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FAQ/Walkthrough by vhayste

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/05/07


                           A C E  C O M B A T  X

                            SKIES OF DECEPTION

                     AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                       CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com


V1.0 - 1:49 AM 10/31/2007 - Completed PDF Guide, started TXT guide.

I.   Copyright

II.  Author’s Note

III. Flight School (Getting Started Section)

     Controls ---------------------------------- FSOO1
     Air Combat Maneuvers ---------------------- FS002
     Targeting --------------------------------- FS003
     Taking Off, Landing and Refueling --------- FS004
     Mission Types and Notes ------------------- FS005
     Plane Types ------------------------------- FS006
     HUD Displays ------------------------------ FS007
     Debriefing -------------------------------- FS008

IV.  Walkthrough
     01: Skies of Deception -------------------- WT001
     O2: Out of the Fire ----------------------- WT002
     03A:Prelude ------------------------------- WT003
     03B:Captive City -------------------------- WT004
     04A:Last Line of Defense ------------------ WT005
     04B:False Target -------------------------- WT006
     05A:Rolling Thunder ----------------------- WT007
     05B:Pinned Down --------------------------- WT008
     06A:The Midnight Sun ---------------------- WT009
     06B:Ice Bound ----------------------------- WT010
     07A:Standoff in the Skies I --------------- WT011
     07B:Standoff in the Skies II -------------- WT012
     07C:Time Limit ---------------------------- WT013
     08A:Striking Point ------------------------ WT014
     08B:Wasteland ----------------------------- WT015
     09A:Blitz --------------------------------- WT016
     09B:A Diversion --------------------------- WT017
     10A:Joint Operation ----------------------- WT018
     10B:Break In ------------------------------ WT019
     11A:In Pursuit I -------------------------- WT020
     11B:In Pursuit II ------------------------- WT021
     12A:Gaiuss Tower -------------------------- WT022
     12B:Atmos Ring ---------------------------- WT023
     12C:Wild Card ----------------------------- WT024
     13A:Alect Squadron ------------------------ WT025
     13B:Armada -------------------------------- WT026
     14A:Firestorm ----------------------------- WT027
     14B:Offline ------------------------------- WT028
     15A:End of Deception I -------------------- WT029
     15B:End of Deception II ------------------- WT030
     SP :Operation X --------------------------- WT031

V.   Aircraft List

     ++ Attackers++
     A-6E Intruder ----------------------------- AT001
     A-10  Thunderbolt II ---------------------- AT002
     F-1 --------------------------------------- AT003
     F-2A -------------------------------------- AT004
     F-15E Strike Eagle ------------------------ AT005
     F-16XL ------------------------------------ AT006
     F-117A Night Hawk ------------------------- AT007
     F/B 22 Concept ---------------------------- AT008
     Mirage-2000D ------------------------------ AT009

     ++ Fighters ++
     F-4E Phantom II --------------------------- FT001
     F-5E Tiger II ----------------------------- FT002
     F-14D Super Tomcat ------------------------ FT003
     F-15S/MTD --------------------------------- FT004
     F-16C Fighting Falcon --------------------- FT005
     F-22 Raptor ------------------------------- FT006
     MiG-21-93 Fishbed ------------------------- FT007
     MiG-29A Fulcrum --------------------------- FT008
     MiG-31 Foxhound --------------------------- FT009
     S-32 -------------------------------------- FT010
     SU-27 Flanker ----------------------------- FT011
     SU-37 Terminator -------------------------- FT012
     SU-47 Berkut ------------------------------ FT013
     Tornado F3 -------------------------------- FT014
     (Eurofighter) Typhoon --------------------- FT015
     X-29A ------------------------------------- FT016
     YF-23A Black Widow II --------------------- FT017

     ++ Multiroles ++
     F-35 Lightning II ------------------------- MR001
     F/A-18E Super Hornet ---------------------- MR002
     Fenrir (Advanced Aircraft) ---------------- MR003
     JAS 39 Gripen C --------------------------- MR004
     JA-37 Viggen ------------------------------ MR005
     MiG-1.44 ---------------------------------- MR006
     Rafale M ---------------------------------- MR007

     ++ Experimental ++
     ADF-01 FALKEN ----------------------------- EX001
     X-02 Wyvern ------------------------------- EX002
     XFA-24A Apalis ---------------------------- EX003
     XFA-27 ------------------------------------ EX004
     XR-45 Cariburn ---------------------------- EX005
     YR-99 Forneus ----------------------------- EX006
     YR-302 Fregata ---------------------------- EX007

V.   Special Weapon List

     BDSP (Bomblet Dispenser) ------------------ SP001
     ECMP (Electronics Countermeasure Pod) ----- SP002
     FAEB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb) ------------ SP003
     GPB (Guided Penetration Bomb) ------------- SP004
     LAGM (Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile) --- SP005
     LASM (Long Range Air-to-Surface Missile) -- SP006
     LWSM (Long Range Shock Wave Missile) ------ SP007
     NPB (Napalm Bomb) ------------------------- SP008
     QAAM (Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile) -- SP009
     RCL (Rocket Launcher) --------------------- SP010
     SAAM (Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile) ----- SP011
     SFFS (Self-Forging Fragments Submunitions)- SP012
     SOD (Standoff Dispenser) ------------------ SP013
     TLS (Tactical Laser System) --------------- SP014
     UGB (Unguided Bomb) ----------------------- SP015
     UGBL (Unguided Bomb [Large]) -------------- SP016
     XAGM (Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile) ----- SP017
     XLAA (Advanced Long Range A-A Missile) ---- SP018
     XMAA (Advanced Middle Range A-A Missile) -- SP019

VI.  Parts Index

VII. Credits

     |                       C O P Y R I G H T                         |

     This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for
     ~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or
     electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in
     whole, in any way, shape, or form. It cannot be used for profitable
     or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of
     these rules is in direct violation of copyright law.

     This document is protected by copyright law and international
     treaties. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document,
     or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal
     penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible
     under the law. Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous
     objects are copyright of their respective companies.

     |                    A u T H O R 'S  N O T E                      |

     Hello readers and welcome to my guide for Ace Combat X: Skies of
     Deception for the PSP. As you may have known, I was a big fan of the
     series, though I didn’t have the chance to play the first titles for
     the Playstation. This guide will be my buffer until Ace Combat 6 gets
     released on the 2nd half of October, which, I am tasked of covering
     and writing an exclusive for IGN.

     Air combat sims like AC is not always a game for everybody. I have
     played other similar titles but got disappointed. So far, this is the
     best air combat game out there.

     Any feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. If you have
     corrections or suggestions tell me so; remember that I am doing this
     for FREE and I am investing my time and effort to make this guide as
     helpful as possible. I will try to cover everything that needs to be
     covered but I can’t guarantee you that this will be perfect. Since I
     love using screenshots to make the guide more effective, spoilers may
     also lie ahead so read with care.

     Though this may not come close to those overpriced official guides, I
     did my best to make this as useful as possible. I can’t assure you
     that I can answer all your questions, but in the best of my ability I
     will. Thank you for grabbing this faq and enjoy.

     Paul ‘Vhayste’ Michael

     Download the PDF version of this guide @ IGN.com

     |            F L I G H T  S C H O O L  -  GETTING STARTED         |

     Welcome rookie for your brief refresher training course. This is
     Captain Paul Vhayste of the Aurelian 22nd Fighter Squadron, known
     as Cross Airrade. You may address me by my callsign, Zealot 1.

     If you already know how things work and how to survive in those lethal
     skies, then you can just skip this quick start guide and our air crew
     will take you to your designated fighter wing. Otherwise, you might
     wish to spend a few minutes of your time to look at and review about
     what to expect when you’re up there and bring yourself and that bird
     in the ground intact. Let’s begin.

     + + + CONTROLS ======================================= FSOO1 + + +

     A pilot won’t be called a pilot if he doesn’t know how to fly these
     can of explosives and jet fuel. Here are the basic controls. You may
     configure them as you wish, but that will depend on your flying style.
     Remember, unless you master controlling your plane, you’ll never be
     able to reach the ground alive. Please review them. You can change
     your controls through the OPTIONS menu.

     Novice control types have lesser controls thus, easier to handle for
     beginners. For those playing AC before on the Playstation and PS2, you
     may need to adjust a bit since the L2, R2 and R3 (Right analog)
     controls can’t be found in the PSP layout.


     Analog Up   - Pitch Down
     Analog Down - Pitch Up
     Analog Left - Roll Left
     Analog Right- Roll Right
     D-Pad Up    - Trim Down
     D-Pad Down  - Trim Up
     D-Pad Left  - Yaw Left
     D-Pad Right - Yaw Right
     L Button    - Air Brake
     R Button    - Throttle/ Afterburners
     L + R       - Autopilot

     Circle      - Fire missile and special weapon.
                   Hold to track missile or SP weapon until impact.
     Triangle    - Change/Toggle Target.
                   Hold to keep the target in sight.
     X           - Machine gun
     Square      - Change/Toggle special weapon

     + + + AIR COMBAT MANUEVERS =========================== FSOO2 + + +

     In this lesson, I will teach you on how to efficiently get into firing
     position easily and how to shoot the enemy down.  This will cover air
     fights only since ground targets are always easy to destroy. In
     dogfighting, maneuverability is always the best weapon against any
     enemy you face. You will always need to anticipate the enemy’s move
     and use it against him. We have several ways of getting into firing


     How to perform: This is basically the easiest firing position to
     acquire. Just get to your target’s six and hit your afterburners, get
     into firing range. Release the missiles once you get a “clean”

     Though this maneuver is simple and effective against steady targets
     such as transports, you won’t be able to use this move much against
     more agile and faster targets.


     This is a bit risky since there’s always a chance that the enemy will
     hit you as well. But the odds of destroying the target is higher,
     almost perfectly if timed correctly.

     How to perform: Once you see incoming bogeys on radar, approach them
     from their direct 12 o’clock. Hit your afterburners to approach them
     faster, and once you get a lock, fire your missiles and immediately
     get out of the way. It doesn’t matter which direction, as long as you
     can get out of your enemy’s line of fire.

     Release it too soon and the enemy will be able to evade it. Release
     it too late will either let you missiles pass through the enemy or
     you’ll eat his missiles.


     This requires a bit of timing and a more maneuverable plane. In this
     move, the quicker and easier your plane turns, the more successful you
     will be in getting to the enemies’ backs. This move will enable you
     to avoid the missiles or get out of the enemy’s sight and then
     outmaneuver him to immediately get into his six.

     How to perform: Once you see a bogey on your six or you just have a
     lock warning, hit your afterburners for a good 2-3 seconds then
     immediately hit the airbrakes while tilting your plane up. This will
     make the plane flip over and the bogey will past by you. Try not to
     hit the brakes for too long or too hard or your plane will stall,
     ruining the opportunity. After flipping 90-180 degrees, quickly hit
     your afterburners to recover and attack the target from behind.


     This move is another risky one but if you pulled this off, then you
     can have an easy kill yourself. This should not be used as one of
     your main attack stunts but rather as one of your hidden
     counter-maneuver if the enemy is trying to shack you.

     How to perform: When an enemy is chasing you and trying to get a lock
     on you, let him follow you. Once you have full speed, roll to your
     side a bit, hit the airbrakes hard. If done correctly, the enemy will
     fly past you and will give you an instant lock-on at his six, at
     close range. Immediately fire your missiles or the target will be out
     of your firing range.


     This is another tricky but effective move. You may use this often
     against those pesky enemies that loves to dodge your missiles and
     keeps on hanging on their tails.

     How to perform: When targeting an enemy, avoid flying too closely.
     Wait until he is about it turn, then quickly turn to the direction
     he’ll be turning. Immediately boost your way to that direction and
     you will be able to stick close to his tail, enough for the missiles
     to hit him without any chance of evading. The logic of this move is
     to cut through a “shortcut” directly to intercept his turn.

     If you have played racing games, you should have used this move
     several times already.


     This move is essential for those ground targets that are well covered
     by obstacles such as buildings, cliffs, valleys, fortifications, etc.
     Normally they won’t be in your missile’s line of fire. This maneuver
     will allow you to get in top of the target and get a clean shot

     How to perform: Acquire your target. Ascend to a suitable height
     (which will depend on the elevation of the target, normally +2000-
     3000ft above your original position) then hit the airbrakes and turn
     the plan noseward to the ground. Do not accelerate while on this

     Once you get your target, release your missiles/bombs and gently
     maneuver the plane back in a 90 º angle and fly away.

     That concludes our lessons for maneuvering. There are other moves
     there and some of them are just too obvious for us to discuss. Just
     remember that counter-moves are still the best offense. Once you get
     accustomed on trashing enemy missiles, your offensive abilities will
     be enhanced without you knowing it.

     Let’s move on to the next topic.

     + + + TARGETING ====================================== FSOO3 + + +

     Shooting down your enemies before they shoot you is the main concept
     of battle. But both of you are controlling fast machines at near
     subsonic speeds. As discussed above, maintaining a good aim amidst
     those gut-wrenching maneuvers will be quite a challenge. This not
     only applies to fast moving targets but for well defended targets
     as well.


     This term is used for sure-hit shots. You will need clean lockons to
     destroy barricaded enemies, usually ground targets that are hiding in
     tight, confined spaces such as behind/between buildings, tunnels,
     mountain ridges and other obstacles.

     Even if you have a “GO” (red lock), unless there are obstacles along
     the way, you won’t be able to hit the target. You’ll need to find a
     clean firing path for your missiles to shack the target.

     Missiles have an effective range of 900ft and can hit when fired to
     the enemy’s 5-7 o’clock. For ground targets, as long as you have a
     clean shot, they will hit for sure.


