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FAQ/Walkthrough by AlphX

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/28/07



Writer: XY Alphonsus (sendoh_9@hotmail.com)

                (C)Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Current Version: 1.04


Past Versions:

Version 1.00
A simple walkthrough with the main gist inside

Version 1.04
Added some more informations
Completed Fishing Section
Added some commonly asked questions

Additional Notes:

Please wait patiently for v2.00
It will be coming shortly.


Game Info:

Name:    Innocent Life
System:  PSP


The Fields
*See the codes? When you need to find something quickly, copy, Ctrl-F 
and paste. 
You would be able to search for the item you need quicker*

 1.  Introduction (IIL001)
 2.  The Story ( SIL002 )
 3.  Control ( CIL003 )
 4.  Time and Seasons ( SIL004 )
 5.  The Diary ( WIL005 )
 6.  Livestocks ( LIL006 )
 7.  Crops ( CIL007)
 8.  Friends in Farm ( PIL008 )
 9.  Items & Tools ( TIL009 )
10.  Characters ( CIL010 )
11.  Gathered Items ( GIL011 )
12.  Other Shipped Items ( SIL012 )
13.  T.V. Programs ( TIL013 )
14.  Cooked Food List ( CIL014 )
15.  Jewels ( JIL 015 )
16.  Fishing ( FIL 016 )
17.  Myth or Truth? ( MIL017 )
18.  F.A.Q. ( FIL018 )
19.  Some Thoughts ( TIL019 )
20.  Credits ( CIL020 )

Introduction ( IIL001 )

About me...
Hi, let me introduce myself first. I'm Alphonsus, and this is my 
first walkthrough that I am going to place into a public domain. 
Usually, I would just add my walkthroughs into several close user 
groups, but I had gotten rather bored in creating walkthroughs 
and guides without any good questions being asked. 
Alright, that's me...

About the game... *Might contain spoilers for first timers*
Innocent life is another game that a harvest moon fan would be proud
to add to his list of games. Farming, livestock caring, and a quest 
to save the farm, only this time, it is to save the island! You are 
a young boy of a Dr. Hope... oops, did I say boy, I mean you are a 
Innocent Life, a robot. One more thing, you cannot get married, 
and stay in the southern hermisphere.

The Story ( SIL002 )

What's the point of you being created?? You are the dream of 
Dr. Hope. Someone that is pure in heart, and someone who could 
restore Easter island to its former glory. Through farming, you will 
learn how to develop more human characteristics, while trying to 
stop the Fire Spirit from erupting the volcano. 
How would you do it? It has something to do with the water 
spirit and the forest spirit. That's about it...

Control ( CIL003 )

 O  - Cancel Button/Place things from your bag into the shipping bins
[]  - Scroll through tools/items from your bag
 X  - Confirm/Scroll through tools/items from your bag
 ^  - Confirm Button/Board Buggy/Ok Button
 L  - Enter Bag View
 R  - Enter Menu View

Time and Seasons ( SIL004 )

Something I really dislike about this game. Unlike other harvest moon
games,there is no calender and every 6am, 10am, 4pm, 8pm, 11pm and 2am
a message will appear! It wouldn't do anything much, except hinder 
your movement by a few moments each time, and causing your target to
disappear. Every the message appears, everyone will instantly move 
their their next location for the hour.

* Time and Day 
A minute in the game equals to a second in real time, and everytime 
you enter a house, time stop... Though, time continues in your own 
house, any caves or tunnels and in your storage area. So take note.
Below is the timeline that may be important to you.

2:01 to 3:59   - You can't play during this time. You MUST be asleep.
4:00 to 5:59   - Opt to wake up early, but almost everything else's 
6:00 to 9:59   - The morning bell rang *6am* Animals awake.
10:00 to 15:59 - The afternon bell rang *10am* Shops open, but on 
		 weekdays Dr. Hope would be too busy for you.
16:00 to 19:59 - The evening bell rang *4pm* Everyone is mostly 
		 free to chat.
20:00 to 22:59 - The night bell rang *8pm*
23:00 to 01:59 - The message would come and tell you that it's getting
 		 late, and its time to sleep. Almost everyone else is
02:00	       - Try as you may, but Dr Hope you transmit you a 
		 message that prompt you to sleep now. 
		 Immediately, you would go to sleep without 
		 any options to save.

