PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File12/05/08kaze_phoenix174K
100% Card Album x99, Only Dorothy is left, Max Money, God-like Deck Recipes, only 2 loss and 2 Draw everything else is a win
Save Game File12/27/06sinyusha_san184K
100% cards finished with Jaden,Syrus,Chumley,Alexis,Camula,And Tania,Most of the dads Unlocked.A very good Deck.
Save Game File11/27/06SatoshiMutou175K
64% Cards, Chimera OTK Deck, Monarch Deck, Zane, Mindy finished game, lots of packs unlocked works for 2.8+ PSP's
Save Game File11/24/06mikescool123174K
About 1.6k unique cards, multiple rare and ultra rare cards, very good warrior deck built, very good water deck built. Day 60 something, Jaden partner. about 5k DP, good if you don't wanna lose alot in the beginning, win rate 95%
Save Game File03/11/07p01zen188K
All cards (including the new downloadable cards,deck recipes,march2007 ban list alot of decks
Save Game File03/27/07chorikawa195K
Decks (Horus, E-Hero, and D-Hero), 96.4% Card Album, 94% Duel Ranking, All downloadable cards, All downloadable decks recipes, Using March 2007 ban list, Completed with 7 main characters, All most everyone can be your partner
Save Game File11/28/06gamers2001175K
Has over 1700 or more cards have alot of people with hearts also dark magican girl alot of packs open and great cyber stein deck
Save Game File01/06/07Agumonz185K
Have all cards, everyone can be your partner, finished the game with all seven characters, Day 1 of Part 1
Save Game File11/28/06popo106175K
Have Almost a thousand cards beat the game with zane Enjoy it!!!
Save Game File12/02/063vilHomer185K
US Tag Force GX 96.6% cards

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File12/11/06Opisthorchiasis173K
Save Game File08/29/15gtaduelistguy189K
All cards, All DLC's up to August 17, 2007, All Recipes, Part 1, 2, and 3 Story Completed, Great Mecha-Dragons Deck with Jinzo!
Save Game File12/11/06Opisthorchiasis173K
Finished: Judai, Asuka, Manjoume Brothers, Daichi, Ryu, Cronos, Tome, Seiko, Jinzo, DMG, Momoe.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File07/09/16Febix192K
100% Card Album, All Characters Unlocked, All Booster Packs and All Downloadable Content
Save Game File11/29/06mauro77173K
A lot of card, 30 structure deck, finish with Jaden, Zane, Cyrus, "Fatman" and the Blonde Girl.The Save contain Black Luster EOTB and Chaos Empero, Mirror Force, Ring Of Destruction e Graceful Charity!
Save Game File03/30/10aaron18082000184K
Char name: Malik almost 25.00O card almost all can be your partner, completed with: all 7 char on page 1 card album completed: 95,25%
Save Game File10/22/07phizv1179K
Fully Completed with Jaden as Tag Partner level 36
Save Game File08/02/07Aries1979175K
Save Complete 96.1%

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