     In ACX, gun targeting is made easy. Once you get the target inside
     the targeting circle, the reticule or the smaller circle will
     automatically get into firing position. Unlike in the PS2 versions of
      the game, where you need to manually align the targeting circle and
     the reticule.

     Don’t rely entirely on missiles. A true pilot knows how to use all
     his weapons efficiently. At very close range (200-400ft), machine gun
     fire is more reliable than missiles. This is also your only means of
     survival if you have used all your conventional missiles and SP
     weapons. Using your gun while firing your missiles can also kill
     larger, tougher targets quicker.

     In normal and easy modes, machine gun ammo is unlimited while in
     hard they just come in limited quantities. Its tough to use against
     fast moving targets but once you learn how to use it at the right
     time, machine, gatling and Vulcan fire can be as deadly as your


     Dropping bombs against ground targets can be a bit daunting for
     beginners. Here, aside from targeting, you will need to control your
     speed, drop angle and even the position of the plane. Bombs can’t
     be dropped while your plane is turned upside down.

     There are two main types of bombs. It could be GUIDED or UNGUIDED.
     Guided bombs pretty much work the same way missiles do. Once you
     acquire the target, release the bomb and it will glide itself
     towards the target. They are very accurate but most of the time,
     they explode in an isolated but concentrated area.

     Unguided bombs are the ones that you need to drop manually. Usually,
     they pack more firepower and area of damage compared to guided bombs.
     They require proper timing, speed and angle to hit their targets. It
     will be waste to use them against single targets, so they are
     effectively used against tightly packed and dense enemy positions.
     The best examples for this type of bombs are the Unguided Bomb Large
     (UGBL) and the Fuel Air Explosive Bomb (FAEB).

     Their targeting guide is not that hard. Concentrate your target
     inside the circle. Remember that the closer the intended target is to
     the center of targeting circle, the greater damage it will receive.

     Some bombs have different targeting systems just like this bomblet
     dispenser. Instead of dropping single, large bombs, it scatters
     smaller bomblets that have a wider damage area. You just need to
     familiarize yourself with all kinds of ordinance so that you can
     effectively use them in battle.


     This system is an integral part of every plane. It provides you
     assistance on targeting the enemies effectively. If you notice, when
     you’re changing weapons, the reticule and crosshair changes,
     depending on the weapon. For weapons with MULTI-LOCK attribute, this
     system will help you to lock unto multiple targets, at an appropriate
     distance. This is always active in the game, which will only be
     unavailable due to jamming.

     + + + TAKING OFF, LANDING AND REFUELING ============= FSOO4 + + +

     When you get deployed, you will need to fly that bird and bring it
     home back. Taking off is a pretty simple process. Once you get the
     clearance of your flight controller, accelerate until you get a
     speed of at least 300MpH. Tip your nose upwards and the plane will
     rise. Easy, huh?


     Landing back to the airstrip requires a bit of practice and timing.
     Carrier landing is still considered the hardest. Even experienced
     airmen don’t take this for granted.

     When landing on an airstrip, maintain your current speed. Once you’re
     about one mile from touching down, hold the airbrake gently. Don’t
     brake hard or you’ll crash. Now, slowly approach the airstrip while
     lowering your plane. Make sure that your plane’s nose is not pointing
     sharply down. You should have at least an 80º angle.


     Landing on the carrier is a lot different. Here, you need to land at
     almost pinpoint accuracy. Same procedures apply; however, you need to
     be in the same straight line as you started. A single misalignment
     can be fatal.

     Lower your speed and approach the carrier. Once you see the landing
     deck, make sure that the hook beneath your aircraft is low enough to
     touch the stopping cables on deck.


     Refueling requires a bit of patience and practice. You need to
     stabilize the plane while approaching the tanker. You just need to
     use your D-pad to control the yaw and trim of the plane. Don’t press
     too hard or you’ll go out of direction. Same thing with airbraking.
     Too much drag will drop you below the straight line.

     Once you get into position, hold your position and the rest will be
     done automatically.

     + + + MISSION TYPES AND NOTES ======================== FSOO5 + + +

     Each time you get deployed to a mission, you need to know and take
     note of the expected targets, the type of opposition you’ll face and
     even other side notes. This way, you’ll know what planes to use and
     what special weapons to carry. This is crucial since this can help
     you complete your missions easily. You wouldn’t carry bombs during
     air combat/ intercept missions, right?

     These missions have more air opposition so obviously, you need to
     bring anti-air weapons such as XMAAs, XLAAs and QAAMs. Bringing an
     air superiority fighter will be helpful for these missions as well.

     These missions primarily pit you against ground targets and bombing
     missions. These include tanks, vehicles, enemy facilities and even
     anti-air installations such as AA guns and SAMs. Bringing bombs and
     air-to-surface missiles will be of much use in these missions.

     You will face enemy fleets here, including some enemy aircraft if you
     there is an aircraft carrier on the battle group. The carrier will be
     hottest target here. Unless you destroy it immediately, more enemy
     fighters will engage you, not to mention that you will need to fly
     through heavy air barrage.

     Nothing special to note other than sneaking into the enemy’s base and
     execute a surprise attack. Sometimes, you may need to wind your way
     against enemy radars and fly low, under radio silence.

     There are only a few number of missions with this type and expect
     heavy resistance since you will be attacking an enemy stronghold.
     Multirole aircrafts are the best here because you will be facing
     enemies on the ground, air and even sea. Aside from enemy
     reinforcements, these missions may even require you to protect and
     prevent too much casualties to your allies.

     You will need to fly under the mission “ceiling” or the required
     height. Normally, you will need to wade through the mountain/ hill
     sides while flying low.

     One of the hard missions you’ll need to undertake. Aside
     from worrying about yourself, you will need to watch close and
     protect your allies. This means you’ll need to draw enemy fire and
     destroy them before they inflict casualties to your escorted team.

     During these missions, your radar will still be usable but to a
     minimal rate. Missile lock-on is disabled so may need to use your
     guns to destroy targets. Every now and then, the “blanket” will lift
     a few seconds, enabling you to locate targets in your radar and
     lock-on to enemies. This open gap in the interference will only
     last for a few seconds so grab the opportunity.

     In these missions, your objective is to track down and destroy,
     oftentimes, fleeing enemies before they leave the mission area. Most
     of the time they have other annoyances such as jamming, enemy
     reinforcements and even decoys to prevent you from chasing down
     the targets.

     This mission type is specifically used in the optional mission,
     7C: Time Limit. You will need to come to the aid of a city, where
     the lives of citizens are at stake.

     + + + PLANE TYPES =================================== FSOO6 + + +

     There are three major groups of planes. Each of them is classified
     according to their performance, ordinance and the types of missions
     they are best suited. Choosing what plane to bring for a mission will
     determine your survival when deployed.

     These aircrafts are bombing specialist and ground target
     killers. They excel in flying at subsonic speeds while “hugging the
     deck” or flying low. They have heavy armors that make them sturdy
     enough to withstand enemy fire. Their weakness however, is their
     stiff maneuverability. It will be hard to avoid enemy missiles just
     by evading it. Attackers are also capable of engaging enemy ships.

     Normally referred to as “bombers”, they carry enough ordinances to
     destroy large groups of ground units. Newer bombers are faster, more
     agile and more maneuverable.

     Aircrafts built for engaging enemy fighters and air targets. They are
     agile, quick and deadly. They are also deployed to escort transports
     and bombers, defend bases and even protect the fleet. They are
     capable of turning sharply at very high speeds as well.

     The weaknesses of fighters include lesser armor to make the plane
     lighter but making it more vulnerable against enemy fire and their
     sensitivity when attacking the ground can make the plane wobbly and

     These aircrafts are the hybrid or the cross between fighters and
     attackers. Their main strength lies in their all-around attributes
     and capability of being deployed on any mission. They have the
     strength, speed and agility of fighters and the toughness and
     stability of attackers.

     Multiroles are even better since the weaknesses of the other two
     fighter types are usually covered by the other.

     Another minor plane type are the Jammers. They carry electronic
     equipment that interferes with the enemy communications, radar and
     ETS. They are not present in this game, but some jamming equipment
     and special weapons are.


     There is a special group of special planes that you can customize
     using any parts you have purchased and unlocked. These planes’
     statistics will vary from the parts you put in them as well as their
     performance. Parts can be unlocked by completing missions and
     shooting down special “star” units. More of these will be discussed
     later in this guide.

     + + + HUD DISPLAYS ================================== FSOO7 + + +

     This sectiom will help you read and identify the displays in your
     hud. This will serve your eyes about what's happening to your
     surroundings and your plane.

     Check out this link for the labeled HUD screenshot.


     1. SCORE
        Displays all the accumulated score in the mission. Each target has
        corresponding points. The higher your score, the higher your rank
        for the mission after completing it. Remember that the score you
        earned during the mission will only be saved after you completed
        the mission.

        Otherwise, it will just reset to zero once you restarted the

     2. POINTS
        This displays how much the target is worth. Normally, tougher
        opponents and mission targets are worth more points.

     3. TARGET
        Displays what type of target you are engaging.

        Indicates whether you are using the afterburners or not.

     5.	SPEED
        Your current speed. By default, this is measured by miles but you
        can change the measuring system in the game options.

     6.	RADAR/ MAP
        Displays the location of targets, enemies and allies on the map.
        This also displays those mission objectives. May get interfered by
        enemy jamming.

        Encircled Triangles or Dots
        These are mission targets. The mission won’t complete unless you
        destroy them all.

        Blue Dots or Triangles
        Allied units. Triangles are allied planes and dots are allied
        ground units and ships

        White Dots or Triangles
        Undamaged enemy units. Triangles are enemy planes and dots are
        enemy ground units and ships

        Yellow Dots or Triangle
        Moderately damaged enemy units. Triangles are enemy planes and
        dots are enemy ground units and ships

        Red Dots or Triangles
        Critically damaged enemy units. Triangles are enemy planes and
        dots are enemy ground units and ships

        Disppearing Triangles
        These are stealth planes. Watch out when dealing with these
        enemies, since they can appear out of nowhere.

        This is used as a targeting aid to destroy enemies using guns,
        missiles and sp weapons. The enemy markers will turn X if you
        have selected a weapon that can’t be used against them.


     9.	ALTITUDE
        This measure how high you are from the ground. You may need to
        watch this closely on altitude restricted missions.

    10. TIME
        This is the remaining allotted time for the mission. When the
        timer runs out, mission ends prematurely, failed.

    11.	MPG (Multi-purpose Gauge)
        This gauge will be present only on specific missions. This is
        normally used to determine how much allies you have left, how much
        damage you have done to the enemy or even as a countdown timer.

    12.	GUN AMMO
        Determines how much ammunition you still have. This is limited in
        HARD and ACE modes. You’ll have unlimited ammo when playing on
        Easy and Normal.

    13.	MISSILE
        This determines how many you have left in your reserve.

    14.	SP WEAPON
        Displays how much special weapons you have left. Once empty, it
        will automatically switch to your conventional missiles.

    15.	DAMAGE
        Shows how much damage your plane has acquired. You will be shot
        down once it reaches 100%. This won’t be that much of use when
        playing in ACE mode since your plane will be destroyed immediately
        after getting hit by a missile once.

        This portion also shows the currently selected weapon. (SP or MSL)

        Displays important warnings and information real time.

        Shows that you are being targeted. Get out of your enemy’s firing
        range. The whole HUD will turn red if a missile is released and
        already tracking you. Use a defensive maneuver to avoid it.

        Will appear only when landing

        Will appear only during takeoff

        The missile or SP weapon has successfully hit the target but
        still functional

        Indicates that the missiles have been evaded and missed the target.

        the target has been successfully destroyed

     + + + DEBRIEFING ==================================== FSOO8 + + +

     At last, we are in the final phase of your training. After this
     section, you will leave this hall and proceed to the hangar. Your
     other questions will be answered here.

     1.	What will be my starting plane?
        You will be piloting our vintage F-4E. Don’t worry, it can still

     2.	How can I change planes?
        That should be common sense. In case you don’t know, earn credits
        by completing missions. Finishing them with a higher rank, the
        better the credits. Aside from purchasing whole planes, you can
        also purchase special weapons and parts for your planes.

     3.	What are those experimental aircrafts? Are they that special?
        Technically speaking, they are special in the sense that they are
        customizable. They don’t have fixed parameters. Their potential
        will fully show once equipped with compatible parts. They could
        have abilities/ effects that ordinary planes don’t.

        That includes bigger weapons bay, more destructive weapons, enemy
        missile jamming and even enhanced stealth.

     4.	What is a kill rate?
        This basically measures how many targets the plane has destroyed.
        Completing it to 100% will enable you to unlock the special color
        of those planes.

     5.	Am I to face flying fortresses and enemy ace squadrons during my
        If you have played the previous AC versions, you will either like
        or hate the similarity.

     6.	I have unlocked another/ special color for my planes. What good do
        they do?
        They just pimp your ride.

     7.	What if I get stuck on a mission because of a crappy plane?
        You have two options. First, either sell your existing craft and
        special weapons. Or, you exit campaign mode and play in free
        mission to earn credits. All the stages you cleared will be
        available for play.

     8.	On my first playthrough, how long will it take to beat the game?
        If you are talking about from the start to end until you see the
        credits, well let’s say about 5-6 hours on an average player. If
        you want to complete everything in the game, give it around 20+

     9.	What are the most powerful aircraft and weapon in the game?
        I would rather save the details later. If you want to know that
        badly, then scroll to the Aircraft and Special Weapons section

     10.I have played earlier versions of Ace Combat. What are the
        differences and similarities compared to the earlier ones?
        Probably the control and dynamics. Compared to the PS2 versions,
        this is a bit less intense, maybe because of the limited controls.
        Play the first mission and if you still feel that you still need a
        bit of training, play it over and over in the Free mission menu.

