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    Titanium Bolt/Skill Point/Armour Guide by Ratchet12345

    Version: 2.18 | Updated: 08/19/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ___   ___  _____  ___        ____ _____   __|_    ___       ___
    |   | |   |   |   |    |   | |       |    |  |    |    |    |   | |\   | | / 0
    |___| |___|   |   |    |___| |___    |    |__|_   |    |    |___| | \  | |/
    |  \  |   |   |   |    |   | |       |    |  |    |    |    |   | |  \ | |\
    |   \ |   |   |   |___ |   | |____   |    |__|_   |___ |___ |   | |   \| | \ 0
         ___  _____  ___  ____            ___  _____ _____  ____  ___   ___
        |       |      / |      |\    /| |   |   |     |   |     |   | |
        |___    |     /  |___   | \  / | |___|   |     |   |___  |___| |___ 
            |   |    /   |      |  \/  | |   |   |     |   |     |  \      |
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    VERSION 2.18
    CREATED 01/05/2008
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    VERSION 1.00 FINISHED 01/05/2008 (First post)
    + Finished all sections
    VERSION 2.00 FINISHED 14/10/2008
    + Updated this guide using the updated information in the latest version of my 
      full FAQ/Walkthrough (2.14)
    VERSION 2.16 FINISHED 12/04/2009
    + Updated this guide using the updated information in the latest version of my 
      full FAQ/Walkthrough (2.16)
    + Added Skins section
    VERSION 2.17 FINISHED 14/04/2009
    + Corrected error regarding second location of Surgical Factory Titanum Bolt
    VERSION 2.18 FINISHED 19/08/2009
    + Updated this guide using the updated information in the latest version of my 
      full FAQ/Walkthrough (2.18)
    This is a guide for the game - it reveals some parts or the story line. DON'T 
    READ ON IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! Even reading the contents sort of 
    ruins the surprises!
    1: What is this guide for?
    2: Titanium Bolts
           2.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
           2.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
           2.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
           2.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
           2.5: Dreamtime
           2.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
           2.7: Technomite City, Challax
           2.2: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
           2.9: Inside Clank
           2.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona
           2.11: Skins
    3: Skill Points
           3.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
           3.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
           3.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
           3.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
           3.5: Dreamtime
           3.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
           3.7: Technomite City, Challax
           3.2: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
           3.9: Inside Clank
           3.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona
           3.11: Cheats
    4: Armour
           4.1: Armour Piece Locations
           4.2: Armour Sets
    5: E-mail.
    6: Credits/Disclaimer/Copyright.
    |1: What is this guide for?|
    Hi, I'm Ratchet12345, and this is a Titanium Bolts, Skill Points and Armour 
    guide for Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. This is to help through get the Skill 
    Points and give you locations for the Titanium Bolts and Armour pieces, as well 
    as information on the Armour sets.
    |2: Titanium Bolts|
    Titanium Bolts are optional collectables hidden in each level, and you can 
    purchase skins with them once they're collected.
    |2.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru|
    1: After you walk up the magnetic wall, kill all the enemies on the platform, 
    then walk over to the zip line. Turn 90 degrees to your left from facing the 
    zipline and you'll see a small platform slightly hidden by the rock. Long jump 
    to this platform and you'll find the bolt.
    2: Go to the island with the crabs on it. After the crabs are all dead, get on 
    the raft. Skip the first island you pass, but get off on the second one. Go 
    around the left hut to find the bolt.
    |2.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus|
    1: After getting out of your ship, turn 90 degrees to your left and walk until 
    you fall on to a platform. The bolt is on the platform.
    2: When you reach the area before the temple, where you have the big grey wall 
    in front of you, get on to the other side with the plant, then when you land, 
    look behind you. The bolt is near the grey wall you just went through.
    |2.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon|
    1: When you get out of your ship, go and look off the edge of the landing pad 
    to find a ledge. Walk around to behind the landing pad to find the bolt inside 
    a small rock.
    2: When you're at the first Grind Lock, facing the door (or room you unlocked 
    if it's open), turn 90 degrees to your let and walk until the edge of the 
    platform. The bolt is behind the small wall beside you - you should be able to 
    se it if you rotate the camera to look behind you.
    3: When you step on the magnetic wall just before you enter the room with all 
    the magnetic paths, look up in first person - you should see the bolt. TO get 
    it, facing the room with the paths, turn 90 degrees to your right, and walk up 
    so you are now standing on the right wall. 
