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FAQ/Walkthrough by arkfullofsorrow

Version: 1 | Updated: 12/04/06

And now, presenting...

            Topic: Blade Dancer Lineage of Light
            System: PSP
            Type: Walkthrough/FAQ
            Current version: 1
            Lasted Updated: 12/4/06
            Author: Arkfullofsorrow (Afton "Brian" O'Sullivan)
            Email: arkfullofsorrow@arkfullofsorrow.com

Version history:
#  Date     Update

1  12/4/06  This is the main walkthrough, main game walkthrough and most side
            quests complete.  I can't imagine updating it too much more.

This guide to copyright 2006.  If you wish to post this guide at any other
site, please use the email address above to recieve permission first.

First the game basics will be discussed.  Here will essentially be a
re-interation of the instruction book with some commentary from myself.
There will also be some hints and tips strewn about, some of which may
have moderate spoilers.  So if any of this sounds unappealing to you,
you may want to head straight to the walkthrough (search code


   A. Out of battle game controls

First the controls.  More specifically, first the out of battle controls.

The D Pad and the L and R buttons have the function of changing the view.
The D Pad assumes a first person perspective and the buttons atop the PSP
cut the camera in the respective direction.  I can't remember a single
moment in the game I was particularly thankful these options were open and
I can't say as though I ever particularly recommend pressing either button.

The knob just below the D Pad is used to move your guy around.  Yeah.

The Square button is the target button.  Little in the overworld is
accomplished without first being targeted - opening a door, a chest, talking
to somebody on your terms requires targeting.  You need to be reasonably
close and in (although not always) unobstructed view before being allowed
to target something/someone.   It's like Dragon Warrior all over again.

The X button is the interaction or approval button.  This button interacts
with whatever you're selecting.

The Triangle button brings up the menu screen.  If you think I'm going to go
through all of this, you've got another thing coming.  I will go through the
main parts of it before long, though.

There will be times you need to use, give or show an item to another character
in the game.  This might take some time to figure out, but this is time you
won't need to spend thanks to me.  This is how to do this process in Blade

Target intended party, although get closer than maximum target range (Square) +
Menu (Triangle) + Select Item (X) + locate item in list and select it (X).
Done.  You're welcome.

Oh, and last and certainly not least, press the Select button on the baseline
on the PSP to bring up a map of the area.  Much of the guide is explained in
terms of the map presented by pressing Select.  if there is a direction in
in the guide (in the southeast corner, in the central area, and so on) it is
in terms of the map summoned by Select.

That should just about do it for the non-battle controls.  Now for the
battle controls.  This is much easier.

   B. The battlefield before battle

But before that, let's talk about getting into battle real quick.  When on
the overworld, enemy encounters are denoted by skulls.  When you hear a high-
pitched growling sound, an encounter has spotted you.  White skulls are a
standard regular encounter for an RPG - should be very beatable but not a
non-entity.  These skulls generally approach you with moderate aggression.
More challenging are the fights denoted by red skulls.  Except to take
potentially heavy damage from such a skull.  They come with a great deal of
aggression, and if you're weakened and you see a red skull, don't bother
healing up as they'll probably detect you and charge after you should you do
so; instead run away for a while and then heal.

PROTIP: When running away from a skulls, try to stay in as straight a line as
possible since your traveling speed and the skulls' traveling speed is equal.
When making turns while being chased, try to avoid altering its trajectory too
because of this speed equality.

Easier battles are denoted by blue skulls.  These skulls either float along
ignoring you or they make an effort to run away.  I generally don't recommend
fighting these battles for the time, effort, energy and resources are better
spent elsewhere.

Grey skulls are the toughest encounter battles, usually.  When two blue skulls
merge/morph together, you'll hear a squeaking noise.  These are generally the
the only gray battle encounters in the game.  A gray skull can merge with
another blue skull to create an even tougher encounter.  Such encounters from
merged skulls are always against one big, bad enemy.

Also, battles are different depends on you leads your party, this can be
changed with the Arrange menu command.
If Lance leads, the battles will be the way they are, he is the standard by
which other leaders are judged.
If Gozen leads, monsters are more aggressive but your guys hit harder.
If Felis leads, monsters are less aggressive but they drop less items.
If Tess leads, enemies drop more items and the Lunameter fills faster.

You also may notice that in this Arrange option of the menu, you can change
the row of the characters.  This goes as follows:

If a character is the in front row, their Lunar Clock ticks faster but they
are more likely to be attacked.  If a character is in the back row, their
attacks are more accurate but their Lunar Clock ticks slower.  Lunar Clocks
are explained in a minute.

   C. Battle Controls

Okay, the battle controls.  Don't worry about the triangle or square buttons in
battle.  I reckon they don't do a thing and the game can easily be completed
without laying a finger on them during battle.

To select a command, it's X.  To select a character or an enemy, it's left
or right on the D Pad or Knob and then X unless the one selected by default
is the desired target.  L and R file through the different types of stuff
you can use.  I'll expound on this in a few.

   D. In battle

Now to explain the Interface.  The number beside a character's name is
their HP.  Once this number goes to zero, they're knocked out.  If all
characters are knocked out at once, you lose and will have to restart from
the last save point.

The circle besides their name is the Lunar Clock.  As it spins around and
changes color, the owner of that clock's turn is drawing nearer.  They are
ready to act, but you needn't automatically do so, after one complete
rotation of this clock has been made and an exclamation mark appears
within it.  When the character is ready, highlight their name by pressing
the Left or Right buttons/knob until the desired character's name is
highlighted.  Press X to initiate an action.

That thing on top there is the Lunameter.  Think of it as a communal
pool of Magic Points: shared by the entire battlefield - all your
friends and foes alike.  It is depleted at the end of a battle as
extra experience if any remains.  It always begins at zero.

The Lunameter is the pool for which Lunabilities can be used.  Lunabilities
are selected by pressing X on the Luna option given when a character's
Lunar Clock is finished ticking.  There are different types of Lunabilities:
- Single (a character uses an attack on an enemy/enemies)
- Group (if multiple characters have their Lunar Clocks full, they can join
together to nail the entire enemy party with multiple attacks of the user's
element - the more characters joining in on the attack, the more damage
done to the enemy)
- Heal (restores HP or nullifies negative status effects)
- Assist (Increases your statistics or lowers enemy statistics; inflicts
enemy with a status effect)
These different types are switched with the push of the L/R buttons and
filed through and selected like everything else.

When triggering a Lunability, they will often take at least a couple ticks
of the Lunar Clock to charge up.  During this time of charging, it is
possible for the character's concentration to be broken if they lose
enough HP while charging.  If this happens, the character's Lunar Clock
will reset, they will not perform the Lunability and the Lunar Points
that would've been spent on the Lunability will now go back to the

Enemies also have Lunabilities.  They also take Lunar Points from the
Lunameter if they have to use a Lunability.  Their concentration can
also be broken by taking enough damage.  So it is recommended to knock
the crap out of the enemy the instant they start to charge a Lunability.
As you probably have guessed, Lunabilities are special attacks, powerful
ones at that.

PROTIP: Personally I recommend aggressively using the Lunameter.  The
Lunabilities are what makes most of the enemies who are fearsome as
fearsome as they are.  Hogging the Lunameter using simple attacks will
greatly reduce the enemy's chances of pulling something rockin' from the
Lunameter themselves.  I tend not to use group Lunabilities.  This is
pretty much the strategy usable to win any battle against a single enemy
when you get four characters:  ( / means or, basically)
Lance - Blast Blade / Heat Blade / Solar Edge
Gozen - Feet of Fury / Mighty Combo / Death Combo
Felis - Restoras / Restore
Tess - Attack / Wilt / Wilt II / Zephyr magics

And when facing off against several enemies:
Lance - Primal Heat
Gozen - Death Cannon
Felis and Tess - the -braxis spells work well enough.
Although for moments when enemies attack you in groups, perhaps it would
be best to fight them one at a time as to prevent them from getting
more hits.

Fire beats Wind, Wind beats Earth, Earth beats Water and Water beats Fire.
I'm pretty sure this is the chain of elemental effectiveness, but don't
quote me on this.  As stated earlier, it's not essential you adjust your
party paradigm because of this; party statistics and equipment are more
important than element.

   E. Party statistics/equipment

Speaking of party statistics and equipment, well, here they are.  This is
what pops up upon selection of the Status option from the Menu.

SPECIES - what species the character is
LEVEL - the character's experience level, impacts all other statistics
HP - the current life bat of the character
EXP - amount of experience accumulated since previous level / amount needed
      to accumulate until the next level
ATT - Elemental attribute
PWR - how physically strong the character is, impacts physical attacks
ENR - how resilient a character is, impacts physical defense
DEX - how skilled a character is, impacts hit % rate
AGL - how fast a character is, impacts enemy's hit % rate
INT - how intelligent a character is, impacts strength of magic
PSY - how mentally aligned a character is, impacts magic strength and defense
LGC - how a character's logic abilities are, impacts magic defense

Such totals are largely impacted by the character and their equipment.
Speaking of which, it's really simple.  Any character can use any piece of
protective gear in the game.  Only one character can use each weapon - their
face shows when the weapon is highlighted I think.  Weapons break if
overused - you can see how much life they have left in them in a short meter
beneath that of your weapon.  Some weapons are more durable than others,
but most are good for 30-50 swings.  Some weapons and armor have elemental
attributes or special statistical bonuses to them.  I tend to ignore the
elementals (although if I find an accessory of a particular element I
believe it's best suited for the character of that attribute).

The other noteworthy aspect about equipment is that all of them have a minimum
experience level requirement you must meet before being allowed to use it.
This might seem unusual to those reared on games where equipment was just
equipment and have never heard of the phrase armor class before, but this is
one of the realities here.

Also, one more thing about equipment.  Usually the items made and found are
better than the ones bought at the same level.  Usually the weapons and
accessories found in chests are roughly equal as far as usefulness is
concerned to items you can buy at the next highest armor class/level bracket.
Just so you know.

   F. Item Crafting

Item crafting is a cute little diversion in Blade Dancer, although I myself
found it a bit frustrating.  It is only vital you craft one item to progress
the story - you can make it just fine without crafting a single weapon,
accessory or item.

Every single item in the game is either a component of a larger item or
can be broken down into larger items.  If you wish to see how an item is
made, you can take it to an Appraiser located in one of the three towns
in the game.  For 100 Gold, they'll take something apart and tell you how
it's made.  A moderately useful function, I suppose.