     You have your own squadron and wingmen during missions but you can’t
     order them.

     |                     W A L K T H R O U G H                       |

     This part of the guide will help you achieve the objectives and
     complete each mission. Note that this is just a guide. This will
     assist you in every means possible but everything will depend on your
     gameplay. If you get stuck on something, keep on practicing and you
     will get hold of it. If you can’t still get through it, take a break
     and start the game in easy mode.

     You may need to go through 2-3 playthroughs to unlock everything in
     the campaign mode of the game. Though there are specific parts and
     medals that can be unlocked by playing in multiplayer.

     Also, some planes and parts  can be unlocked by getting an S rank in
     a mission using a specific plane or finishing that stage for the
     second time.

     This will be tagged by number [(1) or (2)] where (1) is your first
     playthrough and (2) is your second.   SP is the special part that can
     be unlocked after destroying the stage’s special (starred) unit.

     Mission Types: These are the other versions of the mission; there
     will be changes in parameters such as limited fuel, increased enemy
     reinforcements or enhanced weaponry of targets. This depends on the
     path or mission orders that you are taking. Mission Type A is the
     normal mission, with no changes in mission parameters.

     (Additional info about specific requirements in unlocking “special”
      parts for experimental planes courtesy of Gamefaq’s leeboo1211

     (Additional data for unlocked parts referenced from Off_da_border‘s
      faq in Gamefaqs)

     MISSION 01                                              WT001
     Operation: Skies of Deception                           1400 HRS
     Objective: Destroy all enemy bombers
     Notes    : Air to Air

     Just like the earlier AC versions, the first missions would be
     giveaways. You will need to shoot down attacking enemy bombers and
     escort aircraft. Your first plane will be an F-4E. For now, you can
     only use missiles for this mission since your Napalm bomb is unusable

     Just get into firing range and destroy the targets. I suggest destroy
     the escorts first then the bombers. This will make the Ace for this
     mission to appear. Shoot him down to obtain the plane’s special color
     (SP Color 1)

     Ace: F-4E “Manta”
     Special Unit: None

     Watch through the following scenes and the mission will end. Save and
     proceed to the next mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) A-6E Intruder
			(2) F-1
         Unlock Part(s):(2) Mercury Engine
                            S-rank with X-02 “Wyvern”
			(2) Sylph Wing
                            S-rank with XR-45 ”Cariburn”

     MISSION 02                                              WT002
     Operation: Out of the Fire
     Objective: Destroy Command Facility and enemy bombers parked
                in the base.
     Notes    : Infiltration, Air-to-Ground

     Another easy mission. Though the notes in the mission mentioned that
     this should be an A-G (air to ground) mission, you will still need to
     destroy parked air targets. Hence, if you have an AA sp weapon such
     as XLAA or XMAA, you can still target those bombers even if they are
     parked on the ground.

     For your first playthrough, the Napalm bomb of the F-4E won’t help
     much here but this could be a good practice for bombing runs. Just
     attack all the anti-air installations first, then the enemy fighters
     before cleaning up the target.

     There will be fighters on the runway as well. You can destroy them
     easily before they get airborne. As you continue destroying targets
     in Puna Base (make sure that you leave at least one TGT intact if you
     want to spawn more enemies) the ace pilot in this stage will appear.
     Again, shoot him down to unlock the Special Color 2 of A-6E.

     Ace: A-6E “Ari”
     Special Unit: None

     After destroying the last TGT (target), the mission is accomplished.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) JA-37 Viggen
     Unlock Part(s)    :(2) Hydra Engine
                            S-rank with YR-302 “Fregata”

     MISSION 03A                                               WT003
     Operation: Prelude                                        1200hrs
     Objective: Prevent the enemy transport flotilla from entering the
     Notes    : Assault on Base, Air-to-Ship

     You can buy and use the JA-37 Viggen  here since it comes along with
     LASMs (long ranged, air to surface missile). This sp weapon will be
     very useful against enemy ships. It will perform a lot better too
     compared to your legacy F-4E against enemy fighters that will
     intercept you.

     To destroy almost everything in one attack run approaching the ships
     (and save time), do the following:

     1.	From your starting position, approach and destroy the CH-47.
     2.	Lower your altitude a bit. Target and destroy the cruiser docked
        at the port.
     3.	Destroy the flak gun. Turn around and follow the direction of the
        destroyed cruiser, targeting and eliminating AA guns and frigates
        along the port.

     By following the “arc” of the port, you have destroyed targets along
     the way and you will reach the enemy fleet ahead.

     Once reached the fleet, start destroying them. The LASM can take out
     enemy ships at long ranges though some of them can withstand heavy
     damage and will stay afloat. If that happens, approach them and land
     a missile to sink them.

     Three fleets will appear all in all. Just keep on sinking them and
     shooting down any airborne enemies you may encounter. On the 3rd
     fleet, destroy the cruiser first then sink the targets. Just leave
     one objective target (encircled dot) intact and wait for the ace
     pilot (JA-37 Saber) to appear. Shoot him down to unlock the special
     color of the Viggen.

     Ace: JA-37 “Saber”
     Special Unit: None

     After the last ship sinks, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) XFA-24A “Apalis”
			(2) MiG-21 93 “Fishbed”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Turbo Engine (Engine)
			(1) Advanced Trimtab (Wing)
			(1) Scale Armor (Armor)
			(2) Earthshaker (Cockpit)
			    Complete the mission with an S-rank using
			    XFA-24A “Apalis”

     MISSION 03B*                                             WT004
     Operation: Captive City                                  1300hrs
     Objective: Protect the complex; Destroy all enemy targets
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground

     * This mission is an optional one. Unlock this by following this
       path: 01-02-3A-6A-3B.

     Important pointers about this mission:

     ++ Do not use bombs, LAGMs or basically those with area damage.
        Pinpoint bombing is needed here. GPBs are okay but not against
        those targets hiding between the fuel tanks. You’ll need to trust
        your missiles against them.

     ++ XAGMs are the best sp weapon here because of their accurate,
        multi-lock function.

     ++ Do not fire a missile unless you have a clean shot. Whether you
        like it or not, enemy targets will most likely move behind the
        fuel tanks and use them as shields. The best way to destroy these
        cowards is by exploiting them from above. You can “dive-bomb” and
        enjoy astounding results.

     As you start the mission, F-1’s will approach you. Use the Arrowhead
     approach (see Quick start section) against them. Hit your after
     burners and catch up with the C-5 special unit. Destroy it to unlock
     the parts later.

     Ace: F-1 “Shiva”
     Special Unit: C-5

     Clean most of the ground targets as much as possible and the ace of
     the stage, F-1 “Shiva” will appear from the east. Shoot him down and
     to unlock the special color for the F-1.

     After destroying most of the ground targets, new waves of rolling
     armor and AA artillery will move in. Dispose of them before they
     reach the complex or they’ll just separate into strategic positions
     behind the fuel tanks, making your job harder.

     If you want to score higher, leave at least one target and keep
     shooting down the enemy fighters. This will make more fighters appear
     from the east and northeast. Once the enemy fighters stopped coming,
     destroy the remaining ground targets to end the mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) XFA-27
			(1) Mirage 2000-D
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Extra Ladder (Wing)

     MISSION 04A                                              WT005
     Operation: Last Line of Defense                          1300hrs
     Objective: Destroy the enemy ground troops before they enter the
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground

     You will need a fast aircraft with good air-to-ground capabilities
     and sp weapon. At this point, the Apalis will be your plane of
     choice. If you can still afford a few parts, get them and tune your
     first experimental aircraft. Try to purchase Apalis’ XAGM first. If
     you are short on money, play a few missions in free mode. Or if you
     want to, you can just use UGBs but that's if you are good at dropping
     bombs on moving targets.

     Once ready, start off the stage by destroying the first A-6E. After
     that, the first wave of enemy ground troops will appear on the middle
     tunnel. I suggest just using ordinary missiles for AA Guns, SAMs,
     Launchers and Vehicles. You’ll need the XAGMs to destroy tanks later.
     Destroy them and the next wave will appear on the bottom. Four enemy
     planes will also arrive from the north.

     Destroy the wave on the south and destroy the fighters. Another wave
     of ground targets will appear to the north tunnel, and one wave in
     the middle. Two more fighters will appear from the east.

     Destroy the enemies along the middle path and the special unit will
     appear on the other end of the middle road. Destroy it to unlock the
     parts for this mission.

     Eliminate all enemy aircraft first, while keeping a close eye on the
     advancing ground troops. Having a good number of spare XAGMs here
     will be very helpful in case you’ll need to dispose those ground
     targets fast. Save at least on group intact.  After destroying all
     airborne enemies, the ace of the game should appear from the
     northwest. It is possible to spawn her sooner just by shooting down
     all enemy planes quickly.

     Ace: Mig-21 93 "Rose"
     Special Unit: Vehicle

     Destroy the last wave of enemies to complete the mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-16C “Fighting Falcon”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Extra Airbrake (Wing)

     MISSION 04B                                              WT006
     Operation: False Target                                  1200hrs
     Objective: Destroy all military supplies transport aircraft before
     it escapes the combat zone border.
     Notes    : Pursuit, Air-to-Air

     Mission Type A: 03A-06A-03B-04B (normal path)
     Mission Type B: 03A-06A-04B (limited fuel)

     The mission fails if any of the”real” transports reach the combat
     zone border. You’ll need something fast here. Bring in some good AA
     weapons as well. In each transport group, there is only one unmarked
     target that has the cargo.

     You can immediately identify the real transport from the decoys
     because they are flying at the lowest altitude in the group. Destroy
     the escorts and the decoy transports first and save the true one for
     last. Repeat until the 3rd wave. This will make the special unit and
     ace to appear to the west.

     Ace: F-14D "Savannah"
     Special Unit: C-17**

     ** The C-17 is cruising at a very high altitude, above 25000 ft. For
     most aircrafts, specially the starting ones, this is their service
     ceiling (attempting to go higher will stall the aircraft). You may
     not be able to destroy this special unit on the first run. You may
     do so when you have a more powerful plane.

     Destroy all the other targets before destroying the last real cargo
     plane to complete the mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-5E “Tiger II”
     Unlock Part(s): 	(1) Sniper OS (Cockpit)
			(SP) CFRP Conversion (Armor)
                        (2) Scarface MBS (Weapon)
                            Complete the mission with an S-rank using

     MISSION 05A                                              WT007
     Operation: Rolling Thunder                               1700hrs
     Objective: Protect allied forces
		Destroy all enemy targets
     Notes: Air-to-ground, Escort, Altitude Restriction

     If you have witnessed how your squadron was decimated on the first
     mission, then this is where you will experience the terror for real.

     The ground units you need to protect will be converging in the
     central valley, where several bridges are interconnected around it.
     The enemy units that you should keep away from your allies would be
     the AH-64 anti-tank helicopters. They will be your priority. Don’t
     let them come close or the Davis unit will be annihilated in no time.

     As mentioned in the mission notes, this will be an air-to-ground
     mission. I suggest using XAGMs if you can’t drop UGBLs efficiently.
     The easiest way to keep minimal losses to your allies is to get rid
     of all nearby enemy helicopters first and wait for all your allies to
     gather in the central valley. Once they are on the valley, destroy
     all the bridges. This will enclose them and prevent any enemy ground
     units from reaching them.

     Another problem that you will be facing is the frequent launching of
     SWBMs from the Gleipnir. During this time, you will need to use
     “terrain masking”, where you’ll need to fly below the valley’s edges
     during the shockwave. Just remember to start diving below 2400 ft
     when you hear Crux’s countdown.

     Ace: F-16C "Ice"
     Special Unit: Hangar

     The enemy ace will appear after destroying at least half the numbers
     of enemy ground units. The special unit is not that obvious. But you
     will need to locate first the lone antenna in the upper northeastern
     part of the map. Once you get into firing range, the special unit
     (Hangar) will appear. Destroy it to obtain the parts for the stage.

     Destroy the last ground target and the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) Mig-31 “Foxhound”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Emergency APS (Cockpit)
			(SP) Destructive MSSL (Weapon)

     MISSION 05B                                              WT008
     Operation: Pinned Down                                   1800hrs
     Objective: Ensure the safety of the allied forces for the allotted
     Notes    : Air-to-ground, Escort

     This is the same as Mission 5A but there will be no SWBM support from
     Gleipnir. Also, there will be no target ground units. You will need
     to protect your allies for the whole mission. The harder part about
     this is they are scattered and there are enemy attacker planes later
     in the game.

     To efficiently defend your allies, let them cross the bridges first
     then destroy it. Also clear all enemy tanks and helicopters nearby.
     You may also want to destroy the enemy base in the northwest to
     prevent further tanks from deploying.

     Ace: Mir-2000D "Garuda"
     Special Unit: Hangar

     Follow the same conditions as mission 5A: Destroy most of the enemy
     units and don’t allow any allied unit to be destroyed. Garuda will
     appear shortly.

     The location of the hangar is the same, so you shouldn’t have any
     difficulties finding it.

     Later in the game, several aircraft will appear as enemy
     reinforcements. You may deal with them, specially those pesky
     F-16XLs and A-10s since they have anti-tank weapons. But try not to
     chase them for a long time since you will be leaving the ground units
     without any support at all.

