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Boss/Weapon Guide by AC_Blaze

Version: 3.50 | Updated: 08/18/07

          BOSS BATTLES

Written by: AC Kid aka AC Blaze
Copyright 2007 AC Kid
Version: 3.50
Last Updated: 08/17/07
[Changed quite a few things, added some 
 new methods, corrected some spellings and 
 typos, and organized it a little better.]

CONTENT: Ctrl+f and input the #'s
Introduction                [0000]
Null                        [2222]
Cunningham                  [4444]
Weapons list                [6666]
Item list-------------------[7777]
FOX Unit Bio                [8888]
Legal Stuffs----------------[9999]


My guide should help you defeat the bosses by either stamina or lethal killing
the FOX Unit. I'll briefly try to touch on every aspect you may encounter with
the bosses. They are quite easy, and I'll show you some tricks that can help you
speed through their fight. It will take some practices in a couple of boss 
fights. My main method of fighting the FOX Unit is by stamina killing them, and 
not using any Med Kits or Rations. Are you up to the challenge?

*Note: If you are still a beginner, you may want to have a Med Kit and Ration in
your inventory, just a warning. It will make things easier for you until you 
become a better player when fighting the FOX Unit*

PYTHON: [1111]
FIGHTING PYTHON: Requirements - Body armor (if you have it at this point of the
game), and MK22 or any assault rifle

There are quite a few ways to beat Python. First if you want to unlock Python, 
you must stamina kill him. The best thing to do is hold down the L button and 
circle around him and fire your MK22, and run around him to dodge his shots.
You'll rarely get hit as long as you keep circling him. Make sure you don't get
too close to him though. If you are going for a lethal kill, just use any 
assault rifle and circle around Python. Fire your gun when he fires, and repeat.

If you're too close to Python, and he is about to shoot you, just roll in his 
direction, and he will be distracted by the pressure on his suit. You can use 
that chance to take an aim for his head, but you cannot harm him until his suit
stop flushing liquid nitrogen, and make sure when you don't mess up your roll, 
your equipments will get frozen by the liquid nitrogen. 

If you hear Python making a grunt, but you weren't doing anything to him, then
that means he's about to launch a grenade at you. You have two choices, either
use the L button to autolock and open fire at him, or run. I would choose the
first option because he left himself open to an attack.

When going for a lethal kill, I have discover a cheap trick when using the 
shotgun on Python. Whenever you use the shotgun, you'll knock Python down, and
when you're extremely close to him as he is getting up, he will try to hit you 
with the butt of his rifle. As long as you move away and wait 1 second after he 
tries to hit you with the rifle, fire off your shotgun, and repeat. When you 
knock off half his health, sometimes his suit will flush out nitrogen, so beware
as you're using this method.

You can wall hug against either of the two pillars in the run you start out 
fighting Python. Bring up your map and you'll see two large white squares on 
Floor 1. Those are the two pillars I'm talking about, and if you still don't 
know what I'm talkinng about, use the thermal goggles. With the thermal 
goggles, you'll see an intense heat emitting from the pillars, which will show 
up as the color "white". Climb up the platform that holds the pillar. Around 
the pillar will be a fence, but all you have to do is hug the fence with the 
stalk button, and all your equipments will be defrosted.

To recruit Python, you'll have to stamina kill him. Aim for his head or circle
around him. Don't shoot Python when his suit is flushing out liquid nitrogen, 
you won't be able to harm him. Hit and run tactics.  When he grunts and you're
across the room, run or get hit by the grenade. Depending on how you defeated
Python, either by lethal or stamina killing him, you'll get a different scene.
You can either recruit him by stamina killing him or actually let him die in 
the game. Which is canon? We will have to found out in MPO2...

NULL: [2222]

FIGHTING NULL: Requirements - MK22 or assault rifle, Grade A in handgun, and 
                                                                     Body Armor.

**Note: Lethal killing Null will not count towards your end game rank.**

As the battle begins, your character is already behind the corner of the 
building. Just wait there until Null finish his 3rd gun assault, by that time
Null will be reloading his gun. Run out and shoot him with whatever weapons
you're have. You can play hide and seek with Null in this large map, it's not 
easy to lose Null, but when you do, you could snipe Null from a distance. Null
leaves a few open shots, as you may already know you can shoot him when he is
reloading, remember he reloads every three rounds. When Null is running away 
from you, his back is open to a shot. When he leaps up into the air and lands,
hopefully not on you, you have a chance to open another shot.

