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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadys_Back

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/20/06

   ====== WALKTHROUGH ======

Written by: Shadys-Back
Copyright 2006
Version:  1.01
Started: 12/12/06
Last updated: 12/20/06


-  Chapter 1 [0.1]

[0.1.1] Prison
[0.1.2] Comm Base
[0.1.3] Soviet Patrol Base
[0.1.4] Soviet Patrol Base 2
[0.1.5] Comm base 2
[0.1.6] Hospital
[0.1.7] Research Lab
[0.1.8] Supply Depot
[0.1.9] Rail Bridge
[0.1.10] Spies,  trucks and TNT's.
[0.1.11] Rail Bridge 2
[0.1.12] Harbour
[0.1.13] Security Base
[0.1.14] Warhead storage
[0.1.15] Python
[0.1.16] Airport
[0.1.17] Silo Entrance
[0.1.18] Null
[0.1.19] Silo Entrance 2
[0.1.20] Town
[0.1.22] Guest House
[0.1.23] Plant
[0.1.24] Metal Gear RAXA
[0.1.25] Ravine
[0.1.26] Power Substation
[0.1.27] Power Substation 2
[0.1.28] Null 2
[0.1.29] Silo Entrance - TIME ATTACK! (3)
[0.1.30] Silo Complex
[0.1.31] Cunningham
[0.1.32] Gene

- Chapter 2 [0.2]

[0.2.1] Weapons
[0.2.2] Gernades and Traps
[0.2.3] Items

-Chapter 3 [0.3]

[0.3.1] Copyright



This guide will help you complete the main missions in the game,  and give some
detail about weapons and items you will encounter in the game.
Most of this guide will think that you are using a unique character like snake
or are using a character that cannot run through guards without being noticed.
These are my opinions on getting through the game through the safest matter,
not the fastest,  not the hardest and saves you the most health.

          /              CHAPTER  ONE            \
          I              WALKTHROUGH             /
          \                                     /

Prison [0.1.1]

Once the cutscene with Cunningham is over,  try to unlock the door twice.
Roy (the prisoner on the other side)  will tell you that theres no point in
trying to open the locked door.  The vent under the bed is opened.
Go through and take a right,  then another right to enter a door,  pick up the
Mk22 and you will have a new sneaking suit.
Right after the cutscene Roy will tell you equip and use your weapon.
Run to the left and start stalking after you past the door.
Choke or shoot the guard in the head to the left or you'll activate the alarm.
Enter the door to the north and crawl under the electric gate.
Watch out for the guard in front of you,
then head out the gate and turn to the right.
Theres another guard near the ramp,  try to stay behined him and choke him out.
Head up the ramp but don't run when your near to the window.
Shoot him in the head and run to the X spot to end the mission.

Comm Base [0.1.2]

As soon as you start the mission start heading to the wall and go up against it,
slide along the wall and you will see a guard,  shoot him right in the head.
Then head to the door on the left,
then do through the other door on the right,  theres a X there.

Soviet Patrol Base [0.1.3]

You will see the map for your first time,
choose the big red dot to begin the next mission.

Walk to the west and you will hear guards talking.
Climb on the crates behined the guards so you can take them out,
WARNING:  you must shoot them in the order of the right guard then left guard
or else one of the guards will see you shooting his buddy.  Head to the other
side of the big building,  but watch out for the guard that is near the
entrance, his patrol pattern will likely see you if you are reckless.  Once
he's down,  go through the opening to the south and stalk the Officer,
choke him out and take the document.

Soviet Patrol Base 2 [0.1.4]

Stalk to the west until you get to a crate were you see a guard that is heading
up to you,  when he goes back west,  grab him and choke him out,  then take him
back to the truck.  This basicly isn't a mission,
more like a tutorial,  teaching you how to recruit soldiers.  You should at
least recruit 2 or 1 soldier each mission.

Comm base 2 [0.1.5]

Turn to the left and you will see a bridge,  go to the wall that faces its side.
Theres a guard that goes in a up,  down,  patrol pattern,  he will see you if
you just run up to the door,  shoot em' in the head when he's
looking away.  Then head through the door,  then head through the door to the
left,  then head through the other door to the left again
and go into the X.

Hospital [0.1.6]

Keep heading up west and you will soon see a little hole in which you
can crawl under.  Head to the north until you see a big  building,  theres a
door on the right side of the front wall.
You will see stairs as soon as you head inside,
climb up all the way and head down the wall, take a right and go to the end of
the hall.
Go through the right door and you will see an X.

Research Lab [0.1.7]

Keep heading through that annoying runway of crates and you will soon see
a guard that changes his position from left, right, up, down.  Keep climbing
the crates behined the guard you just knocked out and keep heading
up until the doctor is too close to you,  hide behined the crates if you suck
at aiming then choke him out.  Go into the door that is near
the stunned/asleep doctor.  The builing is a little confusing,  heres a grid of

 -D------        D1 = The door you entered from
l------  l       D= Door
      l   --     -/l = Wall
 Head l     l
 Here l     l
 1st  l     l
      l   --
-D----l  l
l        l
 -----   l            ------
l     l  l           l      l
l     -  ------------       l
l     ------    --D--------Dl
------l     l  l      lNull l
      l     l  l      lTank l
      l     l  l      l     l
       ------  l------------

Once you head into the room thats labeled "head here 1st",  once your inside,
Roy will instruct you too head up the ramp and  go to the Helipad.  Do through
the D1 door and go up the ramp,
then run to the X spot.  Once the cutscene is over,
Roy will tell you to check the "culture tank" that Gene and others were talking
Roll down to the door and use the Grid above too get
inside the room that holds the "Perfect soldier".  The X will be infront of the

Supply Depot [0.1.8]

First of all,  this mission won't be activated if you don't put spies in the
Supply Depot.  So if you haven't already,  get some recruits and place them in
this spy unit.

