interrogate any 
enemies you find there and try to squeeze some info out of them.

Soldier: Right. We're on it.



Locate Snake's whereabouts by interrogating the enemies you encounter. 
You'll run a greater risk of being spotted, but we won't gain anything 
simply by searching the area at random. Stay sharp.

(after interrogating the enemy officer)

Officer: They... They took some guy named Snake over to the guest house!


What? You found a clue to Snake's whereabouts? Fantastic! OK, return to 
the truck immediately. Then we can discuss the best course of action.

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake is in a small cell tied to a chair. Gene and Lt. Cunningham are 
standing over him.)

Gene: Looks like you've done quite a number on this one. Intel 
extracted via physical torture is unreliable. It has always been my 
understanding that a skilled interrogator doesn't have to resort to 
inflicting pain on his... subject.

Cunningham: You're right, Commander. But it all depends on the time and 
the place. This man used to be a member of FOX. For him, this doesn't 
even qualify as torture. I was simply saying hello.

Gene: I see. As a fellow FOX, you know his limits. Still, it's not easy 
getting information out of him... is it, Cunningham? 

Cunningham: Ah, he is a tough one, I'll give him that. But his 
resilience will be his undoing. This time, I'll get the location of the 
remaining Legacy for sure.

Gene: Can you do it?

Cunningham: It's not part of my normal regimen, but there is a way.

Gene: Drugs? Truth serum won't work on a member of FOX.

Cunningham: While he was away from the battlefield, they developed a 
new formula.

Gene: Confessions extracted via truth serum can't be trusted, more so 
if you're using a stronger formula. He could fall apart before you even 
have the chance to question him. You know that as well as I. Why the 
hurry, Cunningham?

Cunningham: It seemed the ideal way to handle it... from an efficiency 

Gene: All right, then. But I want to talk to him first.

Cunningham: Be my guest. Truth serums also have an anesthetic effect. 
If I use it before he recovers his strength, I can't make him hurt. 
Let's let him taste the fear a little while longer.

(Cunningham exits. Gene turns to Snake.)

Gene: You've been awake all this time? You'd make a formidable 
opponent. I can see now why you've inherited the title of Boss. And yet 
you are troubled. Who are you loyal to? Why do you fight? What is a 
country? A soldier? Have you lost sight of these things? That's why you 
retired from FOX. But here you are back on the battlefield. Once you've 
inherited the soul of a warrior, you can never leave the battlefield.

(Gene laughs.)

Gene: Allow me to share a story. This whole business about stealing 
Metal Gear... It was all a setup from the beginning. The idea was the 
CIA's. They were planning to give the American-developed Metal Gear to 
the Russians. Giving the enemy a new weapon of their own design. And do 
you know why?

Snake: Enlighten me.

Gene: To prolong the Cold War. The failure of its planned economy has 
left the Soviet Union's finances in shambles. On top of that, thanks to 
the Boss' work six years ago, they lost the Philosopher's Legacy. The 
Russians can no longer sustain the massive military spending demanded 
by the Cold War. And now America, in addition to acquiring the Legacy, 
has succeeded in deploying MIRVs in battle, and is moving to cement her 
military superiority through the ongoing Strategic Arms Limitation 
Talks. At this rate, the global balance of power will soon collapse, 
and before long, the Cold War will have ended. And when that happens, 
the CIA's importance will have diminished - considerably.

Snake: The CIA is giving Metal Gear to the Russians to maintain the 
balance of power?

Gene: Metal Gear is a weapon far more advanced than any MIRV. It would 
be a most valuable trump card for Moscow, one that would render SALT 
irrelevant. The world would move away from compromise and 
accommodation... and once again split into two. The age of soldiers and 
spies would continue. FOX's orders from the CIA were not to guard Metal 
Gear during transport, but to steal it and then pretend to defect to 
the Soviet Union. A clever plan on the part of the CIA, all designed to 
protect its organizational interests.

Snake: No... no way... I don't believe it.

Gene: This is what you call your "country."

Snake: So that's why you staged a rebellion.

Gene: I will create a world I desire. Just as soldiers have need of 
talented officers, men have need of talented leaders. Leaders capable 
of granting guidance to the world. I was created for that purpose.

Snake: Created?

Gene: Have you heard of the Successor Project?

Snake: ...No.

Gene: It was a top-secret experiment conducted by the U.S. government. 
Its goal - to create the ultimate battlefield commander. The skills to 
wage war. The aptitude for strategy. The endurance to return from 
battle alive. And the charisma to overwhelm and master the hearts of 

Gene (echoing): My voice is endowed with a special power. 

Gene: Another product of the Successor Project. And the soldier they 
chose as the model leader was none other than the legend herself, The 

Snake: The Boss...?

Gene: I received these gifts. I inherited them. Snake... You inherited 
the title of Boss. You were her last disciple. You and I are like 
brothers. And as such, I couldn't possibly kill you now. Make yourself 
comfortable, "brother", for you're about to witness the creation of my 
new world.

(Gene exits Snake's cell, closing the door behind him.)

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: Listen up, everyone. Our interrogation of the enemy has 
produced information on the location where Snake is being held. He's 
currently in the guest house. We'd go out and rescue him immediately, 
but unfortunately we're unable to ascertain the exact location. As a 
facility used by high-ranking dignitaries, the location of the guest 
house is a well-kept secret. It's quite possible that none of the 
enemies we interrogated even know its exact location. And it's not 
marked on any of our maps, probably for the same reason. So for the 
time being, we're making finding the location of the guest house our 
number one priority. You might want to try interrogating people who are 
regular visitors to the guest house - government official, high-ranking 
officers. It may also be a good idea to expand the scope of our spy 
units' reconnaissance. In any case, we've got to find that guest house! 
If anybody has any bright ideas, let's hear them!

-from here you can send a spy to either the Rail Bridge or the Town

(if you send a spy to the Rail Bridge and wait half a day or longer)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Rail Bridge report)


Campbell: We've got to find out the location of that guest house. 
Extract the location of the guest house from the guards on the rail 
bridge. Interrogate the enemy while they're on patrol. They must have 
some information we can use. Give it everything you've got-show them no 
mercy. Get to it.


(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

Gene (on the phone): It's me. Somehow I knew it would be you. ...Yes, 
negotiations with the Kremlin were a success. They won't interfere with 
what's about to happen. I must thank you for all your help. When they 
saw the trajectory data for Metal Gear, they knew that this was no 
bluff. The CIA must be in a state of total panic about now. All part of 
your plan, I presume? Tell me something, though... You couldn't possibly 
have obtained the data on your own, could you? There must be someone 
backing you. Who is it? Never mind...I've got a fairly good idea who it 
is. The man with the same codename as Null... But you do realize you're 
betraying you're employer, don't you? Just what is it you've got in 
mind? You're not using me, are you? No matter. We'll meet again... in a 
new world, one of my own creation. Until then, my friend... Ocelot.

(Gene hangs up. Two soldiers hurriedly barge into the room.)

Gene: What is it? What's happened?

Soldier: P-pardon us, sir! But the Perfect Soldier... He's...!

(Null charges into the room, slicing through both screaming soldiers as 
he enters.)

Ursula: Null...

Gene: What's the meaning of this?

Null: I must complete my mission. 

Gene: Stand down, Null.

Null: Not yet. He lives. I have not completed my mission.

Snake: You mean Snake? He's been captured. Your mission is complete. 
Stand down, Null.

Null: No. Why won't you die, Snake!?

(Null slices through more surrounding soldiers. Ursula moves to 
intervene but Gene restrains her with his arms and steps forward 

Null: Out of my way. I'll kill him! I must kill him... I must... kill!