The easiest and cheapest way is rolling towards him, which will cause Null to
swing at you with his machete, but he will always miss as long as you have 
mastered this trick. After your roll quickly turn around, hold down the L button
and shoot Null. Repeat this method.

Be sure to have a soldier with a decent stat on weaponary. Say if you are using
a soldier with a grade "C" in handgun, with that soldier you'll end up wasting
more time than you should fighting against Null. Have at least a grade "B" in
whatever gun type you're using. 

When you perform the roll, try not to do it too far or close to Null. When 
you're too far, you'll only end up finishing your roll right in front of Null 
and he will perform a three swing motion. If you roll too close, you will only 
waste time and. You just have to practice, and you'll know the correct distance.

Occasionally, Null make perform the three swing machete attack after your roll.
Stay calm when you see this attack...After your roll just run in the direction
you're facing, and resuming this method.

To unlock Null, you just have to defeat Null twice in the game. You will
fight Null twice in the game, and it doesn't matter if you lethal or stamina 
kill Null. There is no "Time Paradox" in the game, and you'll get the same 
result and scene after you have defeated him. Rolling towards Null will cause 
him to swing his machete. Quickly turn around and fire your gun, and make sure 
the soldier you're using has at least an "A" in handguns.

URSULA: [3333]

                                                                    Body  Armor.

**Note: Lethal killing RAXA will not count towards your end game rank.**

As the fight begins, you can either use the RPG-7 and target one of the four
legs, or run right under RAXA and plant a TNT. Either way is fine. It's best
to stay away from the large metal crates. If RAXA is launching missiles at you
and one of the missiles hits the crates, there will be a huge explosion and
hopefully you won't get caught in the blast. The same applies to you also, 
when using the TNT, make sure you're not too close to RAXA when about to set
off the TNT. Check your surrounding and make sure the TNT won't cause a chain
reaction with the large crates and get yourself toasted.

Once you have destroyed the four legs, RAXA will move to the center of the 
hangar. As RAXA is on the move, you should be moving as well. Run to under the
cat-walk on the map. One of the columns holding up the cat-walk has an
indestrutable crate, and that's where you will to go while RAXA is setting up
for "round 2." Behind the column and the crate is the RPG-7, so pick it up if 
you didn't bring it to this battle or need more ammo. You're safe behind this
two objects. The only time you want to leave this area is when RAXA's missiles 
are flying at you, but before you start running, get in 1 or 2 shots at RAXA's 
"shoulders" aka the hatch that unload missiles at you. Using the tactical 
reload, you should be able to hit one of the hatch twice before the missiles 
actually launches at you. If they have launched as you're on your 2nd shot, 
then brace yourself. Return back to the same spot when you have dodged all the 
missiles and repeat. 

When one of the hatches is darken and smoking up, it means it's completely 
damaged, and you should be targeting the other hatch.

You can also attack the hatches with a machine gun, so whatever floats your
boat, use any weapons you want.

I have yet to discover a cheap method of defeating RAXA, but I find RAXA to be
the easiest boss in the game. So it fighting RAXA shouldn't be tough. If you
have trouble, then all I can say is keep trying.

Plant TNTs by RAXA's legs or use the RPG-7 on destroy them, it should take less 
than a minute. When RAXA center itself in the middle of the room, you should be
under the cat-walk with the indestructable crate and the column holding up
the cat-walk. Have your RPG-7 ready. If RAXA opens both hatches, open fire each
on of the hatches, shooting them back and forth, I recommend only firing 2 
shots, and run away from the missiles flying at you. Repeat this and you'll 
destroy RAXA, the prototype...


FIGHTING CUNNINGHAM: Requirements - MK22, Body Armor, and M63.

Cunningham is very easy to defeat. As soon as the fight begins, equip your body
armor and M63 if you have it, and start shooting at Cunningham platform. Shoot 
out the light if you want, but just keep shooting his platform until it brings 
him down to your level. Now equip your MK22, run towards the edge the elevator, 
hold down the L button and fire your MK22 a few times, I'd say about "6 shots". 
Be sure hear what he says such as "Try dodging this", that is when you would 
want to stop shooting at Cunningham or you'll be hit with a bunch of missiles. 
Repeat this method...pretty easy, huh? When you lowered his stamina gauge to a 
half, Cunningham will start using both the laser and machine gun at you, it is 
best to run around until he stops, then resume shooting his platform. If you
want to lethal kill Cunningham, then use any other gun besides the MK22. It's 
up to you. As long as you hold down the L button when he's high up in the air
Cunningham will have little chance on launching an assault until you bring him
back down.

