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FAQ/Walkthrough by DarknessOfMyth

Version: 0.35 | Updated: 07/17/07

SOCOM: US Navy SEALS Fire Team Bravo 2

-Platform: PSP

-Complete Guide

-Guide by Kranti Nebhwani (Kranti1992 in gamefaqs.com)

-Email: kn_the_glove@hotmail.com		

-Version: 0.3 

Copyright Kranti Nebhwani 2006 

Version History

0.1- Basically finished the layout of the guide. ready to start filling it in
     with information!

0.2- Finished the introductions and getting started sections.

0.3- Completed all except "The Story" of the SOCOM basics chapter, corrected
     some minor mistakes.

0.4- Added "Your Teammate" section in basics chapter, added a few weapons in
     weapons chapter, started the walkthrough.

Legal Information
This guide may not be copied either in part or whole under any circumstances,
unless use of the copied part of the guide is private. It may not be placed on
any website without authors permission. This guide may not be sold, shown, 
used etc without note of author's name and author's permission, it is strictly
prohibited to do so, and is in violation of copyright. 

Note that I've taken alot of time and effort into making this FAQ, so please
respect my guide and everything that's in it. Thank you.

These are the following websites that are welcome to use are guide:

1. www.gamefaqs.com

2. www.gamespot.com

3. www.gamefly.com

4. www.1up.com

5. www.socomhq.boardzero.com 

6. www.cheatcc.com

7. www.supercheats.com

8. www.ign.com

If any other webs want to use my guide, sure, as long as you ask me first.

Contact Information
To contact me just email me. My email is at the front of the guide so if you
need it just direct yourselves to the top!

When contacting me you can ask any sort of question as long as it's to do with 
a the game, a comment on my guide, or mistakes in my guide. I'll post you a 
reply as soon as possible. Also remember to say if you don't want to be in the
Frequently Asked Questions section. If you dont mind you dont need to say 
anything extra just post your message. Thanks for the cooperation.

>Table Of Contents<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+Section 1: Introduction
         +1.1- Welcome, soldier
         +1.2- Myself

+Section 2: Getting Started
         +2.1- Complete Controls
         +2.2- Gamescreen 
         +2.3- Main Menu

+Section 3: SOCOM Basics
         +3.1- Your TCM & TCAs
         +3.2- Basics and Field Tactics
         +3.3- Your CE (Command Equity)
         +3.4- Your LI (Local Influence)
         +3.5- Your Teammate
         +3.6- The Story

+Section 4: Weapons & Equipment
         +4.1- Introduction
         +4.2- Rifles
         +4.3- SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns)
         +4.4- Machine Guns
         +4.5- Snipers
         +4.6- Shotguns
         +4.7- Launchers
         +4.8- Explosives
         +4.9- Attachments
         +4.10- Equipments
+Section 5: Campaign Walkthrough
         +5.1- Introduction
         +5.2- Mission 1::Eagle's Nest::
         +5.3- Mission 2::Last Harvest::
         +5.4- Mission 3::Shift Change::
         +5.5- Mission 4::Dragon's Den::
         +5.6- Mission 5::Traffic Control::
         +5.7- Mission 6::Cascade Effect::
         +5.8- Mission 7:
         +5.9- Mission 8:
         +5.10- Mission 9:
         +5.11- Mission 10:
         +5.12- Mission 11:
         +5.13- Mission 12:
         +5.14- Mission 13:
         +5.15- Mission 14:

+Section 6: Extras
         +6.1- F.A.Q.
         +6.2- Codes & Tricks
         +6.3- Review
         +6.4- Multiplayer
         +6.5- Extra cool stuff to try

+Section 7: Closing
         +7.1- See Ya!
         +7.2- Credits

>Section 1: Introduction<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+1.1- Welcome, Soldier

Hey, great gamers! I made this guide for the excellent SOCOM 2 for the PSP,
since I was surprised to find that after several months of release the game 
hasn't had a guide posted yet. So here it is, with detailed basics, weapons
and walkthrough chapters to help you with the game. There's also a great 
extras section for you to check out. Come back frequently for updates since I
have a holiday in school now, expect loads of updates!!

You'll experience a lot of real world team tactics in this game, as well as 
shooting, the weapons and cool situations. In order to fully grasp the fun 
gameplay of SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 2 I recommend you to read the 'getting 
started' and 'SOCOM basics' sections first. Reading the game manual will also
help. Ok thats enough talk..

Now go enjoy the guide!

Your pal, Kranti.

+1.2- Myself

This is a little introduction on myself, so you know what my gaming experience
is like.

