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Special Weapon FAQ by alpha671

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/29/07

Incoming Transmission from Aurelian Air Force Command…

Special Weapons Maintenance Guide
                                      For use for Aurelian Pilots and Engineers

Table of Contents
I.	Introduction
II.	Version Information
III.	Notice & Copyright Information
IV.	Air-to-Air Special Weapons
V.	Air-to-Ground Special Weapons
VI.	Other Special Weapons
VII.	Conclusion
VIII.	Special Thanks


I. Introduction

This FAQ will show you how to wisely select your special weapons for Ace Combat
X: Skies of Deception.  Please note that this is my first guide and that any
help, errors, or etc. founded on this or other FAQs will be greatly appreciated
and will have his/her name on the special thanks section.

Why did I make this FAQ? I’ve completed Ace Combat X fifty times over and I 
know the ins and outs of each aircraft (well, mostly). I’ve went through the 
hassle of going to a mission where my armament isn’t good enough, and I had to
change special weapons, or even planes in order to complete it with desired 
rank. So, for comrade pilots to not experience the same trial and error, I’d 
decided to make this little wiki on these special weapons. Please note that 
this FAQ would be helpful to beginner-normal players that are starting this 
game. There are some multiplayer tricks here for the intermediate and above.

Again, any help or support would be really appreciated. All comments will be 
accepted. Please email them to alpha671ofraz@aol.com. If changes are made I 
will add your name (or E-mail) to the special thanks section. When emailing 
about the guide, please include references to Ace Combat X Special Weapons 
Guide, or it will be deleted.No attachments unless you have my permission.


II. Version Information

Initial Version (1.0) : This version includes all the goods. Mistakes are 

Version 1.5: This version includes proofreading throughout the guide, added the
confirmed origination of the ECMP.

Version 2.0: Further proofreading, added confirmed origination of the FAEB.


III. Notice, Copyright Information, and Other Notes

Important Notice:

***This FAQ is not intended to degrade any aspect of the game***


Copyright info-

This guide is a quality product of my own two hands and may not be reproduced, 
edited, or cited without my permission. Failure to do so, I’ll have to sue you
and probably make an international conflict, or I’ll report so to gamefaqs to 
do this for me. :D

This FAQ may have any section reproduced for PRIVATE REASONS ONLY, but if it 
isn’t private, your copy must include all aspect of this typing and must (if 
for showcasing) be labeled, “NOT MINE” (and MINE is YOU). You must also have
my permission.


One last note, throughout the guide, I'll refer many times a phrase, saying
"head-on engagements." HOEs (whoa, didn't know the acronym would be such a 
word :p ) is when you first see an air target and you head directly at it and 
it does the same to you. Example:

  ^                           ^                             ^
You                     Flight Path(s)                    Enemy

RMR= Reg. Missile Range
Arrows shows the direction of the paths of the missile or plane.

Once a player is within the RMRs, they are in range to fire a regular missile.

This tactic is often used during single player and even multiplayers, so I'll 
be refering to this phrase (not the acronym to avoid offenses) throughout the 

I will refer to CHOEs though representing Close Head-On Engagements. This is 
basically the same principal as the rule above but one thing, both aircrafts 
involved are IN RANGE FOR A REGULAR MISSILE LAUNCH. Regular missiles and 
Special Missiles are practically indistinguishable in this close fight. This is
a nasty tactic in multiplayer, it's a do or die thing. Take caution. The one 
with the better arnament (they do use special weapons in this close range) is
the likely one to get out. Alive. Here's an example.

-------RMR----->------------------<-------------RMR---- Flight path line
               ^                  ^                    
              You               Enemy

It is very dangerous here, take caution if you decide to do this and don't 
break your PSP if you lose.


IV. Air-to-Air Special Weapons

Quick manuever Air-to-Air Missile

Description: This missile's advanced guidance system can stay locked onto a 
target at your six o'clock.

Pros: Really manueverable, great for head-on engagements and great for annoying
the other players with the constant sounds of the missile alert.

Cons: Credentials lowered from AC4.

Damage: Approx. 2x Reg. Missiles

You could really annoy your opponents in multiplayer with the annoying sounds
of the missile alert, making it a good distraction unit though intended as a
weapon. Since this missile appeared in Ace Combat 4 or maybe even earlier, this 
missile is practically a fire and forget, since it is a 95% chance of hitting 
in AC4. Here, however they lowered it's credentials, but that doesn't mean it 
is useless. Use your imagination. Since it is manueverable, once you fire this 
weapon, it is deadly in CHOEs.