Usually, while trying to experiment with trying to make something new,
I just ended up failing.  Actually, the items I had in mind happened not
to form a mixture.  There are very few moments I successfully concocted a
mixture, and those will be documented here in the walkthrough as I did
them.  Granted there are others, but the ones before you should suffice.

PROTIP: When crafting weapons, I usually like to make a weapon from another,
used weapon so it's almost like I have two weapons.  To do this, wait until
a weapon is almost broken then start trying to concoct all sorts of other
crazed weapons.  The new weapon isn't likely to be brand new, but it will be
at at least half endurance.  Whenever a new weapon is being crafted in the
walkthrough, the weapon being used to create another weapon is always
almost broken.

   G. Missions

Missions are also quite a huge part of Blade Dancer.  Yeah, they're fetch
quests, every last one of them.  You're only required to do a couple of
them, but I recommend doing several, though I recommend bypassing probably
a majority of them.  I incorporate the ones I advise doing within the
walkthrough, so if you'd rather not do them and you see them come up in
the text, just pass on by it.

I believe missions to be generally a good way to earn extra experience and
money, there's a good chance you'll want to do some, at least in the first
half of the game until you have all four characters and are ready and have
all the skills listed in their strategy above.

Missions are also quite frustrating for a few different reasons.  First,
it seems you have to do them in some kind of order.  A non-playable
character can have something useless to say at one point during the game,
but after you reach a certain point, they then open up and ask you to do a
mission.  Kind of bogus since you'll probably have to talk to them multiple
times at multiple points in the game before they have something non-useless
to say.  And once somebody has something useless to say once, most people
don't want to risk wasting more time finding them again.

Toward the end of the walkthrough (search for VIII to find them), I have
listed a series of side Missions in the order in which I myself was able
to do them, although it should be noted I waited until very late in the game
to do them (the ones likely able to be done earlier probably start at around
VIII G).  I don't recommend doing many (or virtually any) of these if you're
just interested in simply beating the game.



I. Jade

   A. Port
      Turn on the game, select a New Game and watch the show.  When you first
gain control, at a harbor of sorts, walk forward a few steps and watch
another show.  Walk up and around the stairs, perhaps speaking to the various
human populators along the way, and make your way to the Great Door for
another short scene.

   B. Marketplace
As you might except, from the Marketplace area, a wide array of markets
can be reached.  Speak to the man standing outside the Weapons Dealer and
answer in the affirmative to receive Side Mission - Crafting 1.  Speak to the
man standing inside this room to receive Side Mission - Adventurer's Proof 1.
Crafting 1 is doable right away, although it involves spending all your money
and receiving a weapon you won't be able to use for quite some time.

        1. Item Merchant (Southwest area of Marketplace)
Potion          - 150  - Restore a little bit of HP
Holy Water      - 300  - Cure all aliments
Angel Kiss      - 1500 - Revive teammate with some HP
Skill Potion    - 700  - Increases Dexterity
Power Potion    - 700  - Increases Power
Energy Potion   - 700  - Increases Energy
Agility Potion  - 700  - Increases Agility
Wisdom Potion   - 1000 - Increases Intelligence
Logic Potion    - 1000 - Increases Logic
Para Potion     - 500  - Paralyzes an enemy
Tranquilizer    - 500  - Put an enemy to sleep
Poison          - 500  - Poisons and enemy
Dark Potion     - 500  - Blinds an enemy
Heal Scroll     - 1500 - Heals a little bit of HP (whole party)
Cream           - 50   - Used to make pies
Spice           - 250  - Spices imported from the mainland
Crisp Lettuce   - 300  - Fresh, Crunchy Lettuce
Colored Berries - 550  - Enjoy three flavors
Fresh Juice     - 150  - A refreshing juice that heals HP
Stir Fry        - 700  - A sizzling stir fry that increases Power

The only items I truly recommend a Potions and to a lesser extent other healing
items as for a long while items will be your main source of HP restoration.
I also advise generally having a supply of a half dozen Para and Sleep Potions
as many a tough battle can be made easier for many enemies, even some of the
toughest in the game, can be paralyzed and put to sleep.

        2. Crafting Broker (North-northwest area)
Sandbone Hilt   - 80 - Cheap Hilt made from cheap bone
Iron Blade      - 150 - Cheap sword blade forged from iron
Rock Orb        - 150 - Magical orb for staffs made from sand
Heavy Bowstring - 120 - Cheap strong soaked in Beast Blood
Silver Fitting  - 200 - Fitting made from Silver: Used for Ornaments
Silver Chain    - 250 - Polished Silver chain: Used for Ornaments
Silver Buckle   - 300 - Ornate Silver Buckle: Good for making belts
Silver Inlay    - 250 - A lovely Silver Inlay: Good martial for rings
Spring Water    - 10  - Pure water taken from the springs
Herb            - 50  - A restorative herb used in many medicines
Sandstone       - 10  - A solid block of sand: Has many uses
Hemp String     - 60  - String woven from strands of dried grass
Iron            - 60  - An ingot made of melted iron ore
Softwood        - 40  - Cheap wood that's easy to find

        3. Weapons Dealer (Northeast Area of Marketplace)
Short Sword - 200  - Short and functional sword     (Equip LVL: 1,  ATK 5)
Broadsword  - 500  - Steel-bladed sword             (Equip LVL: 5,  ATK 9)
Long Sword  - 1000 - Sword with a long, sharp blade (Equip LVL: 10, ATK 20)
Cutlass     - 2000 - A favorite of many pirates     (Equip LVL: 20, ATK 30)

        4. Equipment Vendor (South area of Marketplace)
Rock Earring  - 100  - Earring made from Rock Ore and Silver Fitting - EARRING
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 1,  INT: 2)
Rock Cuff     - 500  - Cuffs made from Gold Fitting & Rock Orb       - EARRING
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 3,  INT: 3)
Rock Stud     - 800  - Stud made from Rock Orb and Moon Fitting      - EARRING
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 7,  INT: 4)
Rock Choker   - 120  - Choker made from Silver Chain and Rock Orb    - NECKLACE
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 1,  LGC: 1)
Rock Necklace - 620  - Made from Gold Chain and Rock Orb             - NECKLACE
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 3,  LGC: 3)
Rock Torque   - 850  - Torque made from Moon Chain and Rock Orb      - NECKLACE
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 7,  LGC: 4)
Rock Bracelet - 150  - Made from Rock Orb and Heavy Bowstring        - BRACERS
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 2,  PWR: 2)
Rock Bangle   - 550  - Made from Silk Bowstring and Rock Orb         - BRACERS
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 5,  PWR: 3)
Rock Armlet   - 880  - Made from Steel Bowstring and and Orb         - BRACERS
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 10, PWR: 4)
Rock Ring     - 110  - Made from a Silver Inlay and Rock Orb         - RING
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 1,  DEX: 2)
Solid Ring    - 520  - Made from a Gold Inlay and Rock Orb           - RING
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 3,  DEX: 3)
Hard Ring     - 820  - Made from a Rock Orb and Moon Inlay           - RING
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 7,  DEX: 4)
Rock Rope     - 200  - Made from Silver Buckle and Rock Orb          - ARMOR
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 3,  ENR: 2)
Rock Belt     - 700  - Made from Rock Orb and Gold Buckle            - ARMOR
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 6,  ENR: 3)
Rock Girdle   - 1100 - Made from Rock Orb and Moon Buckle            - ARMOR
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 10, ENR: 4)
Metal Rope    - 1500 - Made from Metal Orb and Silver Buckle         - ARMOR
                       (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 18, ENR: 5)
Rock Toe Ring - 130  - Made from Hemp Strong and Rock Orb            - ARMOR
                       (Equip LVL: 1,  DEF: 2,  AGL: 2)
Rock Anklet   - 530  - Made from Rock Orb and Silk String            - LEGGINGS
                       (Equip LVL: 5,  DEF: 4,  AGL: 3)
Stone Anklet  - 840  - Made from Rock Orb and Steel String           - LEGGINGS
                       (Equip LVL: 10, DEF: 8,  AGL: 4)

Before moving too far away, I recommend picking up a Necklace and Ring of some
sort (an earring comes free pretty soon).  You also may wish to pick up
another Short Sword as they can be crafted into a better weapon with an
item regularly dropped by a beginning enemy.

NOTE: Shops are pretty few and far between in Blade Dancer, and when they are
stumbled upon, any store providing a certain type of good will be exactly the
same as any other, meaning all Item, Weapon, Accessory and Crafting dealers
will all carry the same products at the same time.  Only difference is that
some products will be available as your characters change and as your levels
increase.  Although there will be other points in the game these items can be
bought, they won't be listed again.  For future store listings, they are
pretty much (the items already listed in this guide, but not mentioned in
those particular tables) + What is currently listed in those tables.

It is not essential you buy anything from the stores at the current moment.

The pathway to the Plaza is the door in the far east of the Marketplace.  Near
this doorway is Baretta, a person for whom a Mission (Side Mission - Delivery
Request) can be completed now.  Accept her request and head down over to the
Port and Deliver it to Irving (how to complete one of these Missions: select
the person for whom the item is for with the Square button, bring up the Menu
with the Triangle button, select Item, select use and select target).  Then
return to Baretta, speak to her and deliver the second lunch to Basra in the
Residential area, he stands near the Inn.  Finally return to the Marketplace
once more Baretta, speak to her and take a third Mama's Lunch to Arnie, who
stands at the port as well.

   C. Plaza
Speak to the man standing by the east side of the waterfall here for
Side Mission - A Hero's Song.  The South door of this area leads to Lumines
Field.  Walk toward this door for a show and a Potion Recipe.  The North
doorway out leads to the Imperial Palace.  The door of interest now is the
East door, the West door has a save point nearby (select it to use it).  The
East door leads to the Residential Area.

   D. Residential Area
Slightly north along the path of where you'll first enter is an Inn.  In
here, you can rest to recover for 10G (talk to woman behind the desk near
entrance), find another Side Mission - Request 1 (talk to man near entrance),
and a Potion (in a chest in the floor in a room).  A house in the far
north also has a Potion in a chest, and another house in the far north has a
chest with two Energy Potions.  In the far north you will also find an

After you've gone through all this, it might be a good idea to head out into
Lumines Field (return the to Plaza first to get there) and familiarize
yourself with the battle system by fitting off a few enemy encounters.  This
will also help build experience, which you're also likely to need.