My whole gaming experience started way back when I was a kid of age 7, when I
got my first gaming console- the NES. It was a great experience, and it still 
reminds me of the great super mario bros and other cool games. But obvioulsy
the NES didn't start making me game regularly since I was small. A year after
my beloved aunt gave me a SNES and it was even better, soccer games, mario
kart and the like was all a great experience. But then again they were treated
more like toys than real consoles, so my real gaming experience didn't quite 
start there. Not until 1 and a half years later when my aunt (she's great man)
gave me my first console which I did love and pick games for- the sony's 
playstation. I had over 50 games on the PS, and I tryed to get through most of 
them instead of playing each a bit everytime just for fun. I had It for one &
half more years before my dad finaly let me buy the Xbox, which was actually 
the real start of my gaming experience. I chose games more carefully, read 
reviews and news about games, tryed to complete every game to 100 %, started
to listen to the games story, and also started to make my own reviews and 
guides. I've had it for more than 4 years, and I have over 30 games on it. 
Finaly I recieved my PSP sometime in late 2005, which I give the same respect 
to. I got loads of great games like GTA: LCS, FIFA world cup, NFS: Underground
rivals, Brothers in Arms and of course SOCOM: US Navy SEALS fire team bravo 2.

So y'see, I have a pretty straight forward gaming life, but the places I cant
forget is the times I played games like Final Fantasty on PS, Halo 1 & 2, 
Conker: live & reloaded and Timesplitters on the Xbox, and finaly GTA and 
SOCOM 2 on the PSP. So here I bring you my second guide ever, on one of the 
best shooters (and best games too) for the awesome playstation portable.


>Section 2: Getting Started<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Before we actually start trying the amazingly satsfying stuff SOCOM: FTB 2 has
to offer, we should definitley get started by learing some of the easy basics.
Soldiers don't go shooting terrorists before they go through their training
right? So get to it.

+2.1- Complete Controls

Here are the complete contorls for the game. The controls are laid out really 
comfortably for you, so memorize them and you'll have a great time with the 

KEY: (This key applied to the whole guide not just only this section)
     (A) stick- Analog stick
     R & L Button- Left and right shoulder buttons
     D-pad- The direction pad.
     /\ Button- Triangle Button
     [] Button- Square Button
     O Button- Circle Button
     X Button- Cross Button

The Controls

 (A) stick- Move character forwards/backwards, or turn left/right.

 D-pad- UP: Zoom in Vision Mode. (May require multiple taps for various 
        DOWN: Zoom out in Vision Mode. (May require multiple taps for various 

        LEFT: Toggle firing mode (tap).
              Open equipment panel (hold).

        RIGHT: Activate/Deactivate Free-Look mode.

 /\ button- Change Stance to stand/crouch/prone (tap).
            Weapon/Grenade quick swap (hold). If your holding a grenade, 
            holding /\ takes out your primary weapon and vice versa.

 [] Button- Special Action (tap). Perform various actions when available like
            opening doors when your near one, restrain a civilian if your near
            one, etc, depending on where you are.
            Reload weapon (hold).

 O Button- Open TCM (Team Command Menu, Tap).
           Execute TCA (Team Command Action, Hold).

 X Button- Fire/throw/deploy your current weapon.

 R Button- Target lock-on (hold).
 L Button- Strafe mode on (Plus use (A) stick to go left/right, Hold).

           Cycle through targets (when locked-on a target).

 SELECT Button- Open TacMap.

 START Button- Open pause menu/pause game.

So thats the controls for the game, all layed out nicely for you :) 
+2.2- Gamescreen

The gamescreen of SOCOM: FTB 2 is, well, pretty cool. It includes some good 
information on you and your team, such as how stealty you are, and your health
statuses. There's also things like compasses with objective markers, and also
info on your current weapon. All of the gamescreen provided info will be 
explained here, so there's no worries if you don't know what something means.
Checking out the game manual will help you too. 

THE GAMESCREEN________________________________________________________________
                                                                    |  [3] ^|
                                                                    | o  N  |

     [4] /\
        /  \
        Echo                           |
                                     - . -
 /            |-/                                        [5] =================
 |  ---| |-----                                              -----------------  
 | /   | |\                                                 | SANDMAN       ||
  /     -       [2]                                          -----------------
 /-----  ---------\                                         | WRAITH        ||
(  III || 27/125   )                                         -----------------
 \-----  ---------/                                          =================

 [1]- Crosshairs/weapon reticle

This shows where your weapon fire will be going when you press X. It turns red
when you position it over an enemy, and if you are close enough to the enemy,
(depends on what the range for targeting an enemy is with your current weapon)
you can press and hold R to lock-on to him. A red target box will appear 
around the enemy.

Different weapon types like launchers, grenades and rifles have different 
types of crosshairs. No matter what the reticle is like, when the crosshair
lines are further apart it means the accuracy is lower because the bullet 
spread is going to be greater. This applies when you're moving or turning, so 
to maintain better accuracy simply keep still while you're firing.