Run up to the crates and hide behined the wall thats surronds the
outside of the 2nd warehouse.  If your on easy,  there will be a guard that has
a bad patrol pattern,  if your on normal you won't even have a guard
in that warehouse (except on the 2nd level).  The key to this level is to
finish it quick because there are quite a few guards up in high rooms
and are looking straight at you when you just run through the field.  But...
theres no way to get to the map that leads to the rail bridge that
will take you to the harbour.  There is one guard in front of the "warehouse
garage door".  He will patrol from the garage door back inside the
big warehouse.  Take him out when he's looking back,  but you will need to run
to him.  The guard from the 2nd level might see you,
but he will only be confused and will check to see if anything is suspecious.
Run to the end of the big warehouse and look to the right,
the document is there.

Rail Bridge [0.1.9]

Theres not really any explanation here,  run to the X and the guard will
say "what was that?!",  if your fast enough,  he won't be able to notice you,
just quickly run to the X.

Spies,  Trucks and TNT's. [0.1.10]

You will need to put spies in specific places so you can activate more missions,
recruit enough soldiers (12 or more),  then put them in these 4 places. You
will need to plant a TNT at the specific location specified.
(Detonate it when you are far from the TNT itself,  unless you are behined a
wall that covers the TNT).  You only need to take down the targets
at 3 locations but if you take down all 4 you can get rid of almost all
soldiers at the Rail bridge.
(2 soldiers will be left if you take down all 4)
You don't need to complete these in this order.

Reasearch Lab - Plant a TNT in the culture tank that houses the child soldier
( check the "Head here 1st" at 0.1.7 ). There will be 2 guards if you take the
D1 door path from the ramp.

Soviet Patrol Base - Plant a TNT inside the armory to the south east,
the best route you can take is from the south to east path,  (the one were you
first head to the watch tower then sneak from the crates to the
guard that is right in front of the door.  Watch out because there is a guard
that looks straight to the north.

Supply Depot - You will need pretty good aiming skills and a great accuracy
rifle if you want to plant the TNT at the truck on the south west part of the
map,  there will be 2 guards on the way if you take the soil path,
taking the path from the ramp to the east warehouse,  there are tons of guards
watching you from there.  When taking the soil path there will
be a guard looking out a window in the south guard house.  Don't run to the
truck near the railing,  infact take the path thats farthest away
from the guardhouse and you will be fine.  If you run to the truck as soon as
you start the mission,  the guard that is facing the truck will
see you,  but will not notice you enough to sound the alarm.

Town - Now I recommend you don't do this mission if you don't have a
cardboard box,  if you want all the guards on the rail bridge to be up in ****,
Complete this semi-annoying mission.  First of all keep going straight
to the building and check if the guard that patrols from the end of ramp to the
2nd door is looking at you,  Shoot him in the head with
your Mk22,  plant the TNT at the first bus,  RUN to the truck at the west side
of the town.  Now go up the ramp and go across the bridge,
you should see your next truck target straight in front of you unless your
vision is 20/50. Blow it too the sky even if the guard see's you,
he won't be able too see you enough to activate the alarm.  Once you've planted
that TNT near the 3rd truck,  drop down to the lowest
level of the town and activate the TNT.

Rail bridge 2 [0.1.11]

If you have taken out all the TNT target locations,  you might as well just
run through this whole mission to the X.  Unless you want to recruit some new
guards.  If not,  the only guard you should take out is the
one that patrols the actual bridge,  you can hide behined the truck and sneak
up behined the guard when he's walking towards the X spot.
Choke him out or Mk22 his head.  Then crawl under the window when your
approaching it,  the guard inside might notice you still,  but it's your
only option.  If you shoot the glass the alarm goes too full if you haven't
noticed yet. Once your past him,  run right to the X spot.

Harbor [0.1.12]

Your best option here is too run to the big opening into the ground and crawl
under the shaft,  DO NOT peak your head right into the higher ground,  there
will be a guard facing you if you peak right out,  try going to
the crates behined you and take the guard from his side,  he won't see you.
But drag him behined the building so that the guard that
patrols on the bridge does not see him.  You will be able to easiley run to the
boat door without anyone noticing you.  Roll jump down the railing
and you will activate a cutscene.  Keep climbing the crates until you see a
crate that looks out of place.
Run up to it and the mission will be over.

Security Base [0.1.13]

You need to put spies at the security base if you want to activate this mission.
Wait half a day (activate the wait command once) and if you put 3 spies the
report will come up.