* Seasons
Every season has 35 days, therefore every season starts on a Monday.
The seasons though, are the same as the past...
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

The Diary ( WIL005 )

My guide shows only the way, but now how you should play it. 
This is a RPG/SIM game, so I would say, explore and learn the 
best way that suit yourself best!

Day 34 & 35 - Winter
A short tutorial to farming and to the town...

Day 1 - Spring
Led to the farm - Easter island - for the first time. Till the soil, 
plant the seeds, water the plants, clear the weeds and move the rocks
around. Try to get your WC and hoe to level 2. Wait for the harvest, 
but you can't leave the farm for now... Remember to speak to Franco 
every morning till you get a free sickle to clear the weeds.
**Oh, remember to collect some 'Strange Moss' located north west of 
the entrance of your farm. Once the moss is placed onto the ground, 
you need to water that plot less often, not that you would need it 
much. You can't collect this before planted your first crop and have 
not talked to everyone in your farm.**

Day 7 - Spring
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Buy different kinds of 
seeds and the hammer.

Day 14 - Spring
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. This time, Gayak would 
appear and request for you to ship crops other than those he grew. 
QUEST 1: Ship crops other than those Gayak grow. You can ship 6 
different types, but, any 1 type beside potato and turnip will do. 
No bonus for finishing the quest. Ship the crops anytime after 
the third Sunday will do.

Day 21 - Spring
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. The 'Grain' key would be 
given to you. Use it to open the door at the cave. If you have the 
hammer, use it to break rocks and might have to chance to collect some
ore and crystal. Keep the plain ores and sell the rest. Locate the 
3 Jewels inside and get on with life. (Keep 120 of them of future)

Day 28 - Spring
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Marcia will bring you 
to the festival. Talk to everyone there, and exit.
End of Quest 1.

Day 35 - Spring
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Received Battlebot. 
Less watering, weed/stone clearing and resource gathering to do. 
You still have to harvest and plant seeds yourself though.

Whole of Spring - When you reached level 2 in the use of WC, meet 
Masami to obtain Masami WC!

Day 1 - Summer
Broken Bridge repair, all your crops will wilt. 
Leave the clearing to the bot. Go and buy some seeds. 

Explore the cave across the river to get 4 more Jewels. 
Return to your farm, and place the 4 Yellow Jewels.

Day 2 - Summer
Yellow Seal should broken if you did not place the Yellow Jewels
wrongly. Return to the cave across the river and go towards the top 
path. The door there should be opened. 
Get the Jewel there, and return. Set the Blue Jewels properly.

Day 3 - Summer
Blue Seal will be open. You will get a buggy from the Doctor. 
Visit the doctor if you  like to give him some thanks.
Speak with Jonathan to obtain a chicken robot. You are now able to 
buy the chickens from the 'World Ranch' program. Speak to Jonathan 
the next day to get the sheep machine, and the following to get the 
cow machine. Be sure to purchase the livestocks immediately after
obtaining the machines. You are also able to buy seeds using
the vending machine now.

The sandstorm would be cleared. Visit the hermit there. Visit the 
Fisherman too. It's located South of the desert. 
The path beside the caves across the river will be open. Enter the 
cleared cave. Recieved 5 Jewels, and some level 2 items. 
Explore everywhere to get everything. Total non-jewels item obtained: 5

Day 7 - Summer
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Marcia got to know that you're
an Innocent life, and you notice your true purpose at last.

Day 8 - Summer
Storm! Chose to wake up eariler the previous day to collect your crops.
*I had placed Day 8 as the 'STORM' day because several players had verified
that this was their storm day too. Went through 1st Year Summer 4 Times myself
and there was no variances.

Day 14 - Summer
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Gayak will give you a 

Day 21 - Summer
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. Masami will give you a 
red Jewel. Set up the red jewels in your farm!.

