Review by Hierophant75

Reviewed: 11/03/09

Throne of Agony: Instant Classic

Well now, my first ever review, and hopefully more to come as I take the time. First of all, this game was far from what I expected it to be. Aside from the (even now) grossly large price tag (used), for the longest time I avoided this title. Compared to its pc brother titles, which comprised of Diablo like game play mixed with full character development, I finally came across a copy at a pawn shop for $10.00, which gave me the opportunity to finally take the plunge. I was impressed.

Graphics : 10/10

Lets face it, dealing with a hand held system always leaves a bad taste in the mouth in the graphics department. The PSP has a decent engine, and I've seen games that really shine, this game most definitely being one of them. The cut scenes are rather well played out (in Paper Mario kind of style) and the in game detail is very impressive. Different armor and weapons have generally different icons on your character, and all in all, in a game, that's all I ask.

Game play : 8/10

The game play was very enjoyable, and all in all, the best feature in any title is replay-ability. This really is never the same game twice. Another very good feature about Throne of Agony is the several character paths either of the three characters have access to. Weapons are very random, and you never really seem to get the same weapons twice with each character. The only downfall, when playing one of each character on different saves of course, is coming across weapons and armor suitable for your other characters. Unless you have a friend help you out and pass them along, you are left giving out many resilient sighs every time you pick up a super powerful weapon geared towards another class. With no storage system, it leaves you selling a lot of cool gear. I also found this game getting a bit boring after beating it, and trying to play through for a second time. The only thing that kept me focused was the idea of new weapons and armor to come. Aside from this, the game was very solid.

Sound : 10/10

Hard to complain about this department, unless the voice acting is so horrible, it actually makes you laugh when someone speaks. The voice acting was well done, and the sound track was very well put together. (a good example of this, try playing Two Worlds for Xbox 360, the voice acting eventually made me put the game away for life)

All in all, this is a title I would recommend for anyone with a craving for the Diablo-esque flavour. Good story, amazing graphics, just a little drab after the first time beating it. Most definitely should be in a PSP collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony (US, 10/30/06)

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