Head down the metal path from the south and roll jump to the left,
the guard will walk toward the hall so quickly hide behined the right opening,
when he passes you,  choke him out and possibly recruit him,
this is by far the best map for mass recruiting.  Once he's out of the way,
stalk to the end of the hall and check if the guard on your left is
looking towards the south,  Take him out with a Mk22 in the head and check the
way the guard inside the building to the east is looking,  stalk
behined him and choke him out.  See?,  this mission is easy for recruiting

I got 12 guards in one go one time when I got them to activate the alarm.
Anyway,  head up the stairs on the north side of the building and go up them.
Peak through the door and be careful when
doing it,  the guard in that room will see you in one of his patrol positions.
Stalk behined him when hes heading toward the window,
choke his throat and head into the first room in the hallway of the room your
inside now.  The guard in there is basicly always looking at the door,
sneaking inside without looking will be quite challanging.  Knock the exterior
wall of the room hes in and hide behined the wall near the window.
Stalk behined him when he is looking away and go inside the room the guard came
from.  The documents are in there.

Warhead storage [0.1.14]



Your first boss fight is here.  Have a shotgun for the boss fight,
Mk22 and a assualt rifle.  Maybe extra shotgun ammo.  Theres a M37 shotgun in
the guard house at the rail bridge for fighting python.
Run through the door and head down the hall too the door,  a cutscene will
activate.  The security bars are basicly just for decoration,
I don't suggest going that way at all.  Head up the ladder and RUN RUN RUN to
the vent at the end!!!!  The guards on the other end will probabley see you and
will will say "Huh?!",  they will binocular you and will see you even if your
crouching and in a dark spot.

Keep crawling until you are able to turn left,
keep heading through until you get to the very end.  DO NOT get out of the
shaft yet.  Wait until the guard that patrols
that hall then when shes looking the other way,  choke her/him out.  Go through
the door,  check the wall to the left first,  go through the door
and take a right.  Your character will be confused that there are no still sign
of the nukes.  Watch out for the officer patroling the railing.
Then head to the door on the other side of the railings.  Keep going down to
the lowest level and plant the TNT on the X.

BOSS BATTLE:  Python [0.1.15]
**/***** difficulty

Weapons and Items you should bring for stamina kill
(stamina kill him to get a diffrent cutscene and you will unlock him)
- Mk22,  Mk22 ammo,  Health packages,  and Body armor if you have any.

Weapons and Items you should bring for HP kill - Any Shotgun,
ak-47 or machine gun,  health packages,  and AK-47/machine gun ammo.

Attacks:  Assualt rifle,  Liquid Nitrogen body spray,  Liquid Nitrogen gernade,
Gun attack.

Weak spots:
1# As soon as he puts his rifle to his eye to aim,  shoot him.
2# When he makes his "arragghhh!!",  noise and he will throw his gernade.
Shoot him after he finishes his "battle cry".
3# When he's running away,  don't shoot him the 2 seconds after he runs,
shoot him after it seems hes about to stop.

His liquid nitrogen attacks will freeze the weapon your using and maybe
other weapons attached to you.  And deals dammage to your stamina.  This boss
battle isn't way to hard,  even if your a MGS noob,
you could beat him with the right strategy.

Airport [0.1.16]

There is a Blue beret guard a few feet away from you as the mission starts,
he's easy to sneak up too. If you go to the last door on the east,
you can skip the guard that patrols the first pillars,  he's pretty easy
to sneak up to,  also.  Stalk up to the guard on the north side of the first
building floor.
He will have a good view of you if ya just run up the stairs.  Once he's down
take the stairs and go through the most right door.  There is a guard
patroling the hallway,  choke his ***.  Then head down the hall,  all away to
the door to the west.  Take a left,  then go through the right door
and head up the stairs.  DO NOT run all the way,  crawl up and wait until the
blue beret guard turns the other way.  Shoot him in the head with
a mk22 and stalk behined the goverment official.  Interrogate him and mission

Silo Entrance [0.1.17]

Keep heading up those railings and hide behined the crate.
When the blue beret guard looks to the west,  choke and possibley recruit him.
You can take a mini-shortcut by roll jumping over the 1st set of railings
after the guard.  Don't worry,  no one will see you jump.  Stalk up too the
ramp and roll jump to the north side,  if a guard sees you,  it will take
a long time for him to actually get to you.  Now run to the X spot to the north
east.  It will activate Nulls 1st Boss battle.

BOSS BATTLE:  Null - The Perfect Soldier [0.1.18]
***/***** difficulty

Weapons and Items you should bring for stamina kill - Mk22,  Mk22 ammo,
HP packs,  Body armor if you have any/ or a shield.

Weapons and Items you should bring for HP kill - a shotgun,  a submachine gun,
shield,  and HP packs.

Attacks:  Submachine gun,  Machete,  Bullet block,  Teleport,
Jump machete attack.

Weak spots:
1# Null will reload after he uses 3 sets of bullet attacks.
2# He has the same problem as python,  When he's running away,
don't shoot him the 2 seconds after he runs,  shoot him after it seems hes
about to stop.
3# Right before he swings his machete at you.
4# When you hear his gun reload sound,  he doesen't actually reload his gun
if you shoot him when hes about too,  he will try to reload again,  thus you
will be able to get a double hit on him.