(Null slashes at Gene, but Gene makes an impossibly fast dodge and lets 
loose a flurry of knives, puncturing his hands and knees. Gene then 
strikes Null, sending him flying.)

Gene (echoing): You will follow my orders, Perfect Soldier. I am your 

Gene: Take him to the preparation chamber. 

(Soldiers carry Null out of the room, followed by Ursula.)

Gene: The Perfect Soldier has his memory reset after every mission. And 
yet, after a single skirmish, you managed to instill such strong 
emotions in him. Snake...

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: The guards on the bridge know the location of the guest house 
where Snake is being held. We're going to get that information out of 
them. Interrogate the enemy. Don't go easy on them - rough them up if 
you have to. Just get that information! Snake is counting on us, 
understood? Go secure the location of that guest house. NOW. Give 'em 

(after retrieving the map)


Campbell: You got the map? Excellent! Nice work! OK, you're done there. 
Get back to the truck immediately! 

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake is lying prone in his cell, being guarded by one soldier. Elisa, 
with a tray in her hands, approaches the cell.)

Elisa: Hi there. I brought you some dinner. And some for the prisoner, 

Guard: Thank you! Awfully nice of you to come all this way just to 
bring me a meal...

Elisa: Don't mention it. Say, mind if I talk to the prisoner for a 
little while? I want to meet the man who fought the Perfect Soldier and 
lived to tell about it. Don't mind me, just enjoy your supper.

Guard: Huh...? But...

Elisa: Please try to understand. When a girl's life is on the line, 
sometimes she longs for a strong man.

Guard: Uhh... ...Go ahead.

Elisa: Can you do me a favor and look the other way for a while?

(The guard leaves and Elisa enters the cell)

Elisa: Looks like you've really been through the ringer, Snake. But I'm 
glad to see you're alive. I never thought you'd actually survive a 
fight with Null. Let's see if we can't get you patched up.

(She looks down at Snake, who is very apparently naked.)

Snake: Uhh...

Elisa: Oh! Eat your dinner. Don't worry, it's not drugged or anything. 

Elisa (whispering): Don't move, Snake. And keep quiet, OK?

(Elisa embraces Snake)

Elisa: Can you hear me?

Snake: Is this telepathy?

(Elisa: Shh.)

Elisa: Not so loud. Just be quiet and listen. I don't have enough power 
to talk for very long. Gene has begun preparations for Metal Gear's 
ballistic launch. He's given the orders to start loading the nuclear 

Snake: What?! It's still too early. Did the negotiations break down?

Elisa: I don't know. Not even Ursula and I can know what's running 
through Gene's mind. As to why he's negotiating with both the U.S. and 
the Soviet Union... your guess is as good as mine. I think he may be 
preparing to use Metal Gear right now - no matter how the talks turn 
out. But I can't stop him... Not by myself. Not while he has Ursula on 
his side. You're the only one I can count on. They've probably taken 
Metal Gear from the harbor to the assembly plant so they can load the 
warheads. If you destroy it now, you can at least prevent Gene from 
launching a nuclear attack. 

Snake: Why are you telling me this?

Elisa: I saw a vision of you destroying Metal Gear. My premonitions 
don't always come true, but I do know that you've got a chance to 
prevent nuclear holocaust.

Snake: Can you get me out of here? 

Elisa: Not right now. Be patient. Your luck will change soon. 

Snake: Well, that makes me feel better. I'm practically smiling... on the 

Elisa: All good things come to those who wait.

(Elisa lets go of Snake and begins panting roughly. The guard returns.)

Guard: OK, Chief, uh, time to wrap it up...

Elisa: Huh? Oh, sorry. 

(Elisa winks at the guard)

Elisa: I guess I got a little too into it.

Guard: Into it...?

Elisa: This is our little secret, okay? Don't tell anybody.

(Elisa turns to Snake as she leaves)

Elisa (whispering): Please, Snake. You have to believe.

(End Cutscene)



(if you send a spy to the Town and wait half a day or longer)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Town report)


Campbell: We've got to find out the location of that guest house. 
However, according to intel we've since received from our spy unit, the 
government officials in the town may possess information on how to get 
to the guest house. Try interrogating some government officials. Show 
them no mercy. 


(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

Gene (on the phone): It's me. Somehow I knew it would be you. ...Yes, 
negotiations with the Kremlin were a success. They won't interfere with 
what's about to happen. I must thank you for all your help. When they 
saw the trajectory data for Metal Gear, they knew that this was no 
bluff. The CIA must be in a state of total panic about now. All part of 
your plan, I presume? Tell me something, though... You couldn't possibly 
have obtained the data on your own, could you? There must be someone 
backing you. Who is it? Never mind...I've got a fairly good idea who it 
is. The man with the same codename as Null... But you do realize you're 
betraying you're employer, don't you? Just what is it you've got in 
mind? You're not using me, are you? No matter. We'll meet again... in a 
new world, one of my own creation. Until then, my friend... Ocelot.

(Gene hangs up. Two soldiers hurriedly barge into the room.)

Gene: What is it? What's happened?

Soldier: P-pardon us, sir! But the Perfect Soldier... He's...!

(Null charges into the room, slicing through both screaming soldiers as 
he enters.)

Ursula: Null...

Gene: What's the meaning of this?

Null: I must complete my mission. 

Gene: Stand down, Null.

Null: Not yet. He lives. I have not completed my mission.

Snake: You mean Snake? He's been captured. Your mission is complete. 
Stand down, Null.

Null: No. Why won't you die, Snake!?

(Null slices through more surrounding soldiers. Ursula moves to 
intervene but Gene restrains her with his arms and steps forward 

Null: Out of my way. I'll kill him! I must kill him... I must... kill!

(Null slashes at Gene, but Gene makes an impossibly fast dodge and lets 
loose a flurry of knives, puncturing his hands and knees. Gene then 
strikes Null, sending him flying.)

Gene (echoing): You will follow my orders, Perfect Soldier. I am your 

Gene: Take him to the preparation chamber. 

(Soldiers carry Null out of the room, followed by Ursula.)

Gene: The Perfect Soldier has his memory reset after every mission. And 
yet, after a single skirmish, you managed to instill such strong 
emotions in him. Snake...

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: That government official we spied on in the town has got to 
know the location of the guest house where Snake is being held... And 
we're going to get the information from him. Interrogate that official. 
Don't go easy on him-rough him up if you have to. Just get that 
information! Snake is counting on us, understood? Go secure the 
location of that guest house. NOW. Give 'em hell!

(after interrogating the government official)

Government Official: The guest house? It's across the rail bridge, near 
the sea.


Campbell: Were you able to wring the guest house location out of him? 
Excellent! Nice job! OK, you're all done there. Hurry up and get back 
to the truck!

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake is lying prone in his cell, being guarded by one soldier. Elisa, 
with a tray in her hands, approaches the cell.)

Elisa: Hi there. I brought you some dinner. And some for the prisoner, 

Guard: Thank you! Awfully nice of you to come all this way just to 
bring me a meal...

Elisa: Don't mention it. Say, mind if I talk to the prisoner for a 
little while? I want to meet the man who fought the Perfect Soldier and 
lived to tell about it. Don't mind me, just enjoy your supper.

Guard: Huh...? But...

Elisa: Please try to understand. When a girl's life is on the line, 
sometimes she longs for a strong man.

Guard: Uhh... ...Go ahead.

Elisa: Can you do me a favor and look the other way for a while?

(The guard leaves and Elisa enters the cell)

Elisa: Looks like you've really been through the ringer, Snake. But I'm 
glad to see you're alive. I never thought you'd actually survive a 
fight with Null. Let's see if we can't get you patched up.

(She looks down at Snake, who is very apparently naked.)

