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FAQ/Walkthrough by PalmOS

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 02/22/2007

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony (PSP) 
By DY (PalmOS)
Version 0.5

This guide was constructed by DY (PalmOS)  

This is the first FAQ/Walkthrough so I hope I haven’t done too bad at 
it. I had read a number of FAQ/Walkthrough and have found them 
helpful so I hope this guide with be helpful to you. There are 3 
reasons why I choose to do this FAQ/Walkthrough.

1) No one had done a FAQ/Walkthrough for this game.

2) There are a number of posts on the message board asking for help 
on the game.

3) Other people had helped me with their FAQ/Walkthrough, so I feel 
its time I help other people out on this game, as I had played this 
game a few times now.

I know that a lot of people need help on the game as I had read the 
message board. This guide is made so it covers all the tasks within 
the game. I had made a start on the guide but its far from finish. 
But I had been asked to do it bit by bit. Well here is a bit. 

Ps E Mail me for any ideas or improvements
LEGAL: This guide is copyright David Yau (PalmOS) 2007. This may be 
not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.



I have listed the quest in the order of the recommended Levels. 
Though sometimes you may have a few quests at the same time, then 
you can do them in whatever order.

Savage Woods
The Game starts here. You are shipwrecked in Savage Woods


Act I

(1) Out of the frying pan 
(1.1) Kill the Beastmen (Optional) 
There is a chest just to the right of you. You can see it as a yellow
square. Stand next to it and press square to open it. There is a Mana
Bush at the north east corner stand next to it and press square to 
harvest it. There Health bush west from there. Now just kill anything
that is in sight till your quest log is updated. Pick up any gold 
or any items that is dropped. 

(1.2) Conquer the Wild
Find your way out. Just go south and you will see another Health 
bush. The exist is S from there shown as a white dot with a blue 
circle on your map. Press square to exit Savage Woods to The Broken 

(1.3) Find Seahaven
You are now outside of Savage Woods. Just walk West and you will see 
Seahaven. Press square to enter.

Find Hendrick
As you enter Seahaven you are questioned by Arena Just go south till 
you stop at a wooden fence the move west and your find Hendrick

(2) Healing the Forest (Taar)
From Hendrick go South as far you can and you will see a blue dot on 
you map, go there and you will find a  circle  platform. Press Square
to use and it will take you cross to the other side. Now  go SE. 
You will see a blue dot where you find Tarr. Talk to her and she will
be your guide if you take her vial and fill it at the shrine of 
life and bring it back to her.

(2.1)The Shrine of Life 
Get out of Seahaven. Just at the north is the Shrine of Life. Fill 

The Shine of Life is where you can perform Incantations depending on 
which incantation you choose, it will provide you with a bonus for a
limited time.

(2.1) Hope For the forest
Return to Taar and give her the now filled vial.

(3) Feed the Village (Henrick)

(3.1)Find the farms
From Seahaven go west till you see a dock then go north and you will 
see the Scorched Hamlet

(3.2) Collect the crates
Just go north and you will  see the crates on your map with shows up 
yellow. When you collected enough, your log will be updated head 
north for the exist.. There are breakable barrels about that have 
coins and items

(3.3) Return to Hendrick

(3)Fish Bits (Scuttles)

(3.1) Get Fish Bits
From the teleporter in Seahaven go north west, turn left after you 
see Shyan, follow the path till you get the a small cave. When you 
get into the cave you can see a white dot on your map, go there. Meet 
Scuttle, he will ask you to get him fish bits.  Just got round 
killing everything that moves, they will drop coins, items AND fish 
bits. When you had got enough fish bits your log will be updated. 
There is a secret area far SW corner of the cave and one at the far 
NE corner by the way. 

(3.2) Return to Scuttles
Go back to Scuttle with the fish bits and he will give you fish 
concoction, which as far as I know it don’t do anything except taking
up a space in your inventory so get rid of it.  Now you can sell or 
buy items from him. Sell the items you picked up that you don’t want 
so you have spaces to pick more items up. 

(5) Big Game Hunter (Arena)

(5.1) Find the Cavern
East of Seahaven, next to Salvage woods

(5.2)Kill the Raptors
Kill everything that moves till your log gets updated

(5.3) Return to Seahaven

(6) Lost Settlers (Hendrick)

(6.1) Missing Settlers
Go NE to Weeping Forest

(6.2) The Search
Go North then your see a yellow icon on your right that’s a chest 
pick on whatever is there then back to the path north  cross the 
bridge. Stay on the right and move north then turn right down the 
slope. Your see two blue dots, go to them.  Use the Portal Gem that 
Henrick gave you to transport them out of weeping forest.