One word,  protection.  Protection is your best friend in this boss fight,
he will waste his bullets if your behined a wall/crate,  when he's open for a
shot.  You better ******* take it.  He has defence and attack,
He may be frustrating even if you have the right strategy.

Silo Entrance [0.1.20]

Run up the ramp and hide behined the crate,  watch out though,
the guard is now looking to the east.
When he walks to the north,  choke him out.  Use the roll jump shortcut
technique to jump over the railing and go up the ramp but only half way so you
can roll jump over the wall.  Watch out for the guard up on the
watchtower,  he will see you but will be confused.  Now slowly walk down the
ramp on the south west,  theres a guard down there.  Shoot him in the
head with a MK22 if you have one,  choke him out if not.  Now walk up to the
east opening (its full of orange light).  Then hide behined the crate
with the white cover over it.  The guard that holds the info on were snake is
-- the guest house,he is there patroling,  His patrol pattern
is ****,  hold him by the neck and interrogate him.

Town [0.1.21]
Put spies on town so you can activate this mission.

This mission is a fun one,  The goverment official and a guard that escorts
him are walking from the east to the gate were you started from,  You will need
to snipe the guard behined the official before you can
interrogate him.  Quickly run up the ramp to the right and go across the bridge
until you get to the 2nd crate,  put yourself against it so neither
of the escort/escortees,  will see you.  The blue beret guard moves pretty fast
so shoot him in the head as soon as he passes you.  When he's
down,  quickly grab the official and interrogate him. You might wanna MK22 him
instead and drag him too the truck,  he might hear your footsteps,
even if your stalking.

Guest House [0.1.22]

This is it.  You get snake back after this mission is over.
Don't even bother taking the cement path infront of you,
instead keep heading west,  and head to the guest house "alley".
Go through the door and hide behined the pillars until the guard that
patrols them is too the far south of the building,  when he is,
shoot him in the head with a Mk22 and wait until a guard comes to the stairs,
If your good shoot him also in the head with a Mk22 and head into the double
door,  if not just sneak by him and go into the door anyway.
You have to go through the right door by the way,  the left doesen't open for
some reason.

Once your into the new room,  if you look to the right theres a bunch
of stairs there and a guard is on the lower level,  after your down the 1st set
of stairs,  start crawling and wait until the guard is in a position
were you can Mk22 him in the head.  Now that he's down,  go through the metal
door to the east,  a guard is patroling the alley,  and theres also a guard
thats looking down on you to the south east,  Mk22 when he's looking to the
Then head through the door that has a light bulb on top of it.
There is a vent there,  go under it and keep going straight until you hit a
left/right situation.
Go right and keep going then take another right.  Finnally your out and go
down the ramp,  If you look to the right after your all away down the ramp,
snakes cell and the X is there.  Go to it obviously and mission complete,  I
hated this mission.

Plant [0.1.23]

Make sure you use a crappy little soldier that has a good pistol skill for this
mission,  he will be your sneaker.

Here is what your team should have in thier equipment.

1# - Mk22 - Scorpion (use if you stunned a guard and need to kill him) -
Cardboard box if possible - Stun gernade
2# - RPG-7 - AK-47 - AK-47 Ammo - MORE AK-47 ammo - (if you have a better
assualt rifle use it instead,  same with the ammo)
4# - This should be snake - Body armor if possible - HP packs - Assualt rifle
of any type - Assualt rifle ammo

Wait behined the wall thats infront of you (the one with the railing along
its side) until the guard that patrols that part of the ground is looking west
and the guard that patrols the ramp/railing is going back up.
Shoot the floor guard then take out the railing guard,  you could do it the
other way if you want.  Although taking out the rail guard will be
harder but more safe if you manage to shoot him in the head.  If you took out
the rail guard first,  quickly shoot the floor guard then drag
is body behined the building or even recruit him.

Once they're both down,  quickly run up the ramp and go through the door,
the guard on the mini rail bridge will see you so quickly get under the desk
and when the guard runs to check whats up,  shoot him in the head
with an mk22 when he's in the wrong position.  Now quickly go to the door that
leads you to the mini rail bridge and roll jump to the bottem and
RUN RUN RUN to the south side and you will see the X spot,  luckily no one is
patroling that part of the map.

Metal gear RAXA/Ursula [0.1.24]
**/***** difficulty

Attacks: Missle attack,  Machine gun.

Weak spots:

1# His legs in the first part of battle -- you need to take them all
out before the 2nd part of the boss battle begins
2# When he opens his missle compartmant,  shoot his missle launchers.

All you need to know in this battle is how to dodge RAXA's missles,
When RAXA does launch it's missles, keep running to the left or right.
DO NOT STOP RUNNING.  You can actually see the missles with it's shadow.
In order to dodge RAXA's missle attack,  just roll jump over it.

Ravine [0.1.25]
You need to put 4 spies at the Ravine before you can activate this mission.

