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Speed Walkthrough by AC_Blaze

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 01/19/07


Written by: AC Kid
Copyright 2006 AC Kid
Version: 2.01
Last Updated: 01/18/06

CONTENT: Ctrl+f and input the #'s
Introduction                [0000]
Main Missions---------------[1111]
Side Missions               [2222]
Legal Stuffs----------------[3333]

This is my speed run WITH no alerts. This will help you in accomplishing a high 
rank in the game, but you'll have to practice and now just rely on my guide.
There are some requirements I suggest you have before you attempt a speed
run and they are as follow:

**Find a couple of MK22's.
**Find a couple of Mosin Nagant sniper rifles.
**Have at least 10 Surveyor Spies.
**Variety of soldiers who have at least a "B" in CQC and Handgun.
**And most important, read ahead before attempting this speed run.

In order to accomplish a speed run in MPO, you'll have to remember to skip all
the cutscenes and Radio conversations. You must quickly and often place Surveyor
Spies on maps to regularly receive reports to proceed in the game.

Here are my rules:
1. ALWAYS equip the MK22 and/or have the Mosin Nagant at your side.
2. The only time I will tell you to bring something else besides the MK22 is 
   before a stage, so be sure to READ.
3. ALWAYS equip the Body Armor for boss fights.
4. It is best to fight the bosses with Snake, but if you feel comfortable and
   confidence in your ability, then by all means choose whoever you like.
5. Practice shooting from a distance with your MK22 or Mosin Nagant.
6. If you can't get a head shot, just aim for the body and shoot at least 3 
   times with the MK22, you'll eventually knock them out.
7. Remember to skip pass all the cutscenes and Radio conversations.
8. After every missions, make sure to place a Spy Unit in new areas that are 
   opened up for you.
9. Have a squad that consist of Jonathan or someone that wears his uniform, an
   officer, a soldier wearing the stripe uniform, and a female soldier.


When you start out in the cell, press triangle a couple of times when standing
in front of the door, you will quickly open the scene with Roy Campbell, he'll
speaks to you, and be sure to skip the conversation. Afterwards, you crawl 
through the vent and crawl north of your compass and then east to exit out. Pick
up you CQCE suit and equip your MK22. Run out of the building, but be careful
there is a soldier just right outside. He will hardly notice you, but take him
out before you enter through the red door straight in front of the building you
just came out of. Run forward and turn left, then crawl under the gate. Take out
that soldier. Run out of the building and head east of your compass, and take 
out that soldier from the distance. Head to where he is and run up the short
steep. There will be a soldier inside of a building as you're heading toward
that area. Just crawl pass the open window and then run west to your target 

Face north of your compass and take out that soldier across from you. Run to 
where he is and enter the building. You'll see another door as you enter to your
right. Enter through that door and to your target point.

As the mission start, walk forward to trigger a scene where two soldiers are
talking. Skip pass that and sneak pass them. Head north of your compass and 
you'll see a small stair case and across from you to the north-west is a 
soldier. Take him out from the distance and get to the other side in the north.
After you do that, run a little forward and turn right. You'll see another 
soldier, take him out from the distance and climb up that white short crate and 
roll forward to get to the other side and enter the building by stalking. 
You'll see an officer, take him out and run for the "secret doc".

Very simple, stalk toward the area where those two soldiers had a conversation.
You'll see only one soldier this time. Wait until he turns around and take him
out and drag him to the truck. This should only take less than a minute.

*Now put Jonthan in the same squad as Snake, but have Jonathan take the lead*

!!Use Jonathan!!
Head east of your compass and you'll see an opening to the right and an 
explosive barrel. Beside that barrel is the building where you called Para Medic
and Sigint. Enter the building and you'll see a door, go through that door, and
turn left, you'll be facing north of your compass. Finally go through that door
in front of you. You're done.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Run forward and you'll see a gap under the wall with a ration, crawl through 
that gap and you'll be on the other side of the wall with all the buildings. To
the north west, you'll see 2 trucks, and behind the truck to the far north is a
large building. That's where you'll need to go. You can enter that building from
the front and you'll see a stair case. Run up the stair case, and enter the only
door that will open up for you. You're done.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Just run along that single path until you see a soldier. Take him out, and climb
up those boxes until you have reached the top. You'll see a doctor/reseacher, 
take him out from the distance with the MK22. Now run up the large ramp on your
left near that doctor/researcher. Touch your target point and skip the scene. 
Now drop all the way back down, and you'll see a door, enter that building. Make
a right at the turn off. There is your last target point of the stage.