   F-5E Tiger II
   XR-45 Cariburn
   F-35 Lightning II
   YF-23A Black Widow II
   Su-37 Terminator


Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile

Description: Air-to-air missile with high accuracy and long range. Once fired,
the target must be kept inside the missile's steering circle.

Pros: High chance of a hit, especially on head-on engagements and dogfights. 
Good for annoying ace players from a distance.

Cons: Since you will be busy keeping your target in the circle, you might 
forget that there might be a bandit on your six that launched a missile.

Damage: Approx. 2x Reg. Missiles

SAAMs probably entered the AC world in AC5, and I did went "what the heck?!" 
when I first tried it. Be alert of your six. If you have to keep your target 
in the cirle, it is easy for an enemy to sneak up behind you. Don't take any 
chances under this circumstance. BREAK OFF NOW. Forget the kill. Note that in
head-ons, the AI target or player target may break off in order to avoid, 
making the missile less likely to hit. Don't fire them too far, otherwise they 
are likely to break (test on AIs, human players are smart enough to know when 
to break, or they either slip or they're dumb). Be warned that some players 
will use them when in CLOSE head-on engagements.


   F-4E Phantom II
   JA 37 Viggen
   MiG-29A Fulcrum
   MiG-31 Foxhound
   Tornado F3
   F-15E Strike Eagle
   Su-47 Berkut


Advanced Long-range Air-to-Air missile

Description: Air-to-air missile with very long range that can be fired at up to
four air targets simultaneously.

Pros: Extremely long range. Can be fire up to 4 missiles simultaneously or in 

Cons: Easily detected if you're targeted and easy to evade from long range once

Damage: Approx. 2x Reg. Missiles

XLAAs entered AC for as long as I can remember (I did not own AC games prior to
AC4, so if you know a weapon's original appearance, please contact me). Just 
like the cons said, it is easy to detect (if you get a missile alert from 
another player who is about 3000/6000 from you, you can obviously tell it is an
XLAA) and easily avoided (just head 90 degree angle left or right of the 
direction it is coming from). However, in multiplayer CHOEs, some pilots use 
this killer missile, firing all four rounds at you, which IS deadly. Best watch
out for aircrafts with these ammunitions in mulitplayer. I've probably given 
hotshots this tip, so keep your eyes open is my tip for you.


   F-14D Super Tomcat
   MIG-31 Foxhound
   XR-45 Cariburn
   Gripen C
   Su-37 Terminator
   X-02 Wyvern
   ADF-01 Falken


Advanced Middle-range Air-to-Air missile

Description: Air-to-air missile with long range that can be fired at up to
four air targets simultaneously.

Note: Please don't email me that the XMAA and the XLAA's descriptions are the 
same. THEY'RE NOT. XLAA shows "very long range" while XMAA shows "long range"
without the "very."

Pros: The other killer missile in CHOEs. Also can fire up to 4 missiles 
simultaneously or in repetition.

Cons: Can be detected just in time when fired at the farthest range.

Damage: Approx. 2x Reg. Missile

XMAAs is the twin the brother of the XLAA in the missile killer duo in CHOEs. 
Not much to say here except the same as the XLAAs. This too has been here for 
as long for as I can remember (please Email me so I can have a confirmation as 
to where this missile first appeared in). Practice caution when approaching 
aircraft head-on that may have this weapon.


   Tornado F3
   Su-27 Flanker
   F/A-18E Super Hornet
   Rafale M
   YR-99 Forneus
   F-22 Raptor


Before we begin with the A-G weapons, I would like to give a little note about
Special A-A weapons. They can be useful A-G weapons. You just need to hit the
target at the right place. Example, firing a XMAA at a SAM. No matter how close
it hits near the SAM, it won't explode unless it is a direct hit (and why would
you want to do that? This is just an example). But on a ship? The damages are
about 2x a Reg. Missile, so why not? However, the hitbox is a bit messy, so 
you're going to have to experiment a bit with them. They can be useful on A-G
purposes, depending on the situation.


V. Air-to-Ground Special Weapons

Bomblet DiSPenser

Description: This weapon releases numerous bomblets from its body, damaging 
targets in a long strip of ground along its direction of travel.

Pros: Great for killing multiple targets in a line or row.

Cons: Change in crossheirs require more calculation and thinking. Crossheirs
disappear from extreme angles.

Damage: Approx. .5x-1.5x Reg. Missile per bomblet.

Now, this is a level bombing type of weapon, and you're going to need a lot 
of patience in order for the bomb run to be a success. After all, every bullet
counts. The crossheirs shows two crosses connected by a dotted line. Try 
putting your target inbetween those two crosses. Now, from the air, the 
dispenser will automatically dispense the bomblets, so it may be a bit ahead or
behind of where the crossheirs is, depending on your speed. This weapon takes a
lot of thinking, so be sure your six is clear. I am not sure what game this 
missile first appeared in.


