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  • Unlock Everything

    On the title screen, press Left on D-pad, Right on D-pad, Left on Analog stick, Right on Analog stick, Square, Circle, Up on D-pad, & Down on D-pad. You should get a message or hear a sound if done correctly. This will unlock the Tips, Arts, & Sound Tests for every game.

    Press Left on D-pad, Right on D-pad, Left on Analog stick, Right on Analog stick, Square, Circle, Up on D-pad, & Down on D-pad on the title screen.Arts, Tips, & Sound Tests for every game

    Contributed By: Shinobi120.

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  • Unlock Art

    Each game has artwork that can be unlocked by doing a specific task.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1941Defeat the Stage 4 boss, Krote
    AvengersClear stage 4 and rescue the girl
    Bionic CommandoGet over 25,000 points
    Black TigerDefeat the Stage 3 boss
    Block BlockComplete an extended bonus
    Captain CommandoDefeat Dr. T.W. at the end of Stage 5
    Final FightPick up Eddie E's Bubble Gum
    Forgotten WorldsComplete 3 stages
    Last DuelGet over 100,000 points
    Legendary WingsFind a Lucky! hidden area
    Magic SwordReach level 20 of the tower
    Mega TwinsVenture into Monster Castle
    Quiz & DragonsGet over 200,000 points
    Section ZComplete Section E
    Side ArmsDefeat the Stage 3 boss
    Street FighterJourney to Thailand
    StriderDefeat Captain Beard Jr in Stage 3
    The Speed RumblerClear Stage 3, Stone Hill
    Three WondersFinish one of the 3 games
    VarthDestroy the Steel Golem in Stage 15

    Contributed By: Omata SSK Korosu.

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  • Unlock Music

    To unlock a game's music, simply beat the game.

    Contributed By: Omata SSK Korosu.

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  • Unlock Tips

    Each game has tips that can be unlocked by doing a specific task.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1941Get over 500,000 points
    AvengersGet over 20,000 points
    Bionic CommandoClear Stage 1
    Black TigerGet over 25,000 points
    Block BlockComplete the beginner course
    Captain CommandoGet over 30,000 points
    Final FightPlay as all 3 characters
    Forgotten WorldsGet over 15,000 points
    Last DuelGet over 50,000 points
    Legendary WingsGet over 30,000 points
    Magic SwordGet over 120,000 points
    Mega TwinsGet over 15,000 points
    Quiz & DragonsEnter the Flatfield from Stage 2
    Section ZGet over 70,000 points
    Side ArmsGet over 200,000 points
    Street FighterGet over 60,000 points
    StriderGet the Terapodal Robopanther
    The Speed RumblerGet over 20,000 points
    Three WondersPlay all 3 games at least once
    VarthGet over 250,000 points

    Contributed By: Omata SSK Korosu.

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1941: Counter Attack Cheats


  • Secret Ending (Japanese Version Only)

    Finish the game to see a comic book page with characters from the game, but if you also finish without using a continue, a second comic book page will be seen.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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Final Fight Cheats


  • Revealing High Point Value Items Glitch

    At any given time during any stage, pull the joystick the opposite direction as you smash a barrel or any breakable object that reveals items. If done correctly it will reveal high point value items like gold bars and jewels instead of the established item that was supposed to appear. Be warned however that doing this will also replace FOOD items that can replenish health.

    Contributed By: Frostmanblues.

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Easter Eggs

  • Special credits

    Beat the game using only 1 credit and after the ending is over you will see a special funny credits cast list.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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Legendary Wings Cheats


  • Easy Bosses with no need to fight them

    It works when the character has the ability to jump in middle and at the end of each stage.

    Almost ending each stage, you will see a bridge that falls down and a big ladder which divides the stage in 3 parts. Do not advance further, instead, advance a little and, when the music changes for the boss theme, return to the ladder behind you and stand in the second floor.

    Shoot at your left. No matter which weapon you have, it will kill the boss with no effort to avoid bullets or being killed by the spikes on the floor. It will increase the chances to finish the game unharmed.

    Contributed By: abogard.

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The Speed Rumbler Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden credits

    In the game's ending sequence, hold 1P Start + 1P Left + 1P Button 2 after the ending text appears to trigger a hidden credits sequence

    Contributed By: Desonic.

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