     Allied reinforcements will arrive shortly before the timer runs out
     so you can sweep any enemy target you can reach. The mission ends
     automatically after the timer runs out.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) Mig-29A “Fulcrum”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Light Engine

     MISSION 06A                                              WT009
     Operation: The Midnight Sun                              0000hrs
     Objective: Destroy the airborne fortress, Gleipnir
     Notes    : Air-to-air, Airborne Fortress

     You will need a good fighter here. Some XMAA’s, SAAMs or QAAMs will
     be good as well. The Gleipnir is not that hard to destroy, but you
     need an agile fighter to engage it, get into “clean” firing position
     and evade its conventional weapons.

     As the mission starts, hit your after burners and destroy the first
     SU-27 that comes in sight. Alternatively, you can just head towards
     the Gleipnir’s direction and attempt to destroy the optical
     camouflage using your guns. You may fly closely behind the Gleipnir
     as you are raining your lead. That way, you could destroy the
     camouflage before it even uses the shock canon against your allies.

     Once the optical camouflage is taken off, Gleipnir will be deploying
     its SWBMs, onboard SAMs and AA guns. Not to mention that enemy planes
     will be approaching as well. After this mission update, the Gleipnir
     will attempt to climb up in the atmosphere to escape. Your MPG will
     display how much time you’ll have before the Gleipnir becomes

     Ace: F-5E "Ghost"
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     The container ship will appear immediately in the center of the map
     after the optical camouflage is destroyed.

     There will be three Su-27s that will appear in the map as soon as you
     start the mission .The first one is the just straight ahead of your
     starting position. The other two are escorting Gleipnir. Destroy the
     three of them before destroying the optical camouflage to make the
     ace, Ghost to appear. I suggest just doing this in Free mission so
     that you can concentrate on your objectives and you can do this
     easier with a better plane with a QAAM or SAAM.

     There will be eight SWBM launchers that you’ll need to destroy. They
     will be deployed 4 at a time so you will expect two waves of them.
     The best position to shoot down the SWBMs is just as shown in the
     image above. Remember to stay below Gleipnir’s altitude to avoid
     getting hit by the SWBM. Several enemy fighters will appear as well.
     You can get rid a few of them if you want, as long as you can still
     catch up with Gleipnir.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-14D “Super Tomcat”
			(1) Mirage 200D
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Raven and AMFD

     MISSION 06B                                              WT010
     Operation: Ice Bound 	                              0000hrs
     Objective: Protect diversionary fleet and destroy any anti-submarine
                aircraft encountered.
     Notes    : Air-to-air, Air-to-ship

     Mission Type A: 03A-04A-05A-06B (normal path)
     Mission Type B: 03A-05A-06B (Limited Fuel)

     Bring in a plane here that has LASMs. You can also bring AA weapons

     Start the stage by approaching the intercepting X-29s. After that,
     destroy all surface ships with your SP weapons or ordinary missiles.
     Wait a few seconds after that.

     The second wave of anti-ship planes will appear as your primary
     targets. Engage the enemy E-767s and their escorts. If the
     diversionary fleet sustained no damage, the enemy ace will appear.
     After that, a scene will follow.

     The allied submarine, the Naiad hit an underwater mine and they have
     surfaced. An iceberg is also blocking their path. Since the sub’s
     rudder has been damaged, they can’t steer out of the way. Another
     bad news is that enemy reinforcements will appear.

     Ace: MiG-31 "Paladin"
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     The special unit (container ship) is the lone dot in the eastern part
     of the facilities. Approach it after you destroyed the iceberg and
     the incoming enemy reinforcements, including stealth B-2 bombers and

     Destroying the ice berg requires a lot of missiles since it will
     break down into smaller pieces. If you have LASMs, then their
     destructive power is enough to destroy the iceberg easier. You can
     also approach the iceberg and gun it while shooting missiles.

     After destroying the iceberg, you will still need to subdue any
     incoming enemy fighters. From time to time, F-117 “Nighthawks” will
     appear and approach your direction. They are stealth so sometimes
     they can slip through you unless you are guarding the radar as well.

     After the Naiad exits the combat zone, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) A-10 “Thunderbolt”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Terra Hammer (Cockpit)

     MISSION 07A                                             WT011
     Operation: Standoff in the Skies I	                     1700 hrs
     Objective: Destroy the airborne fortress, Gleipnir
     Notes: Assault on Base, Airborne Fortress

     Mission Type A: 03A-04A-06A-07A (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 03A-06A-04B-07A (Limited Fuel)
     Mission Type C: 03A-06A-03B-07A (Gleipnir Enhanced Weaponry)
     Mission Type D: 03A-06A-07A (Limited Fuel, Gleipnir Enhanced Weaponry)

     As you start the mission, approach the Gleipnir and begin spraying
     hot lead in case it activates its optical camo before you can get a
     clean lock-on. Once you destroy the optical camouflage, it will
     deploy its conventional weapons. Do not damage the airborne fortress
     yet. Just let it fly around the area, and clear the skies of enemy
     fighters. After defeating several of them, the ace will appear as

     Ace: MiG-29 "Frost"
     Special Unit: Vehicle

     The special unit will appear as a lone dot in the map, near the
     center of the map. It won’t be hard to spot it so you should be able
     to destroy it with ease.

     Before fully engaging the Gleipnir, get rid of the ground AA units
     first. They may pose a problem later on. If you want a high score,
     keep on destroying secondary and optional targets as they appear.
     Once the whole map is clean, proceed and engage the Gleipnir.

     You can start stripping off its onboard AA weapons. There will be two
     sets of conventional weapons that Gleipnir will deploy. After
     destroying all of them, the Gleipnir will turn upside down to fire
     its last weapon, the devastating Shock Cannon. Try not to fly too
     close with the Gleipnir.

     The only way to survive the attacks is by flying below the Gleipnir’s

     Just approach the Shock Cannon a few seconds after it fires. Remember
     that the firing intervals could be short so prepare to dive down once
     you hear Crux’s countdown.

     After destroying the Shock Cannon, watch the cutscene and the mission
     will complete.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) YR-302 “Fregata”
                        (1) Tornado F3
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Adv Turbo Engine
                        (1) Air Gripper
                        (1) Ceramic Armor
                        (2) Destructive Bomb
                        (SP)KEPS – Kinetic Energy Penetration Shell (WPN)

     MISSION 07B                                              WT012
     Operation: Standoff in the Skies II	              1700hrs
     Objective: Destroy the airborne fortress, Gleipnir
     Notes: Assault on Base, Airborne Fortress

     Mission Type A: 03A-04A-05A-07B (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 03A-04A-05A-06B-07B (Gleipnir: Reduced Stealth)
     Mission Type C: 03A-05A-04B-07B (Limited Fuel)
     Mission Type D: 03A-05A-03B-07B (Gleipnir: Enhanced Standard Weaponry)
     Mission Type E: 03A-05A-04B-06B-07B
                     (Gleipnir: Reduced Stealth, Limited Fuel)
     Mission Type F: 03A-05A—03B-06B-07B
                     (Gleipnir: Reduced Stealth; Enhanced Standard Weaponry)
     Mission Type G: 03A-05B-07
                     (Gleipnir: Enhanced Standard Weaponry, Limited Fuel)
     Mission Type H: 03A-05A-06B-07B
                     (Gleipnir: Reduced Stealth; Enhanced Standard Weaponry/
                      Limited Fuel)

     As you start the mission, hit your afterburners and approach the
     Gleipnir as fast as you can. Once you see it, brake hard and begin
     spraying hot lead in case it activates its optical camo before you
     can get a clean lock-on. If you are able to destroy the camouflage
     before it fires the shock cannon (and destroys everything underneath),
     the enemy ace will appear.

     Ace: A-10 "FIRESTORM"
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     Once you destroy the optical camouflage, it will deploy its
     conventional weapons and four SWBM launchers. Destroy all of them
     while occasionally diving below altitude to avoid getting melted by
     the shockwaves.

     After destroying the last SWBM, the Gleipnir’s crew will resort in
firing the shock cannon directly to Santa Elva. Once the mission update is
received and the countdown starts, the special unit will appear along the
river. It will be a lone dot there so it will be easy to spot.

     You can engage the incoming enemy fighters, so long as you can
     destroy them before the countdown timer runs out. The shock cannon
     may need at least 6-8 missile hits to be destroyed. If you have at
     least 2 AA Sp weapons (XMAA, XLAA, etc) then you just need a couple
     of those and some missiles. That should take care of the shock

     Watch the following scenes and the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) YR-302 “Fregata”
                        (1) F-15E “Strike Eagle”
                        (2) X-29A
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Adv Turbo Engine
                        (1) Ceramic Armor
                        (SP)Long Range Gun (WPN)

     MISSION 07C*                                            WT013
     Operation: Time Limit	                             1700 hrs
     Objective: Neutralize all poisonous gas using your SP weapon
                Neutralizing Agent (NTRL)
     Notes    : Rescue Operation

     * This is an optional mission that can be unlocked by finishing the
     following missions:

     Starting from mission 7A\B-09A-11A-07C

     This mission is similar to Ace Combat 5’s Mission 11B: REPRISAL. But
     the frustrating part of this mission is that you really need to be
     very careful of your flying. The neutralizing agent you’re carrying
     is susceptible to explode when exposed to high pressure and G-force/
     load . You will have an MPG to measure the amount of pressure that
     is applied to the neutralizing agent.

     The gauge will increase if you are hitting the after burners,
     braking hard, turning sharply and yawing. With all those noted, you
     will have a very weak flying and very vulnerable against enemy
     aircraft. Since you can’t do an evasive maneuver, you’re as good as
     dead when you got a missile on your tail.

     The fact is that the enemies can’t target you well below 800ft. But
     that will make your neutralizing runs a bit difficult since you’ll
     need to hit the base where the gas emanates; which is sometimes
     between close knit buildings.

     You’ll need a plane that is not too fast, too wobbly (low stability)
     and one that stalls at around 300 mp/h. Attackers and some
     multi-roles are the best ones to use here since this is like a
     bombing mission. I first finished this mission using a tuned X-02,
     including an AAM Jammer and Tracker MSSL. Though you won’t lose
     anything important by skipping this mission, you’ll need to finish
     this at least once for it to be selectable in the free mission mode.
     Only then will you able to attempt to get a better rank with a better

     As you start the game, approach the first “island”. The best dropping
     position is nose down. You don’t need to hit the epicenter of the
     gas; just hitting nearby will neutralize the gas. The special unit
     will be immediately available so you can pursue it; Use extreme
     caution! Two enemy target planes will be appearing from the southwest
     as well. Note that the E-767 will not fly a straight line. Once you
     are in pursuit, it will turn to the other direction, which will make
     your job harder.

     Ace: F-35C "Beacrux"
     Special Unit: E-767

     Just continue neutralizing the gases. As much as possible, fly slow
     and always get a sure hit. You have more than enough neutralizing
     agent to deal with the threats. Missing one will waste much valuable
     time turning around and getting into dropping position again. The
     gases will be released pretty much along your path so if you destroy
     them in a single bombing run, your job will be easier.

     As soon as you are done neutralizing all the gas, wait for a few
     seconds. The enemy ace will appear along with enemy air
     reinforcements. DON’T MANUEVER YOUR PLANE YET! Wait for the
     instruction to drop all your special weapons. Once your SP weapon
     gauge is empty, its time to kick some Leasath ass.

     Leave at least one target enemy aircraft alive and shoot down all
     secondary targets. Once the last target aircraft is shot down, the
     mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-16XL
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) RAM Coat (armor)

     MISSION 08A                                              WT014
     Operation: Striking Point	                              1200hrs
     Objective: Destroy all the targets within the allotted time.
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground

     Since there a large group of targets clustered together, bringing in
     heavy bombs such as UGBLs and FAEBs is a must. But you also need to
     know that the last part of the game includes a dogfight against enemy
     fighter reinforcements. With that said, avoid bringing in slow
     attackers such as A-10, F-117 or worse, the A-6E. Multiroles are your
     choice of planes here, just make sure that they have a good A-G SP
     weapon at least.

      As you start off the mission, two AH-64 attack helicopters will be
     above the first enemy cluster. You’ll need to destroy them first
     (treat them like airborne SAMs) then begin your bombing. Note that
     each group has AA weapons so avoid flying straight. You can dive
     bomb every now and then to get rid of targets more easily.

     Just keep on destroying the targets until you reach the final group.
     Two harriers will be there as well. As soon as you reach that group,
     your MPG will fill up again and enemy fighters will engage you. They
     are composed of stealth SU-37s and F/A-22B. So clear them up first
     before destroying the remaining ground units. (Unless those are SAMs
     or AA guns).

     Ace: X-29A "Viper"
     Special Unit: U-2

     Also, after the enemy reinforcements appear, the ace and the special
     unit will appear in the southwestern part of the map. The U-2 will
     not leave the area map but for some reason, will turn back to the
     opposite direction. Destroy them both and get rid of the remaining

     Your rank will depend on how quick you complete the mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) XR-45 “Cariburn”
			(1) F/A-18E “Super Hornet”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Extra Hardpoint (weapon)
			(SP) Hawkeye (Cockpit)

     MISSION 08B                                              WT015
     Operation: Wasteland	                              1200hrs
     Objective: Score 4000 pts or more within the time limit
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground

     Mission Type A: 07A/B-09A-11A-07C-08B (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 07A/B-09A-08B (Enemy special operations reinforcements)
     Mission Type C: 07A/B-09A-11A-08B (Limited SP weapons)

     This mission is easier compared to the 8A. There is almost no air
     battle here so you can concentrate on wiping out enemy positions.
     There will be several convoys of tanks and ground vehicles and you
     need to destroy them all. The most effective way of saving missiles
     and bombs is by targeting the Fuelcar, usually always in the middle
     of the group. The resulting explosion will destroy all units around

     Ace: F-15E "Rage"
     Special Unit: Vehicle

     The ace will appear during the last 3 minutes of the mission. Also,
     once you cleared the map of enemies, you will still need to wait
     until the timer runs out. Occasionally, a lone SU-27 will appear
     from the south. You can stay there and wait for them to appear.