    Face the magnetic paths room again, and walk towards it. There is a path - walk 
    on it until you come to an intersection. Go right at the interection and keep 
    walking until you reach the platform with the bolt.
    |2.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis|
    1: Come back to Metalis as Ratchet. You must have the Polarizer for this to 
    work. Go to the grey metal circular vent behind your ship, and use your 
    Polarizer on it to open it. Go through the path, and avoid the spikey walls. Be 
    careful though - you're on a conveyor belt. 
    Jump over the 2 gaps, and you'll come to a Gadgetron vendor, as well as 3 hover 
    bots. Kill them, and jump over the fire walls to meet 5 more hover bots. Kill 
    them, then go to the circular pad behind where the bots were. Use your 
    Hypershot to get over all the gaps, and you'll come across even more hover bots 
    on a conveyor belt.
    Kill all of them, then go through the path, and avoid the spikey walls. Keep 
    going through the obstacle course, and you'll reach a gap. Go over the gap with 
    your Hypershot, and you'll find the bolt on an isolated platform surrounded by 
    There will be a teleporation pad here to come back - you'll need to use it for 
    the Easy Bolt Guide relating to this area if you don't want to go all the way 
    through the course again. You'll teleport to near your ship with the pad.
    |2.5: Dreamtime|
    1: When you go to the three parasols that are moving, look behind you, then up 
    to find a Hypershot target. Jump on to the first parasol, facing where you 
    jumped from, and fire your Hypershot - you should go to the top of the 
    platform, and find the bolt.
    2: When you are at the entrance to Ratchet's old home, jsut after the 
    checkpoint, go around the left side of the hut to find the bolt.
    3: At the Gadgetron vendor where the first blue circle transporter is, there 
    will be a big bolt in front of you. Use your Lacerators in First Person to 
    shoot at it, until you see a flash on the screen somewhere. Get out of First 
    Person and use the boxes as platforms to jump over and get the bolt.
    Here's a tip from Differus:
    In Dreamtime, the last Bolt you find, you tell the reader to "Shoot at it with 
    your Lacerators until you see a flash". However, upon seeing my targeting 
    reticle turn red while a giant blue crab floated in front of the bolt, the game 
    told me to "Shoot its weak point for massive damage" (lol), so, I shot at the 
    crab with one shot, and the pathway appeared. So basically, all you have to do 
    is to shoot the giant blue crab that will appear in front of the bolt every few 
    |2.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega|
    1: Go to the Dreamtime bed - the isolated broken platform near your ship, 
    opposite from the Skyboarder. Behind all the wreckage, you will find the bolt.
    NOTE: This same titanium bolt can be found after the wall-jump place while the 
    station is exploding. Just turn around and there is a ledge you can jump on 
    (thanks to 401891).
    |2.7: Technomite City, Challax|
    1: There is a ledge around the landing pad. Drop down on to it, and the bolt 
    will be at the bottom of the ramp.
    2: After you use the Polarizer to push the suitcases in to the machine to 
    unlock the gate, you'll go in to a room, then go to your left and in to a third 
    room. There is a baggage claim in this room, to the left of where you entered. 
    The bolt is on the claim. Wait for it to come out, then get on the baggage 
    claim and get it.
    3: After planting the bomb plant in the sand at the top of the ladder, instead 
    of hitting it towards the statue, hit it towards where you found the plant in 
    the first place - there is a black wall there. When hit, it will crumble, 
    revealing a room with the bolt inside.
    |2.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon|
    1: After you've planted the first 2 plants, use them to jump up and get the 
    bolt, which is on a small ledge that's on the wall above the opening of the 
    You could also get on to the ledge near the building, double jump and glide 
    towards the platform to get the bolt - if you're on the edge of the ledge, look 
    towards the building and you'll see the bolt. It's easy to glide to from here.
    2: Go to the big building you find after you glide over the big gap. Kill the 
    robot/s here, then go to the beck of the building. You will find a Grind Lock 
    here. Complete it to open the door. Plant the small spring plant in the sand 
    you find there, and jump on it. 