*Fast forward the time to get a report and read the Supply Depot*

"Map procurement "sources indicate that a map detailing cargo shipment routes is
located inside a warehouse in the supply depot. The warehouse is located beind 
a large building. Intel suggests that the map is available for procurement at 

!!Use Jonthan!!
As soon as the mission starts face north and climb over the boxes and proceed
north between the wall of the first building you see on your right and the 
"wall" of mountain on your left. You will come to a dead end soon, now turn 
right and you'll see another building. Run towards it and enter it from the 
large open path leading into the building. Run north to a dead end, and turn 
right. Up the ramp you'll see the "secret doc" on top of a box. Retrieve it and
mission complete.

Rail Bridge
!!Use Jonathan!!
Walk forward pass the truck and turn left. Run forward until you pass the boxes
on the right and the building on the left. You'll be in front of the rail 
bridge. You will see your target point on the left. Run to it and you're 

After this mission, you will have to create diversions and 4 reports will 
arrive. I recommend you choosing "Town, Supply Depot, and Soviet Patrol Base" 
for easy targets to proceed on your speed run.

!!Use Jonathan and EQUIP TNT!!
Turn around and you'll see your first target, the truck across from where you're
are. There are two soldiers, one right near the truck and one north on your 
compass. Knock out the one near the truck, you can wait until he walks in front
of the truck and hold him up or choke him out. Plant the 1st TNT on the right 
side of the truck. When you face north, and you'll see the other truck. Knock 
the soldier that was north of the first truck and then knock out the soldier 
near the second truck. Run up the ramp and you'll see the third truck and a 
soldier near it. Keep run until you meet the wall. Turn around and you'll see 
boxes that allows you to climb up to the roof, it's a short climb. You'll see 
another soldier patrolling and spotting for intruders. Knock him out, and climb
back down. If you have time this right, you'll see a soldier walking out of a
building. Knock him out and then knock out the last soldier by the third truck. 
Trigger the TNT on the first truck and then plant your second TNT on the truck 
right by you. Run to back to the second truck you saw earlier and trigger the 
next TNT and plant the last TNT on last truck. You should have not have entered
Alert or Caution mode if you have done this correctly.

!!Use Jonathan and EQUIP TNT!!
The easiest and quickest one to do. Run along the side of the wall on your left.
You eventually see the truck and a soldier, you can knock him out or wait a 
couple of seconds until he passes the truck. Plant the TNT on the left side of 
the truck and go ahead and trigger it. The explosion won't hurt you.

!!Use Jonathan and EQUIP TNT!!
Face south and run until you reach the other end of the map. Then turn left, 
you'll see a small shack, that's where you have to plant the TNT, but there's a
soldier guarding the door. Just walk to his left side and stick him up and knock
him out. Go through the door and plant the TNT, and trigger it right then and 

That wraps up the 3 main diversions. You can go do the last diversion at the
research lab if you want. It's not necessary for this speed run, but I have 
included in this guide.

!!Use Jonathan and EQUIP TNT!!

Run along the path in front you and once you have reached the top, walk to your
left where there are boxes. You can wait until the researcher walks away from 
your direction or take him out from the distance with the MK22. Run forward 
until you see a step and a red door on your right. Enter that building, and 
finally take the first right after you passed the lockers. Plant your TNT and 
you're done once you have trigger the TNT.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Very simple, run up to the rail bridge and cross it, your target point is just
at the other end. No Alert, no nothing with Jonathan.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Very simple as well. Run to the other side of the map and enter the ship. Run
down the ramp or roll over the rail to drop to the bottom of the ship. You'll
reach the Python scene. Skip the scene of course, and head to the east of your
compass. Climb over the boxes and crates, then drop down on the other side. Run
towards the white large crate. Mission over.