Also you should eqiup a scorpion so you can eliminate the guard that patrols
the guard house,  then drag his body somewhere.  An officer soldier will patrol
the back of the cliff to the barrel,  shoot him in the
head with the scorpion (unless you wanna recruit him use a mk22) then drop down
to the south side of that cliff,  watch your step.
Then keep climb down those ramps until you can see the guard that patrols the
wooden bridge,  he's a little hard to Mk22 from that far.
So try using the scorpion unless your a sniping god.  When he's outta the way,
go across the bridge,  then go around that rock.  If you notice ,
your radar will be red,  there is a guard down there so snipe him with a scorp
or mk22.  Keep heading along that path and you will soon see a big rock,
turn around and theres another path and a bridge,  also theres an X spot,  you
know what to do.

Power SUBSTATION [0.1.26]

Head up the ramp and hide behined the first set of crates,  keep slinking
left on the wall until you see a women soldier,  take her out with a Mk22 and
take the medical kits from the back alley behined her.
Now head back to the ramp but don't actually head down the ramp,  instead drop
down to the level below (you won't lose HP).

Once your down you should see a guard patroling or two,  and some crates.
Head to the east wall then keep going along that wall to the north and you
should avoid those pesky guards.  You will eventually get to an
opening along the walls.  And you should see a ramp in that area.  Go up the
ramp and keep heading west until you get to a alleyway and 3 crates.
First check if a guard is patroling in your direction,  if not hide behined the
crates in the alleyway and take him out when he passes you.
Now head through that door in the alleyway.  Note that there are some more
medical packets behined the crates you just passed by,
obtain them because your going to have another boss battle soon.  Now that your
actually inside a building take these directions to get to the X spot.

Once you head through the entrance take a left,  right,  left,  right,
left,  left and take the last left into the final room of the level.  Go into
the X.

Power substation 2[0.1.27]

Here we are once again at the same ****ing level.
There isn't anything diffrent about this level except you have a boss
to fight and there are a few extra guards inside the actual power building,
The only thing to tell you is... oh wait there isnt anything to tell
you because the boss battle IS NULL,  AGAIN!

Null - The Perfect Soldier 2 [0.1.28]
***/***** difficulty

Weapons and Items you should bring for stamina kill - Mk22,  Mk22 ammo,
HP packs,  Body armor if you have any/ or a shield.

Weapons and Items you should bring for HP kill - a shotgun,
a submachine gun,  shield,  and HP packs.

Attacks:  Submachine gun,  Machete,  Bullet block,  Teleport,
Jump machete attack.

Weak spots:
1# Null will reload after he uses 3 sets of bullet attacks.
2# He has the same problem as python,  When he's running away,
don't shoot him the 2 seconds after he runs,  shoot him after it seems he's
about to stop.
3# Right before he swings his machete at you.
4# When you hear his gun reload sound,  he doesen't actually reload his
gun if you shoot him when hes about too,  he will try to reload again,  thus
you will be able to get a double hit on him.

This is the exact same boss battle,  no diffrence from your encounter with
him at the silo entrance,  except that you have more room for him to shoot you.
Just keep hiding behined crates until he reloads,  shoot him.
I was kinda dissapointed with facing him again,  but you will get over it at
the next boss battle.

Silo Entrance 3! [0.1.29]

Man do I love this level.  You won't really be pressured unless you take
the long route and don't use the roll jump shortcuts.  Head up the ramp as soon
as you start and wait until the guard behined the first crates
you see is in a position were you can Mk22 him in the head.  Roll jump across
the railings on the next ramp and head up the ramp that doesn't
have a railing on it,  obviously Mk22 the blue beret soldier in the head before
you roll jump to the other side.  Head to the north the look
to the left and you should see the entrance to the Silo launch center. Theres a
****ing crazy officer with a rocket launcher patroling the crate
infront of the Silo launch center,  Take him out with a Mk22 in the head and
head down the ramp and go through the X.

Silo Complex [0.1.30]

Before you head up the ramp,  dial these 3 radio frequencys so you can
open these 3 doors.

- 145.75
- 147.42
- 148.51

Now it's time to head up and go behined those crates,
face infront of the pillar and put yourself against
the wall to the right of the pillar, you must go this way or the camera will
see you and will shoot at you.
Watch out for the two guards that patrol there,  When the guard with the
shotgun is Mk22'd in the head drag him to your truck or just drag him away from
that area.  The sheilded guard will spot him.
If the sheilded guard wonders something,
Mk22 him in the head when his head is open.

If he was too stupid to notice anything,  tap the crate behined him
and hide,  then Mk22 him.
Now go through the door near where the sheilded guard was patroling
and you should see a warehouse full of crates.  Roll jump across to the other
side on the south and look to the left,  roll jump to those set of
crates and you should see a Key.

Roll jump to door across the platforms then run to the first door you saw,
It has a green stripe across it.  When you enter this room there are a whole
bunch of openings on the right and left of the walls,
There is a guard hiding in a opening (after 2 openings),  when his face looks
the other way you must quickly Mk22 him in the head or he will
start a riot.

Now head through the door to the left,  and head into that
door with the green stripe.  You should be in a door with to lockers,
go through another ****in' door and head up that ramp.
Go through ANOTHER DOOR to the right.  Now there are 2 guards in this room.
Take out the first blue beret guard when he's behined the crate with a Mk22.
If not the shielded guard will spot the sleeping guy.  Drag the sleeping
guard outta the way if he's still spotable.  Once he's down shoot the
shielded guard when he's in looking the other way.

