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    FAQ/Walkthrough by honestgamer

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                          Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure
                                  By Jason Venter
    Thank you for choosing my FAQ.  I work hard to ensure that each FAQ I write 
    provides useful information in a pleasant and intuitive format.  Also, I like 
    both cheese and pickles a great deal.  You will find contact, legal and 
    copyright information at the end of this FAQ.
    The table of contents is your friend.  Each segment listed below is followed 
    by a bracketed alpha-numeric code.  If you're using a Microsoft word 
    processing program, press CTRL+F (on an Apple, it's COMMAND+F) and enter the 
    code within the brackets to skip to the corresponding section of the FAQ in a 
    {C0002} AUTHOR'S NOTES
    {G1001}   Controls
    {G1002}   Game Basics
    {G1003}   Game Flow
    {G1004}   Upgrade Info
    {W1001}   Tiese Town
    {W1002}   Monster Village
    {W1003}   Potato Ruins (Nanometer Shrine)
    {W1004}   Tiese Town (after the ruins)
    {W1005}   Radish Woods (Cheery Forest Path)
    {W1006}   Potato Ruins (Nanometer Shrine - again)
    {W1007}   Potato Ruins (Meter Corridor)
    {W1008}   Potato Ruins (Centimeter Hall)
    {W1009)   Radish Woods (Fountain Clearing)
    {W1010}   Radish Woods (Eerie Way)
    {W1011}   Asparagus Lake
    {W1012}   Radish Woods (Forest Ballroom)
    {W1013}   Potato Ruins (Mile Palace)
    {W1014}   Potato Ruins (Kilometer Path)
    {W1015)   Spinach Caverns (Bracken Hollow)
    {W1016}   Mole Dojo
    {W1017}   Spinach Caverns (Bracken Hollow - again)
    {W1018}   Spinach Caverns (Forgotten Den)
    {W1019}   Spinach Caverns (Ancient Lagoon)
    {W1020}   Pecky's Mansion
    {W1021}   Pimento Mountain (Fairies' Nest)
    {W1022}   Pimento Mountain (Sky Steps)
    {W1023}   Doc's Lab
    {W1024}   Pimento Mountain (Sky Steps - again)
    {W1025}   Pimento Park
    {W1026}   Pimento Mountain (Star Ridge)
    {W1027}   Radish Woods (Serpent Road)
    {W1028}   Radish Woods (Bats' Hideaway)
    {W1029}   Spinach Caverns (Tumultuous Cave)
    {W1030}   Spinach Caverns (Shadow Grotto)
    {W1031}   Motoro's Gym
    {W1032}   Eggplant Caverns (Crystal Way)
    {W1033}   Pimento Mountain (Dragon's Back)
    {W1034}   Pimento Mountain (Heaven's Hill}
    {W1035}   Eggplant Caverns (Sapphire Line)
    {W1036}   Eggplant Caverns (Ruby Cave)
    {W1037}   Eggplant Caverns (Amethyst Road)
    {W1038}   Eggplant Caverns (Topaz Path)
    {W1039}   Oblivion Abyss
    {W1040}   Great Fang
    AUTHOR'S NOTES {C0002}
    It seems like I'm always writing FAQs for games that have been out forever, 
    then feeling bummed out because there aren't actually a lot of people who even 
    care to read them.  Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure is the cure to that issue 
    for a few reasons, including the fact that at the moment there aren't any 
    other FAQs on GameFAQs or my site.  This FAQ will change that, with 
    comprehensive coverage of a game more people truly should try.  It's so 
    comprehensive, in fact, that you might not want to read it if you hate 
    spoilers.  I don't tend to give them away ahead of time or anything (and I 
    avoid giving away the final few twists of the plot at all), but as you move 
    through this FAQ you should expect to find pretty much everything given away 
    as it happens.  Don't read ahead unless you want things ruined for you.  Now 
    that I've bored you to tears (and warned you about the spoilers), it's time to 
    move on to the good stuff!
    April 18, 2007
    I started the FAQ on April 12 and wrote almost incessantly from that point 
    onward.  Gurumin took over my life and left me with an angry wife.  It was a 
    great game, though, and I still like it when all is said and done.  On April 
    18, I finally finished the FAQ and submitted it to HonestGamers and GameFAQs.  
    Gurumin comes with an instruction manual, as you well know.  However, some 
    people may rent it or borrow it from a friend.  Perhaps they'll even buy a 
    used copy with the manual missing.  Then what do they do?  Though the game 
    does walk you through the basics right at the start, you may come to a point 
    where you can't remember what you were supposed to press to perform certain 
    actions.  Or something.  Here, I'm going to walk you through the basic stuff 
    that should get you started on the right foot even if you don't have the 
    manual.  I might even get generous and throw out some general strategies to 
    keep in mind.  You just never know.  So this is the section to read through 
    first if the game is kicking your butt.  Best of all, no one has to know.  It 
    can be our little secret.
    CONTROLS {G1001}
    The controls in Gurumin are pretty simple but I'll outline them here in case 
    you forget anything.  First, here's some ASCII art of the PSP, courtesy of 
    GhostOfLegault on the GameFAQs forums:
          ,'    ,'                                                 `.    `. 
         /-----'     .-----------------------------------------.     `-----\ 
        /            |                                         |            \ 
       /     __      |                                         |      .-.    \ 
      /     |  |     |                                         |     (/_\)    \ 
     |   __  \/  __  |                                         |  .-. `-' .-.  | 
     |  |__ >  < __| |                                         | ([ ])   ( O ) | 
     |       /\      |                                         |  `-' .-. `-'  | 
     |      |__|     |                                         |     ( X )     | 
     |               |                                         |      `-'      | 
     |      .--.     |                                         |               | 
      \    (    )    |                                         |              / 
       \    `--'     '-----------------------------------------'             / 
        \-----.        -  VOL  +       P  S  P              START     ,-----' 
    Now that you remember what the PSP looks like (wouldn't want you to forget), 
    here's a rundown of what the buttons all do.
    D-pad: Move character
    Analogue stick: Move character
    O: Jump, Launch (in conjunction with 'X')
    X: Context-sensitive actions (examine, talk), attack (hold to charge)
    Square: Guard Dash
    Triangle: Center camera behind Parin
    L, R: Rotate camera
    Start: access "Items" menu
    See?  Nothing too complex there!  You can handle this.
    Game Basics {G1002}
    Parin may be a little girl, but she fights like a champion.  Because of that, 
    the monsters she meets expect her to provide their salvation.  They're not 
    wrong to place their trust in her.
    Early on, Parin acquires the item that is to serve as her weapon for the 
    remainder of the game.  It's a drill.  You'll upgrade it with various skill 
    boosts, but for the most part you should consider it the equivalent of Link's 
    sword in a game like The Legend of Zelda.  The similarities are extensive.
    As Parin fights, she'll eventually build up the strength of her drill.  
    There's a meter up at the top of the screen that is tracked independently of 
    her health.  When it's completely full and she has purchased them in town, 
    Parin can use powerful special attacks that really make quick work of her 
    enemies.  She also can fire projectiles from the tip of her drill and take out 
    enemies from a distance.  This is quite useful, and there are areas throughout 
    dungeons that restore the ability if she loses it.
    How would she lose it?  Any time she comes into contact with enemies or 
    environmental hazards, she pays the price.  Then she has to recharge, and in 
    the meantime she's at greater risk of taking damage.  There are items she can 
    use to refill her meter, but the better strategy is this: don't get hit!  
    Still, Parin excels even in close combat once you gain a few moves for her.  
    This FAQ is written with the goal of making your life easier.  Follow its 
    directions and you should find that your path is fairly painless.  Phantoms 
    will suffer and much joy will be had.
    You'll learn early on about charged attacks.  They can demolish objects 
    throughout the world, which is important since you gain as much currency from 
    demolishing defenseless trees as you do picking on the various monsters.  One 
    thing worth noting is that you can use a charge attack without powering it up 
    all the way.  The temptation is always to fill your meter, which sends Parin 
    flying about and is great in some cases.  Other times, just a short charge is 
    all it takes to demolish a boulder or remove an enemy's shield.  In fact, 
    that's the case more often than not.  Practice and master both techniques 
    early on to enjoy the game more.
    On that note, impatient players aren't going to enjoy Gurumin nearly as much 
    as those who take the time to let the world absorb them... before they destroy 
    it!  Take joy in bashing everything apart and you'll do just fine.  That's 
    really the most important tip of all.
    Game Flow {G1003}
    Gurumin is a pretty simple game to understand, in part because of its 
    simplistic navigation.  When you start out, you'll wander through a town that 
    is to serve as your restocking point in the future.  It's not all that large 
    or complicated, just a great place to refuel, so to speak.  There you can buy 
    all sorts of goodies that will help you to explore dungeons.  Such options 
    become available after you complete the first dungeon, which is really just a 
    tutorial area.
    In town, you'll find that the coins you have collected by smashing trees, 
    vases and other debris don't go nearly as far as you had hoped.  Thus, you 
    should get used to conserving items and saving your coins for the important 
    purchases: equipment upgrades.  You're not going to get anywhere just buying 
    and using expendable items, and later stages will get rougher just because 
    you're not properly equipped.
    Stages themselves are selected from a world map, and you can only go to places 
    the game feels you're ready for.  Early on, the developers introduce the Dark 
    Mist, which is basically that intangible force that says not to go somewhere 
    because it'll wipe you out at an early stage in the game.  That's fine, 
    though; just explore the areas available to you and head back to town 
    regularly for improvements.  Doing so keeps the game relatively simple.
    It's also important to note that you can acquire items called 'Junk' as you 
    defeat enemies throughout the world the monsters inhabit.  Parin must defeat 
    the appropriate enemies with a charged attack, which will then give her the 
    items that allow her friends back at town to make powerful weapons and 
    accessories for her.  Gamers who ignore this element do so at their peril.
    Upgrade Info {G1004}
    Now that you've got an idea about the game's flow, it's time to look at some 
    specifics about the upgrade system.  Basically, any piece of equippable 
    headgear can be upgraded in exchange for the pieces of Junk you collect from 
    destroying enemy armor or finding the bins of it that are hidden away in most 
    stages.  Below are some notes on the progression of the various items.
    | Cat Ears                                                                   |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | # of Chests                                               | 
    | 2     | 10     | # of Jars                                                 |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Crown                                                                      |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | 5% Shop Discount                                          | 
    | 2     | 10     | 10% Shop Discount                                         |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Gas Mask                                                                   |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Gas Damage Halved                                         | 
    | 2     | 10     | Immune to Gas Damage                                      |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Goggles                                                                    |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Water Damage Halved                                       | 
    | 2     | 10     | Immune to Water Damage                                    |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Headband                                                                   |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Attack Damage x1.2                                        | 
    | 2     | 10     | Attack Damage x1.5                                        |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Attack Damage x1.7                                        |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Headdress                                                                  |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Rest regenerates DP                                       | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 4     | 250    | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Helmet                                                                     |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 4     | 250    | ?                                                         |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Magic Hood                                                                 |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Elemental Damage x1.5                                     | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 4     | 250    | Elemental Damage x2                                       |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Maid Hat                                                                   |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Rest regenerates HP                                       | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Monkey Hat                                                                 |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Money x1.5                                                | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Money x2, Attack Damage x1.2                              |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Nightcap                                                                   |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Critical Amount x2                                        | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Immune to Water Damage, Attack Damage x1.2                |
    | 4     | 250    | Immune to Gas Damage, Damage Reduced by 50%               |
    | 5     | 999    | Immune to Trap Damage, Critical Amount x3, Attack Damage  |
    |       |        | x1.5                                                      |
    | Ribbon                                                                     |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Trap Damage Halved                                        | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Immune to Trap Damage                                     |
    | 4     | 250    | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Samurai Helm                                                               |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Falling Damage Halved                                     | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Damage Reduced by 50%, Immune to Water Damage             |
    | 4     | 250    | ?                                                         |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    | Vampire Kit                                                                |
    | Level | Cost   | Effect                                                    |
    | 1     | 0      | Critical Attacks Restore HP                               | 
    | 2     | 10     | Damage Reduced by 25%                                     |
    | 3     | 50     | Attack Damage x1.2                                        |
    | 4     | 250    | Damage Reduced by 50%                                     |
    | 5     | 999    | ?                                                         |
    The progression through the upgrades is such that it makes sense to buy the 
    upgrades for your favorite pieces of headgear as soon as you can afford them.  
    The first two upgrades to the Cat Ears are particularly useful if you're 
    trying to Master each dungeon.  The first three upgrades for the Vampire Kit 
    make you an all-around great warrior.  Perhaps the most useful item to upgrade 
    all-around is the goggles, which will let you get through most hazards, while 
    the Gas Mask is important in some levels but not worth as much of your Junk 
    unless you have some to spare.  The nightcap should be powered up as soon as 
    you can get it, since it serves the same function as the goggles and gas mask 
    combined and also makes you a better warrior.  
    With that said, early upgrades for each bit of headgear are useful and 
    inexpensive, so you should get the first two upgrades for each piece as soon 
    as you can.  It's easy enough to switch between various equipment as you 
    wander through a dungeon and arrive at different situations.  Later upgrades 
    for the headgear not referenced in the paragraph above are more optional, 
    though you'll need many of them eventually.  Note that you can only equip one 
    piece of headgear at a time.
    As the game begins, you might not have any clue where you are.  Fortunately, 
    I'll shed some light on it: you're on the name entry screen.  Here you can 
    choose a new name, anything you like as long as it doesn't consist of more 
    than six letters (no symbols).  I'm a rebel.  I went with the default name 
    Once you've chosen your name, you then are allowed to choose the difficulty 
    level.  Your options are 'Normal' and 'Beginner,' with the arrow pointing to 
    'Normal' to remind you that only sissies choose the easiest difficulty level 
    in a game like Gurumin.  Note that if you want to unlock later difficulty 
    levels--and there are several--you will want to play on 'Normal' to advance to 
    'Difficult' and so forth.  'Beginner' is too easy, anyway.  After dying, you 
    restart with all of your life refilled.  It makes things easier.  Too easy, in 
    fact.  Of course, you should do what feels right.  This FAQ is written based 
    on the assumption that you're playing on 'Normal.'
    Once you choose the difficulty level, you're next introduced to the mining 
    village of Tiese, where a little girl named Parin walks down some stairs and 
    tries to follow a map she has on a note in her hand.  She asks a lady for 
    directions and the camera swings toward an old cottage.  She knocks on the 
    door and an old man answers.  He is her grandfather, Hyperbolic, and he has a 
    memory like an elephant... with Alzheimer's.
    Inside, her grandfather presents her with a room that is to be... her room.  
    He asks her how she's doing, since her parents are off excavating somewhere.  
    Her new home is a mining town, not exactly ripe with people her age that she 
    can interact with.  Instead, it's full of miners.  As he says, there are no 
    children.  Not one.  He suggests that she befriend Fan, from the bakery, and 
    explore the town.  This is your cue to actually start playing.  Good job!  
    You've made it through the part of the game that you don't actually play.  
    Let's get going with the real walkthrough, then.
    Tiese Town {W1001}
    Items: Goggles
    The bedroom doesn't contain anything of particular interest.  You can examine 
    a few items and read a bit about Tiese's history, but there's not much point.  
    Your other options are a door that leads out to a patch of light and a set of 
    stairs that leads down one floor.
    Heading out the patch of light will trigger a load screen (get used to them; 
    this is a PSP game) and take you out to the town proper.  The staircase leads 
    down into a room below that holds more objects to examine but otherwise 
    nothing of interest and puts you through another load screen before taking you 
    to the street.  With that in mind, ignore the stairs and save yourself a load 
    screen or two.  Here, the balcony holds nothing of interest.  Climb the short 
    stairs and you're on the street level.  There's a door to Parin's right (which 
    would on the left side of the screen).  That's the door you would've come 
    through if you headed downstairs first.
    Now that you've got your bearings, it's time to scope out the town.  Begin by 
    heading in the direction Parin is facing, toward the bottom of the screen.  
    The camera should pan around and you'll see her grandfather again, tapping his 
    cane and looking very important.  Beyond him, there's a set of stairs that 
    winds around a wall with a hole in it.  The hole is all you can admire right 
    now.  If you try to head left up the stairs, Parin will just randomly state 
    that it looks boring.  She doesn't like boring and neither do you.  So 
    instead, head back down the stairs and through the little plaza area, past the 
    front door of your house and down a new set of stairs.
    At the bottom, there's a row of buildings.  The first is a bakery (it's 
    labeled "Fan Cute Cakes" but you can ignore it for now despite the enticing 
    name) and beyond that, you should see a woman named Pamela prowling the sunlit 
    streets.  She mentions that Puchu is making a lot of noise today while the men 
    are all away in the mines.  She wonders what could be prompting that.
    If you head in the nearby door, you should see Pamela and another man 
    wandering about while further toward the back of the room, a man named Disk 
    stands behind a counter.  He operates the store, which is called Disk's 
    Discount Shop.  When you're done chatting it up, he'll give you [GOGGLES] as a 
    special gift, then tell you that they have to be equipped to be of any use.  
    Press 'Start' to bring up the Items screen, then highlight the goggles and 
    press 'X' to equip them.  Once you've done so, a checkmark will appear to 
    indicate that they're in use.  Now the damage Parin takes from water is cut in 
    half.  Plus, she looks astonishingly sexy.  Disk sells other stuff too, but he 
    charges a lot more money than you have presently so you can ignore his 
    merchandise... for now.
    You're about done in the store.  Make sure that you talk to the other guy 
    wandering around the room, if you haven't already.  His name is Cylinder and 
    he tells you that he wants to go on a date.  That's why you should talk to 
    him: because it's funny, not because it actually helps you accomplish anything 
    of value.  With Cylinder talked to, you've done everything you can in the 
    store for now.  Go ahead and leave the way you came in, then head back left to 
    the bakery.
    Inside the bakery, behind the counter, there's a woman named Fan.  If you talk 
    to her, she'll introduce herself and offer to be friends.  Like sisters, she 
    says.  Talk to her again after that and she'll mention that strange things can 
    sometimes happen around the town.  Parin wants to know what, but Fan isn't 
    ready to say just yet.  Like sisters, my ass!
    Anyway, you've done what you can in the bakery.  Go ahead and leave, then head 
    left and back up the stairs.  Your grandfather doesn't have anything new to 
    say, but there's a grated wall to his left.  It looks like heavy iron bars 
    holding a bunch of rock from falling.  Examine it and Parin will remark how 
    boring it is around town and that she wishes there were kids around.  
    Suddenly, she hears a growl!
    Look down the street and you'll see a girl named Pino.  She's being threatened 
    by a dog, Puchu.  Parin saves the day, then learns that the girl is actually 
    just a monster.  Adults can't see her, even if dogs can.  Parin decides to 
    make friends with the mysterious monster.  Just then, a young man--also a 
    monster--named Puku invites them to the Monster Village.  The way to the 
    village is through the hole Parin's grandfather hasn't gotten around to 
    fixing.  The monsters invite Parin through and she hesitantly follows.  
    Suddenly she's facing... the title screen!  Oh noes!  You'll watch an 
    introductory little video and then the game continues from the Monster 
    Monster Village {W1002}
    Items: Drill
    When the video ends, Parin enters the village in time to see a blue monster 
    named Poco dancing like a disco-loving fool in front of a boombox while his 
    monster compatriots cheer him on.  It's a party and Parin starts toward them, 
    when suddenly Poco trips and falls to the cobblestone street.  He's a bit of a 
    klutz.  A conversation ensues, during which Parin says she could never be 
    scared of him.  That's when their friendly banter is interrupted by Pino.
    The little monster girl runs forward and she brings some very bad news indeed: 
    Pino has been kidnapped by monsters called Phantoms.  Parin at first announces 
    her plans to use her Hurricane Kick to save the day, but the monsters aren't 
    convinced.  The Phantoms, they reveal, are very dangerous.  Then they realize 
    that perhaps Parin will stand a chance if she uses a special weapon they have 
    in their village.
    If you step forward and touch a special metal column rising from the street, 
    you'll trigger a scene where the monsters explain the history of the weapon.  
    Nobody has been able to pull it loose, but Parin gives it her best tug and is 
    able to pull it loose from the hole where it is wedged.  The item you gain is 
    the [DRILL].  Now Parin needs to head to the Ruins to free Pino.
    From where you got the drill, head straight ahead down the dark alley to exit 
    the town and appear on the World Map.  From where you appear, you'll see Poco 
    standing to the left and dancing a little jig.  He's there to keep you from 
    going the wrong direction.  For now, just head to the right to where the trail 
    branches, then take the path that leads straight down.  As you approach the 
    building, you'll see that you've found the ruins (the word "New!" spins in red 
    lettering over an arrow pointing downward).  Stand over the icon and press 'X' 
    to enter.
    Potato Ruins (Nanometer Shrine) {W1003}
    Items: Cookie
    Welcome to the first dungeon!  Straight ahead, you'll see a giant blue 
    monster.  He assures you that he is not a Phantom, tells you to take care of 
    the drill, then skips off into the distance.  You're now free to explore the 
    From the dungeon entrance, you can go three ways.  Start by heading left.  If 
    you hold down the 'X' button, you can charge your drill attack.  The meter 
    along the top of the screen will fill.  Once it does, release the button while 
    facing a stone pillar.  Then you can release it to destroy the obstruction.  
    You'll gain some coins from each pillar.  With that done, go ahead back down 
    the stairs to the right, toward where you first entered the dungeon.
    This time, head up the short staircase to the right to smash two more pillars, 
    then return to the entry plaza and head directly ahead, up the stairs where 
    you saw the mysterious blue monster upon entering.  Up the stairs, you'll find 
    a black opening area that leads into the next room.
    When you enter, the iron gate closes behind you with a loud slam.  If you try 
    to open it, you'll find that you cannot.  Parin is trapped now, with nowhere 
    to go but onward.  Straight ahead, there's another staircase.  To the left are 
    two pots that you can bust for more coins (you don't even have to charge the 
    drill).  Head up the stairs and you'll find a sign at the base of a bunch of 
    higher ledges.  The sign lets you know how to destroy objects, but I've 
    already told you so you don't have to bother reading it unless you want to.  
    Just use it for a reference point.
    Around the sign, you can jump up the ledges to break open pots for more coins.  
    There are two boulders blocking the way forward.  Charge up your drill to turn 
    them into rubble and proceed.
    Now another gate closes behind you and you're trapped again.  A spider drops 
    ahead of you and a screen pops up to tell you how you can attack.  You can 
    press 'X' for a standard attack, or press it simultaneously with 'O' to launch 
    enemies into the air with brutal efficiency (Jack Bauer has nothing on Parin).  
    Now that you're familiar with the basics, it's time to show the spider that no 
    one messes with a red-head who's packing a drill.
    The first spider is just the beginning of your trouble, though.  After you 
    defeat him, two more will attack.  Once they're gone, four will drop from the 
    sky and a message will pop up as Parin realizes there's a wall she can 
    probably drill through.  She can do that in a minute, but first it's time to 
    kick some spider butt!  The spiders are easily enough defeated.  The launch 
    attack works wonders on their life meters and also keeps you moving so they 
    don't have a chance to attack.  Even regular attacks are worthwhile, and those 
    allow you to move pretty quickly.
    When the spiders are gone, it's time to tend to any destructible walls... and 
    to the numerous pots around the area.  They contain coins.  Along the left and 
    right walls, just short of the archway that leads to another door with vases 
    on either side, you'll notice that the walls look rather weak.  If you drill 
    through the left wall (you have to charge, as you might anticipate), you can 
    find some enemy cubes dancing around a treasure chest.  They are easily 
    With the arachnid threat removed, check the treasure chest to snag a [COOKIE] 
    and then head back down the short hallway toward the main room.  Directly 
    ahead, you should see the other weak wall.  Drill through it to find another 
    room with a sign, where you'll learn about the Guard Dash move.  Pressing the 
    'Square' button allows you to perform a dash that lets you surprise attack 
    your enemies or dodge various obstacles.  Case in point: cannons line the 
    corridor ahead, between you and a lever you need to pull.
    The trick, of course, is to just tap the 'Square' button as you move forward 
    so that cannonballs soar harmlessly past you and so that you can pass through 
    the yellow barrier unharmed.  Alternatively, stone columns and cannons alike 
    can be removed by charge drill shots.  When you reach the switch, press 'X' to 
    activate it and the door will open in the previous room.  Head back through 
    the cannon fire (unless you already destroyed them), through the archway and 
    take the right to where the door with the purple vases remains (unless you 
    destroyed those too).
    Pass through the next door and again a gate will close behind you.  This time, 
    you should see what looks like a portal ahead of you and Parin will say "Wait 
    up!" If you move forward, you'll see a sign next to the strange mound of 
    glimmering soil.  Examine it and you'll learn about the 'level' system.  
    Basically, your drill has different levels of maximum power and those diminish 
    when you take damage.  You can defeat monsters to raise it, and you can also 
    drill in some special areas for a quick restore.  This mound is one such 
    place.  If you've taken damage for some reason, stand over it and drill to see 
    what I mean.
    With your drill revitalized, go ahead and move forward.  You can also pause 
    long enough to drill the pillars and break the pots.  At the end of the room, 
    standing in a narrow aisle between some fences you can't pass, you'll see a 
    blue blob.  He's a Phantom, Parin realizes.  As you approach, it will slowly 
    shuffle toward you.  Your launch attack ('O' and 'X' simultaneously) will take 
    care of it quite nicely.  As you fight, it probably won't get in any hits at 
    all if you keep on the assault.
    You'll probably also destroy some fence pieces during the struggle, and that 
    will allow you to pass through and drill the boulders stacked around you.  
    It's worth doing so, since they hold gold coins.  Destroy all of them, then 
    continue through the passage the Phantom was guarding.
    When you step into this new room, things flash red and an alarm sounds.  A 
    gate closes behind you and a Phantom attacks.  It falls to your drill the same 
    way its predecessor did, and then you can break more vases for coins before 
    proceeding through the archway that leads to a room to the right.  You'll find 
    that you're at one end of a long chamber.  There's a ladder leading to a lower 
    level and some spiders dangling in the air.  Nearby, there's a sign next to a 
    little pedestal.  The sign explains that by standing on the pedestal, you can 
    restore your health in the even that you've taken damage.  Nice!
    Stand on the pedestal to refill your energy if you like (you don't have to 
    press any buttons, just stand), then look down the chamber (press the 
    'Triangle' button if you need to turn the camera into putty in your hands.  To 
    your right, as you stand on the brink, you should see the top of a ladder that 
    leads down to the lower level.  Once you descend it, be ready; spiders will 
    creep toward you.  Take them out with simple swipes of your drill and then go 
    read the sign.  It explains how you can move and break crates.
    What it doesn't say is that pushing crates can be a pain in the butt.  Stand 
    near one and you won't just instantly grab it to start pushing.  Instead, hold 
    still for a half-second and you'll see an animation as Parin braces herself.  
    Then you're ready to start pushing.  Push the stack of crates forward, toward 
    the raised wall a bit short of the low wall.  You'll know it's the right one 
    by its lack of a ladder.  When you've pushed the crate all the way against the 
    barrier, break the bottom one (it's wooden and destructible) with a charged 
    bit of drilling, then hop onto the iron crate and from there to the raised 
    ledge.  Pass through the open doorway and into the next room.
    Here, again, an iron grating falls down behind you and you're trapped once 
    more.  This time, you're in a room with a low staircase to your left, as well 
    as a corridor that extends beyond it and off to the left from there.  Climb 
    the short stairs to break some pots for coins if you wish, then move from 
    there and break purple-toned vases as you follow the hallway straight ahead, 
    then left to a smiling stone statue.  Break it from the side with a charged 
    drill and you'll reveal a little cubby hole with a switch.  Trigger the switch 
    and a blue platform will fly up to the top of that short staircase where you 
    broke the white pots just a moment ago. 
    Work your way back around and up the stairs, then step onto the ethereal blue 
    ledge.  It will quickly glide back down to where it formerly was positioned 
    and you can head toward high ledges to the side.  Be warned that when you do, 
    a spider will come out to attack you.  He's easily disposed of, though.  Past 
    him and up the steppes, you'll reach another flat spot and another spider will 
    attack.  Defeat him and you can jump left to break open another purple vase.  
    Up and to the right, there are more vases and you can drill the wall to break 
    it away and reveal another iron grate.  Yay.
    Drop back down from where you stand now, to the flat area where that second 
    spider attacked you a moment ago.  Cautiously move forward along that ledge 
    and you should be looking at a straight corridor down below, with another 
    switch at the end.  When you flip it, the grating you just revealed a second 
    ago will open and four cube enemies will bounce through it.  You have to 
    defeat them now in order to proceed.  Turn around quickly and press the 
    'Triangle' button to swing the camera around if the shoulder buttons aren't 
    doing the job.  Then quickly press the 'X' button a few times to take out the 
    foolish cubes (they may mob you, in which case two quick tabs can easily take 
    out all four before they even have a chance to harm you).
    Once you've disposed of the cubes, hop up to the opening that gained them 
    entry and you'll come to a new sign that explains the 'Target Attack' concept.  
    Basically, if you jump into the air when an enemy is targeted, the cursor 
    glowing bubble around him will change color when he's vulnerable.  As that 
    happens, you can press 'X' to execute your strike.  Once your blow hits, jump 
    again right away to springboard into the air, where you can perhaps target 
    another enemy and repeat the process.  It's a little like Nightshade on the 
    PS2, in the unlikely event that you've also played that game.
    Your new knowledge of target attacks will of course be put to the test 
    forthwith.  Head off to the left from where you read the sign and you'll 
    trigger a practical tutorial that lets you put the notion to the test.  
    Destroy two enemies and collect some coins, then face more enemies from there 
    that will allow you to bounce your way up to take out a series of three more.  
    These enemies regenerate, though, so there's not much point in trying to get 
    rid of them all.
    When you make your way past those floating thugs to the next ledge and its 
    contents, you should notice a sign amongst all the pots.  Beyond it, on the 
    next raised ledge, a Phantom is pacing.  Read the sign and it tells you about 
    'Junk.'  Essentially, some enemies guard themselves with equipment that you 
    can knock loose with charged drill attacks.  Once you defeat the Phantom, you 
    can snag its arsenal and add it to yours to improve Parin's combat readiness.  
    The pacing Phantom provides such an opportunity.
    Use a charged shot to take out the enemy, then rescue Puku from the cage.  