II. Lumines Field

This is your introduction to the overworld.  The most noteworthy aspect about
the overworld are the floating, drifting skull heads afoot.  These represent
enemy encounters.  When they spot you, they'll emit a shrieking noise and
they will begin to chase you.  They move the same speed as your character,
so as long as you're moving a fairly straight line, you should be able to
avoid a confrontation if desired.  You can see what type of enemy you can
except to encounter by examining the skulls from a distance with the square

   A. Main Gate
(Enemies: Wild Wolf, Highway Robber, Jade Snake)

Just as you enter Lumines Field, hug the west wall and follow it around.
Doing so should yield a Skill Potion within a Treasure Chest.  Heading
several steps due south of this chest is another chest behind a tree.  In
it you should find a Gladius.

Heading south will lead to the next screen, as denoted by the red marking
on the Select Map and Load Screen.  I don't recommend visiting this
area until you're Level 3 at least, 4 would be even better.

* Craft - Gladius = Short Sword + Beast Bone
  (NOTE: whenever I mention the crafting of new weapons, the weapon being
   used to make a new one will always be almost always broken - this means
   you will pretty much be getting two weapons with one)

   B. Waterfall
(Enemies: Wild Wolf, Highway Robber, Jade Snake, Knight Robber)

Knight Robbers are kinda tough, although generally well worth fighting, but
I wouldn't mess with three of them at once.  At least not without the
Gladius.  There's a treasure chest with an Agility Potion in the northwest
section of this area near a tree, and a chest in the southwestern portion
of the area right across the water with Bone Earrings.  This item is located
in a corner and it is not too unlikely you're have a run-in with an enemy.
Continuing along the road will lead you to the next area, the Grotto.
Just before you go here, there's a chest near a tree to the east of the
doorway to the Grotto.  There's a Power Potion inside.

   C. Grotto
(Enemies: Highway Robber, Bandit Knight, Jade Snake, Water Elemental)

Heading basically due east from the entrance will lead you to a treasure
chest once again right behind a tree.  It has two Potions inside.  There's
a Wolf Fang Necklace in a chest in the far north land indentation.  Cross
the water and follow a fairly narrow off-road pathway west to find a
chest with Holy Water in it.  Beware, though, you're almost guaranteed to
encounter upon an 'Unknown' group including powerful (for your lone
character at this point) Water Elementals.  I would bypass this for the time
being as well as any other group of 'Unknowns' until you're at Level 5
and well-armored.  Continue down past the Holy Water along this path and
you should find a person, Chin.  Speak with them to advance Side Mission -
Request 1 along.  Continue down the road path to reach the next section,
Dragon Lake.

   D. Dragon Lake
(Enemies: Bandit Knight, Highway Robber, Water Elemental, Jade Snake,
Wild Wolf)

There's a Hide Bangle in the chest very close to the doorway to Grotto,
just to the west of it.  There's an Agility Potion in a chest tucked
away in the northwestern spot of the area.  You're likely to pass a Save
Point and the entrance to Heaven's Doorway on your way to this potion.
Heaven's Doorway is not something you'll need to worry about, now or
perhaps ever.  The pathway to the Spena Forest is in the Southwest parts
of this area.

* Craft - Broadsword + Beast Hide = Hunter Sword
          Spring Water + Herb = Potion

III. Sepna Forest

   A. North Forest
Because, for this very moment, I don't anticipate spending more than a few
moments in this forest, its barely worth noting, but... Enter and head
pretty much due south.  Two large men should be blocking a path.  Approach
them, watch a show and prepare for a battle.

BOSS: Gozen
HP: 90

This should prove to be a very simple battle.  Just go on in, and hit him
until his HP goes down to 0.  Occasionally, he'll land an attack slightly
more powerful than his regular attacks, but the battle should be over within
four turns or so.  When your HP gets down far enough, go ahead and use a
Potion.  He has no Lunabilities so you don't have to worry about depletion
of that gauge (not that you'd need any of that here).

After the battle, watch the show.  When you regain control, you'll find
yourself back in Jade, specifically in the Residential area.  There are
now new items for sale since the last time we checked in the shops found
in the Marketplace.  They're listed below.

Equipment Vendor

Metal Earring  - 1200 - Made from Silver Fitting and Metal Orb      - EARRING
                        (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 10, INT: 5)
Metal Cuff     - 2000 - Cuffs made from Gold Fitting and Metal Orb  - EARRING
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 15, INT: 6)
Metal Choker   - 1250 - Choker made from Silver Chain and Metal Orb - EARRING
                        (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 10, LGC: 5)
Metal Necklace - 2100 - Necklace made from Gold Chain and Metal Orb - NECKLACE
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 15, LGC: 6)
Metal Bracelet  - 1300 - Made from Metal Orb and Heavy Bowstring     - BRACERS
                        (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 15, PWR: 5)
Metal Bangle   - 2300 - Made from Silk Bowstring and Metal Orb      - BRACERS
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 20, PWR: 6)
Silver Ring    - 1200 - Made from Metal Orb and Silver Inlay        - RING
                        (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 10, DEX: 5)
Gold Ring      - 2000 - Made from Metal Orb and Gold Inlay          - RING
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 14, DEX: 6)
Metal Belt     - 2500 - Made from Metal Orb and Gold Buckle         - ARMOR
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 25, ENR: 6)
Metal Toe Ring - 1230 - Made from String and Metal Orb              - LEGGINGS
                        (Equip LVL: 15, DEF: 12, AGL: 5)
Silk Anklet    - 2150 - Made from Silk String and Metal Orb         - LEGGINGS
                        (Equip LVL: 20, DEF: 17, AGL: 6)

Weapons Dealer

Saber          - 5000 - A thin steel blade that excels in dicing - SWORD
                        (Equip LVL: 20, ATK: 40)
Leather Cestus - 250  - A glove made from Beast Bone             - GLOVE
                        (Equip LVL: 1,  ATK: 3)
Baghnakh       - 600  - A glove with claws                       - GLOVE
                        (Equip LVL: 5,  ATK: 8)
Iron Claw      - 1200 - A military grade Baghnakh                - GLOVE
                        (Equip LVL: 10, ATK: 15)
Steel Baghnakh - 2100 - A glove with steel claws             - GLOVE
                        (Equip LVL: 15, ATK: 24)
Jamadhar       - 4800 - A bladed steel glove                     - GLOVE
                        (Equip LVL: 20, ATK: 35)

While you're here in town, you might as well get some new equipment for the
essentially naked new guy.  Remember, he cannot, for the time being, equip
anything with an Equip LVL higher than 5.  You'll also want to pick up as
much Level 5 gear for Lance as possible (buy the armor last or pass it up as
you'll find some before long).  When you think you're ready, go ahead and
mosey on over back to Spena Forest once again.  This time we're going to
spend a little more time there (although now I recommend getting used to
having multiple persons in battle by hanging around the Main Gate area of
Lumines Field and doing the Jade Patrol side Mission - speak to the guard
by the gate to Jade and accept to do this).

III. Sepna Forest

   A. North Forest
(Enemies: Fire Elemental, Morehard Fighter, Bone Arm, Skull Head, Hungry
bat, Fairy Orb, Rabid Snake, Sleeping Lily)

The Fire Elementals are trouble for this point in the game.  Be ready to
go at them with all you've got.

In the Northeastern space of the map, there's a chest with a Heal Scroll
within.  The south area of the map (previously blocked by the giants) has
a chest with a Vigor Ring inside.  The passage south leads to the Dark Path.
The passage East leads to the Ancient Lake.  I recommend going this route

   B. Ancient Lake
There's a Para Potion in a chest in the northernmost space of this area, it
is on the western side of the area.  You'll be confronted with an enemy
encounter on your way to this one.  Due Southeast of this for a little while
is a chest with a Tranquilizer within.  There isn't a great deal you can do
at this point now, so turn back and head toward the North Forest, more
specifically the Dark Path we previously dismissed.

Before doing this, I recommend turning around and heading back to the
Marketplace of Jade and buying the stronger equipment Lance and afford and
don.  Think at least Level 5 Armors all around and a Long Sword for Lance.

   C. Dark Path
As you take several steps down the Dark Path, a scene interrupts, watch it
and continue the path (the one generally heading south is the only path you
can take at the current moment).  Make use of the Life Point while you're
at it (stand on it to use - can reuse once you've left and returned on the
screen).  There's also a Beast Bone Belt in this section that is not too
hard to see and an Angel Kiss that is (it's nestled near the huge log about
halfway between the belt and life point).

   D. Dark Knoll
Head a few steps in and watch the show.  Prepare for a major battle.

BOSS: Ibrid
HP: 200
EXP: 200
Gold: 2000

This is one of those times when it might help to be at a slightly lower level
than if at a higher level.  Being at a lower level means Ibrid will get the
first attack in, meaning the Lunar gauge fills, probably enough to use Heat
Blade every time.  Because you're essentially using all the Lunar Gauge,
Ibrid won't be able to counteract with Lunabilities of his own, which are his
strongest points (Double Attack and Triple Fang, although you probably won't
see either).

After the battle, watch the show.  Another battle will ensue, don't
bother trying to win it.  After this, watch another scene, and walk back
to Jade's Residential zone when you can.  Walk into Costner's House, in the
Southeastern part of the Residential area.  Watch the show and head back to
the Dark Path of Spena Forest.

Return to the Dark Knoll later on to receive to treasure chests: Holy Water
and a Stone Katar.

   E. Dark Path
This time take the path heading west that was previously blocked.  You'll
be interrupted by a short scene when the path is coming up.  There's a chest
near this crux which you can finally pick up, it has a Blood Girdle inside.
Before heading to the next event, I advise getting sidetracked a little in
this forest if you're not sick of looking at it.  Take the Southeastern path
to reach the Owl's Hideout.

   F. Owl's Hideout
(New enemy: Armored Fist, Spena Wolf, Man Eater, Bone Head)
NOTE: Enemies her are generally much tougher and really seem to like going
after Gozen.  Make sure you're stocked with over a dozen Potions and equipped
with largely Level 10 armors all around... Man Eaters can inflict sleep and
have higher defense than most, so I'd target them first.  Also, Bone Heads
like to consume your Luna gauge, so do so before they do).

