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Sakura arrives on PSP!
Sakura Taisen, which depicts the "Taisho era" with gorgeous images, music, and voice work, finally comes to the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

This time, the battle between the Imperial Combat Revue and a looming evil is depicted on the stage of the Imperial City, in the timeless masterpieces "Sakura Taisen" and "Sakura Taisen 2-Kimi, Never Die", each of which became a big hit. It is a surprisingly huge achievement that these two titles were compiled on one UMD.

Sakura Taisen has received much praise for its high degree of perfection, which is a fusion of various entertainment elements such as its stories, graphics, movies, and music. The content of this game is a perfect match for the PSP's hardware's multimedia focus of "enjoying games, movies, and music."

A gameplay experience called "Dramatic Adventure" that is suitable for carrying around and playing anywhere, a number of features that make use of the performance of the PSP, and this large volume of content. Of course, it will make an optimal arrangement that makes use of the wide screen of the PSP, and will fully appear in the PSP.

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