    Suddenly, dark clouds move in over the world map.  Puku explains that what you 
    saw is actually something called 'Dark Mist.'  It's bad.  Puku rushes back to 
    the village, and you appear there automatically as story sequences transpire 
    (you can press 'Start' to skip them, if you like).
    Back in the village, it appears that chaos reigns.  Monsters meet and tell one 
    another that their mission has been a success, even though some people got 
    away.  Then a Phantom called the Prince advises everyone that they're moving 
    to the next stage of their plan.  Parin and the Prince meet for the first 
    time.  He won't tell her where her friends have gone, but says simply that she 
    must look for them on her own.  Then he departs on a beast he has summoned and 
    you are left alone in the village to contemplate matters.  It's time to head 
    back to town (just follow the path with a sign that says 'Town' if you're 
    Tiese Town (after the ruins) {W1004}
    Items: None
    When you appear back in town, you'll be confronted by Cylinder.  He wants to 
    know where you got your drill.  It turns out that he's good with machines and 
    is willing to help you.  If Parin will date him, he'll offer his assistance 
    for free!  This is the point where Parin works against your convenience and 
    says that she'll pay instead.  Dang that girl and her sense of self-respect!
    As Cylinder walks away, follow him and talk to him again.  He'll mention that 
    Fan was screaming and throwing knives.  It might sound like a reasonable 
    reaction, but this is an RPG and that's a hint.  Also, he'll offer you the 
    chance to buy some goodies.  If you've been following the FAQ to this point, 
    you should have somewhere close to 1300 coins.  Here's a list of his wares:
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Alpha Parts         | 500     | Allows you to use Forward Slash attack.    |
    | Storm Parts         | 1000    | Allows you to use the Drill Tornado attack.|
    | Energy Oil          | 1000    | Temporarily protects drill energy.         |
    | Power Oil           | 1500    | Restores lost drill energy.                |
    I went with the [STORM PARTS] item because it was the most expensive of the 
    items that sounded permanent.  That's always a good investment in an RPG or 
    Adventure game, right?  If you do the same thing I did, you'll be taken to a 
    little tutorial screen that tells you how to execute the 'Drill Tornado' 
    attack: you rotate the analogue stick in a circle (or move your fingers across 
    the D-pad in that general direction) and then press the 'X' button to manage a 
    powerful attack that'll surely make enemies think twice before attacking.
    Anyway, you should head to the bakery after your shopping spree.  Outside, you 
    might notice Poco hiding under a tree.  He was scared and figured he'd be safe 
    in town, where humans can't see him and the Phantoms won't theoretically come.  
    Head inside the bakery itself after talking to Poco and Fan will tell you that 
    a cake she had baked and was planning to sell disappeared right before her 
    eyes (was it a monster?).  She has to jack up her prices now.  Then you have 
    the opportunity to buy goodies.  Here's her inventory:
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Cookie              | 150     | A star-shaped cookie. (Restores 15HP)      |
    | Chocolate           | 900     | Gourmet chocolate. (Restores 50HP)         |
    | Shortcake           | 3750    | With strawberries & cream. (Restores HP)   |
    Those prices are pretty hard to hack, especially after the drill upgrade you 
    bought just a moment ago.  What were you thinking?  But seriously, you should 
    be fine.  You still ought to have that cookie in your inventory, since the 
    last dungeon didn't have much of anything resembling a challenge, so for now 
    you can do without pastries.  Go ahead and leave the bakery and head to Disk's 
    Junk Shop.
    Inside the shop, talk to Disk.  He'll explain that he can upgrade your 
    equipment with the Junk you salvage from the corpses of Phantoms you slay.  He 
    may or may not say anything beyond that, but if you talk to him thereafter, 
    he'll typically offer his wares.  Here's the list, just for reference (though 
    you likely can't afford anything just yet):
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Gas Mask            | 980     | Filters out poisonous gasses.              |
    |                     |         | LV.1 Effect: Gas Damage Halved             |
    | Cat Ears            | 4980    | Complete with whiskers. Improves hearing.  |
    |                     |         | LV.1 Effect: # of Chests                   |
    | Ribbon              | 9800    | Reduces trap damage. ...For some reason.     |
    |                     |         | LV.1 Effect: Trap Damage Halved            |
    | Vampire Kit         | 19800   | Perform a critical on an enemy and...      |
    |                     |         | LV.1 Effect: Critical Attacks Restore HP   |
    Once you leave the shop, continue along the walkway toward the edge of town, 
    off to the shop's right.  There you'll find Puku, who also managed to survive 
    the raid on the Monster Village.  That leaves only Pino to find.  Puku asks 
    you to do so, then heads back to the village.  Realistically, there's only one 
    place left to search: Parin's bedroom.
    Head back to your house and you'll find Pino upstairs in precisely that spot.  
    After you talk to her, she'll head back to the village.  Head back outside and 
    now it's time to go through the little hole in the wall to return to the 
    Monster Village.
    When you get back, everyone is happy to see you, even if their village is 
    completely destroyed.  They're concerned about Dark Mist, the horrible cloud 
    that covers the land.  It's apparently a reflection of everyone's hearts, and 
    is causing the world to lose stability.  The only way to stabilize things is 
    to return the monsters' friends to the village and rebuild it.  Parin is the 
    only one who can truly do it, the village's only hope!
    Puku explains that you can only access areas that aren't covered by mist on 
    the world map.  Go ahead and exit to the world map.  From the village, you 
    have four options: Radish Woods on the trail to the west, Mole Dojo if you 
    head due east and two areas in Potato Shrine.  For now, head west to Radish 
    Radish Woods (Cheery Forest Path) {W1005)
    Items: Couch, Mystery Bag
    Upon entering, you'll find Pino.  She's quite lost.  She mentions a cat 
    monster from her past and wonders about him.  You've met the cat.  He's the 
    one from the Potato Shrine.  Anyway, Pino heads home and you're left to 
    explore the forest.
    Start by destroying the two torch stands at the entrance for some coins.  
    Next, drop down the hole that Pino was exploring and pass through into the 
    next area.  Wooden spikes will pop through the surface of the ground, 
    preventing you from backtracking.  You're now standing at the entrance to a 
    larger area.  Ahead, there are trees and vases, as well as a switch and a 
    crate.  You can use your newly-acquired Drill Tornado move to demolish the 
    trees without charging your shots, which is handy.  You can also break the 
    vases the old-fashioned way.  If you want to proceed, you'll have to push the 
    crate over the switch so that it settles into place and allows you access to 
    the next area.
    As you follow the path as it winds around to the right, you'll notice a new 
    clearing with several devious acorn-shaped enemies glowering in you're general 
    direction.  They're pretty peaceable until you attack, and then they start 
    hopping around and breathing fire.  Obviously, this is not so good if it 
    connects, so don't let it; your Drill Tornado move can handily clear them out 
    in a flash and leave behind a bushel of coins.  With them out of the way, 
    you're free to break open more pots in the immediate area, and to head along 
    the path as it winds around through more trees.
    When you round the bend this next time, you should see a clearing that appears 
    to be devoid of enemies.  Don't be fooled.  If you skirt the outer edges, 
    you'll attract the attention of some camouflaged Phantoms (they are easy to 
    see because their heads have white sticks on them that stick out from the 
    surrounding greenery).  The trick here is to tackle them one at a time.  They 
    also possess junk, so keep that in mind.  Start by charging your drill, then 
    getting close enough to one to lure it out and use your charged attack.  
    Finish it off, charge again and then move on to the next Phantom and repeat.  
    There are a total of four, and you want all the junk pieces you can get for 
    when you return to town.
    After you've taken out the four Phantoms, destroy the rocks and pillar for 
    coins before moving through the wide black hole and into the next portion of 
    forest.  There, you'll see a stream you need to cross.  There's a switch on a 
    bit of wooden planking, and a rock nearby.  Trees are also in the area, and 
    you can destroy them for the expected coins with charged attacks.  Note that 
    if you decide to, you should face away from the stream before letting loose.  
    Otherwise, your drilling rush might take you through the trees, over the bank 
    and into water that will damage your life meter and drill's effectiveness.
    Once you've destroyed any debris and gleaned all the coins you can handle, 
    turn your attention to the switch near the bridge.  There's nothing to push 
    over it just yet and your weight doesn't do the trick.  What you must do is 
    destroy the boulder that blocks your path (make sure that you aim your charge 
    attack so that it carries you through the crumbling rock and onto safe ground, 
    not into the water) and cross over it to the glowing pedestal.  When you step 
    on it, a crate falls behind you.  Turn around and push that crate back the way 
    you came, until it rests on the switch.  This will lower the barrier on the 
    other side of the bridge and allow you to continue through the forest.
    Before you do that, you may wish to stay and smash some trees, but that 
    comment comes with a warning: two of the trees in the vicinity will come to 
    life once assaulted.  This is bad news because they're capable of inflicting 
    severe damage if their attacks connect.  They chuck bombs your way and also 
    snap around so that their tops club the ground where you're standing.  Move in 
    quick with brutal attacks to win your paltry bit of coin.
    Once you advance down the path, you'll be in a canyon with a mound of dirt 
    that allows you to recharge your weapon.  If you fought the trees, you may 
    well need it.  Continue past it and rogue acorns will drop down from the trees 
    to attack.  There are three or four of them.  Don't give them time to breathe 
    fire.  Beyond, you'll find a station you can access to restore Parin's health.  
    To its right are some stairs that lead to the lower level of the forest floor.
    From the base of those stairs, turn left and follow the bank to find a blue 
    container you can crack open for 4 pieces of junk.  Then turn back around and 
    head forward toward the clearing.  This will prompt a circular enemy that 
    looks like a rolling blue shield to attack.  Use charged attacks but watch for 
    one of its own, a huge ball of aura that occasionally will hurl toward you.  
    Don't let it hit you!  You'll have to hit your opponent several times to kill 
    him and he doesn't give up any junk, so once you've hit him with one charged 
    shot you should probably finish things up with a flurry of weaker attacks.
    Beyond where the shield accosted you, you'll see a sign that suggests trying 
    targeted attacks.  It's saying that because there are some black, regenerating 
    enemies hovering over a wide gap.  There's a staircase to the right, as well, 
    but before you descend those you should cross the afore-mentioned gap using 
    enemies as your stepstools.  You should remember how to do it from the 
    tutorial in the first dungeon, and even if you can fall you can always climb 
    up and try again.  Your reward for reaching the elevated bank on the other 
    side is a [MYSTERY BAG] that you can have Pamela open back in town (she's the 
    woman with the dog).  You find it when you follow a winding trail into a dead-
    end clearing.  It's in a treasure chest that is guarded by a two shielded 
    enemies.  Defeat them with charged shots so you can be assured plenty of junk, 
    then open the chest for your prize.
    You don't have a moment to savor your new treasure.  Enemies will now appear 
    behind you.  These guys look like the same weaklings you've been encountering 
    before, but they're not.  They breath fire and ice.  Since they won't give up 
    junk when you defeat them, move in with charged shots and then quickly hack 
    them to bits from there (maybe even throw in a whirling attack).  Move back 
    down the trail and backtrack to the pedestal that refills your life, if 
    necessary.  Then head back to the sign that suggested crossing the gap with 
    targeted attacks.  Now you're ready to descend that staircase.
    Once you do, there's a wide path you can follow around as it heads gently 
    toward the left.  You'll drop down into an area with some pots that appears to 
    be a dead end but isn't.  Look along the wall and you'll see spidery cracks, a 
    sure sign that it's time for a charged attack.  Go at the wall with your drill 
    and part of it will crumble away, allowing you to hop up and proceed.  You'll 
    find a lever at the top, which you can pull to summon two blue Phantoms.  They 
    bounce around a lot, so you want to move in quickly with a series of attacks 
    rather than running around trying to charge your weapon.  Spinning attacks 
    should work fine, too.  When you defeat them, the nearby gate will lower and 
    you'll gain access to the next area.
    In this new clearing, peaceful music will begin to play and you'll see a 
    glowing orb hovering over a pedestal.  Before heading toward it, break the 
    nearby pillars and the trees to your left and right for some more coins.  When 
    that's done, go ahead and advance to the altar to gain the [COUCH] item.  You 
    just beat your first 'real' level.  If you've followed this FAQ closely, you 
    should have an 'S' ranking or better.  Go ahead and return to the Monster 
    Village and pass through there to the human town beyond.
    When you head down the stairs, make sure that you talk to your grandfather.  
    He'll comment on the medal you're carrying and offer to give you a present in 
    exchange.  He offers several items in exchange for medals: Monkey Hat (4 
    medals), Nightcap (7 medals) and Hair Buns (19 medals).  You can give him a 
    medal, but obviously you will need to do some more adventuring before you can 
    collect any rewards.
    Just past your grandfather, you'll find Cylinder.  He wants to know if you're 
    buying any drill parts.  His inventory hasn't changed at all from the last 
    time.  About all you'd want is the [ALPHA PARTS] upgrade.  Go ahead and do so.  
    The game then explains that you can use the skill by first using a Guard Dash 
    then rotating the analogue stick in a circle and pressing the 'X' button to 
    attack.  In the tutorial, the Guard Dash is executed with the 'Circle' button, 
    rather than the 'Square.'  Once you break free of the tutorial mode, the rest 
    of the game will expect you to use the 'Square' button, as normal.  Remember 
    Once you've purchased the Alpha Parts item and learned its accompanying 
    'Forward Slash' skill, make sure that you find Pamela and give her your 
    mystery bag.  She'll give you an item in return.  For me, it was the [ENERGY 
    OIL] item.  Now return to the Monster Village and from there go to the world 
    map.  Now head east to the fork in the path, then south to the ruins.  The 
    next level you'll tackle is Nanometer Shrine.
    Potato Ruins (Nanometer Shrine - again) {W1006)
    Items: Cookie, Potted Plant
    You should remember where the Nanometer Shrine area is.  It's where you got 
    your training.  Now you're returning a full-fledged adventurer.  When you 
    enter, you'll find that the layout hasn't changed a bit.  You can still 
    destroy the stone columns on the raised areas to the left and right of the 
    entrance.  Do so for some coins, then proceed through the door into the next 
    In the next area, destroy the pots on raised ledges and used a charged drill 
    attack to destroy the boulders and continue through the archway, as you did 
    the last time you were here.  The next room still contains spiders and plenty 
    of pots to break, as well as the destructible stone pillars and weak walls on 
    either side.  Destroy everything as you did before, while making sure to 
    venture into the side rooms for a [COOKIE] in the treasure chest to the left 
    and the chance to pull a lever in the right room (necessary in order to 
    proceed).  Watch out for the cannons and energy beams.  Use your Guard Dash to 
    avoid the hazards.  Then push through to the next portion of the dungeon, 
    where you'll find a place to recharge your drill if necessary.  Beyond use a 
    charged attack to take out the guy standing on the narrow path between the 
    fences and get some junk.  Again, break down the fences to have a chance at 
    the stone pillars, and don't miss any of the vases you can smash.  Drill the 
    weak wall to proceed.
    Through the ruined wall that the Phantom was guarding, you'll find another 
    armored Phantom and an alarm will sound as the screen flashes red.  Take him 
    out with your charged attack and a few follow-up strikes to get some Junk, 
    destroy the stone column, then exit through the door leading right.  You're on 
    a raised ledge over a room that drops lower to your left.  There're also some 
    pots and a stone pillar you can destroy, plus a pedestal.  Stand on the 
    pedestal and restore your HP if you need to, then climb down the ladder as you 
    proceed through the room.  Take out the spiders that attack (there are three 
    or four), then push the stack of crates against the far wall.  Destroy the 
    wooden bottom one and hop on the iron one and from there to the ledge above.  
    Break the vases, then pass through the doorway into the next room.
    You should remember this room from before.  A staircase is to your left and a 
    hallway pushes past that.  Head down the hallway and there are now two 
    Phantoms guarding it.  Take them out with a charge attack and some follow-up 
    slashes (though they don't leave Junk behind), then move past where they were 
    standing and left to pull a switch that raises a ledge to the top of that 
    short staircase.  There are also a few stone columns you can break apart here 
    if you wish.  Backtrack to the ledge you made available, then destroy the 
    nearby pots before you ride it across a fence.  From there, climb up the 
    platforms while being aware that spiders will drop to attack you.  They're 
    easy to beat, of course.
    At the top, jump up to the left area and break open some vases, as well as a 
    week wall with a hole near its base that lets you catch a glimpse of some 
    grating.  You'll have full access to a locked door when the rubble falls away, 
    and you'll be back to pass through it in a moment.  First drop down to the 
    ledge where the second and third spider attacked and now drop down to pull the 
    lever.  This will cause the door above to open and some cube monsters will 
    parade through.  Take them all out with your Drill Tornado attack and then 
    climb up and pass through the door.
    The hallway you're now standing in heads past some enemies hovering in the 
    air, where you first learned about target attacks.  Put that skill to use 
    again if you like, and past those enemies you should break open the various 
    pots before climb a ledge and passing through a door to the right (while using 
    a charged attack to take out the enemy that guards it for some Junk).    
    Beyond that adversary is the dungeon's treasure room.  Break apart the stone 
    columns for some more coins if you wish, then grab the treasure: a [POTTED 
    PLANT] item.  Now you've completed the dungeon for real!  Head back to Tiese 
    and spend some of your money on the [GAS MASK].  You should have plenty of 
    money, since it only costs 980 pockles.  You should also have enough Junk to 
    give your newly-purchased mask an upgrade.  Do so, then go ahead and equip it 
    instead of your goggles and return to the world of the monsters so you can 
    move on to the next dungeon.  Your next stop is Meter Corridor, in Potato 
    Potato Ruins (Meter Corridor) {W1007}
    Items: Boombox, Cookie, Headband, Mystery Bag, Picture #2, Platinum Medal
    You'll find Meter Corridor just an inch or two south of Nanometer Shrine on 
    the map.  Puku greats you to let you know that the area you're about to 
    explore is dangerous.  He tells you about a dragon named Tokaron that was 
    sealed away by a human who used the drill that Parin now uses.  Apparently, 
    the drill has all sorts of potential.  The hero who used it before dug holes 
    before he became a hero.  Hmm.  Is that foreshadowing?  It certainly sounds 
    like it, but Parin doesn't have time to contemplate.  She has a dungeon to 
    Head through the first door and you're in a room with some hollowed out crates 
    to your left and right, as well as ahead of you.  There are also some vases.  
    Smash the crates and vases both for coins (you'll have to use charged attacks 
    to break the former), then head through the doorway and into the next room.  
    Here, you'll notice some cube-shaped enemies skipping around a treasure chest 
    that rests in a recess in the floor.  Take them out with a quick flurry of 
    simple attacks and also break any pots in the area.  Open the treasure chest 
    to receive a [COOKIE], if your inventory can hold it (mine couldn't).
    From the treasure chest, head right to a weak wall.  Use a charged drill 
    attack to force your way through it and into the room beyond, where a series 
    of spiders will drop from the ceiling as you advance.  They seem to be hiding 
    in pots, as well, which you should be able to break with projectile shots from 
    your fully powered drill.  At the base of the stairs, you will find some stone 
    columns you can destroy for coins, as well as plenty of pots and vases to 
    break.  There also are some triangular wood structures, so break those apart 
    with your powered drill.  You should notice a lever off to your left, near the 
    base of the stairs you descended.  It's surrounded by a fence.  Head down to 
    the end of the room, where there's a mound that allows you to recharge your 
    drill.  You'll notice the fence doesn't quite meet the wall there, so walk 
    around it and break open another of the triangular bits of wood, then head to 
    the lever and pull it.
    The lever causes the nearby door to rise, and three Phantoms come through.  
    One has a bit of armor equipped, so keep that in mind and use a powered shot 
    to initiate the attack.  You want that junk, after all.  Once you're in the 
    middle of frenzied combat, use your Drill Tornado attack to keep the multiple 
    adversaries at bay (don't accidentally let yourself fly through the doorway 
    and into the next room like I did, though).
    Once you defeat the Phantoms and arrive in that next room, you'll see a 
    Phantom ahead.  He sees you coming and does the smart thing: he runs to a safe 
    spot a short distance away.  Whenever you get close, he'll repeat this 
    process.  Take your time going down the halls, since he's trying to lead you 
    into a trap.  Take the time to drill through a boulder you find, and to break 
    open any pots.  When your quarry rounds a bend and crosses over a strip of 
    reddish brown bricks with holes in them, leap over that potential trap and be 
    ready for an attack.  The Phantom calls down a group of cube-shaped enemies.  
    A few quick slashes will take care of them and yield a nice supply of coins.
    Moving ahead from where the cubes attack, you'll notice a weak spot in the 
    wall.  Drill it with a power attack to break it open, though you'll only gain 
    a few coins.  To the left, the Phantom is still waiting.  As you approach, he 
    runs through an archway to your right.  Break the nearby vases before you 
    follow into the next room, which is actually interesting.  The Phantom you're 
    chasing will retreat to a higher ledge, and to the left you'll notice a place 
    where you can power your drill.  Don't do that just yet, though.  Instead, 
    head to the left area of the room near a low ledge.  As you arrive, a Phantom 
    above will materialize.  He's wearing armor and he summons a few buddies 
    before they all jump down to rush you.  Use a charged shot to take out the 
    armored guy, and use your Tornado Drill to protect yourself as everyone 
    clamors to attack.  When you defeat everybody, then you can recharge your 
    drill if you took damage.  Make sure to break any nearby vases and triangular 
    bits of wood, as well.  There are also some pillars in the area.  The square-
    ish one in the corner hides a treasure chest that contains a [MYSTERY BAG], so 
    break it open if nothing else.
    When you've gleaned what coins and goodies the room has to offer, head up to 
    the side of the room that would've been on your right as you entered.  You can 
    either climb the ladder or hop up the ledge.  There, you can break more vases 
    and flip a lever that will cause a floating blue ledge to glide into place.  
    Step on it to ride across the room and to a pedestal where you can restore 
    your health.  It's at the base of a staircase.  Ascend the staircase and pass 
    through the door into the next room after breaking the vases.
    Straight ahead, you'll now see three pots.  This room branches to the left and 
    right, and there are more of the wood structures you can destroy.  Make sure 
    that you take out both the pots and the wood.  Note that if you head too far 
    left while breaking the pots, you may encounter the first of two spiders that 
    guard the hallway in that direction.  If you get too close and the first 
    arachnid attacks, take it out before it can harm you.  You're not wanting to 
    go left first, though.  Instead, start by exploring the path to your right.  
    You'll surprise two Phantoms that were about to have an intimate moment.  
    They're wearing armor, so make sure that you use charged attacks (don't 
    accidentally shoot them while powering up your drill or the chance at a 
    surprise attack will vanish).  When they're gone, break open the pots the 
    Phantoms were standing near and you should notice a destructible wood crate 
    behind them.  Use a charged drill to destroy it, as well.  Some heavier crates 
    will fall into place.
    From the stack of crates, continue around the hallway and take out any 
    lingering spiders and wood structures.  Now you should find yourself at the 
    base of the staircase you might have seen when you first entered this room.  
    It has a gap where rot has caused it to fall away, but you can leap over that 
    gap quite easily.  Destroy the purple vase and continue up the steps as they 
    lead to another purple vase, and then up to a metal crate.  Since you 
    destroyed the wooden crate a moment ago, you can now pass (otherwise, you 
    wouldn't have been able to).  Keep climbing up to the top of this stone 
    structure, where some winged enemies will bring up two Phantoms to attack.
    You want to use a charged shot on the Phantoms so you can collect more Junk 
    from the armor it will cause them to drop.  The space up here is cramped, so 
    try not to let them get in close and damage you.  When the Phantoms are 
    destroyed, make sure to wait around and kill the bats, which in arches that 
    leave them vulnerable to targeted attacks.  There are two of them.  Jump in 
    the air when they're near, then hit them with your drill when the aura around 
    them flashes maroon.  Once they're defeated, proceed along the fenced catwalk 
    and through the next archway.
    As you enter, note that there are pots to either side.  Don't forget to break 
    them, and also the stone pillars.  Then turn your attention to the hazard 
    ahead, a murky pit of water with ledges you can leap across.  Make sure that 
    you have your goggles equipped at this point.  If they've been upgraded, they 
    should make you impervious to water damage.  Now you can go ahead and jump 
    along the blocks that protrude from the surface of the water.  Watch your 
    shadow, since it tells you where you're about to land.  You don't need full 
    jumps to cross the gaps.  When you reach the other side, you can recharge your 
    drill if necessary but note that stepping on the patch of soil will cause fish 
    monsters to attack.  If your drill is charged, take them out with projectile 
    shots.  Otherwise, you may have to jump into the water and drill them from 
    less distance.  There're also some vases to destroy, and a wooden structure 
    that's destructible.  The final attraction on the current bit of stonework is 
    a weak wall.  Use a charged drill shot to break down the spidery looking wall 
    of bricks and you'll gain some coins for your trouble.
    Now hop across another block and you will see a huge stone vase.  Destroy it 
    for some coins.  Now turn and hop across another set of blocks (the second one 
    is very narrow, so you'll have to time your jumps carefully) and pull yourself 
    onto the ledge.  You'll find a blue container there that you can break open 
    for a bunch of Junk.  Now turn toward the right and start charging your drill 
    before you proceed down that hall.  Once you do, you'll cause an armored 
    Phantom to attack.  Defeat him and pick up more Junk (he may be knocked back 
    and fall down a hole if you're not careful, in which case you'll have to 
    follow) and break the stone statues around the pit for even more coins.  Then 
    descend to the area below and pass through an archway.
    As you emerge in this new area, you should see a ladder beside Parin.  There's 
    also a boulder on her level.  Destroy the rock with a charged bit of drilling, 
    then pass through the next archway (the ladder is only there if you need to 
    climb back up to the ledge you already passed, in case you fell down by 
    accident or forgot to break something).  
    Through the next archway, you'll find yourself in the dungeon's treasure room.  
    There are plenty of stone pillars to bust open for coins if you're not in a 
    hurry, as usual.  When you jump to the pedestal, you'll receive the [BOOMBOX] 
    item.  Head back to the Monster Village and talk to Puku.  He says that Poco, 
    who you may recall was looking for his boombox so that he could dance, is not 
    around.  Head to Tiese Town and talk to your grandfather along the way.  You 
    may have to do so twice, but eventually he'll tell you that he has hidden a 
    special medal around town and challenge you to find it.  Head to his house and 
    check the large stove in the lower room to reveal a gift box that contains a 
    [PLATINUM MEDAL].  Now that you have it, head back to your grandpa.  He'll 
    give you [PICTURE #2] for your efforts, which is added to your album.  He also 
    tells you that there may be others, and that you should search all over the 
    That's all well and good, but right now you still need to find Puku.  Trot 
    down the steps and head to Pamela's regular hangout.  She'll open the Mystery 
    Bag you got in the last dungeon and give you a [HEADBAND].  That's an 
    equippable item that increases your attack power.  Take it to the junk shop 
    and have Disk upgrade it for 10 Junk.  Now you can equip it and your attacks 
    will be half again as powerful!
    Your next stop while in town is the bakery.  There, you'll find Puku.  Talk to 
    him and he'll ask you to do something about Fan, whom he insists is mean to 
    him (though Parin doesn't see how that could be, since she's not even aware 
    that Puku is around).  Talk to Fan and she'll mention that more cakes have 
    disappeared.  She thinks the culprit must be spies who want her recipe.  Parin 
    knows better.  It has to be Puku.  Talk to him again and he'll burp and 
    mention that he can't find his boombox.  You offer to give him back his 
    boombox (the one you found in the ruins, clearly) if he stops stealing cakes 
    from Fan.  He agrees.  You'll be taken back to the village, where Puku dances 
    happily and causes more of the mist to recede on the world map.  New areas are 
    now available!  It's time to head to Centimeter Hall, the next area avilable 
    within Potato Ruins.  
    {W1008}   Potato Ruins (Centimeter Hall)
    Items: Chocolate, Cookie, Life Gem
    The Prince greets you when you enter this area, and advises that one of your 
    monster friends is held captive in the area.  He welcomes you to go to the 
    next room, where a heavily armored opponent awaits.  Then he disappears.  
    Before you advance into the next room, take some time to break apart the stone 
    statues in the immediate area for coins.  You'll also find [CHOCOLATE] in a 
    nearby gift box and a [COOKIE] in another (though your inventory is probably 
    too full).  You must be thinking to yourself "Wow, this looks eerily like the 
    room before a boss battle," and if you are, you're right.  Head through the 
    archway and into the next room.
    As she walks in, Parin will see her monster friend Pierre trapped behind bars.  
    He'll tell her something incomprehensible in French and she'll start forward 
    to save him, only to find the bridge collapsing under her.  She manages to 
    survive and chastise Pierre for warning her in another language.  Then a 
    monster attacks.  It's your first boss battle.
    Boss Battle: Bob
    Bob is quite the fiend.  He has two giant drills as arms and is encased quite 
    nicely in heavy blue armor.  The battle also takes place on a circular ledge 
    that juts up from the middle of a deep, imposing pit.
    As fights go, this one shouldn't prove terribly difficult.  In his full armor, 
    Bob can't be harmed by your drill attacks.  What you must do is fully charge a 
    shot while running around the room (use the shoulder buttons to keep swinging 
    the camera and keep track of where Bob is positioned) and then unleash it on 
    Bob to knock him out of his armored shell.
    Once he's vulnerable, move in and hit him with launch attacks, since those 
    will do the most damage.  Watch out for his belly flops.  He'll usually do one 
    after he's taken the first major hit in his vulnerable form, so back away long 
    enough to keep that from connecting, then move back in and resume the beating.  
    Eventually, he'll return to his armor and you'll have to repeat the process.
    When Bob is armored, he also has a few other attacks to avoid.  One favorite 
    is a spread shot of little aura balls.  If you keep the camera on him, they're 
    easy enough to see coming.  He always stands still to prepare them.  He also 
    has a few other projectile attacks and sometimes will rush you, but none of 
    that will do him any good if you keep moving around him while charging, then 
    hammer him mercilessly once he's free of his armor.  If your life drops too 
    much, you can use some of the chocolate to restore it.  
    Once you defeat Bob and he vanishes, a giant crystal will fall from the 
    ceiling.  Grab it and you will gather the [LIFE GEM] item.  This useful item 
    will increase your maximum HP by 10 points.  Congratulations!  That's the 
    dungeon cleared.
    Pierre will thank you for saving him.  From a distance, the Prince watches and 
    informs Mosby, his winged friend that looks like a giant pink butterfly, that 
    Mosby is the next one that must face off against Parin.  Then you'll be given 
    the opportunity to save your progress.  Go ahead and do so.  When you exit the 
    save menu, you're back on the world map.  Return to the Monster Village.