A few steps after you enter is a chest with a Bone Bagnhakh.  If you do
anything in this side part of the Spena Forest, get this.  You won't likely
have to face any enemy encounters in doing so, and it's a great weapon
right out of a chest.  The other path out leads to the Double Bridge.

   G. Double Bridge
Close In the Southeast, where you should be at the current moment, there's
a treasure chest with a Heal Scroll in it in a corner just before you reach
the bridge.  Go ahead and cross to get a Psyche Toe Ring in a chest in an
opposite corner.

* Crafting - Spring Water + Herb + Beast Blood = Potion

Turn back to the Dark Path and use the pat furthest to the east.

   H. Ancient Ruins
Roughly due east of where you enter this room is a chest in a little crevice
with a Potion inside.  There's a structure in the middle, the ruins
themselves, where we find two treasure chests: Stunning Saber, Hide Stud.
You can go ahead and enter the structure you see there if only the chest
(Fang Ring) and Save Point right there.  Next let's go to the exit furthest
south to the other part of the Double Bridge.

   I. Double Bridge
Nothing truly noteworthy here, just a couple of enemy encounters.  Follow the
path until you reach the Fairies Clearing.

   J. Fairies Clearing
The path is pretty straightforward.  The first chest you'll come upon, about
one-fourth of the way down the path, has a Poison ingredient in it.  You'll
likely have to fend off an encounter if you take it.  The chest about three-
quarters of the way down the path is also semi-guarded by an encounter, it
has a Blood Armlet in it.  A chest in the northwestern corner of the path has
a Wolf Fang (a glove) in it.  Now take the path close to this chest.

* Crafting - Iron Claw + Beast Hide = Wolf Fang

   K. Rainbow Spring
There's one chest in this part of the area, it's off to the side in that gulf-
like area on the map, it's a Psyche Potion.  The other side of this is a path
to Domerune Point.

   L. Domerune Point
Again, you do not need to come here now, you will later.  You'll find every
shop available in Jade here, with some new stuff that probably wasn't there
before (will be noted when this town is discussed in full).  It's just good
to know you won't have to scamper back to Jade whenever you want to buy a
couple of supplies.

If you're feeling frisky, you can accept some of the Side Missions here now,
they are detailed in the full section dedicated to Domerune Point.

Backtrack a few screens to the Ancient Ruins.  Meander your way to the far
eastern path out.

   M. Rainbow Spring
There's a Mid Potion pretty much all the way down the path.  That is all.

Return to the Ancient Ruins and use the far north passage out.

   N. Ancient Lake
Just walk to the nearest other passage out, a few steps away on the far
east of the map.  There's nothing else worth mentioning here.

   O. Moonlight Glade
There's an enchested Wisdom Potion on the western edge of the place about
halfway to the other passage, and a Y Fang Choker very close to that other

   P. Lunar Tower
Close to the water neat the path to the Moonlight Glade there's a chest with
a Logic Potion within.  Closer to the tower itself is a chest with a Fire
Hide cuff within it.  And then...

IV. Lunar Tower

(Enemies: Stone Jar, Liquid Elemental, Mystic Bit, Morezard Warrior, Screw

   A. New Moon Floor
Note the narrow hallway.  Encounters here will be especially difficult to
avoid.  Make your way down the narrow hall before you.  There will be a door
that opens before terribly long.  If you accepted the Adventurer's Proof 1
Mission, a stationary skeleton will be waiting for you there.  Here a boss
battle will ensue against an Evil Bone Warrior.  It'll hit for about 50 HP,
it's not terribly fast or impervious to attack and has about 600 HP or so.

Anywho, proceed through to another room and watch a show.  Now return to Jade
as suggested.  You take a shortcut to Jade in the Ancient Lake area
of the Spena Forest (it's the very obvious-looking ridge on the Select to the

   B. Jade
Take a few steps in and watch a show.  Now might be a pretty good time to
complete Crafting Request 2 (received by speaking to the man beside the weapon
store after you've completed his first request) and Adventurer's Proof 1
(speak to the man inside the weapon store again to get Adventurer's Proof 2
after you officially complete the first one).  Now is also a good time to do
Demanding Man 1 from the guy by the counter in the Inn, give him a Beast Bone,
you should have several, tom complete.  Now leave and head to the Ancient Ruins
in Spena Forest.  Yes, some enemies are still going to jump at you with some

* Crafting - Cutlass + Beast Blood + Poison = Poison Sword

   C. Ancient Ruins
Enter the structure and watch the show.  A Boss battle will ensue.

BOSS: Morezard Captain
HP: About 280

The other guy is along for the battle, so don't fret.  Enemy attacks aren't
too powerful.  Use Lunabilities liberally because the Captain's Lunas are
the only really respectable attacks you're likely to see.  First focus attacks
at one of the Guards that the Captain brings with him (perhaps using Primal
Heat during Lance's turn to keep the Lunar Gauge lowered), then the other when
the one you're focusing on falls (they have about 100 HP each the Guards do).
Then attack the big guy.  Heal when needed, which probably will be never in
this fight.

After the battle, step into the structure (Half Moon Base) and onto the Return
Point dead ahead (you're allowed to use this point now that you've beaten the
Morezard Captain). Use the Save Point if needed.

Before proceeding, you may wish to make sure you're amply equipped (see: the
most powerful armor you can afford, healing items).  You may wish to get at
least one character to Level 20 to make use of the Level 20 equipment you've
been finding lately.

   D. Half Moon Floor (Lunar Tower)
(Note: that Return Area used to come here cannot currently be used to warp

(Enemies: Pyro Bit, Morezard Shaman, Water Jar, Morezard Sargent, Evil Egg)

There's a Poison Ring in the chest in the north corner of this area.

Okey... Thins are getting a little tougher.  Once again, you find yourself in
a narrow hallway in aggressive enemies.  Unless you're luring the first
encounter toward the circle you've entered, you'll probably have no time
after that fight to recover before the next one happens.  You're more likely
to have a chance to use Potions between the second and third fights.  The
Aquas gate awaits along the path after that.  Entering this triggers a show
and then...

BOSS: Morezard Wizard
HP: 240

Just fight it like a random encounter for it's absolutely no more difficult
that the encounters you've been facing.  One Solar Heat move with a decent
weapon is enough to completely take out the Wizard, and I suggest doing this
because that Lunar Gauge fills up in a hurry.  The lizards the wizard has
around him are probably tougher than the man himself - they can actually
take some hits (but not really).

After the battle watch the show.  Right across from the Aquas gate is the
Polarus Gate, a chest with a Heal Book lies on its inside.  If you want,
you can try to sift through a bunch of skull heads to find a chest in a
corner of a room further down this hallway with a Wolf Slayer in a chest.
I recommend trying for it - it's a pretty awesome weapon even if you're
not going to be using it for quite some time.

Go down the steps just behind the Polarus-gate opened door.

   E. New Moon Floor
Step on the emblem in the middle of the room to open the gate in front of
you.  There's likely to be an enemy encounter in the first room beyond
the gate.  Moving clockwise along the path will end you to a room where
a treasure chest is in a corner - a Freedom Medal - a pretty great Level
20 Necklace.  You're likely to run into a battle with Evil Eggs, a durable
and powerful enemy while getting it.  Don't be afraid to Run from this one.
You've already seen the most of this floor, so walk counterclockwise to
the entrance out of here.  You'll be interrupted by a scene when you first
get out.  Walk back to Jade.  Another scene will halt your progress when you
reach the gates of Jade.

   F. Jade
There's some new stuff in the equipment shops now:

Weapons Dealer

Great Sword      - 9000 - A heavy sword used by imperial guards
                          (Equip Lvl: 30, ATK: 60)           - Sword
Zarkan Katar     - 8500 - A battle glove made from Zarkan techniques
                          (Equip Lvl: 50, ATK: 55)           - Glove
Wood Staff       - 300  - A wooden staff that can be used for clobbering
                          (Equip Lvl: 1,  ATK: 4)            - Staff
Halo Staff       - 650  - A wooden staff with a metallic orb
                          (Equip Lvl: 5,  ATK: 9)            - Staff
Magician's Staff - 1250 - A staff with a magic orb
                          (Equip Lvl: 10, ATK: 16)           - Staff
Mage Cane        - 2000 - A wooden cane used by veteran healers
                          (Equip Lvl: 15, ATK: 25)           - Staff
Warlock's Staff  - 5000 - A luxury staff with a metal orb
                          (Equip Lvl: 20, ATK: 34)           - Staff
Sorcerer's Staff - 8300 - A hard wooden staff used by veteran healers
                          (Equip Lvl: 30, ATK: 50)           - Staff

Equipment Vendor

Metal Stud      - 4000 - Made from Moon Fitting and Metal Orb
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 24, INT: 7)
Metal Medallion - 4100 - Medal made from Moon Chain and Metal Orb
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 30, LGC: 7)
Metal Armlet    - 4300 - Made from Medal orb and Steel Bowstring
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 30, PWR: 7)
Metal Ring      - 4300 - Made from Metal Orb and Moon Inlay
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 24, DEX: 7)
Metal Girdle    - 5000 - Made from Metal Orb and Moon Buckle
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 34, AGL: 7)
Metal Ankle     - 4300 - Made from metal Orb and Steel String
                         (Equip Lvl: 30, DEF: 25, AGL: 7)

Go ahead and pick up whatever equipment the new character might need in
preparation for the next section.

Now you can accept Adventurer's Proof 2 from the man in the weapon vendor
in Jade.  Upon acceptation, there should be a Morezard in the Owl's Hideout
portion of the Spena Forest.  Fight it (like you would an encounter), beat
it and bring the Dragon Blade back to this man.

By now, you should also have 3 Mid Potions, or at least the items with which
to make them.  Go to the Inn, right by the entrance is Brogess.  Accept his
Mission, select him and use 3 Mid Potions on him to complete Side Mission -
Request 2.

Note that in certain areas of Spena Forest (like Fairies Clearing for one),
enemies will have become much stronger (Miracle Orb, Bush Python, Skull Head,
Coyote to name a few), although still nothing you are unable to handle (the
Skull Heads are quite tough to handle at this point in the game, though).

Head over to the Gallema Desert (Dark path, far south to Owl's Hideout, to
Double Bridge, to the Desert).

V. Gallema Desert

(Enemies: Storm Elemental, Winged Beast, Cockatrice, Inferno Jar, Thief,
Wonder Egg, Dragon Spawn, Lost Soul, Desert Python)
NOTE: The Wonder Eggs are really the only enemy I remember after looking
back at this section.  With scant exception, encounters here can be bypassed
if desired because of the wide open spaces that make timing your travels
across the desert easier.