Snake: Uhh...

Elisa: Oh! Eat your dinner. Don't worry, it's not drugged or anything. 

Elisa (whispering): Don't move, Snake. And keep quiet, OK?

(Elisa embraces Snake)

Elisa: Can you hear me?

Snake: Is this telepathy?

(Elisa: Shh.)

Elisa: Not so loud. Just be quiet and listen. I don't have enough power 
to talk for very long. Gene has begun preparations for Metal Gear's 
ballistic launch. He's given the orders to start loading the nuclear 

Snake: What?! It's still too early. Did the negotiations break down?

Elisa: I don't know. Not even Ursula and I can know what's running 
through Gene's mind. As to why he's negotiating with both the U.S. and 
the Soviet Union... your guess is as good as mine. I think he may be 
preparing to use Metal Gear right now - no matter how the talks turn 
out. But I can't stop him... Not by myself. Not while he has Ursula on 
his side. You're the only one I can count on. They've probably taken 
Metal Gear from the harbor to the assembly plant so they can load the 
warheads. If you destroy it now, you can at least prevent Gene from 
launching a nuclear attack. 

Snake: Why are you telling me this?

Elisa: I saw a vision of you destroying Metal Gear. My premonitions 
don't always come true, but I do know that you've got a chance to 
prevent nuclear holocaust.

Snake: Can you get me out of here? 

Elisa: Not right now. Be patient. Your luck will change soon. 

Snake: Well, that makes me feel better. I'm practically smiling... on the 

Elisa: All good things come to those who wait.

(Elisa lets go of Snake and begins panting roughly. The guard returns.)

Guard: OK, Chief, uh, time to wrap it up...

Elisa: Huh? Oh, sorry. 

(Elisa winks at the guard)

Elisa: I guess I got a little too into it.

Guard: Into it...?

Elisa: This is our little secret, okay? Don't tell anybody.

(Elisa turns to Snake as she leaves)

Elisa (whispering): Please, Snake. You have to believe.

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: We've learned the location of the guest house where Snake is 
being held captive. The next step is to go there, sneak inside, and 
execute a rescue operation. Security will be tight, but we can't let 
that stop us. We're going to bring him back! Everybody with me?



Campbell: OK, this is the guest house. Quickly make your way inside and 
search for Snake's location. Do NOT let the enemy see you. We need 
Snake in order to destroy Metal Gear. And he needs us to save him. 
Let's bring him back alive!

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Two soldiers free Snake from his cell, untying his bonds. One of these 
soldiers is Jonathan, the first soldier recruited by Snake)

Snake: You came to save me? You didn't even know if I was still alive. 
Why'd you put yourself in danger like that?

Jonathan: Because you're our Boss. Besides... we knew you wouldn't let 
yourself get killed in a place like this.

Snake: But...saving me's not gonna...

Jonathan: We need you. Don't forget that, Snake.

Snake: All right, let's get out of here. I know where Metal Gear is. 
Our business here is finished.

Jonathan: Roger that, Boss. There's a passageway up ahead that's only 
lightly guarded.

(Snake and his men make their way through the passage. As they emerge, 
they are ambushed by Cunningham, who is atop a hovering platform.)

Cunningham: End of the line, Snake! These are capable men you lead, 
Snake. I never thought a FOX agent - a specialist in solo sneaking 
missions, no less - would have his comrades come rescue him. My 
mistake. You nearly slipped through my fingers. I must remember to 
thank Ursula.

Snake: Ursula... the precog working for Gene.

Cunningham: She's a mystery to me, but she does have her uses. Anyway. 
Now that we're both here, we can get on with the questioning. The 
Legacy - where is it? I know you stole the KGB's half, now tell me 
where it is!

Snake: The KGB? What are you talking about?

Cunningham: Still playing at denial. Have it your way! Your men die by 
my hand - one by one - until you change your mind!

(Cunningham shoots one of Snake's men)

Snake: Stop!

Cunningham: Where is the Philosopher's Legacy? Where is it?

Snake: I don't know!

(Cunningham shoots the other soldier)

Snake: Stop it! I don't know anything! I swear!

Cunningham: You're lying! You must know where the Legacy is. The 
Pentagon told me --

Snake: The Pentagon? Why are you so concerned about what's happened to 
the Legacy, Cunningham? What's your stake in this?

Cunningham: Enough! You'd better start giving me some answers. Or else!

(A truck comes barreling into the complex, slamming into guards as it 

Guard: What the?!

(The truck crashes into Cunningham's hovering platform, sending him 
flying, and then stops near Snake and his men. The driver is Elisa.)

Cunningham: You!

Elisa: Snake, get in!

Snake: Elisa? Why are you...?

Elisa: Hurry!

(Snake is holding a wounded soldier in his arms.)

Soldier: G... go on without me, Boss... hurry...

Snake: Quit your whining. The bullets went straight through. Now get 

(Snake and his men get into the truck.)

Cunningham: Don't just stand there! Stop them!

(The guards begin to fire on the escapees)

Snake: OK, step on it!

(The truck roars forward and crashes through the gates as Cunningham's 
men fire. In the next scene, the truck stops at the camp of Snake's 
resistance. Campbell is there to meet them.)

Snake: Looks like we shook them off.

Campbell: Yeah. Glad to see you're still in one piece, Snake.

Snake: How's our wounded?

Campbell: Well, I'm not the world's best field medic, but his condition 
looks stable.

Snake: Good.

Campbell: I thought you specialized in solo missions. But it looks like 
you can lead a squad, too.

Snake: Knock it off.

Campbell: Hey Snake... who's the dame?

Snake: This is Elisa. She helped us escape.

Campbell: You got one of Gene's soldiers to join our side?

Campbell (whispering): Just out of curiosity, how did you manage to get 
a girl like this? Don't you think she's a little young? I mean, another 
five years and she'll be a real knockout of a woman, but...

Elisa: Let's go, Snake. We should check on the location of the plant 
while it's still dark out. The lights should tell us exactly where it's 

Snake: Right. You lead the way.

(Snake and Elisa walk alone through a wooded path)

Snake: Elisa... about what Campbell was saying.

Elisa: You mean about waiting another five years?

Snake: That's not what I meant. I mean the reason why you betrayed Gene 
and saved me. You never told me.

Elisa: Haven't I already explained this to you? I want you to destroy 
Metal Gear.

Snake: I thought you were loyal to Gene.

Elisa: I thought so, too... at first. Even now I'm still grateful to him. 
In East Germany Ursula and I were used like guinea pigs -- he saved us 
from that. But the Communists, the Americans... they're all the same. All 
the military wanted was to know the secret of our ESP. They only wanted 
us so they could use our ESP in war. So, once again, I ran away with 

Snake: Then why did you end up betraying him?

Elisa: It was the nukes... No one should ever be allowed to use nuclear 
warheads. Not ever. I'm a victim of the atomic bomb, Snake. My parents 
were nuclear physicists working in the Soviet Union. There was an 
accident, at the Kyshtym facility, and they were killed int eh ensuing 

Snake: Kyshtym... The nuclear disaster in the Ural Mountains.

Elisa: Yes. And Ursula and I suffered the aftereffects. It still haunts 
me in my dreams. I see my parents dying n the explosion. I see the 
ashes of death falling from the sky. Soon afterwards we gained our 
abilities. Right after we were sent back to our country.

Snake: I've been exposed, too. The tests at Bikini Atoll...

Elisa: I know. Somehow, I could tell.

Snake: Is that why you saved me?

Elisa: Perhaps. I think I probably wanted to leave some hope for the 
future. With this body, I'll never be able to have children of my own. 
So instead, I'm placing my hopes in you.

Snake: Why me?

