Which goalfinchs Mutate into a rare goalfinch?

  1. I want to get a black and a white goalfinch but i dont know any special birds to get or any curtain bird you need to capture to get them? please need help

    User Info: oblivionSR

    oblivionSR - 9 years ago

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  1. As far as I know, you will have to capture a big white bird (maybe 2)
    Feed it and capture it.
    If you are lucky, do a clean sweep and your bird will mutate into white, adding all stats by 2.
    (Black is not recommended as it DECREASES stats by 2, though it looks cool)

    User Info: Nobunaga0da

    Nobunaga0da - 9 years ago 1   0


  1. Either:
    1.You get clean sweep and hope that the goalflinches mutate into Black or white,
    2.Feed the white/black birds till they are fat.Catch them,get clean sweep.
    (Depends on which colour of mutated goalflinch that you want)
    And,White birds add 1 to every stats while Black adds 2 to every stats.

    User Info: Dexthe

    Dexthe - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. You are sooooooooo wrong. You need to catch at least one of the birdies, whether white or black. How many birds you catch or what habitat or result DOES NOT MATTER. Luck must be on your side. Mutation increases stats by 2 for white and 4 for black. Going to the Grotto is advisable, but it doesn't matter anyway, but the resulting white bird will be good. I got a black bird with 20 speed that way.

    User Info: Jyles911

    Jyles911 - 8 years ago 0   0

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