Day 22 - Summer
Red Seal will be open. Enter the red door at the entrance of your 
farm. Receive 8 Jewels, 999 gold and 3 non jewels items.
Give the Angel Ribbon to Jessica for another Red Jewel
Give the Water Crest to the Hermit, and visit the Mermaid. 
She is located 2 screens left of the Hermit house near a plot of water.
You have to walk to get her though. Go through the foggy area, as 
the fog is lifted now. Obtain 1 non jewel item. Speak with the 2 
sprites there, and return to the hermit for a little chat.

Day 28 - Summer
Try to get your checkup before 8am today to locate Gallion. 
An accident had occurred in a cave in town (The one which the Spring Festival 
was held). Talk with Gallion in Million's shop 2nd floor. Gallion would be 
sitting on a chair. He will tell you he had Million ordered some Herbs and 
Earth power sand. Buy the sand power, you only need to buy 3, and a mixture of 
lavender and rosemary. Plant 25 of these herbs. May be a glitch in my 
game as next storm would wreck all the herbs away.

Day 35 - Summer
Visit the Dr Hope for your weekly check up. 

Livestocks ( LIL006 )

Unlike other harvest moon, you only need to collect the animal 
harvest, and giving it a lot of TLC - Tender loving care. Which 
means, going over to them and push the 'triange' (^) button everyday. 
No more than once, as it might anger them.
By the way, all names for livestocks are preset. You have to select
the best from the list given. Selecting cancel will show more names.
A cheer for livestock though, the 2 converting machines 
(Eggs to Mayo, and Milk to cheese) are provided initially for free!

Located right room of Storage Area, on the left side of the room. 
On Sunny days,locate them at the left exit to the room. Need not feed
them nor do anything else. Pet them, collect the eggs and change them
into mayonaise for more money. You need a cluck-o-matic before you can
purchase the chickens from the World Ranch Channel. A new chicken 
could be gained using the incubanator. So, don't waste any more G 
and buy another one.
Cost: 500G

Located right room of Storage Area, on the right side of the room. 
On Sunny days, locate them at the right exit to the room. 
There are two kinds of cow, though they produce the same kind of milk.
The Jersey type is a brown cow
The Holstein type is the standard Harvest Moon Cow.
Like chicken, you need not feed them nor do anything else.
Pet them, collect the milk and change them into cheese for more 
money. You need a Moo-o-matic before you can purchase the chickens 
from the World Ranch Channel.
Cost: 3500G
Rumours had it: you could make a cow give birth. Unverified.

Located left room of Storage Area. Pet them daily, and you need not 
doing anything else. A fun tip though, wait at the sheep area a 
little time before 1730 on Fridays. Something fun will happen. 
You need a baabaa-matic before you can purchase the chickens from 
the World Ranch Channel.Wools are auto shipped every Fridays.
Cost: 1500G
Rumours had it: you could make a sheep give birth. Unverified.

Crops ( CIL007 )

Arr... as Moonlight say, the beauty of creating life! 
Behold, grow your plants from seeds, and the money gained is just 
a side line... Anyway, below is the list of crops that can be 
grown locally.

*Average all crops collected in 2 harvests for 5 seeds.
eg. For Strawberry, Plant 5 Strawberry Seeds first. 
Then after harvesting the first time on the 14th day, the second 
time on the 15th day, I divide the total collected by 10
(2 days x 5 seeds).

Disclaimer: Results may vary slightly from game to game. 
All results are based on No or Blue jewels fields only.

Spring Crops
Plant 		Seed	Average	 Mature	Regrowth Price	Against	    
Name		Price	Harvest* Time	Time	 Per 	Storm	    

Asparagus	40	1	 6	4	 100	Weak	    
Strawberry	20	1.9	 14	1	 100	Very Weak   
Cucumber	12	1	 10	5	 80	Weak	    
Tulip		9	1	 7	4	 60	Very Weak   
Pansy		12	1	 7	4	 80	Very Weak   
Cabbage		30	1	 10	Nil	 250	Strong	    
Turnip		10	1	 6	Nil	 60	Strong	    
Potato		8	1	 5	Nil	 60	Very Strong 

Since there are no storm (I hope) in Spring, 
Strawberry will surely help you earn the most in the long run, 
but leave you quite broke in the early half of the month.