The normal method is about as cheap as you can get. Cunningham is one of the 
easiest boss in the game next to RAXA.

Shoot down Cunningham's "flying horse" with an assault or a heavy gun 
like the M63, I really recommend the M63. If you ever run out of bullets, that 
particular stage will open up the ammo box that the M63 uses. Once you have 
brought him down, equip whatever gun you want, walk towards the edge, and fire 
with the L button held down. Shoot him a few times and run around to avoid 
whatever he is about to launch. When you bring his life/stamina gauge to a 
half, things will get a little ugly, so take your time to get Cunningham back
down to your level and repeat. TO RECRUIT Cunningham, you'll have to stamina
kill him, and beat the game before January 1st. So if you fly through the 
game quickly you unlock Cunningham when you restart your game.

GENE: [5555]

FIGHTING GENE: Requirements - MK22 and Stun Grenades.

Gene is fairly easy. As soon as the fight begins, quickly equip your stun 
grenades and toss it near Gene. This will end Gene's speech and his gifted 
voice from draining your stamina gauge, and now equip your MK22. Remember to 
use your stun grenades when ever Gene uses his gifted voice. Be prepared 
when Gene is charging up to ram you, make sure you have a good path and run. 
If you get hit, you will take massive damage. I suggest taking cover behind
one of the ramps with the railing. Whether or not you avoid Gene's charge 
attack, you will have an opening shot at Gene. When Gene charges at Snake, Gene 
will be exhausted from using that attack, and you have only a few seconds to 
shoot him before he recovers. And like Null, when ever Gene has his back turned 
towards you and he's running away, you have another opening shoot. Sometimes
it won't hit, but that's ok. Gene has a lot of open shots.

When Gene starts throwing his Spetnaz Knives at you like a machine gun, hold 
down the L button and circle around him. You will avoid his knives, and shoot 
Gene after he stops. 

Try to watch out for Gene's gestures, if you see him about to throw several
knives at you quickly shoot him. If you do this at the right moment, you will
cancel his attack before the knives left his hand and you won't take any 
damage. You have to be fast or else you will take damage from the incoming 
knives when you're acting slow. You have to practice, but you'll get it down 
eventually. If you shoot him too soon, you'll end up causing him to cancel this
move and perform a teleportation slide across the room and throw knives at you. 
You'll have to feel for it, sort of like when you're performing the roll trick 
on Null. 

I have not discover a cheap trick here either, but Gene is fairly easy.

Throw a stun grenade at Gene as soon as the fight begins, then equip 
your gun. You can hurt Gene after he stop throws his knives like a machine 
gun and when he tries to charge at you. You can also hurt Gene when you 
happen to see his back turn towards you. TO RECRUIT Gene, you have to recruit
at least 200 soldiers, not all at once. Discharge any soldiers you think are
worthless and keep recruiting until you reach 200 and stamina kill Gene on 
your next play through of the game. There are other ways to recruit soldiers 
besides playing the story mode.


KNIFE - A knife with a hollow grip designed to fit inside survial kits. Can
also be used in battle. *CQC*

SP KNIFE - A specialized combat knife developed or use by Spetsnaz, the special
forces unti under the authority of the Soviet military's Chief Administration
for intelligence (GRU). A powerful spring installed within the grip allows the
blade to be ejected.

MK22 - An automatic pistol developed for special ops use in response to demand
from U.S. Navy SEALs. Can be equipped with a sound suppressor. Features a
slide lock lever designed primarily for single-shot firing, increasing the 
sound-reducing capability of sppressors. Uses 9mm tranquilizer ammo. *CQC*

M1911A1 - This masterpiec of an automatic pistol has been a faithful partner 
to U.S. soldiers since the first model was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1911.
Capacity is limited to seven rounds, but the .45ACP bullets boast excellent
stopping power, and the gun's simple design makes it highly reliable. With
its high potential firing accuracy, the M1911A1 is also widely used as a base
for custom models in shooting competitions. *CQC*

SINGLE ACTION ARMY (SAA) - Also known as the "Peacemaker" and the "Frontier,"
this single action revolver is a symbol of the days of the Wild West. The
masterpiece SAA was adopted as teh official sidearm of the U.S. Army in 1875.
This pistol's solid frame construction results in lengthy reload times, but 
also ensures extremely high durability. This and the gun's simple mechanics
make the SAA a highly reliable weapon. Uses .45LC ammo.