Elisa: I just think you'll make a great father someday...

Snake: Elisa, I'm sorry, but... I'll never be a father.

(Snake and Elisa approach the perimeter of a large facility)

Elisa: This is the place. We should be able to see the plant's location 
from here. 

Snake: So that's where they're storing Metal Gear?

Elisa: I think so...

Snake: Something's not right -- it's pretty late at night for them to 
still be working. It might be worth checking out.

Elisa: Right. And Null's still undergoing readjustment. With me gone, 
it'll take a few days to get him prepped. Now's our chance.

Snake: Then the only thing we have to look out for is Cunningham.

Elisa: No. Gene is the one you should really be afraid of. The 
Successor Project was designed to produce a battle commander capable of 
commanding the Perfect Soldier. I've never actually seen Gene fight, 
but I think his reflexes may even be faster than Null's. And his battle 
technique is patterned after The Boss herself.

Snake: Must have taken some guts to turn on him. Aren't you afraid?

Elisa: Yes. But... I believe in you, Snake. My sister foresaw you 
plunging the world into fear. I foresaw you stopping Metal Gear. It was 
the first time in our lives our visions weren't one and the same. I 
believe in you.

Snake: We'd better get back. Once we catch our breath, we're heading 
straight for the plant.

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: Everybody, Snake is back! And he's still in one piece. 

Snake: Thanks everyone for the rescue effort. 

Campbell: Hey, forget about it. No need to thank us. We're just glad to 
have you back. 

Snake: ...

Campbell: And to top it off, I've got some more good news. Thanks to 
the info passed to us by the dame... I mean Elisa, we've finally 
discovered the whereabouts of Metal Gear. It's being loaded with 
nuclear warheads in the plant right now, and is in an extremely 
vulnerable state. This could be our one and only chance to mount an 

Snake: Exactly. We need to infiltrate that plant NOW.

Campbell: Right. Let's get going.



Campbell: OK, this is it everybody. At this moment, they're loading the 
nuclear warheads onto Metal Gear inside the plant. Security is 
extremely tight... No surprises there. This thing is Gene's trump card. 
But look at it this way: if we destroy Metal Gear, we win - a powerful 
asset in clearing Snake's name of any involvement in the rebellion. 
Find a way to get close to Metal Gear, and stay out of sight. It's 

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and Elisa stand before Metal Gear)

Snake: So this is Metal Gear...

Elisa: OK, let's hurry up and plant these bombs.

(Helicopters suddenly descend from the sky and land, heralding a 
platoon of soldiers being led by Gene.)

Gene: You're not getting away from me this time, Snake.

Snake: Gene!

(Snake and Elisa are held at gunpoint by Gene's men. The Metal Gear 
begins to move.)

Snake: Metal Gear!

Elisa: But who...?

(The Metal Gear aims and fires on Gene and his men, killing everyone in 
Gene's vicinity except Gene himself, who avoids the bullets without 
appearing to move. The man inside Metal Gear is Colonel Skowronski.)

Skowronski: Missed... But what power... With this weapon, no one will make 
an exile of me. Watch you worthless turncoats! Watch as I teach this 
rabble-rouser a lesson! Get out, you intruders. This base is mine!

Snake: It's him...

Elisa: Colonel Skowronski!?

(Metal Gear's guns abruptly halt.)

Skowronski: Damn it! Why? Why won't it move?!

(Snake dashes across the field up to Gene and quickly holds him at 

Snake: Freeze, Gene. Kind of an anticlimactic way to end it, huh? 
That's your trump card? Tell your men to throw down their weapons.

(Gene laughs.)

Gene: Trump card?  You certainly put on a great sideshow, Snake. Even I 
didn't see Skowronski coming. As a token of my appreciation, allow me 
to share with you my true trump card.

Snake: What?

Gene: Wake up, Ursula!

(Elisa freezes and begins to struggle immensely. Unearthly sounds begin 
to resonate in the air.)

Snake: Elisa!?

Elisa: No... Ursula, don't! Snake, shoot me!

Snake: ...Elisa? What are you talking about!?

Elisa: Hurry, Snake! You have to shoot me before Ursula awakens! Shoot 
now! If you don't... I'll... I'll...

(Elisa screams.)

Ursula: I'll kill you, Snake. Kill you before you spawn your accursed 
snake children.

(Snake is struck by a mysterious force, knocking him to the ground.)

Snake: Psychokinesis...

Gene: Urusla and Elisa were originally one personality. But in the 
process of artificially augmenting her mental powers, they split into 
two. Ursula gained the greater powers at the expense of her emotions. 
That Metal Gear may only be an incomplete prototype, but dear Ursula 
more than makes up for its shortcomings.

(The Metal Gear roars to life again, screeching like an animal as it 
does. Skowronski is thrown from the cockpit.)

Snake: How does it move like that!? It's like it's not a machine at 

(Ursula descends from the air into the cockpit.)

Snake: Elisa! Stop!

(End Cutscene)

(after defeating Metal Gear)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Metal Gear begins to explodes. Ursula/Elisa screams.)

Snake: Elisa! Get out of there!

(The Metal Gear completely explodes and is destroyed.)

Snake: Elisa... I'm sorry...

Guard A: He beat Metal Gear...

Guard B: Metal Gear, done in by a flesh-and-blood human being... So 
that's Big Boss.

Guard C: It's all over. Our nation will never be built...

(Guards throw down their weapons.)

Gene: Wonderful! Only you could have destroyed RAXA with Ursula at its 
helm. I can see now why you caught Ocelot's eye.

Snake: Major Ocelot from GRU? What does he have to do with this?

(Gene laughs.)

Gene: I like you, Snake. You're a fascinating man.

Snake: Enough! It's over, Gene. I destroyed your Metal Gear. You can't 
blackmail the world with nuclear attack anymore. Give it up. You're 

Gene: You destroyed my Metal Gear? Why Snake, whatever do you mean?

Snake: What?

(Snake's radio rings. Snake answers.)

Snake: ...Ghost? This isn't a good time.

Ghost: Snake, it's not over! Not yet! That wasn't the ballistic launch 
Metal Gear. That was Metal Gear RAXA, produced for performance 
evaluation. It was a test model! 

Snake: Test model?

(Ghost has been emerging in person as he talks. It soon becomes 
apparent that he is Sokolov, the rocket scientist from Metal Gear Solid 

Snake: Sokolov! You're alive! Of course! So you're the Ghost. You 
designed the Shagohod, so naturally you'd know about Granin's Metal 
Gear too... That's why!

Gene: Ah! So it was you who was feeding Snake information, Sokolov. Of 
all people, I never thought you would betray me.

Sokolov: ...Yes, you did rescue me from that prison camp in Russia. 
Thanks for you, I was reunited with my family... for a little while, at 
least. I will always be grateful to you for that... But launching Metal 
Gear into Russia - that I cannot condone. I simply could not bear to 
see my own creation turned against the Motherland.

Gene: And so you collaborated with Snake? Sokolov, you designed the 
world's first nuclear-armed tank... You're a rocket scientist. You 
defected to the United States and participated in the development of 
Metal Gear. Surely you must have known that one day it would be used 
against the Soviet Union.

(Sokolov is left speechless. Above, helicopters are transporting a 
large machine - Metal Gear.)

Snake: ...That's the real Metal Gear!?

Gene: Yes. RAXA was a decoy. Ursula bought us plenty of time.

Snake: Gene, stop!

Gene: Shoot me if you like, Snake. But ask yourself this: are you 
worthy enough to pull the trigger? You've inherited the title of Boss, 
yet you've never stopped to think about the future you want to see!

Snake: What?