   A. Last Oasis
There's a Revive Book in the Northwestern corner of the area.  It's very
likely you'll have to deal with an encounter in getting it.  There is a
Mana Staff in a chest tucked away in that suspicious-looking sand
crevice close to the dead center of this map.  In the far Southeast portion
of the map, there's a chest with a Mid Toe Ring within.  In the fat
Southwest portion, there's a chest with 2 Mid Potions within.  The passage
leading to the next section is very near this chest.

   B. Overlord Cliff
There's a chest in the far eastern-kinda northern point of the map with a
Beast Katar - you'll likely have to meander your way through some narrow
paths to get it.  There is a treasure just to the west of the suspicious
middle structure, a Poison Bracelet.  In that structure is also a save point,
but ignore otherwise.  There a treasure chest in the crevice near the path
to the sand dune, just north and east of it.  It has two heal Scrolls.

* Crafting - Steel Baghnakh + Beast Blood = War Bagnakh

   C. Sand Dune
In the Northeasternmost spots of the map, there's a chest with an Angel
Kiss inside.  The far north point of this map is the Earth's Doorway,
don't sweat this one now.  There's a Blue Medallion tuckered away near the
center of the map in the corner there.  In the far southern section of this
area, there's a chest with a Dark Potion within.  This chest is near the
pathway to the next area, Rem Village.

   D. Rem Village
There's an Inn (with a Fire Belt in a chest in one of the rooms on the
second floor, and another with a Peace Earring within), Weapon Vendor,
Equipment Seller, Appraiser, the whole shot.

You can get a side mission here right now upon speaking to Norton, the man
near the Item store.  Side Mission - Holy Oil.  If/When you do this Mission,
don't bother going to Jade. Instead head to the Rainbow Spring (I went to
the part of the spring from Fairies Clearing just before Domerune Point).
There's a large tree close to the passage near Domerune Point that should
be sparkling near its roots.  Examine to find what you're looking for
this Mission.  He'll give you an Earth Bracelet when you've completed this.

Nephrem Mountain is just to the village's south, but I don't recommend even
entering this place now.  I do recommend heading back to the Overlord Cliff
into the structure in the middle (the Full Moon Base).  Make sure you have
good equipment (~Level 20 armors, weapons you're confident in, ~30 Potions)
and enter the structure in the middle, the Full Moon Base.  Step on the
Return Area in the middle there.

   E. Full Moon Floor
(Enemies: Morezard Priest, Aqua Bit, Zom Bat, Liquid Force, Zephyr Elemental)

Another Lunar Tower moment.  Follow the path through the Zephyrus Gate and
watch the show.  Stay low for now - walk the path.  You should see a Metal
Necklace in a chest in a corner and a Paralyze Bow in the other.  Keep
following the pretty short path.  There's another chest in another corner
of a room right down a set of stairs, this one with a Hydro Belt inside.
This room also has a Life Point within.  Walk through the upcoming hallway
and examine the Moon Gate for a brief scene.

* Crafting - Saber + Beast Bone + Beast Fang = Claymore
*            Warlock's Staff + Beast Bone + Tranquilizer = Sleep Staff

   F. Half Moon Floor
There's a chest in the corner of that first room there with a Wise Staff
within - it's behind some pillars.  You can go around and open up the path
to the Dark Gate if you wish (and get that Wolf Sword you might have skipped
out on earlier).  Walk the path and take the first passage available on the
west-central area of the Select map.

   G. New Moon Floor
Walk to the entrance at the South Side of the area.  When you get far enough,
a scene will interrupt you.  You can now walk back up to the Full Moon Floor
and open the Moon Gate.

   H. Full Moon Floor
Open the Moon Gate, but before doing so, make sure your HP is at or very near
its max.  Make sure you're confident in your equipment and stock.  You can
always retreat to a town and restock (although walking all the way there is
a pain).  When you're ready, open the gate, a scene will ensue and then a Boss
fight follows.

BOSS: Dread Knight
HP: ~3000

What makes this guy truly deadly is his Luna abilities which either hit all
characters for respectable damage or focus on one character for very high
damage.  Prevent him from using these by aggressively using Luna abilities
of your own - his abilities don't cost all that much Luna points.  Have Felis
use Restoras I pretty much every round.  Don't get greedy trying to get the
best Lunability off - Heat Blade and Mighty Combo are great even if not the
most powerful as they're often the difference between using a Lunability and
Dread Knight using his.  Really, there isn't much to this fight, and it's
hard to lose if your HP is kept up (preferably by that said Restoras I) and
keeping him from using Lunabilities.

When the battle ends, watch the show.  Pick up the Heal Book in the southwest
corner of the room of these events, then walk on out.  Of the Lunar Tower.
Walk on out of the Lunar Tower, and return to Jade.

   I. Jade
If you wish, there are a few new products for sale at the stores - take a

Weapons -
Mythril Sword    - 15000 - A slender magical sword
                           (ATK: 80,  Equip Lvl: 40)
Dark Sword       - 27000 - A dark blade forged by a skilled blacksmith
                           (ATK: 100, Equip Lvl: 50)
Mythril Baghnakh - 13500 - A battle glove with magical blades
                           (ATK: 74,  Equip Lvl: 40)
Striker          - 25000 - A glove for expert warriors only
                           (ATK: 92,  Equip Lvl: 50)
Empathy Cane     - 13000 - Staff made of Mold Wood using Melphin techniques
                           (ATK: 65,  Equip Lvl: 40)
Divine Staff     - 26000 - An expensive Empath Staff
                           (ATK: 84,  Equip Lvl: 50)
Sniper Bow       - 13500 - Designed specifically for snipping
                           (ATK: 82,  Equip Lvl: 40)
Great Bow        - 25000 - The most advanced Sniping Bow
                           (ATK: 150, Equip Lvl: 50)

Equipment Vendor -
Lunar Earring    - 6000  - Made from Silver Fitting and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 32, INT: 8)
Lunar Cuff       - 8000  - Made from Gold Fitting and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 40, INT: 9)
Magician's Stud  - 13000 - Made from Moon Fitting and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 52, INT: 10)
Lunar Choker     - 6500  - Choker made from Magic Orb and Silver chain
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 32, LGC: 8)
Lunar Necklace   - 8500  - Necklace made from Gold Chain and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 40, LGC: 9)
Dark Medal       - 13500 - Medal made from Moon Chain and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 52, LGC: 10)
Lunar Bracelet   - 6700  - Bracelet made from Magic Orb and Heavy Bowstring
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 40, PWR: 8)
Lunar Bangle     - 8800  - Made from Magic Orb and Silk Bowstring
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 50, PWR: 9)
Lunar Armlet     - 14000 - Made from Magic Orb and Steel Bowstring
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 60, PWR: 10)
Lunar Ring       - 6500  - Made from Magic Orb and Silver Inlay
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 32, DEX: 8)
Darknight Ring   - 8500  - Made from Magic Orb and Gold Inlay
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 40, DEX: 9)
Dark Moon Ring   - 13500 - Made from Magic Orb and Moon Inlay
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 52, DEX: 10)
Dark Moon Belt   - 7500  - Made from Magic Orb and Silver Buckle
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 45, ENR: 8)
Lunar Belt       - 12000 - Made from Magic Orb and Silver Buckle
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 55, ENR: 9)
Lunar Girdle     - 16000 - Made from Magic Orb and Moon Buckle
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 65, ENR: 10)
Lunar Ankle      - 6450  - Made from Magic Orb and String
                           (Equip Lvl: 40, DEF: 33, AGL: 8)
Night Anklet     - 8750  - Made from Magic Orb and Silk String
                           (Equip Lvl: 50, DEF: 50, AGL: 9)
Magic Anklet     - 14500 - Made from Steel String and Magic Orb
                           (Equip Lvl: 60, DEF: 60, AGL: 10)

* Crafting - Battle Bow + Beast Blood + Beast Hide = Wolf Bow

As is the case with recently-introduced equipment, it's not likely you'll be
able to utilize the bulk of this equipment.  You will, though, want to stock
up whatever you need (think level 20 stuff and up at least, preferably 25)
considering the events to come, especially for the new girl.

But you're really here to head to the Palace Front from the north passage
from the Plaza.  From there walk north and speak to an Imperial Guard.
Watch the scenes.  Go ahead now and accept Adventurer's Proof 3 from the
man in the weapon store, Crafting 3 from the man standing beside the weapon
store, and Request 3 from the man standing very close to the entrance of the

This is done in the Lunar Tower... You need to find three encounters, one
on each of the three floors: New Moon Floor - northeast room, opposite
of the tower's entrance; Full Moon Floor - the back of the floor; I forgot
where the last one is, but I know they're near some pillars.

You can complete Crafting 3 right now if you wish.  Chances are pretty good
you're carrying both items her already needs now - Moonbone Hilt and Steel
Blade.  If not, both items can be bought right now from the crafting broker
in this very area of Jade.

After this, it's off to Domerune Point.

VI. World Phase II

There are stronger enemies now populating every part of the overworld.

Lumines Field - Most of the skulls here will still be blue, although the
occasional Zephyr Snake, Morezard Captains, Killer Coyotes will get cocky.
Generally speaking, most of the enemies here, like the thieves and knights,
Lumines Pythons, Death Flowers will stay out of your way.  With all this
blue around, you might imagine these enemies are largely non-entities and
there's little worth noting among them.  Oh, a weaker enemy encounter can
now morph into a stronger one, here morphing into a Zephyr Snake.

Spena Forest - You'll find things like Cursed Snakes Morezard Magicians,
Tarantulas, Deathgrips most of whom running.  Enemies can morph into Death
Wolves, they can hit.  (Remember how to get to Domerune?  Dark Path - its
easternmost path, Ancient Ruins - it's South Path, and the rest is linear).
Once you reach the Ancient Ruins, enemies start to get a little tougher,
with Bats and Hellhounds and Morezard Champions attacking a little more
aggressively.  Most of the enemies will still attempt to avoid confrontation
until they turn into Lunar Wolves.  Enemies like Cold Skulls and Hammerhands
don't make things any easier.  Eventually you'll get to Domerune Point.
Speak to the Imperial Guard standing beside the passage to Domerune to receive
(and probably complete) the mission Domerune Patrol.