 [2]- Weapon display

In the bottom left corner of the screen you can see that there's a weapon info
box where it shows you the amount of ammunition for the weapon and the firing

The left box shows the current firing mode, it can be a mode like Auto, Burst,
or Single, with a 5 bullets, 3 bullets, or single bullet sign respectively.
There are also different firing modes like launcher mode, but im not going to
explain each one here, check the weapons section if you want to know all the 
different types of firing modes. 

The right box shows the amount of ammunition you got for your weapon. The left
number indicates the ammo in your current weapon, while the right number shows
the amount of spare ammo you have with you.

The picture above show you the weapon that you have in-hand currently, and 
that both the info given below it applies to that weapon. The weapon image 
disappears after a while so if you want to see your current weapon just open
your equipment panel or change your weapons mode.

 [3] Compass 

Located at the top right corner of the screen is your compass. It provides 
some really helpful indicators for you, so while playing the game you should
always check the compass for these following indicators:

N- The letter N represents the direction of North. Not for any real purpose
   actually, but gives your compass a "realistic" look and feel.

^- If there is a chevron like this that is yellow, this shows you the location
   of the nearby navigation points. Although you can see the navigation point
   on the screen if there is one, having one on the compass can be helpful too
   if you are checking other stuff like enemy locations at the same time too.

O- A yellow circle with a coned light attached to it is you. It is always at
   the center of the compass and the coned light shows the direction you are

o- A blue dot represents your teammate. It can be useful to see if your 
   teammate is following you by checking the compass for the blue dot, instead
   of turning around and checking your teammate every single time.

o- A red dot represents a enemy that is visible or within visible range. You 
   can use this indicator to plan your route when using stealth since you'll
   know where to avoid the enemies.

*- Your objective marker is shown as a star (bigger than this one). Sometimes
   you need to open up your TacMap and "snap to" your objective with the O
   button for the star to become available on the compass. You can use this to
   help you locate your next objective without checking your TacMap.

 [4] Navigation Point

Navigation points are basically indicators to show you a key point in the area
you are taking the mission in (aka Op area). The number above or below it 
shows the distance to the next nav point. Following navigation points can help
guide you through the op area, wihtout getting lost. Sometimes it shows a
point of a certain area when you need it, like the point of the Hangars. If 
that is the case then the name of the nav point on the screen (shown as a big
yellow chevron) will be called the name of the point. If not, the names of the
nav points will be random, like Delta, Echo, Romeo, India, etc. Like the one I
drew in the gamescreen above shows "Echo".

 [5] Team status panel

The team status panel shows several things that is important for your mission

The top box with the name SANDMAN inside is info fo your character, since you
are SANDMAN in this game. The bar beside his name actually has something 
beside it too, but since the things I can draw is limited with things on the
keyboard so I didn't include it on the gamescreen I made above. There's 
supposed to be a soldier icon beside your name, indicating your current 
position/stance. So if you're crouching, the soldier will be crouched, if your
prone the soldier will be lying on his stomach, and so on and so forth.

The vertical bar beside your stance indicator is your concealment indicator. 
It shows how stealthy you are in the field and that reflects how easy the 
enemy can detect you. If the bar becomes brighter, it means you are being more
visible and/or more loud. If it becomes completely white it means your 
location is very visible or will be known to the enemy if you come across one.
If it is darker, then you are being more stealthy (covered, unseen, quiet) and
the enemy will find it harder to find or notice you. If it is completely dark,
then unless you touch the enemy or you are in the open ground with the sun 
shining your fellow enemies won't find you. If the bar turns red however, that 
means all enemies are aware of your presence completely. But his only happens
if you fire with a non silenced weapon usually. 

The horizontal bar beside above your name in green is your health bar. It 
depletes when you are hit by gun fire, explosives, or enemies' melee attacks.
To refill it just use a medikit and it will be comletely replenished.

The box below SANDMAN's box (or your box, rather) is your team mates box, and
all the indicators mean the same as explained above except they apply to that
teammate. The name in the box shows the name of your team mate, it can be one
of the three available in the game depending on which one you chose for that
certain mission.


So that is all the information for your gamescreen!! Make sure you learn what
each indicator/icon means before you start playing.   
+2.3- Main Menu

The main menu of SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fire Team Bravo 2 (ok that name's too 
long, from now on the title will be shortened as SOCOM: FTB 2..) is layed out
well so that you can easily find what you want from the main menu onwards.

The main menu consists:

-Campaign: Leads you to the great single player action where you can find all
           the main missions, dynamic missions, the stats of your overall
           mission performances and crosstalk stuff.

-Infrastructure: This option only appears if you have connected online and you 
                 are able to play online. By going into this option you can
                 experience the other great side of SOCOM: FTB 2- the online

-Ad Hoc: It's ok if you can't play online, you can always play with your 
         friends (or strangers nearby) through ad hoc. You can also have up to 
         16 players using this way.