   YF-23A Black Widow II
   F/B-22 Concept
   Su-47 Berkut
   X-02 Wyvern


Guided Penetration Bomb

Description: Once dropped, this bomb glides towards a target with a lock-on. 
It has a small radius of explosion, but inflicts heavy damage.

Pros: Great against high-value targets with high armor.

Cons: Not intended for group targets.

Damage: Approx: 2x-2.5x Reg. Missile

I use the F-22 Raptor a lot, and I've learned this bomb quick. If you're quick,
you can use this as an unguided bomb, though the lock on feature does get in 
the way if you try unguided. I think this thing can hit a freaking ant 
directly; that's how accurate I think it is. Great on enemy bases, even armored
targets like tanks. However, it isn't intended for groups, so choose where you 
fire it carefully. I'm guessing it has been here for a LONG while, probably 
first AC.


   Mirage 2000D
   F-14D Super Tomcat
   F-15E Strike Eagle
   F-117A Nighthawk
   F-22 Raptor


Fuel Air Explosive Bomb

Description: This unguided bomb ignites a cloud of highly explosive fuel 
dispersed over the impact point, causing damage to an extremely wide area.

Pros: Large radius area and great power, practically kills everything in 
range, won't affect you.

Cons: Not intended for bomb sniping, as it is both slow to get to the impact 
point and disperses the fuel when near the impact point, where the target has 
already moved out of range.

Damage: Approx. 1.5x-2x Reg. Missile

Kaboom. Turn down the volume, it is a bit loud, otherwise people will be 
telling you to do so themselves. This bomb is one bad mother---. The bomb's 
damage is the same throughout the radius. It can kill mostly any ground targets
(excluding some ships, takes 3 to kill cruiser, aegis, and others) with one 
shot. This is very useful against group targets, such as convoys and tents. 
And, since it won't affect you even though you're in range, you can fly low and
drop it directly on them. It is a good base attacker. This weapon appeared in
Ace Combat 4 on the F-15 ACTIVE.


   A-10A Thunderbolt II
   YR-302 Fregata
   Su-37 Terminator
   ADF-01 Falken 


Long-range Air-to-Ground Missile

Description: An air-to-ship missile with a very long range and wide radius of 

Pros: Avoids missile alerts from SAMs on ships or ground installations.

Cons: Compared to a LASM, lacks some range and power. Hills or mountains may 
get in the way.

Damage: Approx. 1x-1.5x Reg. Missile

Air-to-ship missions like this, Sea of Chaos from AC5, and the Invincible Fleet
from AC4 are dangerous, best keep weapons like this one. Though less preferable
compared to a LASM, it may be useful if you don't have anything else. This is 
useful for staying out of the SAMs' range on ships. And since it has a wide 
radius, it will take out all surrounding structures on the ship if you aim it 
at the center, very useful, I'd say. Take what you can, if you have nothing 
else, take what you can. When fired, it heads directly to the ship. I think 
it's from AC4.


   F-16C Fighting Falcon
   YR-302 Fregata
   F-117A Nighthawk
   YR-99 Forneus


Long-range Air-to-Surface Missile

Description: An air-to-ship missile with high power and extremely long range. 
Especially effective when used in anti-ship attacks.

Pros: Like the LAGM, avoids missile alerts, wide radius, longer range.

Cons: Trails close to the ground when fired, causing a higher probability that
hills or mountains may obstruct the flight path.

Damage: Approx. 2x-2.5x Reg. Missile

The bigger brother of the LAGM and, to me, better, this missile has a longer 
range, and better power, since it takes two to kill a cruiser with this while
three to kill a cruiser with a LAGM. The LASM, though, does trail close to the
ground, so make sure the terrain below is clear, flat, or at least low before 
firing, otherwise the missile will hit the ground. I think this appeared in 


   A-6E Intruder
   JA-37 Viggen
   Rafale M
   F-35 Lightning II


NaPalm Bomb

Description: An unguided free-fall bomb. Releases and ignites flammable 
material, damaging targets in a long strip of ground along its direction of 

Pros: Good on convoys, can damage long targets badly.

Cons: Fire comes and goes a bit too fast, resulting in less reliability.

Damage: Approx. .5x Reg. Missile per flame

Note that if you drop from a 90 degree angle straight down, it will just stay 
in one place. This is really great against convoys, but if aimed incorrectly, 
the small piece of flame that touch a tank wouldn't kill it. So, it is a 
precision aimed bomb for it to be effective. This is good on ships too, but 
it'll make the mission harder accounting for the missile alerts. Just drop it 
on the front or back of the ship for an effective damage. I think this has 
appeared in AC4.