Summer Crops
Lemon			1.8		2	  90
Tomato			1.6	7	1	  50 
Pineapple	200	1	14	3	  300	
Green Pea	18	5		NIL	  40
Rose		45	1	12	7	  300
Sunflower	10	1	8	NIL	  70
Melon		75	1		NIL	  500
Onions						  60
Corn			1		7	  150

Mostly likely, you will encounter at least 1 Storm, which is on the eight.
I am not very sure about the other days. The more storm yuo encounter, the
more broke you might become. I would suggest, planting 50-100 roses after
the first storm for a quick boost in cash. You can harvest at least 3 times 
if your next storm comes late. 

Pets ( PIL008 )

There are some pets you would obtain during the game, whether you 
like it or not. You can name them.

The first pet you will get. Don't ask why, but it's a pet to me. 
Help to water plants, clear rubbish, collect resources and do some
other stuff with upgrades.
To be updated.

You get this from Gayak. I wonder what breed this is. Useless.

You get this from Dr. Hope. Choose between a white cat, or a 
brown cat. Useless.

Items & Tools ( TIL009 )

Doctor's WC : 	Watercan used by Dr Hope. Can hold 25 water. 
		Given by Dr Hope.
Masami's WC : 	Oddly shaped watercan that Masami give you. 
		Can hold 100 water. Hold ^ shortly will water
		the 9 squares surrounding yourself, 
		including the square
		where you are standing.
Monsoon WC  : 	Received from a Treasure Chest after clearing the Mist. 
		Can hold 9999 water. Hold ^ shortly will water
		the 25 squares surrounding yourself, 
		including the square
Iron Hoe    :	A ordinary hoe use for tilling land. Given by Gayak.
Iron Hammer :	use to break small rocks in farm and caves. 
		Buy from shop for 650G
Iron Sickle :	Use to clear weeds around farm. 
		Buy from shop for 320G or get it free from
		Franco when you speak to him before 10am. 
		May take a few tries.
Volcano Sickle: 
Iron Axe    :	Use to break fallen logs around your farm. 
		4 hits to break the log. Buy from shop for 480G
Water Pistol: 	Cost 320G to buy in the shop. No need to refill, water one 
		plot per time. May break anytime.
Boomerang   :	Cost 500G to buy in the shop. Can use to cut weeds. May break
Scale Pack  :	Use for gathering fruits and herbs in the surrounding
		lands. You may only collect up to 3000g worth. 
		Buy at shop for 2980G.
Balloon Tent:	A tent that expand when thrown. Use for sleeping 
		outdoors and want to wake at the same place. 
		Have the option to warp back to your own bed 
		for sleep. Buy at shop for 3500G.
Auto Unit   : 	Will be automatically installed in between your 
		shipping bins. Use in conjunction with the 
		Bas & Ket set. Note: Only work when the baskets
		arrives from right to left. Buy at shop for 5000G
Bas & Ket  20S: A rail motor. Slow in speed but capable of pulling
		heavy items. Pulls Bas & Ket carts behind it. 
		Buy at shop for 1600G
Bas & Ket Cart:	Use to place basket on when still. 
		Will run on a rail if a motor is connected.
Rail L :	A piece of curve rail. Use them for connection.
		4 pieces for 140G
Rail I :	A piece of straight rail. Connect together to use. 
		20 pieces for 400G
Strange Moss :	Maintain 1 Additional Day of water
Orchre Stone :	Use it when found and equipped tool SP might raise.
Azure Stone  :	Use it when found and no PP will be used when collecting
		ores and stones on that floor.
		Using it on tool cost the tool to water a plot of land 
		when used.
Crimson Stone:	Use it when found to restore PP by 1/4.
Characters ( CIL010 )

In order of appearance...

Dr Hope Grain : Your father, your creator and someone you have to 
visit every Sunday. A clever scientist.

Mayor: 'Leader' of Volcano Town

Mayor Son: Son of the Mayor.

Main Character: You, an innocent life... On a quest to save the island
to learn to be a true blue human! Though in this case, green will be 
a more suitable word.

Vita: Maid to Dr Hope, and she insist on calling you Master.

Gayak: The only other farmer to grows crops by hand. 
He will be your tutor in the beginning.

Marlene: Wife of Gayak. A kind lady

Marcia: One of the few that knows that you're a robot, but found
out purely by chance.