Place a spy at the Security Base and fast forward the time. You'll recover
some stamina and health if you ever gotten damaged, and you'll get a report on 
the Security Base. Read the report and head to the Security Base.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Move to the west and leap over the gap. There will be a door in front of you. 
Enter the building and you'll see a soldier, only this time, this soldier will
have the stripes uniform. Use the stalk technique and stalk behind him and knock
him out. Toward to the north and you'll see a door and right beside it is a 
hall. Go through the hall and run up the ramp. Turn left after you have reach 
the 2nd floor. Take out the soldier walking around this large hall so he 
doesn't spot you taking out the other soldier coming up next. Enter the first 
door on the left side and take out this soldier. The "secret doc" is in this 

!!Use Snake, have TNT, body armor, and follow my other guide, the Boss and 
                                           Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Python!!
This time you play as Snake. Run to the main area where the enemy is storing the
nuke. Climb up the ladder and crawl in the vent. Don't worry about the female
soldier, she doesn't completely see you to trigger an alert. It's pretty 
straight forward when you're in the vent, so hopefully you don't get lost...Now 
pay attention to your surrounding radar. Once you see your exit out of the vent
make sure the female soldier won't spot you. If she happens to be right in front
of you while you're still in the vent, use your MK22 and shoot her 3 times, she
will eventually get knocked out. Crawl out of the vent and head to the door on 
your right. Go through the wall and turn right and up the ramp to reach the 
other room. There's a soldier here. Now depending on where he is on the 2nd 
floor, you can either shoot him with the MK22 or head north from where you are 
and drop down to the 1st floor. There will be a door close by, enter it and go 
down to B1. Plant your TNT and get ready to fight Python.

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Python.

To recruit Python, you'll have to stamina kill him. Aim for his head or circle
around him. Don't shoot Python when his suit is flushing out liquid nitrogen, 
you won't be able to harm him. Hit and run tactics.  When he grunts and you're
across the room, run or get hit by the grenade. Depending on how you defeated
Python, either by lethal or stamina killing him, you'll get a different scene.
You can either recruit him by stamina killing him or actually let him die in 
the game. Which is canon? We will have to found out in MPO2...

!!Use someone wearing an officer uniform!!
Easy, stalk pass the soldier and enter the airport facility. Run up the ramp
and enter through the door. You'll be in a hall with large glass windows and an 
officer. Just run to the other end of the hall and you'll enter a narrow hall.
Go through the door on the right and up the ramp, but be careful, there's a 
soldier wearing a stripe uniform. Take him out with the MK22 and stalk behind 
the man on staring at the outside of the watch tower and interrogate him. 

!!Use Snake, have MK22 and body armor. Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to 
                                                                   defeat Null!!
Run up the ramp near where you start out. You'll come across two large crates
standing on top of each other, and there's a soldier on the other side standing
beside the crates. Wait until he face the other way and take him out. Run down
the ramp on the other side and then you'll see another ramp, a small ramp. Run 
up this small ramp, and you'll see a soldier below across from you. Take him out
and face north and roll over the small wall to reach the other side, this is a
short cut. Now head to your target point, and get ready to fight Null.

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Null.

Recap: To unlock Null, you just have to defeat Null twice in the game. You will
fight Null twice in the game, and it doesn't matter if you lethal or stamina 
kill Null. There is no "Time Paradox" in the game, and you'll get the same 
result and scene after you have defeated him. Rolling towards Null will cause 
him to swing his machete. Quickly turn around and fire your gun, and make sure 
the soldier you're using has at least an "A" in handguns.

*Snake is capture now*

!!Use an officer!!
Do the same thing to reach the other side, but only this time after you roll, 
head south of the compass. You see a couple of ramps that leads to the very 
bottom and a soldier. Wait until the soldier at the very bottom reaches near the
very bottom of the ramp and drop down, knock him out with the MK22. Walk forward
and there's a hall to the left. Interrogate that officer.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Run forward a bit and take out the two soldiers with your MK22 from afar. The 
soldier guarding the door may cause the soldier inside the building to come out.
Take him out too, and then go in that building. The "secret doc" is just beyond
the door. Enter the enter and turn left, and head to the other room.

!!Use Jonathan!!
Run forward and drop or run down the ramp. There is a vent, crawl through it. 
The soldiers should not notice you or see you to trigger an alert. But if you 
feel uncomfortable, take them out first before you move on. In the vent, go all
the way to the other end, don't exit out to the first right. You'll just be 
going in a circle. You'll see a 2nd exit, crawl out from the vent and head down 
the ramp. You'll see your target point.

!!Use Snake!! Have Body armor, TNT and RPG-7
Run forward and climb over the boxes and jump down to the other side of the 
wall. Run between the crates, and run straight toward the target point. You 
should be able to avoid the soldier without him triggering an alert if you keep 
towards the wall of the building on your right. Get ready to fight RAXA.

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat RAXA.