     The special unit will appear as a lone dot near the northeastern tip
     of the mission map during the last minute. Unless you have a fast
     aircraft, I suggest get near the vicinity at the last 1:30 minutes
     of the mission.

     The mission completes once the timer reaches zero.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) SU-27 “Flanker”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(1) Extra Hardpoint (weapon)
			(SP) Beatle Armor

     MISSION 09A                                             WT016
     Operation: Blitz	                                     0300 hrs
     Objective: Fly through the enemy radar net and infiltrate their base.
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground, Infiltration.

     If you have played Ace Combat 5, this mission will remind you of
     mission 21: Solitaire. You still need to fly below the enemy radar
     net but you will be fully armed and your objective is launching a
     surprise attack-alone.

     As you start the mission, I suggest turning to your left (west) and
     make your way to the lone airborne target in the southwest. That is
     a special unit. Shoot it down and circle your way back to the straight
     path along the river. Make sure that you stay below the radar net
     while doing that.

     Ace: TND-F3 "Gacrux"
     Special Unit: CH-47

     Destroy all the patrol boats BEFORE you pass over them. Once you get
     past the patrol boats, the radar net will disappear and you’ll need
     to attack the base. Though the note for this mission is A-G, AA SP
     weapons are much better here since most of the targets are parked
     enemy bombers and fighters. There are a few ground targets which you
     can easily dispose of using conventional missiles.

     Enemy fighter patrols (including the ace) will engage you as soon as
     you reach the base but make sure to get rid of the AA defenses in
     the base. Just wreak havoc to the base. If you want to destroy
     everything, leave at least one primary target and destroy the
     secondary targets.

     Once the last primary target is destroyed, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) XR-45 “Cariburn”
			(1) F-117A “Nighthawk”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Extra V Canard (wing)
			(2) Diffusion Coat
                            Finish the mission with S-rank using Forneus

     MISSION 09B                                              WT017
     Operation: A Diversion	                              0400hrs
     Objective: Escort the allied forces to the base
     Notes    : Air-to-Ground, Escort

     This mission could be hard or easy. You will need to escort an allied
     helicopter squadron, again, alone through the enemy infested forests
     to the base. The problem with shoulder-launched SAMs is that you will
     only detect them once they are ready to fire. If all helicopters are
     shot down, the mission ends.

     The best way to deal with those hidden SAMs is by flying close behind
     the squadron. Bringing in long range air-to-ground weapons such as
     LASMs or better yet, the LAGMs, then you can take out those targets
     at a distance before they can even fire their missiles.

     Ace: F/A-18E "Storm"
     Special Unit: B-52 (parked)

     The ace is available immediately at the start of the stage. You can
     watch your radar and wait for him to get near the river. To get to
     him, you will need to leave the allied squadron behind. As much as
     possible, deal with this guy in as little time as possible. You will
     need a fast plane to quickly intercept the ace and get back to your
     guys. If not, try to concentrate on the mission first and try this
     mission later on free mission mode.

     Once you reach the base, don’t leave your allies. Enemy SAMs and
     choppers will still engage them. Destroy all AA defenses on the base
     before your allies arrive.

     The special unit will appear beside one of the hangars so destroy it.
     Destroy the remaining targets and as soon as the squad touches the
     ground, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-2A
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Extra Elron (wing)

     MISSION 10A                                              WT018
     Operation: Joint Operation	                              0400hrs
     Objective: Destroy all enemy transport aircraft
     Notes    : Air-to-Air, Jamming, Pursuit

     Because of the jamming, you can’t rely on missiles too much. Though
     there are “windows” (a brief 5-second period where the jamming is
     cleared) during the mission and will allow you to lock-on targets.
     You will trust your gunning skills here. Have some good AA SP weapons
     as well.

     Ace: SU-27 "Acrux"
     Special Unit: C-5

     The ace will be available near the center of the map. It will be
     challenging to gun him but stay close at his tail until the “window”
     opens and you should be able to take him down with two missiles.

     The special unit is a C-5 transport plane that hangs out near the ace
     as well. You can easily locate it before the transports start going
     out in all directions to escape.

     The enemy transports will start going to all directions once the
     order is given to them. Try to eliminate them as fast as possible
     and take out some escorts as well.

     Once you destroy all the targets, the mission will end.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) Rafale M
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Tracer
			(2) Laser Extension
                            S-rank the mission using Falken

     MISSION 10B                                              WT019
     Operation: Break In                                      1500hrs
     Objective: Destroy all enemy transport aircraft
     (Update:)  Destroy all factories and landmines before the Aurelian
                Liberation Corps arrives
     Notes: Air-to-Air, Pursuit

     Mission Type A: 07A/B-08A-09B-11B-10B (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 07A/B-09A-11A-10B (Limited SP weapons)

     Bring in A-G weapons. You will need that on the second part of the
     mission. Just chase the enemy transports and destroy them before
     they exit the operation area. You may want to get rid of the escorts
     as well.

     Ace: F-16XL "Biel"
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     After destroying the transports, you will have a mission update.
     You’ll need to rush to the western part of the map. The special unit
     will also appear by the shore, near the center of the map. The enemy
     ace will appear along with the reinforcements as well. The MPG will
     display the distance of the liberation corps from the factories.

     This is where A-G weapons will play their part. Work quickly on the
     factories and mines, as well as shooting down airborne targets. UGBLs
     and FAEBs work well here but other AG weapons are fine as well. After
     destroying the last set of mines and factory, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) JAS-39 Gripen C
     Unlock Part(s):    (SP) Caudal Engine

     MISSION 11A                                              WT020
     Operation: In Pursuit I	                              1700hrs
     Objective: Sever power to the high performance SAMs, then destroy
                the jamming facility.
     Notes    : Jamming

     This mission will take time since you’ll need to find four power
     stations amidst several scattered stations.

     Since the jamming here is really strong, you’ll need to strafe the
     targets. From time to time, there is a radar “window” where you can
     get a 5-second clearance to lock-on. But still, you can’t rely on
     that too much.

     After all the major power stations are taken down, the high
     performance AA defenses will go offline.

     Since you will difficulties targeting, unguided weapons will work
     well against those clustered targets. But there is always a risk
     that the mission completes prematurely. You wouldn’t want that if
     you are trying to shoot down the ace and the special unit.

     Ace: F-117 "Inferno"
     Special Unit: CH-47

     The ace will appear from the northeast but don’t bother chasing it.
     It will patrol around the Jammers until you reach it. The special
     unit will appear only after destroying some secondary targets such
     as those hi-performance SAMs and AA guns. Don’t damage the Jammers
     while doing this.

     You can engage the fighters in the area but you’ll need a lot
     patience to shoot them down. Even with the Jammers down (destroy
     all but one), the interference blanket is still thick in the area.
     Fortunately, this affects enemy radar as well. Once the last of the
     jammers are destroyed, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-35 “Lightning II”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) AAM Jammer
			(1) Auto Gun

     MISSION 11B                                             WT021
     Operation: In Pursuit II	                             1700 hrs
     Objective: Sever power to the high performance SAMs, then destroy
                the jamming facility.
     Notes    : Jamming

     Basically, this is the same as 11A with just minor differences in the
     planes and parts to be unlocked.

     Since the jamming here is really strong, you’ll need to strafe the
     targets. From time to time, there is a radar “window” where you can
     get a 5-second clearance to lock-on. But still, you can’t rely on
     that too much.

     After all the major power stations are taken down, the high
     performance AA defenses will go offline.

     Your starting position will be the opposite of 11A. Same tactics
     will apply here. Just destroy those power plants and proceed on
     destroying the jammers.

     Ace: F-2A "Fury"
     Special Unit: Vehicle

     Like Inferno, the ace in 11A, Fury will appear to the northwest. I
     am sure that both of them appears early in the mission but you will
     have a hard time telling so because of the jamming. Try your best to
     engage and shoot him down since he will be a bit faster than
     Inferno’s stealth bomber.

     The vehicle special unit will appear after you destroyed the
     surrounding AA defenses, facilities and vehicles. Bombs will be
     very helpful here.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) Typhoon
			(1) F-22 “Raptor”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) NERA Armor

     MISSION 12A                                              WT022
     Operation: Gaius Tower                                   1900hrs
     Objective: Protect allied troops in their assault on Gaiuss Tower.
     Notes: Air-to-air, Air-to-Ground, Assault on Base

     Mission Type A: 07A/B-08A-10A-11B-12A
     Mission Type B: 07A/B-09A-08B-10B-11A-12A
                     (Allied wingman reinforcements)
     Mission Type C: 07A/B-08A-10A-12A (Jamming Interference)
     Mission Type D: 07A/B-09A-08B-10B-12A
                     (Allied wingman reinforcements, Jamming Interference)

     Depending on the mission path you have taken (refer to the mission
     types above), you could either have additional allies or jamming
     interference or both.

     Start the mission by rushing to the first enemy ground position. If
     you want to have the ace appear later, ensure that all your allies
     reach the capital. There will be three enemy aircrafts that will
     engage you but ignore them for the meantime. Sweep through enemy
     ground formations, then the fighters and some nearby Meson Cannons.

     Once you cleared the enemy opposition, just wait until your allies
     enter the capital walls. The enemy ace will appear along with enemy
     reinforcements. The special unit will be a vehicle coming out of the
     tower (probably escaping enemy ranks). Destroy those to obtain your

     Ace: Typhoon "Zephyr"
     Special Unit: Vehicle

     Destroy all enemy targets and the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) YR-99 “Forneus”
			(1) Su-37 “Terminator”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP)Bullet Engine
                        (1) Minotaur Engine
                        (1) Bullet Engine
                        (1) Extra Canard
                        (1) Titanium Armor

     MISSION 12B                                              WT023
     Operation: Atmos Ring                                    1900hrs
     Objective: Destroy the Meson Cannon and all enemy aircraft
     Notes: Air-to-air, Air-to-Ground, Assault on Base

     Mission Type A: 07A/B-08A-09B-11B-10A-12B (Normal path)
     Mission Type B: 07A/B-08A-09B-11B-12B
                     (Increased number of enhanced cannons)
     Mission Type C: 07A/B-09A-11A-10B-12B (Limited SP weapons)
     Mission Type D: 07A/B-09A-11A-12B
                     (Increased number of enhanced cannons,
                      Limited SP weapons)

     Having some LASMs and LAGMs will be very effective against the Meson
     Cannons. In this mission, you will be pitted against the MSBR
     enhanced Meson Cannons and enemy aircraft, about 9 of them. You
     can bring in XMAAs, QAAMs and other AA SP weapons at your discretion.

     One weakness of the Meson Cannons is its rather slow tracking. It
     won’t hit you as long as you’re flying at the speed of 600mph and
     above. Also, aside from its very limited range (it can shoot targets
     near and inside the ring) it can’t hit targets below 2000 ft. You
     can wade safely under the cannons’ lasers but watch out for those
     AA guns and SAMs below.

     Ace: Gripen-C "Riot"
     Special Unit: CH-47

     As you start the mission, hit your afterburners and engage the enemy
     fighters first. Do not destroy any of the Meson Cannons for the
     meantime. As long as you maintain your speed above 600, you’ll be
     somewhat immune against the cannons. Or if you’re having problems,
     you can always lure the enemy fighters away from the cannons and
     shoot them down in a safe distance.

     After destroying the two Gripens, two F/A-18E will appear from the
     southeast. Destroy them as well and the ace will appear together
     with the last wave to attack you. Shoot them all down.

     After clearing the skies, work your way on destroying all those
     Cannons and MSBRs. Destroy the special unit that will appear on the
     top of Gaiuss tower. After that, destroy the last cannon/MSBR to
     complete the mission.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F-15S/MTD
			(2) X-02 “Wyvern”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Thornback Fin (Wing)
			(1) Extra Canard
			(1) Minatour Engine

     MISSION 12C                                              WT024
     Operation: Wild Card                                     1900hrs
     Objective: Destroy the Meson Cannon and all enemy aircraft
     Notes: Air-to-air, Air-to-Ground, Assault on Base

     Mission Type A: 07A/B-08A-10A-09B-11B-12C (normal path)
     Mission Type B: 07A/B-08A-10A-09B-12C (Jamming interference)

     First, you’ll need a fast Multirole with a large payload for this
     mission. I suggest taking this path on your 2nd playthrough onwards.
     Anyway, your main objective is to destroy all attacking enemy ground
     troops as well as the cannons.

     As you start the mission, quickly destroy the nearest groups. To be
     able to make the ace for this stage appears, you’ll need to work face
     and maintain no or very minimal damage to your allies. Don’t worry
     about the Meson Cannons since the Liberation Corps will take control
     over each station and disable them. Concentrate on eliminating the
     enemy ground troops.

     After the ground units are destroyed, proceed with the destruction of
     the cannons. A mission update will follow.

     Ace: Rafale M "Tyrant"
     Special Unit: Gunboat

     As long as your allies incurred no or very little losses, the enemy
     ace will appear. The special unit in this stage will appear as a
     gunboat, south of the city, along in the river. It will make its way
     outside the map.

