PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From DetroitPlayaZ (02/20/2007; 372KB) 100 % Save Date. All weapons upgraded, all skill points, all armous.. Everything!
  2. From AgentLEL (07/01/2017; 372KB) 100% Complete: All Completed Missions, Fully-Upgraded Weapons, Armor Sets, Cheats, Skill Points, Titanium Bolts, Skins, Everything! Start on Pokitaru with x12 Multiplier and about 37M bolts.
  3. From simplechords (02/22/2007; 36KB) 100% Save File. All weapons fully upgraded. Every gadget, armor combination, skin, and titanium bolt. Start off in Tree house with 25 million bolts and a x12 multiplier.
  4. From cadman13 (02/20/2007; 372KB) 3rd time through, all armors, all skill points, all guns w/ RYNO not all leveled up
  5. From Vesicularia (06/17/2007; 372KB) 4th time through, most skill points, all skins, not all weapons lvled up w/RYNO.
  6. From jusactive (09/30/2008; 372KB) All armor & weapons unlocked, beat the game 5 times. All weapons max level(TITAN MAX). An awful lot of money.
  7. From Golden1Sun1Fighter1 (02/16/2007; 372KB) Challenge Mode at begining, Most weapons fully upgraded, 6 full armour sets, godzilla costume unlocked
  8. From zodiac_381 (01/15/2010; 372KB) Game completed thrice. Start off in tree house with all titanium bolts, skill points, skins, planets, twenty-eight armor pieces and every weapon fully upgraded (including RYNOCERATOR).

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From tittou40 (08/15/2007; 375KB) 100% game completed, all unlocked except dan skin
  2. From 123dom (06/08/2008; 375KB) 7 times completed, all weapons max upgraded, 5milion bolts, all titanium bolts, 12/25 skill points, every armour
  3. From Jaden101 (01/03/2008; 375KB) brilliant save,all weapons apart from ryno,all other fully upgrade apart from suck cannon,over 3 million bolts,most armour on 2nd run through,on challax
  4. From edwardz14 (05/13/2007; 372KB) Completed once with most guns and most armor pieces and 7 skill points and some maxed level weapons
  5. From BigBadWolf11 (06/13/2009; 372KB) Saved in Challenge Mode before final boss. All Weapons fully-upgraded, all Armours, all Skill Points, all Titanium Bolts, all Skins and all Cheats. Everything!

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