Here's a recap from that guide:
Recap: Plant TNTs by RAXA's legs and destroy them, it should take less than a 
minute. When RAXA center itself in the middle of the room, have your RPG-7 
ready. If RAXA opens both hatches, open fire each on of the hatches, shooting 
them back and forth, I recommend only firing 2 shots, and run away from the 
missiles flying at you. Repeat this and you'll destroy RAXA, the prototype...

*Jonathan dies* 

After you're brought back to the management screen, you'll get a report from the
Silo Entrance. Fast forward the time and you'll get a report on Ravine. Your 
next mission.

!!Use someone that wears the same uniform Jonathan wore!!
Start off by taking out the soldier way across from you with the MK22, then walk
a little bit further up until you see another soldier by the explosive barrel.
Take him out the same way from a distance. Then run over to the building and
jump down. There you'll see a soldier take him out, don't worry about an alert
he wears the same uniform. Run across the large log bridge and turn right. By
following this path (DON'T JUMP DOWN) you'll eventually reach the target point.

!!Use someone that wears the same uniform Jonathan wore!!
Run up the ramp, and then jump down. You'll be on the other side of the area.
Run along side of the walls, first head straight, turn left and straight again.
Eventually you'll reach a dead end, now turn left again. Head up the ramp, but
before carefully, there is a female soldier, she might catch a glimpse of you.
If she decides to come down to check out the area, you can just wait for her by
the ramp and take her out. Once you have gone up the ramp keep going straight. 
Pass the crates and enter the door on your left. Follow the path and don't go 
into any of the doors. Once you see two paths, one leading to the left and one 
going straight, take the left path, and then left, and left again. You'll see 
two doors, one can't be open and the other one leading straight to your target 

!!Use Snake or someone that wears the same uniform Jonathan wore!!
Do the stay thing as above. Reach the target point and plant the Time Bomb. Be
prepared to fight Null, round 2. Use the same tactic as last time you've found

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Null.

Here's a recap from that guide:
Recap: To unlock Null, you just have to defeat Null twice in the game. You will
fight Null twice in the game, and it doesn't matter if you lethal or stamina 
kill Null. There is no "Time Paradox" in the game, and you'll get the same 
result and scene after you have defeated him. Rolling towards Null will cause 
him to swing his machete. Quickly turn around and fire your gun, and make sure 
the soldier you're using has at least an "A" in handguns.

!!Use someone wearing the stripe uniform!!
Almost the same as the last couple of times your went through the Silo Entrance.
Except this time on the small ramp there will be a soldier. Just knock him out,
you're wearing the same uniform, he thinks you're his friend. After jumping over
the small wall, run north of you compass and head west where you trigger the 
scene to fight Null, round 1. Go a littler further and you'll see your target 
point. Watch out for an officer, he's carrying an RPG-7, take him out from a
distance or just sneak pass him.

!!Use someone wearing the stripe uniform and EQUIP CHAFF GRENADES!!
!!Use Codec frequency 145.75, 147.42, and 148.51, you can use it as soon as the
                                mission starts or until you reach those doors.!!
Head up those ramps and toss a chaff grenade, and finally knock out both 
soldiers. Grab the "key", it's near the soldier that was carrying the shield. 
Enter the room and roll to the right, and then roll towards the high stacks of 
crates, you'll see the "key". Take it and head back out of the room and head to 
the other door, it will automatically unlock. Ignore the guard and you'll come 
across another door. Shortcut to Para Medic's frequency and then tap right 2 
times to reach 145.75 to open that locked door. Enter the room and turn left, 
and up the ramps. You'll see another door, enter it and use the frequency 
147.42, you can use shortcut with Signit's frequency. Go through the door and 
enter the next door. Turn left and use your chaff grenades again and continue 
on. Take out the soldier if you like. Now use the frequency 148.51, then enter 
through the door and follow the path, it will lead you straight to the key for 
the last locked door, but watch out for the security camera. Use the chaff 
grenade again and pick up the "key". Now as you head out the door, look to your 
left and down. See that the other rail way? Hang over the rail and drop to it, 
you'll be on then 2nd floor. Once you have dropped down, turn around, and to 
your left as you walk a bit further you'll see a door. Enter that door and 
you'll be done.

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Cunningham.
Here's a recap from that guide:
Recap: Shoot down Cunningham's "flying horse" with an assault or a heavy gun 
like the M63, I really recommend the M63. If you ever run out of bullets that 
particular stage will open up the ammo box that the M63 uses. Once you have 
brought him down, equip whatever gun you want, walk towards the edge, and fire 
with the L button held down. Shoot him a few times and run around to avoid 
whatever he is about to launch. When you bring his life/stamina gauge to a 
half, things will get a little ugly, so take your time to get Cunningham back
down to your level and repeat. TO RECRUIT Cunningham, you'll have to stamina
kill him, and beat the game before January 1st. So if you fly through the 
game quickly you unlock Cunningham when you restart your game.