   A. Domerune Point
Head to the upper level of the place near the area's weapon and accessory
stores.  The first person you see should be Scotch.  Speak to him for a scene.
Walk back down to the lower level and speak to the Appraiser in the northeast
corner of the Plaza for another show.  This will get to the Dragon Flute RCP.

We can get one of the items, the King Snake Blood, right now.  First we must
head to the Gallema Desert.  Before that, I recommend training until your
guys are at Level 30, which shouldn't be too long, for this opens up many new
weapon and armor possibilities.  When you're ready, re-trace your steps to the
Dark path, take the path furthest south and take the linear path to the Desert.

   B. Gallema Desert
New, stronger enemies abound, although most will probably not hunt you down with
great aggression.  Gallema Pythons, Assassins, Wind Forces, Magma Jars, Cursed
Corpses and others will generally stay the hell out of your way.   Sometimes
they may attack if in groups of four, but even then they're still quite passive.
What you don't want to hear is the squeaking noise denoting an enemy
transformation.  When this happens, you'll either get a Silent Face or a Dead
Face.  I absolutely do not recommend fighting Dead Faces at this point.  If
you must fight a Silent, and this isn't something I recommend either, be ready
to use all sorts of stat-boosting items and be ready for a long, grinding battle.

At the Overlord Cliff area of the Desert, Check the middle area.  At about the
center of the area, perhaps slightly south and east, there should be a large
snake waiting for you if you've accepted Adventurer's Proof 3 in Jade.  Walk up
to the Dune Serpent and fight it (ridiculously easy battle) and receive the King
Snake Blood.

Take this item back to the man in Jade to complete Adventurer's Proof 3 to receive
a Burning Medal for your troubles.  Or Continue following the path until you reach
Rem Village once that is over.

   C. Rem Village
Walk on through stocking up on what you need, resting if necessary.  Go though
the southern path out of town.  The guard near Rem Village should have a new Side
Mission for you.  Use Mystical Fangs on him to complete.

   D. Nehprem Mountain
(Enemies: Dire Wolf, Necroborg Warrior, Evil Fist, Blast Rock, Cursed Blade,
Firedrake, Geo Elemental, Jaws of Evil)

   E. Dragon Cemetery
Walk along the path, it is very straightforward.  The first chest you encounter
has a Guard Stud within.  The next chest in the southwest portion of the area
has a Revive Book in a chest slightly off the path.

You can obtain the other two components of the King Snake Blood right now.
There's an enemy that is the result of a morph, a War Dragon.  Defeat it,
while kind of a battle of attrition, is more beatable than a battle against
the faces in the desert.  War Dragons drop Mystical Bones and Mystical Fangs.

Just don't let those War Dragons turn into Pyrosaurs or Wyvern Kings.  You're
not likely to be strong enough to comfortably battle either one of these enemies.

   F. Dragon Waterfall
Another very straightforward path.  The first circled platform space has a
treasure chest with 2 Mid Potions within.  An Angel Kiss is on that third
circular platform area.  Note that these paths are especially narrow and the
circular areas are quite densely populated with skull heads.  This means
quick and easy enemy merging and morphing.  This also means that as they
merge, you have an extra couple of seconds to make a break for it.

   G. Volcano Valley
This place has less enemies, but some enemies lurk nonetheless.  There are
two chests here including a Fairy Cane.  Be fully healed and respectably
equipped and stocked.  The Remains are located at the southwestern part of
this area.  Select them and use the Dragon Flute.

BOSS: Syphlen
HP: ~3000

Syphlen's attacks aren't particularly strong and his defenses aren't
particularly strong either, so you can go at him with your multi-attack
Lunabilities at your pleasure.  His attack power is roughly equal to that
of a War Dragon, so as long as you're using Restoras regularly you shouldn't
have to worry.  If you see Syphlen begin to ready his Lunability, Mystic
Breath, hit him over and over like you always do whenever enemies need to
be put back in their place.  Again, my preference is to aggressively use
Lunabilities to prevent him from even starting to get off Mystic Breath.

After that's done, watch the show.  Head back to the Lunar Tower.  You can
now enter thruogh the portals stationed across the land.  Don't be stupid
and just enter the one in the Full Moon Base in the Gallema Desert.  It's a
pretty short walk and it's pretty close to where you need to be in the Tower.

* Crafting - Zarkan Katar + Monster Bone + Monster Fang = Fury Bite
             Monster Bone + Para Potion + War Bow = Freeze Bow
             Great Sword + Monster Bone + Monster Fang = Barbarian Sword

   H. Lunar Tower
(Enemies: Unholy bat, Morezard Bishop, Wind Bit, Aqua Force, Aqua Jar, Death
Egg, Morezard Hunter, Quake Jar)

Enemies' Skulls are no longer predominately blue and will pretty much all
be attacking aggressively.  They can also merge and morph into other, bigger,
meaner enemies, none of whom I recommend fighting now.  Chances are non-
terrible that you'll have to deal with a big ol' Mystic Lizard right out of
the Full Moon Base.  You should charge right out of the gate as there are
two skull heads close to each other and you.  Charge them and keep them
from morphing.

Anyway, walk though the place the same way you did to fight the Black
Knight.  Step on that obvious-looking circle in the center of that one
room and watch the show.

When you next gain control, there is little else you can do besides go
forward and watch another show, and prepare for a boss fight.

BOSS: Kanga
HP: ~3000

First of all, you'll want to rid yourself of the guards around him, a
Mage and a Warrior, they're just annoying.  He has quite high defense,
so stick with strong, single-strike Lunabilities.  He also hits quite
hard at 100-150 damage per hit, he also has Lunabilities of his own but
tends to be pretty conservative with them.  Kanga can be paralyzed and
poisoned, so that's good.  Again, hog the Luna meter and keep your HP
up and have good equipment.  It's not that hard.

Watch the show when you win the battle.  There's a Freezing Bow right
there just to the right of the big ol' rock in a chest.  Exit the roof
the same way you entered.  In a nearby room, there's a portal that will
take you to the Full Moon Floor of the Lunar Tower as well as any of the
three towns we've visited.  Now your days of wandering the fields are
over.  Head on over to Nephram Mountain now.

   I. Side Quests
The purpose of this section is to get your levels to about 40 as this
opens up a world of fresh new equipment for you.  Plus, enemies are getting
tougher.  If you'd rather not do this, and I can understand, I suggest
trying your skills with encounters in the Lunar Tower.

Request 4 - Warp to Domerune, speak to Juan by the Inn, Warp to Jade,
walk toward the palace, give the letter to one of the palace guards,
Warp back to Jade, speak to Juan, done.

Charm of Courage - Warp to Rem.  Speak to Marianne by the lake, Warp to
Domerune, walk around the Fairies Clearing via the Ancient Ruins to the
other side of the Fairies Clearing.  Find a fairy waiting along a western
wall.  Beat the enemies before you.  Warp back to Rem and give the glasses
to Marianne, watch the show.  Done.

Late Husband - Warp to Jade and walk to the Residential area.  Enter a
house in the south part of the are and speak with Catalina.  Warp to Rem
and enter the desert.  Enter the Sand Dune area, first one outta Rem.
Your enemy is very close to the dead center of the map.  Confront him,
beat him to death, warp back to Rem and use Flynn's Knife on her.  Done.

Request 5 - Warp to Domerune.  Speak to Sonya, she stands by the Inn.  Trek
about six screens to the Owl's Hideout.  Find a logger along the southern
borders of the area.  Use Sonya's lunch on him.  Walk back to Domerune and
Speak to Sonya.  Done.  What, that's all I get? Should've done it earlier.

Well I had enough.  How are the levels looking?  38, 39?  Good enough.
Time to move on.  it's likely to be kind of a Long time before you see
another store, so I recommend you have two spare weapons instead of the usual

   J. Nephrem Mountain
(Enemies: Terra Wolf, Geo Force, Wind Core, Eruption, Death Orb, Wind Core,
Poison Fang, Death Blade, Necrobug Hunter, Necro Fist, Wind Core)
(NOTE: Terra Wolves are quite fast and it might be difficult getting
some Lunabilities off against them... the Geo Forces can paralysis-enducing
powers and the Eruptions poison-causing ones)

   K. Dragon Cemetery
Encounters start pretty far apart, so you can heal up after every battle.

   L. Dragon Waterfall
Here, enemies are closer together.  Hopefully they won't get all morpy on

   M. Volcano Valley
Walk through this place as well, this time going through the southeast
passage out.  There should be an Earth Choker in the chest on the way if
you haven't already picked it up.  Approach the door for a scene.

I suppose it's time to start a new count.

VII. Beyond the Second World Phase

   A. Forgotten Prison - Top Floor
(Enemies: Grave Hunter, Armored Berserk, Dark Ninja, Jail Spider,
Morezard Wizard, Night Helm, Elemental Seeker)
(NOTE: Enemies merge to form Necro Giants, an enemy I actually
recommend fighting should you be confronted with such a situation in
respectable health.  Just watch the hell out for its Swing Attack.
If you're interested in doing as many side Missions as possible, I
recommend fighting every Elemental Seeker you can find.)

First get the Water Necklace in the chest in this first room.  Then head
to the room furthest southwest in the area.  There's a Life Point here as
well as a Goddess Kiss within a chest.  Step on the Magic Circle in this
room and proceed fourth.  The Iron Bars due west of the path from Volcano
Valley are now movable, so examine them and proceed through.  Proceed
though the path of stairs and stuff.  Soon you'll find a chest with an
Exorcist Belt within.  Continue down the path (probably fighting off an
encounter on the way).  Look and the Old Device, pull the switch and
memorize the pattern (try to memorize colors, not places).  Do not leave
the area in between the time you first receive this combination and the
time you return to the first room where the crest switches are.  Then
proceed to the southeastern part of the area, the part that was previously
covered in lava.  In the far southeastern part of the area, there's a Magic
Circle, but don't step on it before you speak to the man in the room.

I actually recommend turning around, and at least saving your game, if not
turning all the way around and perhaps looking into the sidequest chances
you've just been given.

Anywho, after you step on that Magic Circle, the passage out in the
southwest become an option.  So go there.

   B. Spiral Staircase
Walk the path.  Eventually, you'll stumble upon a Storm Ring within a
chest.  Slightly further along the path, a scene awaits.  Finish walking
the path.