    Back in the village, Poco reminds you that Chucky and Rocko are still missing.  
    Rocko is the man for heavy lifting, he informs you, and Chucky is the only 
    monster willing to dance with Poco.  They'll make fine additions to your crew 
    of monsters, if only you can find them.  Meanwhile, Puku explains that the 
    Phantoms stole all the furniture when they attacked the village.  He tells you 
    to return any furniture you might find to its rightful owner.  Looks like it's 
    time to find more furniture (and rightful owners).  Head to the next dungeon, 
    Fountain Clearing in the forest to the west.   
    Radish Woods (Fountain Clearing) {W1009)
    Items: Fire Parts
    Pino will greet you at the entrance to the forest, as before.  She brings you 
    to look at a stone statue, which Puku says apparently contains some sort of 
    secret.  She leaves for the village and leaves you standing in front of the 
    giant statue.  Equip the goggles and then you're ready to start exploring.
    Begin by drilling the stone columns in the immediate area (as well as an odd 
    chunk of wall that you can't yet harm), then turn your attentions to the 
    statue Pino showed you.  Drill it and you'll reveal a vase of some sort, which 
    you can examine.  Once you do so, you'll receive the item [FIRE PARTS].  This 
    is an elemental ability that you can add to your drill to gain the ability to 
    utilize fire attacks.  Equip it if you like, then head back to the Monster 
    Village.  There, Pino will tell you that Pierre has gone to the human town 
    because he has nothing on which to sit.  Remember the couch you picked up from 
    the ruins?  You should offer it to him.
    To do that, head into Tiese Town and search for Pierre.  You'll find him 
    downstairs in your grandfather's house.  Talk to him and Parin will give him 
    the couch.  Now it's back to the Monster Village, where Pierre is so happy 
    with his couch that it causes the Dark Mist on the world map to pull away even 
    further and reveal two new areas to explore.  It's time to head to the next 
    dungeon, in the forest to the west.
    Radish Woods (Eerie Way) {W1010}
    Items: Chocolate, Shoebox
    As Parin enters, she hears someone following her.  It's the familiar blue cat, 
    Motoro.  He tries hiding in the trees, but Parin sees him anyway and suddenly 
    remembers their last encounter.  He runs away and leaves her to explore the 
    forest.  As you prepare to do so, you'll notice a raised gate with two 
    torches.  One is lit and the other isn't.  Destroy the nearby stone columns, 
    then read the sign.  It advises you that something or other is flammable.  Of 
    course, it means the torch (duh!).  Make sure that you have the Fire Parts 
    equipped (if you do, you'll see a little fire icon displayed on the left side 
    of the screen) and swipe at the flameless torch.  It'll light on fire and the 
    gate will lower, granting you access to the next area.
    Pass through the darkness and you'll emerge in the midst of more forestation.  
    You've now properly entered the dungeon, and wooden stakes will bar the way 
    back to the dungeon entrance.  Ahead, you'll see a relatively open area.  When 
    you walk forward, you can break open some vases and a tree and boulder.  The 
    path branches to the left and the right, and both directions are patrolled by 
    razor-sharp spike balls.  You can press the 'Square' button to safely glide 
    through them if you think on your feet.
    Start by heading left along the path, past the single spiked ball.  Beyond, 
    you'll find a treasure chest resting on a stump.  It contains [CHOCOLATE], 
    which you should have room for in your inventory.  Grab that, then take care 
    of the glowing orange tree that was woken by your activity.  Remember that 
    moving in close and launching a series of quick attacks is the best way to 
    emerge from the fight unscathed.  A second tree in the area also will come to 
    life, so be watchful of that.  There's also an available mound where you can 
    charge your drill if needed.  After those ordeals passes, demolish the rest of 
    the trees and any other destructible objects for the coins they yield.  Now 
    head back along the path, so that you're in the first clearing you came to 
    upon entering the forest dungeon.  This time you're going to take the right 
    fork in the road.
    Along that path you'll find more of the spikey things than you did along the 
    path to the left.  Once you move past the second of the rolling spike balls, 
    you should see a trail that branches left through a grassy canyon.  Wander 
    down that path to find a vase at the end, which you can break for some coins.  
    Continue along the path and you'll find a Phantom with armor.  When you 
    approach, he'll run left and vanish.  You should see a weak wall there, which 
    you can break apart to find not only the guy you were just chasing, but 
    another armor-equipped Phantom.  The latter is weak to fire attacks.  Charge 
    attack him, then finish up with some Tornado Spin attacks that should keep you 
    safe from both enemies.  When you're done, destroy the tree in the area with a 
    charge attack and pull the lever, which will drop a nearby gate.
    Now head back out of this dead-end clearing and take a right.  You're going to 
    do some backtracking, and things can get a little confusing at this point.  
    Follow the rock path as it loops back to a burning torch.  You can pass 
    through the opening near the torch, but don't do so yet.  Instead, continue 
    along the path and watch the wall to the right for cracks.  You can drill it 
    to get a bunch of coins.  Continue along the path and you'll come to a 'T' 
    where the path heads left and right.  There's also a purple vase here resting 
    at the base of a tree, so make sure that you break it (and the tree too).
    From there, continue along the path to the left, past where you just broke the 
    vase.  You've now worked your way in a circle that took you back to the place 
    where you pulled that lever.  Continue along the path and this time when you 
    come to the torch, pass through the opening into a clearing.
    In this new area, you should see a dark red spider dangling ahead.  You ought 
    to have your projectile shot available to you, or if you don't the enemy will 
    succumb easily enough to standard swipes of the drill.  The spider isn't your 
    main concern.  When you jump to the ground, you'll attack a series of 
    pumpkins.  They breathe fire and it's hard to avoid them all at once, so the 
    key is to take them out quickly with Tornado Spin attacks.  This prompts more 
    of them to appear.  Repeat the process and you'll take out a bunch of them for 
    some serious cash.  
    You may also notice a well in the area.  Make sure that you have your goggles 
    equipped, then jump down it to land in a shallow area of water at the bottom.  
    There are several pots you can break down here, as well as a few ledges 
    jutting out from the wall.  Hop up those and to the side of the third, you'll 
    notice a weak wall.  Drill it to reveal a hidden side room.  Pass through that 
    (collecting coins along the way), then hop up to a raised ledge and press 
    against the wall to the right to squeeze through another narrow passage.  At 
    the end of that passage, you'll find more ledge on which to maneuver.  Follow 
    it around, careful not to fall down the pit, and you'll find two pots at the 
    base of a ladder.  Bust them open and climb the ladder to a higher ledge, next 
    to a platform you can use to refill your life meter.  You're now back in the 
    clearing where the pumpkins attacked you.
    Destroy any trees and also jump up on the ledge where two purple pots rest.  
    Near them, there's a weak wall that you can drill to reveal a hidden path 
    branching off to the left.  Follow it and you'll soon run into another fork in 
    the path.  You can't go right just yet because of wooden stakes, so head left 
    instead.  As the path widens into a wider trail, you'll see what looks like a 
    log along the ground in your way.  You can easily pass around it, but you 
    might as well demolish it for coins.  Beyond, a tree, some flowers, a torch 
    and a crate await.
    The flowers are enemies.  When you get near, they'll attack by spewing black 
    balls.  There are three of them, and one was blocked by the tree.  Don't let 
    it hit you from behind while you're concentrating on its companions.  Once 
    you've taken care of the three vicious flowers, also destroy the tree just so 
    you have an unobstructed view of the area (as well as more coins).  You should 
    notice a nearby boulder, next to a gray switch.  Destroy the boulder with a 
    charged shot, and also the weakened wall behind it.  You'll get a bunch of 
    coins for your trouble.  Now push the crate so that it rests on the switch.  
    This will open the gate back the way you just came.  Though you may be tempted 
    to follow the exposed path ahead before you backtrack, don't bother; it just 
    leads back to an area you've already explored.  Instead, backtrack to the gate 
    you just opened and pass through it into the next area.  You'll know it by the 
    two purple vases you haven't yet had a chance to smash.  Do so now.
    In this clearing, you'll see two torches straight ahead, and a dark hole 
    beyond that leads to unexplored territory.  As you come even with the torches, 
    gates will rise to block your way and a dark Phantom will hop into the 
    clearing behind you.  He's wearing armor, so charge your drill while he 
    approaches and then let him have it (if you need to turn the camera quickly to 
    see, don't forget that the 'Triangle' does so instantly).  This monster is 
    actually fairly tough, with a life meter.  He bounces around the area once 
    you've removed his armor, and connecting with his large girth will do 
    considerable damage to your own life meter (and drilling capabilities).  Also, 
    he fires a projectile.  The trick is to keep moving while swinging the camera 
    around so that you don't lose sight of him.  If you have to, there's a handy 
    chocolate bar in your inventory, so don't be afraid to use it as necessary.
    When you defeat the monster, gates will drop and you'll be able to proceed to 
    the next room.  Here, you're looking out over a large body of water.  When you 
    jump in, you'll notice that there is a fish swimming around who means you 
    harm.  Avoid him and continue onward to the opposite bank.  Once you're on dry 
    land, two Phantoms will drop to attack.  You should use charged attacks to 
    defeat them for Junk, then also use a charged drill to destroy the tree and 
    the week wall it hides.  There are plenty of coins in it for you.  Next, jump 
    up on the bank and break the vase to snag still more coins.
    Once you have those coins, drop back down to the lowest level of the little 
    island and you'll notice a moving platform that drifts between it and a higher 
    platform.  Walk onto the platform and let it give you a ride up to higher 
    foothold, where you must wait until another moving platform arrives.  Step 
    onto it, then ride it to a platform set out in the middle of a body of water.  
    Break the vases along the outer edge first, then destroy the stone columns 
    with charged drill attacks, and finally light the torch on the pedestal.  When 
    you do, some Phantom monsters will drop onto the little island to attack.  
    Defeat them with charged shots as possible but don't let them do too much 
    damage just because you're worried about Junk; these are tight quarters.
    When you alerted the Phantoms to your presence on the island, you also caused 
    some ledges to rise out of the water somewhere in the distance.  Once the 
    Phantoms are defeated, ride the moving platform that periodically returns back 
    to the area where you stepped on the first moving platform.  From there, swim 
    back out toward where the fish attacked you, but now look off to the left.  
    You should see the new ledges.  Hop up those to a new platform, where you will 
    have the opportunity to recharge your drill.  There also is a tree to destroy.  
    Do so for the sake of some coins, then continue forward by dropping to the 
    lower level of the path.
    Two flowers are waiting for you ahead, so eat a cookie or something if your 
    energy is waning.  When you drop down, don't miss the blue junk bin that rests 
    at the base of the ledge.  Break it open for some Junk before you rush the 
    flowers.  After you defeat them, you'll notice the dangerous area ahead.  
    There are some lines of electricity flowing through here, and also a rolling 
    blue shield that fires aura bursts periodically.  Roll through the barriers so 
    that you're on the other side.  If you have life to spare and want a lot of 
    junk and coins (plus a better ranking for the dungeon), turn around and take 
    out the enemy from behind.  Once you do, three more Phantoms will drop into 
    view.  They are equipped with armor, so use charged shots to dispose of them 
    for more Junk.  Then take care of the nearby trees for some coins.  Finally, 
    proceed through the open space at the edge of the clearing.
    You've made it to the dungeon's treasure room at last.  Break the usual debris 
    that surrounds the treasure for some coins, then jump onto the altar to grab 
    [SHOEBOX].  Now you'll be back on the world map.  Head back to Monster 
    Village.  The shoebox belongs to Poco, so make sure that you return it to him.  
    This will cause more Dark Mist to drift away on the map, which reveals two 
    more areas for you to explore, one in the forest to the west and one in the 
    ruins to the east.  You also have a potted plant, so give that to Pierre and 
    you'll pull away Dark Mist on the world map that reveals a distant cottage of 
    some sort.  The building is still surrounded by mist, but you have plenty of 
    other areas that need your attention.  It's time to do some more exploring.
    Asparagus Lake {W1011}
    Items: Shock Parts
    Before you go to another actual dungeon, you might as well explore an area 
    that doesn't come with monster and treasure chest objectives.  That place is 
    Asparagus Lake, located in the northeast portions of the map.  You'll find it 
    along the trail leading north from Mole Dojo.  It's just a little lake with a 
    dock looking out on it.
    Enter and you'll find yourself facing a bridge that leads out into the water.  
    Before trying to cross it, head to your left where a Phantom is jogging in 
    place.  It's Bob!  He's training so that the next time you meet in battle, he 
    can defeat you.  He mentions that he's seen lightning strike at the other side 
    of the lake and thinks there may be something over there.  He may be right.
    If you go back to the bridge that leads out onto the water and take a right 
    instead of a left, you'll find a sign indicating that a nearby building 
    belongs to Pecky, as his summer home.  That's nice.  Return to that main 
    little bridge you saw when you first entered and walk to the end.  There's a 
    boat there shaped like a white duck.  Jump into it and press 'X' and it will 
    cross the lake.  When it reaches the far bank, jump out and swim a short 
    distance to the right (you'll want to have Level 2 goggles equipped, of 
    course).  You can jump up onto a small dock from there and run up the bank to 
    a weakened wall.
    With a powered drill attack, burst through the wall to find a pot that 
    contains [SHOCK PARTS].  You can equip it to add an electrical charge to your 
    drills.  Now you're ready to exit the area and head to the next dungeon.  Head 
    west to the woods and try your luck in Forest Ballroom.
    Radish Woods (Forest Ballroom) {W1012}
    Items: Life Gem
    The Forest Ballroom is now available in Radish Woods, so you might as well go 
    there next.  When you enter, Prince is waiting.  He informs you that a friend 
    waits inside the dungeon.  He challenges you to defeat the lord of the forest 
    that waits beyond.  Before you enter, chop all of the torches and debris to 
    bits for coins.  Also, make sure that you have the Shock Parts equipped.  Then 
    step through the door.
    Inside the dungeon, Parin will run forward toward her friend, Rocko.  He warns 
    her to stay back as a monster descends from the sky.  That monster is Mosby, a 
    giant butterfly monster.  Rocko tries to understand what it's saying so he can 
    translate, but has no luck.  Then it's time to fight.  He explains that the 
    Phantoms plan to rebuild the Phantom Kingdom.  Then the battle begins.
    Boss Battle: Mosby
    As your battle with Mosby begins, you will notice pedestals rising from the 
    surface of the forest floor, then lowering.  Several of these are large, with 
    enough space to stand on, but I've come to the conclusion that such ledges are 
    just a distraction.  You can ignore them completely and still beat Mosby.  In 
    fact, you may even find it simpler.
    As Mosby circles in the air, keep out of his way while he fires the occasional 
    projectile.  One attack is a laser, and he also starts firing shots up into 
    the air that will gradually fall down around you.  He even has one move that 
    turns the screen red and then sends a shockwave crashing along the surface.  
    Plus, he's not afraid to dive if it suits him.
    What you're watching for is the moment when he sends out three blue bats.  You 
    then can jump toward one and it will be targeted in red.  Fly forward to kill 
    it mid-air, then jump immediately again and repeat on the next bat, then the 
    next, and finally you bounce from that one to attack Mosby.  If the blow hits, 
    you'll send him tumbling lower to the ground, where you should then use 
    repeated launch attacks to quickly drain a portion of his meter.  He'll shake 
    it off eventually, but you should have worked off around a fifth of his life 
    As Mosby rises to the air after you've managed a successful few attacks, make 
    sure that you get away from him as quickly as possible.  During the next few 
    seconds, he'll be launching powerful attacks that are difficult to avoid, and 
    your chances of hitting him back are slim to none.  Wait until he launches 
    more bats, and then repeat the old routine until finally you win.  
    Once Mosby goes down, another crystal falls from the sky.  Grab it and you've 
    just acquired another [LIFE GEM] to boost your maximum HP.  Cream and Roger 
    watch from a distance, commenting on who's going to beat Parin during her next 
    encounter with a boss.  It looks like Roger is your next adversary.  You'll 
    get to watch some video that explains why the Phantoms are doing what they're 
    doing.  Rocko thanks you for saving him.  Then you are taken back to the world 
    map after saving.  Go ahead and go to the Monster Village.  Talk to Pino and 
    she'll mention that Rocko headed to Tiese Town.  You should follow.
    When you enter town, you'll see Cylinder.  He wants to know if you'd like to 
    buy any additional parts.  Here's his revised inventory list:
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Beta Parts          | 4000    | Allows you to use Pretty Missile attack.   |
    | Wind Parts          | 5000    | Allows you to use Downward Lunge attack.   |
    | Energy Oil          | 1000    | Temporarily protects drill energy.         |
    | Power Oil           | 1500    | Restores lost drill energy.                |
    Those may be tempting options, but you should also keep the junk shop's 
    inventory in mind.  Is there something you're saving up for there that you'd 
    rather purchase?  Keep it in mind when you make your decision.  You're at the 
    point in the game where you'd probably like to buy everything, but that'll 
    mean going back to familiar dungeons and completing them a few times just to 
    raise money.  
    If you buy any of the above items, make it the Wind Parts.  That's the cooler 
    of the two attacks.  If you buy it, you'll be taken to a tutorial that 
    explains how to use it.  Basically, you jump into the air, then rotate the 
    analogue stick before pressing the 'X' button in midair to attack.  Not too 
    If for some reason you want the Beta Parts instead, you'll learn the 'Pretty 
    Missile' attack.  It's basically a 'Drill Tornado' move that immediately 
    follows a dash guard.  So what you do is press 'Square' to do the dash guard, 
    then immediately rotate the analogue stick and follow it up with a quick press 
    of the 'X' button to attack.  It's a bit more powerful than the Drill Tornado, 
    but harder to execute.  Still, you may find it useful for those moments where 
    you are approaching enemies that fire projectiles.
    Anyway, you can find Rocko in the junk shop when you're ready.  Talk to him 
    and he'll say he just came to see what's happening in the town, since he heard 
    it was neat.  He makes no offer to leave.  If you're done here, you can stock 
    up on sweets at the bakery if you need them.  Then it's time to go to the next 
    dungeon.  Head east of Monster Village, to Mile Palace in Potato Ruins.
    Potato Ruins (Mile Palace) {W1013}
    Item: Chocolate, Table
    When Parin enters, she'll find herself facing a door with an iron grate 
    covering it.  There are stone statue heads on either side of the door she used 
    to enter, so take care of those first for some coins.  Then approach the 
    gargoyle-shaped statue near the gate and talk to it.  He says that you must 
    show him your power if you wish to pass through.  Stand in front of him and 
    use your Tornado Drill move.  He'll allow you to pass through to the next 
    In this new room, you'll see an archway you can pass through, and to the left 
    of that a ladder.  Either option leads to the same place.  It's quicker just 
    to go through the door and hop up some ledges you won't see because of the 
    camera angle.  Once you're through, destroy some stone statues and a pillar 
    for coins.  You'll notice an area with a low railing that looks out on a pool 
    of water with ledges spaced throughout.  That's where you need to go next.  
    Jump over the short railing and use the stone ledges to cross over to a larger 
    platform.  Note that there are three fish swimming in this area.  The way to 
    beat them is to jump out of the water until a red ring surrounds them.  Then 
    you can use a targeted attack to spear them with your drill.  Make sure that 
    you do so, then tend to the pots lining the stone ledges around you.  On the 
    platform with the oddly shaped stone carving, there's a weak wall.  Use a 
    powered drill to break through it and collect a few more coins.  Finally, 
    you're ready to move to the largest platform in the room, the one with a very 
    short flight of stairs leading up to it from the water.
    When you step on the ledge and head toward the doors, expect an attack; they 
    fold open and a string of green cube-shaped enemies march forward to ruin your 
    day.  You can take them out pretty easily with charged shots if you haven't 
    taken damage from the fish, but even close combat with these guys shouldn't 
    prove too intimidating.  Destroy the stone columns and nearby vases, then 
    proceed through the open doors and into the next room.  Ahead, you'll see a 
    bunch of pots sitting at the head of a staircase that winds its way down 
    around the raised ledge.  Break open the pots for some coins, then follow the 
    stairs downward.  When you reach the bottom, you'll find four unlit lamps.
    Each lamp you light except for the last one prompts enemies to appear.  These 
    enemies tend to be armored and rather deadly.  They wheel around with huge 
    drills in front of them, so you'll immediately want to start charging a shot 
    after lighting each lamp and let them come at you in a line that you can be 
    sure your charged attack won't miss.  That should destroy their vehicles, 
    while a second charge shot will be necessary to dislodge their armor so that 
    you can salvage it for Junk.  Make sure that you also break apart any debris 
    lying around the area before proceeding through the archway when the iron 
    grating lifts.
    In the next area, start by destroying the pots to your left and right.  You're 
    at the top of a steep staircase now.  As you descend, note that on the floor 
    ahead, there are square patches filled with circles.  Spikes come out of those 
    at regular intervals.  Unless you like pain, spikes are bad.  Avoid them.  You 
    still want to break apart the stone columns, though, particularly the one 
    that's in the corner to the left side of the staircase as you first descend.  
    Breaking it reveals a bin that contains a bunch of Junk.  On the side of the 
    room, you'll also notice a grated door and a ladder to its right.  Climb the 
    ladder up a ledge, then you'll see a narrow beam stretching out toward a 
    floating ledge.  Walk carefully out on the beam, then jump to the greenish 
    ledge.  This will prompt a second one to appear after a moment.  Walk out onto 
    that one as the first one that appeared started to fade.  You're going to 
    basically have to walk along a line that's shaped like a horseshoe as new 
    ledges slowly appear and keep you guessing where to go next.  When you reach 
    the opposite side of the airborne gauntlet, you'll find a lever that you can 
    pull to open the door far below.  Then you can jump out to the left, to a 
    ledge some distance over the floor, and then from there to the floor before 
    passing through the doorway.
    Once you do, you'll see some purple vases that you can break to your left.  Do 
    so, then head down the hall to the right.  As you follow it, you'll come to an 
    area with colored bands across the floor.  As you approach, that triggers a 
    Phantom to bust out of the wall.  Charge your drill and turn away promptly.  
    Though the camera didn't make it obvious, he actually is attacking you from 
    behind.  It's the same guy that was such a pain in the butt in the forest.  
    Your charged shot will remove his shield but it could very well miss (that 
    would be bad).  Once his shield is gone, move in close and swing your drill 
    like mad to hit him before he lets loose projectiles and other damaging things 
    along those lines.  Once he's defeated, continue down the hallway and break 
    some pots before heading through the door and into the next room.
    Explore this area and as you do, two sets of two spiders will drop from the 
    ceiling.  They're the red variety and thus take a little extra punishment, but 
    you still should be able to defeat them without taking any damage.  Also 
    destroy the wood carving that looks like a pyramid, and use charged drill 
    attacks to remove the stone pillars.  There's also a patch of soil that you 
    can use to refill your drill a bit, in case you took damage in the brutal 
    fight in the proceeding hallway.  When you're done destroying debris, head 
    along the wall and skirt its outer edge near the fence's left side to make 
    your way around it and break open a vase, destroy a wood carving and open a 
    treasure chest for some [CHOCOLATE].  Now go back around and ascend the 
    staircase that runs along the room's edge.  
    At the top of the stairs, look down the walkway and you'll see a Phantom.  
    Make sure that you charge your drill before you approach, then start toward 
    him and let loose with your charged shot.  An alarm will sound as two of his 
    companions behind him join the fray.  You're probably going to do best if you 
    use the Tornado Drill to take care of things (and that won't prevent you from 
    getting some Junk).  Take out the monsters and you've probably pushed onward 
    through the arch and into a room with some pots and a vase forming a square on 
    the floor.  There's also a boulder blocking the way to the next room.  Start 
    by tending to the pots and vase.
    When you go through the next room, you'll see an open doorway leading forward.  
    Start powering up your drill as you approach it.  When you get near, an iron 
    grating comes up.  Suddenly you're in a room with a Phantom... and his two 
    buddies.  If you need to, munch on some candy and then take care of the guys 
    with some Tornado Drill attacks and maybe a few charged hits.  Note that if 
    they hit you much at all, you are dead.  It's as simple as that.  Their shots 
    do way too much damage.  It's best to move in right away and let loose with 
    the Tornado shots until the gunslinger is gone, then finish up with the 
    charged shots on his cohorts (charged shots are the best way to remove their 
    spiked belts).  After you defeat the enemies, remove the wooden crates with 
    drill attacks, and also break open the pot.  Then pass through the next 
    Depending on how your trip through this dungeon has been going, you'll 
    probably be relieved to find that you've reached the treasure room.  Break the 
    pillars if you want a lot of valuable coins, then jump on the altar to grab 
    the [TABLE].  Now you'll be taken back to the world map in victory.  Head back 
    to Monster Village and talk to Pierre, who is depressed because of his missing 
    table.  You'll give him the one you just recovered from the ruins, which will 
    cause the Dark Mist to loosen its grip on the landscape and make another 
    portion of the map available.  You can now explore further to the southeast in 
    the ruins.  
    Before you take advantage of that, it's probably a good time to head back to 
    the village.  Talk to your grandpa as he enters and he'll mention that your 
    parents have contacted him about some new ruins they found.  Also, you can 
    trade coins for prizes and money.  Perhaps there's even something nice he'll 
    give you.  That's not why you're here, though.  Unless you've been spending, 
    you now have enough money to buy a few different things.  You should also have 
    enough Junk to make an upgrade.  I recommend upgrading the headband to level 
    3, which will give you a 25% reduction in damage while wearing it, in addition 
    to the 50% increase in attack power.  When you're done shopping, return to the 
    world map by way of Monster Village and head to the area you just made 
    available in the southeast.
    Potato Ruins (Kilometer Path) {W1014}
    Items: Chocolate, Cookie, Mystery Bag, Phonograph
    When you enter this dungeon, you'll find that there are a series of wiry 
    statues, with three on either side and another directly ahead that wants to 
    know a password before you can proceed.  It's time to quiz the other six 
    statues for clues.  The first one on the left says that the password is 'I' 
    and that the next clue is two spaces over.  If you talk to the second statue 
    to his left, you'll be told that the password is 'L' and the next part is to 
    his front.  Cross over the center of the room to the corresponding statue on 
    the other side and he'll say that the password is 'L' and the first part is to 
    his front and side, which means that the middle statue on the left side of the 
    room has the first letter of the password.  That statue claims that the 
    password is 'D' and says the next piece of the password is to his front.  
    Cross back over and the next statue says that the password is 'R' and the next 
    part is to the forward left.  That would be the first statue you checked, 
    which was 'I.'  So the password can be only one thing: DRILL (the final statue 
    has nothing to share, except his belief that thinking up passwords is tricky).  
    Armed with the correct password, go talk to the statue that blocks the way 
    forward and tell him your answer.  He'll open the door and you can pass 
    through to the next room.
    From where you enter, look to your right left and make sure that you smash 
    open the purple vases.  Then run forward through the hallway and follow as it 
    descends along a staircase.  You should see a treasure chest ahead, on a 
    raised pedestal.  Go ahead and jump at it, but you won't make the leap.  
    Instead you'll fall to the area below, where there are stone statue heads, 
    pillars and vases.  You should break those with charged attacks, of course, 
    but first there are some red spiders that will drop down from the ceiling.  
    Deal with them, then start drilling debris for coins.  There's also a portion 
    of weak wall near the statue head, so you should take care of that, too.  A 
    girl has to have priorities!
    When you've collected what treasure you can, there's still the small matter of 
    leaving the room.  Behind the statue head, you'll find a lever.  Pull it to 
    make a blue platform drop down.  Step on it and it will lift you high enough 
    that you can safely jump to that treasure chest you couldn't reach before.  
    Open it to find a [COOKIE].  From there, jump back onto the floating ledge, 
    and then back again to the other side.  It's a long leap, but you can make it.  
    If you fail, just drop down and pull the lever again to re-orient the platform 
    and make another attempt.  Once you make it back to that other side I 
    mentioned, though, drop to the flat area to the left.  This will prompt a 
    Phantom to send a series of spiked balls rolling toward you.  To avoid them, 
    you need to leap over them just before they can hit you.  The problem is that 
    they'll roll back and forth through the area as you make your way across it, 
    so you may have to jump them several times.  When you reach the end of the 
    space, the Phantom will disappear through a low hole.  There are also vases 
    here, which you should obviously break.  You can't quite squeeze through the 
    hole after the Phantom, but you'll notice that there are spidery signs of 
    decay along the surface of the wall.  Use a powered drill attack to break 
    through and get some coins.
    On the other side of the rubble, break the pot to your right and you'll 
    probably see a telltale blue circle that means there's an enemy nearby that 
    you can target.  Start powering your drill, then drop down to his level and 
    take him out quickly.  If your attempt fails, you'll probably just drop next 
    to the level below (along with your fleeing enemy) and have to fight three 
    Phantoms at once.  A charge attack will be a good start to things, then some 
    Tornado Spins.  Once it's just you and the guys in the spiky belts, charge 
    your drill and let them come at you single-file, then charge through to remove 
    the belts and finish them off with more spinning attacks for a nice assortment 
    of Junk.  Now there's the matter of progressing to the next area.  To do so, 
    hop back up the raised ledges you just descended, and on the other side you'll 
    find a lever you can pull.  Doing so will cause a door to open elsewhere in 
    the dungeon.  Backtrack along the area where the spiked balls started rolling 
    toward you (they're following a different pattern now that's easier to avoid, 
    thankfully), then take a right and head past where the floating ledge allowed 
    you to reach the treasure box.  Drop down and proceed through the door at the 
    end of that corridor, which is now open.
    You're now in another room.  There are four pots nearby, two on your left and 
    two on your right.  Smash them, then set about the task of crossing a wide gap 
    that fills half the room.  You'll do that by dropping down to the floor below, 
    where beams of light make things very dangerous.  As soon as you land, start 
    mashing the 'Square' button to glide through the hazard and toward the ladder 
    located toward the right edge of the wall on the opposite side of the area 
    (well, I'm assuming some people will have to do that; I always wait until I 
    see a wide break in the lines, then just run for it).  Anyway, from the top of 
    the ladder you can advance to a platform that refills your life, and also 
    there are pots to smash.  There's even a destructible stone pillar if you're 
    feeling frisky, though it contains only a few paltry coins and isn't worth 
    getting if you're afraid you might fall back down to the floor to your left.  