    There is a platform on the inside of the building, very high up, hanging over 
    the doorway. The bolt is on the platform. You will have to jump 3 or four times 
    on the flower before you will even see the platform.
    |2.9: Inside Clank|
    1: Go to the start of the zipline, but walk off the edge of the platform. Look 
    behind you and you'll see a ladder. Go to the left side of the ladder, right on 
    the edge of the platform. Look behind the ladder to find a platform with the 
    bolt on it. Jump around the ladder to get on to the platform and get the bolt.
    2: After you kill the zap bots just after you use the zipline, there is a 
    small, dark hallway. Go to the end of it, and walljump until you reach a higher 
    platform. Jump on to it, and walk across to get the bolt.
    here is also another way to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_0nYgV1_tY
    showed me how to do this. Go to the start of the small dark hallway, and there 
    will be some lights on either side. Jump on to these lights and keep jumping on 
    to the one above you until you get to the platform.
    Bud and Audrey sent in this strategy (it's long, but equally helpful):
    The way we did it was to Double Jump (X button twice Rapidly) against the wall 
    (in the correct place) in combination with the joystick pointing in the 
    jumping-to direction.
    So if Ratchet is jumping to the left, the joystick should point left.
    Youre welcomed to update the guide with this info, if you choose  and if you 
    want to credit us, use Bud and Audrey; if you dont want to credit us, were 
    fine with that too.
    You might also want to note that not all show the clear delineation of wall 
    color (grey to black / lighter wall to very dark wall) that the video shows.
    I dont know whether its the game, the TV or the combination of both but ours 
    showed two sets of strips about 1.5 times the width of Ratchet of slightly 
    darker shaded wall.
    One set (a strip on each wall) was closest to the platform we were trying to 
    climb to (this is the set we used) and the other was at the end of the hallway 
    closest to the blue pillar and the three critters that come up the circular 
    walkway to harass Ratchet.
    |2.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona|
    1: After you kill the four waves of Ratchet clones in the red octagonal room, a 
    door with open. Go through, but once you're in the room, stop and look to your 
    left - you'll see a pile of boxes. Go over to them, and go up the boxes to find 
    a platform with the bolt.
    |2.11: Skins|
    There are several skins you can buy with the Titanium Bolts you collect:
    Wear Current Armour                                                    Default
    Tropical Vacation                                              4 Titanium Bolts
    Plundering Pirate Captain                                      6 Titanium Bolts
    Ratchetzilla                                                   6 Titanium Bolts
    Kanga Ratchet (PS2 Only)                                       2 Titanium Bolts
    Hiro Ratchet (PS2 Only)                                        2 Titanium Bolts
    Thanks to abc acb for the PS2 port skins - these use up the remaining Titanium 
    Bolts that you can't spend in the PSP version.
    |3: Skill Points|
    Skill Points are small, optional tasks in the game that you can complete to 
    unlock special cheats. The problem is that you only know the name of the Skill 
    Point, and not how to complete the task associated with the names. This list 
    tells you what task goes with what name - how to complete the Skill Points. 
    There is also a list of the cheats you unlock by completing the Skill Points.
    Originally, I had a list from ibrake4dragons, but when I revamped the guide, I 
    made my own list. His strategies are still in here, I've just made my own list 
    with my own strategies to add to it.
    |3.1: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru|
    Train Faster: Complete the "training" portion of Pokitaru in less than 1:32.
    If you've played the game before, this should be easy - you know all the 
    controls, so just go through as fast as you can. You may want to do it after 
    you leave Pokitaru, otherwise there will be more enemies to defeat.
    Don't Rock the Boat: Complete the boat challenge on Pokitaru without taking a
                         single hit.
    Also not too hard, but you should wait until you have really good, upgrade 
    weapons like the RYNO and the Electro Rocket.
    Do Cows Get Crabby: Turn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.
    This is easy to do in Chalenge Mode, when you first go through Pokitaru -one of 
    the islands is loaded with crabs, so just stay there Mootating crabs until 
    there are none left. You may need to Mootate some before then, but it's still 
    pretty easy. But if you have the Armoogeddon, be careful of the exploding bull 
    that may kill some of the crabs without counting towards your Mootated crab 
    |3.2: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus|
    Bury the Pygmies: Get Bury Blossoms to eat 4 Pygmy Tribesmen (5 in Challenge 
    This is easiest to do near the grey wall you have to get flung through by the 
    plant. Go to the platform with the grey wall on it, and go close enough for the 
    Pygmies to roll out, but stay back so they don't whoop your ass - instead, 
    they'll just roam around near the 2 Bury Blossoms, and get eaten.
    ibrake4dragons: I found that getting them to stop vomiting their stuff on your 
    and constantly jumping over the plants helps them calm down and not swing like 
    hell, killing nearby Pygmies; and that has sometimes helped them in forgetting 
    bout you and feasting like you want them to.)