Now head through the door to the south,  go across the metal walkway
and you will go into a room with a few cameras.  The only way to take them out
is to climb the crates and crawl under the opening.  Shoot them with
any weapon,  and don't worry if they might spot you.  They won't.  So now that
they're outta the way,  Go into the specific area were the cameras are.
If you look behined the walls to the west of the area,  you will see a guard in
What I did was throw him to the ground and point a gun to his head.

Go into the door that has a green stripe,  and head up that ramp.
You will see another walk way.  Go across it and the room you head into has a
key inside,  But the problem is...  Theres a camera infront of it,
It will look away for a second so you have to act quick and take it out.  Take
the key under the dead camera and go outside the door,
now press triangle and drop down to the Runway under you.  You will have 2
doors to pick from.  I suggest you take the medical packets in the other room
go to the other door.  After you pick up the medical kits and head through the
other door,  head down the ramp and go into the X! Finnally.....

Cunningham [0.1.31]
***/***** Difficulty

Weapons you should bring for stamina kill - Mk22,  MG3,  HP packs,  Mk22 ammo

Weapons you should bring for HP kill - MG3,  Submachine gun,  HP packs,
body armor

Attacks: Missle lauch (2),  Machine gun,  Laser,  Gernades,  Mines,
Missle launch (7 or 8) He will do this after he says "Enough toying around!,
now we fight for real!".

Weak Spots:

1# Keep shooting his flying hovercraft until he gets pissed and it brakes down.
Shoot him with the target lock again when he's down.

2# You can still shoot him when he's hovering above you,
it just will be alot harder.

Again this will require you to really know how to dodge missles,
and roll jump over bullets/lasers,  he almost has the same attacks as RAXA
except he gets a little annoying when he throws gernades.
What you basicly need to know is how many bullets you have left over if you
do not have MG3 with you.  You can obtain one at the harbour,
and I highley recomend it.
Another thing I should note is that if your using a MG3 to shoot down his
platform,  don't be crazy and keep holding down square,
after 10 bullets stop for a split second,  and repeat.  It will help the target
lock accuracy.

Gene - Final Boss [0.1.32]

Weapons you should bring for stamina kill - Mk22,  Mk22 ammo,  BIG HP PACKS,
body armor.

Weapons you should bring for HP kill - M870,  Uzi,  BIG HP PACKS,  Body armor.

Attacks: Triple knife throw,  constant knife throw,  Voice attack,
bullet dodge,  yellow charge,  knife chop.

Weak spots:

1# During his voice attacks,  you can use a Uzi and it will eventually
end his attacks,  if you wanna use a diffrent weapon you must shoot them when
he either ends a sentance or shoot him when he's about to say a word.
This will be alot harder though and you will lose alot more stamina.

2# When he's about to charge at you,  dodge him by roll jumping right
before he attacks or hide behined something.  Shoot him with a shotgun when he
takes a breather.

3# During his constant knife attack, he throws his last knife,
shoot him right after that.  AND I MEAN RIGHT AFTER IT.  NOT A SECOND.  NOT

The best way to deplete Genes HP is to make him use his charge attack
and hide behined something.  Then shoot him with whatever you wanna use (if you
wanna HP drain,  shoot with a shotgun,  If stamina kill use a Mk22).
Gene isn't that hard at all.  The only thing you need to master is how to
dodge knifes,  it does take some skill dodging them but you can still cope if
you just bring HP packs along.


          /              CHAPTER  TWO            \
          I                EQUIPMENT             /
          \                                     /

Weapons [0.2.1]
I have written how the game describes the weapons and have rated with my
own opinion the specific weapon.

Knife - A knife with a hollow grip designed to fit inside survial kits. Can
also be used in battle. [CQC]

3/5 - Not useful at all in online but if you have an extra space when
playing single player,  I suggest bringing this or the SP knife.

SP Knife - A specialized combat knife developed or use by Spetsnaz, the special
forces unti under the authority of the Soviet military's Chief Administration
for intelligence (GRU). A powerful spring installed within the grip allows the
blade to be ejected.
3/5 - Same as said above

MK22 - An automatic pistol developed for special ops use in response to demand
from U.S. Navy SEALs. Can be equipped with a sound suppressor. Features a
slide lock lever designed primarily for single-shot firing, increasing the
sound-reducing capability of sppressors. Uses 9mm tranquilizer ammo. [CQC]

5/5 - Could be the most useful weapon in single player.
Watchout in online though,  I can't believe how many times i've used this in
online,  stunned a guy and someone steals my kill XD.

M1911A1 - This masterpiec of an automatic pistol has been a faithful partner
to U.S. soldiers since the first model was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1911.
Capacity is limited to seven rounds, but the .45ACP bullets boast excellent
stopping power, and the gun's simple design makes it highly reliable. With
its high potential firing accuracy, the M1911A1 is also widely used as a base
for custom models in shooting competitions. *CQC*

1/5 - Could possibley be the most useless weapon on online OR single player,
I highly suggest you don't use this at all.

SAA - Also known as the "Peacemaker" and the "Frontier,"
this single action revolver is a symbol of the days of the Wild West. The
masterpiece SAA was adopted as teh official sidearm of the U.S. Army in 1875.
This pistol's solid frame construction results in lengthy reload times, but
also ensures extremely high durability. This and the gun's simple mechanics
make the SAA a highly reliable weapon. Uses .45LC ammo.

