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FAQ/Walkthrough by blue4639

Version: .006 | Updated: 12/22/06

Eragon © PSP

USA UMD Video Game 
UMD Firmware 2.71 software update is on UMD game disc

Region 1 


Players: 1 to 4  

Wi-Fi Compatible (Ad Hoc 1 to 4 players)  

Gamesharing - (1 game shared with 3 other players)
Loading Times Vary:

(Game sharing TIP: Doesn't work if your PSP 
is the one recieveing if your PSP is Modified
And is useing up 3MB of the RAM on the PSP)

For Game Save:  (File Size) 390 KB 


FAQ Version .006 

by: blue4639      2006 Dec 15th

Copyright©2006 blue4639


Added: Table of Contents, Sections 1, 2, 7, & 8
Weapon & Armor Guide with Descriptions
And Control & HUD Guide Tips.
As well as Full Magic Descriptions

UPDATED: Story Mode Tutorial
Updated Content Descriptions

ALSO: Most of the Missions are Short, but Repeatative.
This game is better defined as a Good Ariel Dog Fight Game
If you play the game Multi Player with Game Sharing.

Updated: Armor Types & Armor Sets


Section 1  : Weapon, Magic, ORBS, & Dragon Leap Descriptions
Section 2  : HUD Description & Controls
Section 3  : Title Screen
Section 4  : Main Menu
Section 5  : Story Mode
Section 6  : Arena Mode
Section 7  : Armor Types
Section 8  : Armor SETS

(For Armor Combo's Look at my Combo Guide)

Credits    : Developers of this Awesome Ariel Dog Fighting Game
Dedications: The People who Support Me

[SECTION 1] : Weapon & Magic Descriptions

The Blue Bar for Energy of the Dragon = Magic & FLight Spd:

As you progress in the game by the 1st Story Mode
You learn how to Breathe Small Amounts of Fire 
by 3rd Story Mode Mission.
You will be taught how to use Magic & Arrows.
Unless you partake in the 1st Arena Challenges 1 & 2


Brisingr (3 sec Casting time)- Symbol of Fire (Red Mark) 
shoots a fireball which is controllable via your joystick. 
You can detonate it with Left or Right L & R Buttons. 
EXPLODES WITH GREAT MIGHT (Can also kill you as well if your
too close)

Call Lightning (4 to 5 sec casting time) -
A Blue-ish White Symbol of (A backwards
Question Mark "?") a Lightning bolt. Takes A long time to cast.
It also disrupts your foes mobility for 3 sec. Before
Dealing its massive dmg.

Cloak (2 to 3 sec casting time) - A Blue EYE symbol
Make your self invisible to other players, off Dragon 
sight radar, And invisible to NPCs. If you attack or
interact with any object or take dmg you will 
become visible again.

Confusion (2 to 3 sec Casting time) - 2 Cresents in a
counter clockwise formation yellowish green symbol.
Reverses actions by foe. Confusing opponent. Also it turns
your foes screen BRIGHT GREEN.. Making it hard to see.
This Spell is a Homing spell and doesn't require a Full LOCK ON

Disease (3 to 4 sec Casting time) - A Green Symbol with ";?."
Drains the Energy out of your foe.
The Longer you hold down the L Button for the shot.. The Longer
The duration of the spell. This spell only FLIES STRAIGHT

Ice Storm (2 to 4 Sec Casting Time) - A Blue Sun like Symbol
This Spell Freezes objects and lets you shatter them with
Dragon Breath. It also Slows foes down and allows you to deal
more dmg. It has a short range Homing ability as well.
Your damaged foe who is frozen can not use a spd boost.

Locusts (2 to 3 sec casting time) - a White Symbol with lines
It is a homing magic spell. Sending out locusts that
eat away at your HP, but it can also be out runned or
shaken off onto another opponent. It looks like 
A Cloud of White Dust.

Repulse (2 to 3 sec casting time) - a yellow circle crosshair
symbol. It repels magic spells and shields you form arrows.
Depending on how high your Magic stats are. 
As well as it will repel Dragon Leaping Foes off your dragon.

Time Warp (1 to 2 sec Casting time) - A Pink Colored 
Bunch of 3 arrows moving in a counter clockwise
formation in a circle symbol. 
Slows down time and allows you to gain a upper hand on foes
or a quick escape. 