    Lights, Camera, Action!: Kill 10 floating cameras.
    There are floating cameras all over the level - keep an eye out, and shoot them 
    with your Lacerators if you see one - one hit, one kill.
    Ship It: Break all the crates on the level.
    Quite self explanatory, and it's easy once you have the Box Breaker - jsut go 
    around Hyper-Striking at every given moment. You also have to get the boxes in 
    the temple with Clank.
    |3.3: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon|
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot 
    Get out your Sniper Mine and stand at the entrance to the sphere. Shoot every 
    single one you see - you should get the point. If you don't, you should go in 
    and look around - ther may be one hiding somewhere.
    Super Lombax: Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting a single hit.
    Easy with a weapon like the RYNO. I thing the bombs in the Gravity Boot sphere 
    count as enemies, and there's heaps of them, so follow the instructions for the 
    last Skill Point to see how to kill heaps them without getting hit.
    Be A Cool Skyboarder: Win a Skyboarding race without using boost.
    Just don't press [] at all and win to get the point. It's probably smart to do 
    the first race - it's the easiest.
    |3.4: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis|
    Shutout: Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge without letting anyone else score.
    Again, do the first one because it's easy and only requires 5 goals.
    Terror of the Skies: Get over 600 points in the Giant Clank Challenge (950 in 
                         Challenge Mode)
    A big misconception here is to still save your rockets for the boss - don't do 
    it! Use your rockets when there are tons of enemies on the screen for big 
    points! Use my method for beating the boss - you can do it without any rockets, 
    it just takes time.
    Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.
    Self explanatory. See my guide for how to beat the Clank Challenges if you're 
    having trouble.
    |3.5: Dreamtime|
    Friends Don't Hurt Friends: Get through the Giant Clank fight without getting
                                a single hit.
    Just avoid all Clank's attacks - very easy.
    Night Terrors: Defeat the waves of enemies on the last island in under 45
    This 'last island' is the part of the stage where the Dr. Qwarks and birds all 
    spawn on the giant bolts, and you have to go through the black portals to get 
    to the next giant bolt: some have been confused on just where the area was.
    Again, having the RYNO helps a lot here. You'll fly thorugh this point with it.
    |3.6: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega|
    Be An Awesome Skyboarder: Beat the master challenge in under 3:25.
    You'll have to never fall of, and know that track like the back of your hand to 
    do this one - really tough.
    Here's a tip from Chris Steinwinder:
    You mentioned the Awesome Skyboarder skill point is really tough and a no 
    mistake approach is needed.  Need to save time?  Try this tricky-but-rewarding 
    mistake.  Race through the first and second parts of the race as best you can.  
    At the open space area, Watch the MAP, not the CAMERA view, and after the 
    or third asteroid make an absolute beeline, boosting, at the finish line.  
    The result is that you will start to fall when you get too far from the rocks; 
    don't worry about that, as you can keep boosting and recover as you pass near 
    one.  If you smack the underside of an asteroid, no worries. If you did it 
    right, it will put you at the starting line when you respawn, shaving an easy 
    10-15 seconds off your time, and you can do it twice. The effect? I rammed 
    five walls and seven mines, and got a time of 3:15. Easy peasy.
    |3.7: Technomite City, Challax|
    Take Them Down A Shock: Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.
    Shock Troopers are the little guys that attack you on Challax. Just get through 
    the whole level without dying and you should get the point. It's probably 
    easier to do it on your first run through because there are more troopers.
    Here's a tip from Austin Fuhrman:
    All you have to do is wait until the end of the level where you fight the 
    dropship and when it goes back and forth with the laser let it hit the shock 
    troopers on the sides of the platform.  If you do this for a while it will get 
    you the skill point. It's a lot easier because you don't have to kill and 
    troopers; you can just let it do it for you!
    High Tech Weapons Master: Beat the enemy segment without using the Lacerator,
                              Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser 
                              Tracer, Sniper Mine, or RYNO.
    In other words, you can only use the Agents of Doom, Scorcher, Bee Mine Glove, 
    Suck Cannon, Mootator and Static Barrier to kill enemies - that's a good range 
    of weapons. The Armoogeddon (updraded Mootator) is really good here because it 
    has infinite ammo.