-Profiles: You can change and customize all the settings for your profile and 
           the single/multiplayer settings here. You can also change, delete
           create new profiles in this option.  

>Section 3: SOCOM Basics<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ok soldier. So you've reached the basics section of the guide eh? Well this 
won't be as easy as getting started, since you learn all the advanced basics
here in this chapter. So focus now, and only after you learn these important
tactics & basics will you be able to master the game. Or own your friends. 
Either way you'd like it so get reading guys!

+3.1- Your TCM & TCAs

Ok first things first. What is a TCM or TCA? Read what follows to know..

TCM: The TCM is your Team Command Menu. It's used to order your teammate to do
     what you want him to, in order to assist you in the mission objective or
     tell him to help you open a door or plant a mine.
To open up your TCM, tap the O button. A menu will appear, with the 4 main 
options surrounding the centre square being (from top turning clockwise) "Move
To Crosshairs", "Deploy", "Cover Target", and "Tactical". Beside the "Deploy"
and "Tactical" commands will be other options of that type of command, like
"Follow" beside Tactical for example. What they do and what they mean are 
explained here:

"Move To Crosshairs"

This is simply telling tour teammate to move to where your crosshair is 
pointing at. So it's better if you use freelook (press right on the D-pad) to
gain control of your crosshair, and then point to a point where you want your
teammate to go to with your (A) stick and then select this option. There's 
also a faster way to do this but it'll be explained later in the "TCA" section 


Your teammate will deploy whatever you tell them to if it is possible for them
at the situation. The things you tell them to deploy is selected beside the 
"Deploy" option. They are (usually):

+Flashbang: Tell them to throw a flashbang to where you are pointing at.

+Stinger: Tell them to deploy a stinger to where you are pointing at.

+M7-A3: Tell them to deploy a M7-A3 to where you are pointing at.

Other options or differences may depend on what your teammate has in his 
equipment panel.

"Cover Target"

You can point your reticle at a certain thing and issue this command to tell
them to protect it. He will then move to it and shoot any hostiles that come
near it. Great when you want your teammate to protect something for you 
instead of always bringing him there and then telling him to hold position.


Beside the Tactical option will be it's sub-options, and you can select them 
to let your teammate perform these various commands:

+Fire at will: Tell you teammate to fire at anything he wants to, so basically
               he will shoot as soon as he sees a hostile.

+Hold fire: Select this to tell them to hold fire and keep him from shooting
            unless he is fired upon or you are in danger. A good command if 
            you want to use stealth and tell them to not shoot or you're 
            afraid he'll hit a civilian target.

+Follow: You'll probably end up using this command the most out of all, since 
         it obviously tells your teammate to follow you. Once you select this 
         option your teammate will follow where ever you go, covering your 
         back and changing his stance as you do. So if you crouch, he will 
         also do so.

+Hold position: This will tell your teammate to hold his current position and
                don't go away. You can't leave him for too far though, but 
                it's useful if you want to enter, say, a building yourself 
                first to check it out.

So there are the main options in your TCM, but when you point your reticle at
a door and then tap the O button the TCM will consist 4 options that are 

"Open Door"

Tell your teammate to open the door you are pointing at. Only applys if your
reticle is positioned over a closed door.

"Close Door"

This option only appears if your crosshair is positoned over a OPENED doorway.
Tells your teammate to open the door for you without entering.

"Move and Clear"

Tells your teammate to open the door for you and immediately engage in what is
beind the door. There's a easier way of issuing this command but it'll be 
explained in the TCA section below.

"Bang and Clear"

Tells your teammate to open the door and toss a flash bang grenade before they

"Frag and Clear"

Tells your teammate to open the door and toss a frag grenade before they enter
the room/place.

So those are the numerous options you have in your TCM! I know this game has
some great team commands, and they also work almost perfectly with style. It's
important that you master using your TCM to help you with missions.

But now, you still need to learn what a TCA is..

TCA: The TCA is your Team Command Action. This is a faster way of issuing 
     orders to your teammate, you just have to point your crosshair somewhere
     and HOLD the O button. If you aren't pointing at something in particular,
     you will issue a "Move To Crosshair" command to your teammate. All the 
     possible TCA commands are explained below.

"Move to Crosshair"

Tell them to move to a place by pointing somewhere and holding the O button.
This is a faster way then opening the TCM and then selecting "Move to 

"Move and Clear"

When you point to a door, the words "Move and Clear" should appear above your
team status panel. At that time if you hold O you can order your teammate to
open the door and engage anything that is on the other side. A alternative way
of selecting the command from your TCM.


When you point your crosshairs at something that can be diabled or sabotaged 
by your teammate the words Disable or Sabotage will appear above your team
status panel. You can then hold O to tell them to disable or sabotage the 
vehicle, object or whatever it is your pointing at.