Moonlight: As Artist by trade. Kind of wierd but seem to know a 
lot about beauty and of Easter Island.

Franco: Your next tutor and caretaker of your farm.

More coming soon

Gathered Items ( GIL011 )

Name		Weight Ea	Px Per 3000g	Location

Fly Agaric	50 grams	150G	  	Mushroom Forest (Spring)

Other Items ( SIL012 )

Name		Price Ea

Stone		50G

T.V. Programs ( TIL013 )

There are several options and programs you could do and see on 
your TV. I have added some personal comments about these programs. 

-> Weather
	Show: Tells you about the weather the next day. 
	Comment: Useful only when I am afraid that a storm is coming. 
	Otherwise, hardly view it.

-> Herbal Garden
	Use: Sell your flowers here
	Comment: Nice when I am have flowers to sell.

-> Cooking Life
	Show: Dorothy Cooking Life show is on this channel, but 
	it only broadcast a new episode once a week. 
	So take some time and view it every Monday. 10 Episode
	Comment: Watch it! It's only 10 weeks, and you could learn
		 how to cook, just about anything

-> Drama
	Show 1: 'Where's my Mommy? A Kitten's Journey'. View it on
	every Monday morning!
	Comment: It's about a cute kitten looking for it mommy. 
		 Just of laugh.

	Show 2: 'Melancholy Woods' View it on every Tuesday morning!
	Comment: I know it's about a sad story, but no idea how
		 it will end.

-> Anime
	Show 1: 'Final Z Ranger' View it on weekdays!
	Comment: A harvest moon version of power ranger. 

	Show 2: 'Miss Cute, Witch in Training' View it on weekends!
	Comment: It's about a witch trying to help 20 people, but if 
		 she would offer to help me in anything, I think I
		 will have to decline forcefully.

-> World Ranch
	Use: Buy and Sell animals here!
	Comments: You can't use this program till you get your 
		  Note, Purchase only one chicken. 
		  You can get the rest for free.

Cooked Food List ( CIL014 )

An old feature with new addition. Now you will be able to cook without any
care of ingredients. You just need to finish watching all 10 episode of
Cooking Life and you're a master chef! But... There's 1 catch. You can only
chose the type of food you want to make, and the actual food will be randomly
chosen, based on your current skill level. Furthermore, to cook Fish type food, 
you must have caught some fishes first.

Jewels ( JIL 015 )

Jewels are key to opening new plots for farming. Listed below are the
jewels effects and ability. 

Color - BLUE
Ability - Maintain 6 Additional Days of water.
Description -
A brilliantly shining crystal. Fields
surrounded by the power of this jewel
will retain water for 6 extra days. You
can take it outside of the cave without
setting it in a socket.

Color - Yellow
Ability - Maintain 1 Additional Day of water.
	  Increase Maturity by 1 Day
Description -
A brilliantly shining crystal. Fields
surrounded by the power of this jewel
will mature faster and retain water for
one extra day. You can take it oustside
the cave without setting it in a socket.

Color - Red
Ability - Reduce 1 Days of water.
	  Increase Maturity by 1 Day
Description - 
A brilliantly shining crystal. Fields
surrounded by the power of this jewel
will mature faster, but also dry up
more quickly. You can take it outside
the cave without setting it in a socket.

Color - Purple
Ability - Maintain 4 Additional Day of water.
	  Increase Maturity by X Day
Description -
A mysteriously shining jewel filled with
spirit power. Fields surrounded by the
power of the jewel will mature faster
and retain water for 4 extra days. Crops
will also sell for higher than usual.

Color - Green
Ability - Maintain 6 Additional Day of water.
	  Increase Maturity by X Day
	  Price Increase by X%
Description -
A mysteriously shining jewel filled with
spirit power. Fields surrounded by the
power of this jewel will mature faster
and retain water for 6 extra days. Crops
will also sell for more than usual.

Color - Orange
Ability - Increase Maturity by X Day
Description - 
A mysteriously shining jewel filled with
spirit power. Fields surrounded by the
power of this jewel will mature very
quickly. However, water retention is the
same as usual, so don't forget to water. 