ORBS: [When a Foe is beaten they release a Blue or Yellow ORB]
Blue Orbs give back Magic & Energy.
Yellow Orbs give Weapons, Spells, and a little HP


Weapons: [Only Fire Breathing has a Breathe Duration]

Fire Breath - Hold Down the R Button for a 5 Dragon Radius 
Flame Thrower. There is a Red Bar that will appear above the 
Crosshairs. Thats the Breathing of the Dragon. You can get a Good
5 to 7 sec of Fire Breathing in. Before you dragon needs to catch
its breathe.
Fire Balls - Tap the R Button to send out firey balls of fire.
3 to 4 at a time. Depending how fast you hit your R Button.
Same Rules apply to your Breathing.



Normal Arrow - Basic Dmg depending on your weapon power
Weapon Power is determinded by your Armor.

Fire Arrow - Used to Take down Archer Towers and Wooden Buildings.
Can also explode on dragon rider foes and deal extra dmg.

Magic Arrows - a Anti Personal Homing Arrow. Need I say More ^^
Just Lock on and shoot with the L button and it will go though
Everything, but Repulse spell. Killing or injurying your foe.


Rocks & Barrels:
These will look like Yellow Dots on your screen
Either a Pile of small stones or a pile of gun powder barrels.
Pick on up and drop it on a opponent. The faster you fly and 
drop it will determine the dmg you deal.

You can also hover with the SQUARE Button held down then.
Press TRIANGLE to Accurately drop the Rock or Barrel on target.

Warning the Barrels Explode when it hits an object. 
It can Dmg you and put you on fire. It can Kill or Mame you so
Be careful where you drop one.

Rocks can become anti personal grenandes, but will not dmg you.
When dropped on a Foe. It creates a small shockwave.


SWORD (Via Dragon Leap): 
When you are hovering above a enemy and you are either
Directly over him or near his tail
You will see a Little Orange Man symbol with a Sword.

Press CIRCLE BUTTON and you will jump ship over to the foe.

PRESS R BUTTON REPEATEDLY to Dmg your enemy. and use the joystick
to face in the direction as the dragon's head goes. SO you do no
fall off.

Defense vs Dragon Leap:
Repulse Spell, Hit R BUTTON to Elbow foe off, Move Side to Side
to shake him off or ride out the duration.


[Section 2] : HUD & CONTROLS

Your Dragon HUD:

Upper Left Corner is your Item or Spells (Use up & down directional
pad to select your items and spells)

Upper Left Red Bar is you Health Points. You can gain more
HP Via Yellow Orbs or by eating Enemy soldier or livestock.

Mid TOP CENTER is your Action Button Icon (CIRCLE BUTTON)

Upper Right Corner is your Dragon Sight Map.
Purple =Objectives
Yellow = Food or Items
Red = Foes
Blue = Allies

Upper Right Blue Bar = Your Magic & Energy Flight Points.


Up & Down Directional Pad = Select Items & Spells

Joystick = to move & to control Brisingr Spell

L Button = To fire and Lock on when held longer. Spells & Arrows
Or to detonate the Brisingr Spell.

R Button = Fire Breathing Flame Thrower (Held Down) 
& Fire Balls (Tap R BUTTON) as well as Detonating the Brisingr

SQUARE = BRAKE, Hover (Hold it down and use the joystick to
strafe and hover over target.)

Joystick & SQUARE = Tight Turns

SQUARE Pressed Twice = Quick Turn Around.

SQUARE & X Button = Hold down to use joystick up and down
To Hover up or Hover Down

X Button = to Accelerate

X Pressed x2 = Speed Boost.

Circle = to use Interact Action Skill Dragon Leaping, Picking up
Objects & Dropping them, As well as Eating.

Triangle = Special Camera Mode when holding a Livestock or a object.

Start Button = Pause Game
Does not work in a Wi Fi Battle though. It will not pause
the whole game Just yours.




Load Profile: Load Game

New Profile: Create New Game **

Delete Profile: Delete Saved Game

** Profile Trick:
If your like me and own a Japanese PSP (White Ceramic for example)
When you 1st start booting up your PSP & when you name it. 
IF you put it in a different language. Like Japanese Hiragana. 

When you 1st make your profile for Eragon.
It will display your name from the PSP.. In whichever language 
you set it as.

So my USA Eragon game has my name "HITOSHI" in japanese characters.
I'm japanese anyways. 


After profile is created or loaded:

Main Menu:

Single Player:
Solo Missions that follow the story line of the movie.. 
But not the book.