The words Defuse will appear above your team status panel when you point your
crosshairs to a bomb that your teammate can defuse. By holding O at that time
you can order your teammate to defuse the bomb.

So there are the TCA commands! Remember to master both of these team commands
to fully take advantage of having a team mate with you. Using him will also 
increase your team work score therefore increase your overall grade for that
mission after you complete it.

+3.2- Basics and Field Tactics

There's loads of tactics and stuff like that you can perform while playing
SOCOM: FTB 2, so I thought that it would be good if I included the main basics
that will show you what the main tactics, maneuvers and actions are.

Using Cover

One of the most important filed tactic of all- using cover. Your health goes
down quick whilst you get shot upon in SOCOM: FTB 2 since the game is being
realistic, so using cover is always necessary.

Using cover is easy, all you have to do is find some sort of object, wall or 
building that can block off most of the enemies shots while you swap weapons,
reload or even take a short breath. It's best to use crouching to hide behind
your cover, so that the cover will have more effect and the enemy will 
obviously find it harder to hit you.


Positioning and stance is what you need to think about in order to shoot out 
the most accurate bullets and take out your enemy in the least amount of time.

Your stance should be changed constantly throughout the mission you're playing
in or in multiplayer. Standing normally is ok when you are trying to get from
place to place normally, but it decreases your accuracy if you stand. So even
if you aren't being extra careful or using stealth, coruching will still 
increase accuracy and decrease the chance of you getting hit by your enemy.

Usng prone further decreases the enemies' accuracy, and yours will be steadier
so its great position for sniping and such. Obviously you can't stay prone all
the time it'll take too long to get from one place to the other, but using it
at the right time makes a difference.

Positioning is basically where you decide to stand to take on hostiles. You 
can always position yourselves normally, keeping some distance until you can
lock on to the enemy but sometimes getting up close is better and more 
effective, but you'll also have to think about cover. So generally speaking,
going close but still keeping distance for cover is the most efficient way of
engaging hostiles. 


Shooting of course, is needed for your mission successes. Yes, you can always 
use items and other equipment to complete the missions, but no matter how 
stealthy you are or how many items & equipment you bring you will most 
certainly be shooting with some sort of weapon.

How to shoot is easy to plan out, but it depends on the weapon you are using.
Since we will probably use some sort of machinegun or rifle as our primary 
weapon, I will explain when and how to shoot depending on the situation with
a machinegun or rifle. 

First, using a weapon with different firing modes is always the best, and you
should always considering equiping a low scope on your weapon so you can get
those head shots when you gat a chance. When you progress through a mission or
in multiplayer you should always remain the firing mode at burst if it's 
available for more accuracy, but if it's not then you should put it on full 
auto. When a enemy comes into view you should always shoot it only if you can
lock onto him, unless you want to shoot him from close range. When you fire,
its always the best if you keep firing in bursts rather then full continuous
fire until the magizine is emptied, this remains the best accuracy. When you 
see a enemy in a distance without noticing you, you should try to head shot
him with your scope or using free look if your close enough. When you do this
remember to use single bullets as the firing mode so you can fire a clean, one
hit kill shot.

So you can see shooting is easy, you just need to know what to use and how to
shoot in the situation. Don't worry, after a while you'll automatically know
when to do what naturally.

Melee Combat

Melee combat is very useful whatever the situation is, becuase the two melee
attacks you can perform in the game is very effective. But then they aren't 
that easily used without getting hurt yourself, so you still need some 
practice before you can pull off some highly skilled melee attacks.

Rifle Butt

The first melee attack you may know to use is this one, the rifle butt. It's
exactly the same as the melee moves of any FPS, you basically hit the opponent
with the end of your weapon. To do this, just get close to your enemy so that
you can see that you can reach him if you put your hand out, and a on-screen
prompt will say "rifle butt" with a [] button sign beside. At that point just
press [] to butt the enemy with your weapon. Your enemy should fall back, and
at that point you can finish him off or butt him once or twice more to make
him surrender which is a alternative method of using non-lethal weapons. Also
remember that if you advance to the enemy the on-screen prompt may take a 
second to appear, so you can just press [] without seeing the prompt if you 
want to pull off the move quickly (I mean whyu wait for the prompt..).


Your other melee move that is lethal unlike the rifle butt. To knife someone 
is difficult, since you need to use stealth to get behind a enemy. To pull off
the move just keep quiet and preferably crouch, slowly advancing till you get
to the back of the enemy where a on-screen promt will read "[] Knife". So you
can then knife the guy by pressing [], it's incredibly satisfying and cool 
when you perform it, and plus you get to finish off the enemy with one blow :)


Using stealth is something you must know how to do to succeed in SOCOM: FTB 2,
and it is definitely not a very easy maneuver.