SCORPION - A small submachine gun designed and produced in Czechoslovakia.
It is extremely compact, easy to handle, uses light .32ACP ammo, resulting in 
an excellent sense of control in full-auto mode, despite its small size. 
Designed to be used by special forces and police in Warsaw Pact countries, this
SMG has also been adopted by many international terrorists, giving it a high 
profile among Western countries as well.

UZI - An Israeli-made submachine gun, the Uzi is designed to facilitate mass
production--appropriate for a country like Israel, which faces difficulty in
importing weapons. The Uzi is also extremely reliable, crafted such that it
rarely malfunctions in dusty environments. Although it fires from an open bolt,
the Uzi boasts respectable accuracy, enabling head shots at close range. Uses
9x19mm ammo.

M10 - Compact and light, this American-made light submachine carries a 32-round 
magazine of powerful 9x19mm ammo, firing at a rate of over 1,000 rounds per
minute. This excessively fast firing rate has a negative impact on accuracy;
but in the hands of a sesoned marksman, it can deliver massive firepower in a
matter of seconds. Can be equipped with a suppressor.


M16A1 - The assault rifle of choice for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The
caliber size was reduced from the M14 rifle, and enabled soldiers to carry more
ammunition. The M16A1's design extensively incorporates aluminum alloys and
plastics, making the gun itself relatively light. Using 5.56x45mm ammo and 
bearing a 20-round clip, this gun currently sees intense action in Vietnam,
serving as the counterpoint to the AK-47

XM177E2 - The carbine model of the M16A1. Modifications include a shortened 
barrel and the addition of a retractable stock, reducing length by about 25cm.
It also features a flash hider equipped to suppress the loud band and intense 
muzzle flash produced as a result of the shorter barrel. Uses 5.56x45mm ammo.

AK-47 - It was adopted as the official rifle of the Soviet military in 1949. Its
austere andrugged construction allows it to endure even the roughest treatment
in battle. The AK-47 is a soldier's best friend, performing reliably everywhere
from the freezing Arctic to the scorching Sahara. It is now one of the most
widely known military rifle in the world. Anywhere there is a conflict, the
AK-47 is present. Uses 7.62x39mm ammo.

M37 - This 12-gauge shotgun, known as the "Featherlight," is almost 1 kg lighter
than other guns in its class. It features a unique mechanism where the feed on
the lower part of the receiver also functions as the ejection port. The U.S.
military currently uses a large number of this weapon in the conflict in 
Vietnam. Holds four shells.

M870 - With a wide range of applications, this is one of the most famous pump-
action shotguns in America, and is extremely popular with both hunters and law
enforcerment. The Marine Corps ordered a large shipment of these in 1966, and
is currently putting them to good use. The M870 sports avariety of 
configurations, with an adjustable barrel, extendable tube magazine, pistol 
grip, and folding stock. Holds seven 12-gauge shotgun shells.

SVD - Adopted as the official sniper rifle of the Red Army in 1963, the SVD
differs from the Mosin Nagant in that it uses a gas-operated mechanism for
automatic fire. Its ammo capacity is twice that of the 10-round Mosin Nagant,
and its accuracy surpasses that of the NATO standard. This, coupled with its 
repeat-fire capability, provides sustained suppressing power against the enemy.
Uses 7.62.mmx54R ammo.

MOSIN NAGANT - A Soviet-made sniepr rifle based on the M1891/30, in turn 
derived from the "3-line infantry rifle" that was first produced during the
Tsarist period. Developed by selecting the most precise units from the M1891/30
production line and making necessary modifications, the Mosin Nagant was 
employed in large numbers on the Russian front in WWII, proving its worth in 
battle. Uses 7.62mmx54R ammo specially modified into tranquilizer rounds 
(7.62 tranq.)

RPG-7 - First deployed in 1962, the RPG-7 is the cutting edge in anti-tank
weaponry. It is the successor to the RPG-2, which was itself inspired by the
Panzer-faust, a German anti-tank grenade launch tube used in WWII. The RPG-7
combines a reusable tube launcher with rocket-propelled grenades (85mm HE/HEAT)
to take out armored target and bunkers.

