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Reviewed: 10/01/07 | Updated: 04/14/08

Hack a bit, Slash a little more, Then put away the game for good.

Storyline – 8/10
Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony allows you to choose your own storyline by selecting one of three characters. You can choose to play as a powerful swordsman, an intelligent battle-mage, or a lightning fast thief. Each of these characters has their own background and their own separate reason for travelling on a ship and ending up on another continent. However, each character still has to do the exact same quests on the exact same island.

Gameplay – 7/10
The overall gameplay, compared to the PC versions, lacked. You have to do a lot of hacking and slashing, which took away the some of the RPG formula the first and second Dungeon Siege’s had. In the PC version, you were able to meet new characters, who followed you in your quest. In Throne of Agony, you are only allowed to have one follower, who does little to help you. On the good side, being able to set buttons for your skills made the quality of playing this game much more enjoyable. You also have the ability to choose whether to use powerful but slow regular attacks, or fast and weaker attacks. Finally, having the choice of a level 30 and level 60 class changes increased your addictiveness towards the game, in hopes of reaching that point.

Music/Sound - 7/10
The music and sound in this game overall was somewhat annoying. When you speak to other villagers, they will sometimes make comments related to what you are reading, but were nonetheless not quoted, and therefore useless. However, the battle sound and overall music is quite enjoyable and intense. Like many other games, each area you were in had different music. In towns, you would get happy music, while in the most dangerous boss challenges you were forced to listen to intense music, which completely matched the scenario.

Graphics – 8/10
Being a game on a portable console, you can never expect a high quality PS3 look. Overall, Throne of Agony’s graphics are exactly what you could imagine. The character appearance, world map, villages, and quest areas were nothing special, but they worked.

Replay Value – 9/10
The game’s replay value was above average. Being able to use the have the same character after completing the game once was very enjoyable. At that point, all monsters are fifty levels higher. Your other option would be to start the game all over again using a different character. The bad thing about this is that you would be going through the exact same missions, with a much weaker character.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony (US, 10/30/06)

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