    No More Varmints!: Get Over 1535 points in the Giant Clank challenge. (2000 in 
                       Challenge Mode)
    Much like the Terror of the Skies skill point, this is hard. Again, don't save 
    rockets for the boss - use them on big groups of small enemies.
    |3.8: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon|
    Ultimate Gladiator: Complete all Clank Arena challenges.
    Self explanatory. See my guides for the Clank Challenges if you can't beat 
    Wool Protest: Complete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams.
    Remember, they're only angray rams at night, during the day they are sheep and 
    can be killed. Thanks to Chris Steinwinder.
    ibrake4dragons: Pwning them with the Mootator/Armoogeddon does not count as 
    'killing' so you can still Mootate them and get the skill point, as well as 
    work on upgrading your Mootator if you haven't already at that time.
    Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy: High-jump on a bouncy plant 10 times in a row.
    You simply need to High Jump on the plant when you land on it after doing the 
    previous High Jump.
    |3.9: Inside Clank|
    Not the Shock of Me Now: Don't get hit at all while inside Clank's head.
    This is a tough one, but is made easier by using the RYNO, and having the 
    Chameleon armour set - you can barely be seen by the enemy.
    Using the Static Barrier/Repulser Field will make it easier to get the "Not The 
    Shock Of Me Now" skill point. The shield can take damage, and you can still 
    earn the skill point. As long as Ratchet does not lose any health, you can get 
    it. (Thanks to Negarro Uzumaki)
    You can still get the Skill Point even if you take damage while navigating the 
    lock mechanism of the one locked door (thanks to Heather Watkins).
    Ratchet... Just Ratchet: Beat the enemy segment using only the wrench.
    ibrake4dragons: You may want to wait till your third play through to make this 
    much easier: the Stalker Armor set makes this point a breeze in getting, just 
    don't get hit a lot and you'll be fine. If you don't want to wait until then, 
    then may Thor have mercy on your wrench-loving soul.
    The Fire-Bomb armor works well for the "Ratchet... Just Ratchet" skill point. 
    You can hit the Troopers while staying out of their attack range. (Thanks to 
    Negarro Uzumaki)
    |3.10: Clone Factory, Quadrona|
    Elite Annihilation: Defeat over 70 Elite clones during the Elite clone fight.
    Again, easy with the RYNO, but another problem here is it's hard to stay alive 
    whilst heaps of crazy angry clones are chasing you. You'll need to have good 
    flipping skills to get this one.
    Storm the Front: Complete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45.
    Another skill point made simpler with the RYNO - just kill all the enemies 
    really quickly and it's done. The enemy portion is from the blue room where the 
    clones are fighting the Ratchet dummies to the room with the big red button 
    (all enemies must be killed in all 3 rooms).
    Soccorchamp16@aol.com and Negarro Uzumaki both suggest that you kill all the 
    enemies in the passage, then go back to the start, then go through the passage 
    again, without the trouble of defeating enemies.
    |3.11: Cheats|
    This is a list of cheats that are unlock when you complete a certain amount of 
    Skill Points.
    Big Headed Giant Clank                                            1 Skill Point
    Self explanatory.
    Big Headed Clank                                                 3 Skill Points
    Self explanatory.
    Big Headed Ratchet                                               5 Skill Points
    Self explanatory.
    She's On Fire                                                    7 Skill Points
    Luna is now on fire when you do your tutorial on Pokitaru, as well as in some 
    cutscenes (thanks to flyersfan105).
    More Cowbell                                                     9 Skill Points
    Mootated enemies will now make a cowbell sound when killed.
    Mirrored Levels                                                 10 Skill Points
    Levels are now vertically mirrored - if you were to look at the normal level in 
    a mirror, that's the effect this cheat has.
    Super Bloom                                                     12 Skill Points
    Everything has a nice glow to it - items glow heaps more than they should.
    Big Headed Enemies                                              14 Skill Points
    Self explanatory.
    Weapon Switching                                                16 Skill Points
    Weapons will randomly switch every 5 seconds.
    Bolt Confusion                                                  20 Skill Points
    The control system is completely different.
    Old Timey                                                       24 Skill Points
    The game now looks like an old movie.
    Moooo!                                                          24 Skill Points
    Your enemies now sound like cows.