   F-4E Phantom II
   F-14D Super Tomcat
   YR-302 Fregata
   F/A-18E Super Hornet
   YF-23A Black Widow II
   Su-47 Berkut


RoCket Launcher

Description: This weapon launches multiple unguided rocket-propelled missiles
that explode on contact, damaging nearby targets.

Pros: Power is average with multiple rockets per launch.

Cons: Rounds fired are spread out, so sniping is not recommended.

Damage: Approx. 1.5x Reg. Missile per rocket

It proved effective in war, and it is here too. Good on ships too, but you 
have to risk getting close to effectively strike it. This can take out group 
targets too; whether a blind shot or a well dispersed shot, this weapon can be
strategized into a lot of useful ways. I think it appeared in the first AC.


   F-5E Tiger II
   F-16C Fighting Falcon
   MiG-29A Fulcrum
   XR-45 Cariburn
   Gripen C


Self-Forging Fragments Submunitions

Description: Free-fall bomb that fragments into numerous bits of shrapnel. 
Capable of damage over a wide area if dropped from a sufficient height.

Pros: Good on convoys and long targets. Damage is above-average.

Cons: If drop from an extreme angle, will probably stay in one spot.

Damage: Approx. 1-1.5x Reg. Missile per shrapnel piece.

This is another bad mother--- weapon in the game. Drop this at low launch 
and watch the fireworks go. In real life, if it is a man, that victim will be
shredded to pieces, literally. Tear tanks and convoys with this mother---. Even
ships can be easily killed with this, just aim it at the stern (rear) or the 
bow (front). The "capable of damage over a wide area" thing will reduce your 
chance for a kill though. Great on base attacks anytime. I think it came in 


   A-10A Thunderbolt II
   F-15E Strike Eagle
   Su-27 Flanker
   YR-99 Forneus


StandOff Dispenser

Description: Numerous bomblets are dispersed from a guided dispenser that flies
over a locked-on target. Effective against targets along a straight line.

Pros: Great against heavy armored targets, long targets, and/or convoys.

Cons: Must be locked-on for bomblets to be dispersed, fired from extreme 
angles at low altitudes may just cause a direct collision with the target, 
without dispersing bomblets.

Damage: Approx. 1x-1.5x Reg. Missile per bomblet

I use the F-22 Raptor a lot, and I got to tell you, I got a lot of experiences
with this awesome weapon. This is my FAVORITE special weapon in the game, but 
I'm not gonna spend hours bragging about it. I'll just break it down for you 
guys. This is the best weapon for the above mentioned targets. Just one shot 
and they're gone before you can say [insert your usually surprise reaction
here]. Very great and deadly against bases too. The dispenser will dispense 
before it approaches the locked target and after it, so no needs worrying if
the bomblets won't hit. It is a very large dispense time with a large drop
point radius. I think this first appeared in AC Zero.


   Rafale M
   F-35 Lightning II
   F-22 Raptor
   F/B-22 Concept


Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile

Description: Up to four XAGMs can lock onto and be fired at different ground 
targets simultaneously.

Pros: Great for multiple targets like convoys and close groups. High damage.

Cons: Range and radius are about the same as a regular missile.

Damage: Approx. 2.5x Reg. Missile

This weapon is just the right enemy for a convoy. The only problem is that 
this missile's range is the same as a regular missile. However, when fired, it
goes up and goes straight down at a target. You can use the terrain to mask 
yourself with this feat. Another thing is that you can use this special weapon
to both take out the SAMs and AAs and damage the ship at the same time. I 
remember clearly using this in AC4.


   A-6E Intruder
   XFA-24A Apalis
   A-10A Thunderbolt II
   Mirage 2000D
   F/B-22 Concept
   X-02 Wyvern


UnGuided Bomb

Description: A small free-fall bomb. Inflicts damage to ground targets close
to the impact area.

Pros: Can be fired up to four times in repetition. Great for all kinds of bomb

Cons: Radius is small, requires precise aiming, and sniping is not recommended.

Damage: Approx. 2.5x Reg. Missile

This weapon is suitable for any kind of ground attack. From ships to cars, you
name it, this bomb can handle it. This is the bomb, literally. I've destroyed 
an aegis and cruiser with just one bomb and some guns. If it's good for ships,
it's good for bases. Respect it. I think this appeared in AC.