    Do what suits you before proceeding through the nearby doorway into the next 
    Here, there are cannons positioned in three corners of the room.  You can take 
    them out with charged drill attacks to make things easier.  Start with one on 
    your right, then one in the next corner from there, and finish it up with the 
    one that would've been to your left as you entered.  Now you can turn your 
    attention to a recess in the floor, where you should smash some vases and pull 
    a lever to make some iron grating rise.  However, some armored Phantoms will 
    attack.  Use your Drill Tornado to eliminate the threat, then a charged drill 
    to break through the weakened wall they were guarding.
    Through that hole, you'll notice a mound of soil ahead that you can use to 
    recharge your drill.  There are fences lining either side of the room, with 
    cool boulders behind them.  You can break holes in portions of those fences, 
    including the ones right by the door, but don't start there.  Instead, walk 
    toward the mound.  As you approach, two Phantoms will attack.  They can absorb 
    your attacks unless you attack with charge attacks, so do that to remove their 
    armor and collect junk.  If you need shelter while charging, you can keep 
    boulders between yourself and your enemies so they can't harm you.  Once the 
    enemies are stripped bare, Tornado Drill attacks should make quick work of 
    them.  Now you can go back and drill through the room's debris at your 
    leisure.  There's nothing better than coins in any of the rubble, but that's 
    When you're done looting, head through the door and into the next room.  
    There's a single cannon aimed straight at the door, with a Phantom manning it.  
    He fires as you enter, so move left to avoid the shots and start charging your 
    drill, then head forward and take out the cannon and operator with a charged 
    shot.  Along the way, an alarm will sound and two more Phantoms join the fray.  
    You have to keep moving at this point, since your regular attacks and Drill 
    Tornado won't harm any of these guys.  The cannon should be your first 
    priority, and then any other incidental foes.  Once you're free of the hazard, 
    you should also notice vases and weak walls along the side of the room (as 
    well as stone columns).  Tend to those with your drill, as well.  
    From where you entered, the weak wall to the right leads to another chamber 
    with some electric barriers you have to Guard Dash your way through so that 
    you can reach and pull a lever.  That'll open the door in the previous room 
    and you can take out the electric generators with charged shots on the way 
    back through, along with some pillars.  The weak wall that was on the left 
    leads to a room that holds a treasure chest with [CHOCOLATE].  Once you grab 
    it, several spiders will drop to attack.  Take them out with Tornado Drill 
    attacks, then return to the previous room and pass through the archway you can 
    now access.
    Through there, make sure that you break the pots on either side.  Then drop 
    down climb the ledges to your right and left, where levers wait.  When you've 
    pulled both, you'll reveal a chest in the middle of the room below.  Drop down 
    and open it to find the [MYSTERY BAG].  Then proceed toward the door beyond 
    but be ready for cube-shaped enemies (four of them) to drop and attack.  A 
    single Drill Tornado attack will take them all out if you time it right and 
    net you a bunch of valuable coins.  When you pass through into the next room, 
    you're in the treasure room.  Break any rubble apart for coins, then step onto 
    the altar to grab the [PHONOGRAPH].  Now you'll be taken back to the map.
    Head to Monster Village.  The Phonograph you should give to Poco.  He'll be 
    happy and that will cause more of the map to be revealed.  Unfortunately, it's 
    not a portion of the map that is of any use to you.  Once that's taken care 
    of, there's only one present option for your continuing adventure.  Head back 
    out to the world map and this time go to the cave in the northeast, Spinach 
    Spinach Caverns (Bracken Hollow) {W1015}
    Items: None
    Bracken Hollow is the only area available in Spinach Caverns right now, so go 
    ahead and enter.  When you do, the Phantom named Cream will cause an avalanche 
    of rocks to fall and block the entrance.  She disappears while Parin ponders 
    how she's supposed to get through.  At that moment, Puku comes through and 
    says he's pretty sure a mole would be able to make short work of the 
    roadblock.  Parin knows just who she wants to talk to about that.
    You should, too.  It's time to go to Mole Dojo, the second stop on the path 
    leading back south from the cave.  Make it your new destination.
    Mole Dojo {W1016}
    Items: None
    Mole Dojo is located in the area that looks like a stone hut, due east of the 
    Monster Village.  When you enter, you'll see a mole directly ahead of you.  
    He's wearing a hardhat.  His name is Doug.  Until the story gives you a reason 
    to need him, he does nothing.  When you come here after a visit to Spinach 
    Caverns, though, that changes.
    When you talk to Doug, he's interested in Parin's plight but overburdened by a 
    bunch of work.  Since she's such a pretty lady (and all of twelve years old), 
    he can't say 'no.'  Instead, he challenges her to a competition.  If she wins, 
    he helps her.  If she doesn't, he won't.  Too busy to work and he's proposing 
    a competition?  Whatever.
    The rules of the contest, as Doug says, are simple: whoever destroys the most 
    rocks is the winner.  The timer will count down from three, then you run 
    around the area drilling rocks.  You have to charge your drill to successfully 
    destroy them, of course, but this is actually an easy challenge to win once 
    you fall into the rhythm.  The trick is to watch for places where rocks line 
    up in a row.  Sometimes you can hit three or four rocks at once, particularly 
    once things really get moving.  Try to work on the side of the arena opposite 
    wherever the mole is working, since he doesn't have to charge quite as long, 
    but never shirk away from an opportunity to hit a bunch of boulders at once.
    When you win, he'll leave his cave and head to the caverns.  You should 
    Spinach Caverns (Bracken Hollow - again) {W1017}
    Items: Hat Rack, Joke Glasses, Mystery Bag, Power Oil, Shortcake
    When you enter the caverns this time, you'll find Doug waiting.  He jumps up 
    and attacks the rock with all his strength, but nothing happens.  He suggests 
    that you find his brother Digby.  Together, Doug and Digby should be able to 
    destroy it.  Doug sends you to Monster Village to find him.
    When you enter the village, you'll find Digby chilling out near the center, 
    next to the fire.  Talk to him and he'll head off toward the cave.  Leave the 
    village now and return to the cave.  Doug is there but Digby isn't.  
    Apparently, Digby is 'directionally challenged.'  You have to find him again.  
    Leave the cave and this time head to Fountain Clearing, where you first got 
    your fire attack in the forest to the west.  That's where Digby ended up on 
    his way to the caverns.  You'll find him standing by the fountain.  Talk to 
    him and he'll burrow into the soil and disappear after promising to head to 
    the cavern.
    Leave the forest and this time head to Asparagus Lake.  He's standing just 
    past the entrance, to the right toward Pecky's vacation home.  Talk to him and 
    he'll head out of the area, above ground this time.  Now you can return to 
    Bracken Hollow.  Digby is there, along with Doug.  Talk to them now and 
    they'll give the giant stone a shot.  Through their powers combined, the Super 
    Mole Brothers break through the barrier and you're free to proceed.
    When you appear in the next room, familiar iron grating snaps shut behind you.  
    You're stuck now.  No turning back.  The room in which you find yourself is 
    full of pots.  There's a sign ahead that warns you of danger with a skull 
    sign.  That's a good hint that you should equip the Gas Mask.  Do so, then 
    break the pots and other debris scattered around the room.  There's a weak 
    wall to your left and another to the right.  Use a power drill to bust through 
    the one on the left and you'll find a lever that you can pull.  Do so, then 
    head back into the main room.  This time, bust through the other wall.  Pull 
    the lever there and you'll cause the grate in the main room to disappear so 
    that you can proceed into the next area.
    In this room, directly ahead, you'll see what looks like a blue, spiked ball 
    encased in giant icicles.  You can drill through the ice to reveal the sweet 
    little enemy inside.  A few more swipes of the drill and he'll disappear while 
    leaving coins behind.  There are a total of three of them.  Once you defeat 
    them all, the next door will open and you can proceed into the next area.
    From where you appear in the next cavern, you'll notice that it's full of pots 
    and stalagmites.  There's a sign that says something about inserting a coin, 
    as well.  Break all of the stalagmites and pots for coins, then examine the 
    button on the wall, just left of the sign.  There's a slot for coins and you 
    can put in 10.  Go ahead and do so.  You've made at least that destroying the 
    room, anyway.  Your reward is a Phantom who drops down the chute and attacks 
    you while clad in plenty of armor.  Use charged shots to defeat him and grab 
    some junk.  
    At this point, you should consider inserting more coins (though you can always 
    come back and do it later).  Each time you insert coins, you'll cause a new 
    Phantom to come, tougher than the previous one.  This is a great way to 
    collect a bunch of Junk and even coins, since some of the later ones start 
    dropping huge wads of cash worth several thousand.  Keep inserting coins until 
    you insert two thousand and it calls forth a heavily armored Phantom that can 
    really make your life miserable.  Keep pressing him back against a wall and 
    corner him to use repeated launch attacks and drain his life.  When you win, 
    he'll drop a bunch more cash.  Go to the slot and insert another two thousand 
    coins to receive a gift box that contains [JOKE GLASSES].  They'll make you 
    the life of the party!  They're not equippable, just an item you'll need to 
    give to your friend Chucky at some point in the future.
    When you're done getting your swag, or if you've decided to come back and do 
    it later (though you'll want to be sure not to forget), head to the opposite 
    side of the room and pass through the dark opening and into the next area.
    You're up on a ledge, and as you look to the right you'll see three Phantoms 
    conferring.  They have question marks over their heads, which means they're 
    confused enough that you can mount a good surprise attack if you're so 
    inclined.  Go ahead and drop down to their level, then rush in with a charged 
    shot.  Follow that up with some Drill Tornado attacks and they should be gone 
    before you know it.  Now you can backtrack to take care of the debris you 
    initially ignored up top.  The stalagmites give plenty of coins.  When you're 
    done, return to the level where you startled the three enemies.  To the right, 
    there's a pit filled with a murky substance that comes up to your shoulders.  
    Wade through it back toward what you'll find is a weak wall and drill through 
    it.  You'll find another low corridor.  Wade through the soup and use a 
    partially submerged rock to climb up the bank to a treasure chest.  It 
    contains [POWER OIL].  Break the pot open, too, then return yet again to the 
    area where you surprised the three Phantoms.  To the left of where they were 
    huddled, there's a weak wall.  There may also be a plant if you haven't 
    already destroyed it (defeat it now if you haven't already).  Drill through 
    the wall.
    Through the newly-created opening, you'll find three pots you can break open 
    for plenty of copper coins.  Then jump up and destroy some stalagmites.  Flip 
    the lever you find and stand on the health refueling pad if necessary.  Then 
    pull the lever to make some crates fall, back near this chamber's entrance.  A 
    spiked ball dropped, as well, and has begun to swing pendulum-like.  Head back 
    to where the crates fell and use them as steps to the lever (while giving 
    yourself plenty of time to sneak past the spiked ball).  When you pull this 
    one, the grate near the energy recharging pad will slide open so that you can 
    proceed into the next room.  Fill your life back up if you need to after an 
    encounter with the spike ball while flipping the switch, then pass through the 
    doorway and into the chamber beyond.
    This may be a good time to switch to the goggles, if only briefly.  There are 
    some bats flapping their way around in the air over some murky water ahead.  
    You'll take damage if you fall in, but not when you wear your goggles.  Swim 
    through the area, jumping out of the water and hitting the targeted enemies.  
    There are three or four bats.  Once they're gone, work back toward the 
    entrance and start breaking the various items.  For instance, there's an 
    alcove nearby where you can break a blue container for some Junk.  Near it, 
    there's also a crate.  Push it onto the switch, then swim back around along 
    the tunnel and to another ledge with another crate and switch.  When you slide 
    this one over the switch, you'll cause a door at the end of the room to open.  
    Head toward it.  Near the end of the deepest water, stop swimming in any 
    direction and just tread water.  After a second or two, Parin will slowly 
    allow herself to sink deeper and deeper into the water, down a submerged 
    passage.  To the right, there will be a narrow hole you can swim through.  Do 
    so and you'll find a secret chamber that contains a treasure chest holding 
    [SHORTCAKE].  This chest took me forever to find.  I didn't realize you could 
    dive.  Anyway, grab it and break the pig vase apart for some coins, then dive 
    back through and proceed to the end of the watery area where you fought the 
    bats.  There's a staircase leading out of the water.  Once you reach it, 
    switch to your gas mask.
    As you walk toward the door, expect several sets of enemies to attack.  You 
    can run through the opening if you like, but that will affect your rating for 
    the level and cause you to miss a nice item.  Besides, these guys carry a lot 
    of armor that you can turn into Junk.  You actually do want to face them.  
    Just be ready to use a lot of charged attacks, since many of them can't be 
    hurt otherwise.  Finally, the last set of enemies carry cannons around on top 
    of their heads.  When you see them come, it's time to eliminate them quickly 
    with some Drill Tornado attacks.  Once you defeat them, you'll be free to 
    check the area for destructible debris.  Don't miss breaking the purple vase, 
    You're still not ready to pass through the archway, though.  Make sure you're 
    wearing the goggles again, then jump into the pools of water nearest the door 
    and swim against its left bank until you find a narrow tunnel leading beyond 
    the room's left side and into a hidden room.  There you'll find a treasure 
    chest that contains the [MYSTERY BAG] (take it back to Pamela in Tiese Town 
    for some [POWER OIL]).  You can also drill a stalagmite for coins.  Now return 
    to the main room and go ahead through the door.
    You've made it to the treasure room now.  Step onto the altar and grab your 
    reward, the [HAT RACK].  Then you'll be taken out of the area and to the world 
    map.  Return to Monster Village and give the hat rack to Pierre.  His 
    happiness will cause more Dark Mist to drift off the map, revealing new areas 
    you can explore to the west and northeast.  Head to the map, and begin your 
    search just to the east of the level you just completed.
    Spinach Caverns (Forgotten Den) {W1018}
    Items: Chocolate, Low Table, Mystery Bag, Samurai Helm
    As she enters, Parin will sense someone following her.  It's the familiar cat, 
    and he leaves behind a sign.  When she reads it, Parin will find that it's 
    another bit of advice signed only by a mysterious stranger named 'M.'  Could 
    it be that Motoro is responsible for all the sage advice you've been using to 
    navigate the various dungeons?  In this case, the clue comes just in time.  To 
    proceed deeper into the stage, you'll need to attach Shock Parts to your 
    drill, then swipe at the stand to the left of the locked door.  Doing so will 
    cause it to open and will gain you admittance to the dungeon.  Destroy any 
    debris in the area for coins then proceed.
    In the next room, you'll find another helpful sign suggesting that you might 
    not want to fall.  There's a big pit and bats are swooping overhead, dropping 
    boulders along a path you must climb.  From the sign, head left along the 
    ledge, then take a right onto a wider ledge.  There's a boulder here.  Defeat 
    it with a powered drill attack and press onward, but note that now you'll be 
    facing those rolling stones you saw.  The trick here is to dash up each slope 
    and use your Dash Guard to avoid any rocks that are about to strike.  It's a 
    little like Donkey Kong, if Donkey Kong had a third dimension.  When you reach 
    a ladder, start to climb it but pause and wait for a rock to roll into the 
    wall to your right and crumble.  That's your cue to quickly climb over and 
    start up to the left, repeatedly pressing the 'Square' button to use your Dash 
    Guard move and escape damage.  Repeat the same general strategy as you work 
    your way to the top of the area.  Break any vases you find there, and now you 
    have a decision.
    There's a weak wall up here, and if you drill through it you'll be able to 
    proceed through the stage.  Just left of where you arrive after drilling that 
    wall, you'll find a counter carved into the wall.  It's counting the number of 
    times boulders have smashed against walls in the area below, where the bats 
    were dropping them.  When the timer reaches 999 and rolls over to 000, a gift 
    will appear that contains the [SAMURAI HELM].  It takes some time for enough 
    boulders to smash, so if you're doing this all at once you'll want to have 
    something to keep you busy while boulders smash.  If you want to try for the 
    helm, the best place to stand is near the bottom of the trail, pressed against 
    a wall as boulders roll past you above and below.  Basically, start up the 
    first slope as it heads right.  You'll see a torch on the wall below you.  
    Stop a few paces ahead of that and press against the wall.  The boulder along 
    the path will roll harmlessly past if you're positioned right, and because you 
    can hear two separate boulders smashing, both of them will count toward the 
    count the timer is keeping.  When you've succeeded, you'll hear a chime and 
    can go collect your prize (it will appear on a nearby ledge, next to a 
    treasure chest; keep reading for info on how to reach that ledge).
    Once you've reached the top and you're not worried about the timer, you still 
    want to destroy the bats in order to get the 'S' ranking for the stage.  Once 
    the bats are of no use to you, head down the slope and take them out with 
    targeted attacks.  There are a total of three bats in the whole area and 
    they're not so tough when you're attacking from their level rather than 
    avoiding stones they drop.  When you've taken them out, head back up to the 
    top and the whole you drilled in the wall.
    In the room with the timer, you'll see a patch where you can recharge your 
    drill if needed.  There's also a bit of debris, and to the right of the 
    charging station you'll see a platform even with the ground.  To the left, 
    there's the top of a crate.  If you investigate, you'll find that there are 
    two wooden crates stacked there.  Stand on the top one and use a weak charged 
    drill (fill up only the first slot on the meter).  When you release the 
    button, somehow you'll drill apart the top crate while standing on it.  That 
    leaves the bottom one, which you definitely want to leave where it is.  
    Now head back to the switch and step on it to make some unbreakable crates 
    appear.  There will be two stacks of two crates.  Push one left a bit, then 
    along a ledge so that it drops over and falls on the remaining wooden crate.  
    Once it settles into place, you can use it to climb up onto the ledge and walk 
    over to the treasure chest.  If you managed to build the counter up to 999, 
    you can open a gift box that will be waiting here to claim the Samurai Helm 
    prize.  When you open the treasure chest, you'll find that it contains a 
    [MYSTERY BAG] (this one you can take back to Pamela in Tiese Town for [POWER 
    OIL]).  Once you collect the treasure, some Phantoms appear on the ledge 
    behind you.  Take them out with charged attacks and then it's time to consider 
    the other stack of crates that appeared when you pressed the switch.  Push it 
    off to the right from where it first appeared, which will allow you to hop 
    over a gap onto a raised ledge.  There, destroy some vases.  As you hop up 
    with plans to pass through the door, two Phantoms will attack.  Take them out 
    with Drill Tornado attacks and don't get too close to the door or you'll 
    accidentally pass through before the Phantoms are defeated.  Once they're 
    toast, pass through into the next room.
    Ahead, you'll see a low ledge.  When you jump onto it, three Phantoms will 
    attack.  They're all going to fall pretty easily to your Drill Tornado attack, 
    and you'll get some Junk from their discarded armaments.  With them gone, drop 
    back down a level and head left from the door where you entered the room.  
    There you'll find two more Phantoms.  These guys are guarding a treasure chest 
    that contains [CHOCOLATE].  They're difficult enough to beat that you might 
    use a chocolate bar just beating them!  Grab the candy if you can hold it--
    remember that you can only hold three of any one consumable item--and then 
    drill the weakened wall behind the chest for some coins.  Now it's time to 
    wrap your way back around to some crates on the other side of the room.  
    You'll notice they're resting on a weak bit of wall.  Use a charged drill to 
    break that free, then rush under to find a blue barrel with Junk in it and a 
    plant that you can destroy, also.  When you've done that, climb a ladder up to 
    the area above.
    Here, you'll see a spike-covered ball circling a pot.  There also are plenty 
    of views of piles of crates.  Break open the pot it's circling before hopping 
    up a crate back toward your right, where you can see a raised ledge.  On top, 
    you'll find a boulder that you can drill, as well as a purple vase and a 
    platform that restores any life you've lost.  Refill your life, break apart 
    the boulder and vase, then prepare to hop up to the next level.  Before you 
    do, note that there are spike traps waiting to damage you.  Watch them until 
    the spikes have just receded, then immediately jump up and run to the safe 
    spot at the middle.  From there, you can head left at the next chance as the 
    spikes recede, then wrap around and drill the nearby plant for some coins.  
    Also break open the vase for some coins before heading through the double 
    In the room beyond, you'll see a bat flapping toward you.  Switch to your 
    goggles if you're not already wearing them, since this area is full of water, 
    and take out the bat with a charged attack.  Also break open the pots that 
    were near the entry door.  Now you're looking out over a lake of water.  There 
    should be a second bat nearby, probably located far enough over the water that 
    you're going to get wet killing him.  Still, it must be done.  Use targeted 
    attacks as normal, and also watch for the fish swimming around in the murky 
    depths.  Take him out with some targeted attacks when you lure him up near the 
    surface.  Now, there are some levers on bits of dry land.  Flip the two of 
    them and you'll open a nearby door.  Destroy the vases on either side, then 
    pass through and into the next room.
    Through that gate, there's another sign with the skull on it.  It's time to 
    switch back to the gas mask.  Once you've done so, proceed through the next 
    gap.  Destroy the four plants that wait there, along with any debris, then 
    descend the slope that heads toward your left.  There are more plants and 
    stalagmites waiting for your drill's attention at the bottom, so take care of 
    that and then also look to the wall on the left at the base of the slope.  
    There's a weak spot there that you can drill to reveal a path that heads 
    upwards.  Climb it and then drill the weak wall that waits at the top.  This 
    will dislodge a huge boulder.  You need to run back down the slope while it 
    chases you, then duck out of the way so that the hunk of rock roles past and 
    into the shallow pit.  As you approach the edge, static-covered blue balls 
    will attack.  You want to hit them fast and furious, with Drill Tornado 
    attacks if necessary, because they move fast and are good at getting in hits 
    and retreating before you have time to recover.  Once you defeat the three of 
    them, use the boulder to climb onto the next raised ledge.
    Here, make sure that you break open the vases.  To your left, you'll see some 
    Phantoms congregating.  They're wrapped in ice, so they can afford to be 
    brazen.  You'll have to swipe at them a few times--the Fire Parts seem to come 
    in handy here--before breaking them loose.  From there, use Drill Tornado 
    attacks to make quick work of them, while regular swipes can pick up any 
    stragglers.  You definitely don't want to give them time to mount a full 
    attack.  Once the Phantoms are done for, proceed past the area they were 
    guarding, down some stairs and through a low archway.  Beyond, bats are 
    circling.  Take them out with some shots from your drill, which should again 
    be charged with Shock Parts.  Also, break open any vases in the area.  As you 
    scout, you'll find plenty of them.  When you're done busting some pottery, 
    return to the area just in front of the archway that gained you admittance to 
    this hallway.  You should see a pedestal like the one you lit when you first 
    entered this dungeon.  Swipe it with your drill to open the door at the end of 
    the hallway.  Unfortunately, this will cause two Phantoms to appear, and 
    they're in drill tanks.
    Head back around to where the Phantoms are waiting and lure them forward away 
    from the door, then retreat while you charge your drill.  Finally, turn back 
    around and rush them to remove their armor, then finish things up with some 
    Drill Tornado attacks.  Once they're done for, go ahead and pass through the 
    door beyond.  You've made it safely to the treasure room.  Jump up on the 
    pedestal to grab the [LOW TABLE].  Go ahead and return to Monster Village now.  
    Pass through it and enter Tiese Town.
    By now, you can probably make some nice trades with your grandfather.  
    Remember that he trades 1000 coins for silver medals and he will give you 
    items for the gold medals.  Anyway, with money from medals and the fact that 
    you haven't been spending much, it's time to head to the junk shop to make a 
    big purchase.  Talk to Disk if you have 19800 coins and you can buy the 
    [VAMPIRE KIT].  This item will allow you to restore HP when you manage a 
    critical attack.  Purchase it and equip it, then talk to him again to charge 
    it up to level three.  At that stage, it will reduce damage by 25% and give 
    you a 20% boost to your attack power.  As an all-around accessory, it's quite 
    useful (hence the cost).  When you're done taking care of that, turn to the 
    right and talk to Rocko.  You'll mention that you found his low table and 
    he'll take it back to Monster Village.  There, he's so grateful for his 
    restored furniture that he causes more Dark Mist to fade away on the world 
    map's eastern and western sides.  The time has come to explore some more.  
    Head east again, to the area you just cleared, then move south to your new 
    destination: Ancient Lagoon.
    Spinach Caverns (Ancient Lagoon) {W1019}
    Items: Life Gem
    When Parin enters, she'll find herself facing Prince yet again.  He's 
    impressed with your performance so far, but he still holds one of your friends 
    captive.  He reveals that his true goal isn't to restore the Phantom Kingdom, 
    even if that's what his minions would like.  Then he leaves.
    Climb up the stairs behind him and through an arch, then pass through a dark 
    entryway and into the room beyond.  Here, Parin will see a huge lake full of 
    water.  In a cage above the soup waits Chucky, a monster friend.  Then a beast 
    comes out of the water.  Make sure you have the goggles equipped to avoid 
    water damage and the Shock Parts so your attacks do the most damage.  At this 
    point, Roger attacks.
    Boss Battle: Roger
    Roger mostly swims around the water nearby, and there are circular patches of 
    safe ground all around the middle island that will serve as your base of 
    operations.  Roger attacks by swimming around the area, popping up 
    occasionally to send fish flopping past you or bursts of aura.  If the aura 
    hits you, it's bad news.  The fish aren't much better.  Sometimes Roger even 
    attacks directly by rolling out of the water and over the platform you're on, 
    a move you can for the most part avoid with the Dash guard.
    The only way you're going to harm him is by jumping out onto one of the little 
    islands that come near him, or by jumping and pressing the attack button when 
    the bubble around his face flashes red.  You don't want to bump into Roger, 
    but you'll have to get close enough to start mashing the 'X' and 'O' buttons 
    together.  That's the way to rack up massive damage by attacking, bouncing, 
    attacking again and so forth.  You're still going to have a tough battle since 
    his life meter is so lengthy, though.
    About halfway through the battle, Roger will also switch up his method of 
    attack.  He'll cause the water to sink and he'll start swimming around while 
    you have to fight to find solid land.  Just keep attacking him when you get 
    the chance, remembering to really mash the 'X' and 'O' buttons when you get in 
    close because you can chain together a solid series of blows where you're 
    doing all the damage and Roger is just shuddering.  
    After you've done decent damage, he'll sink back into the water and then start 
    swimming around, knocking ledges this way and that.  Stay near the center when 
    you see him doing that and he won't harm you at all.  If you see him pause and 
    start gathering a charge, you want to get as far from him as possible, and 
    preferably on solid land so that you can jump to avoid a flashwave attack.  Or 
    if you're in too close to get away, move in and go for the kill with more 
    Fill up on restorative items when you need to and soon enough, victory will be 
    yours.  Roger will lose the fight like the big fish he is.
    As usual, your reward for defeating a boss is a [LIFE GEM].  Another boost to 
    your life meter is always good, right?  Grab it from the middle island that 
    appears after Roger bites the big one, then watch afterwards as Parin and the 
    monsters talk.  Chucky was the last abducted monsters, so everyone is safe 
    now.  Cream watches after you leave, astonished that her predecessors have 
    failed to beat you but pleased because that means she has Prince all to 
    herself.  Save when the game when it prompts you, then return to the world 
    map.  Head back to Monster Village.
    Puku will greet you upon your arrival.  He says there's something everyone 
    needs to discuss.  You'll join your monster friends for a meeting.  It seems 
    repairs on the village are going quite well.  However, they need a sponsor.  
    Poco suggests asking Pecky.  He's notoriously difficult to deal with, so they 
    decide that it would be best for everyone if you ask him.  He'll trust you, 
    they say, because you have the legendary drill.  With that objective in mind, 
    it's time to go find the rich recluse.  Before you do, stop by Tiese Town and 
    talk to your grandfather to pick up the [MONKEY HAT] in exchange for four gold 
    medals (if you haven't collected that many from clearing dungeons, you haven't 
    been following this FAQ).  With that done, it's time to seek out Pecky.  
    You'll find his not-so-humble abode to the far northeast.
    Pecky's Mansion {W1020}
    Items: None
    Pecky's Mansion is the building that you may remember appearing back when 
    Pierre removed some Dark Mist with his jubilation.  It's now accessible to 
    you.  When you enter, you'll see Pecky standing directly ahead.  If you've 
    talked to him before, you know he's exceptionally wealthy and equally bored.  
    When you talk now, he'll say he doesn't mind sponsoring the Monster Village 
    competition.  There's just one catch: he wants you to make him laugh.
    Unfortunately, telling him how much he looks like a pumpkin with a rooster's 
    comb isn't likely to elicit a giggle.  Instead, you need to talk to him while 
    dressed in the proper attire.  Equip the Monkey Hat and he'll bust a gut.
    Now that he's busy laughing, Pecky will admit that you win.  However, he 
    states that even though you've made him laugh, he won't sponsor the village.  
    Now he wants to play a little game.  If you do well, he says, he'll sponsor 
    the village.  When you agree, he rushes up onto the balcony and sends floor 
    tiles flying.  To win, you must whack as many moles as you can in the span of 
    a minute's time.  You have to whack at least 50.
    There are only two moles you can hit.  They jump out of the holes and run 
    across the room.  You can hit them with plain, simple attacks from your drill.  
    The trick is that you can hit one mole several times and each hit counts.  So 
    chase after a mole and tap the 'X' button repeatedly to get five or so hits 
    per mole.  If you're between a mole and the hole he's chosen to run to, you 
    might do even better.  This, like the last mini-game, is simple to win.
    Once you triumph, he'll agree to sponsor.  He says he'll head over to Monster 
    Village to let everyone know.  Head back to Monster Village now and you'll 
    find him standing by the fire at the village center.  He states that he's 
    having Doug and his brother help to rebuild the village.  He expects them to 
    arrive soon.  
    If you head back to Tiese Town from there, you'll be confronted by Pamela.  
    She says people are talking about you, and that everyone suspects that you are 
    the one stealing cakes from Fan in the bakery.  Talk to her again as she turns 
    to leave and she'll open the [MYSTERY BAG] you should've picked up along 
    Kilometer Path.  The item you receive is [SHORTCAKE].  How ironic!  You may 
    also notice Chucky on the stairs.  Head to the bakery now to talk to Fan about 
    her shortcake shortage.   She demands that you pay her back and says she's 
    keeping a running tab.  Cakes are at a premium (a shortcake is 5000 now), and 
    she says it's all your fault.
    Now head back to the Monster Village and you'll see Digby and Doug working to 
    help rebuild the village.  The moles are surprised to see you.  They say they 
    ran into you at Pimento Mountain, with Pino.  Apparently, a shape-shifting 
    monster has stolen your identity.  That's the reason for the shortcake issue, 
    and now Pino is in danger.  You need to head to Pimento Mountain.  Head out to 
    the world map, then west to the mountain.
