Where can I get camos and body armor?

  1. Where can I get the camoflauge suit and the body armor? soonerfan333 - 13 years ago - report


  1. You find them by doing the spy reports, and searching every nook and cranny. At least that's how I found them. rs_pwner - 13 years ago - report 2   0
  2. Body armor is in security base (not patrol base), you have to crawl through some vent to a storage room.

    Camo can only be obtained when your tech level is at 99.

    Of course, both items or multiple of them can be obtained by playing online match, you just have to kill the soldiers that have them.
    HaifanK - 13 years ago - report 2   0
  3. What I did was I found the body armor in the prison. This may take several tries. Firewing502 - 13 years ago - report 1   0
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