M63 - The M63 was conceptualized as a system weapon, a rifle that can be 
configured into a number of varations--assault rifle, carbine, belt-fed light
machine gun--fromt eh same design by mixing and matching parts with a basic
core component. It enables multple types of equipment to be produced from
a single line, and the basic handling is the same for each variation. Uses 
5.56x45mm ammo. hold 100 rounds

GRENADE - A blast-fragmentation explosive. Damages the enemy with a combination
of blast from the explosion and fragments of the casing scattering in all 

STUN GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that temporarily paralyzes and confuses
sight and smell with an intense flash of light and lound sound upon detonation.
It uses a magnesium-based charge to produce a 1 million-candela flash and a
175 plus-decibel band.

CHAFF GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that temporarily disable any electronic
devices in the area by releasing a cloud of signal-jamming metal fragments
upon detonation.

SMOKE GRENADE - A non-lethal grenade that creates a thick smoke screen. The 
smoke can be used as a signal for aircrafts or to mask movement from enemy 

TNT - Trinitrotoluene, a high-performance explosive widely used by militaries
around the world. TNT is mechanially and chemically stable, making it easy to

TIME BOMB - A bomb equipped with a detonation timer. Explodes after a set amount
of time upon being planted.

CLAYMORE - An anti-personnel mine consisting of explosives and 700 steel ball
bearings contained within a gently curving plastic case. When an object passes
in front of it, it detonates and propels the ball bearings forward in a wedge-
shaped pattern, wounding or killing the enemy.

MAGAZINE - An adult magazine packed with alluring photos. Perfect for those
long, lonely nights on the battlefield.

ANTI-BALLISTIC SHIELD (SHIELD) - A shield made of bulletproof armor. Protects
against a variety of bullets, explosive blasts, and flying fragments.

GA-KO - A GA-KO doll. Wind it up and watch it waddle!

ITEMS LIST: [7777]

MEDICAL KITS (S) - Restores a small amount of LIFE.
MEDICAL KITS (L) - Restores a large amount of LIFE.

RATIONS (S) - Restores a small amount of Stamina.
RATIONS (L) - Restores a large amount of Stamina.

PENTAZEMIN - Reduces hand tremors when aiming a weapon in First Person View.

BINOCULARS - High-magnification military binoculars. Useful for observing 
distant targets. Cannot be used when a weapon is equipped.

THERMAL GOGGLES - An opticla device that renders targets visible by their
heat emissions. Battery powered.

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES - An optical device that amplifies faint light, enabling
the user to see in the dark. Battery powered.

MINE DETECTOR - Detects planted mines and indicates their presence with a sound.
Battery powered.

BODY ARMOR - Ballistic wear whihc lowers damage from hits other than headshots.
Effects last as long as it's worn.

CARDBOARD BOX -  A cardboard box. Big enough for a grown man to fit inside.

STEALTH CAMO - Uses optics to reduce your visibility. Uses batteries

AMMO (9MM T) - A speical type of bullet that combines a tranquilizing agent
with a hypodermic injection mechanism.

AMMO (9MM) -  High muzzle velocity pistol ammo found primarily in Western
Euopean countries.

AMMO (.32ACP) - Small-caliber pistol ammo commonly used for self defense. Used
with the Scorpion submachine gun.

AMMO (.45LC) -  45-caliber revolver bullets. Designed in an age when gunpoweder 
was less potent than now., the shell casing is long to increase its gunpowder

AMMO (.45ACP) - 45-caliber automatic pistol rounds. The bullets have relatively
low muzzle velocity, but their large diameter and heavy weight give them 
substantial takedown power against soft targets.

AMMO (5.56MM) -  A new type of small-caliber, high-muzzle velocity rifle ammo
adopted across the U.S. military. The low recoil allows fr relatively easy 
control in full-auto mode, giving it plenty of stopping power at close range.

AMMO (7.62X39MM) - High-performance ammo for the AK-47 rifle. Smaller than the 
previous generation of rifle shot, it manages to reduce recoil while maintaining
stopping power.

AMMO (7.62X54R) - These large-caliber rifle rounds have seen action in two 
World Wars and are still used throughout the Communist world. They are rimmed, 
meaning the rim is larger than the case diameter. Somewhat overspecced for
normal infantry combat, but favored by snipers for its high firing performance
at long range.