Gene (echoing intensely): Soldiers, hear my words! The Cold War will 
soon be over. For the United States and the Soviet Union no longer have 
the strength or authority to shape the world as they seem fit. Even as 
America sinks deeper into the quagmire of the Vietnam War, her allies 
in the West have achieved tremendous economic growth. And with the 
collapse of its planned economy, Russia can no longer keep up with the 
financial demands of her vast army.  But the end of the Cold War does 
not mean that peace will follow. Freed from the domination of the 
world's superpowers, nationalism will soon be the driving force behind 
global politics. And the ever-widening gap between rich and poor will 
fan the flames of hatred between nations. Nuclear weapons will slip 
from the superpowers' grasp and spread throughout the world. Soon no 
one will know when or where the nukes will come from. Today's ally may 
be tomorrow's bitter enemy. Or worse - the time may come when soldiers 
of the same country will kill their brothers -- just like you are now! 
Who of you can say that tomorrow you won't be aiming your rifles at 
your neighbors? Your comrades? Your families?

Snake: Stop it, Gene!

Gene (echoing): Is there no one who has a grudge against you? No one 
who mocks you? No one who really needs you? Is there truly no one out 
there who would kill you?

(Sokolov places his hands on his head and screams)

Snake: Knock it off, Gene!

Gene: One of my men is standing amongst you right now. His instructions 
are to kill you - for your betrayal. 

Snake: He's lying! Don't listen to him!

Soldier: He's going to kill us! He's going to kill us!

Snake: Hey, get a hold of yourself! Snap out of it! 

Gene: Your enemy is standing right beside you. Is it you...? Or perhaps 
you...? This planet is like a giant bomb. See how easily it blows itself 
to bits with a single nuclear warhead. Or rather, a single bullet. 
(laughs) There he is... It's the enemy!

(Gene throws a knife into a soldier in the crowd. The soldier falls, 
shooting his rifle as he does and hits one of his comrades.)

Soldier A: Who's shooting?! Who's shooting?!

Soldier B: The bastard shot him!

(Soldiers start shooting wildly at each other.)

Snake: Stop! Cease fire!

(Snake is shot in the arm.)

Snake: Make it stop, Gene!

Gene: If you want them to stop, then why not stop them yourself, Snake? 
Metal Gear is ready to launch. I have no further need of this plant.

Snake: So you'd kill your own men?!

Gene: I don't have to kill anyone. These men are quite capable of doing 
it themselves. Humans are fragile, foolish, violent creatures. See for 
yourself, Snake. See what mankind truly is.

Jonathan: Snake, look out!

(Jonathan dives into the path of bullets meant for Snake and dies as he 
is shot in the head. An image of Jonathan and Snake shaking hands is 
shown, and then Snake cradles Jonathan's lifeless body in his hands 
among all the other dead men. Snake screams.)

(End Cutscene)


JONATHAN has died.

Campbell: So the Metal Gear you destroyed at the plant... It wasn't the 
intercontinental ballistic unit we've been after. It was a performance 
test model, RAXA. Gene managed to sneak the real ICBMG right out from 
under our noses and move it to the nuclear launch silo. And judging 
from the way he was talking, they've already finished arming it with 
the nukes. We can't afford anymore setbacks. Concentrate the Spy Unit 
on the Silo Entrance. Keep your eyes open for any information! We've 
got to infiltrate the underground silo complex... 

Snake: ...

Campbell: Come on, Snake, cheer up... OK, maybe not.

Snake: Sorry...

(after sending a spy to the Silo Entrance and waiting half a day or 

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Silo Entrance report)


Campbell: After reviewing the technical documents our spies brought 
back, we've discovered how to get into the underground silo complex. 
The gate in front of the underground complex is impenetrable. There's 
no way to get in through ordinary means. But the lock system uses an 
electromagnet. If we could cut off the supply of power... The gate can be 
unlocked manually until the auxiliary power comes on! In other words, 
if we find the facility that supplies power to the silo and destroy it, 
we can infiltrate the underground complex. The problem is figuring out 
where the hell this power facility is. I wouldn't think it'd be that 
far from the silo... At this point, we don't have any information 
specifically pointing to its location. Looks like we'll have to 
dispatch our spy unit. 

(after sending a spy to the Ravine and waiting half a day or longer)

A new report has arrived from the spy unit.

(after selecting Ravine report)


Campbell: Reports coming in from our spy units suggest the existence of 
a substation at the south end of the ravine on the east side of the 
peninsula. Mounting a sabotage operation against this substation should 
produce the effect we're looking for. The ravine runs in front of the 
substation. The footing is treacherous, but it's the only way to get 



Campbell: The substation is south of the ravine. The footing there 
isn't exactly stable, so watch your step. 

(after reaching the goal)


Campbell: Looks like you've done it. Good work. We'll be waiting for 
you back at the truck. Head back here ASAP.


Campbell: Good. You've arrived at the substation. Now we've got to 
destroy it... But first we need an idea of how it's laid out. We can't do 
much with the amount of explosives we've got. If we want to stop the 
flow of electricity at the source... We'll need to be a little more 
clever about it. Our best bet is to target the switchboard. To do that, 
we'll have to infiltrate the substation and identify the precise 
location of the switchboard. Find the entrance to the substation and 
make your way inside. Then search for the location of the switchboard.



Campbell: Given our limited amount of explosives, we've got to be 
efficient. Let's hit 'em where it counts - the switchboard. Blow the 
son of a bitch to smithereens.

(after reaching the switchboard)


Campbell: OK. We've got the location of the switchboard. But there's no 
point destroying it now. The gate would switch over to emergency power 
in 5 minutes. What do we do now... First things first. Head back to the 
truck. It's time for a powwow.


Campbell: We made it to the switchboard, but even if we blew it up then 
there's no way we'd make it to the underground silo entrance in 5 
minutes. We need to use a time bomb. And with that in mind... We'll need 
a detonation timer to pull this off. Our technical unit is in the 
process of building one as we speak. That should get the job done.



Campbell: All right, everything's in place to plant the time bomb. Stay 
focused. Screw up now, and we lose everything. Use caution in there, 
but make sure you get the job done. 

(after planting the time bomb on the switchboard)


Campbell: Nice work. We'll be waiting for you back at the truck.

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake and his men are standing in front of a pile of corpses)

Snake: They're all dead...

(a slash and the sound of man screaming can be heard in the distance)

Snake: Null!

(Null is slicing through a group of Gene's soldiers)

Soldier A: I didn't hear anything about using the Perfect Soldier, did 

Soldier B: He's supposed to be undergoing readjustments!

(Null kills the remaining soldiers)

Null: Where is he? Where is that man?

(Null suddenly senses Snake behind him)

Null: I found you. Tell me. Why are you still alive? I used to get 
dreams... About my comrades... They'd come save me with strong arms and 
laughing voices. When I woke up, I had nothing. No joy, no sorrow, no 
hatred... No memory. When I wake up from the darkness, all I see are the 
bodies of men I've killed, lying in front of me. My memory is riddled 
with corpses. I know. Everybody dies. Crime, disease, accidents, war... 
No matter how noble a person you are, no matter how good a soldier. 
There are no exceptions. Even if I don't kill them, they die. This 
world is full of death. And yet you won't be killed. Why? Why do you 
still live? What do you hope to accomplish by living?

(Null slashes at Snake)

Snake: I know your name.

Null: ...name...

Snake: It was four years ago, in Mozambique. There was a child soldier 
fighting with a guerrilla group in the struggle for independence. He 
killed dozens of government soldiers with just a single knife. He'd 
throw the enemy off guard with the innocent frankness of a young boy. 
Then he'd prey on them with the cold cruelty of a hunter. He spoke a 
little German so his enemies called him, "Frank Jaeger," the frank 

Null: Frank Jaeger... ...my name...