   C. Center Floor
You can get the Illusion Bangle from where you stand upon entry to the area.
Walk the path, and eventually a Ghost Woman will be standing there.  Speak
to her and get the Lantern that drops beside you.  Continue walking the path
and take the northern path when it forks.  Heal up and use the Lantern on
the flashing pile below.  You will fight a Saddened Soul.  It can be
paralyzed, so I advise doing that.  Its defenses can also be Wilted, so I
also advise doing that.  His attacks can Paralyze, so watch out for that.
Just keep whacking away (he has no Lunabilities that I know of).  Return the
ring that is dropped to the Ghost Woman for a 10 Point increase in the Lunar

When that's finished, keep going along the path collecting the 2 Potions and
Steel Heart Ring along the way bypassing the crests for the time being.
Step on the Magic Circle in kind of the eastern portion of the select map.
Walk down to the Iron Bars that once blocked your path, they are at the
southeast part of the Select map.

* Crafting - Monster Blood + Monster Fang + Mithril Sword = Brave Sword

Check out the Old Device in the Middle section, south end of the Select map.
Memorize the pattern (mine was Blue, Yellow, Red in that order).  Retrace
your steps around to the Crests we surpassed earlier and input that pattern
here.  Activate that one and trudge down to the northwestern section that was
blocked earlier.  Walk the path, Take the Poison Anklet from the chest and
activate the Magic Circle.  Walk to the southeast part of the area, move
the bars and to the next area.

 D. Spiral Staircase
This is a different one, but still the same.  Walk down the path far enough
here and prepare for a boss fight...

BOSS: Valen
HP: ~3800

You can freeze, wilt and charm him.  Hilariously easy fight if you have one
of the Level 40 bows that do this or the Fairy Staff.

After the fight, watch a show, then collect the Holy Water Book in a chest in
the Northwest part of the room, then the Elixir in another chest just behind
the pillar.  Go east through the passage to move on.

  E. Necro Factory
Walk along the path, there is a Heal Book in the southwest corner of the
good-sized rectangular room there.  There's an Earth Bangle along the Southern
wall of the circular room.  There's a whole mess of enemies in this circular
room, by the way, so watch out for them.  Hopefully, they'll have a morphing
party giving you ample to make it to the next area alive.

   F. Necro Factory II
First take the north path and walk along until you can a pathway going south.
Take it and walk along it leading you to a magic circle somewhere in the middle
of the room.  Then walk toward the passage to the first Necro Factory until
you reach the fork, this time take the path that goes south.  This will lead
you to another Magic Circle, step on it and watch the platform go down.
Re-enter that path and go all the way around to the northeast and around to
the southwest area of the section.  Walk up using the Life Point and taking
the passage in the southwesternmost area of the room out.

   G. Spiral Staircase
Walk along, when you get to the end, watch the show and prepare for a battle.

BOSS: Shadow Warriors
HP: ~1000 each

These guys are probably a little statistically stronger than your guys and
likely with the same Lunabilities.  Once again, aggressively hog the Lunameter
having the woman use Restoras I every time.  Focus attacks on one character at
a time as they're all pretty strong.

After the battle, watch the show and take the two chests, Toxic Earring and \
Revive Book.  You're going to have to walk out of the place now, so get to it.

Okay, you can if you wish just head on over to Vemos Island as suggested by
the scene.  If you really want to try this, warp to Domerune Point and take the
ferry to Venmos.  Personally, I'd do a few side quests first.  If nothing else,
do the ones requiring the Heaven Seal and the Earth Seal - these two alone should
probably give you enough extra training to complete the game.

* Crafting - Glory Katar = Mithril Baghnakh + Monster Fang

VIII. Side Extravaganza

First, because we're probably right here in Rem Village, speak to Smith for
some information about elemental cores.  You can also now buy information from
Cliff who stands close to the save point here.  First let's tackle those cores
because those are the only ones I truly recommend doing.  But in doing another
one of the side quests, one you've probably already accepted you can pretty
much finish the elemental cores mission.

   A. Inheritance
Chances are good if you're reading this, this one's already in your list of
Missions, so we might as well knock this one off.  It's moderately amusing.

Warp to Jade and walk your way thruogh the city and Lumines Field until you
reach the very end, Dragon's Lake, near the save point there.  On the way
there, you can fight the guardian of the Wind Core if you haven't already
done it.

Use the Heaven's Seal on the Heaven's Doorway to initiate a boss fight...

BOSS: Chrome Dragon
HP: ~5000

I've only seen one Lunability out of this guy - Tornado Breath - but it
is quite strong dealing ~250 HP across the whole party.  His regular attack
is about half as strong.  Once again, best way to victory is to Wilt his
defenses, hog the Lunameter and keep your HP up.

Next get to the Gallema Desert either by warping or walking.  I recommend
the latter because this way gets you a Life and in Spena (a quick detour to
Spena's Ancient Lake can enable you a fight with the Tidal Guardian, the
Wind Core boss) and you cross paths with the guardian of the Earth Core,
Tremor Guardian.  Walk to the Earth's Doorway located at the far north of
the Sand Dune area of the desert.  Use the Earth's Seal on the Doorway and

BOSS: Roadhound
HP: ~5000, maybe a little less

He's a quick one, so Wilt him and hog the Lunameter like crazy.  Other than
improved speed, Roadhound's not as tough of an opponent as the Chrome Dragon.

Make your way through Rem, Nephrem Mountain and the Forgotten Prison back
to Gessai (perhaps taking down the Torrid Guardian in the Volcano Valley along
the way) in the southeastern corner of the Top Floor.

BOSS: Lunamaster
HP: 4500

Again, pretty fast, but not fast enough to use Lunabilities.  He only has
one, Eternal Gate, but it seems to be easy enough to pound out of him.  His
regular attack doesn't seem to be as strong as that of the other bosses in
this section, and that's a plus.  Walk on out of the place with the rewards
when you're done.

   B. Elemental Cores
Okay, in doing this, you should need no other swords for the rest of the regular
game.  First, speak to Smith near the well in Rem Village.  He'll give you a
Moon Hilt and tell you stuff about Elemental Cores.  If you haven't found them
already, the elemental cores are being guarded by four dragons scattered about
the overworld.  If you completed the Inheritance Mission, you probably already
have at least two, maybe three or even four of the cores obtained.  They're
located in the following places:

Wind Core - Lumines Field, Main Gate
Water Core - Spena Forest, Ancient Lake
Earth Core - Gallema Desert, Last Oasis
Fire Core - Nephrem Mountain, Volcano Valley

All you need is one to make the sword, and if you only get one, I recommend
getting the Fire Core.  The sword itself will have an elemental property given
to it by the core fused to it.  To make the sword, combine the Dancing Blade,
the Moon Hilt and any single core you like.  The result, regardless of the
element will be a weapon equal to the Dark Sword in power (gets the job done,
but could be better), but very endurance (won't break for reasonable people)
and gives very good statistical bonuses all around.

After this, I recommend skipping down to IX.  Really.

Okay, these next four sidequests require 5 Soul of that respective element,
if you don't have them, you can hunt down Elemental Seekers in the Forgotten
Prison.  Or better yet, screw it.

   C. Forest Ruins
You'll need five Water Souls to do this one.  You're probably still in Rem after
that Core-related excursion, so speak to Gary near the save point in town and
give him 5 Water Souls.  Warp to Domerune and walk south to the Fairies'
Clearing.  Along the path in the water to the east, you should see a sparkling
spot on which you should use the Fairy Axe.  Toss it in and fight the Dark Fairy.
Dark Fairy hits pretty hard and has pretty high defense, but nothing you can't
Wilt down.  The Lunameter is all yours, so use it as however you wish.

   D. Mountain Ruins
I recommend skipping this one.  It's a pain in the ass.

Give Gary 5 Wind Souls and listen to wait he has to say.  Walk over to the
Dragon Waterfall of the Nephrem Mountain.  When you get to the Old Ornaments, use
the Requiem Flower on it.  This is more difficult than it should be because the
various weaker enemies are very close to each other here and quickly fuse into
various aggressive Dragons who will touch you in the time it takes to select the
Old stuff, file through the various menus and select the Requiem Flower, enemies
might have followed and fused and attacked you. Fight the Prince of Darkness who
appears, absolutely weaker than the various Dragon you probably fought to get a
chance to fight this guy.

   E. Desert Ruins
Give Gary 5 Earth Souls and walk to the southwestern corner of the Overlord
Cliff area of the Gallema Desert.  Watch the show and prepare for a battle with
Greed Rock.  High defense, pretty slow earth thing.  Beat the not out of it as
usual, collect the spoils and move on.  While we're here, tough...

   F. Master Goken
Head to the Full Moon Base in the Gallema Desert (Overlord Cliff area).  Speak
to the man within.  Fight Master Goken.  He's not too hard and just beat him
like any other.  He sometimes inflict berserk with his attacks, but I wouldn't
sweat that.

   G. Ornamental Beast
Warp to Domerune and make it to the Docks area.  Along the way, you'll want to
make sure you have 10 Metal Orbs, and you can buy some from any Crafting Broker
including one at Domerune's Plaza now).  Speak to Rosette, she stands on the
far eastern dock of the Select map.  Talk to her, hear her out and give her
10 Metal Orbs.

   H. Request 6
Speak to Benton near the Inn if you've completed the other five request
missions and accept the mission.  Warp to Rem and wait until night.
Enter Nephrem Mountain and find the Nephrem Thieves, one very close to the
entrance and closer to the Lighbra Gate.  The other would be standing in
virtually the same spot, but closer the passage to Dragon Waterfall than the
Rem Village and the final one is standing on basically the point farthest
south on the Select map.  Approach and defeat the bandits (real easy at
this point in the game) and warp back to Domerune.  Give him the three
items and one by one to finish the mission.

   I. Hopeless Affliction
Visit Batten in the Docks of Domerune, near the center of the area.  Hear him
out and give him a Mystical Hide when he's finished.  If you don't have one,
find one from pretty much any Dragon as he suggests.