(Read the book.. Saphira doesn't learn to breathe fire
 till way later on LoL I won't give it away..)

Multi Player: (Ad Hock Arena)
Host (Set up a Room) , Join (Join & Get a Room) , 
or Gamesharing (Share some Love
with friends who can't pay to play)


Voice Volume: Speaking Vocals
Music: Background Music
SFX: Special Effects

Invert Analog Stick = "up = down & Vice versa etc" (I play with a YES)

Controls: (Game Guide of Buttons)



Start of Game (Story mode side):

The game tell your how to win the event or challenge.. 
Just hit start for a hint.
On later missions.. Not so much.. 
But I'll list some tips on the harder ones.

Mission 1 - "Close to Home": Basic Dragon Tutorial and 
How to eat, Pick up rocks,
Burn down trees, foes, friends LoL, and animals.

Take Saphira out for a test drive. Your 1st tasks are to 
learn her basic controls.

You will then be taught how to Breathe Fire and Fire balls.
Burn Lambs and pick them up to eat with Circle Button.

You will also learn how to Pick up Rocks and use them to
Destroy Archer Towers and Buildings (Like Wolves Dens)

You will then have to face off with the Uragls.
And rescue Eragon.

War Wagons are not affected by Arrows, but some can be 
Defeated by fire. Others you will need a barrel from a 
Catapult or Flak Cannon or a pile of barrels. Or a Large Stone.
To drop on them.


2 - Burning Bridges: Learn how to interact with the sceneary 
and also save your friends from certain doom. 

HINT: Get used to the game in Arena Modes and learn 
to pick up rocks & barrels and dive bomb it into 
Armored Boats or vechicles.

You'll be on your own for this one with Sahira
You'll need to clear all the bridges and area of enemies.

Then you must fend off enemies attacking brom & eragon
on the bridge...

You can destroy the bridge near eragon to help slow down
the warrior melee attackers. But not arrows or the war boats
Make sure you are careful not to burn the huts
Or game over.. They will say no one will trust a dragon

As soon as you save brom and eragon and finish a mini quest.
You will have to fly back to eragon and pick him up &
take him to safety.


3 - A Dragon Rider is Born: Brom Teaches Eragon 
how to use Arrows and Magic.

Hint: Use Flame Arrows to Scare away Razick long 
enough to grab a Firey Spell to stun
them long enough to dive bomb and grab them.. 
Then quickly drop them at the Waterfall
In the valley. To smash and kill them against the jagged rocks.

In this tutorial you will learn how to catch and eat flying foes.
Shoot them down with arrows. Learn how to fire arrows and 
Flame Arrows to take down Buildings.

You will learn how to use Brisingr
to destroy buildings, enemies, certain stones area's, and
use it to stun Razick to pick them up and drop them on
rocks below in the valley of the caves.

Its a hardcore tutorial.


4 - A Second Rescue: 

In any case.. For the this area.. Magic Spells are hidden from you.. 
You need to kill
or destroy Archer Towers or certain armored units to get the spells 
you need

One of which is a Time Freeze Spell.
Slows time for a short duration.
There is a sign you need to hit with a arrow and then use the time 
freeze to quickly
fly down a tunnel before the gate closes.

As well as you need to kill off all 3 gate guards who are turning the 
wheels to hold
up the gate. To make the gate fall for a few seconds.

Here you will have to fly though the castle in search of different
ways to rescue the Elfen girl.


5 - Escaping Durza: Kill the Wizard Durza

Okay this one is tricky, but Easy.. Kill Durza.. Grab whatever 
Spell, item, or icon that is on the screen. Till Disease appears. 
Then grab the Firey Blast Spell. Use the Repulsion spell 
if you have to fly close to Durza

Actully how I did it was.. Hide behind the stone arches and hold 
"Square" button to strafe side to side from Durza's view and 
his Lightning spells

Taunt him to cast and quickly strafe behind the stone arch. 
Line your target sight with him. When after the blast hits the Stone. 
Move out quickly strafing.
And cast Disease.. it fires in a Straight line.
It will eat at his magic and remove the shield for a short time.
If you have the Fire Blast Spell BRISINGR use this on him now..
Just make sure you detonate it away from YOU.

2 BRISINGRs will kill him.. 1 will drop his life to critical if done 
correctly. His Spells get quicker as he starts to lose life.

Make sure though when you cast your Disease spell make the 2 aim marks
red before you let go.. or the Spell will backfire.