Snake: Don't do this. The strong arms... ...allies who will help you are 
somewhere else.

Null: No. I am the Perfect Soldier. Where I exist, there are no other 
soldiers. So I don't need a name. I am Null. And when you're dead, I 
can go back to being null!

(after defeating Null)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Null is kneeling in front of Snake)

Null: I remember now... Big Boss... Even then, you were the one who stopped 

(Null takes off his mask, revealing his face.)

Null: I was raised by adults to be a tool of war. But you defeated me. 
Watched over me.

Snake: I'm sorry. I thought you'd have been safe at the rehab 
facility... I had no idea they'd subject you to this. It had to be the 

Null: It's OK, Big Boss. You help me fill the void inside.

Snake: Let's get going. You're always there to save me. It's time to 
blow this place.

(Snake and Null leave together)

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: Null's assault may have thrown us for a loop, but we still 
achieved our initial objective of planting a time bomb on the 
substation. Now let's make our way to the silo entrance. Metal Gear is 
almost within reach!



Campbell: We've just confirmed an explosion at the substation. The 
power supply has already been cut off. Starting now, you have 5 minutes 
to pass through the gate leading into the underground silo complex. 
Screw up, and you're gonna have to blow up the substation again. So 
make sure you do it right.


Campbell: OK, somehow we made it inside the underground silo complex. 
This is the home stretch. One more push and Metal Gear will be in our 
grasp. Proceed into the complex, and don't let yourself be spotted by 
any enemy patrols. Metal Gear is close. Don't let your guard down.



Campbell: You're one last push away from Metal Gear. We don't know the 
exact route to get into the Metal Gear launch silo, but it must be 
connected to the underground complex somewhere. Keep going, and look 
for a way into the silo. It's all riding on you. Good luck.

(after reaching the goal)


Campbell: It seems the elevator is on the other side of that door... Hey, 
you ready to roll? You sure you don't want to check your equipment?




Campbell: This is Campbell. What's your status? You say there's a large 
freight elevator? Bingo! That's it! That must be what they used to get 
Metal Gear down to the silo. Wherever that elevator leads, that's where 
you'll find Metal Gear. Take the elevator and go after Metal Gear!

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(The elevator ascends with Snake. After a moment, a hovering platform 
arrives from the sky, being piloted by Lt. Cunningham.)

Snake: Cunningham.

Cunnigham; Glad you could make it, Snake. To be honest, I'm a bit 
surprised. You've come much further than I'd expected. He was right 
about you.

Snake: ...He?

Cunningham: But that no longer matters. You've got no reason left to 
fight. Your mission is over, Snake.

Snake: Mission? What are you talking about, Cunningham?

(Cunningham laughs)

Cunningham: All right, then, Snake, I'll explain it to you. I don't 
answer to Gene.

Snake: What...?

Cunningham: The CIA may control FOX, but I don't answer to them, 
either. My employer is the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Snake: What do you mean?

Cunningham: Everything you've seen so far -- Surely you know the CIA 
and the Pentagon aren't on the best of terms?

Snake: You're talking about a fight over budget?

Cunningham: No, not that. The Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961... The covert 
ops in North Vietnam - the influence of the CIA in America's military 
affairs grows with each passing year. The Pentagon brass started to 
feel threatened. And then they found out about the Metal Gear project. 
They enlisted Gene, FOX Unit's commanding officer, and had him steal it 
before it could be handed over to the Russians. What do you think would 
happen if Gene were to launch Metal Gear into the Soviet Union? The 
CIA'd lose face, and the military's influence would immediately start 
to soar.

Snake: You were trying to get Gene to use the nukes on purpose? Are you 
out of your mind? You'd start an all-out nuclear war!

Cunningham: Wrong again, Snake. Gene is just a renegade. And the 
Russians are the ones who built this base. The fundamental design for 
Metal Gear and the nukes it carries are Russian-made. And you blame 
Washington? Besides, there'll be no evidence left behind, anyway. See 
this, Snake?

(A large, familiar weapon glimmers in Cunningham's grasp)

Snake: A Davy Crockett!?

Cunningham: Exactly. A miniature nuclear warhead. But this one is 
Soviet-made. After Gene launches Metal Gear, I'll obliterate this base. 
Not a single blade of grass will be left behind.

Snake: What are you going to do with the other soldiers?

Cunningham: Those Red Army rebels? What do you care? They're our 

(Cunningham laughs)

Cunningham: But you're different, Snake. You carried out your mission 
well. You followed the script he and the Pentagon wrote for you to the 

Snake: Script?

Cunningham: Do you want to know the real reason you were sent here? 
Because we knew you'd throw a wrench into Gene's plans. We needed 
someone to sneak into enemy territory alone, recruit the rebels to his 
side, and leave Gene with no choice but to launch Metal Gear. The only 
soldier who could pull it off was you. The legendary hero, Big Boss. 
And sure enough, that's just what you've done. Now you've done quite 
enough. We still need Gene to launch Metal Gear. It's part of the 
Pentagon's plan. And we can't have you disrupting that, too. There's a 
heliport on top of this base. Get on the chopper, Snake. Once Metal 
Gear has been launched as planned, we'll take you back to the States. 
After this place is nothing but cinders, you'll be a hero once again. 
It won't be the CIA congratulating you, but you'll get over it. 

(Snake draws his pistol at Cunningham)

Cunningham: What do you think you're doing, Snake? Are you still 
blinded by your loyalty to the CIA? What has the CIA ever done for us 
in FOX? They sent us on the most brutal missions. And when I came back 
wounded, they shuffled me to a desk job. They did the same to you, too. 
They cast your mentor - the mother of our Special Forces - out into a 
foreign land and left her there to die!

(Snake's aim is unwavering)

Cunningham: Don't tell me you're doing it for the Russian soldiers 
here. Pathetic fool. Go to the heliport, Snake. I'm not letting you 
through. Go back.

(A still frame of Jonathan, Roy Campbell, and Elisa)

Snake: I can't let you use Metal Gear. I'm doing this out of loyalty to 
myself. I'm not going to live my life the way The Boss did!

(Cunningham laughs)

Cunningham: Have it your way. Now you're a real traitor!

(End Cutscene)

(after defeating Cunningham)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Explosions rock Cunningham's hovering platform)

Cunningham: Why, Snake...? If you'd just gone home to America, you and I 
would have been given the highest honors a soldier can achieve. And 
now... look what you've done. But I'm not going to die alone. I'm taking 
you with me!

(Cunningham readies the Davy Crockett)

Snake: Cunningham, no!

(Cunningham laughs insanely, but just as he is about to push the button 
his craft completely explodes. The Davy Crockett is thrown from the 
wreckage toward Snake, and the hovering platform itself falls to land 
and is obliterated)

(End Cutscene)


Campbell: This is it, boys. Metal Gear should be at the end of that 
elevator. Judging from how long it took us to get here, launch 
preparations are almost complete. We cannot let them launch that 
monster. If Metal Gear is launched, it'll mean the end of the world as 
we know it. We must prevent that launch at all costs. Use any means 
necessary to make sure Metal Gear doesn't get out of the silo.


(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake enters the Metal Gear launch control room. Gene is standing over 
a group of dead men.)

Gene: Nice of you to join us, Snake. 

Snake: These are the Metal Gear engineers! You killed them!

Gene: No. They killed themselves. They all despaired of their crimes 
and decided to die.

Snake: Crimes? You mean the fact that this is all a Pentagon 

Gene: Conspiracy? I see. Cunningham must have spilled his guts. The 
poor fool. He died never realizing he was only a puppet after all...