   JA 37 Viggen
   XFA-24A Apalis
   F-5E Tiger II
   MiG-29A Fulcrum
   Mirage 2000D


UnGuided Bomb (Large)

Description: A large free-fall bomb, it inflicts extensive damage to ground 
targets within a wide radius of the impact point.

Pros: Wide range, great for grouped targets and convoys.

Cons: Same damage as UGB, restricted to only eight compared to the UGB.

Damage: Approx. 2.5x Reg. Missile

I don't know why this bomb is the same damage as a UGB. I mean, it is bigger...
Anyways, this version of the UGB has a larger radius, so you're gonna have to 
go for grouped targets. Remember, the damage is slightly the same as a UGB, and
you have less, but you now have a larger radius. MAKE USE OF IT. I think this
also appeared in AC.


   F-4E Phantom II
   A-6E Intruder
   MiG-31 Foxhound
   F-117A Nighthawk


Tip: Some A-G weapons can attack air targets. RCL can attack bombers if you're
close enough. Or you can drop a FAEB on the Gleipnir. Use your imagination.

VI. Other Special Weapons

Electronics Counter Measures Pod

Description: This defensive weapon uses radar jamming to temporarily lower the
targeting capabilities of enemies within the effective range.

Pros: Helps avoid missiles.

Cons: Not offensive, need to be quick to switch from regular missiles and back.

Damage: N/A

This does save your life, real pilots' life, and my own in the game. This can 
be a very useful defense weapon in multiplayer. Its first appearance is In 
Ace Combat 5.


   Tornado F3
   F/A-18E Super Hornet
   Gripen C


Long range Shock Wave Missile

Description: This weapon releases a massive shock wave upon detonation, causing
damage over an extremely wide radius.

Pros: High damage, long range, large radius, and great for any target grouped 
or single.

Cons: Long reload, only two per mission, must HIT something to detonate.

Damage: Approx. 3x-3.5x Reg. Missile

The Battleship in mission 13B can survive even a direct hit. And for the sake 
of other players, don't noob around with it. If someone does, politely stop
playing the game, and hit that noob in the face. This is one bad mother---. 
You would be amazed, newbies, if you are to see this. This is like a mini 
nuclear weapon. Your base is practically gone if that nerd noobs it. Debuted 
here, folks.




Tactical Laser System

Description: Focuses a high-intensity laser on the target, causing extensive 
damage. Hard to evade as there is no delay between firing and impact.

Pros: A laser, perfect for science-fiction fans/geeks. Practically a one hit
kill. LONG range.

Cons: Unless you have the TLS Extender part, the firing time is short.

Damage: Approx. 2x-4x Reg. Missile per millisecond-halfsecond of exposure.

Don't snipe planes with this, you're just wasting ammo if you're not used to 
it. Because it is in the PSP, the analogue sensitivity has changed, thereby, 
making movement a bit harder than the PS2 ones. Anyways, that affects your 
aiming if you try to. Oi, I got bad feelings for Ace Combat 6 if this is an 
unlockable weapon (first internet multiplayer AC game to be released). If 
someone tries to shoot this at you, fly as crazy as you can and use your 
camera. This is no joke. In single player, this weapon (if you use it) will 
give the same increments of damage wherever you hit. In multiplayer against 
other human players, the laser can hit close and it will variate the 
damage increments depending on the distance between the laser the the plane. 
Do not waste ammo, this is vaulable weapon. If you're using it, do not try to 
switch to regular missiles. The laser will automatically switch off prematurely
(but no damage to you). Again, in multiplayer, someone noobing? Hit the darn 
noob with your hand and call him [insert offensive name]. This first appeared 
in AC2 from the first Falken.


   ADF-01 Falken


VII. Conclusion

Here goes the your wiki on special weapons from Ace Combat X: Skies of 
Deception. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email 
them to alpha671ofraz@aol.com. Choose your weapons wisely and see you in the
skies above!!!


VII. Special Thanks

Thanks goes out to:

God for everything.
Technology for making this possible to read.
Namco Bandai Games for making Ace Combat.
Sony for the PSP
My parents for letting me buy the game, system, and memory card.
My spare time for, uh, well you know.
Me for typing this.
Mankind evolving for the more advanced concepts.
Other FAQ Creators for inspiring me just by reading them.
You for reading this.
Bill Gates for the internet.
School for giving us knowledge.
Eyes for letting us see.

And last, but never the least, future helpers that have found mistakes in my 
guide and any others whom corrected me on this guide.

Those who have corrected me so far are:

Luke Clayton (game_freak_2005@hotmail.co.uk) for clarifying me the origination
of the ECMP.

Mark Gaither (mgaither@satx.rr.com) for clarifying me the origination of the

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