    Pimento Mountain (Fairies' Nest) {W1021}
    Items: Energy Oil, Mystery Bag(x2), Power Oil, Statue
    At the entrance to the mountain, Parin will talk with Puku while Motoro runs 
    around in the background.  It seems this is a dangerous place (as you might 
    have suspected) where one wrong step can send you tumbling.  After the 
    discussion, you'll automatically head into the dungeon and wooden stakes will 
    rise to block the path back to the entrance.
    Head up the path ahead of you.  When you reach the top, it curves toward the 
    right.  Two winged Phantoms swoop in to attack.  Start charging your drill and 
    let them come to you.  When they get too close, they'll launch into the air 
    and start firing projectiles.  Run around to avoid their shots, get some 
    distance so the Phantoms land, then use your charged drill attack to defeat 
    them.  They're not that tough, and when they're gone, you're free to explore 
    the immediate vicinity.  Head toward where the Phantoms appeared and break 
    some pots.  Beyond there, you'll see striped yellow and black enemies hovering 
    in the air.  Head toward them and take care of them, as well as some nearby 
    pots.  Then continue along the trail and there are still more of the flying 
    yellow and black enemies.  Defeat them as well, and drill the boulder nearby 
    for some coins.  Now head back the way you came and there should be a trail 
    leading upward on your left, along the face of the mountain.  There's a locked 
    door at the top, so you can't go through there yet, but keep that location in 
    mind.  You'll be back momentarily.  From the base of the trail, keep heading 
    forward but this time follow the face of the mountain as it slopes gently 
    You should now be above the trail you climbed when you first entered this 
    area.  As you proceed, you'll see a swinging, spiked enemy to your right, 
    blocking a path in that direction.  There's also a purple vase you can smash 
    on your left.  Now head forward a bit to the path the spiked monster is 
    guarding.  Beyond that, you should also see a second of the autonomous 
    creatures.  Step or guard dash through when it's safe and you'll reach a ledge 
    where you can open a treasure chest for [ENERGY OIL].  You can also break the 
    rubble there for some coins.  Now pass back through the spiky enemies and 
    where the path forms a 'T', head to your right.
    Things get pretty narrow here.  Smash some debris along the way for coins, and 
    just beyond that some armored bat Phantoms will attack.  Keep running ahead, 
    to solid ground.  That will prevent them from luring you out into the abyss.  
    Defeat them by jumping and using targeted attacks while over safe ground.  
    When the bats are gone, you should have collected some junk.  Now backtrack a 
    bit along the narrow portion of the trail and drill the wall there for some 
    coins before heading onward to where you defeated the bats.  From there, you 
    can head to the right to a mound and recharge your drill, as well as pull a 
    lever.  That lever opens a nearby gate, which is next to yet another lever.  
    Head toward where the gate just opened, but don't pass through yet.  Instead, 
    pull the lever near it.
    Now, remember I mentioned a trail with a gate at the top that was to return as 
    a reference point and promised you'd be returning to it?  You're returning.  
    Pass through this gate, take out some yellow and black enemies and look to the 
    left.  You're at the base of that trail I told you to keep in mind before, but 
    now the gate at the top is open.  Pass through and there are two more of the 
    flying, helmeted Phantom enemies to defeat.  When you take care of them, press 
    onward to a narrow trail that leads up higher.  Climb to its top to a multi-
    tiered plateau.  Here, you can break apart several vases and bits of debris.  
    You'll notice two switches.  There's also a glowing tile nearby, and a locked 
    gate.  When you step on the tile, you'll cause crates to materialize.
    There are a total of three crates, and three switches.  The crate that stands 
    alone you can simply push over to a switch.  You'll hear a click as it slides 
    into place.  The other two crates are stacked haphazardly.  Jump on the lower 
    of the two crates and push the above one over and fully onto the grassy ledge 
    (at first, it's only partially on the grass and the rest of it is resting on 
    the crate beneath).  From there, push and pull it over to the nearby switch.  
    That leaves the final crate to maneuver.  Step to the narrow space between it 
    and the wall and from there, push it across to the final switch.  This will 
    cause the nearby gate to fall away and gain you access to a suspension bridge.  
    Before you cross it, look back at the fenced cliff edge.  You'll notice a 
    place where the fence is missing.  Walk straight off that ledge and you'll 
    drop down to a hidden area below.  Follow the path to find a treasure chest 
    that contains the [MYSTERY BAG] (you can later take this to Pamela in town for 
    a [MAGIC HOOD] item).
    Cross the suspension bridge and note that you'll want to charge your drill as 
    you do so.  There's a blue shield enemy on the other end, so take it out with 
    your charged attack and any necessary follow-up.  Then there are some floating 
    yellow and black enemies (wasps?) to take care of before you can then pass 
    through the black opening and into the next area.
    Here, a grate will fall shut behind you.  Move forward and there's a narrow 
    path that takes off to your right.  As you start around it, be cautious.  A 
    distant Phantom is manning a cannon and lobbing shots your way.  You'll need 
    to use your dash guard technique to get close enough to do anything about him 
    without taking damage.  When you reach him, take him out with a few Drill 
    Tornado moves, then a charged drill attack for the cannon itself.  Now smash 
    some pots and proceed forward.  You'll see a gap and a ledge with a boulder on 
    it.  Jump out to that ledge.  If you attempt to drill the boulder, make sure 
    that you only power your drill up to one bar before releasing the 'X' button.  
    This will break open the boulder just fine and allow you to collect the coins, 
    while a more extended charge will allow you to break the boulder but then go 
    flying off into space before you can collect your reward.  From the ledge with 
    the boulder, you can jump to a wider bit of ground.
    Phantoms will attack here as you move forward.  They fall easily to your Drill 
    Tornado attacks and you get some Junk as a reward.  Just don't get so vicious 
    with your attacks that you drop off an edge and into a pit.  Once those 
    monsters are defeated, there's another long leap you must make to the next 
    ledge.  Do so, and from there hop up and follow the trail under what looks 
    like giant bony fingers.  Two bat-shaped Phantoms will attack here.  Take them 
    out with targeted attacks and be careful again not to fall.  When they're 
    gone, keep moving ahead.  You'll see a huge, dark blue wall.  Keep pressed 
    against the cliff as you approach and walk off the edge of the nearby ledge.  
    You'll drop to an area below with some pots and a bin that contains some Junk.  
    Now jump forward and continue around the left side of the blue wall to destroy 
    some purple vases.  The wall behind them is weak, so drill that to reveal a 
    path through the rock.
    Climb up the path and as you come through the other side, jump back above you 
    to find a ledge where you can smash some pots.  Above there, you can jump to 
    find a platform that refills your health if you need it.  Act as necessary, 
    then jump back down and continue climbing up the path you revealed when you 
    drilled the weak wall.  This will cause a bunch of Phantoms to descend on the 
    area ahead.  You can only reach them by taking a long leap from an outcropping 
    ahead.  Destroy any remaining vases first, then make the leap.
    When you land in the area that the Phantoms are occupying below, move toward 
    them with a charged drill attack ready and unleash it when you can safely 
    strike some of the blue-skinned beasts.  From there, it's time to finish 
    things up with Drill Tornado attacks and charge attacks if necessary.  When 
    the enemies are gone, you'll be able to look out and see a series of ledges 
    that leads out to a lever and some purple vases.  Hop out across the ledges, 
    smash open the vases and pull the lever.  This will open a gate up above.  Hop 
    back to where you defeated the group of Phantoms and you should look to your 
    left to see some ledges you can climb.  Do so, then hop out to another 
    outcropping, and from there to where you can see a ladder dangling along the 
    wall.  If you aimed properly, Parin will grab the ladder and you can climb up 
    to the area on top.
    There are more enemies here, of the wasp variety.  They're slightly ahead of 
    you and to the left.  Head toward them and take care of them with targeted 
    attacks followed through by a Drill Tornado assault.  Break the purple vase 
    beyond them, then pass through the opening.  
    Inside the mountain, you'll find white pots to the left and right of the 
    doorway, which is now locked behind you.  Break them, then head forward toward 
    some sleeping enemies.  You've never encountered these guys before.  They're 
    red in color and they can take a fair bit of damage.  They also breathe fire, 
    which does some definite damage to your life meter.  Drill Tornado attacks 
    seem to work best, especially since you might wake up a second enemy while 
    taking care of the first.  There are four of the guys, so take care of them 
    and then work your way along a narrow, winding ledge that leaves out over a 
    lake of lava.
    This area is quite tricky, since chunks of the ground can fall away and leave 
    you to take a bath in the molten soup.  Swing the camera often to make sure 
    that you're not about to step off a ledge, and time your leaps carefully 
    because lava balls sometimes make burning arcs over the area.  When you reach 
    the first large bit of land, a series of Phantoms will attack.  A simple Drill 
    Attack should send them flying and into the soup, where they won't bother you 
    anymore.  From there, you have some options on how to proceed.  To your right 
    you should see a container that holds some Junk, if you feel like jumping out 
    to bust it open.  There's also a nearby boulder that hides a weakened wall.  
    You can drill both for coins.  
    Left from that same large platform where the Phantoms attacked, you can jump 
    over some gaps to reach a chest that contains the [POWER OIL] if you really 
    want it.  There's a mound of dirt here that will let you recharge your drill 
    and you can also drill a weakened wall for coins and a treasure chest that 
    contains a [MYSTERY BAG].  Then make your way back to the largest of the rock 
    islands and make your way along the winding path you should see that leads to 
    a purple vase.  A good chunk of that ledge will fall away when you put weight 
    on it, so be ready to backtrack as some of the rock drops lower.  Then when 
    you know where you can safely trod, step out on the narrow precipice that 
    remains and jump from there to the other side.  Drilling the wall beyond the 
    vase reveals a new path you can follow.  Before doing so, you can also hop to 
    the right and break open the pig-shaped vase.  The wall behind it can be 
    drilled for coins, as can the nearby boulder (just remember not to fully power 
    your drill or you'll fly off the edge of the ledge and not get any coins in 
    the process).
    When you're ready, climb up the path you revealed by drilling the weak wall 
    just beyond the purple vase.  It leads up to three Phantom enemies who will 
    attack with cannon fire, so eat some Chocolate if you need to boost your 
    energy after falls in the lava.  As for the Phantoms, you need to use charged 
    shots to take out their cannons.  You can hit two or three at once with a 
    single attack if you line yourself up to the left of them.  The Phantoms 
    themselves wear armor and also need to be hit with charge attacks, though 
    sometimes the Drill Tornado move also works.  You should get a lot of copper 
    coins and Junk for your trouble.
    Past those Phantoms, the trail continues to an area with some purple vases you 
    can break and an unlit torch.  Switch to the Fire Parts if you don't have them 
    equipped and you can swipe at it to light it.  This will cause the door to 
    open and three Phantom enemies will step through.  You can take care of them 
    with charged drill attacks.  The one big guy can do quite a bit of damage, 
    especially if you let him hit you with aura blasts, so act lively and keep 
    moving while rotating the camera.  A few charged shots should rid you of the 
    whole lot of Phantoms.
    Through the doorway, you'll find the treasure room.  There're plenty of rubble 
    piles here that you can break open for copper coins if you're not in a hurry.  
    When you're ready, step on the altar to collect the [STATUE].  Now return to 
    Monster Village and give it to Rocko.  His joy at seeing his precious 
    'Josefine' will cause more Dark Mist to dissipate on the world map.  Now you 
    can explore further west.  Clearly, that's where you should head next, but 
    first you should take a trip to Tiese town.
    Cylinder's inventory has changed, you'll discover.  Here're the updated 
    options (assuming you've already purchased the special moves he offered 
    previously; if you haven't, they'll also be available):
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Cyclo Parts         | 7000    | Go from Drillnado to Spinning Dance.       |
    | Energy Oil          | 1000    | Temporarily protects drill energy.         |
    | Power Oil           | 1500    | Restores lost drill energy.                |
    If you can, you might want to go ahead and buy the [CYCLO PARTS].  You'll be 
    taken to a tutorial screen, as normal.  Basically, the way your new move works 
    is that you start by performing a Drill Tornado, then attack again with the 
    'X' button, just a basic attack.  You'll perform what's called the 'Spinning 
    Dance.'  It's a great way to extend your combos and damage those persistent 
    Once you buy the Cyclo Parts, assuming you've purchased all the other moves 
    before, you'll be able to buy a final part.  Cylinder's inventory should look 
    like this:
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Master Parts        | 9999    | Allows you to use Dragon Flame attack.     |
    | Energy Oil          | 1000    | Temporarily protects drill energy.         |
    | Power Oil           | 1500    | Restores lost drill energy.                |
    When you buy the Master Parts, you'll be taken to your final tutorial for a 
    special move.  The 'Dragon Flame' attack is executed by first using a Guard 
    Dash, then rotating the directional buttons and attacking.  So yeah, it's 
    pretty much like another move you recently obtained.  The difference is that 
    you have to have your level 3 drill to use it.  Now you know every special 
    move you can ever learn.
    Head to the junk shop and Disk will complain about losing his glasses.  He 
    apparently is having trouble seeing, and even sold Fan some dynamite instead 
    of candles by mistake.  He's really in dire shape.  Pamela will also open your 
    mystery bags for you, if she hasn't already.  One contains [CHOCOLATE] and the 
    other a [MAGIC HOOD].  The latter adds strength to your elemental attacks, 
    which is sure to come in handy soon.  With all of your business in Tiese Town 
    tended to, head back to Monster Village and from there, leave for the world 
    map and the next dungeon to the west.
    Pimento Mountain (Sky Steps) {W1022}
    Items: None
    Parin and Puku enter the area together.  Puku explains that an elevator is the 
    only way up the mountain.  As they stand there, someone comes down to to great 
    them.  That someone is a blue version of Parin.  She escapes and Parin wants 
    to follow, but the elevator switch is busted.  To proceed, you'll have to find 
    a way to fix the elevator.  It's time to go see the scientist monster that 
    lives at the end of the trail south of Monster Village.  Go ahead and leave 
    Sky Steps.
    Doc's Lab {W1023}
    Items: Sweaty Parts
    Doc's Lab is full of computer panels and test machines all along the walls.  
    You can investigate them to find the compatibility between any two people of 
    your choosing, or you can check the fortune telling machine.  Both are a waste 
    of time.  Your main goal should of course be to talk to Doc.  He's just right 
    of the entry way and looks like a giant pink tadpole with arms and a tacky 
    Talk to him and you'll find that he's too busy to help.  He's trying to fix a 
    sick computer and he needs human machine parts to do it.  However, the only 
    option he presents you is disassembly of your drill.  That won't work, 
    obviously, so you'll have to figure out something else.  
    Head back to Monster Village and from there head through to town.  Now talk to 
    Cylinder and he'll force you to accept [SWEATY PARTS].  That causes your 
    drill's level to decrease to one, but you need the parts so it doesn't matter.  
    Some of the people around town will also comment on how much you stink.  Leave 
    Tiese Town for Monster Village again, then leave the village and head back to 
    Doc's Lab.  When you return with the Sweaty Parts in hand, you'll find that 
    he's able to fix his machine.  The curse on your drill will lift, as well.
    Now that the computer is done, Doc needs to test it.  He asks if you'll allow 
    yourself to be the guinea pig.  Go ahead and say "Sign me up!" and he'll open 
    up the floor of his laboratory and explain the rules for his experiment (which 
    is a mini-game).  You must dodge all the lasers he fires at you. Touching even 
    one laser will end his experiment prematurely.  Each time a laser leaves the 
    field, your score will increase.  You must emerge with a score of at least 20 
    to emerge successfully.
    After the timer counts down from three, the event starts.  You can jump, which 
    is what you'll have to do to win.  Lasers start by coming from the right and 
    left, rather slowly.  You can jump them easily enough, but watch that your 
    jump doesn't cause you to land on another laser (since sometimes two lasers 
    will cross paths).  Stay near the middle so that when lasers start coming down 
    from the top of the arena, they won't surprise you and hit you before you see 
    them coming.  Eventually, you'll have to worry about both vertical and 
    horizontal lasers, and as you manage to avoid 20 or so, the issue of vastly 
    differing speeds will be thrown into the mix.  It's not difficult to get that 
    first 20, which is all you have to do for now.
    Doc congratulates you on your success, then leaves to fix the elevator.  It's 
    time to head back to Sky Steps.
    Pimento Mountain (Sky Steps - again) {W1024}
    Items: Dresser, Gold Medal, Mystery Bag, Picture #1, Shortcake
    When you arrive, Doc will have fixed the elevator and comment that its 
    malfunction appears to have been intentional.  Parin agrees and says she saw 
    someone break it.  Then Doc leaves and you can talk to Puku if you want 
    someone to warn you to be careful.  Then step on the elevator and it will take 
    you up the face of the mountain automatically.  You'll near the bottom a 
    staircase, which in turn leads into darkness.  Go ahead and enter the open 
    Wooden stakes will rise behind you as you arrive, blocking the path back to 
    where Puku was waiting.  To your left along the wall, there are nine vases you 
    can smash.  Do so for the coins they leave, then turn right.  Ahead you'll see 
    some wooden steps that lead up to a mine cart set on some tracks.  Hop into 
    the car and it will roll down the track.  As it rolls, just repeatedly mash 
    the 'X' button and Parin will keep leaping out of the cart and destroying 
    enemies on the way while avoiding boulders.  You can't really see what's 
    coming up as the cart rides the twists and turns, but the above strategy 
    should allow you to hit ever enemy and arrive at the end with a [GOLD MEDAL] 
    for your efforts (it appears in a gift box).  Break some purple vases also, 
    then proceed through the doorway.
    A door closes behind you.  Now you're standing at the edge of a snow-covered 
    area.  There are two vases toward your right, resting against a cliff face, so 
    start by heading there and smashing them.  Continue along the base of the wall 
    as it curves to the right and you'll find a pot resting against a fence.  
    Smash it.  In the same vicinity, there's a weak wall you can break through to 
    reveal a trail.  Put on your Gas Mask (or better yet, the powered up Nightcap 
    if you have it), since there's are poisonous plants waiting inside.  Take each 
    of them out with a few swipes of your drill and also destroy the bin for five 
    pieces of Junk, plus the three pots and any debris.
    Now head out of the little dead-end cave and back toward your left.  Watch the 
    path to your right and you'll see a narrow, snow-covered ledge leading off to 
    the right.  Drop down to it and start across.  Be advised that as you do, a 
    Phantom will start firing cannonballs at you.  Dodge them as normal, then hit 
    his cannon with a charged shot to disable it.  Next you can strike the 
    Phantom, who will more likely than not fall into the abyss.  Avoid following 
    him to his grisly fate.
    The area beyond where the Phantom attacked you is treacherous.  If you step on 
    it, you'll find you have almost no traction, since it's a sheet of ice.  Cross 
    slowly, and start by aiming for the ledge of snow just to the right.  Jump 
    onto that but proceed cautiously, since there's a spiky pendulum hazard 
    swinging back and forth.  Sneak past it as it swings wide and beyond, you'll 
    find some vases you can smash.  As you try to do so, two blue Phantoms will 
    attack.  You have to power your drill enough to break through their defenses.  
    Then you can knock them for a loop and they'll probably slide off the ledge 
    and into the abyss.
    Turn back now and make your way carefully past the spiky pendulum again, back 
    to the patch of ice.  From your vantage point slightly above it, look toward 
    your right and you'll see your next destination.  It's the snow-covered path.  
    As you reach it, a Phantom will attack.  This guy is armored and likes to toss 
    bombs.  While any portion of his armor remains, he won't be going anywhere.  
    Just charge each attack briefly so that you can work away the armor, then your 
    final blows will send him falling.  You definitely don't want larger charges 
    or you'll go flying, too.
    When the Phantom is gone, continue along the path and you'll come to a purple 
    vase.  Beyond that, there are three pots lined up in a row.  Avoid them bust 
    smash the purple vase while making a mental note of its position.  I'll refer 
    back to it eventually as 'the vase at the crossroads.'  From there, head left 
    to the end of the ledge, and from there you can jump out to another ledge.  It 
    has a bit of debris on its end, which you can break.  On its opposite end, 
    there's a purple vase to break.  Note that ahead of you, a Phantom has now 
    arrived on a ledge.  It's another of the bomb-tossing guys.  Avoid him while 
    you break the nearby purple vase, then head back toward the side of the ledge 
    where you broke the debris.  At this point, the easiest way to dispose of the 
    Phantom is to jump toward him with a leap of faith, then quickly press the 'X' 
    button to use a targeted attack as a red ring appears around your enemy.  If 
    you try the other approach--jumping over and attacking him head on while 
    standing on ice--you'll probably fall into the soup.  This way, it'll be the 
    Phantom that falls.  Once he's out of the picture, head along the icy patch 
    that should now be to your right and then when you arrive at the snow, break 
    the nearby vase.
    Beyond the vase, there's another patch of ice.  Ridiculously, you'll have to 
    face four of the fire-based monsters here that you probably remember from the 
    volcanic area in the mountain's previous stage.  Use Drill Tornado attacks to 
    get rid of them quickly and try to stay on snow so that each movement isn't 
    wildly exaggerated by the icy surface.  Once you beat the enemies, there's a 
    lever that you can pull to cause a bit of bridge to crash down elsewhere in 
    the level.  That's nice.  
    Remember two paragraphs I mentioned the 'vase at the crossroads?'  Work your 
    way back to that area now.  You should now be facing straight ahead with the 
    three white pots to your left.  Go ahead and smash them now, since they've 
    served their purpose as a point of reference.  Now head back up to where the 
    purple vase had been, and then up the area that slopes up to your left.  
    You're now at a 'T' in the path.  Head left toward a treasure chest, but note 
    that another bomb-tossing Phantom will attack.  Use some drill charges to 
    knock him away, then open the treasure chest to obtain the [MYSTERY BAG].  Now 
    return to the 'T' and at this point, continue up the path directly ahead of 
    you as it wraps around a cliff wall to your left.
    You should now see another patch of ice to your left, with a mound for 
    recharging your drill at the center.  Beyond that are three of the wasp-like 
    enemies.  Take them out with a series of targeted attacks and smash the vases.  
    Now you can head up a small slop to your right to destroy some debris.  With 
    that done, work your way back to the area where you smashed the vase at the 
    crossroads, then back from there toward the path where the spiked pendulum 
    swings back and forth.  Sneak past it and you'll find where the bridge has 
    collapsed as a result of the lever you pulled a few minutes ago.
    Cross the rust-colored bridge and break the pot there, then turn toward your 
    right.  The path snakes through a series of more spiky pendulums.  Navigate 
    the area slowly and turn left as the patch does.  There, you'll see a large 
    patch of ice with another of the spiked pendulums.  To the right, there are 
    some white pots you can smash, if you make it through safely.  Making it 
    through safely means just moving slowly until you are about in the path of the 
    trap, then rushing just after it swings past and quickly halting before you 
    slide off the edge.  Head over to the white pots now.  One of them is a 
    Phantom in disguise, so be ready to hit it a few times.  There's also a 
    cracked wall behind it that will yield some coins.  Now turn around so that 
    the icy patch with a circling pendulum is directly ahead.  You'll see some 
    more vases and the door to the next portion of the stage.  There's also a 
    health-restoring platform that you probably need, so make use of it, smash the 
    vases and then proceed through the door.
    In this area, bars will drop below you so that the way back is blocked.  There 
    are two pots here, one to your right and one on your left.  Destroy them, then 
    proceed along the rock-lined path ahead.  When you arrive at the wall, follow 
    the trail left and smash some debris along the way.  There's a gap you'll have 
    to leap over as the trail continues to gain elevation.  On the other side is 
    more debris you can break, and the trail next continues under some finger-
    shaped bones.  Keep walking and pretty soon you'll reach the top of the path.  
    There's a lever there that you can pull.  When you do, this will cause a group 
    of Phantoms to ride over to face you.  Charged shots are necessary to break 
    apart some of their armor.  Then you can use Drill Tornado attacks to finish 
    them off.  Now that you've got the lift working, hop on the round platform 
    when it comes around and ride it across the gap to the snowy ledge on the 
    other side.
    When you land, there's a purple vase you can smash to your right, and in that 
    direction a crumbling trail continues.  There are some gaps you'll have to 
    cross.  Note that part of the path a short distance after the second gap will 
    crumble and fall away as you walk over it, so keep moving quickly to avoid 
    disaster.  Along the same path, the area just before the finger-shaped bones 
    will do the same thing.  From there, the path is safe until you reach the 
    circular fenced area on the top.  As you enter that space, a Phantom will 
    attack from behind and three of his fellows will attack from the left.  Most 
    of these guys are armored, so you'll have to use short drill charges to 
    eliminate their defensive shields, then finish up with some Drill Tornado 
    After the enemies perish, a gate will drop so that you can proceed along a 
    precarious ledge leading to the left.  Three wasp-like enemies are just on the 
    other side, hovering over as many white pots.  Use targeted attacks to take 
    care of the enemies and then smash the pots.  Now head to the right, leap over 
    a wide gap and destroy two more vases.  Follow the path as it winds around the 
    rising mountain peak, and jump another gap onto a snow-covered area ahead.  At 
    the end of this snowy ledge, you'll notice that there's a moving ledge ahead.  
    It extends from the wall briefly, then disappears again.  You have to time 
    your jump so that you can land on the ledge and then leap from there to 
    stationary ground.  The best time to jump is just as the ledge starts to 
    extend from the wall, so that you land on it before it starts to pull away.  
    Then jump quickly again and you should be just fine.  Note that the ledge 
    beyond is covered in ice, so don't build up too much momentum.
    Speaking of that ice-covered ledge, you should work slowly along it until you 
    can see a ladder ahead.  Now, go ahead and make a straight run across a bit of 
    the ice and leap for the ladder.  If you don't have enough speed, you'll fall 
    below but it won't cost you any life.  You'll just have to circle around and 
    make another attempt.  When you successfully reach the other side, continue up 
    the trail and you'll come to a circular fenced area again.  There's a lift 
    here that consists of two platforms, each with an armored enemy.  You need to 
    take out both enemies by jumping on one platform at a time and using short-
    charged drill attacks.  When the enemies are gone, cross the lift over to the 
    other side of the gap.  You'll find a bin with some Junk and a purple vase.  
    There's also a weak spot in the wall, so drill it to find a stand where you 
    can refill your life meter.
    Now head left along the mountain from there, leaping from ledges that stick 
    out from the rocky spire.  They fall if you stand on them too long, so you'll 
    have to keep moving.  If your life gets low as a result of too many failed 
    attempts, at least you re-materialize near the life-restoring platform.  As 
    you make your way up and around the spire, you'll also find some icy patches 
    and some of the ledges that extend from the mountain and recede again.  Just 
    before you attempt those, jump forward toward the first of them but allow 
    yourself to drop down while keeping close to the edge of the mountain (it may 
    even work best to land on the ledge and allow it to retreat into the wall, 
    then just slide down the face of the cliff to the area just below).  You'll 
    arrive on a hidden ledge.  Work your way around it to find a treasure chest 
    that contains [SHORTCAKE].  Now you can walk back left and hop back to the 
    platform where the life platform is.  This time you want to ascend the trail 
    completely.  Remember when you come to the three moving ledges the second time 
    that the timing is the same as when you encountered a single moving ledge 
    earlier in the level.  Just be careful not to rush yourself and you should 
    make it just fine.
    At the top of this peak, you'll find several more Phantom enemies.  Two of 
    them toss bombs and one of them rushes quickly to a cannon.  Take out the 
    cannon first with a short, charged attack.  Then worry about the armor on the 
    guys tossing bombs, and finally finish everyone off with some Drill Tornado 
    attacks.  You're now free to cross a twisting catwalk leading off toward the 
    left, to a door that will let you head to the next portion of the level.  
    Cross slowly and when you're on the ice, make sure that you're nudging the 
    analogue stick to direct where the slippery surface will take you.  On the 
    opposite side, don't forget to smash the two purple vases that are partially 
    obscured by rock before you head through the door.
    You've finally arrived at the area's treasure room.  Smash debris if you wish, 
    then jump to the altar to collect the [DRESSER].  Now you can leave to the 
    world map and head back to the Monster Village.  There, head through the 
    portal to Tiese Town.  Talk to Chucky on the stairs and Parin will inform him 
    that she has his dresser.  The scene will change back to Monster Village, 
    where Chucky's gratitude will cause more Dark Mist to vanish from the world 
    map. You can now explore more areas to the west and east.  Now talk to him 
    again and you can place the joke glasses on him that you found in Bracken 
    Hollow.  He'll say something rude and Parin will be offended.  Talk to Rocko, 
    Pierre and Poco and all of them will comment on the temperature.  Then talk to 
    Chucky again.  You'll receive [PICTURE #1].  Now it's time to head back out to 
    the world map and tackle the next dungeon.
    Pimento Park {W1025}
    Items: Crown, Ice Parts
    You'll find Pimento Park at the very top of Pimento Mountain, just beyond Star 
    Ridge (which, although it is a new area, you will want to avoid for the time 
    being).  When you enter, the star attraction is obviously the set of monkey 
    bars.  If you can climb to the top, you'll cause a present to appear nearby 
    that contains the [CROWN].
    Climbing the bars can be a frustrating experience, but it's very doable.  
    There are three main levels to conquer, though the bars extend a level or so 
    beyond that.  It's easiest to think of them as what they are: three by three 
    grids.  Imagine that you start in a single space on the first of three grids.  
    Here's a visual representation:
      -   -   -       -   -   -       -   -   -
    | A | B | C |   | I | J | K |   | R | S | T |
      -   -   -       -   -   -       -   -   -  
    | D | E | F |   | L | M | N |   | U | V | W |
      -   -   -       -   -   -       -   -   -
    | G |   | H |   | O | P | Q |   | X | Y | Z |
      -   -   -       -   -   -       -   -   -
    Now, the blank point represents your starting point at the bottom.  The 
    following describes how to make it to the top, referencing the crude maps 
    1: Walk up to square 'E'
    2: Hop over the barrier between square 'E' and 'B' so that you're standing in
       square 'B'
    3: From square 'B' hop right into square 'C,' which has a solid bottom and
       basically means you've progressed to the second level and actually are now
       in square 'K'
    4: From square 'K' you need to jump down to the edge between squares 'K' and
       'N' (this is tricky but after a few tries, you should get used to how much
       you have to nudge the analogue stick to make Parin find that balance
    5: From your position on the bar between squares 'K' and 'N' jump across the
       open gap to square 'Q'
    6: Now you can jump left from there to the bar above the square just to your
       left and from there you can jump to the top of the bars
    The above instructions aren't quite perfect, but at the very least they should 
    give you an idea of one way to reach the top of the bars, the way that worked 
    for me.  Once you have the Crown, head to the corner where the fence meets the 
    wall and there's a bench.  Jump up on the bench and from there, you'll be able 
    to jump to a groove in the wall.  A path there leads up to a weakened wall.  