(6.3) The Return
Return to Henrick

(7) Tracking the Hunters (Henrick)

(7.1) Find the villagers
NW of Raptor’s nest is a few dead people on the ground. Move to them 
and your log will be updated

(7.2) Return to Hendrick

(10) Sin of Pride (Henrick)

(10.1) Speak with Farns
He’s the guy with a bottle over his head at the north of the 

(10.2) Enter the Abbey
Go North from the Shrine. Enter Crater Rim then go to Windstone Abby 

(10.3) Gorvinus
Go to the first room that you can get to on the left open it go 
through, then go to the room in front of you, then to the room on 
the left. Gorvinus is in that room.

(10.4) Search within
Get out of the rooms and go North open the gates, go through them and
move North and you found a secret area. Now go west, open the door 
the go right down the stairs to enter the Defiled Sanctary. NE of you
is a tiny room with a chest. Open the door on the right, there are 
some barrels here with stuff in them. Move South and on your map your
see a yellow dot move to it and beak down the wall  to enter a secret
 area. Move out and keep going South  to find summoners.

(10.5) Summoners
Kill the Summoners

(10.6) Return to Handrick

Now you completed all the quests in Seahaven. Make your way out and 
keep going North East till you see Barin Stonespitter. Before you go 
pass him. Go west and you will hide a chest with a crossover tablet.

(12) Ruined Village (Barin Stonespitter)

(12.1) Find Farstead
Farstead is North West from Barin Stonespitter

(12.2) Kill the Invaders
Kill, Kill, KILL. When you kill enough your log will be updated

(12.3) Report to Barin


(14) Stormhaven (Barin Stonespitter)

(14.1) Find Stormhaven
North East of Barin Stonespitter

(14.2) Find the Invaders
Just kill anything that’s insight till your log get updated.

(14.3) Report to Barin
(15) Shrine of Nature (Barin Stonespitter)

(15.1) Mysterious Catacombs
Go North East and follow the tree line then turn left, you will see a
Inactive Shirne.  From there go North West to get to Mysterious 

(15.2) Agallan Crystal
Go north then North East up the stairs till you get to a wall. Break 
the wall. There is a chest in there, Agallan Crystal is in there.

(15.3) Power the Shrine
Exit Mysterious Catacombs move South East to the Shrine use the 
Agallan Crystal to activate it.

(15.4) Purity of Nature
Fill the canteen that Barin Stonespitter gave you

(15.5) Journey to Deepwood
Go East for Deepwood Forest

(15.6) Restore Saplings
Just after the mana bush there is a black tree, use the canteen on 

(15.7) Restore Saplings
Follow the wall round on the right you will see some barrels and a 
chest. There is a black tree next to the barrels, use the canteen on 

(15.8) Restore Saplings
Keep following the wall and your see another black tree

(15.9) Restore Saplings
You guessed it carry on along the wall and you fourth one is actually
a pair.

(15.10) Return to Barin

(19) Darkhaven (Barin Stonespitter)

(19.1) Find the Cavern
Go west of the shrine to the Stonemaw Chasm

(19.2)Kill the Invaders
Kill, kill, kill till log is updated

(19.3)Report to Barin

(23) Path through Darkness (Fader Gaul)

Go to Corrupted Forest (North of the Shrine Life)

(23.1) Search the Forest
Just go through to the other side of the forest to get to the Black 

(23.2) Enter the Black Tree

(23.3) Find the Druid
Not hard to find as all you have to do is follow the path.

(23.4) Kill the Black Druid

(24) Secrets (Fader Gaul)

(24.1) Search the Desert
Go down the slop and you see a slope NW go up it. Now go left. Pass 
the Abandoned Fortress and your find the Ancient Text number 1.

(24.2) Search the Desert
Go back to the slop and go right, you will see a chest and Ancient 
Text number 2.

(24.3) Search the Desert
Go Back down the slope and go West till you see 2 slopes,  choose 
the South one for Ancient Text number 3.

(24.4) return to Fader Gaul

(26) Abandoned (Fader Gaul)

(26.1) Reach the Fortress
Go down the slop and you see a slope NW go up it and you see the 
Abandoned Fortress

(26.2) Ancient Tome
Follow the one way maze till you get 2 paths, W or N, go north follow
the path then up the stair and pass the spinning blades a room where 
the Journal is.

(26.3) Return to Fader Gaul

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