     As you defeat all the initial targets, you will receive a mission
     update. Apparently, some long range missile launchers have gone
     within the city’s firing range. The launchers will be appearing
     from the north, northeast, east, west and southwestern roads. This
     is where the speed of your plane determines how easy this part of
     the mission will be or not.

     In addition, enemy air reinforcements will join the fray. Just ignore
     them for the meantime and hit those after burners and destroy the
     missiles. If you can still can, destroy the launchers as well to
     prevent them from further launching missiles.

     Though there are considerable intervals when launching, you will have
     a hard time in case they launch those missiles almost at the same

     I was told that this mission’s ranking system is points based so if
     you want to score more, destroy all launchers except one. Once you
     have only one launcher to worry about, you may freely engage those
     pesky enemy fighters that keep on chasing you.

     After the last launcher is destroyed, the mission will end.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) YF-23 “Black Widow”
			(2) X-02 “Wyvern”
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Light Armor

     MISSION 13A                                              WT025
     Operation: Alect Squadron                                1800hrs
     Objective: Destroy the enemy ace squadron
     Notes: Air-to-air

     This is purely an air to air mission.  You will face the elite enemy
     ace squadron and the whole wave of enemy fighters. Ace Combat Zero
     has a lot of these missions which I really loved.

     Anyways, apply all what you learned here. Avoid flying a straight
     line and don’t let the enemies surround you or you’ll get trapped in
     the crossfire.

     Ace: F-22 “Pain”/ SU-37 “Sorrow”
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     The special unit will appear on the eastern part of the map as soon
     as the Alect Squadron appears. Destroy all enemy fighters, and leave
     one Alect member alive. After a few seconds, two aces will appear
     from both sides of the map. Destroy them first for additional scores
     and rewards.

     Once the last alect member goes down, the mission completes.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) F/B-22 Concept
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Enhanced GSPM
                        (1) Extra Ammo
                        (2) Long Range MSSL
                            Finish the mission with an S-rank using
                            X-02 Wyvern.

     MISSION 13B                                              WT026
     Operation: Armada                                        1800hrs
     Objective: Destroy the enemy fleet
     Notes: Air-to-ship

     Bringing in some LASMs and LAGMs will be helpful, especially those
     threatening cruisers. As much as possible, disable the enemy ship’s
     armament first. Note that they can still fire weak machine gun fire
     even with their conventional weapons stripped off.

     Avoid staying in the middle of the battlegroup or you will be
     shredded into pieces. The best approach is to find your target ship,
     which is normally the one in the outer part of the group. Fly fast
     and low, once you get a lock-on, release your missiles then pull out.
     Basically you will be doing some hit and run attacks. Since your SP
     weapons come in limited supply, prioritize on which target you will
     use them. Aegis cruisers with mounted SAMs and AA guns usually come

     Take care of the first fleet. After destroying all of them, proceed
     to the much heavier formation of enemy ships. Note that there is an
     aircraft carrier there that will keep on launching F-35s to intercept
     your squadron. Destroy them quickly and the first enemy ace will
     appear, alongside with the special unit, a stealth B-2A bomber.

     Ace: YF-23 "Spider"/ F-15S/MTD "Comet"
     Special Unit: B-2A Stealth bomber

     Proceed to the 3rd fleet and destroy everything, except for the
     battleship. The second ace (Spider) will appear as well. Shoot down
     all non-targets. You may leave the carriers afloat since they will
     continuously launch fighters as long as they can. You can use this
     to score more.

     Once the last target ship sinks, the mission ends.

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) Mig-1.44
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP) Tracker Missile

     MISSION 14A                                              WT027
     Operation: Firestorm                                     1300hrs
     Objective: Destroy all enemy transport ships and storage facilities
     Notes: Air-to-ship

     This mission may look easy as first look but its challenging,

     You need to destroy those hangars containing highly explosive
     chemical/material. The tricky part is that the entrances of those
     hangars are at sea level; which means you’ll need to fly low, get a
     clean shot before firing.

     Another thing is that you’ll need to quickly move away after releasing
     your missiles to avoid being caught in the massive explosion resulting
     from the destroyed hangar. Not challenging enough? Well, most of the
     entrances are blocked by islands, which mean you’ll need to fly over
     those floating pieces of rock, “hug the deck” or follow the terrain
     closely, until you reach the hangar’s entrance.

     Enemy planes will be here of course. Enemy ships are scattered around
     the place as well though there are just a few of them that poses any
     threat at all.

     Ace: Mig-1.44 "Lancer"
     Special Unit: Submarine

     To make the enemy ace appear, don’t destroy the container ships
     nearby some of the entrances. Destroy the hangar directly and let
     the blast radius engulf and destroy those ships. The ace will
     appear to the east. The special unit however, will be available
     after destroying a few targets.

     After the last hangar is destroyed, the mission ends.

     Unlock Aircraft(s): (1) Su-47 “Berkut”
     Unlock Part(s)    : (SP) SCRAM Jet Engine

     MISSION 14B                                              WT028
     Operation: Offline                                       1300hrs
     Objective: Destroy all enemy satellite control facilities
     Notes: Air-to-ship

     This is an easy mission as long as you have the right plane. LAGMs
     works well against these clustered targets while XAGMs will quickly
     deplete your SP weapon reserve. This radar cluster is protected by
     aegis cruisers, enemy planes and conventional anti-air defenses.

     There is nothing special to note here, just consider this as a
     straightforward demolition mission. After destroying all land targets,
     more enemy reinforcements will appear, including the ace of this
     mission and the special container ship.

     Ace: F/B-22 “Orca”
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     Orca will appear from the eastern side of the map along with F-22s.
     The container ship can be easily identified since it will be just a
     lone dot in the map.

     Take note of your timer when doing this mission. As soon as you
     receive the mission update, you could have less time than you think.

     Approach the control tower inside the cave. Be warned that two
     submarines are waiting there to ambush. You can approach the cave,
     slow down then pull out after the underlying subs come out, and then
     sink them.

     Once you got a lock to the control tower, don’t fire your missiles
     immediately. Slow down, and make sure you have enough space to incline
     or “look down” to fire the missile. It just takes one missile hit to
     destroy the tower. Fly through the tight tunnel slowly and the mission

     Unlock Aircraft(s):(1) S-32
     Unlock Part(s)    :(SP)

     MISSION 15A                                              WT029
     Operation: End of Deception I		              0400hrs
     Objective: Destroy all Fenrir advanced attack aircraft
     Notes: Air-to-air, Assault on Base

     Mission Type A: 12A/B-13A-14B-15A (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 12A/B-13A-15A
                     (Enhanced accuracy of microwave weapon [HPM])

     Welcome to the last stage. As shown in the mission type above,
     skipping 14B will make the Fenrir’s HPM more accurate. HPM is a
     microwave weapon mounted on the Fenrir that heats up the target’s
     fuel tanks and makes them explode.

     If caught, the only way to escape is to hit the afterburners and
     exceed speeds of 900mph. Remember that you should fly a straight
     line so that you’ll accelerate faster.

     The Fenrirs will be hard to track down since they have optical
     camouflage and their mobility is superb. Having QAAMs in this battle
     helps a lot but you should have a clean shot first. If you are using
     an experimental plane, make sure that you have equipped Tracker MSSL
     and Sniper OS. This will further increase your plane’s potential
     against these advanced targets.

     Ace: S-32 “Eliza”
     Special Unit: Container Ship

     Eliza appears from the northeast after shooting down two Fenrirs. The
     container ship will appear after the first shockwave cannon blast.

     After destroying all the Fenrir aircrafts, your mission update is to
     destroy the enemy shock cannon. As usual, you’ll need to fly below
     the cannon’s edge to avoid getting shot down. Note that the shock
     cannon have some AA defenses so strip them off if you still have time.

     The shock cannon also has a shorter firing interval compared to the
     one mounted of the Gleipnir so be ready to dive down anytime. It will
     take several direct missile hits to destroy this target. For better
     results, try shooting your gun will firing the missiles. It’s a risky
     move but it is guaranteed to destroy the target much faster.

     After that, watch the following scenes and…. Congratulations for
     finishing the game!

     Unlock Aircraft(s): None
     Unlock Part(s)    : (SP) Adv Titanium Armor
     Unlocks           : Music Player
                         Scene Viewer

     MISSION 15B                                              WT030
     Operation: End of Deception II		              0400hrs
     Objective: Destroy all Fenrir advanced attack aircraft
     Notes: Air-to-air, Assault on Base

     Mission Type A: 12A/B-14A-13B-15B (Normal Path)
     Mission Type B: 12A/B-14A-15B (Enemy fleet reinforcements)

     This is mission can be divided into three major parts:

     1. Initial air battle/ intercept
     2. Allied amphibious landing, opening of the generators
     3. Flying inside the fortress to destroy the last Fenrir.

     Depending on what mission type/path you have taken, there could be an
     enemy fleet blocking the allied amphibious landings or not. But don’t
     worry since the allied fleet is much superior that they can take those
     enemy reinforcements by themselves.

     The second part is mainly for disabling the optical camouflage of the
     Fenrir. But, it is very possible that you destroy all Fenrirs without
     even going to the second part. I have done it several times already
     but it was really a challenge. The best planes to use to at least
     “match” the Fenrir’s mobility are the SU-37, F-22, MiG-1.44, S-32,
     SU-47,tuned X-02 and of course, the all mighty Fenrir itself. Having
     QAAMs or XMAAs will further make your work easier.

     Ace: SU-47 “Dusk”
     Special Unit: U-2

     Dusk will appear after downing at least two Fenrirs.

     If you have destroyed the Fenrirs, the allied landing units will
     continue inside the fortress and the second part will be skipped. You
     will get a mission update after that.

     Objective: Chase down and destroy all Fenrir advanced attack aircraft
     within the fortress

     You will need to fly inside the fortress. Don’t worry; compared to
     the Megalith of Ace Combat 4, the tunnel here is a lot more spacious.
     Fortunately, there is only one Fenrir that you’ll need to shoot down.
     But you need to shoot it down immediately since it will attempt to
     get away

     Enter the tunnel by flying start to the west first then slowly
     circling back. Keep your speed below 400mph because if you are
     using a plane with low stability (common in high speed fighters and
     multiroles), a single jerk can take you out of control. So be careful.

     The special unit is parked inside the tunnel, to the left. If you have
     XMAAs or XLAAs (you should have), fire them as soon as you get a
     lock-on with Fenrir. It is possible to fly within the left corridor
     in case you didn’t hit the U-2 but you need careful flying or you’ll
     kiss the walls.

     After all of those are done, carefully fly to the end of the tunnel
     and fly out of the base. Watch the following scenes and
     congratulations for finishing the game!

     Unlock Aircraft(s): None
     Unlock Part(s)    : (SP) Fenrir ECMS
     Unlocks           : Music Player
                         Scene Viewer

     MISSION SP                                               WT031
     Operation: Operation X		                      ----hrs
     Objective: Destroy all targets
     Notes: Air-to-Air

     This mission can only unlocked after completing all missions in the
     game. You can check out the ones that you haven’t unlocked yet by
     going to the Main Menu- Free Mission.

     Alright, time to test your abilities. In this mission, you will face
     ALL experimental planes from APALIS to X-02. A tuned X-02 or a XFA-27
     will give you a variety of advantages than normal fighters. You’ll
     need any advanced fighter you have in your inventory but I prefer
     using/ tuning an X-02 with the following parts:

     Engine: Mercury Engine
     Wing: Thornback Fin
     Armor: Ti-Al Armor
     Weapon: Tracker MSSL
     Cockpit: AAM Jammer or Sniper OS

     There is not much of a strategy needed here. All you need is your
     dogfighting skills. The first wave consists of slower and easier to
     hit Apalis and Fregatas.

     After destroying the following waves, the targets will appear. You’ll
     need to shoot down three Falkens, two of them equipped with TLS.
     (Tactical Laser System)

     Shoot them down but leave at least one Falken intact. Two aces will
     appear from both sides of the map.

     Ace: XFA-27 "Scarface One"  / ADF-01 "Z.O.E."
     Special Unit: None

     Get rid of the aces first then take down the last Falken to end the
     mission. Congratulations!

     Unlock Aircraft(s): ADF-01 “Falken”
     Unlock Part(s)    : None
     Unlocks           : SP Color 1 of Apalis, Fregata, XFA-27, Cariburn,
                         Forneus, and X-02

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    {                                                                   }
    { NOTE: I hate to admit but the unlocked parts are still incomplete.}
    { It is possible that I may have forgotten to take note of them     }
    { after unlocking or I haven’t successfully unlocked them. The list }
    { of the parts I’m lacking or the ones I forgot belongs to what     }
    { mission will be listed in the end of this guide.                  }
    {                                                                   }
    { If you have any corrections or suggestions for these parts, please}
    { email them to me and I will post your names in my credits section.}
    {                                                                   }
    {                                                   ~~~ Paul Vhayste}
    {                                                                   }
     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     |                    A I R C R A F T  L I S T                     |

     There are three major groups of planes. Each of them is classified
     according to their performance, ordinance and the types of missions
     they are best suited. Choosing what plane to bring for a mission will
     determine your survival when deployed.

     Real-life plane stats and details can be found in Wikipedia.
     < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page> Additional facts for some
     real-life planes in this guide have been referenced from Wikipedia as

     These aircrafts are bombing specialist and ground target killers.
     They excel in flying at subsonic speeds while “hugging the deck” or
     flying low. They have heavy armors that make them sturdy enough to
     withstand enemy fire. Their weakness however, is their stiff
     maneuverability. It will be hard to avoid enemy missiles just by
     evading it. Attackers are also capable of engaging enemy ships.