    Drill through it to find a vessel that contains the [ICE PARTS].  Now you're 
    done here.  Head back to Tiese Town and beef it up, then make your way to the 
    next dungeon.
    Pimento Mountain (Star Ridge) {W1026}
    Items: Life Gem
    You passed over it before because you were in a rush to get to Pimento Park, 
    but now you have time to visit Star Ridge.  As Parin enters, you'll witness a 
    video in which she confronts Prince.  He denies being the doppelganger (which 
    makes sense, as the one who stole your identity is obviously Cream) and 
    refuses to release Pino.  Her captivity is for her own good, he claims.  Then 
    he fires smoke in Parin's face and escapes while she's busy coughing.
    When the smoke clears, there's a platform to step onto.  Once Parin does, it 
    will transport her to the other side of a gap, where she will confront Cream.  
    The female Phantom goes through several shapes before settling on the default, 
    a clone of Parin.  Now it's time for a boss battle.
    Boss Battle: Cream
    First, make sure you're wearing something useful like the high-level Monkey 
    Hat or the Vampire Hat.  Cream is a tough adversary.  You'll also want to have 
    plenty of chocolate with you, and cookies and shortcake.  Your inventory 
    should be full of those by now, since this is the first real challenge the 
    game has thrown at you.
    Because she is a doppelganger, Cream will be tough to ferret out.  Start by 
    using Energy Oil to preserve your drill's energy (otherwise the fight will be 
    even rougher) and then you can focus on Cream.  She is invincible when she 
    takes your shape, so run around and avoid her attacks during that time while 
    countering only with Drill Tornado moves.  When she takes the shape of Cream--
    the white-robed girl with blue hair--that's when you can harm her.  Move in at 
    that point and do whatever damage you can with launch attacks, like you would 
    on the other bosses.
    Partway through the battle, she'll decide that one figure isn't of much use to 
    her, and will clone herself.  When you're doing damage easily to an enemy that 
    looks like you, that's when you know you're focusing on the wrong target.  It 
    also means you probably have your back to the real threat, who by then is 
    probably hurling fireballs around like there's no tomorrow.  Try to find the 
    true Cream and keep her in your sights at all times so that you'll be close by 
    when she again takes on her true identity and is vulnerable.
    Also, watch your life meter.  You should be able to take some abuse, 
    certainly, but this is a long battle and you will most likely be nibbling on 
    treats fairly often.  Any time you get down near around 15HP, it's time to 
    start using curative items.  Save the shortcake for emergencies, of course.  
    Chocolate is probably the most useful, though the three cookies you can carry 
    might also come in handy.  Keep at it.  This battle is winnable.
    When the battle ends, you'll ask Cream why she's doing what she's doing and 
    tell her that the Prince doesn't really intend to rebuild the Phantom Kingdom.  
    She doesn't believe you, but there's not much time to argue.  A rocket will 
    blast through and take Cream with it.  She falls over the edge and into a pit 
    and wonders aloud why the prince would be doing this as she falls.  The real 
    prince would never behave like this, she thinks.
    Grab the [LIFE GEM] and you'll be prompted to save.  Do so, then return to 
    Monster Village.  There, you can talk to the monsters to learn a little bit 
    about a huge boulder that had once appeared at the entrance to Eggplant 
    Caverns.  Now it's gone.  Puku, meanwhile, is nowhere in sight.  Neither are 
    the moles or Pecky, for that matter.  Head to Tiese Town and you can talk to 
    your grandfather, who reminisces about a childhood friend he can't possibly 
    meet again.  Go ahead and trade in more medals if you have any.  Also, you 
    might want to stop by the bakery to restock.  If you do, remember to wear the 
    crown for your discount.  It will save you a few hundred, since Fan has jacked 
    up the price of her treats yet again.  Everyone still thinks you're guilty.  
    When that matter is tended to, head back to Monster Village and save if it 
    suits you, then head to the next dungeon.
    Radish Woods (Serpent Road) {W1027}
    Items: Bookshelf
    Serpent Road lies in the deepest portion of Radish Woods, near the northwest-
    most corner of the map.  When Parin enters, you'll see twin rows of burning 
    torches and ahead, one of the challenge statues so fond of making you meet 
    criteria before you can enter.  In this case, you must light the eight torches 
    that line the road.  To do this, stand to the side of the rows of torches with 
    the Fire Parts equipped.  Face toward them and dash guard forward toward it, 
    then rotate the analogue stick as you arrive nearby and press 'X' to attack 
    with your special move.  It should send waves of fire forward to light some of 
    the torches.  Make sure you don't get close enough that you destroy them.  
    You'll have to repeat the process three or four times at least to gradually 
    light all of the torches.  If you mess up and accidentally destroy any, you'll 
    have to leave.  Once you succeed, talk to the statue and he'll open the door 
    so that you can proceed.
    From the entrance to the next area, you'll see three Phantoms conferring to 
    your left.  Approach them and use Drill Tornado and charge attacks to make 
    quick work of them.  You can also destroy a tree there.  Then proceed down the 
    narrow gap in the rock wall to the right of where you first saw the Phantoms.  
    You'll be able to jump up the short ledge there, where you'll see a dirt mound 
    near a tree.  To the right are several pots you can break open.  Do so, then 
    destroy the tree with your drill and make use of that mound of dirt if you 
    need it to power up your drill.  If you're not already wearing them, switch to 
    your goggles (or a powered-up Nightcap, if you have it) and jump out over the 
    water to the right.  There are fish swimming there, so take care of them 
    before you swim to the right bank.  One of them is a large eel and will take 
    quite a bit of abuse before he'll surrender.
    Once the fish are gone, head to the bank and break four vases, then jump back 
    in the water and swim down the stream as it continues deeper into the forest.  
    You'll see another bank to your right, with some ledges that lead up to a 
    lever.  Climb up to it and pull it to cause some enemies to appear over the 
    water to your left.  Drop down to the lower bit of the bank, then jump and use 
    targeted attacks first on the bottom enemy, then on its fellows as you use 
    them as stepping stones that lead past a watery area where spike-tipped 
    pendulum traps are swinging back and forth.  There you'll find a ledge with 
    three pots and some stone pillars.  Break open the pots and then pull the 
    lever, which will open the gate on the first bank you encountered near the 
    stream (the one you climbed to after killing the fish).  Now use the floating 
    red enemies as stepstools again (they'll have reappeared) to make your way 
    back toward the gate you opened and you'll have to defeat some walking plant 
    enemies that materialized when you caused the gate to open.  Don't 
    accidentally pass through the gate before they're properly dead or you won't 
    get the 'S' rating at the end of the dungeon.  Once they're defeated, pass 
    through that gate and into the next area.
    From where you enter here, you can look ahead to see several plants that you 
    must defeat, as well as a pot and a vase.  Destroy the plants and pots (and 
    drill the tree if you need some coins), then proceed down the canyon.  The 
    path splits here.  Start by taking the path leading left.  There's a purple 
    vase to destroy along the way and then you'll come to a fallen log.  Walk left 
    around it and you'll find a tree you can drill as well as a pig-shaped pot.  
    Bust it open for a lot of coins and you should notice that beyond it, there's 
    a weak segment of wall you can drill.  Do so to reveal a small cache of coins.  
    Now return to the path and continue along it as it heads left.  When you 
    arrive near the torch, two armored Phantom enemies will drop to attack.  Hit 
    them with short-charged drill attacks to send armor flying, then finish them 
    off with a few more such strikes.  Now continue past where they appeared and 
    break a vase before following the path as it curves sharply left and then back 
    right.  You'll come upon a new clearing.  To the left and right, you should 
    see some plant enemies.  Defeat them quickly and also dig in the mound of dirt 
    if you need it.
    Continue along the trail and bust the two purple vases as you do.  The path 
    curves slowly to the right, and comes to another clearing.  Here, there are 
    Phantoms snoozing to your right.  Attack them with charged drill attacks and 
    make sure that you don't miss the ones hiding in the shrubbery or your ranking 
    for the level will suffer.  Don't head through the dark opening just yet.  
    Instead, backtrack along the trail until you come back to that first 'T,' 
    which you'll encounter now shortly after passing the fallen log.  Continue to 
    follow the path as it heads toward what is now your left (but would've been 
    the right fork when you first came to the 'T').  There's a torch burning near 
    a pot.  Bust open the pot and torch for coins, then drill the weak wall behind 
    where they rested to reveal a new opening into a clearing.
    As you head into the clearing, you'll find yourself on a raised ledge.  Jump 
    out onto the forest floor below and use your drill on the various trees in the 
    area.  They leave coins behind.  Destroying many of them also causes Phantom 
    enemies to drop, one apiece for the majority of the trees.  These can be 
    defeated with a few charged drill attacks and you'll get some Junk as a 
    reward, too.  When you've destroyed every tree, make sure you have the goggles 
    or a powered-up Nightcap equipped and jump down into the well.
    At the base of the well, there are some submerged pots you can break.  Jump 
    into the air over the water, then use a downward drill attack to break them.  
    Now head to the edge and there are ledges you can use to climb along the well, 
    to a weak wall that you can drill to pass through.  You'll be able to follow a 
    stone path now as it winds its way up and round the well, to a ladder that 
    leads back up to the surface.  At the top you can break another pot and 
    there's a lever you can pull that drops a nearby gate so you can proceed 
    through the forest.
    Head along the path and take a left, then follow it through a canyon and 
    you'll come to a sign advising that you're on a mistaken path.  Push past it 
    and break the pot you find there, then head back so that you're facing the 
    back of the sign referencing the mistaken path.  Continue along the path 
    beyond it and watch the wall to your left.  There's a recess where the wall is 
    cracked.  Drill it to reveal a small clearing with a treasure chest surrounded 
    by a bunch of lavender-hued pumpkins.  Defeat them with a Drill Tornado attack 
    or two and open the treasure chest to obtain [POWER OIL].  Also in this area 
    is a container you can bust open for some Junk and a pot you can break.  Now 
    head back out of the opening and continue along the path to your left.  Follow 
    it back through the clearing with the well, and keep heading along that path 
    until you follow it back past the 'T' and back past the fallen log, all the 
    way to the black opening that leads to the next segment of forest.
    You've reached the treasure room.  Jump up on the altar to grab the 
    [BOOKSHELF].  You should also win a gold medal for gaining an 'S' ranking, 
    naturally.  Take it back to Poco in Monster Village.  He'll be grateful for 
    its return and will cause more Dark Mist to vanish from the map, north of the 
    stage you just completed.
    Radish Woods (Bats' Hideaway) {W1028}
    Items: Goldfish
    Radish Woods is in the northwest area of the map, just east of an area you 
    can't visit quite yet because of some Dark Mist.  Like the one before it, this 
    stage is guarded by another of the statues that wants you to meet a certain 
    criteria before you can pass.  He tells you to grab all the money in the 
    world.  You can drill the four stone columns in the area for some coins.  You 
    need to collect 666 coins.  Just worry about the last three digits of your 
    cash supply.  In other words, the amount of money you hold must end with '666' 
    as the final three digits (eww, creepy!).  The easiest way to accomplish that 
    is probably to buy cakes and such back at Tiese Town until your score is near, 
    then break pots in Monster Village to take care of the last few digits.  Of 
    course, the coins that you get from breaking stone columns in the area can 
    help with that, too, but save when you get close to your goal so that if you 
    accidentally go over it you can reset and try again.  When you collect the 
    correct amount and talk to the statue, it will let you pass through.  
    Alternatively, you can talk to him a few times and then pay 5000 coins to pass 
    through without the hassle, if you're rich.  Regardless of how you do it, pass 
    through and into the next section of the level.
    When you enter, you'll see a Phantom ahead, chasing around three acorn-shaped 
    enemies of purplish hue.  Head forward and you'll find that you have to jump 
    down a short wall and then run forward and up another ledge to get within 
    range.  Do so and use a Spin Drill to take out the smaller guys, then use a 
    drill charge to remove the Phantom's armor.  Defeat him, then turn around 
    toward the ledge you descended.  There are some pots at the base, as well as a 
    weak wall you can drill for some coins.  That will also allow you to climb 
    back up to the top area if you wish.
    Now head back to where you defeated the flirtatious Phantom and his acorn 
    buddies and continue forward.  Climb up a short staircase and step on the 
    glowing tile with red markings that you find there.  You'll cause some crates 
    to appear, off to your left.  Drop down and then walk over to them before 
    hopping up them to the raise ledge.  Now drag the topmost crate over to the 
    nearby switch, which will cause some wooden stakes to lower so you can proceed 
    along a forest path.  This is a dead end, but there are two living trees you 
    must kill and a lever you can pull.  Do so.  This will open a gate elsewhere 
    in the stage and also cause some new enemies to appear down below.
    Head back through the level toward the ledge you stood on when you caused the 
    crates to appear by stepping on the trigger.  Defeat the enemies there with a 
    few quick Drill Tornado attacks.  Continue past them and up a short staircase.  
    Ahead, you'll note some of the acorn-shaped enemies.  They're asleep.  Jump 
    forward and attack like crazy.  Break the nearby pots and then head left, 
    where more acorn enemies will drop to attack.  Beat them and there's a mound 
    where you can recharge your drill if needed.  Continue along the path now and 
    it wraps to the right and into a fenced area with a bridge and some trees.  
    There are four vases along the nearby bridge, and you can look left to see a 
    pacing Phantom.  
    When you head on over and take him out, more Phantoms will also drop from the 
    trees.  Here, you want to back slowly away so that the enemies follow you.  
    Then take them out with drill attacks when you're safely away from the water.  
    The last thing you want to do is accidentally knock them in the liquid, where 
    they'll remain alive but more difficult to kill.  Once you've taken out all 
    three, stop to drill the wall behind the waterfall and reveal a lever.  Pull 
    it to open a nearby gate leading into the next area.  Now go break the vases 
    and pots that rest along the bridge's corners before proceeding through the 
    opening and into the next area.
    In this clearing you'll find four of the piranha plant enemies.  Take care of 
    them and recharge your drill on the mound if needed.  Continue along the path 
    beyond them and you'll find another clearing, this one with electrical waves 
    and Phantoms dancing throughout.  There are also pots to destroy to your left 
    and a pig-shaped one to the right with lots of coins.  Note that you can drill 
    one side of any electrical barrier to disable it.  Do so now, then defeat the 
    Phantoms that are unleashed with the usual drill attacks.  That leaves one 
    more set of electric barriers, so repeat the process there (and on the Phantom 
    as well) before proceeding and destroying the purple vases beyond.
    From the vases, continue along the path as it curves again to the right.  When 
    you step into the clearing, walls will go up and you're alone to battle a 
    large, armored Phantom.  Drill off his armor first, then keep slashing him 
    back with regular drill swipes and launches.  He should fall pretty easily and 
    leave you to destroy vases.  With the Phantom gone, you can also continue 
    along the path.  You'll have to drop down an opening ahead of a place where 
    branches interlock to block the way.  At the bottom, there's a container you 
    can break open to acquire some pieces of Junk.  Make sure that you do so, then 
    continue along the underground passage.  You'll come out in a clearing where 
    you can destroy some vases and then proceed a black area and into the next 
    portion of forest.
    You've reached the treasure room already.  Jump up on the altar to grab the 
    [GOLDFISH] item.  Now you can return to the world map and back to Monster 
    Village.  The goldfish you found belongs to Rocko.  Its name is Goldon.  Now 
    more of the Dark Mist will recede from the map.  It won't open up any new 
    dungeons or anything, but it's nice to see just the same.  Now it's time to 
    head to Tumultuous Cave in Spinach Caverns.
    Spinach Caverns (Tumultuous Cave) {W1029}
    Items: Blue Urn, Shortcake, Umbrella Box
    In the deepest portion of Spinach Caverns, you'll find Tumultuous Cave.  At 
    the entrance, there's an oddly-shaped statue whose form you should recognize 
    by now.  He wants you to satisfy certain criteria before he'll allow you to 
    proceed.  He asks that you bring someone to entertain him before he'll let you 
    pass.  Doc can give you an Urn that captures monster energy.  You'll need to 
    get that item from Doc and use it to capture an interesting enemy if you want 
    to proceed through this area.  Go ahead and leave the cave, then head to Doc's 
    When you arrive, he's happy to see you.  It turns out you've arrived just in 
    time to help him test his device.  As you watch, he'll use it on Poco.  The 
    unique monster energy will be sucked into the urn.  Doc explains that you can 
    smash open the urn in battle after sucking up a monster's energy and that 
    monster will come out to help you for a short time.  He gives you the [BLUE 
    URN] to take with you.  With essence de Poco in your urn, head back to 
    Tumultuous Cave and use the item in front of the guardian statue.  It will be 
    entertained by Poco's mad dance moves and will let you into the dungeon now.
    The dungeon beyond the statue starts with a staircase that leads down through 
    a door into the next area.  Once the familiar iron door falls shut behind you, 
    break the pots to the left and right, then proceed forward.  As you come 
    around the bend, there will be some flying bat enemies.  Attack them with 
    targeted attacks to remove them.  At the end of the hallway, there's a rock 
    you can drill, and also a mound where you can recharge your drill.  Use a 
    charged drill to break through the rock and climb up the stairs beyond, which 
    double back on themselves and lead to an archway that crosses over the stairs 
    you just climbed.  Note that as you move through this area, there are holes in 
    the floor through which spiked tips rise and fall.  Continue past those and 
    also break through a solid chunk of rock.  If you have your ribbon powered up, 
    wear it while you drill through the rock so that the spikes don't hurt you.
    Beyond that boulder, you'll come to the edge of a drop-off.  There are enemies 
    below, the poison-spewing flowers.  Make sure you're wearing a high-level 
    nightcap or the gas mask, then jump down and take care of the vicious plant 
    life.  Climb the slope and at the top, you can drill through a weak wall that 
    should be directly ahead of you.  That will reveal a path you can follow to 
    another weak spot.  Drill it and, as it crumbles, turn around and run back 
    down the hall while a boulder rolls after you.  Step aside as you emerge from 
    the tunnel and it will roll past you, then come to a crashing halt in the area 
    below where you killed the plants.  Now you can head back up the passage to 
    open a treasure chest that was hidden there.  It contains [SHORTCAKE].
    Head back down the path and from there, take a left turn.  As you head through 
    here, there are stalagmites you can destroy and some Phantoms will roll down 
    in giant balls of armor.  Destroy the armor with drill attacks, then take out 
    the Phantoms themselves before continuing up the path.  There are some vases 
    you can break up here, and to the left there're some boulders you can drill to 
    continue into the next little area.  There, destroy four more vases and 
    finally you can pass through the door that waits nearby.
    In the next room, you'll find a large body of water.  There are also some 
    vases nearby.  Destroy those, then equip the goggles or nightcap if you 
    haven't already.  There are some of the large eel enemies swimming through 
    this area, so you're going to get wet in the process of defeating them.  Make 
    sure that you don't miss any.  There are a few water-based enemies in the area 
    and two of them are eels.  You should also take some time to head onto the 
    stone ledge where there are some pots to break open.  One contains a Phantom 
    in disguise, so be ready for that.
    When you've cleared the area of available pots and enemies, head over to the 
    beige-color ledge resting just above the water on the side of the room that 
    was to your right as you entered.  Step onto it and you'll hear a tone.  In a 
    moment, another platform will appear.  This process continues as you step on 
    each one and move forward, though you need to be ready for slight pauses that 
    occur between the sound of a tone and the moment the next ledge appears.  As 
    you follow them, the platforms will wrap around to a high raised ledge where 
    you can pull a lever.  Do so and a door will lift near where you broke the 
    pots and the Phantom was hiding.  Head down there and through the archway, 
    into the next room.  
    From there, switch your headgear to the ribbon so that some spike traps ahead 
    won't harm you if you make a miscalculation while leaping.  You'll find one 
    set on the edge of a precipice.  Wait until it recedes.  Now take a running 
    jump out and over to the boulder beyond.  Drop on its far side and onto a 
    platform that restores your life meter.  Now you can turn and drill the 
    boulder.  From the ledge you're on now, look out to the side and you'll see 
    more ledges with stands resting on them.  Jump out to the nearest one and use 
    your Shock Parts on your drill so that you can set the stand to life.  Now 
    climb down a ladder to the area below.
    There's a bin here you can break open for some Junk.  There's also a weak 
    wall.  Switch to your high-level nightcap or the gas mask and drill through 
    the wall to find some poisonous flowers beyond.  Defeat them and drop down 
    nearby to break open some pots.  You're now in a rather busy area with its 
    fair share of enemies.  The nearest is a Phantom on the line above you.  He's 
    manning a cannon.  Jump up and take out cannon and Phantom with charged drill 
    attacks, then make sure that the stand on that ledge is fed electricity from 
    your drill.
    Now drop down to the lowest portion of the room and head left past an 
    unactivated stand with a plant nearby.  Ignore them for now; you'll be back in 
    a moment.  Turn left along the passage from there and jump up onto a ledge, 
    where you can destroy another plant and also break through a weak wall.  It 
    just leads back to the base of the ladder you descended a moment ago.  
    Continue along the main passage and you'll find some bat enemies, as well as 
    another of the stands you need to activate.  Swipe at it with your drill, and 
    look behind it for a weak wall you can drill for coins.  You're not done, 
    though.  Drill it three more times to reveal a passage into an area with some 
    poisonous flowers you can destroy.  Take care of them before you turn back and 
    head to the plant and stand you ignored before.  Go ahead and tend to those 
    That should be the final stand you need to activate.  Some Phantom monsters 
    will drop down in front of the door.  Take care of them with short drill 
    attacks and then proceed through.
    You're now standing on a ledge above a room that stretches out ahead of you 
    toward a bit of soil where you can recharge your drill if desired.  Go there 
    first and you'll see two purple vases near a weak wall.  Smash the vases, then 
    the wall to reveal an iron grating you can't pass through just yet.  Turn 
    around and start back toward the entrance of the room, but this time start out 
    across a precipice that extends to what should now be your right.  You'll 
    notice there's an enemy hovering in the air above it.  Jump up and use a 
    targeted attack on the enemy, then springboard from it up to the ledge.  A 
    switch waits there, which you should pull.  That will open the grate you 
    revealed a moment ago.  The enemies will run through and await your arrival at 
    the mound of dirt.  Break open the nearby bin where you are for some Junk, 
    then head down to the mound and use charged drill attacks on the Phantoms 
    (note that you should also drop down along the ledge to the right of the mound 
    of dirt, where you can find three pots you need to break).
    With them gone, go ahead through the archway and into the next area.  There 
    are six vases on your left here and two on your right, so break those 
    straightaway.  There's also a bin with some junk, so break it too.  Here, the 
    trail winds downward while winged Phantoms fly above.  Make sure that you kill 
    them as you descend so that your ranking for the dungeon doesn't falter.  
    Don't be shy about breaking more vases you find, either.  There are also some 
    Phantom enemies to tend to on the ground as you descend.
    When you reach the bottom, there will be some Phantoms manning cannons.  Dodge 
    the cannonballs and use charged attacks to disable the cannons, then follow 
    that up with some charged drills to remove Phantom armor.  Beyond them, you'll 
    find the last bit of debris you can break, and a door into the next room.  
    It's the treasure room.  Grab the [UMBRELLA BOX] from the altar and consider 
    the level complete.  Now head back to Monster Village.  Give the umbrella box 
    to Chucky.  He'll be grateful and, as expected, more Dark Mist will evaporate 
    from the world map, this time just to the right of Tumultuous Cave.  It's time 
    to head to the next dungeon challenge: Shadow Grotto.
    Spinach Caverns (Shadow Grotto) {W1030}
    Items: Maid Outfit, Mystery Bag(x3), Toy Car
    East of Tumultuous Cave, you'll find Shadow Grotto.  Inside, start by drilling 
    plenty of stalagmites, then climb up from there to find a locked gate.  
    Another of the guardian statues waits here.  This one wants to see some 
    fashion sense before he'll let you pass.  Make sure you're wearing the goggles 
    and he'll let you through immediately.
    When you enter the next room, you'll find that it contains several small pools 
    of frozen water and plenty of stalagmites.  There's a weak spot you can drill 
    along the right wall halfway through the room, so head there first.  When you 
    drill it, you'll receive precisely nothing.  Ah, well.  From there, head 
    toward your diagonal left and just before a set of stairs, some Phantoms will 
    attack.  Beat the three of them, then head down the stairs and out onto an 
    iced over stream.  Now it's time to jump into the air and come down while 
    using your special fire attack.  As you hit the ice with the fire, the whole 
    area will melt and you can now swim through the area.  Make sure you have the 
    goggles or nightcap equipped, of course.
    Now go back to the first pool you came to as you entered.  Jump into it and 
    let yourself drift down, then swim through the left side, where there's a 
    hidden passage.  You'll come out on the other side in good shape to smash open 
    for pots and also to open a treasure chest that contains the [MYSTERY BAG] 
    (back in town Pamela will open it to reveal the [SOMBRERO]).  Doing so will 
    trigger the appearance of some Phantom enemies in tank-like vehicles.  Use 
    short drill charges to beat them and collect some Junk, then jump back into 
    the water and swim back into the previous room.  Now make for the stairs where 
    you previously melted the ice into water.
    Ahead, you'll find some bats circling.  Don't worry about them just yet.  
    Instead, tread water so that you slowly sink below the surface, down a long 
    vertical shaft.  There's a passage to your right (visible as a square bit of 
    light), so swim through it and on the other side you can break two more vases 
    and also break open a container for some pieces of junk.  Now swim back 
    through the passage and now you can defeat those bats with a few targeted air 
    attacks.  Beyond them and to the left, there's an alcove of sorts where you 
    can drill a boulder for coins.  Do so, then continue along the frozen stream 
    and you'll come to a doorway with a purple vase on either side.  Break those 
    and you'll notice that through the doorway, there's a blue shield enemy stuck 
    in an electric beam.  Put on your nightcap or gas mask and guard dash through 
    the beam as the enemy attacks.  Turn around and take care of the poles that 
    are generating the electricity.  Don't forget to pass back through the opening 
    and take care of the blue enemy if he managed to sneak by you.
    The reason I had you put on the gas mask is simple: there are poisonous plants 
    in that next room.  Defeat them, and you'll find a weakened wall in the little 
    pit where one of the plants is taking it easy.  Drill through and on the other 
    side you'll note some bats and vases to the right.  Tend to them, but don't 
    worry about heading left just yet.  Instead, head directly forward and drop 
    into the mucky channel beneath.   
    At one end--the left one--you'll find a weak wall.  Drill through it to reveal 
    a passageway beyond.  Wade through the muck and you'll reach a rocky extension 
    you can climb up onto a ledge above.  There, you'll find a treasure chest you 
    can open to obtain a [MYSTERY BAG] (take it back to Pamela in town and she'll 
    reward you with Energy Oil).  Now drop back into the soup and wade back along 
    the canal until you're able to climb back onto solid ground.  Now it's time to 
    head to the room's leftmost side.  There you'll find a mound of dirt for 
    recharging your drill, as well as some vases you can smash.  There's also a 
    locked door and a switch you can step on that causes a pile of crates to 
    At first, leave the crate where it was standing.  Approach the stack from the 
    right side, so that the switch for the crates is left with the stack between 
    you.  Now pull the bottom wooden crate backwards.  The other two crates will 
    fall into place and you can hop onto them from the wooden crate.  This gains 
    you access to a ledge with another crate.  Push it out onto the stack nearby, 
    and you can push it to the ground.  You now have two crates you can move onto 
    the nearby switches.  This will open the door and cause a Phantom to appear.  
    Take him out with some charged drill attacks and he'll disappear easily 
    enough.  Then you can pass through the door.
    This room is another of those 'interesting' rooms where there's a slot along 
    the wall for you to deposit coins.  Don't start there, though.  Instead, head 
    toward the vases by the double doors and smash them.  In the process, you'll 
    alert some Phantoms to your presence.  Take care of them as usual and then 
    you're free to return to the area where the slot wants your money.  It's a 
    clothing vending machine.  If you have 65,500 coins (58,950 if you check while 
    wearing the mid-level crown), you can purchase some clothing called the [MAID 
    OUTFIT].  That's something to keep in mind for later, obviously, since there's 
    almost no chance that you have that sort of cash on hand.  Destroy any debris 
    in the area, including a bin that gives you some Junk, then continue through 
    the double doors.
    In this area, there's a spike trap that serves as a doormat and ahead, a 
    spiked pendulum is swinging.  Move through the door as the spikes recede and 
    press to the left rather than straight ahead, in case the pendulum is swinging 
    your way.  Now as you move forward, several bats will materialize.  Take them 
    out with targeted attacks and also break some vases.  There are double doors 
    near the bottom, which you can pass through and into the next room.  
    You'll want to have the nightcap equipped here (or gas mask) because there are 
    poisonous plants.  There also are shields along the side of the room that fire 
    aura blasts toward the center, so worry about taking care of those two guys 
    first.  One of the boulders contains a treasure chest, so drill it and open 
    the chest to receive a [MYSTERY BAG] (this one you can take back to Pamela for 
    Power Oil).  Finally, the plants were the least violent threat and you can 
    dispose of them last.  Next drill through a weakened portion of the wall to 
    the right and you'll reveal a side room.  There's a Phantom here that's 
    piloting a tank.  Use a few charged drill attacks to strip him of his armor, 
    then finish things off with regular attacks.  He seems to be especially 
    susceptible to your attacks if you have the Shock Parts equipped.
    Now move into the room the Phantom occupied and drill a rock to reveal a 
    lever.  Pull it and the door in the previous room will open, which you can 
    pass through to head to the dungeon's treasure room.  Don't do that just yet, 
    though.  Instead, drill a weak spot along the room's left side to reveal 
    another side room (also guarded by a tank Phantom).  Defeat him as you did the 
    other one, then break open a bin for some Junk and the two pots for your 
    dungeon completing rating's sake.  There's also a boulder you can drill for 
    some coins.  Now you're ready to return to the previous room and head onward 
    and into the treasure room.  The item you receive is the [TOY CAR].  
