PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File10/30/06mastermanv538K
Almost At the end of Chapter 6, Aang level 29 mastered all poweres, Kitara Level 26 Half Mastered, Sakka level 17 no upgrades, and Haru level 27 half powers mastered, 2,050 skill points availible and 2,174 cash.
Save Game File11/03/06lucubrate38K
Avatar Chapter 1 - Skills complete
Save Game File06/29/07TLR_38K
Chapter 7, Endgame Save Point. Lv61 Aang, Lv60 Katara, Lv61 Sokka, Lv60 Haru. All powers MASTERED. Skill Points: 8,620. Money: 63,965.
Save Game File12/12/09Blah69442K
lvl 40+ - last boss - 100% finished
Save Game File11/02/06mastermanv538K
Saved Before Last Fight In Avatar State, Aang LVL 35 Maxed Out, Sokka Maxed Out LVL 21, Katara LVL 27 Maxed Out, Haru LVL 29 Maxed Out
Save Game File02/04/07karizmatikberko41K
Saved before the last boss Aang @lvl 44, sokka @lvl 28, katara @lvl31, Haru @lvl 29

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File07/25/18ZeoKnight39K
100% complete. All abilities unlocked, 100,000 money, Aang & Katara are level 70, Sokka & Haru are level 57

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