Repeat till Durza is dead.
Now you have to Escape.

You'll have another go for a gate at the end which you will 
have to learn how to shoot quickly an arrow to the target and then 
fly through the
tunnel to use the Slow Time Freeze Spell (Pinkish looking circle spell)
to make the end of the tunnel. 

Quick tip: Hold a extra Solider in your dragon talons when your HP Dips low..
then eat him on this next tip.. Stay behind the tower and let the stupid NPC
Catapult launch Barrels that will destory the tower for you to get the Spell
Of Freeze time at the end.


6 - The Road to Farthen Dur:
This one is simple. Keep Keep Murtagh Alive whose on horse back.
And Ayra is on his horse. 

On "Road to Farthen Dur":

Just fly ahead of him and clear out all the enemies.. only
after the 1st bridge new enemies respawn by him.. by the 2nd none..
Just clear out the enemies and the Towers with Flame Arrows or Bomb it 
twice with Barrels or Stones.  Barrels also EXPLODE.. So stay Clear.

(The Bridges require you to drop a stone on the pedistal to lower the bridge.)
(Use Brisingr to destroy the rock walls.. Archer Towers that you destroy 
with Barrels, Stones, Flaming Arrows will sometimes leave behind Spells, 
but in this one. Its the Stone Structors that do. Only the 1st tower in 
the begining holds the Fire Spell Brisingr)

On the last bridge you do not need to lower it for him..
Just clear the area and destroy the fortress with Barrels.
And he will tell you to fly though the Waterfall.. Even if you don't fly though
it. You still Clear the mission.


7 - Battle Under Farthen Dur:
Protect the Fortress from invaders.. 

Easy way.. destory the catapult and take one of its barrels. Drop 2 of them 
1 at a time on to the war wagon placed (If looking at the Fortress: the one on
the right holds a freeze spell)

Use the Freeze Spell to freeze the Stalagtite and hire ball it till it drops..
Freeze the one closest to you 1st. Then the 2nd.. 
to stop on coming enemies and burn away...

As soon as this is done. You will be instructed to Set the Oily Swamp
On FIRE & Watch your enemies BURN in the Swamp.
Make sure your enemies Flak Cannon or Catapult is sub-merged before you set

2nd part:

Then you must defend the Prison where your friend Murtagh is being held.
Larger soldiers will build Turrents. Make sure kill them 1st.
Before you kill the War Wagons that depoly smaller melee soldiers. 
That will attack the Prison.

Wait till one of the War Wagons drives up the Bridge to the middle
of the bridge to the prison.

Then fire ball it and a Ice Storm spell shall appear.
Then freeze the bridge and destroy it will a fire ball.

Then clear out the last of the enemies and the prison will be safe..

You will then have to fly back to reinforce protection of the area
Before the game will progress on. You will need to protect 
the Mines. 

8 - Final Assault: 
The Battle is a upgraded version battle of the last one you

In this one you must defend the Towers that your friends are wailing 
the attackers in.. then you must defend the surrounding area's.

But last but not least. You will have to Protect the Mines again.
Just make sure you take out the Ballistas and the Catapults first.

Also remember your fireballs can also cause Friendly Fire
and dmg or kill the things you are trying to protect.

You will need to fly back and forth in this one and protect everything you
just protected in the last Mission #7.

But your Dragon Breathe WIll be upgraded to FIRE BREATHING
So that you can take out enemies faster.

9 - Durza's Beast = BEAT HIM & Its THE End of the GAME
Hes the FINAL BOSS!!!

TO kill Durza.. in under 1 minute..
Just lead him to follow you in a straight line.. Hit "Square" x2
and turn around then target him.. he will run away and you leap on his back
and swipe your sword .. repeat till hes finished.

Hidden in the caves to your left and right are spells..
There are NO Livestock or enemies you can eat for HP

You need to kill Durza Quickly because you will have no defense
Vs his fire spells. Only Repulse for a quick while.



[SECTION 6] : 

The Arena's -

Palancar, Daret, Plains, Gil'ead, Beor, and Farthen Dur
Each one has 4 challenges and for every 4 is a armor upgrade..
Full sets unlock special attributes.

You automatically start with Rider Armor's Rock & Hide.

