PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/14/06CrazyFool42012K
100% complete, all gold medals, and unlocks...Everything except Gen Stratson.
Save Game File12/22/06kbuhhh12K
72%complete- normal/hard beat -all weapons upgraded-all challenge games done w/gold-all money found
Save Game File06/09/07cadman1312K
Chapter 1-4 100% Chapter 5 84%(no co-op) All Golds on all challenges with every mission beaten on every difficulty.. every character except Hakha
Save Game File06/10/07Sawashiez12K
Easy, Normal and Hard completed. Gold on all Challenges. All Vektan $ found. 84% Game Completion
Save Game File11/12/06AC_Blaze12K
Every thing unlocked for the Single Player. All weapons upgraded (88,000), all abilities upgraded (gold medals), and unlocked Juke Box, some characters and some online rewards=55% Completion . Co-op and Multi Player are untouched
Save Game File07/04/19Xenosagaxxx12K
Game Completed
Save Game File11/26/06CHAVEZ199112K
Killzone file normal,easy done level 3.4 and up left.
Save Game File11/07/06angelhunter7117K
Killzone game Done with level 2 guns but still need to do Challenge mode but I open 3 items
Save Game File06/25/07ChenYuhsin12K
Perfect GameSave, CH.1 ~ CH.5 100% Complete, 0 Death, All Unlocked!!!
Save Game File11/28/06TheManJake12K
Storyline(Normal and Hard mode) beaten, All challenge games beaten. 78% Multi-player is untouched

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File01/12/07TheGBAman12K
Easy, Normal and Hard completed. Gold on all Challenges. All Vektan $ found. Co-op untouched. 84% Game Completion
Save Game File06/10/07Sawashiez12K
Easy,normal,hard complete 100 of defi in gold

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