AMMO (7.62MM T) - A specially modified version of the 7.62x54R round. Combines
a tranquilzing agnet with a hypodermic injection mechanism. Used with the 
Mosin Nagant.

AMMO (12GAUGE) - Shotgun ammo. Aslo called double-0 buckshot, it fires nine 
8.4mm bullets. At point-blank rane, its stopping power is incredible.

AMMO (HEAT) - Rocket-propelled grenades for the RPG-7. Highly effect against
both personnel and armor.


FOX before the HOUND

After Operation Snake Eater, the FOX Unit finally became an official unit, but
with new members. Naked Snake threw aside his "Boss" title and disappeared from
the outside world, Para Medic and Sigint went off to do establish their 
respective occupation, the paramedic system and ARPAnet.The revolutionary FOX 
unit consists of five members. They are trained in CQC and wore a CQC Enhancer 
Suit. FOX were given an order by the CIA to fake their defection to Russia and 
present them the American-made Metal Gear RAXA to prolong the Cold War. This 
would allow the CIA's power to grow within the U.S.; however, the Pentagon did 
not want this to happen, but they had an inside man, a mystery man to give them 
the upper hand over the CIA. Gene, the leader of FOX Unit had no intention of
obeying and be used by either the CIA or the Pentagon...At the end of MPO, Big 
Boss finally accepts the title he was given, and formed FOXHOUND in 1971, where
he begins to live a double life from then on. FOX Unit was disband in late 1970.

(Official background) A former comrade of Snake, Python was pronounced dead 
during a mission ten years ago in Vietnam. With his body unable to regulate its 
temperature, Python was encased in a liquid nitrogen-filled suit, thus 
prolonging his life. Voice: Dwight Schultz

After The Boss disappeared on Big Boss some time in 1959, Python was the one he 
turned to for help. In 1960 Python and Big Boss were on a top secret mission in 
Vietnam. Python was fatally wounded in combat and was thought to be dead. The 
CIA saved Python and allowed him to live by equipping him with a liquid nitrogen
suit, and without it, Python's body would burn up and die. Python has lost the 
ability to regulate a normal human being body temperature, that is the reason 
for the suit. After Operation Snake Eater, the CIA feared Big Boss. Knowing that
he bested The Boss, they needed someone with the ability to take him down if 
Big Boss ever betrayed them, and they chose Python. Because of his role being 
live, he claims to be the "Anti-Snake", the one to kill Naked Snake, the man who
put his Boss title aside. In MPO, there are two scenes after he battles Big 
Boss. Python lives in one scene, and dies in the other. Which is canon is 
unknown until MPO2.


(Official background) Known only as the Perfect Soldier, this young man was a 
project initiated by the CIA to create the ultimate warrior. Incapable of 
experiencing emotions or doubts, he was raised in a lab for one purpose only: 
Accomplish the mission. VOICE: Lare Spies

A young man who will become the Cyborg Ninja of MGS1. Null is titled the Perfect
Soldier, a project started by the CIA to create the ultimate warrior. Null is a
lost number, and the only successful specimen of the Perfect Soldier Project 
after it was abandon. He has no feelings or memories other than his fighting 
skills, after each deployment, Null undergoes readjustment. Kept inside a 
culture tank with all five senses shut down. When ready, he awakes as if he was 
just coming into the world for the first time. His senses are extraordinary, and
he can read and learn his opponent's movements. All he thinks about is his 
mission and accomplishing it. When Null first fought Big Boss in San Hieronymo 
Peninsula, he questions Big Boss, why he still lives, Null's opponents never 
survives after encountering him, but Big Boss still lives...Big Boss realized 
that he met Null before in Mozambique. With the mention of Null's past even 
though his memory is always erased after each battle, Big Boss is the first 
inflict strong emotion into Null. In their second battle, Null learns about his 
past. In 1966, Big Boss found a child soldier in Mozambique, this child spoke a 
little German, and his name was "Frank Jaeger," also known as "the frank 
hunter." Frank used his frankness of a young and innocent boy to throw his 
enemies off guard to assassinate them. Big Boss places Frank in a rehab facility
after he defeated him in 1966, and again after the events of MPO. History will 
later repeat itself, Frank is used again by the U.S. Government after the events
of MG2:SS.