Win = Hide Dragon Armor
Win = Rock Dragon Armor

Win = Leather Rider Armor
Win = Leather Dragon Armor

Win = Wood Rider Armor
Win = Wood Dragon Armor

Win = Chain Rider Armor
Win = Chain Dragon Armor

Win = Bone Rider Armor
Win = Bone Dragon Armor

Farthen Dur:
Win = Enchanted Rider Armor
Win = Enchanted Dragon Armor



Armor TYPES -

Commando = No Bonuses

Hide = Avg Stats

Rock = High Protection and Defense.. Low Speed & Mobility

Leather = Good Weapon Stats,but little better defense

Wood =  Gives High Magic Stats for Defense & Offense. 
And also Little Protection & Speed.. At the cost of Weapon offense.

Chain = High Weapon Enhancements & HIGH DEF, but Low Magic Defense
and low Speed and Moblity.

BONE = Barely no defense, Low Speed, BUT EXTREMELY HIGH
Weapon, Magic, Magic Defense, and Mobility.

Enchanted = High Def, Better Magic Atk & Def, Low Spd & Mobility



Armor Sets -  And their Special Abilites:

CUSTOM    = Build Your Own Creations

COMMANDO  = Enhance Deflection (Repulse Lasts Longer)

HIDE      = More HP Given when eating Livestock or foes

ROCK      = Slower Energy Drain, High Def, Spd Boost lessened

LEATHER   = Stealth (Can't seen on Enemies Radar & HP Bar hidden from
            Enemies) , but Shorter targeting range. 

WOOD      = HP REGEN, but shorter HP Bar

CHAIN     = Cause more dmg and durations, but take more dmg to 
            arrows and spells

BONE      = Vampiric Drain (Drain your foes Energy), but your EN Regen 
            is quite slower.

ENCHANTED = Faster Magic (Blue bar Regen), Shorter MP Bar 


For ARMOR COMBO's Look at My Armor Combo Guide




SIERRA © Company
20th Centruy Fox ©
Vivendi Games ©

Just a reminder:

No, I will Not Make a Copy or ROM Dump of my Original for you.

No, I will not sell/give/lend my Game to you.

 Contact: blue4639@hotmail.com

 The Hawaii Guy with Air Force Pride

 Dedicated to:

Blair Eiko Oshiro ©:

The Love of My Life who melts my heart with every smile she gives me.
My RPG LOVING Slasher Fangirl and Cosplay Girl.

So many new things to see and learn. The best times of our lives.

boku no utsukushii kankoku-jin soshite nihon-jin hambun kanojuyou desu.
kawaii kao .. kokoro yasashii onna no ko eiko chan.

DAI SUKI kawaii ko chan

kawaii dake wo adana no namae "banereru" san.

Dec 15th 2006 Mililani Theaters 1st showing 11:40am of
ERAGON  Our 1st Date ^_^ and won't be our last.

03/06/88 ^^ otanjyoubi desu.



Amy Reiko Fukushima ©:

A Best Friend from a Long time ago.
For teaching me to Love Life & To be my self. 
And for teaching me the harsh lesson to Grow up.
Or lose the one you love.

Took me 6 yrs, but I've been forgiven for breaking her heart.

Oct 31st 1980 (One of the only 2 girls I know born on


Crystal Oneha ©:

My Videogame Loving OTAKU FAN GIRL/Good Friend/Cosplay Friend.
Who pushes me to write these FAQs LoL
Go Fig. If your interested, Shes Caucasian/Hawaiian/Chinese 
& Shes single too.
She pulls more of her fathers Irish side. She is Hot... BUT
Shes just a little too wild for me. Shes a Yaoi fan girl 


Valerie Shigeyo Yoza ©:

A good friend of mine.
The Only Hardcore Otaku Chick I know. And a BIG SAILOR MOON FAN 
& Translator.
The Mililani Valedictorian & Regent Scholarship 
Award Winner of 1995 for OAHU
From Cosplay to Videogames this Accountant knows her stuff.

She inspires me to not fear the American Otaku.
Yeah RIGHT!?! LoL But yeah she encourages me to play games A LOT!


To the rest of my friends and co workers:
You guys are AWESOME! 


This FAQ is copyrighted by blue4639 and 
cannot/will not be modified unless consented 
by blue4639 or consulted by Gamefaqs. Reproduction and distribution 
allowed only by www.gamefaqs.com & www.gamestop.com or www.gamespot.com 
and my self blue4639.

This FAQ should only appear in 
www.gamefaqs.com or www.gamespot.com or www.gamestop.com or
by blue4639's page.

Copyright©2006 blue4639

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