Ok for one thing, you need patience, and you also then need to be calm and 
steady. Some people will find it hard but once you know how to use stealth to
your advantage it's really cool and satifying. 

To use basic stealth, change your stance to crouching. If you stand, it'll be
very, very hard to use, so thats why we crouch- keeps us less visible and more
quiet when we move. After crouching if you want to use crouch to get through
a area of enemies then move slowly, preferably only pushing half of the (A)
stick. Remember to keep distance from your enemies, unless you are trying to 
get behing for a knife kill. Always use at least a low silencer to suppress 
your weapon incase you have to fire. 

When you have doubts and think that the enemies will catch you, go prone. Oh
and of course, you have a stealth/concealment indicator that shows how 
stealthy you are, so if you get it really dark then you'll be absolutely fine
even if you think the enemy is going to see you- they won't. But becareful not
to touch them or be directly in front of them that is.   

So practice using stealth if you aren't comfortable with it and soon it'll be
easier (stealth is never very easy) and you'll be knifing enemies from behind
and roaming (quitely) through enemy terroritory without them noticing in no

+3.3- Your CE (Command Equity)

CE, your Command Equity points are pretty much the "cash" in the game where 
you can use it to buy more weapons, items, armor etc. This adds a really cool
feel to the SOCOM game and should make you try and earn more CEs. 

Earning them is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is complete 
missions, whether it's dynamic or main missions. The amount of CE you will 
earn is always shown before you start the mission in the mission lobby. You 
can also earn extra points by finding intel, destroying illegal stuff, and
other bonus objectives in any mission.

They can be used to purchase things in you armory for help in your further 
missions. There's plenty to buy in SOCOM, so don't worry about having nothing
to buy after you get all the weapons. You can also buy clothes and objects for
your character in multiplayer. 

Your CE is always shown on the bottom bar of the screen in the game menus.

+3.4- Your LI (Local Influence)

Local Influence is how the locals of Adjikistan respond to you. How they 
think of you improves by you performing more safer actions and helpful 
decisions. This means restraining hostages, civilians and all the people that
should be safely secured and rescued. You can also improve the LI by using 
non-lethal weapons or by using stun grenades to make enemies surrender, then
restraining them.

The higher your LI, the more information the locals will tell you (you will 
get their info in the Intel Dossier screen of the Mission Lobby). You will 
also gain access to loads of new black market weapons that are useful and
always fun to use. The higher your LI is, the more black market weapons you
will unlock.

Your LI, like your CE, is always shown on the bottom bar of the game menus.

+3.5- Your Teammate

Your teammate is an impotant role in SOCOM: FTB 2, since without him you will
find it really hard to complete any mission at all. You can only take one
teammate with you, but then it's actually better that way. This is because if
your teammate dies, you fail the mission too, so if you have too many 
teammates to take care of you would end up being crazed about teammate's 
constantly depleting health and you having to refill it all the time.

For most of the time, you dont have to worry about your teammate becuase they
are smart enough to take cover and fire for themselves. But you can still 
issue the many well-made commands available, which can always aid you. Look in 
section 3.2 for a full list and explanation of the team commands.

You have 3 different teammates that you can choose to use in the game, each
with there own specialities and weaknesses. Here they are:

(3 *'s indicate the best performance fot that skill).


Stealthiness: ***

Range with weapons: **

Assualt Abillity: * 

My favourite teammate is this stealthy soldier. He has the best stealth 
overall, has pretty good range with weapons but is not really the best in 
taking down enemies. Great for stealth missions, he'll prove to you as the 
best ally in all stealth situations.


Stealthiness: *

Range with weapons: *

Assualt Ability: ***

This guy is a "shoot first ask questions later" dude (he'll still listen to
your HOLD FIRE command though haha). Let him use any weapon and he'll always 
take down the enemy in the a quick powerful way. He prefers to use some heavy
machine guns that he can just blast upon the hostiles. But don't expect him to
have good range with his weapons, and don't expect him to be able to be 
stealthy, this is not the guy for that job. Excellent for assualt missions.


Stealthiness: **

Range with weapons: ***

Assualt Ability: **

This is the "sniper guy" if you wanna see it that way. Lonestar has excellent
range with his weapons, can use some stealth and has a decent assualting skill
against your fellow Tangoes. Best when using the sniper rifles, he's good to 
use on any mission but best when you need some stealth and kills from afar. 

So that's your teammates guys, choose wisely before you star each mission, 
your choice can effect your mission greatly! Now onto the story..
+3.6- The Story

In this section you will find the prologue, second, third etc, parts of the
story. So there are spoilers if you dont want to know what happens in the 
future, so only read the prologue if you are in the earlier stages of the game
or you just got it.


The SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS are a team/organization of proffessionaly trained
soldiers that send out teams of operatives to eliminate terrorists, solve 
problems to do with drugs or any other illegal activities, and rescue & secure
hostages. The teams are separated to groups such as Fireteam Alpha and Bravo. 
Since the game's name is called SOCOM US Navy SEALS Fireteam Bravo, you should 
have relised that the team you will play as is Fireteam Bravo. So as the game
starts, It's basically where a team of US Navy SEALS crash down on a 
Helicopter as the result of terrorists' fire. So on your first mission you are
inserted to this snowy mountain place in Kajikistan to find out what led to 
the crash and what the terrorists wanted. The story goes on from there.  

Section 4: Weapons & Equipment<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+4.1- Introduction

What makes SOCOM: US navy SEALs Fire Team Bravo 2 so good? Well, one of the
big reasons is it's excellent choice of weapons, where the game has a wide
selection and are made with different chararistics. Even more, they are all
real-life weapons, with real life information provided with the weapon. They
act real, sound real, and handle real. The great variety of weapons really 
makes SOCOM: FTB 2 something special that very few other games have to offer.

So that's really why there's this section in the guide, where you will get to 
see all of the weapons available, whether it's gut-busting shotguns or really
damn powerful RPGs, I've wrote it here with detailed explanations and stats. 
So now go and enjoy the weapons section!

+4.2- Rifles

One of the most important main weapons in the game, and probably the type of
weapon you'll use the most of the time, in any situation. This is not saying
that if you nearly never use it as your main weapon that you're weird, but I'm
just saying the rifles are basically the main weapons for everyone.

They all have decent fire power, good accuracy, a good clip size and a nice
targeting range. There are loads of different types though, so check it out

(Available at the start of the game)

FP: 7
AC: 8
TR: 40 Feet

Ammo Clip: 30
Fire Modes: Burst, Single

Overall: 10

Information: This is one of the best assault rifles in the world (and of 
course in the game too) and it's always SANDMAN's defualt weapon. If you are 
not picky, then you'd use this weapon for most of the missions. There are lots 
of attachments for this weapon, such as gernade launchers, silencers and all
types of scopes. Generally assault rifles dont get any better than this one,
your looking at one of the top weapons in this game.

(LI cost: Average)

FP: 8
AC: 7
TR: 40 Feet

Ammo Clip: 30
Fire Modes: Full Auto, Single

Overall: 8

Information: One of the most famous assault rifles invented by Russia is an
killer offensive weapon. Although you cannot silence this weapon, you can 
still add the gernade launcher attachment and the 2X scope. This weapon has
a lower accuracy then other weapons, but then it has increased fire power. 
In the game it'll be mostly the enemies that'll be using this weapon, so you 
get many chances to try the AK-47 before you unlock it. A pretty great weapon
overall that should consider to be used for certain assualt missions.

+4.3- SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns)

One of the main choices as secondary weapons, the SMGs are perfect for close 
to long range encounters with enemies. They aren't always powerful but they 
have pretty good stats all round, and there's a huge variety of types to 
choose from. So anyone should find a type of SMG they like, I like the really
powerful F90 :) Ok onto the SMGs.. 

(LI cost: Superb)

FP: 7
AC: 5
TR: 20 Feet

Ammo Clip: 50
Fire Modes: Full Auto, Single
Fire Rate: 900 rounds per minute

Overall: 8

Information: For a secondary weapon, the P90 is pretty damn powerful. It has
a decent clip size which means less reloading, and it also has a fast fire 
rate. But because of the fire rate, when firing at full auto the accuracy 
decreases. All in all, there's ups and downs for the F90, but its one of the
best SMGs you can find in the game. Thats why its got that solid 8 overall, 
but you still need to have a superb local influence to use it.

9mm SUB
(LI cost: Average)

FP: 5
AC: 5
TR: 20 Feet

Ammo Clip: 30
Fire Modes: Full Auto, Single
Fire Rate: 950 rounds per minute

Overall: 6

Information: Not only is this the most popular smg in the world, it also has
one of the fastest fire rates out of all the weapons. Its really light and 
small, but it doesnt have a really good accuracy. A good choice for a 
secondary weapon out of the SMGs, but once you got other smgs to choose from
I recommend you select another one.

(Available at the start of the game)

FP: 7
AC: 5

Ammo Clip: 30
Fire Modes: Full Auto, Burst, Single
Fire Rate: 700 rounds per minute

Overall: 6.5

Information: This, like the F90, is one of the most powerful SMGs in the game.
it has a pretty slow fire rate though (for a smg) but has 3 firing modes
including burst to maintain accuracy. A pretty decent weapon overall.

+4.4- Machine Guns

Coming soon!

+4.5- Snipers

Coming soon!

+4.6- Shotguns

Coming soon!

+4.7- Launchers

Coming soon!

+4.8- Explosives

Coming soon!

+4.9- Attachments

Coming soon!

+4.10- Equipments

Coming soon!