Snake: Aren't you the puppet, Gene? The Pentagon was trying to get rid 
of the CIA.

Gene: Wrong. I've known everything from the very start. The Pentagon's 
plans... that Cunningham would betray me... Everything. I simply used it to 
my own advantage, for my real plan.

Snake: Real plan?

Gene: I won't be launching Metal Gear into the Soviet Union.

Snake: What?

Gene: The Pentagon must have been prepared for the possibility that 
Cunningham might fail to erase the evidence. They're probably in 
negotiations with the Red Army as we speak. Even if I launched Metal 
Gear into Russia now, it wouldn't trigger a war.

Snake: If Russia isn't the target? Then... ...what is?

Gene: Virginia, U.S.A. ...The CIA headquarters at Langley and the 
Pentagon, the Philosophers' twin lairs will be obliterated.

Snake: You're launching a nuclear strike against America!? But if you 
do that...

Gene: Chaos will be created on an unprecedented scale. Worst case 
scenario: America ceases to exist as a nation. The existing world order 
crumbles. And Russia won't escape unscathed, either. Metal Gear will 
have been launched from a Soviet nuclear missile base. Under a storm of 
international criticism, the Warsaw Pact will lose its sway over the 
Third World. It may even faced armed conflict with NATO.

Snake: Why? Why would you do that?

Gene: To free the world from the Philosophers' control. I'll create a 
new global balance of power of my own design. My goal of building a new 
nation of mercenaries with only the most capable soldiers is real. But 
this peninsula is not the right place for it. Our nation will be an 
organization of shadows, without shape or form. We will lurk deep 
underground and intervene in conflicts all over the world. History will 
be ours to control. I will accomplish what the hollow shell of the 
Philosophers could not with a superior breed of soldier. This 
organization will be the true "peninsula of the dead". I call it 
"Army's Heaven."

Snake: Army's Heaven...

Gene: I will not allow the world to be a playground for abstract 
national interest and petty political gambits. I will use superior 
force of arms to achieve superior force of will. Thus I will make the 
world whole again. For I am the Successor, and this is my calling.

Snake: You're nothing but a dictator!

Gene: What?!

Snake: You use fear to keep your soldiers in line. You use words to 
deceive your allies. You exploit those who look up to you as a mentor 
and then you throw them away! The country you're building is no heaven 
for soldiers. The place they're looking for is outside your "heaven."

Gene: Open your eyes, Snake. This is our calling. It's all part of a 
greater mission. Compared to this calling, the individual wills of 
individual soldiers are meaningless. Those who have no calling must be 
given one by those who do. They must follow the teachings of those with 
a greater will.

Snake: I suppose that'd be you?

Gene: It is my calling. And I will bestow it upon others. The countless 
masses with no wills of their own must devote their lives to a higher 
cause.  They must give up their trivial lives, their petty contentment! 
They must sacrifice all their energies to the cause - pour their feeble 
lives into it. As The Boss once did.

Snake: You're full of yourself, Gene. You're not worthy to speak of The 

Gene: So... You never knew. Six years ago, during Operation Snake Eater, 
Volgin launched an American nuclear missile at Sokolov's research lab. 
This caused a change in plans, and the U.S. government had to 
assassinate its own operative, The Boss, to prove its innocence. And 
you were the assassin, Snake.

(Snake is speechless)

Gene: Do you really think Volgin committed that terrible crime of his 
own will?

Snake: What?

Gene: It was all a setup from the very beginning. Volgin launching the 
nuke... The Boss' death... Even your mission in Groznyj Grad, Snake! It was 
all the work of your country and a single, deviously cunning 

Snake: You're saying it was all a setup? By who!?

Gene: The Boss gave up her life, even if someone else willed it. She 
sacrificed her own life for her calling. It was a noble act.

Snake: Answer me! Who set it up?!

Gene: You don't need to know the answer. Snake, the only thing you need 
is a calling. Your country can't save you. Neither can your old 
teacher, nor your so-called friends. Join me, Jack. I will give you 
your calling.

Snake: I'll find my own. You and your phony ideals can go to hell!

Gene: You are a soldier after all. It seems we'll never see eye to eye. 
Well, then... The time for talk is over, Snake!

(Snake points his weapon at Gene.)

Snake: Stop!

Gene: You're too late. All preparations for Metal Gear's launch are 

(Gene presses a button on the control panel. But as he does, the entire 
panel suddenly shakes and explodes.)

Gene: What the...! Who?! Ursula!

(Elisa/Ursula ascends from outside the room, suspended in midair. The 
observation panel is shattered via telekinesis and Elisa/Ursula enters)

Gene: Stay out of my way, Ursula.

Elisa/Ursula: Nuclear warheads must never be used. They are terrible 
weapons. Everything dies. People... Animals... Trees... The earth... Even today 
they suffer still. I know their pain. Their suffering. Their cries, 
their hatred.

Snake: Ursula? Or is it Elisa?

(Gene throws a knife at Elisa/Ursula, but the blade is psychically 
deflected inches from her face.)

Gene: You read my thoughts, Ursula. I let down my mental defenses 
thinking you were dead. But it's no use. You can read my mind, but you 
can't keep up with my body!

(Gene moves forward in an impossibly fast motion and plunges a knife 
into Elisa/Ursula's chest.)

Snake: Elisa!

(Gene releases Elisa/Ursula and falls backward to the floor with a 
sickening thud.)

Gene: I'll have to find another way.

Snake: Gene, stop!
(Gene leaves. Snake cradles Elisa/Ursula in his arms.)

Elisa/Ursula: Snake... They've already input the trajectory for Metal 
Gear. There's a backup launch control in a nearby room... Gene is going 
to use it... Stop him... 

Snake: I will. Don't try to talk.

Elisa/Ursula: Don't worry... I'm OK... Snake... Ohh...Snake...

(As Elisa/Ursula talks, scenes from the Metal Gear Solid series, 
including Metal Gear Solid 4, are shown. The scenes include Solid 
Snake, Metal Gear REX, Raiden in his MGS4 cyborg ninja attire, Solidus 
Snake, another Metal Gear, and Big Boss as an old man.)

Elisa/Ursula: The futures we saw were one and the same. Snake... You will 
destroy Metal Gear... And you will create a new Metal Gear in its place... 
Your children... Les Enfants Terribles... Snake... Your son will bring the 
world to ruin... Your son... will save... the world.

Snake: What are you trying to say, Elisa? Elisa!

(Elisa dies. Snake stands mournfully over her lifeless body.)

(End Cutscene)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Snake enters the backup launch control room. Gene is standing over a 
control panel)

Gene: This is the end, Snake. Metal Gear has already entered launch 
mode. Trajectory calculations and target locations have been set. No 
one can stop it now. Not even you, should you defeat me. But I know you 
won't let me go without a fight. And I, too, have a reason to fight 
you. To prove who I really am! Let's find out who the true Successor 
is, Snake! Let's finish this!

(Gene turns to Snake and readies to fight)

(End Cutscene)

(after defeating Gene)

(Graphic Novel Cutscene)

(Gene falls)

Gene: I don't believe it... A product of the Successor Project... beaten by 
a flesh-and-blood man like you. It seems that you are the true 
successor of The Boss. That story about "soldier genes"... Perhaps it was 
true after all. You are the true Successor...

Snake: I don't know what you're babbling about, Gene. How do I stop 
Metal Gear from launching?

Gene: Don't bother... Once the launch countdown has started, there's no 
way to stop it. Get out of here, Snake. 

(Gene tosses Snake a microfilm)

Gene: And take this with you.

Snake: What's this?

Gene: The equipment, personnel, and funds I amassed in secret to build 
Army's Heaven. All the data is stored on that film. No one else knows 
about it.