     Normally referred to as “bombers”, they carry enough ordinances to
     destroy large groups of ground units. Newer bombers are faster, more
     agile and more maneuverable without sacrificing armor rating.

     A-6E Intruder                                              AT001

     Spd  : 4
     A-A  : 2
     A-G  : 6
     Mobl : 3
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 9
     Cost : 4600c

     Special Weapons:
     UGBL –12        ----
     LASM – 8        1800c
     XAGM – 14       2000c

     UNLOCK: Complete mission 01

     NOTES: Your earliest attacker to boot, the AE-6 will be a waste of
     money. It has very low maneuverability making it really hard to turn.
     Its speed is not that great also, making it a challenge to chase down
     and engage enemy aircraft. Albeit its stiff controls, it has superb
     stability, letting it fly at very low speeds without stalling. A
     decent plane for ground missions but other than that, stick with your
     F-4E instead.

     A-10  Thunderbolt II                                       AT002

     Spd  : 3
     A-A  : 1
     A-G  : 9
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 9
     Def  : 10
     Cost : 15100c

     Special Weapons:
     XAGM – 18       -----
     SFFS -          146500c
     FAEB –          108400c

     UNLOCK: Complete Mission 06B

     NOTES: The A-10A is a great attacker. It has better stats and payload
     compared to the A-6E. Originally designed for close air support, this
     plane can also track engage multiple ground targets at once. It has
     tougher armor, enabling it to withstand at least 5 direct missile
     hits (in Normal Mode). Also, being able to carry 10 FAEBs, it has one
     of the most destructive planes in the game in terms of bomb runs.

     F-1                                                        AT003

     Spd  : 5
     A-A  : 2
     A-G  : 6
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 10300c

     Special Weapons:
     RCL – 10        -----
     UGBL – 12       3800c
     LASM – 8        4100c

     UNLOCK: Complete Mission 01, second playthrough

     NOTES: The F-1 is a decent attacker that is quite agile and
     maneuverable. Although its not as tough as the A-10 and the A-6E,
     its enhanced maneuverability and speed will enable it to engage
     aerial targets. The RCL as a default weapon won’t help you that much
     so just try to get the UGBL or better yet, the LASM.

     F-2A                                                       AT004

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 8
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 28900c

     Special Weapons:
     LASM – 10       ----
     SFFS – 14       12300c
     XMAA – 16       14200c

     UNLOCK: Complete mission 09B

     NOTES: As the description states, this attacker is primarily designed
     for air to ground combat. However, it has superb maneuverability and
     great stability as well. The reason this plane is tagged as an
     attacker and not as a multirole is because its special weapons are
     all dedicated anti-ground ordinances. One great aspect for this plane
     however, is that it can engage air units and fend for its own when
     targeted.  As for the design, this greatly resembles the F-16C
     “Fighting Falcon”.

     F-15E Strike Eagle                                         AT005

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 8
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 8
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 23200c

     Special Weapons:
     SFFS – 12       ----
     SAAM – 10       10400c
     GPB – 14        8600c

     UNLOCK: Complete Mission 07B

     NOTES: Another crossover between a multirole and an attacker. Based
     on the stats, this fighter is more than capable of engaging air
     targets but is also an effective high speed bomber. The Strike Eagle
     has great speed and mobility for an attacker and also has great
     defense and stability as well. It’s a derivative from the F-15 Eagle,
     air superiority fighter.

     F-16XL                                                     AT006

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 7
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 31300c

     Special Weapons:
     XAGM – 14       ----
     SAAM – 10       14000c
     BDSP – 8        12100c

     UNLOCK: Complete Mission 07C

     NOTES: Similar to the F-15E, the F-16XL is also a derivative or
     another version, this time, taken from the F-16. Its performance is
     a bit off but still comparable from the F-15E. Though a decent high
     speed attacker, this plane can be overshadowed by the much better
     performing F-15E, not to mention its cost versus the mentioned

     F-117A Night Hawk                                          AT007

     Spd  : 4
     A-A  : 2
     A-G  : 7
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 30500c

     Special Weapons:
     GPB  – 16       ----
     UGBL – 14       11300
     LAGM – 12       12600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 09A

     NOTES: Honestly, its stealth doesn’t really help too much against
     enemy trackers and radars. You won’t even know that this plane has
     stealth. Just think of it as an advanced version of the A-10A.  You
     can just spend your money on other better planes or better yet, on
     those high speed bombers like the F-16XL and the F-15E.

     F/B 22 Concept                                             AT008

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 10
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 9
     Def  : 8
     Cost : 54300c

     Special Weapons:
     SOD  – 16       ----
     XAGM – 16       23900
     BDSP – 12       22400

     Unlock: Complete Mission 13A

     NOTES: A derivative from the F-22 Raptor, the F/B-22 is considered the
     modern pinnacle of stealth, high speed bombers. It has the superb
     maneuverability, defense and speed of the F-22 while maintaining
     great stability for targeting ground units. Even as an attacker, the
     plane’s awesome mobility allows it to intercept targets and engage
     high speed fighters.

     Mirage-2000D                                               AT009

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 3
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 15900c

     Special Weapons:
     UGB  – 14       ----
     GPB  – 10	     5600
     XAGM – 12       6600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 03B

     NOTES: A dedicated air-to-ground interdictor, this is on of the decent
     attackers you can for the start of the game. It has average mobility
     and stability to engage with medium air-to-air engagements or bombing

     Aircrafts built for engaging enemy fighters and air targets. They are
     agile, quick and deadly. They are also deployed to escort transports
     and bombers, defend bases and even protect the fleet. They are capable
     of turning sharply at very high speeds as well.

     The weaknesses of fighters include lesser armor to make the plane
     lighter but making it more vulnerable against enemy fire and their
     sensitivity when attacking the ground can make the plane wobbly and

     F-4E Phantom II                                            FT001

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 1
     Mobl : 3
     Stbl : 3
     Def  : 4
     Cost : ----

     Special Weapons:
     NPB  – 10       ----
     SAAM – 8        2600
     UGBL – 8        2300

     Unlock: Starting aircraft

     NOTES: A decent plane as your starting aircraft, the Phantom II can
     double as a medium bomber when needed.

     F-5E Tiger II                                              FT002

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 1
     Mobl : 3
     Stbl : 3
     Def  : 3
     Cost : 9300

     Special Weapons:
     UGB  – 12       ----
     RCL  - 10       2700
     QAAM – 6        3700

     Unlock: Complete Mission 04B

     NOTES: Although it almost the same stats as the F-4E, by the time
     you’ll get this plane, you’ll already have access to better planes.
     Or yet, just stick with your trusty Phantom II.

     F-14D Super Tomcat                                         FT003

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 8
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 5
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 16600

     Special Weapons:
     XLAA – 12       ----
     NPB  – 12       5900
     GPB  – 10       5900

     Unlock: Complete Mission 06A

     NOTES: A low cost, carrier-based fighter that can also take on medium
     air-to-ground missions. Its variable geometry wing  retracts when
     flying at high speeds and extends on low speeds to maintain good

     F-15S/MTD                                                  FT004

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 9
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 48400

     Special Weapons:
     XLAA – 14       ----
     SOD  – 16       21200
     FAEB – 8        25700

     Unlock: Complete Mission 12B

     NOTES: A heavily modified version of the F-15, this fighter is used
     as an experimental aircraft to use thrust vectoring and other
     advanced electronics. Some of these enhancements are applied on
     modern advanced aircrafts such as the F-22. Though optimized for
     aerial combat, the F-15S/MTD is also capable of carrying and dropping
     devastating FAEBs (Fuel Air Explosive Bombs)

     F-16C Fighting Falcon                                      FT005

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 6
     A-G  : 1
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 12800

     Special Weapons:
     RCL  – 10       ----
     LAGM – 8        5000
     XMAA – 12       5900

     Unlock: Complete Mission 04A

     NOTES: Designed as a lightweight fighter, the F-16C is also optimized
     for air-to-ground combat, further enhancing its strike capability.
     Just replace the crappy default RCL as your special weapon.

     F-22 Raptor                                                FT006

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 8
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 8
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 51100

     Special Weapons:
     XMAA – 18      ----
     GPB  – 12      18500
     SOD  – 12      21100

     Unlock: Complete Mission 11B

     NOTES: The Raptor is the icon of the 21st century aircraft. Fully
     automized and computerized, it was meant to be the superior fighter
     that will rule the skies. Thrust vectoring  gives the Raptor superb
     maneuverability and mobility; not to mention its large payload and
     stealth capabilities.

     MiG-21-93 Fishbed                                          FT007

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 5
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 15400

     Special Weapons:
     SAAM – 8        ----
     LASM – 10       7100
     ECMP – 5        6800

     Unlock: Complete Mission 03A, second playthrough

     NOTES: A cheap yet decent fighter that has high mobility and speed.
     The ACX version of this plane is a little beefed up since the plane’s
     capability is comparable to the starting aircrafts such as the F-4E
     and F-5E. And because you’ll acquire this plane on your second
     playthrough, you will probably want to save up the money to buy more
     powerful planes.

     MiG-29A Fulcrum                                            FT008

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 14400

     Special Weapons:
     UGB  - 12       ----
     RCL  – 12       4500
     SAAM – 10       6500

     Unlock: Complete Mission 05B

     NOTES: An average plane with average stats. Nothing special about
     this aircraft so you may want to find better alternatives other than
     the Fulcrum.

     MiG-31 Foxhound                                            FT009

     Spd  : 10
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 3
     Def  : 8
     Cost : 18400

     Special Weapons:
     SAAM – 8        ----
     UGBL – 12       6700
     XLAA – 12       8600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 05A

     NOTES: Though the Foxhound has superb speed and defense, it doesn’t
     have the capability to use that speed to outmaneuver the enemy; all
     because of its really low mobility. You will notice how hard the
     plane turns during tight dogfights.

     S-32                                                       FT010

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 9
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 67100

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 12       ----
     LAGM – 14       28700
     ECMP – 8        32500

     Unlock: Complete Mission 14B

     NOTES: The prototype of the SU-47 Berkut, the S-32 boasts excellent
     speed and mobility, not to mention large weapons payload, suitable
     for heavy dogfights and intercept missions. Its forward swept  wings
     help the plane manage sharp turns at high speeds, while providing

     SU-27 Flanker                                              FT011

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 7
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 5
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 27400

     Special Weapons:
     XMAA – 12       ----
     UGB  – 12       8500
     SFFS – 10       11000

     Unlock: Complete Mission 08B

     NOTES: The SU-27 is designed to be a long range air superiority
     fighter. The plane performs decently on dogfights and can even carry
     out interdiction  missions as well.

     SU-37 Terminator                                           FT012

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 10
     A-G  : 5
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 49100

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 12       ----
     FAEB – 8        26100
     XLAA – 16       24300

     Unlock: Complete Mission 12A

     NOTES: Previously known as the Super Flanker, the Terminator is based
     on the SU-27’s design and was made to be the direct competitor of the
     F-22 Raptor. It boasts superb maneuverability, thanks to its thrust
     vectoring nozzles. It also has stealth capabilities and excellent
     speed, making it ideal for stalking enemy fighters and shooting them

     SU-47 Berkut                                               FT013

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 10
     A-G  : 5
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 61600

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 14       ----
     NPB  – 16       23700
     BDSP – 12       25400

     Unlock: Complete Mission 14A

     NOTES: The final version of the S-32, which is also known previously
     as the S-37 (don’t mix it up with the SU-37). The forward swept wings
     are still retained while advanced electronics are added, including
     electronic controlled canards.

     Tornado F3                                                 FT014

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 7
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 5
     Def  : 9
     Cost : 22500

     Special Weapons:
     XMAA – 12       ----
     SAAM – 12       10400
     ECMP – 5        10300

     Unlock: Complete Mission 07A

     NOTES: An air superiority fighter that has variable geometry wings,
     similar to the F-14D Tomcat. The Tornado has excellent defense and
     speed and has good mobility as well.

     (Eurofighter) Typhoon                                      FT015

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 7
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 38000

     Special Weapons:
     XLAA – 14       ----
     GPB  – 10       13200
     SFFS – 12       15100

     Unlock: Complete Mission 11B

     NOTES: A modern aircraft boasting advanced avionics and computerized
     controls makes it a great all-around fighter.

     X-29A                                                      FT016

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 3
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 25700

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 10       ----
     FAEB – 6        13100
     LAGM – 10       10300

     Unlock: Complete Mission 07B, second playthrough

     NOTES: An experimental aircraft in real life that never saw combat,
     ACX’s version of the X-29 is an agile, fast and good aircraft that
     has good air and ground weapons.

     YF-23A Black Widow II                                      FT017

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 8
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 8
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 46600

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 12       ----
     NPB  – 12       16800
     BDSP – 10       18600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 12C

     NOTES: A prototype of the F-22 Raptor, the Black Widow II built with
     stealth as the primary aspect.

     These aircrafts are the hybrid or the cross between fighters and
     attackers. Their main strength lies in their all-around attributes
     and capability of being deployed on any mission. They have the
     strength, speed and agility of fighters and the toughness and
     stability of attackers.

     F-35 Lightning II                                          MR001

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 8
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 35500

     Special Weapons:
     LASM – 12       ----
     SOD  – 16       15600
     QAAM – 10       15900

     Unlock: Complete Mission 11A

     NOTES: A carrier-based stealth fighter designed to carry all combat
     operations, including close air support, interdiction, interception
     and tactical bombing.

     F/A-18E Super Hornet                                       MR002

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 7
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 6
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 29700

     Special Weapons:
     XMAA – 12       ----
     NPB  – 14       11300
     ECMP – 4        13600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 08A

     NOTES: A carrier-based multirole fighter that is capable of carrying
     out high speed strikes and interception while maintaining high speed
     and stability.