2/5 - I only use this with Ocelot to look cool in online,
basicly useless except it has a slower reload time but you can shoot like a
madman with this.

Scorpion - A small submachine gun designed and produced in Czechoslovakia.
It is extremely compact, easy to handle, uses light .32ACP ammo, resulting in
an excellent sense of control in full-auto mode, despite its small size.
Designed to be used by special forces and police in Warsaw Pact countries, this
SMG has also been adopted by many international terrorists, giving it a high
profile among Western countries as well.

4/5 - Great for headshots on online and single player,
basicly a sniper except you use automatic fire.

Uzi - An Israeli-made submachine gun, the Uzi is designed to facilitate mass
production--appropriate for a country like Israel, which faces difficulty in
importing weapons. The Uzi is also extremely reliable, crafted such that it
rarely malfunctions in dusty environments. Although it fires from an open bolt,
the Uzi boasts respectable accuracy, enabling head shots at close range. Uses
9x19mm ammo.

3/5 - Great for close combat in online and single player,
horrible for everything else.

M16A1 - The assault rifle of choice for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The
caliber size was reduced from the M14 rifle, and enabled soldiers to carry more
ammunition. The M16A1's design extensively incorporates aluminum alloys and
plastics, making the gun itself relatively light. Using 5.56x45mm ammo and
bearing a 20-round clip, this gun currently sees intense action in Vietnam,
serving as the counterpoint to the AK-47

2/5 - If your a noob and have to choose this over a AK-47,
I reccomend the AK-47.  Although this has slightly better accuaracy,  It has
less bullets.

XM177E2 - The carbine model of the M16A1. Modifications include a shortened
barrel and the addition of a retractable stock, reducing length by about 25cm.
It also features a flash hider equipped to suppress the loud band and intense
muzzle flash produced as a result of the shorter barrel. Uses 5.56x45mm ammo.

4/5 - The best assualt rifle in the game,  Silenced,
awesome accuracy and is my choice of weapon for sniping
if I don't have a sniper with me.

AK-47 - It was adopted as the official rifle of the Soviet military in 1949. Its
austere andrugged construction allows it to endure even the roughest treatment
in battle. The AK-47 is a soldier's best friend, performing reliably everywhere
from the freezing Arctic to the scorching Sahara.

It is now one of the most
widely known military rifle in the world. Anywhere there is a conflict, the
AK-47 is present. Uses 7.62x39mm ammo.

3/5 - The only reason this gets a higher score from me then
the M16A1 is because it has more bullets.

M37 - This 12-gauge shotgun, known as the "Featherlight," is almost 1 kg lighter
than other guns in its class. It features a unique mechanism where the feed on
the lower part of the receiver also functions as the ejection port. The U.S.
military currently uses a large number of this weapon in the conflict in
Vietnam. Holds four shells.

3/5 - Knocks your enemy down better then the M870,
but it only carries 3 sets of bullets.

M870 - With a wide range of applications, this is one of the most famous pump-
action shotguns in America, and is extremely popular with both hunters and law
enforcerment. The Marine Corps ordered a large shipment of these in 1966, and
is currently putting them to good use. The M870 sports avariety of
configurations, with an adjustable barrel, extendable tube magazine, pistol
grip, and folding stock. Holds seven 12-gauge shotgun shells.

4/5 - I use this when I feel like acting noobish and start going on a rampage,
carries 6 bullets which makes it for a easy kill.

M63 - The M63 was conceptualized as a system weapon, a rifle that can be
configured into a number of varations--assault rifle, carbine, belt-fed light
machine gun--fromt eh same design by mixing and matching parts with a basic
core component. It enables multple types of equipment to be produced from
a single line, and the basic handling is the same for each variation. Uses
5.56x45mm ammo. hold 100 rounds.

4/5 In Single Player
2/5 In Online

Has no use in online due to its horrible accuracy,
but useful as hell in boss battles.

SVD - Adopted as the official sniper rifle of the Red Army in 1963, the SVD
differs from the Mosin Nagant in that it uses a gas-operated mechanism for
automatic fire. Its ammo capacity is twice that of the 10-round Mosin Nagant,
and its accuracy surpasses that of the NATO standard. This, coupled with its
repeat-fire capability, provides sustained suppressing power against the enemy.
Uses 7.62.mmx54R ammo.


Boy do I love the SVD,  automatic fire makes this the ****.

Mosin Nagent - A Soviet-made sniepr rifle based on the M1891/30, in turn
derived from the "3-line infantry rifle" that was first produced during the
Tsarist period. Developed by selecting the most precise units from the M1891/30
production line and making necessary modifications, the Mosin Nagant was
employed in large numbers on the Russian front in WWII, proving its worth in
battle. Uses 7.62mmx54R ammo specially modified into tranquilizer rounds
(7.62 tranq.)

3/5 - Alot stronger then the SVD but no auto fire,  If you tend to headshot,
then use the SVD.

