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Boss FAQ by theblueottsel

Updated: 04/29/07

                        Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Bosses

1. Legal
2. Intro
3. Bosses
4. Challenge Mode

1. This boss walkhrough is (C) to me. Do not copy and sell this guide for any
ammount of money. Only GameFAQS me host this guide.
2. Hello and welcome to the R&C: SM boss guide! Not much to say really, exept
that I was bored, and noticed the FAQ section for this great game is not
getting much attention at all. So I decided to make it look a bit more lively
with this!

Boss 1: Mungo

Not all that hard really. Use the Lacerator. Don't get too close to him,
or he'll try to hit you with his arms. For the first part of the fight he
basically just jumps around, lands near you and tries to physically hit you.
Just stay on constant move to avoid and keep him under fire with your
Lacerator. After taking some damage, he will stop in a corner of the room
next to a bunch of flying pod things and start throwing them at you. Just
run around to dodge them, and when he runs out of them, start firing at him
until more of them appear, then just repeat. Once you've taken him down to
about a quarter health, he breaks off one of the pipes in the room and starts
using it like a club. Just run away and jump when he swings is at you, he'll
miss. Also keep an eye on him when he uses the monkey bars on the ceiling to
cross from one end of the room to the other. Be patient and he'll die before

Boss 2: Technomite Dreadnaught(Clank Space Challenge)

Really easy. If you have any cluster missles left, fire those at the start.
The TD will stay around the center of the screen and constantly fire off
missles, and also rapid-fire purple energy bullets. All of this can be
avoided simply by flying circles around the screen. There is often a brief
stop in it's attacks for about 3 seconds, and this is the best time to
fly into the middle of the screen and fire off some shots at it.

Boss 3: Smasher Bot(Clank Challenge)

Easy. He can only attack from the front. If you get smashed by both of his
hammers, you'll take a lot of damage, and you'll still take a lot even from
1 hammer. How do you remedy this? Just stay behind him and unload on his back.
He won't stand a chance. If you do get hit, just break the energy crate and
heal up. It regenerates, so this battle can't be lost unless you try to lose,
or you're just foolish.


Boss 4: Smasher Bot[Again] (Clank Challenge)

Same as before, only this time Smasher Bot has 3 gladiators with him. They
arn't anything you haven't faced before, so take them out first and then
go for the boss himself.


Boss 5: Technomite Dreadnaught[2] (Clank Space Challenge)

Same as before, only this one constantly releases swarms of fighters. That
actually makes this fight easier, since you can just destroy them for health
and gain cluster missles. Also I think it can take a bit more damage then the
other one.

Boss 6: Dropship

Another simple boss. For the first half of the battle, it just moves from
left to right firing a constant energy beam. Jump to avoid it and fire at
it with Lacerators and Electro Rockets. Ignore the Shock Troopers that are
constantly appearing on the sides of the battle fields, they always get
killed by the dropship's beam. After taking half it's health, it'll stop
firing a constant beam, and instead fire it in short bursts every few
seconds. This too can be jumped easily.


Boss 7: Smasher Bot[This guy is getting old] (Clank Challenge)

Smasher Bot AGAIN. Just like the first battle, only there are bales of hay
everywhere and no energy crate. Just get behind him and spear him to death,
problem solved.


Boss 8: Luna

There are several parts to this fight.

Part 1: You will be running through a field toward the camera(You run auto-
matically). Every few seconds, Luna will fly at you in a plane and fire at
you. Just run to the left or right to dodge her. After several rounds, it
will become night and Luna brings out a big harvester. Do NOT get caught by
that thing, or it's all over. Just keep running, jumping rocks and dodging
the mutant sheep, and eventually you will fall onto a platform and get a

Part 2: Luna blasted the cliff and it's all coming down, so just run around
dodging falling rocks. Just run from the shadows and you'll do just fine.
After around 20 seconds of dodging, Luna comes down to battle you.

Part 3: She's pretty easy. Keep an eye on the harvester, when you see spots
on it glow bright with electricity, jump to avoid the shots that are fired
out. After she shoots at you 2 or 3 times, she will fly at you and try to run
you over with the harverster, just jump to the left or right to avoid this.
After taking some damage, she starts firing out poison gas bombs. Just watch
the targets on the ground to know where they'll land, and don't run into the
gas clouds that linger for a few seconds. After firing off a few, she flies
at you with the harvester(She basically does that after each round of attacks)
As she gets near defeat, she'll fire electricity at you by 1 shot, then 3
shots, and then 5 shots at a time, and she'll also fire the gas bombs far
quicker. Recommended weapons are the Duel Lacerators and Electro Rockets.


Final Boss: Emperor Otto

This fight, too, is devided into several parts.

Part 1: For the first part of the fight, you are battling a bumch of Ratchet
Clones. The big bulky ones carry Concussion Cannons, the normal ones carry
Lacerators and Wrenches, and the little scrawny ones have Incinerators. You
don't even have to kill one, as the battle ends after around 3 minutes, but
if you can kill at least 70, you'll get a Skill Point.

Part 2: Just run. Otto chases after you with the size-changing ray. Just keep
running, don't let him get too close or he'll stomp you. He fires rays at the
ornaments on the ceiling, causing them to grow and fall. He also fires at the
floor, causing a panel to shrink and fall into the lava. Just run, jump and
dodge until you are at the end.

Part 3: You'll now be controlling Giant Clank. Basically, all Otto does is
fire missles at you. Sometimes targets appear all over the ground, and he'll
fire a cluster. Don't bother punching him, just fire off your own missles,
as they cause much more damage, and are the only thing that can hit him when
he flies. He'll go down quick.

Part 4: The last part of the battle. Otto fires off waves at you, crouch to
avoid high ones and jump to avoid low ones. He also causes two psychic hands
to appear to both sides of you, jump to avoid them when they try to slam in
on you. Use a weaker weapon to break his barrier, then when he falls and
starts running around like an idiot, hit him with your strongest weapons.
Once you deplete about
40% of his health, his barrier will disappear forever and he will just launch
constant attacks at you. He also gains a new attack where he tries to punch
you with a psychic fist. Just jump to the left or right to avoid this. When
he's beat, you have completed Ratchet&Clank's first PSP adventure!

4.On a last note, after finishing the game, you can replay in Challenge Mode.
All the bosses are much, much harder in this mode. You can make short work
of them if you buy the Ryno, but if you cant get it yet(It's 9,999,900 bolts)
then just buy the Titan versions of your weapons(They become available when
you complete the game and get your current weapons to their V4(Ultimate) modes)
If you level these Titans up to V4, they'll serve you well.


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