     Fenrir (Advanced Aircraft)                                 MR003

     Spd  : 10
     A-A  : 10
     A-G  : 10
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 9
     Def  : 9
     Cost : 215000

     Special Weapons:
     LASM – 18       ----
     XMAA – 22       100300
     LSWM – 2        129000

     Unlock: Complete all missions in the game; then complete the Campaign
     in Ace Difficulty

     NOTES: Considered as one of the most powerful aircraft in the game,
     this fictional piece of advanced futuristic technology can carry two
     over powerful shockwave missiles, capable of destroying all targets
     within its range, regardless of type and armor. Fenrir can also equip
     HPMs or microwave weapons and even strut an optical camouflage,
     replacing conventional stealth technology. These advancements however,
     are only available on the Leasath Fenrirs.

     JAS 39 Gripen C                                            MR004

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 9
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 7
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 36700

     Special Weapons:
     RCL  – 16       ----
     XLAA – 12       17100
     ECMP – 6        17100

     Unlock: Complete Mission 10B

     NOTES: A great fighter with well-balanced stats essential for its
     multi-role capabilities.

     JA-37 Viggen                                               MR005

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 3
     A-G  : 4
     Mobl : 6
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 5800

     Special Weapons:
     UGB  – 12       ----
     XMAA – 14       4100
     XAGM – 16       3900

     Unlock: Complete mission 02

     NOTES: A great starting aircraft with excellent weapon loadout and

     MiG-1.44                                                   MR006

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 5
     A-G  : 9
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 5
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 52600

     Special Weapons:
     UGBL – 18       ----
     QAAM – 12       21800
     LAGM – 16       23600

     Unlock: Complete Mission 13B

     NOTES: Another experimental aircraft in real life, its advanced
     design contributes to the plane’s awesome mobility and speed. It has
     great stability and defense for high speed bombing runs.

     Rafale M                                                   MR007

     Spd  : 7
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 8
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 35100

     Special Weapons:
     LASM – 12       ----
     XMAA – 16       17400
     SOD  – 14       14900

     Unlock: Complete Mission 10A

     NOTES: The Rafale M is a good anti-ship plane. It has good stability
     and speed which can help pilots glide their planes across enemy fleet
     air barrages. Small and lightweight, the Rafale can also be used as
     an interceptor.

     There is a special group of special planes that you can customize
     using any parts you have purchased and unlocked. These planes’
     statistics will vary from the parts you put in them as well as their
     performance. Parts can be unlocked by completing missions and
     shooting down special “star” units.

     ADF-01 FALKEN                                              EX001

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 6
     A-G  : 5
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 8
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 140500

     Special Weapons:
     TLS  – 14       ----
     XLAA – 18       65400
     FAEB – 8        68200

     Unlock:  Complete Mission SP

     NOTES: First appeared as a non-playable aircraft in Ace Combat 2, the
     Falken’s unique design has changed a bit over the years. The TLS is a
     powerful weapon that can cut through anything easily, which can be
     targeted at air, naval and ground targets.

     X-02 Wyvern                                                EX002

     Spd  : 9
     A-A  : 6
     A-G  : 6
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 9
     Def  : 7
     Cost : 95900

     Special Weapons:
     XLAA – 14       ----
     BDSP – 14       40900
     XAGM – 16       42100

     Unlock: Complete Mission 12B or C, second playthrough

     NOTES: One of my all-time favorite planes, the Wyvern first appeared
     in Ace Combat 4. The switchblade wings fold and unfold at different
     speeds giving the Wyvern extreme maneuverability on any speed.

     XFA-24A Apalis                                             EX003

     Spd  : 6
     A-A  : 3
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 5
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 8700

     Special Weapons:
     UGB  – 16       ----
     XMAA – 14       4100
     XAGM – 16       3900

     Unlock: Complete Mission 03A

     NOTES: The Apalis is the first experimental aircraft you will acquire
     in the game. It is a good multirole at the start of the game so make
     sure to equip some new parts you have acquired. Optimized for
     air-to-ground strikes, the Apalis’ special part further enhances its
     anti-ground capability.

     XFA-27                                                     EX004

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 7
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 5
     Cost : 26000

     Special Weapons:
     QAAM – 10       ----
     SOD  – 12       10700
     ECMP – 6        12100

     Unlock:  Complete Mission 03B

     NOTES: First appeared in Ace Combat 2, the XFA-27 is the first
     “super” aircraft with perfect stats and capabilities. This has been
     trimmed down in ACX. However, since the XFA-27 is customizable, the
     players have the option to equip a part that will enable its original
     capability to fire four missiles at a time.

     XR-45 Cariburn                                             EX005

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 9
     Stbl : 4
     Def  : 3
     Cost : 29100

     Special Weapons:
     XLAA – 12       ----
     RCL  – 14       9300
     QAAM – 10       13100

     Unlock: Complete Mission 09A

     NOTES: The Cariburn is a great, cheap and customizable fighter. Its
     forward swept wings enables it to make hard turns, similar to the the
     S-32 and SU-47; perfect for tight dogfighting and combat maneuvers.

     YR-99 Forneus                                              EX006

     Spd  : 8
     A-A  : 4
     A-G  : 3
     Mobl : 8
     Stbl : 6
     Def  : 4
     Cost : 47700

     Special Weapons:
     LAGM – 14       ----
     XMAA – 14       22900
     SFFS – 12       19700

     Unlock: Complete Mission 12A

     NOTES: Forneus is a great multirole aircraft. Very agile and stable.
     Its cockpit is similar to the Falken’s, which provides the pilot a
     full 360 view around.

     YR-302 Fregata                                             EX007

     Spd  : 6
     A-A  : 3
     A-G  : 2
     Mobl : 4
     Stbl : 5
     Def  : 6
     Cost : 21000

     Special Weapons:
     NPB  – 19       ----
     LAGM – 16       8700
     FAEB – 8        10800

     Unlock: Complete Mission 07A

     NOTES: With its four massive engines and large body, the Fregata will
     look like flying goose. It is optimized for high speed bombing, which
     is made possible by the exploding effect of the four engines. The
     additional weight of the engines in the rear restricts fluent
     maneuvers of the plane which makes it hard to use against faster
     enemy interceptors.

     |               S P E C I A L  W E A P O N  L I S T               |

     The costs of special weapons depends on the aircraft that carries
     it. All SP weapons are identical in terms of effectiveness and

     BDSP (Bomblet Dispenser)                                   SP001

     Air to Air:          NO
     Air to Ground:       YES
     Tracking:            YES
     Damage Area:         Straight
     Damage:              Light-Medium

     Notes:  The BDSP is a very useful weapon against ground targets moving
     in a straight line. This can be used for heavily concentrated enemy
     positions but those under its path will be the only destroyed.

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     ECMP (Electronics Countermeasure Pod)                      SP002

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       None
     Damage:            None

     Notes:  Though this defensive weapon looks like a missile, it is
     actually attached to the aircraft as auxiliary equipment. Deploying
     this SP weapon requires proper timing, otherwise it will be
     ineffective. Use this to disable the tracking capabilities of enemy

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     FAEB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb)                             SP003

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Large
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Only a handful of planes are capable of carrying out this
     devastating piece of explosive. The blast radius is really large and
     when dropped at a sufficient height and angle, this could take out an
     enemy position.

     Effectiveness: 5/5

     GPB (Guided Penetration Bomb)                              SP004

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Known also as the Bunker Buster, this guided bomb locks on
     the target and glides towards it once released. It is very effective
     against heavily armored targets such as ships, heavy tanks,
     fortifications and structures.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     LAGM (Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile)                    SP005

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Average
     Damage:            Average

     Notes:  Though designed against ships, the LAGM is very effective
     against clustered ground targets. The medium blast radius is capable
     of destroying lightly armored targets within the area.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     LASM (Long Range Air-to-Surface Missile)                   SP006

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Effective against naval targets, this missile glides down and
     cruises to its target at low altitudes. Releasing this weapon above
     the target or with ground obstacles will cause it to miss the target.

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     LWSM (Long Range Shock Wave Missile)                       SP007

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Very Large
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Undoubtedly the most powerful and destructive weapon in the
     game, this weapon releases a massive shockwave upon impact. The
     damage area is so great that you can wipeout an entire opposition
     with a well placed target in the middle. Since it only detonates upon
     impact and you can only use it twice, make sure you have a clean shot
     first to avoid trashing this weapon of mass destruction.

     Effectiveness: 5/5

     NPB (Napalm Bomb)                                          SP008

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Straight
     Damage:            Light-Medium

     Notes:  One of the weakest weapons in the game and the series, this
     fiery package can only damage anything on the straight line.
     Destruction of heavy armored targets is not guaranteed though. Just
     forget buying this junk and bring in a UGBL.

     Effectiveness: 1/5

     QAAM (Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile)                   SP009

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     NO
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  This ACX version of the QAAM is trimmed down a lot compared
     to the “sure-hit, fire-and-forget” version of AC4. It can track down
     and hit targets on their 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock angles. Not to mention
     it is faster than conventional missiles or anti-air SP weapons.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     RCL (Rocket Launcher)                                      SP010

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Light

     Notes:  The RCL is the worst SP weapon in the game. When used, it can
     only release 6-8 unguided rockets, each one of them not even enough
     to destroy a light armored target. Another thing is that the rockets
     are scattered when fired, making them completely useless even against
     large, steady targets. Avoid buying this at all costs.

     Effectiveness: 1/5

     SAAM (Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile)                      SP011

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     NO
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  Once released, it is guaranteed to hit the target –as long as
     you keep the target within your targeting circle.

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     SFFS (Self-Forging Fragments Submunitions)                 SP012

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       small-large
     Damage:            light-medium

     Notes:  After releasing, this weapon releases a rain of shrapnel at
     target area. To increase the damage area, the pilot can drop the bomb
     at a high altitude. Scattering the shrapnel this way will increase
     the damage radius but will considerably decrease damage compared to a
     low level, concentrated drop.

     Effectiveness: 2/5

     SOD (Standoff Dispenser)                                   SP013

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Straight
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  A bit more destructive than the BDSP, the SOD glides over the
     target before releasing its bomblets. As the description goes, it is
     effective against targets in a straight line.

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     TLS (Tactical Laser System)                                SP014

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Exclusive only to the Falken, this advanced weapons system is
     capable of destroying any target, regardless of armor. And since
     there is no delay between firing and impact on the target, the laser
     is almost impossible to avoid.

     Effectiveness: 5/5

     UGB (Unguided Bomb)                                        SP015

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Medium
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  Just your average conventional bomb.

     Effectiveness: 3/5

     UGBL (Unguided Bomb [Large])                              SP016

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          NO
     Damage Area:       Large
     Damage:            Heavy

     Notes:  Similar to the UGB but with larger blast radius and heavier

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     XAGM (Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile)                      SP017

     Air to Air:        NO
     Air to Ground:     YES
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  Multi-lock targeting allows pilots to lock-on and destroy up
     to four targets at a time. These missiles are highly accurate since
     they always land on the target from above.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     XLAA (Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile)              SP018

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     NO
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  Great for sniping out long range targets, it allows you to
     multi-lock up to four targets. Slower compared to conventional
     missiles, it is recommended to fire these pencils on the enemy’s six
     or twelve.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     XMAA (Advanced Middle Range Air-to-air Missile)            SP019

     Air to Air:        YES
     Air to Ground:     NO
     Tracking:          YES
     Damage Area:       Small
     Damage:            Medium

     Notes:  Mid-range and multi-lock allows pilots to snipe incoming
     enemy formations at a favorable distance.

     Effectiveness: 4/5

     |                        P A R T S  I N D E X                     |

     Below are the parts I have acquired on my playthrough so far. Refer
     to the legend to know what info I am still missing. Some parts may be
     available only in Multiplayer and so far, I don’t know any other
     players that can play ACX in my area.

     If you are willing to share some info I am missing, please email me
     so that I can update my faq as soon as possible. Your name will
     appear on my credits section as well. It is greatly appreciated.

     -----    = Not Acquired
     ++       = Acquired but not noted from what mission

     Engine:     Wing:           Armor:           Weapon:
     Turbo       Adv Trimtab     Scale Armor      Destructive MSSL
     Light       Extra Airbrake  CFRP Conversion  KEPS
     Adv Turbo   Extra Ladder    Ceramic Armor    Long Range Gun
     Caudal      Air Gripper     RAM Coat         Extra Hard Point
     Minotaur    Extra V Canard  Beetle Armor     Extra Ammo
     Bullet      Extra Elron     -------          Enhanced SHM++
     -------     Extra Canard    Titanium Armor   Tracker MSSL
     Scramjet    Thornback Fin   Light Armor      Scarface MBS
     Hydra       Sylph Wing      Adv Titanium     Long Range MSSL
     Mercury     Adv Actuator++	 Diffusion Coat   Laser Extender
     C-Cycle ++	 -------         TiAl Armor       Destructive Bomb
     -------	 -------         -------          -------

     Emergency APS
     Terra Hammer
     Hawk Eye
     AAM Jammer
     Fenrir ECMS
     Earth Shaker
     Sniper OS

     |                         C R E D I T S                           |

     Thanks to the people behind Wikipedia for providing a very informative
     and helpful site. Kudos!

     Thanks to the gamesites that generously host my works online.

     To you for using this guide. I hope this helped you out a bit.

     To my family and friends.

     To the Lord, our God. :)

     Copyright Vhayste®
     All Rights Reserved 2007

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