What are the requirements to get Foxhound rank?

  1. Hey, I'd like to know what are the exact requirements to get Foxhound rank in this game, thanks.

    User Info: saman0sukex

    saman0sukex - 8 years ago


  1. LOL reeealy hard and boring: no killz no alert but cation is ok and very quick time! Good luck you will need it.

    User Info: NOBLEWOLF85

    NOBLEWOLF85 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. i got foxhound rank.i dont know the time limit ur supposed to beat it but here are my finishing results.
    also ive read somewhere that the games detects if u used stealth or whatever..thats not true cause i used stealth in every mission..i dont know how to put a picture in here so if u tell me how i will put one as proof..also i tried to keep the saves under five.so save after python and after cunningham...u need to save after cunningham so you can go capture soldiers because if u get caught u dont have to fight cunningham again. oh and STAMINA KILL the ppl ok.excpet for metal gear cause u cant stamina kill it hahah.

    PLAY TIME_____ 4:00HRS

    also to get soldiers fast get someone who has the athlete and rescuer ability at the same time.if u cant get one with both abilities then find a way.anyways just go to the airport capture the two soldiers then go inside capture the two soldiers and abort mission.aborting doesnt affect your end results.then do this over and over until u get 100

    User Info: drkboy

    drkboy - 8 years ago 0 0

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