    Hardcore Mode                                                   24 Skill Points
    You can no longer save your game.
    Climb the Tree House                                            25 Skill Points
    Will take you to The Treehouse (the High Impact Games verison of the Insomniac 
    |4: Armour|
    Armour is what protects you from enemy attacks. The better your armour, the 
    less chances you have of getting creamed. Again, the Armour Sets section was
    written by ibrake4dragons, and any inquiries you may have can be either given 
    to me so I can forward them to him, or you can contact him on the R&C: SM 
    message board. 
    I wrote the Armour Piece Locations myself, and if you want to contact me about
    that, see the E-Mail section.
    |4.1: Armour Piece Locations|
    Wildfire Helmet: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
    You will pick this up when you reach the temple (the part where you pay as 
    Wildfire Body Armour: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
    This is on the bridge that you activate with the bolt crank to finish the 
    training section of Pokitaru.
    Wildfire Gloves: Jowai Resort, pokitaru
    This is at the Gadgetron vendor at the place where you get on to the yellow 
    Wildfire Boots: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
    After you finish the elevator part, the elevator will go back up, and the boots 
    are right there.
    |Sludge Mk. 9|
    Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
    You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Nigh Impossible"
    Sludge Mk. 9 Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Metalis
    When you beat Mungo, a bridge will appear. The armour is on the bridge.
    Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
    You win this when you beat the "Master's Challenge" Skyboard race.
    Sludge Mk. 9 Boots: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
    When you plant for first plant in the soil, the plant turns in to a bomb. once 
    you've bombed the wall, rotate counter clockwise just a bit less than 180 
    degrees, and then bomb the wall. The boots are inside the small cave.
    Crystallix Helmet: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
    You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Smasherbot's Revenge"
    Crystallix Body Armour: Dreamtime
    When Clank stops attacking you, this armour appears.
    Crystallix Gloves: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
    You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "The Uber Finals".
    Crystallix Boots: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
    You find this at the first Gadgetron vendor (after Ratchet opens the door).
    Electroshock Helmet: Technomite City, Challax
    After you defeat the dropship, a bridge appears. The helmet is on the bridge.
    Electroshock Body Armour: Technomite City, Challax
    This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect 
    the armour.
    Electroshock Gloves: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis
    This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect 
    the armour.
    Electroshock Boots: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
    You win this when you beat the "Vertigo" Skyboard race.
    Mega-Bomb Helmet: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
    This piece is found just before the room with the moving gears.
    Mega-Bomb Body Armour: Inside Clank
    This is found just before you exit Clank.
    Mega-Bomb Gloves: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
    You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "The Ultimate Showdown".
    Mega-Bomb Boots: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon
    You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Infinite Improbability".
    Hyperborean armor is available in first playthrough on Challenge mode.
    Hyperborean Helmet: Technomite City, Challax
    Behind a grind-locked door near Otto's head in Challax (thanks to 401891 for 
    the correction).
    Hyperborean Body Armour: Dreamtime
    In Dreamtime, on the platform where the floor gets sawed up
    Hyperborean Gloves: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
    On top of the magnetic wall in Pokitaru, a little bit ahead
    Hyperborean Boots: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus
    Right before the part where you play as Clank in Ryllus
    Chameleon armor is available in second playthrough on Challenge mode.
    Chameleon Helmet: Inside Clank
    Beginning of Inside Clank
    Chameleon Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon
    After defeating Mungo on Kalidon
    Chameleon Gloves: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega
    In the part where you have to wall jump, do the wall jmup and the armour is at 
    the top once you get there.
    Chameleon Boots: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru
    It's on one of the metal platforms after you get off the last raft, towards the 
    end of the level.
    |4.2: Armour Sets|
    NOTE: The 2 digit number in brackets with each armour set is how well it 
    protects Ratchet. The bigger the number, the better the protection (thanks to 
    401891 for this particular info).
    Wildfire (28)                                               All Wildfire Pieces
    Anything you hit with your wrench will be set on fire.
    Sludge Mk. 9 (42)                                       All Sludge Mk. 9 Pieces 
    Your wrench will spill acid on enemies when used. He will also leave acid 
    footprints on the ground.
    Crystallix (56)                                           All Crystallix Pieces
    When you do a Hyper-Strike, ice crystals will appear, hurting enemies more than 
    Electroshock (74)                                       All Electroshock Pieces
    Your wrench when electricute enemies when hit, and when you do a Hyper-Strike, 
    you will send ut an electric shockwave.