(Official background) Born with exceptional abilities in ESP, Ursula and her 
sister were captured by the communists to be molded into valuable weapons in the
Cold War. Rescued by Gene, the sisters committed their lives to his ambitious 
plans of creating a nation not of soldiers, but for them. VOICE: Tara Strong

A teenager with ESP. Ursula, a split personality created by Elisa when she was a
patient in an East German Laboratory, where they amplified her powers, thus 
creating Ursula. Ursula's psychic powers are far greater than Elisa. Ursula is a
member of FOX Unit, while Elisa is a researcher watching over Null. In 1966, 
Gene extracted them for the lab under the CIA's order. The CIA wanted some 
patients from the lab with ESP of their own. When Elisa was a little younger, 
she saw her parents died in a nuclear explosion, and she suffers the after 
effect, giving her low ESP powers. Elisa will not be able to have children of 
her own like The Boss and Big Boss, but she has hopes for Big Boss when he 
becomes a "father" two years after their encounter in Les Enfants Terribles 
Project. Ursula foresaw Big Boss plunging the world into fear, and Elisa foresaw
Big Boss stopping Metal Gear RAXA. Elisa claims that it was the first time 
their visions weren't the same, but before her death, she realized they were one
and the same. In her final moment, she tries to explain to Big Boss that he 
will destroy Gene's Metal Gear, and then create another Metal Gear in its place.
One son will bring the world into ruins, and one son will save the world.


(Official background) FOX Unit's interrogation specialist and former CIA 
lieutenant, Cunningham has but one mission -- capture Snake and extract the 
location of the missing half of the Philosophers' Legacy. VOICE: Noah Nelson

Consider him to be another Ocelot. Also known as Boa in FOX Unit, he is an 
interrogation specialist for his unit, and a former CIA lieutenant. After 
losting his right leg, the CIA gave Cunningham a desk job, but this did not go 
well with him. He later became the Pentagon's triple agent. He pretends to take 
orders from Gene and the CIA, but his loyalty is with the DOD. Cunningham's 
order in San Hieronymo Peninsula was to provoke Gene to launch Metal Gear RAXA 
into Russia and then destroy the abandon facility where Gene was operating. His 
second order was to retrieve information regarding the other half of the 
Philosophers' Legacy from Big Boss, but Big Boss didn't know anything. Big Boss 
had thought the CIA had the Legacy as a whole after Operation Snake Eater, and 
he was surprised to learn that they only got half of the Legacy.


(Official background) A graduate of the Successor Project, Gene was a top-secret
government experiment designed to create the ultimate battlefield commander. 
Now the leader of the FOX Unit, Gene has seceded from the U.S. and now threatens
to turn the Cold War into a blazing hot one. VOICE: Steve Blum

Also known as Viper, he is the leader of the rebel FOX Unit. He is also a 
graduate of the Successor Project, a top secret experiment of the U.S. 
Government. This made him to be the ultimate battlefield commander. He has the 
skills to wage war, the aptitude for strategy, the endurance to return from 
battle alive, and the charisma to overwhelm and master the hearts of soldiers. 
Gene's fighting style is patterned after The Boss, and his reflex is much faster
than Null's. Gene's voice is endowed with a special power, ESP a the result of 
the Successor Project. With his voice, he can make soldiers feel all sorts of 
emotions. In MPO, Gene gives the Red Army the courage to continue fighting for 
him, and later he puts fear into their heart. The fear of betrayal led the Red 
Army to shoot their own comrades. Gene wants to create a nation for soldiers 
called Army's Heaven, a place where soldiers aren't tools of the government. 
It would be in the shadows, and they would intervene with wars around the globe.
Gene has amassed amount of funds to create his Army's Heaven. After Big Boss 
defeated Gene, he tells Big Boss to find his calling and gives him Army's Heaven
funding. In MPO, Ocelot was feeding Gene information; however, he knew Ocelot 
alone couldn't have gathered all the information he needed. Gene also knew what 
Cunningham, the CIA, and the Pentagon were planning, but he had no intention of 
giving what they wanted. Gene's ultimate plan was to launch RAXA into the U.S. 
and destroy the Philosophers' base, the CIA's headquarters and the Pentagon. He 
wanted to rid the whole of the Philosophers, and make the world whole again, in 
almost the same way Volgin wanted to, being a dictator. Prior to MPO, Gene 
rescued Sokolov from Groznyj Grad and Elisa from East Germany, both are grateful
of Gene.



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