    Return to Monster Village now and give the toy car to Chucky.  This will of 
    course cause more Dark Mist to vanish, and now you can finally explore that 
    mysterious building on the map's northwest corner: Motoro's Gym.  Before you 
    do, don't forget to have Pamela open your mystery bag so you can get the 
    Sombrero, and talk to Disk in the junk shop while wearing your new outfit (if 
    you bought it).  He'll add an additional item to his inventory:
    | Item Name           | Cost    | Effect                                     |
    | Maid Hat            | 59800   | Worn by all true maids.                    |
    |                     |         | LV.1 Effect: Rest regenerates HP           |
    Obviously, that's a nice item that you'll want to save money toward.  Note 
    that you can change outfits in the closet back at your house if you don't like 
    the new outfit you're wearing.  When you're dressed for success, head back 
    into Monster Village and give the Sombrero to Pierre.  His bird, Francois, 
    will fly away from under the old hat, so now you're asked to go find it for 
    him.  It should be perched on the rubble behind Pierre's house.  Talk to it 
    and you will receive [FRANCOIS].  Now go back and talk to Pierre again.  He 
    will change back to his old hat and give you [PICTURE #9] as a reward for 
    returning his bird.  Wearing the maid's outfit, you can also go into the 
    bakery and talk to Fan.  She'll tell you it's time to work off your debt and 
    place you behind the counter.  Then customers will come in and make their 
    orders and you have to type the things they order in a text prompt.  You'll 
    get [PICTURE #8] by the time you're done.  The treats the customers order are: 
    Coffee, Cake, Ramen and ChocoCake.  When all of that is done, go ahead and 
    make your way to Motoro's Gym.
    Motoro's Gym {W1031}
    Items: Gold Medal
    When you arrive, you'll find Motoro.  He's the blue cat that you've seen 
    throughout the various dungeons, as you might recall.  This time, he won't run 
    at the sight of you.  After all, you're in his home.  Instead, he talks of his 
    tendency to collect precious and rare medals, and of a sport called 'hoccer' 
    that he says humans don't know of.
    Before you can discuss that further, you're prompted with some options.  One 
    such option is the opportunity to give him a Platinum Medal.  When you do, 
    he'll let you know that there are a total of eleven such medals in the world.  
    If you find them all, he'll give you some special parts for your drill.  That 
    sounds good, but where are the dang medals?
    Talk to him again and say that you just came to visit him.  He's now ready to 
    talk about hoccer again, and mentions that there must be three on a team.  You 
    need to head back to Monster Village now to collect two additional team 
    members.  Go there and talk to Chucky, then Poco.  They'll both join your 
    team.  Now you can head back to the gym.
    When you arrive, you'll finally be able to play hoccer.  The goal is to kick 
    the ball into the goal a few times.  Motoro's team plays for blue, so that's 
    where you'll need to direct the ball.  Whoever scores the most goals in two 
    minutes wins.
    If the game is going well, you'll know it because both teams will have a low 
    score.  The trick is to use targeted attacks on the ball, which is the only 
    object you can strike with your drill.  Do a lot of jumping moves and keep the 
    ball moving toward the side where Motoro's team is.  It's not so much about 
    scoring a lot of goals; you'll probably score two or three by accident if you 
    have enough time with the ball.  Rather, it's about keeping the ball in your 
    possession most of the time so that Motoro and crew can't score.  When you 
    win, you'll receive a [GOLD MEDAL] as a reward.  Now you're done with the area 
    and can get back to dungeon crawling.
    Eggplant Caverns (Crystal Way) {W1032}
    Items: Afro, Ducky, Mystery Bag
    Puku will overtake Parin as she heads into the caverns to find Pino.  He warns 
    Parin that she's entering the most dangerous place in the world.  She tells 
    him to wish her luck, then heads into the cavern while Puku stands behind her 
    and ominously murmurs "No turning back."  When you gain control of Parin, head 
    forward to where a torch burns by a sign.  It says hot things must be cooled 
    down, so equip the Ice Parts you got in the park on the mountaintop and do 
    precisely that.  When the ethereal gate ahead lowers, start down the path and 
    into the dungeon's next room.
    Ahead, you'll see a platform with several columns and pots.  You can safely 
    step into that area and break the pots without triggering any confrontations.  
    Beyond, there is an icy area with some islands and a lever set on one.  Hop on 
    that while noting that if you miss and land on the ice you'll take damage 
    unless you're wearing the nightcap or goggles, then note that there's an enemy 
    in this area.  He's rather transparent and he falls quite easily to a few 
    swipes from the drill.  Pull the lever and you'll lower a barrier to your left 
    but raise one to your right.  Head left and break a pot.  There's a large 
    block and a groove here, but ignore it until you've pulled the lever that you 
    also find.  That will cause a moving platform to slide into place.  Now move 
    the crate so that it sits on the platform you just summoned, then pull the 
    lever again to send the crate flying over to a nearby platform.
    Return to the little ledge where you pulled the first lever and pull it again 
    to change which barrier is raised and which is lowered.  Now proceed to the 
    right and pull the lever there.  Break the pot as well.  Now that you've 
    pulled the lever, a platform will appear nearby.  Step onto it and it will 
    carry you over to the area you sent the crate.  Move the crate onto the nearby 
    switch to lower the gate ahead.  Now you can proceed to the next little 
    chamber, where a treasure chest waits.  It contains the [MYSTERY BAG] (which 
    itself holds [SHORTCAKE] if you take it back to Pamela in Tiese Town), but 
    you'll first have to worry about defeating two armored Phantoms that appear 
    when you enter the area.  They fall to short drill attacks nicely, but first 
    you'll have to approach the cannons they man.  You know the routine.
    When you grab the treasure, more Phantom enemies will drop from above to 
    attack.  There are three of them, all armored, and they'll be followed by two 
    more of the same as you defeat the first few.  Short drill attacks are the key 
    for all of these, with perhaps the occasional Drill Tornado attack once your 
    adversaries are stripped of their armor.  With the enemies tended to, you can 
    now look forward toward a strange stone wall ahead.  It has blue markings on 
    it that resemble the Ice Parts design.  Drill it with that item equipped and 
    it will fall apart, opening the path to proceed through the nearby door.
    As you enter, you'll see some blocks fall ahead of you.  Move toward them 
    while noting that there's another of the semi-transparent enemies sliding 
    around on the ice nearby.  Take care of him, then equip your Shock Parts and 
    light the four nearby stands.  This will set some platforms in the wall to 
    moving.  Jump up to the right one as you see it start to extend from the wall, 
    and from there jump to the moving platform on the left, which will carry you 
    over to a space you can pass through.  Now, there will be two shield enemies 
    to your right.  Take care of them quickly so their energy beams don't hit you.  
    Beyond them are three pots you should destroy, as well as a platform.  Step 
    onto it and it will carry you over to a ledge with a lever being circled by a 
    spiked ball.  Pull the lever and a new ledge will drift toward you, then come 
    to a halt.  Step onto it and it will carry you over a gap to a platform where 
    four Phantoms are waiting.  Short drill attacks will take care of them easily.  
    Now you're ready to pull the lever, which will cause another floating platform 
    to arrive.  Ride it over to a new ledge, where there's a stand you can step on 
    to recharge your dwindling energy supply.  You now have the option of three 
    platforms: two on the left and one on the right.  
    Start with the platform to the upper left (the one with another platform set 
    on the opposite side of the isle, to its right).  You'll ride over to a ledge 
    where you notice a Phantom and what seems to be a pot.  It's not actually a 
    pot, just a Phantom in disguise.  Destroy them both, then climb up the ladder 
    and break open a bin for some Junk.  Now climb back down and return to the 
    platform where you were able to select from three directions.
    This time, take the platform that's on the right side, by itself.  It will 
    drift over to a nearby ledge, where you can pull a switch again and ride yet 
    another platform.  Ride platforms and you'll work your way back around to the 
    area that formerly had three options, only now there are just two.  From where 
    you stand, step onto the one that's further away.  Now ride it across the gap 
    to the area where you broke open the Junk container.  There's a platform here 
    that wasn't before.  You can drop off the side and onto it for a ride to 
    another island, where a treasure chest contains the [POWER OIL].  Now return 
    to that island that used to have three options and as you arrive, next take 
    the platform that is to your right.
    This platform (which initially would have been closest to you when you arrived 
    on the ledge with those three choices) will carry you over to another ledge 
    where you can cross a small hallway to step on a beige-colored block.  It will 
    cause more to appear, which you can follow across a gap to a treasure chest 
    that contains the [AFRO] item.  How lovely.  Ride the ledge back across and 
    then head to your right, where some Phantoms are waiting.  Make sure that you 
    strip the sword away before a Phantom can use it on you, since it does severe 
    damage.  Also, kill the semi-transparent enemies that are lurking nearby.  
    Once the enemies are destroyed, the doorway to the next area will open.
    As you enter, you'll see a group of Phantoms ahead.  Observe them when 
    prompted, and you'll see them step onto a series of platforms and ride through 
    to the next area while one of their cohorts is late to the party and misses 
    the opportunity.  Apparently, there's a switch somewhere in the room.  Start 
    forward along the hallway and you're in a maze of sorts.  Ahead, you can walk 
    around the barrier to open a treasure chest that contains the [ENERGY OIL].  
    As you move through this area, note that there are spike traps along the 
    floor.  Wear something that will prevent that from hurting you.  The level 5 
    nightcap is ideal in this area, if you have it.  As you wander, you'll also 
    cause Phantom enemies to fall and attack.  They like to teleport around and 
    hurl fireballs, so when one is near you need to make full use of its 
    accessibility and reward it with a flurry of drill strikes.  Also, there's one 
    of the semi-transparent guys in the area, so be sure you take him down, as 
    well.  Another note: there's a bin with some Junk that you can collect, and a 
    pig-shaped vase with lots of money.  Don't miss either of them.  Your ultimate 
    objective is the turtle-shaped platform that was to your right as you entered.  
    Make your way around to it and ride it around the maze's outer perimeter.
    The turtle platform will take you to another of the strange stone formations 
    with blue markings.  Drill through it and continue into the next little 
    chamber, where you can destroy a shielded Phantom with some drill attacks and 
    also break open two more Junk bins.  There's also another of the semi-
    transparent guys to tend to.  When that's done, you might have to head back to 
    activate the turtle platform again, since before a stone structure blocked you 
    from riding it through to the end of its route.
    Pass through the door and you'll find that you're in the treasure room.  Your 
    reward when you step on the altar is the [DUCKY] item.  Yay!  Now you can exit 
    to the world map and head back to Monster Village.  Give the ducky to Chucky 
    and make his bath time fun again.  More mist will recede from the map and now 
    you can head deeper into the Eggplant Caverns.  There's also a new area to 
    your left, in the mountains.  Before you leave the village, though, give the 
    Afro to Poco.  He doesn't like it, but can't remove it.  Stand near him, then 
    jump and use your fire attack to burn it away.  You'll receive [PICTURE #5].  
    Now you're ready to explore the new area in Pimento Mountain.  
    Pimento Mountain (Dragon's Back) {W1033}
    Items: Gold Medal, Platinum Medal, Power Oil
    When you arrive here, you'll find a wide, icy clearing and there's a statue 
    that won't let you pass until you place your feet on its head.  After it makes 
    its demand, a crate falls in the center of the clearing.  This puzzle is easy 
    to solve.  Just move the crate so that it's next to the statue, then jump up 
    onto the crate and from there onto the statue's head.  Now the door will open 
    and you can proceed.
    As you enter the dungeon proper, you'll see two pots ahead of you, one to your 
    left and one on your right.  Destroy those, then continue beyond along an icy, 
    narrow trail that winds over a deep chasm.  You'll startle a Phantom, who will 
    turn and run for a nearby cannon.  You need to move quickly enough that he 
    doesn't arrive before you've made it free of the ledge.  Otherwise, at least 
    be prepared to jump his shots.  Once you reach the ledge, there are two other 
    Phantoms you must also keep in mind, and some pots to destroy.  Take care of 
    all of that, then follow the trail that starts at the gap in the fence ahead.
    The trail will make its way down along some ice, then to a snowy ledge.  From 
    that ledge, you can look ahead to see some ledges extending from and then 
    receding into the wall.  There are three of them.  Jump out as the first 
    starts to extend and from that one jump to the third without paying much heed 
    to the second, then run across it and jump to solid ground on the other side.  
    Break the pots you find there and continue along the trail.  These next few 
    ledges will drop out of place once you've put your weight on them for a 
    second, so keep moving and you'll soon arrive at the other side.  There's now 
    a weak wall to your right that you can drill for coins.  Do so and then look 
    left from where you first arrived on this ledge, to some pots along the edge 
    of the ledge.  Break those and beyond them, you'll see some enemies hanging in 
    space.  Use them as stepstools to cross to the other side of a wide gap.  
    On the new platform, you can refill your drill in the mound of dirt, then 
    press beyond it and through a hole in the fence, to another trail that winds 
    its way down along the side of the mountain.  You'll come to a ladder on the 
    edge of one platform, with a gap you can hop over to the right.  Drop down the 
    ladder to the area below and attack the wasp-shaped enemies there.  Then move 
    back left and you will see a gap with cool air blasting up it.  Wait for the 
    mist to vanish, then jump across to make a gift box appear.  Continue along 
    the path and break any pots along the way, until you work your way back up to 
    the top of the ledge.  You'll come back to the place where you first dropped 
    down the ladder.  Do so again, then look to your right to find the gift box 
    you caused to appear.  It contains a [PLATINUM MEDAL].  
    Now you'll see what looks like a log extended over a gap.  You must cross it, 
    but watch out for spike-tipped pendulums swinging back and forth.  When you 
    reach the other side, smash some vases and continue onto the ledge, where you 
    can step on a platform to restore any HP you've lost.  Do so, then proceed 
    through the next hole in the fence.  Follow this new path down the 
    mountainside, stopping to break a junk bin along the way and a pot nearby (the 
    pot is nestled against the base of a short ledge you drop down, just before 
    some finger-shaped bones).  Note that just beyond that, some of the ledges 
    will fall out from underneath you, so keep moving until you reach the bomb-
    tossing Phantom near the bottom.  Take him out with some short charge attacks 
    and look to the right.
    Here, there's a beige-colored platform.  You should know what to expect by 
    now.  Step onto it and another such ledge will appear out in space 
    momentarily.  Move across the gap using those beige stepping stones (you'll 
    have to jump between some) and on the other side, some wasps will attack.  
    Kill them, then move through the hole in the fence beyond them.  Don't miss 
    the pot as you drop over the first ledge and look for the other one that's 
    just past a drillable rock formation.  Then turn back and drill through the 
    rock.  Doing so will dislodge a Phantom, so be ready for him and take him out 
    with another short drill attack.  Then continue along the path and through the 
    door to the next portion of the area.
    From where you appear here, head toward your left and climb an icy ledge 
    leading upward.  It's dangerous, and as you reach the first fork in the road, 
    you'll have to defeat a Phantom that is armored and wants to toss bombs.  A 
    good attack should send him falling off the edge if you're the first to hit, 
    so make sure that you are.  From where the Phantom appears, head to the right 
    to break open some vases.  There's also a weak wall, so drill that and kill 
    the Phantom that it unearths.  Pull the nearby lever to make a bridge fall 
    nearby, then return to where the Phantom was and head beyond where he stood 
    (which should now be the icy path on your right, thanks to the change in 
    As you continue toward the bridge, two Phantoms will jump into a pit to your 
    right, then come out of the abyss on bats.  Keep moving forward so that you 
    can reach more solid ground.  As you arrive, target the flying enemies to 
    defeat them, then continue across the copper bridge that's now to your right.  
    At the end, dodge a shot from an enemy at a cannon, then take care of both the 
    cannon and the Phantom.  Continue beyond and you can follow a ledge to a 
    platform where you can refill your life.
    From the life-restoring platform, look ahead and there's a sign near an icy 
    precipice (there also are some pots, so make sure that you destroy them before 
    proceeding).  The sign references three tricky torches.  It's another note 
    from Motoro. A camera will pan left to an unlit torch.  Head in that direction 
    and you'll find some snowy ledges with a spiked pendulum swinging.  Keep 
    moving along it and you'll notice that to the right, there are some Phantom 
    enemies tossing bombs near a torch.  Take care of them and the nearby pots, 
    then light the torch with Fire Parts equipped on your drill before heading 
    back left toward the next torch.  You'll see a mound of soil where you can 
    recharge your drill, and beyond that some wasps.  Take care of the wasps, then 
    light a torch that waits to their left.  Now you need to head back toward 
    Motoro's sign.  As you get near, you'll see it to your lower right, while 
    straight ahead there's a ledge with two pots resting on it.  Jump out to that 
    ledge, break the pots, then continue onward.  A circular Phantom will attack.  
    Drill it to pieces, then continue beyond.
    More Phantoms are milling about there, near a torch.  Remove their armor with 
    charged drill attacks and then take care of the Phantom flesh beneath with 
    standard drill attacks.  Light the torch and you'll open a door elsewhere in 
    the stage.  Creep along the ledge around to its back side and you'll find a 
    treasure chest you can open to obtain [POWER OIL].  Now return to Motoro's 
    sign, and head beyond it toward the remaining portion of the area that you 
    haven't explored.
    You should see two spiked pendulums swinging around a bin you can break open 
    for junk.  Beyond that, head to the right and break some pots, then drill 
    through a weak spot in the wall.  You'll reveal a room beyond.  Step through 
    and a gate will come up.  Three Phantoms attack.  The big guy carries a sword, 
    so focus most of your efforts on removing his armor.  If you have the Fire 
    Parts equipped still, as you should, your special move will make quick work of 
    the whole Phantom crew.  Then the gate drops.  Smash the pig-shaped vase 
    before you head back out the door and onto the ledge.  Follow it around to the 
    right and smash open two pots along the way.
    Keep moving and you'll see the door to the next area, guarded by some green 
    enemies shaped like those you might remember from the volcano area of a 
    previous stage.  Take them out now as you did before, then go ahead through 
    the door and into the next portion of the stage.
    You're now at the base of some wooden steps leading up to a mine cart.  
    There's a lever to your right, but you can't pull it because it's stuck.  Head 
    up the stairs and jump into the mine cart.  A rock will fall and you will get 
    to ride down the cart, as you did in a previous stage.  Just mash the 'X' 
    button as you did before and you'll destroy all the enemies along the way 
    while for the most part avoiding hazards.  It seems like you do best if you 
    wait until rocks are upcoming, which is when the enemies seem to bunch 
    together the most.  It's pretty difficult to hit them all.  When you reach the 
    bottom, break open the vases before heading through the door and into the 
    level's treasure room.  You don't get a chance to retry the mine ride if you 
    miss any of the enemies, but missing them also doesn't affect your rating for 
    the stage.  You'll just miss out on a [GOLD MEDAL].  On the altar, you'll find 
    a [STEREO].
    Take the stereo to Poco in Monster Village and he'll be grateful, as expected.  
    More of the mist on the map will melt away and now you can explore the trail 
    that leads between the mountains and Motoro's Gym.  There's no time like the 
    Pimento Mountain (Heaven's Hill) {W1034}
    Items: Chocolate, Energy Oil, Fancy Shelf, Headdress, Mystery Bag(x2), Power 
    Heaven's Hill is located right along the furthest base of Pimento Mountain, 
    just shy of the forest that surrounds Motoro's Gym.  When you enter, an 
    elevator will take you down to the area's lower level.  There, you'll find a 
    statue that expects you to meet a certain criteria before he'll allow you to 
    pass.  He wants you to dazzle him with your martial skill.  A ball drops 
    nearby.  You can destroy it easily enough, but you need to do so in a manner 
    the statue will find memorable.  Use a special move to defeat the ball and the 
    statue will open the door for you.
    This area opens with two lines of three vases ahead of you.  Beyond those lie 
    some of the sleeping green enemies from the previous stage.  Break open the 
    pots and defeat the enemies with a frenzied series of attacks and Drill 
    Tornado moves.  At the apparent end of the trail beyond them, you'll find two 
    vases resting at the base of a weak wall.  Smash them, then drill through the 
    wall after equipping a gas mask or your high-level nightcap (preferably the 
    latter).  There's a Phantom just ahead, as well as a poisonous flower.  Use 
    charged drill attacks on them both for victory.
    You're now in a lava-filled area.  It should come as no surprise to you that 
    segments of the rock trail ahead will fall away when you place weight on them.  
    Head forward, then toward your left.  There's a plant on this ledge.  Defeat 
    it, then look toward your right.  A small ledge serves as a stepstool to the 
    next ledge, where there's a treasure chest.  There are two balls of fire that 
    arc over the stepstool, but they're close together.  Wait for both to pass, 
    then immediately hop over and open the chest to obtain [ENERGY OIL].
    Now return to the previous ledge, just past the one the fire arcs make so 
    dangerous, and you'll find that you can also proceed to a ledge where a 
    Phantom is standing guard next to a poisonous plant.  Jump over there and take 
    out guard and plant, then drill the weak wall the Phantom was guarding to 
    reveal a lever you can pull.  It causes a gate to open to the next area.  Some 
    Phantoms will also head out to await your arrival.  You're not there yet, 
    though.  Hop back over to the previous ledge and you'll notice the main, 
    narrow ledge winds over toward the area where you opened the door. 
    The easiest way to follow the ledge is to not follow it at all.  There's a 
    more substantial bit of land out to your right.  Make a long jump and you 
    should reach the ledge.  Then from there, jump out toward land to the diagonal 
    left and break open the pots you find there.  From where you break those pots, 
    you can jump left toward another ledge with a mound of dirt for recharging 
    your drill.  Do so, then continue along that ledge toward the left to where 
    there's a poisonous plant.  Now, look to your right and you'll see a Phantom 
    with some headgear, next to a poisonous plant.  Mark his location, but ignore 
    him for now.  Instead, jump to the narrow pedestal to the left after an arc of 
    lava passes, then from there to the next ledge where you can drill two rocks.  
    You can also drill a weak wall to reveal a treasure chest that contains 
    [CHOCOLATE].  Now return to the area near the Phantom in headgear.  Jump over 
    and take care of him with a charged drill attack, and the flower too.  Now 
    drill the weak wall behind him for some coins, if you wish them.
    Now it's time to head toward that door you opened by pulling the lever a 
    moment ago.  As you arrive, the Phantoms will be waiting.  One is encased in 
    ice, but you know by now that you can melt it if you have Fire Parts equipped.  
    Defeat that Phantom and his two cohorts, then smash the two vases before 
    proceeding through the opening and into the next portion of the stage.
    When you appear in this new room, start by jumping up the short ledge to the 
    right and breaking open a pot that's hidden behind a stone structure.  Now you 
    can return to the path and continue between the structures, then to the right 
    where some wasps wait.  Beat them, then hop up the short ledge to the right 
    and follow it to find a bin that contains some junk.  There also are some pots 
    to bust open and a mound you can drill to restore your drill meter.  Do so.  
    In this area, there's a weak wall you can drill to find a treasure chest that 
    holds a [MYSTERY BAG] (in town, Pamela will reveal that it contains 
    [CHOCOLATE]).  Now return to where you killed the wasps you'll see some arches 
    formed by the bone-shaped fingers.
    Don't head down that trail just yet.  Instead, head left and you should find 
    the top of a ladder that descends to an area below.  Drop down there and 
    you'll have to defeat four of the green slimes.  Once they're taken care of, 
    you can jump out along some ledges to find a treasure chest.  Note that the 
    ledges are guarded by swinging, spiked pendulums.  You'll have to get your 
    timing right, which usually means jumping and running just after a pendulum 
    swings past the lowest point of its inverted arc.  The chest contains [POWER 
    OIL].  Grab it and then return to the ladder.  You'll have to jump up some 
    short ledges to reach it.  Climb up the ladder, then head left and down the 
    trail through those arches I mentioned a moment ago.
    Partway down, your arrival will trigger the appearance of a gun-toting 
    Phantom.  His shots are pretty powerful, so you should work with short, 
    charged drill attacks to strip him of his weaponry as quickly as possible.  
    When he's gone, check around the back side of the nearby stone tower for a pot 
    that you can break.  There's a ledge you can walk out onto that will allow you 
    to make a long leap to the area off to your left.  It's only the area where 
    you just found the Power Oil, though, so don't worry about it for now (you'll 
    be back later, though).  Instead, continue along the path past the Phantom 
    gunslinger and you can drill the wall to find an archway leading through the 
    rock wall.
    Don't pass through the arch, though.  There are some pots and a junk bin 
    you'll want to break first.  Jump up onto the ledge to the upper left of the 
    archway you revealed, where you can break the pots and find the junk bin.  Now 
    you can pass through the arch and work around the base of the tower upon which 
    the junk bin rested.  You'll find a lever there.  Pull it and you'll cause a 
    ledge to start rising and falling elsewhere in the stage.  
    Now, it's time to get yourself an exciting little treat.  Head back to the 
    ledge that leads out to the area where you obtained the [POWER OIL].  You want 
    to return there, since now there's a ledge you can ride up to a gift box that 
    contains the [HEADDRESS] item.  Grab it, then make your way back around to the 
    tower above the area where you pulled the lever (it's the one where you found 
    the junk bin).  Jump from there out across the gap to a ledge where you'll see 
    a platform waiting that can restore your energy.  Let it do its job.
    Now you need to drill through a boulder to proceed.  Past it, you'll find a 
    gust of cold air.  You can only make it across the gap when the air is 
    gusting.  Wait until a gust begins, then jump quickly across and pull yourself 
    up onto the next ledge.  There are three pots there and a Phantom that would 
    like you to believe he is a fourth.  Destroy the three genuine articles with a 
    quick slash, then take the fourth out with a short, charged drill attack (a 
    long one is likely to send you flying over a precipice).  Now look ahead.  
    You'll see another ledge with three more pots.  Jump out there and destroy 
    those, then from that ledge jump forward again to another.
    Run along this ledge toward a waiting Phantom, smashing the vase along the 
    way.  The Phantom will retreat to a cannon, so be ready to dodge its fire as 
    you approach and take out the Phantom and his weapon with a short drill 
    attack.  Beyond him, there's a door you can pass through into the next segment 
    of the level.  
    From where you appear here, start by heading directly forward and breaking the 
    two pots that rest at the edge of a suspension bridge there.  On the other 
    side, there's a Phantom hiding behind some electrical charges.  Dash guard 
    through that barrier and the Phantom will run while leaving you to deal with 
    two of his armored companions.  Take them out with short drill attacks, and 
    also destroy the poles that generate the electricity.  On this level, there 
    are two pots.  Smash them and then head to the left and drop down, where you 
    can find more three pots to break around a boulder.  Now head back toward the 
    right, where the Phantom waits.  He'll run down a trail, but don't follow him 
    If you look left, there's another huge rock and some more pots you can break.  
    Take care of them and drill the rock.  To its left, there's a junk bin to 
    destroy.  Do so, then look beyond it and there are some enemies floating in 
    space.  Note their location, but you're not going to engage them just yet.  
    Instead, turn and follow the Phantom that fled down the trail.  He'll lead you 
    past several wasps, which you should of course defeat.  Continue beyond them 
    and your quarry will come to the base of the mountain trail.  Here, you should 
    be able to destroy him.
    There are now two directions you can head.  The end of the stage is toward the 
    right, but don't go there yet.  You'll want to go left instead, while noting 
    that there are spike traps waiting for you through a draw.  They're obvious.  
    The stone floor is full of the telltale holes.  Make your way past those while 
    wearing the ribbon or level-5 nightcap and you'll come to a fork in the path.  
    Start by heading toward the right.  It's a dead end, but there's a Phantom 
    there you'll want to beat.  When he's dead, return to the fork and head along 
    the left path, which you'll notice has a weak wall you can drill for coins.  
    Beyond that spot, you'll find a purple vase and three Phantoms waiting to 
    battle you.  One carries a magic wand and can rain lightning down from above, 
    so make sure you get rid of him as soon as possible.  After defeating the 
    Phantoms, break three pots open before continuing to the left. 
    You'll now find a vase you can break, at the top of a dead-end draw that heads 
    back to your right.  There's a spiked, armored enemy rolling around there, so 
    take care of him with some charged drill attacks.  He'll be joined by a 
    similarly-attired companion, but they're easy by this stage in the game.  
    Beyond them, a boulder blocks an opening.  Leave it there for now, as a 
    landmark.  It's time to do some backtracking, back up the draw and along the 
    cliff to the trail that leads back up to the top of the peak.  Remember where 
    those enemies were hanging out over the air, just before you chased the 
    Phantom down the cliff?  That's where you're headed.  When you reach them, 
    jump out to the first one and use a targeted attack, then do the same on the 
    second one and then the third.  Now fall left while leaning toward the cliff 
    wall that should now be to your left.  You'll land on a ledge below, if you 
    aimed right.  Trace it back to the left and you'll find a treasure chest that 
    contains the [MYSTERY BAG] (when you take this one back to town, Pamela will 
    open it to find the [COOKIE] item).
    Now head back to the boulder that you left untouched at the end of that draw 
    (the one where you fought the rolling, spike-covered enemies).  Drill it to 
    reveal a new area.  In that area, some bats will drop a huge, armored enemy.  
    This guy can take quite a bit of damage, even after you remove his armor, so 
    be ready for that.  The flying enemies remain, too, so you'll need to take 
    care of them.  They're not your priority until the big guy is gone, though.  
    You'll want to hammer on him with merciless launch attacks or he'll start 
    firing shots that will really have a negative impact on your life meter.  When 
    every enemy is gone, a gate on the far end of the corridor opens and you can 
    proceed through to the treasure room.  
    The altar there holds the [FANCY SHELF].  Take it to Pierre in Monster 
    Village.  He's grateful, and another portion of the world map will be 
    revealed.  You can't reach it just yet, but it's still nice to have it 
    cleared.  Before you do anything else, head into town and talk to Pamela to 
    investigate the contents of any mystery bags you've collected.  Now it's time 
    to return to Eggplant Caverns and tackle that next stage.
    Eggplant Caverns (Sapphire Line) {W1035}
    Items: Mystery Bag, Shortcake
    When you enter the stage, Motoro will battle Prince.  He does quite well for 
    himself, too, with only a sign as defense.  The two of them depart as Parin 
    arrives.  It's kind of a neat scene.  When you gain control of Parin, smash 
    pillars for coins and then head through the black opening into the next room.
    Directly ahead as you enter, you'll see a mound where you can recharge your 
    drill energy.  Beyond that waits a spike trap.  To the right of the mound, 
    start by breaking open three pots.  Then go ahead and use the mound if you 
    need before continuing past the spike trap to where some Phantoms wait.  Jump 
    right out into the middle of them and use two or three consecutive Drill 
    Tornado attacks to destroy them, as well as any nearby pots.  Now you can head 
    left along the corridor.  You'll want to equip the gas mask or nightcap.