    Mega-Bomb (84)                                             All Mega-Bomb Pieces
    When you kill enemies, you gain energy. When your armour is glowing, do a 
    Hyper-Strike and an explosion will occur, creating splash damage.
    Hyperborean (92)                                         All Hyperborean Pieces
    When you hit enemies with your wrench, they will freeze for a short period of 
    Chameleon (96)                                             All Chameleon Pieces
    When Ratchet is moving, he will go invisible, only leaving a still decoy every 
    few seconds.
    Fire-Bomb (84)           Wildfire Gloves, Mega-Bomb Helmet, Body Armour & Boots
    When you do a Combo-Strike, on the third strike, a small flame will fly out of 
    the wrench. The wrench also has increased damage.
    Shock Crystal (64) Crystallix Body Armour & Gloves, Electroshock Helmet & Boots 
    The Shock Crystal Armor leaves a dark, electrified crystal behind when you 
    execute a hyper-strike. This crystal does not damage enemies, but instead 
    neutralizes any enemy projectiles that pass close to the crystal. If an enemy 
    walks into the crystal, it is destroyed.
    Thanks to Negarro Uzumaki
    Wildburst (36)      Wildfire Body Armour, Gloves and Boots, Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet
    Your wrench will put buring acid on enemies, and when you do a Hyper-Strike, an 
    acid bubble will appear, grow and burst, sending acid everywhere.
    Triple Wave (64) Wildfire Helmet, Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves, Electroshock Body Armour 
                     & Boots
    Your wrench will become electrified, and when you do a Hyper-Strike, you will 
    release a small item on the ground that sends out 3 (6 in challenge mode) 
    electric waves.
    Ice II (92)        Crystallix Helmet, Hyperborean Body Armour, Gloves and Boots
    When you do a Hyper-Strike, a wall of ice crystals will appear, shielding you 
    from enemies (Thanks to ramzeke4598 for the correction).
    Stalker (96)      Wildfire Helmet, Sludge Mk. 9 gloves, Chameleon Body Armour &
    When you swing your wrench, it will release burning, acidic, toxic poison.
    |5: E-Mail|
    Feel free to send me e-mail. Tips, suggestions, even hate mail, I'll read it. 
    Just make sure it's got Size Matters somewhere in the subject, and don't send 
    me any attachments of any kind - I will not open it. If you send me spam, you 
    will not get a piece of my mind, you'll get the whole thing, and you won't like 
    My address is: ratchet_12345@hotmail.com
    |6: Credits/Disclaimer/Copyright|
    This guide is copyright 2008 Ratchet12345. This guide may be read with no 
    permission, and with that the reader may not:
    1: Distribute this guide in any form.
    2: Put this guide in any material freely or restrictively accessed by the 
    public or persons other then the downloader.
    3: Sell this guide.
    4: Do any other things that are illegal with my guide.
    Any illegal actions performed concerning this guide will result in 
    legal action.
    Credits go to:
    Me (Ratchet12345): For writing this guide.
    GameFAQs (CJayC and SBAllen especially): For making the best gaming site out 
    ibrake4dragons: For the Skill Points and Armour info. I have added lots more 
                    info than he had, but he supplied the basic information.
    ChickenBot: For letting me use his Hyperborean and Chameleon armour locations.
    Soccorchamp16@aol.com and Negarro Uzumaki: For both sending in the "Storm the 
                                               Front" tip
    Negarro Uzumaki: For the Shock Crystal Armour description
    Austin Fuhrman: For the "Take Them Down a Shock" skill point tip
    poipoipoi9: The 2 PS2 port skins
    Jackson Phoong: For the "No More Varmints" skill point correction
    Bud and Audrey: For the Inside Clank Titanium Bolt #2 strategy
    flyersfan105: For the She's on Fire cheat information.
    Differus: For the Dreamtime Titanium Bolt information
    ramzeke4598: For the Ice II armour set correction
    Heather Watkins: For the "Not the Shock of Me Now" skill point addition
    Luis Felipe Lopez Mora: For the Chameleon Boots location correction
    Karan Bahadoer: For the "Super Lombax" skill point addition
    High Impact Games: For making this kick ass game!
    Any site wishing to have a link to this guide may e-mail me for permission. 
    (See E-mail).
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