Where is the post season?

  1. I played an entire season and at the end there was no post season. Is this a problem with the game or have i done something wrong?

    User Info: francmj

    francmj - 6 years ago


  1. when ur season ends go to each day on the schedule for october or if its september n press play the next game until it takes u to the playoffs . it should happen . or there should be something on the main franchise menu that says end season or go to playoffs . try the 1st thing or just l0ok around n search n try different things until u find it u can figure it out . but make sure u save ur season first before progressing just in case some goes wrong n all gets erased . we had to simulate each day on the schedulr]e after the regular season ended on mlb 07 until we got to the playoffs that should work we imagine good luck n keep us posted !! ;>

    User Info: sinyny

    sinyny - 3 months ago 0   0

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