   J. Sleepless Man
Speak to Emeril standing on the southern portions of the Docks of Domerune.
Then jet on over to Rem on find Dr. Boza standing near the water in the
east-central parts of the area.  Give him Emeril's Letter (triggering a new
mission - The Prescription).  Enter Nephrem Mountain and beat the snot out
of the Dark Bringer who waits near the center of the Volcano Valley.
Getting the Eternal Claw back to the doc will complete The Prescription.
Brining the actual remedy back to Emeril in Domerune will complete this

   K. Private Journal
Speak with Jeff, also along the docks of Domerune in that southern space
there.  Speak with Nathaniel and then Jessica while leaving the area.
This triggers another mission - Thieves Request.  Leave town and move one
area south to Fairies Clearing to find the Bastard Dragon very close to
the passage to the spring.  Beat the Bastard Dragon (HP ~3000, a little
tougher than those for previous missions).  Bring the news to Jessica
to complete her mission and bring the Private Journal back to Jeff to
finish that mission.

   L. Helen's Day
Near the entrance in Domerune, is Helen, speak to her.  Give her some
Fairy Milk.  Various Fairies drop Fairy Milk, you should have some by
now.  Give it to her to complete the Mission.

   M. Aquaria's Portrait
Before you're allowed to even accept this one, you must first accept
another mission via a visit with Harry in a house in Jade's northwestern
Residential area.  Talk to him, then head back to Domerune and seek
Pedro at the Docks.  After speaking with him, head over to Nephrem
Mountain and walk the Dragon Cemetery path about 2/3 of the way through.
There should be a chest with some Lapis Lazuli in a chest in one of
the corners there.  Speak with Pedro to hand over the stone, speak with
him again to pass some time and speak with him one more time to receive
the portrait.  This completes the Aquaria's Portrait Mission, but to
complete the Remembrance Mission, bring the Portrait back to Harry
at his residence in Jade.

   N. True Taste
Speak with Coral in Jade along the west side of the Plaza.  Then speak
to Arnie at the Harbor to hear about the ingredient.  Then go out to
Lumines Field and seek the Vagabond Rogue in basically the southernmost
point on the map.  Beat their asses (HP: ~500 each) and take the Wheat
back to Carol in Jade.

   O. Experimental Materials
I recommend bypassing this one.  I found it highly annoying.
Speak with Ward at night, he hangs around the southern areas of the
Residential zones of Jade.  Jump on over to the Half Moon Floor of the
Lunar Tower, and in the southwesternmost point of the room, the Abyss
Knight awaits.  Defeat him and take the lens back to Ward.  Then bring
it to the Oasis in the Gallema Desert during the daytime.  Mosey over to
the Last Oasis area and select the option to drop the Magic Lens into
the Oasis to turn it into the Light Lens.  Bring it back to Ward to
claim your reward.

Well that's all I got for the time being.  I'm sure there are certainly
other missions to be found, and perhaps some day I will find them.  But this
should suffice for the time being.

IX. Endgame

   A. Domerune Port
Make you way to Domerune.  Buy 99 Potions, make sure you have at least two full
weapons for everybody (except possibly for those who have near-infinite use
weapons).  Stay at the Inn.  Buy accessories (think Level 40 stuff or higher for
all, at least).  When you think you're finished preparing, head over to the far
eastern passage out of the Plaza to the Docks.  Walk through the area and speak
to the man near the save point.  Answer in the affirmative and watch the show.

   B. Vemos Island - Dark Stairs
(Enemies - Ghoul Head, Lunar Python, Berserk Bones, Death Bloom, Grave Grip,
Bloodspawn, Pyro Elemental, King Rock...
Most should be very blue, but they fuse into Necros Skulls - not very strong, but
they have an annoying silence attribute with their attacks; Grave Grips are also
kind of a hassle with their paralyzing/freezing attributes)

Walk the path fighting the battles as you see fit.

   C. Dark Citadel
No enemies or anything else to see here.  Just walk up to the gate and watch the

   D. First Fire Floor
There are two Large Potions in a chest very close to the entrance and a Holy Water
Book along the outer western edge.  For now, just pass through the southern way
out.  In that next room, just fall straight down.  You'll find yourself in the
place's underground, so just walk north and east past the operable iron bars up
the stairs.  You should find yourself in the middle of the Fire Floor.  Heal up,
and speak to the ugly thing in the middle.

BOSS: Pyro Guard
HP: 3700

The guard can throw fire at you, increase its attack power and restore its health.
Don't let it do any of these things by hogging the Lunameter.  As always, Wilt
the defenses away and hammer away like nothing.

Collect the Dark Evidence when you beat the Pyro Guard and collect the Storm Medal
from the chest in the northwestern corner of this inner area.  Head back to the
outer area of the room and to through the southern passage to the other room of
the Fire Floor.  In here here's also a Save Point and Moonstone Shard.  Now walk
to the middle area there.

   E. Earth Floor
Just to the northwest of the portal to the Fire Floor, there's a chest with a
Protect Ring inside.  Slightly to its northwest is a chest with an Ancient Bow
inside.  In the apparent dead-end to the northwesternmost point in the room,
is an Earth Key, get it.  Then head back along the southern path and unlock
the Iron Bar gate, use the Earth Key on it.  As you come down the stairs there,
there's a suspicious hallway with a Revive Tome within.  Walk through the
northeastern passage out to the next part of the Earth Floor.  There's a Sacred
Earring in a chest in the far northern areas of the room just next to the orange
stuff on the Select Map.  In the southwestern corner, a Frost Ankle.  There is
a set of stairs in the south-central part of the room, climb up them, make your
way around the upper area of the room, climb down, a prepared to face...

BOSS: Terra Guard
HP: 4000

Just fight it like you would any other major battle.

The chest close to the Terra Guard has a Heal Book inside.

Climb back up the stairs and collect the previously untouchable Gate Key from
the chest.  Walk back down and take the passage to the south out of here to there
outer wall.

   F. Outer Wall
(NOTE: Now enemies are going to be fusing into Bone Guardians)

Because this is so narrow, you'll likely have to face a couple Bone Guardians
before proceeding.  Walk the path, there's a Skill Book near the gate at the end
of the path in a chest.  Use the Gate Key on the door and proceed through,
perhaps collecting the Ashura Katar in the chest close to the portal out of here
before stepping on it.  Walk the paths and step on the other portal to the Wind

   G. Wind Floor
(Enemies: Necroguardian, Dark Hand, Dark Helm)
The chest slightly to the southwest of the portal to the Earth Floor has a
Psyche Book within.  The chest a bit to its northeast has a Heal Bible in it.
Walk along the path until you reach the western pathway to the next Wind Floor
section.  When here, first follow the path straight until you're at an
intersection at roughly the south-central part of the room.  Take this path
north to find a Goddess Kiss in a chest.  Next, follow the path to the north-
western corner of the room.  As you go north near the dead center of the Select
map, there's a Wisdom Cane in a chest.  Enter the passage to the northwest to
proceed.  In the next floor, preferably take the western route around because
that way leads to a Logic Book in a chest.  Enter the middle area, perhaps
collecting the Cure Girdle in the northeastern corner of it, and also using
the Life Point within it, and use the Old Device.  Now go back to the first
room of the Wind Floor and find the set of Three Crests (they're very close
to the path to the second room of the Wind Floor) and step on the crests
accordingly.  Follow the newly created path very close to where you're
standing to reach...

BOSS: Zephyr Guardian
HP: 3500

Zephyr Guardian moves quickly and uses the Lunameter aggressively.  So you
move just as fast and make even more liberal use of the Lunameter.
Other than that, just fight it as you would any other enemy of this

After that's out of the way, get the Wind Key in the chest behind him,
then get an Angel Kiss in the chest in the southeast corner of this
room.  Take the key to the southwest corner of the second room of the
Wind Floor and use it on the gate you see there.

   H. Outer Wall
No enemies here, just two chests: Black Blade and Holy Water Book.

   I. Water Floor
First follow the elevated path.  There's a passage along this elevated
path along the south side of the room to the next Water Floor.  Take
this path for two chests: Seal Key (a key item) and a Revive Tome way
down at the south side of the elevated path.  Return to the first room
of the Water Floor.  Remaining elevated, walk toward the northeastern
part of the area of the Select map.  Fall down the gaseous part to
find a chest with a Logic book within.  While here, meander around so you
are just to the west of the big orange rectangle on the Select map.
Here you should find the Pain Gate - open it.  Making your way westward
should lead to a chest with an Energy Book inside.  Continue in this
direction, toward the corner to do battle with...

BOSS: Aqua Guard
HP: 4500

He can poison your guys, and as you might expect, he can also throw water.
He also uses the Lunameter very aggressively, so don't hesitate when
using abilities.

After that, walk toward the southern passage to the next Water Floor, this
time on the ground.  Walk the path, perhaps collecting the Psyche Book
in a corner near the center space of the Select map.  Walking this path
eventually leads you to the Seal Gate, use the Seal Key on it (there's a
chest near it with Holy Water inside).  Just on the other side of this
gate are two chests: Two Elixirs and Demon Evidence, the latter being a
key item.  Now walk back to the first Water Floor and up to the elevated
path.  Walk up to the northeast area that had a foggy surface.  Walk over
the fog and take the western path.  Grab the Water Key from the chest at
the end of at.  Now walk to the lower part of the area again this time
curling around to the northwestern part of the room.  Open the door with
the Water Key.  There's a Heal Tome in a chest in one of the corners there
as well as a Save Pont.  Step on the middle circle when ready.

   J. Roof
Gee, I wonder what's gonna happen here.  Walk forward a few steps and watch a

BOSS: Dread Knight
HP: 5000

Not actually as tough as you might think.  The regular negative status
ailments (paralyze, charm, and so on) don't work, but he can be wilted.
Annoying thing about this guy is that he dodges quite well.  So what
can't be dodged?  Lunabilities.  His strong physical attacks (~120 on
my guys, over 300 if critical which happens quite often) fill up the
Lunameter just enough for your guys to work it down.  And you better do
so because his Lunabilities are, as is per usual with major boss battles
(or any enemy at all for that matter), the main concern of the battle.
So pound away at him with Blast Blade-Final Combo/Feet of Fury and Restoras
and you should win no problem.

After the battle, watch the show.  Then prepare for another battle.

BOSS: Dark Lord
HP: 8000

Once again, not as tough as you may imagine.  Or maybe you don't imagine it
to be too terribly tough.  Anywho, You'll be fighting this battle with just
those three characters, so there will be no Wilting.  Not like that's a
terribly essential skill here, just something that would shorten the fight.
Basically, the Dark Lord everything the Dread Knight is, but moreso.  Higher
stats all around (this means more attack evasion), higher resistance to
effects, higher attack and more critical hits.

Nothing you can't handle.  Once again, his Lunabilities are your main concern

X. Multiplayer
Uh, yeah, that.

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