    Through the archway, you'll find a Phantom encased in a shield, rolling toward 
    you.  Drill his barrier away, then take care of the juicy Phantom underneath 
    with a few more charged drills.  Now, there also is a junk bin in this area, 
    and there are some of the poisonous flowers and some pots.  Tend to all of 
    those elements with some more drill action, then note that the walls on the 
    left, right and far end of the room are all weak to your drill.  The wall to 
    the left hides a torch you can light to bring down a gate that was hiding 
    behind the wall to the right (which will crumble as you light the torch).  Now 
    two Phantoms will corner you in the room.  They have swords, so take care of 
    them quickly with some drill attacks or they'll do a lot of damage.  Also, 
    there's a semi-transparent enemy in the area that will try to make your battle 
    with the Phantoms difficult by sniping you from a distance.  Make sure that 
    you take him out before heading to the preceding room.  Before heading through 
    the opening you revealed, drill the wall that's now to your left to get some 
    coins.  Now pass through into that next room.  
    There's a ledge ahead that you will climb onto shortly, but first head left 
    toward the area with the brown floor surrounded by a narrow ring of lava.  
    Some Phantoms will attack you there.  Take them out and you'll activate ledges 
    near the platform you saw when you first entered the room.  Some Phantoms will 
    materialize on it and start throwing bombs.  Take them out with charged drill 
    attacks, then step onto the moving platform.  Then you can ride over to a 
    lever and pull it to open the door below.  Kill the nearby enemy--who is hard 
    to see because he blends in with the lava--and break the vases to either side 
    of the door you just opened by pulling the lever.  Now proceed through it and 
    you're in the next portion of the dungeon.
    In this room, you're at one end of a long corridor.  Start forward and you'll 
    cause two Phantoms to jump from high ledges.  They are wearing caps on their 
    head that let them fire projectiles, so drill those off and then finish them 
    up with regular or Drill Tornado attacks.  They're weak to your Fire Parts, it 
    seems.  Ahead, you'll see moving platforms suspended in the air above an area 
    below.  Go ahead and drop down to that area (there's a ladder for when you 
    need to get back up).  There's a Phantom there manning a cannon, so take out 
    his weapon with a charged shot, and use the same technique on the Phantom 
    itself.  Now, look back to the ledge where you descended the ladder.  You can 
    drill the wall there to find a treasure chest that holds [SHORTCAKE].  Now 
    continue past where you destroyed the cannon and keep moving beyond and toward 
    the gradual left.  There are two pots resting against the base of a wall 
    there, on either side of a junk bin.  Destroy all three and from there head 
    left to take out another armored Phantom and cannon.
    Now go ahead and climb the ladder back up to the top area.  Jump on one of the 
    moving ledges, which moves in a square area.  That movement will take you past 
    three areas where stone columns rest on pink, semi-transparent slabs.  Drill 
    each slab with a short drill attack as you pass to send the stone columns 
    crashing down to reveal an opening ahead.  Ignore the right path for now, 
    which is blocked by a gate, and head to the north and west paths.  Each has a 
    torch at its end that is lit.  Use the Ice Parts to extinguish the torches, 
    and also fight any Phantoms that appear.  On the left path, there's a Phantom 
    disguised as a pot.  Defeat it and smash the nearby pot before jumping back on 
    the moving platform.  
    Now, you can ride over to the right ledge and extinguish a final torch to open 
    a gate if your only interest is completing the stage, but that will cause you 
    to miss a treasure chest that contains the [MYSTERY BAG] (and also some 
    enemies that count toward your level completion goals).  Before you jump on 
    that ledge, then, ride the platform so that it's at the upper right area of 
    its track, then make a long leap from there to a platform in the distance.  
    You should be able to just make the jump.  Continue along the path and you can 
    defeat two of the semi-transparent enemies, plus open that chest I mentioned.  
    Now return to the area with the ladder, climb up and ride the moving platform 
    again.  This time, head to the right platform.
    There, you'll extinguish the final torch and cause a gate to open.  Ahead, 
    there are two Phantoms you'll have to defeat.  Break open a junk bin, too.  
    There's also an enemy sliding around on the lava in this general area (he may 
    be in the next little square area with all the spike traps), so don't miss 
    him.  Break open the vases shaped like pigs for some coins, then head toward 
    the final room ahead.  A gate will come up and a gloved Phantom will attack.  
    Defeat him with some charged drill attacks and the gate will drop so that you 
    can head to the next portion of the stage.
    You're already at the treasure room!  Jump onto the altar to grab the [CEDAR 
    CHEST].  Now it's time to head back to Monster Village.  Give the chest to 
    Rocko.  More Dark Mist will vanish from the map, as expected.  Now you can 
    head deeper into the Eggplant Caverns.  Before you do, take a detour to Tiese 
    Town and have Pamela open the mystery bag you found in the preceding level.  
    You'll receive the [PHARAOH HAT].  Sweet!  Take it back to Rocko.  He's not 
    sure he likes it once you place it on his head.  Talk to him again and you'll 
    find that he's gone mad with power.  He thinks he's a real pharaoh.  Use a 
    fully charged drill attack to break him free of his reverie and you'll receive 
    [PICTURE #6] for your trouble.  Now you can go ahead and return to the world 
    map and head to that next dungeon.
    Eggplant Caverns (Ruby Cave) {W1036}
    Items: Mystery Bag, Old Scroll, Shortcake
    Though by the time you can reach Ruby Cave you can also head along Topaz Path 
    (which is actually closer to Monster Village), you should start with Ruby 
    Cave.  It's an area that was visible on the map awhile ago, but you couldn't 
    get there until now.  Since that has changed, it's time to do some exploring.
    From the entrance of the area, head up a staircase.  You'll see a frozen 
    fountain at the center of that area.  Beyond it, there's a statue that won't 
    let you through the gate unless you satisfy his criteria.  He gives you a 
    clue: "One of my brothers differs from the rest of us.  Where does he reside?" 
    You can pay 1000 coins for a clue or you can pay 5000 to pass.  Or, you can 
    answer the question correctly.  The answer has something to do with Spinach 
    Caverns, though I don't know what.  I just pay the 5000 to pass, since money 
    is common by this stage in the game.
    Beyond the statue you'll head up some stairs and into the next room.  There, 
    you're at the start of a path leading forward toward three vases.  Advance to 
    them, break them, then defeat some spidery enemies beyond.  They fall easily 
    to Spin Drill attacks, or even to a flurry of normal strikes.  Beyond them, 
    drill a stone wall with Ice Parts equipped to reveal the next corridor.  Head 
    down it and as you walk into the next area, you'll fight more of the spidery 
    creatures and an armored Phantom.  All should fall easily to short drill 
    attacks.  Continue along the path and you'll be able to break two vases.  
    There's a semi-transparent guy hiding in the lava here, so make sure you 
    defeat him before continuing left along the path.  Ahead, a Phantom will drop 
    into a spiked ball and fall to an area below.  You'll also see some ledges you 
    can't reach from where you stand.  It's time to drop down in the direction the 
    Phantom went.
    When you land, be ready for that Phantom that you saw a moment ago.  He's got 
    a fairly long life meter, so expect a tough fight as such encounters go.  Wear 
    headgear that can protect you from trap hazards, too.  The level-5 nightcap is 
    perfect.  While you're taking care of enemies, watch out for two of the semi-
    transparent guys hiding in the ice pools around you.  They're good at hiding 
    and screwing your chances at perfect level completion.  When the enemies are 
    gone, head to the base of a ledge with a ladder and a weak wall you can drill 
    to its right.  You'll find a cache of coins.  Now climb up the ladder and up 
    top, there are two Phantom enemies.  Defeat them quickly and you'll notice two 
    treasure chests on higher ledges.  One contains [SHORTCAKE], the other a 
    [MYSTERY BAG].  They're rather difficult to reach, but if you run and jump at 
    the walls then twist sideways as you start to fall, you can grab the ledges 
    and pull yourself up to open the chests.  There's a gate beyond those ledges 
    to the next area, but you can't open it yet.
    Turn back around the way you came and you'll see a narrow ledge extending out 
    toward a beige-colored platform.  Hop to that ledge and step onto the platform 
    to cause another to appear.  The platforms here disappear much more quickly 
    than any you've encountered before.  Run directly forward and plenty will 
    appear as you go, so that you'll reach the far ledge.  There, break open some 
    pots and refill your energy on the charging station, if desired.  Note that 
    one of the pots in this area--next to the white tile with red markings--is 
    actually a Phantom in disguise.  Beat him, then step on the white tile to make 
    some boxes appear down on the lower level of the stage.  Head back over to the 
    energy refilling station, then start across the left beige platform.  You'll 
    want to run in a straight line until you're even with the red crystal to your 
    left.  You can stand there on a more solid ledge that appears and drill the 
    crystal to send the column above it falling to the left.  Now cross over that 
    column to the ledge.
    There's a platform there you can jump onto, with a junk bin resting on top.  
    Break it open to collect some junk, then drop down behind it and step on a 
    circular yellow switch.  Parin will warp through to a new area.  Continue 
    along that hallway, while watching for spikes.  One of the semi-transparent 
    goons will also attack, so beat him.  At the end are the two crates you 
    dropped.  Push them off the end of the ledge and then drop down to the area 
    below.  Now push the column of two crates over to the switch.  Once they are 
    put in place, the crates will keep the switch pressed and open the door at the 
    edge of the corridor so you can pass through to the next room.
    You're at the start of another hallway.  Continue along the hallway toward the 
    area beyond and there will be electric lights sparkling across the area, with 
    Phantoms held in them.  Equip something to avoid trap damage, like the high-
    level nightcap, and dash guard through, then turn around and destroy the poles 
    that are generating the electricity.  Take out the two Phantom enemies, as 
    well.  Beyond there, spiked holes will allow spikes to come up from 
    underneath.  Walk around there and you'll see a stack of crates and also a 
    raised ledge with a treasure chest.  I haven't figured out how to reach the 
    dang chest yet.  Sorry about that.  Nearby, there's a weak wall you can drill 
    to enter a new room.  Do so.
    As you enter this room, an armored Phantom will attack.  Drill him quickly, as 
    he has lots of defense and also carries a powerful weapon.  When he's gone, 
    you're free to explore in safety.  There are several iced over pools in this 
    room, and weak walls to the left and back sides of the room.  The back wall 
    holds a coin cache, the left a ledge with three levers.  They have to be 
    pulled in a certain order, I believe middle, right, then left (though that 
    could be wrong; someone correct me if it is, please) or you won't get them all 
    facing away from the entrance at the same time (which is your goal).  When you 
    pull them correctly, you'll lower a nearby barrier.  Pass through and there 
    will be four Phantoms waiting to wail on you.  Drilled shots are necessary 
    here, and these guys move quickly and work as a team in the narrow corridor.  
    Keep restorative items in mind, as you may need them.
    Once you destroy those Phantoms, you can continue left (destroy the semi-
    transparent guy that lurks here in the shallow ice area) and there are some 
    spiked balls floating around, plus more Phantoms just short of the doorway 
    into the level's next area.  The doorway is blocked by a boulder.  Kill the 
    Phantoms, drill through the stone (you'll want to have the Ice Parts equipped) 
    and also catch the semi-transparent monster nearby before you head through the 
    door and into the treasure room.  Jump to the altar to grab the [OLD SCROLL].  
    Now when you return to Monster Village, give it to Rocko.  He'll make more 
    mist disappear from the map.  Next go to Tiese Town and Pamela will open your 
    mystery bag to reveal [CHOCOLATE].  Now head to the world map and make your 
    way to the next dungeon.
    Eggplant Caverns (Amethyst Road) {W1037}
    Items: Energy Oil, Mystery Bag, Platinum Medal, Power Oil, Teddy Bear
    This stage, positioned in the bottom left area of Eggplant Caverns, begins 
    with a long hallway that leads up to a statue.  It tells you that you'll need 
    to show it your favorite repast if you wish to pass.  It wants you to eat a 
    treat in front of it.  Chow down on a shortcake and it'll be satisfied and 
    open the gate so that you can proceed into the next corridor.  One note: your 
    life is probably full and the game won't let you eat the shortcake in that 
    condition.  Drop down onto the ice strip near the statue without the proper 
    headgear and you can take some damage.  Then it's possible to eat the 
    Once you appear in the next area after passing through the gate the statue 
    finally opened, you'll see a portal straight ahead, along with a rock wall.  
    You can drill through the wall, of course.  Make sure you have the Fire Parts 
    equipped and head into the next area.  You'll also want to be wearing 
    something that helps you avoid traps, since it's full of spikes.  There are 
    also four of the semi-transparent guys along the edge of this area, so make 
    sure that you destroy them all.  You'll have to skirt the outer edge to get a 
    treasure chest that's in the area, as well.  It contains the [MYSTERY BAG].  
    Your ultimate goal in this area is to light all of the torches, which will 
    drop the gate at the end of the room.  Then you can head there and drill 
    through the rock wall to proceed into the dungeon's next segment.
    Here, you'll see some enemies conferring ahead and a rock will drop in their 
    midst.  Head forward and take out the nearest Phantom as usual, with a few 
    quick drill slashes.  Past them, you'll see platforms to the left and right of 
    the ledge.  Ride the one on the right to reach a ledge where you can restore 
    your life.  From that life-refilling platform, step straight ahead to the 
    single platform visible there and use your drill while the Shock Parts are 
    equipped to activate a lift.  Now ride the ledge back over to the previous 
    ledge, where you refilled your energy.  From where you dock on that platform, 
    take the glowing platform to your left.  When you arrive, head across the 
    corridor to the other platform and ride it to a ledge where two Phantoms stand 
    near cannons.  Drill their armor away and beat them and their cannons, then 
    step to the platform that was to your left as you arrived.  It will carry you 
    over to a ledge with another switch.  Use your drill on it to activate another 
    lift.  Now ride your platform back over to where you launched it from.  Ride 
    the lift that is to your right (again) and then cross the hallway and ride the 
    lift that you see directly ahead of you.  You're back on the familiar platform 
    with the energy-refilling patch.  Now ride the moving platform that is 
    directly to your left.  It will take you to a ledge that's full of spike 
    traps.  Nearby, there are some enemies floating in the air.  Use them as 
    springboards to reach the ledge above (even though there's a ladder) and pull 
    the lever you find there.  You'll drop a barrier on the opposite end of the 
    The nearby ledge will give you a ride across the wide gap, where you can fight 
    an armored Phantom, but don't go there yet.  First, you want to backtrack to 
    the early platforms, where one you couldn't access before now leads you to the 
    platform where the treasure chest rests.  There, open it to find the [POWER 
    OIL].  Before you can do that, though, you'll have to defeat two armored 
    Phantoms that attack you when you arrive.  Once they're gone, claim your 
    treasure and return to the ledge where you found the ladder and the 
    springboard enemies near a ladder.  Now ride the platform over to the new area 
    on the room's opposite side.  Here, you'll also find two semi-transparent 
    goons you'll want to defeat before dropping down the edge of the ledge.  
    You'll find a patch of soil here to recharge your drill, as well as a junk 
    bin.  Collect the junk, then run toward the exit door.  There are some enemies 
    here but they aren't armored.  Take them out with a few quick attacks, then 
    drill the rock wall they guarded and proceed into the next room.
    You'll be greeted here by another rock wall.  Drill through it and proceed.  
    Now, be ready for a beating.  A total of ten Phantoms will attack you here, 
    two at a time.  They are all armored, and they get progressively tougher as 
    you go.  The last two pairs are particularly dangerous: two of them are boxers 
    and two are swordsmen.  Keep moving around and using your Drill Tornado if 
    they're getting too close and you don't have time to charge your drill.  Beat 
    the lot of them and also collect the junk from three bins.  Break any vases, 
    too.  Then proceed through the gate that opens.
    Here, there are some spike traps to navigate, and beyond that you'll be 
    attacked by three of the semi-transparent goons.  Make sure you're wearing 
    your nightcap or the ribbon, since you'll otherwise take a lot of damage here 
    while skating around on the icy surface.  From where those goons attack, you 
    can head left to find a treasure chest that contains the [COOKIE] (and another 
    goon waiting in the wings).  Step in the groove there to make a gift appear 
    elsewhere in the area.  Head right and you'll find a [PLATINUM MEDAL] where 
    you beat those first three goons.  Now head right to where you see a treasure 
    chest waiting.  Open it to receive the [ENERGY OIL].
    Straight ahead from where you opened the gift box, you'll come to a large room 
    full of levers.  Two of the semi-transparent goons circle the outer edges of 
    the room, so tend to them first.  Then turn your attention to the levers.  You 
    need to pull them in a certain order.  Here's a diagram of their layout:
    [B] [C] [D] [E] [F]
    [G]     [H]     [I]
    [J] [K] [L] [M] [N]
    Note that lever 'A' resets everything.  There are two switch combinations you 
    want to use.  The first is:
    B, J, L, D, F, N
    The treasure chest that appears will contain the [MYSTERY BAG].  There are two 
    other chests in this area, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to 
    get them.  Anyone know the answer to this?  If so, let me know.  It must have 
    something to do with the switches, but I can't figure out what other 
    combinations unlock any secrets.  Once you're done in the area, continue to 
    the next room to find the dungeon's treasure.  It's the [TEDDY BEAR].  Take it 
    to Chucky in Monster Village to remove more mist from the world map.  Take 
    your mystery bag to Pamela in Tiese Town, also, for the [HELMET].  Now head to 
    the world map and the next dungeon.
    Eggplant Caverns (Topaz Path) {W1038}
    Items: Life Gem
    This is the final area you'll want to explore in Eggplant Caverns.  When you 
    enter, you'll see a mysterious crystal hovering over a large stone pedestal.  
    Puku and Parin are alone in the area.  He tells you that there must be a 
    switch to lower a gate that rises nearby.  He suggests that four pillars in 
    the area may hold the key.  Go ahead and drill the holes positioned at the 
    base of each pillar.  Once you've succeeded, you'll trigger a cut scene.  Some 
    interesting plot details that you should have guessed by now will be revealed.
    Once the plot sequences end, you should continue through the door that opened.  
    When you appear in the next area, you'll be at the start of a long hallway.  
    Follow it forward and toward the left, where you'll find a glowing platform.  
    Ride it to the top, then step forward.  Now you'll get to battle the prince as 
    he rides around on his beast, Giga.
    Boss Battle: Giga
    This is just the warm-up battle, so you shouldn't have much trouble with it.  
    Giga stays in place at the center of the arena and swings his arms around 
    wildly, but for the most part those attacks are unlikely to even touch you.  
    He'll posture for a bit, then cause a bunch of boulders to fly up from the air 
    around him, then all converge on the place where he waits.
    Make sure that the boulders don't harm you when he's doing that, then start 
    drilling them with short drill attacks to chip away at his shield.  Note that 
    during this time, he will flash purple.  He's invulnerable as long as that is 
    happening, so focus on the boulders instead of his body.  When you've removed 
    enough of the boulders, the remainder should fly away.  They'll start to 
    tremble before that happens, so back out of the way so they don't harm you.
    Once the boulders are gone, Giga will be a dark blue color and vulnerable to 
    your attacks.  That's your hint to move in and start using charged drill 
    attacks.  You don't want to power up the drill all the way, just partway so 
    that you can get off a few nice bursts.  As you continue to wail on him, he'll 
    eventually start to gather boulders around him to repeat the process you just 
    went through.  You'll have to repeat the steps around three or four times, but 
    you should eventually drain his life meter completely.  Victory is yours.  At 
    least... sort of.
    The battle with Giga is over, but the Prince is far from finished.  As his 
    beast fades away, he'll jump down to face you himself.  Parin is delighted.  
    The true battle has begun.
    Boss Battle: The Prince
    This battle isn't much more difficult than the one with Giga, so don't worry 
    too much.  The Prince is much more mobile than his mount was, and his attacks 
    can do a fair bit of damage if they hit you, but his life meter isn't as 
    robust as you might expect.  You'll probably want two or three chocolates to 
    carry you safely through the encounter, but that should be enough.
    Basically, the Prince wanders around the arena in wide, quick circles.  He'll 
    charge you at various points.  What you want to do is get in close enough to 
    use a targeted attack, then follow that up with as many launch attacks as you 
    can manage before the Prince retreats.  He'll either back away, or head to the 
    edge of the arena and disappear that way.  In either event, you can expect the 
    next attack to come from the center of the arena.  Always look there for the 
    Prince's approach.
    Also, don't walk around at all unless you're getting ready to jump and use a 
    target attack.  Instead, you should be using the dash guard move to get around 
    the arena.  That way, you're not caught in the crossfire if the Prince decides 
    to use one of his projectile attacks (he has two).  The same move also helps 
    you to avoid him when he starts whirling around like a tornado, blade 
    extended.  During such times, you can and should use a targeted attack to put 
    an end to his rampage and to continue draining his life meter.  All things 
    considered, it's a rather simple battle.  Cream was harder.
    When you defeat the Prince, he'll shout "I was so close!" and then vanish.  
    The standard [LIFE GEM] will appear at the center of the arena and when you 
    touch it, the level is completed.
    The game isn't, however.  The Prince says he was just buying time.  The scene 
    flashes back to Monster Village, and even to Tiese Town.  Rumbling shakes the 
    very planet.  New events transpire, and it looks like you might have another 
    battle for a moment, but that's not the case.  You're granted a reprieve, and 
    now a new area is available on the world map.  The game will allow you to save 
    your progress.  Do so, then head back to Tiese Town to stock up on healing 
    supplies.  Also, make sure that you use the Life Gem item so that you will 
    have the maximum amount of health available when you head into that final 
    battle.  When you're done, go ahead and visit the next dungeon.
    Oblivion Abyss {W1039}
    Items: Energy Oil(x2), Power Oil(x2), Shortcake(x2)
    The area at the northernmost section of the map is completely optional and 
    completely brutal.  Your only real reward if you attempt it and come away 
    successful is the swell of pride you'll feel welling up in your chest.  Still 
    interested?  Okay!
    When you enter, you're on a long path that winds its way over an orange glow 
    (lava, probably) far below.  There's one small pit to jump, but that's easily 
    done by now.  You'll reach double doors at the far end of the chamber.  Go 
    ahead and pass through them.
    In this next room, there's the carcass of what looks like an old dinosaur.  
    The path ahead is quite narrow, but go ahead and start over the bones.  This 
    is going to be a painful revelation, but the bones crumble away as you put 
    your weight on them.  They're awfully narrow in the first place, so this 
    doesn't help matters any.  You have to rush out to the center area, where 
    there's a long bone that spreads the width of the cavern.  That's a safe place 
    to stop and get your bearings, and also allows you to access three gifts to 
    the right and three to the left, if you can walk over to grab them without 
    falling into the lava.  The gift boxes on the right contain [POWER OIL], 
    [ENERGY OIL] and [SHORTCAKE].  On the left are [ENERGY OIL], [POWER OIL] and 
    [SHORTCAKE].  If you've brought all of that stuff with you already, the gift 
    boxes do no good except toward your level ranking.
    If you cross the bones and reach the other side of the lava lake, you'll find 
    another pair of double doors that leads into a battle chamber.  When you jump 
    down from the ledge ahead, you'll face a new monster.  His name is Black Bean.
    Boss Battle: Black Bean
    This battle will kick your butt and I really don't know how else to say it.  I 
    haven't been able to completely win it, though I do manage to get his health 
    down pretty low.  Then he uses an instant kill move that I haven't found a way 
    to avoid.  Pointers would be appreciated.
    When the battle starts, Black Bean and you will be alone in the arena.  It's a 
    pretty straight-forward battle at this point.  Just move in and use as many of 
    your launch attacks as you can.  Keep his life meter draining and you'll get 
    him down a fair bit before he even knows what happened.  Then he'll start 
    dropping little balls of aura as he dashes around.  Keep avoiding those while 
    you continue to hammer on your little opponent.
    When he's taken enough damage like that, he'll begin to split into clones.  
    These clones don't all take damage that will cause his life meter to shrink.  
    The best thing you can do is have them all attack you from the sides, at which 
    point your Drill Tornado attacks will be your friend.  You can do pretty hefty 
    damage if you hit Black Bean with your most powerful attacks at this point.
    While Black Bean is split into multiple images, he has a few attacks.  Mostly 
    he just fires projectiles of one sort or another.  You can dash guard to avoid 
    those and sneak in some hits of your own when you get the chance.  When the 
    three Black Bean figures converge on the center of the arena and start to run 
    in fast circles, you'll hear a hum as a pillar of aura slowly spreads.  
    Quickly run to the edge of the arena when you see or hear this happening, and 
    you'll find some bat enemies.  You can use them as stepstools to climb above 
    the impending blast.  Don't fowl up here or you'll drop and take damage.  It's 
    not severe damage, but it's damage you don't need.
    When the blast is gone, the bats also will vanish and you can drop to the 
    arena to continue your pounding.  When you get his life meter down to around 
    1/3, Black Bean will declare that he is now made.  Rings will soon appear in 
    the cavern floor and as you rush to avoid them, a huge blast will shake the 
    entire cavern.  It instant kills me.  Let me know if you have better luck and 
    find a way to avoid it.
    Once you defeat Black Bean, something presumably happens.  I've heard it's 
    nothing significant and that there are no material rewards for victory.  I 
    wouldn't know, since I've not attained it.  When Black Bean is defeated, it's 
    time to go ahead and face the game's final encounters so that you can see how 
    everything ends.  
    Great Fang {W1040}
    Items: None
    Great Fang is simply a hallway leading to a strange corridor beyond.  When 
    Parin enters, she'll find Pino hanging suspended in a cage from some chains.  
    Before you can save her, Tokaron attacks.  You must defeat him.
    Boss Battle: Tokaron
    During the first wave of Tokaron's attacks, you can't really hurt him.  Just 
    try to avoid his attacks with dash guard moves to either side and don't fall 
    off the ledge.  You can hang from the edge if you like--which sometimes makes 
    it easier to avoid the dragon flames--but that's it.  When you've survived for 
    a little while, Pino will shout that there are cannons in the area you should 
    be able to use to defeat the dragon.  Parin complains that she's too busy 
    dodging attacks, which is when Motoro appears on a ledge below and starts 
    firing cannon shots.  He'll buy you some time, he says.
    Now the action resumes as the ledge you're riding continues its whirling 
    ascent.  During this second phase, you must continue avoiding attacks from the 
    dragon.  It likes to send lightning bolts down on you from above at this 
    juncture.  The dash guard move will allow you to dance around them, but also 
    watch when he sends two glowing orbs toward you.  Electricity will arc between 
    them momentarily, so make sure you're not standing in the way.  After you 
    dodge this series of attacks long enough, another cannon shot will hit the 
    dragon.  It will duck out of sight for a moment, then return to view again.  
    This time, it's blue in color.
    Now you just have to dodge some ice attacks.  Even if you're struck, the ice 
    attacks won't damage you much.  Just use dash guard attacks and in a moment, 
    someone will intervene in the battle.  The dragon will take another hit, then 
    collapse toward the ground.  This particular battle is over. 
    The dragon lies in a heap on the cavern floor.  All of your monster friends 
    join you to celebrate, but it seems the celebration was premature.  The 
    monster lifts its head, then inhales all your pals.  It rises to its feet to 
    battle you and begins to change form until much of its body is covered in 
    protective armor.  Now the real battle has begun...
    Boss Battle: Armored Tokaron
    This battle is definitely a tough one, so hopefully you didn't lose too much 
    life in the previous round.  Tokaron has a lot of armor that protects him from 
    your attacks as he prances around the arena.  What you want to do is use drill 
    attacks to chip away at that armor.  That gives you more ways to hurt him, 
    since his vulnerable head isn't always down within range.
    Basically, Tokaron will use multiple attacks that do pretty severe damage if 
    they manage to strike you.  The green laser beams are a big deal.  However, 
    they seem to follow you anywhere that gets you close enough to damage Tokaron, 
    so you might as well aim for his chest and head.  If you keep your flurry of 
    attacks fast and furious, his life meter will drain at a fairly steady rate 
    and you'll win before he can recover from the damage you've done to his armor.
    With that said, maintaining that pace can be difficult, and eventually the 
    beast will regenerate his armor.  After awhile of taking damage because you've 
    drilled away his armor, Tokaron will fly into the sky and you'll see the 
    design of a pentagram traced across the ground.  Make sure you're between the 
    edges of the star, which will shortly begin to turn in a slow circle.  Keep 
    away from the glowing lines, which can harm you.  The attack lasts only a 
    moment before Tokaron finally discontinues it.  By then, he'll have recreated 
    his armor.  Then it's time to strip it away and keep repeating the tactics 
    that worked for you before.
    This battle can last a long time if you're not ferocious and quick to take 
    advantage of the moments Tokaron is at his weakest.  If you maintain a steady 
    offensive, though, you probably won't go through even half your supply of 
    goodies.  Then the battle is over and Tokaron is defeated.  Congratulations!
    And that's it.  You've beat the game at last.  Now you get to enjoy the 
    ending.  Talk to the monsters in Monster Village, then talk to Motoro at his 
    gym.  You'll learn a few things you probably already knew and then it'll be 
    time to return to Monster Village because something is happening.  When you 
    arrive--which you do automatically--you'll see that Parin has reason to leave 
    the village, and quickly.  Once she passes through the portal, the game's 
    credits roll.  But is the adventure really over?  No, it is not!
    Now you can play through again on a new difficulty level (assuming you played 
    on 'Normal' the first time through).  There's a new sub-quest and there are 
    more outfits to obtain.  You start with the option to change into a nice set 
    of Pajamas if you wish it, and you get to keep your stats (but not HP 
    increases) as you start this next trip through the game.  You'll even retain 
    your wallet full of gold and any junk you had in your inventory when you beat 
    Tokaron.  Enjoy!
    I'll add content to this section once people start asking me questions, which 
    in theory could happen at some random point in the unforeseen future.
    This FAQ wouldn't have become the brilliant work of literature that it is 
    without the help of a few key individuals.  I'm thanking them now, because I 
    am a grateful person.
    GhostOfLegault: Thank you for the ASCII artwork of the PSP.  You are a prince 
    among princes and my attempt was ugly beyond belief.
    If you're looking at this list and thinking to yourself "Hey, I helped too and 
    he's not saying a dang thing," that can be fixed.  Well, if you actually 
    helped me, it can.  Just drop me a line and I'll express my gratitude publicly 
    and with enough vigor that you might be downright embarrassed.
    If you need to reach me for any issues not properly addressed within the body 
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