PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File08/19/06blanc_erik410K
[TA Replay File] FD3SI-Step 5-Akina UHD : 3'12"867
Save Game File05/22/06segadomcast439K
2' 36" 383 normal Evo VII Akagi Downhill Dry
Save Game File03/29/08AKS6773K
Akina DH Dry 3"15"967 Levin (AE85)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File11/15/07KulangotOnDaRun467K
(TA REPLAY) GTR32 Step 5 Myogi DH Day Dry 2'56"526
Save Game File11/11/07KulangotOnDaRun468K
(TA REPLAY) GTR32 Step 5 Myogi DH Day Dry 2'57"526
Save Game File10/26/06blanc_erik320K
[TA Replay File] Cappucino-Step 5-Akina DH Dry : 3'03"412 (No Eraser)
Save Game File11/21/06blanc_erik361K
[TA Replay File] Eo4-Step 5-Iro DHD : 2'59"878
Save Game File06/27/06blanc_erik281K
[TA Replay File] Evo3-Step 5-Akagi DH Dry : 2'24"115
Save Game File09/13/07blanc_erik402K
[TA Replay File] Evo4-Step 5-Iro DHD : 2'58"866
Save Game File08/19/06blanc_erik396K
[TA Replay File] FD3SI-Step 5-Akina DHD : 3'03"810
Save Game File10/26/06blanc_erik275K
[TA Replay File] R32-Step 5-Akagi DH Dry : 2'26"665 (No Eraser)
Save Game File07/04/06blanc_erik356K
[TA Replay File] R32-Step 5-Shomaru OB : 3'02"813
Save Game File07/04/06blanc_erik374K
[TA Replay File] R32-Step 5-Tsuchi OB : 2'43"621
Save Game File04/15/08blanc_erik474K
[TA Replay File] RX8-Step 5-Shomaru IBD : 3'01"737
Save Game File06/24/06blanc_erik379K
[TA Replay File] S2000-Step 5-Usui CCW : 2'50"066
Save Game File10/20/11xiang9094438K
[TA Replay File] Sileighty-Step 5-Usui- AT -2'54"011
Save Game File09/20/07blanc_erik481K
[TA Replay File] Trueno-Step 5-Akagi DH Wet : 2'34"546
Save Game File01/25/09chestsnail467K
[Time Attack File] Myogi DH 2'56"389
Save Game File03/09/06Odie426K
100% COMPLETE Game Save with everything.
Save Game File07/20/06stan86_SHFTA431K
100% complete, everything unlocked, battlel lvl 31 90+tune cards
Save Game File04/09/06puretna431K
100% Unlocked Battle Level 31 15 Stars Bunta Challenge 99x Tune Cards
Save Game File07/20/06stan86_SHFTA477K
3.04.185 akina DDH step 5 AE86
Save Game File06/26/06blanc_erik398K
3'03"9xx FT Automatic Evo3 on Iro DH dry
Save Game File04/15/06_Byakuya_493K
AE86T-Step 5-Akina, dry,down. 3"11"XXX
Save Game File12/22/07mR_F4B0L0u5471K
Akina DHD-AE86-Step 5. 2'59''823
Save Game File12/27/17Mabatang_boy426K
Initial D street stage 93% (Best Save 2018)
Save Game File08/06/07mR_F4B0L0u5471K
Iro DHD-Evo IV-Step 5. 2'59''574
Save Game File04/20/06_Byakuya_483K
Iro-down-dry. Evo 4-Step 5-3"07"869
Save Game File04/08/06puretna431K
Level 31 Battle Aura All Bunta Challenges 15 Star 99x Tune Cards
Save Game File05/19/09kennethlg467K
Myogi DH Morning, 2'56"285, BNR34

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