Follow my Boss and Weapon/Items Guide to defeat Cunningham.
Here's a recap from that guide:
Recap: Throw a stun grenade at Gene as soon as the fight begins, then equip 
your gun. You can hurt Gene after he stop throws his knives like a machine 
gun and when he tries to charge at you. You can also hurt Gene when you 
happen to see his back turn towards you. TO RECRUIT Gene, you have to recruit
at least 200 soldiers, not all at once. Discharge any soldiers you think are
worthless and keep recruiting until you reach 200 and stamina kill Gene on 
your next play through of the game. There are other ways to recruit soldiers 
besides playing the story mode.

Now assuming you have gotten all the unique characters on your own with the pass
words or not. I'm just going to speed through the side missions. This section 
will help you quickly find a certain defector, sabotage or locate the weapon 
listed by your Spy Units. It doesn't really matter when you want to go for these
side missions, and I hope this section will help you.

*This may not be in the order the side missions are opened up in your game.*

!!Use Jonathan!!

Facing east, run forward until you can enter the building you see on your right.
The M16A1 is just at the corner in the southeast. Pick it up and abort the 

Survival Knife
!!Use Jonathan!!

Remember the cell where Snake was locked up at the beginning of the game? Back-
track all the way back to that cell. Remember the door to Snake's cell is locked
so enter through the vent.

!!Use Jonathan!!

It's very close to where you start off. See the small building near you and 
Campbell's truck? The M1911A1 is right inside that small building.

!!Use Jonathan!!

Very easy to locate. Remember where you got the "secret doc"? As soon as the 
mission starts face north and climb over the boxes and proceed north between the
wall of the first building you see on your right and the "wall" of mountain on 
your left. You will come to a dead end soon, now turn right and you'll see 
another building. Run forward and enter it from the large open path leading 
into the building. Run north to a dead end, and turn right. Run up the short
ramp and you'll see a box on the left. Climb up that box and then climb on top
of the large crate. The Scorpion is right there.

!!Use Jonathan!!

Run along the path until you reached the top. From there, run to the north of
your compass. You will pass two small buildings and you'll come to a stop at the
wall. Turn left and you'll see a door to your left. Enter that building and the
Pentazemin is inside waiting for you.

Save the doctors!
!!Use Jonathan!!

*Equip the mine-detector if you want*

If you're playing on extreme mode, careful of guard dogs and be sure to pick
up the 2nd CLAYMORE MINE I will mention in this section fast or else a doctor
will get killed. Just run forward and crawl under the gap in the wall. Run a 
little forward, and you'll trigger a scene. From where you are standing you 
should see a truck in the middle of an open path, and to your right you'll see 
a corner of a building and on your left a large crate. Crawl through the opened
path and you'll see a CLAYMORE MINE to your right after you've crawled past the 
corner of the building. Stand up and you should see a door right by you. Enter 
the building start crawling once you're right in front of the fire extinguisher.
Crawl to the open room to your left and pick up the CLAYMORE MINE. Exit the 
building from the door you came through. Run through between the truck and the 
building you were just in, and you'll find the other CLAYMORE MINE under the 
truck you see ahead of you. After you've picked that up, face east of your 
compass and run until you've reached the crate and crawl to pick up the CLAYMORE
MINE in the vent in front of you. Finally turn around and enter through the door
you see on the right. Go up the stair case, enter the first door you see, and 
start crawling as you get closer to the "med kit L" and pick up the last 
CLAYMORE  MINE around the corner. And if you had an open slot, you will kill two
side missions with one soldier by picking up th "med kit L".


Pause the game to bring up the map. On the southwest corner, do you see a green
dot? There are two green dots, but the green dot you see at the far left bottom
corner is the M37. Just run straight to that dot pick it up. Knock out soldiers
from the distance with the MK22, and when you've reached the building start 
knocking on the wall on your left by the door to lure the soldier out of the 
building. Then stalk to your right and wait. When the soldier opens the door, 
the door will give you cover and the soldier won't see you. Finally knock him 
out, and pick up the M37.




Copyright 2006 by AC Kid. This 
guide can be printed as long as 
it is credited to me. Please do
not plagiarize this script.

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