>Section 5: Campaign Walkthrough<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+5.1- Introduction 

Yeah, congrats, you've reached the main part of this guide- the walkthrough 
for the Campaign mode in SOCOM 2!!

This game has an incredible single player portion, it will most definitely
fullfill what everyone that likes shooting, tactics, etc, wants. It's a 
thrilling action-packed story and game throughout, and you'll be satisfyed for
sure in the end. There's hardly any games on the PSP that have such replay
value, variety, length, accurateness, combined all together in single player.

I have divided my walkthrough into 14 different sections- 1 section for each 
mission. I've also provided detailed stats on different stuff before the 
walthrough for a mission. They are:

Approx Mission Length: Shows about how long the mission is (a time range is 
given. eg, 30-50 minutes).

Mission Difficulty: Uses a number out of 10 to represent how difficult the 
mission is. 

Mission Briefing: A mission briefing taken from the game itself.

+5.2- Mission 1::Eagle's Nest::

Approx Mission Length: 25-50 minutes.

Mission Difficulty: 2/10

Mission Briefing:


Before the mission, you should keep your weapon loadout on default. Don't 
worry about what you bring on the first mission, the game's default loadout is
pretty all-round and good. Keep your partner/teammate as Wraith, since he is 
thestealthy one and on the mission you need some stealth.

You should have seen the cutscene where some SOCOM soldiers get shot down in
a helicopter, crashing in this snowy mountain beside a village. Well now it's
your job, as Fire Team Bravo to locate the crashsite, take a few pictures and
found out who did this. After the cutscene you'll be dropped off on an open 
ground that's a few hundred metres away from the crash site.

Take time testing out what controls does what, assuming your a beginner. You
can always check the in-game help in the pause menu if you need it too. If you 
turned the help on, you'll recieve helpers throughout the mission to aid you.
Stay in crouched position and order Wraith (or whoever you chose as your 
teammate) to HOLD FIRE. Head through the right path leading to a Tango 
(Tangoes are the enemies in this game, which is just another name for 
terrorists). Crouch walk slowly to get to his back and press [] to knife him, 
or just shoot him from afar. Follow the winding path and make sure your last 
order for your team mate is set to follow. 

+5.2- Mission 2::Last Harvest::

Coming soon!

>Section 6: Extras<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+6.1- F.A.Q.

Here you will find some useful questions and answers that I think you'd want 
to know, plus some questions sent to me via email. If there is anything that 
other people still want to know then just email me!!

1) Does SOCOM: FTB 2 support online play?

Yes it does, and it's great! Up to 16 players can compete with the whole
multiplayer. It's even better if you have the headset to communicate with 
other players over the world. It's one of the best online experiences on the 

2) What are Dynamic Missions in the Campaign?

Well they are basically extra missions set in a area that you have already
comlpleted the original mission in. There might be new problems such as bombs
being planted, new VIP bosses setting up illegal activities there, so you'll
be called upon action there again. There's always be new dynamic missions on 
the area where you've completed the original dynamic mission, but the 
objectives will be different.

3) How many missions is there in SOCOM : FTB 2? Is the main campaign long?

This is a question that over 3 people asked over email, and unless you want to
know how long SOCOM 2 is, how many missions there are before you finish it 
and spoil the game, then don't look any further into this frequently asked 

There are a total of 14 main campaign missions, each with a good mission 
length of at least around 30 minutes to over an hour. All of them not only 
have a big amount and varietied main objectives, but also tons of secondary
objectives and bonus objectives. Many of the objectives that aren't primary 
require you to discover yourself so that gives SOCOM's missions incredible
replay value, length and variety. It's also great that the levels are always 
set in some great, massive environments. Oh, and there is crosstalk objectives
too. You can always go back and replay these missions to cover the stuff you
missed before.  

+6.2- Codes & Tricks

Coming soon!

+6.3- Review

Coming soon!

+6.4- Multiplayer

Coming soon!

+6.5- Extra cool stuff to try
Coming soon!      
>Section 7: Closing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 
+7.1- See Ya!

That's it for now folks! Hope you enjoyed playing this great game and reading 
my guide! Sorry about the empty spaces, I'll update the unfinished sections 
as soon as possible. So remember to come back an check for frequent updates, 
or you'll be missing some of the good stuff. So see ya until the next update!!


Here are all the people that had been helpful:

My Friends, who encouraged me to make the guide,

Zipper Interactive, for making such a great game,

Greg Mueller, for his awesome gamespot review for this game,

My hands, for typing this guide,

Offbase Productions, for creating the manual to remind me some basic names and
controls for the game,

Wikipedia, for providing all the weapon names for the game,

Defitnitley YOU, for reading this guide,

And last but not least, Gamefaqs, for creating such a great site and letting
me post my second guide.

Thank you all.

Your PAL,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Copyright Kranti Nebhwani 2006                                                

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