PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Gamer9658 (10/21/2007; 289KB) 100% complete rank:hokage itachi maxed out
  2. From TigerC10 (04/08/2009; 290KB) 100% Complete; All Characters (Stats Maxed Out), All Missions, Rank: Hokage (99/Each Scroll), Ninja Road Complete (12700 points)
  3. From ChronoFlareZero (08/30/2007; 297KB) All characters unlocked ONLY. Everything else untouched.
  4. From STJSIN (09/02/2007; 300KB) All Characthers , All Missions Unlocked , 99 of each Scroll , LOT OF POINTS
  5. From AVATAR65 (08/30/2007; 300KB) All chracters Unlocked Ultimate Ninja Heroes
  6. From Gamer9658 (10/21/2007; 289KB) Rank:Hokage itachi max stats 100% complete

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From jackleone (04/07/2006; 256KB) 100% All Characters Unlocked-Story Mode Naruto&Jiraiya(Have Naruto/Saskue/Kakashi/Jiraiya all max leveled up)-9800/9800P-
  2. From TsubasaSaikyou (11/09/2007; 263KB) 100% complete,9800 NaruP all characters playable.Naruto story 76 Floor
  3. From ragewarrior (04/01/2006; 252KB) 100%: All Characters Unlocked -- 9800/9800P -- All Omake Items -- Story Mode [Naruto/Jiraiya] All Characters Selectable.
  4. From jackleone (04/17/2006; 256KB) Game is 100% complete-All Characters Unlocked/Story Modes(Have Naruto/Saskue/Kakashi/Jiraiya/Itachi/Rock Lee all power levels max out)-9800/9800P- Saves in first slot

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Gricilino (10/03/2007; 289KB) All characters/missions unlocked
  2. From Frozzo55 (01/10/2014; 290KB) All story stages cleared, all hidden teams unlocked, every mission cleared, every naruto house object obtained, every character maxed
  3. From Kusanagi84 (09/29/2007; 289KB) Legendary Sennin stage cleared. Kakashi, Gai, Gaara, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade Unlocked.

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