Snake: Why are you giving me this?

Gene: Because you and I are the same. Some day, you'll be glad you have 
it... The one who fights and survives must carry on the legacy. Such is 
our fate. Go, Snake. I've said everything I need to. You are the one 
who will inherit my genes. You are the true successor. Be loyal to 
yourself... Go forth. And find your own calling.

(Gene slumps over.)

Snake: Gene!

(The silo begins to open up as the rocket and Metal Gear are primed for 
launch. Snake's radio rings)

Snake: Sokolov, do you read me? The countdown for Metal Gear has 
started! The control panel is locked out and won't respond. How do I 
stop it?

Sokolov: I can see from here that the control circuit has been locked. 
But Metal Gear's solid rocket motor doesn't have a post-ignition fuel 
control mechanism. Once it goes into launch mode, there is no way to 
stop it!

Snake: I don't care if I have to destroy this whole base, as long as it 
stops the nuke!

 Sokolov: If you can dismantle the Metal Gear unit itself before 
ignition, you may have a chance...

Snake: The Metal Gear unit? You mean that thing that's attached to the 
missile warhead?

Sokolov: Metal Gear is no mere nuclear missile. It is jettisoned from 
the booster at 3000 feet above the target and parachutes down to the 
ground. After that, it launches its payload of miniature nuclear 
warheads. By destroying the Metal Gear unit before takeoff, you can 
prevent a nuclear strike even if you can't prevent the launch. However, 
the Metal Gear's designers anticipated this, gave it armor thicker than 
a tank's. And should the rocket itself be damaged, the entire silo 
could explode!

Snake: Looks like I'm about to be burnt to a crisp. But I can't sit 
here and let the world be destroyed!

Sokolov: Snake!

(Snake sees the Metal Gear unit atop the rocket. A timer reads two 
minutes to launch. Snake uses an RPG launcher and fires at the Metal 
Gear. It makes a direct impact, but the Metal Gear is apparently 

Snake: Damn! It's not working!

(Automatic weapons are fired at the Metal Gear, the bullets mostly 
bouncing off it. Snake looks up to see his fellow soldiers on a myriad 
of catwalks, firing madly at the rocket.)

Snake: What are you doing?! Those weapons won't do any good! Get out of 
here before you're caught up in the blast and killed!

Soldier A: You risked your life to save our Motherland! 

Soldier B: Now it's our turn to defend your country!

Soldier C: You've given us a real reason to fight, Big Boss!

(Soldier gives Snake a thumbs up)

Snake: All right...

(The soldiers continue to fire as the rocket launches. Snake fires 
another rocket-propelled grenade directly at the Metal Gear as the 
rocket begins to take off, the blast of takeoff blowing him completely 
off his feet.)

Sokolov: Snake! Snake, do you read me? Metal Gear... Metal Gear its on 
its way!

(The rocket enters the second stage as it leaves the atmosphere. 
However, Metal Gear loses its structural integrity soon afterward and 
begins to fall apart, heralding a flurry of explosions)

Sokolov: You did it, Snake. You succeeded in destroying Metal Gear! 
Metal Gear has deviated from its course and is in free fall. Sensors 
show that the nuclear warhead launch tubes have been shut. Well done, 
Snake! (pause) Snake...?

(The scene shifts to a sterile looking building where three men are 
walking through a hallway. In a dark corner is a man in a suit twirling 
a revolver. This is Ocelot.)

Ocelot: Impressive. I never imagined they'd have a facility like this 
right underneath the CIA. Back when FOX was around, I wouldn't have 
been able to sneak down here. I've been sent to meet you, Mr. Director.

DCI: And who are you?

Ocelot: My name is ADAM. Remember me now? At last, we meet in person. 

DCI: ADAM... The triple spy for the Philosophers. So you're Ocelot... You 
say you're here to meet me?

Ocelot: That's right. We confirmed that Metal Gear entered launch mode. 
The first wave of nukes should arrive here within thirty minutes.

DCI: I'm aware of that. I'm heading for the shelter as soon as I can. 
But I can't leave these documents here.

Ocelot: Documents? Related to the Philosophers?

DCI: Yes. A list of members, along with data, locations of portions of 
the Legacy stashed around the world. So long as we have these - even if 
the United States does perish in an atomic storm - the Philosophers 
will be born again.

Ocelot: Splendid. That's exactly what I wanted to hear.

(Ocelot shoots the men accompanying the DCI.)

DCI: What the hell are you doing?! You're not planning to betray the 
Philosophers, are you?

Ocelot: Betray? No, I'm not going to betray them. I'm going to end 
them! Then we'll take back what you stole from us. We will carry on the 
spirit of the true patriot. 

DCI: The true patriot?

Ocelot: It's all part of our plan to make the world she envisioned a 
reality. And so I've come for the other half... of the Legacy!

(Ocelot shoots the DCI. The next scene depicts a plane landing in the 
United States. The plane opens to reveal Snake, who walks along the 
tarmac in this next sequence)

Campbell: Snake. I heard they gave you quite a welcome back home.

Snake: Campbell... you healing up all right?

Campbell: Yup. Nearly good as new. Can't wait to get out of here, 
though - that nurse is an unholy terror. It's all your fault for 
pushing a wounded man too hard.

Snake: What about Frank, the child soldier from Mozambique?

Campbell: He's alive, though he's a mess both mentally and physically. 
I guess he'll be in the hospital for a while. After that, I don't know. 
He may never be able to go back to leading a normal life. So I hear 
they did a cover-up job on FOX's rebellion?

Snake: ...Yeah. They're saying I was sent out to take down a Soviet 
Missile base... That's it.

Campbell: Can't say I blame them. After all, how do you share the news 
that the U.S. homeland was facing nuclear attack? Don't beat yourself 
up over this, Snake. You did your country a great service. You deserve 
that medal. No one knows that better than you and I.

Snake: Yeah...

(Soldier prisoners from the San Hieronymo Peninsula are shuffled out of 
a plane onto the tarmac. The soldiers see Snake and salute. Snake 
salutes in turn.)

Campbell: So what will you do now, Snake?

Snake: I don't know. But I realized something.

Campbell: What's that?

Snake: I'm not living unless I'm in battle. So I have to find my own 
reason to fight. I have to pass on what's been handed down to me...

Campbell: Take care, Snake. We'll meet again someday.

(Snake receives official-looking papers with an insignia on them. The 
scene then shifts to Snake at his apartment on the phone with Campbell. 
The papers rest on the nightstand beside the phone.)

(End Cutscene)

"Calling to the Night" plays as the credits roll, followed by the Metal 
Gear Solid: Portable Ops theme.

(a phone ring is heard, followed by footsteps and an answer)

Ocelot: Well, I'll be damned. So it was you who was feeding me 
information. (pause) Yes, the DCI's death should pass as suicide. 
They'll claim he did it because he felt responsible for the theft of 
Metal Gear. We can look forward to a major shake-up on the seventh 
floor at Langley shortly. It looks as if everything is going exactly 
the way you wanted it. (pause) When the DCI saw the trajectory data you 
supplied and found out that he was the target of the nuclear strike, he 
brought the Philosophers' documents right to me. (pause) Yes, we should 
have known Gene was serious about launching those nukes... Seems our 
insurance policy came in handy after all. He did quite well... And now 
I've got the Legacy. Is that all part of your script, too? Using him 
and the FOX Unit like that... Only you could have pulled it off. But... You 
won't be using me anymore... (pause) ...Battle data... ...from the Perfect 
Soldier? (pause) Genes... genome... (pause) ...I see... Intriguing... I'll help 
you with the project. But on one condition... I want him to join us. 
(pause) Yes, Big Boss... So that we can become the Patriots.



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