PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From puneetbani (04/24/2007; 49KB) FIFA Street 2 All arenas Ruled the street with the best team and player possible and tons of cash

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Rey61nyne (05/21/2006; 49KB) 100% game save, including: the best possible team (with a 99 stat. custom player) and every trophy/arena.
  2. From skyebose (12/04/2006; 52KB) 100% Maestro 0Save Game. Best team Buffon, Henry, Adriano.
  3. From DarkScooby (04/06/2006; 49KB) All Trophies won, all arenas from rule the street open.

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