Fishing ( FIL 016 )

What is farming without fishing? Visit the Fisherman during Summer
after you unseal the blue door. He is located at the south exit for the
desert. In summer, visit the place where the windmill is. The cliff where 
wild horses roam free. The fisherman would be there from Morning to Evening. 

How to fish?
No, you don't get any fishing rod. Talk to the Fisherman, and say yes. You will 
auto cast. Count about 5 seconds, and press X to pull the rod up. Repeat till 
you're satisfied.

Note: I still have no idea whether is any techniques are needed, but my above 
method allowed me to grow to level 3 in Fishing in less than 15 minutes... 

One more thing to note, talk to Jonathan after at least one attempt to fish.
He will ask you to speak with the fisherman again. Say 'Yes', then talk
to one of the horses running. You will be able to ride a wild horse!

Myth or Truth? ( MIL017 )

So far, there are rumours recieved for these events. If any could verify,
please assist.

1. You can get married! (Unverified, but somehow, I know you can't)
2. The Cow/Sheep can give birth (Unverified, but even if it was possible,
   I think buying these animals are more worthwhile)
3. You can ignore the sleep message at 2pm. (Myth - Can only be done by
   gameshark. Please prove me otherwise)

Email me for more rumours that needs to be verified. I will check it out
with the help of all our fellow Innocent Life players!

F.A.Q. ( FIL018 )

If there is any question to be asked, I might just answer it here if 
I have the answer.

Q: I thought of buying Innocent Life. Is it good?
A: That's for us playing to know, and for you to find out, by playing

Q: How do I place the Jewels in the farm?
A: Collect 4 Jewels of the same color first. Remember the rock stab that a
boy bit on the first day? There should be many 4 such stabs surrounding an
unopened field. Place the jewels on one the the groupings. Sleep, and a
new field would be opened.

Q: I can't plant in Winter! Help!
A: First, do you have the monsoon WC? Next, do you have level 3 in watering can
skill? If not, Monsoon WC can be found in a treasure chest at the mist forest, 
once the mist is cleared. Try to level to level 3 (MAX) by watering the cave
plots daily. If you're too far, or had being using the Robot to water for you 
since Summer, I would say, I have no idea.

Q: Alright, I have the Monsoon WC, and MAX in my WC skill. Why still can't I
do it?
A: Wow! You have being working hard! Good job! Now, fill the WC with Spirit 
water found in the Storage Rooms
Some Thoughts ( TIL019 )

Something I find strange, or find it worthy to be said here. 
Just some thoughts. Might have some spoilers here...

~ On Fridays, with 5 sheeps, before the evening bell ring, wait at 
  the sheep area. When the bell rings, you will see every sheep 
  lined up carefully, including the 
  Baa-a-matic. Wait till 5:30pm for the fun thing to happen!

~ Do you always find logs around your farm? Well, I was just 
  wondering how do these logs come about? No trees right? 
  And I think they are too big to be mere branches.

~ Like above, but it's about the rocks around. Watch out! 
  Flying rocks!

~ Leave your buggy somewhere, anywhere, then go to sleep. 
  Your buggy will be found where Dr Hope first left it.
  A mind of its own?

~ Is the fisherman related to Dr Hope? How did he have the maintenance
  unit that was meant for you?

~ Do you know, pressing o button instead of x when standing in front of 
  someone would cause their status to appear? Try it out!

Credits ( CIL020 )

Authour: Alphonsus XY- sendoh_9@hotmail.com

Final Words...

The writer got all his information from playing the game through 
personally, and some other gamers friends that explicitly decline 
for the writer to name them. For permission email sendoh_9@hotmail.com
and specify which information you would like to use. 

Well, that's everything! Please do not infringe any copyright laws. 
If you need anything from this guide, do seek my permission first.
I will gladly help in where ever I could for all gamer helpers 
out there. 

For permission, errors, confirmation, or something I miss 
out, email me at < sendoh_9@hotmail.com > 

Do enter the subject as INNOC - <subject you will be talking about>
I have being flooded with FAQ mails from this game to several others 
that I had posted. My email had being programmed to attract all subject
with 'INNOC' into a private folder for me to view. So... if you like a 
faster response, though no gurantees, do enter the subject as INNOC - <>

This document copyrighted 2007, All Rights Reserved. 

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