Rpg-7 - First deployed in 1962, the RPG-7 is the cutting edge in anti-tank
weaponry. It is the successor to the RPG-2, which was itself inspired by the
Panzer-faust, a German anti-tank grenade launch tube used in WWII. The RPG-7
combines a reusable tube launcher with rocket-propelled grenades (85mm HE/HEAT)
to take out armored target and bunkers.

4/5 - This is useful at the Cunningham and RAXA battle,
and is fun for toying with opponents in online.

M10 - Compact and light, this American-made light submachine carries a 32-round
magazine of powerful 9x19mm ammo, firing at a rate of over 1,000 rounds per
minute. This excessively fast firing rate has a negative impact on accuracy;
but in the hands of a sesoned marksman, it can deliver massive firepower in a
matter of seconds. Can be equipped with a suppressor.

3/5 - Worse then the Uzi in online but you can use this as a short sniper
to kill your opponents in single player with its silencer addition.

Shield- A shield made of bulletproof armor. Protects
against a variety of bullets, explosive blasts, and flying fragments.

4/5 - 2nd or 3rd most useful in online combat,  same in single player.

Gernades and Traps [0.2.2]

GRENADE - A blast-fragmentation explosive. Damages the enemy with a combination
of blast from the explosion and fragments of the casing scattering in all

3/5 - When a scared noob hides in a room with claymores at the door,
throw this to make him **** himself.

STUN GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that temporarily paralyzes and confuses
sight and smell with an intense flash of light and lound sound upon detonation.
It uses a magnesium-based charge to produce a 1 million-candela flash and a
175 plus-decibel band.

3/5 - Same as above,  just make sure no one takes that kill!

CHAFF GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that temporarily disable any electronic
devices in the area by releasing a cloud of signal-jamming metal fragments
upon detonation.

0/5 - Online
1/5 - Single player

- I have never used this,  I know it's useless.

SMOKE GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that creates a thick smoke screen. The
smoke can be used as a signal for aircrafts or to mask movement from enemy

2/5 - Basicly same as above except I use this on guards that are in a group.

TNT - Trinitrotoluene, a high-performance explosive widely used by militaries
around the world. TNT is mechanially and chemically stable, making it easy to

4/5 - Its a little useful in online but in single your using it 30% of the

TIME BOMB - A bomb equipped with a detonation timer. Explodes after a set amount
of time upon being planted.

0/5 - You only need this for the power mission,  N/A.

CLAYMORE - An anti-personnel mine consisting of explosives and 700 steel ball
bearings contained within a gently curving plastic case. When an object passes
in front of it, it detonates and propels the ball bearings forward in a wedge-
shaped pattern, wounding or killing the enemy.

4/5 - If your going to snipe someone on a roof,
put these at an entrace before you start so no one can kill you from behined.

MAGAZINE - An adult magazine packed with alluring photos. Perfect for those
long, lonely nights on the battlefield.

4/5 - Not very useful in single player but in online you can hide in a corner
and watch the enemy act like a *****.

GA-KO - A GA-KO doll. Wind it up and watch it waddle!

2/5 - If this would not dissapear so quickly it would be the most useful trap.

Items [0.2.3]

MEDICAL KITS (S) - Restores a small amount of LIFE.

4/5 - The most useful item in single player,  best for boss battles.

MEDICAL KITS (L) - Restores a large amount of LIFE.

3/5 - If I could choose between 3 Large kits and 20 Small kits,
I would choose the small kits,  Sometimes the Larges will be wasted since they
heal so much.

RATIONS (S) - Restores a small amount of Stamina.

1/5 - Barely heals anything,  go with Large.

RATIONS (L) - Restores a large amount of Stamina.
3/5 - Read above.

PENTAZEMIN - Reduces hand tremors when aiming a weapon in First Person View.


BINOCULARS - High-magnification military binoculars. Useful for observing
distant targets. Cannot be used when a weapon is equipped.

1/5 - This and all the following to night vision goggles are useless,
they might be used to obtain Roy or Ursula but it's not confirmed.

THERMAL GOGGLES - An opticla device that renders targets visible by their
heat emissions. Battery powered.

1 half/5 - More useful then the binos,
if they could see heat emissions behined walls then this would be the most
useful item,
Syphon did it, why not MGSPO?

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES - An optical device that amplifies faint light, enabling
the user to see in the dark. Battery powered.

0/5 - The most useless of the 3.

MINE DETECTOR - Detects planted mines and indicates their presence with a sound.
Battery powered.

1/5 - Only useful in the claymore hospital mission.

BODY ARMOR - Ballistic wear whihc lowers damage from hits other than headshots.
Effects last as long as it's worn.


CARDBOARD BOX -  A cardboard box. Big enough for a grown man to fit inside.

4/5 - Single player - Great for sneaking missions.

3/5 Online - It's fun when you use this in a noob only game,
I love sneaking behined those 40 HP soldier idiots.

STEAlTH - A special device that uses optic technology to render the wearer
Battery powered.

4/5 - Single player - Great for speed running a mission.

3/5 - Online - Due to it's 1 minute lasting power,
this is useless in multiplayer unless your being team stacked.


Chapter 3 (copyright) [0.3.1]



Legal stuff

Copyright 2006 by Shadys_Back. This
guide can be printed as long as
it is credited to me.  Please do
not plagiarize this Faq.
Yes AlucardZero Iam talking to you.


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