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    Boss FAQ by TheNevermind

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    MMMHX Boss/Mini Boss Battle FAQ for X Version 1.0
    This is an FAQ for fighting strategies for each of the bosses in MegaMan: 
    Maverick Hunter X for the PSP as X, as well as the recommended order and 
    profiles of each boss. 
    Table of contents
    -Boss order and Weapons :ORDR:
    -Vile :VILE:
    -Storm Eagle :STRM:
    -Chill Penguin :CHLP:
    -Flame Mammoth :FLMM:
    -Spark Mandrill :SPRK:
    -Armoured Armadillo :ARAM:
    -Launch Octopus :LCOP:
    -Boomerang Kuwanger :BMKW:
    -Sting Chameleon :STCN:
    Mini Bosses
    -Green Guardian RT-55J :RT55:
    -Giant Bee :GTBE:
    -Utuboros :UTBR:
    -Submarine :SBMR:
    -Liquid Shocker :LQSK:
    Stuff nobody reads
    -Contact information
    -Legal mumbo jumbo
    Order of Fighting Bosses Chart: ORDR:
    Boss              | Weapon to Use             | Weapon Acquired
    Storm Eagle       | X-Buster, Chameleon Sting | Storm Tornado
    Chill Penguin     | X-Buster, Flame Wave      | Shotgun Ice
    Flame Mammoth     | Storm Tornado             | Flame Wave
    Spark Mandrill    | Shotgun Ice               | Electric Spark
    Armoured Armadillo | Electric Spark            | Rolling Shield
    Launch Octopus    | Rolling Shield            | Homing Torpedo
    Boomerang Kuwanger| Homing Torpedo            | Boomerang Cutter
    Sting Chameleon   | Boomerang Cutter          | Chameleon Sting
    The Bosses :BOSS:
    Vile (Highway) :VILE:
    Difficulty: *
    Vile is the first boss you fight. Use Charged X-Buster shots on him, and 
    make sure to hit his head, and not his Ride Armour.
    Punch: Vile punches you.
    Jump: Vile jumps.
    Dash: Vile dashes at you, and then punches you. Impossible to dodge 
    without Foot parts (Dash).
    Ground Shock: Vile shoots a shock along the ground that freezes you. He 
    will sometimes try to punch you after this attack.
    Strategy: Just dodge his attacks as best you can, while pelting his 
    head with charged, or repeated Buster shots.
    |NOTE: Go to Flame Mammoth's stage and get the Foot Parts before|
    |doing anything. Dash is arguably the most useful Parts.        |
    Storm Eagle (New-Type Airport) :STRM:
    Difficulty: *
    This guy is next, because he is so weak, and you'll get the most 
    powerful attack short of the Hadoken from him.
    Wind: Storm Eagle starts up a lengthy wind that slowly pushes you back.
    Dash forward repeatedly, and shoot him with your X-buster.
    Storm Tornado: Not nearly as fearsome as the attack you'll get, this
    deals no damage at all. It just pushes you back real quick, so dash
    forward to keep from getting blown off the Death Rogumer, while
    pestering him with X-Buster shots.
    Swooping: Storm Eagle takes to the skies, and swoops down a few times, 
    inflicting damage. Dash around to dodge his swoops.
    Falling feathers: As you begin to weaken him, Storm Eagle will add four
    falling "feathers" to his wind attack. Dash and dodge these.
    Jump: Occasionally, he'll just jump. It looks like a swooping attack is
    starting, but he settles back down, usually following with Wind.
    Mini-Birds: Falcon shoots a projectile that forms tiny birds. Dash jump
    over them and continue fighting.
    Strategy: Dash-dodge his swoops, dash against his Winds, all while 
    hitting him with your X-Buster. After a while, he'll die, leaving the 
    most awesome Maverick weapon in your hands.
    Chill Penguin (Abandoned Missile Base) :CHLP:
    Difficulty: **
    The X-Buster is enough for this bird. Keeping to the walls will keep you
    safe, and charged shots are your friend.
    Shotgun Ice: Penguin shoots chunks of ice at you. You can either blow them
    up, or charge on the wall.
    Slide: Chill Penguin slides at you on his belly. He is indestructible at
    this point (Fire Wave excluded) and he will bounce off the wall and go back.
    Wall jump while charging, then BAM!
    Ice Penguins: Chill Penguin creates two Ice Penguins. They just stand there,
    taking both your and Penguin's shots. Leave them alone and charge up your
    Snow storm: Chill Penguin grabs the ring on the ceiling, and hangs from 
    there, as you are blown backwards, as are any Ice Penguins. He is NOT
    invulnerable while doing this, so wall-climb up to him, and shoot your
    charged shot at him.
    Jump: He jumps. Dash under him to avoid this. This attack is only dangerous
    if you decide to stay in a top corner while charging for too long. 
    Strategy: Avoid his shots, mainly by keeping to the walls, and charge-shoot
    him as often as you can. If he corners you up there, a jump from the
    highest point can save you.
    Flame Mammoth (Experimental Weapons facility) :FLMM:
    Difficulty: * with Storm Tornado, **** without.
    If you have Storm Tornado, spam it on him. Otherwise, keep reading...
    Jump Stomp: Flame Mammoth will jump, and land with an earthshaking effect.
    Dash under him and wall climb, or you'll be knocked off your feet.
    Oil Glob: The boss will fire a glob of oil, which does nothing on its own 
    and will go under one of the walls, taken by the conveyor. The Mammoth can
    set these on fire for a world of hurt, and dashing over it will slow you down.
    Fire Shot: 3-4 Fire shots are fired at you. When cornered, these are difficult 
    to evade. The best course of action is to run through him and across the room.
    Occasionally, he'll stop to gloat. Don't waste this time, hit him with 
    everything you've got. 
    Strategy: Avoid his fire, steer clear of the blobs and dash-jump over him if 
    he gets close. Charge whenever possible, but remember that it's hard to charge
    and dash at the same time.
    Spark Mandrill (Power Plant) :SPRK:
    (That's right, 0)
    Shotgun Ice, then when he unfreezes, Shotgun Ice again. There's no reason to 
    fight fair.
    Electric Spark: Several sparks that travel along walls fly at you. 
    Swing: He'll grab the bar up top and attempt to climb over and land on you.
    Get to the wall, climb and shoot.
    Drill: Hand becoming drills, Sparky will run at you. He's invincible to 
    Everything except Shotgun Ice right now (which, if you DO have, you shouldn't
    Need to see this attack).
    Strategy: Freeze him repeatedly with Shotgun Ice. That's it, you beat him.
    Armoured Armadillo (Energy Mine Ruins) :ARAM:
    Difficulty: ***
    Armadillo isn't a walk in the park, even with the Electric Spark. Although the
    Spark shatters his armour, it doesn't incapacitate him like the previous boss.
    Rolling Shield 1: This is always his first attack. He will roll across the room,
    then bounce up and down across, and back towards the middle. Jump over his first
    roll, then dash to avoid. Until you've gotten his health down to about 1/3, 
    he'll always stop this attack in the center of the room. That's when you zap 
    Rolling Shield 2: Armoured Armadillo will charge up on the ground, like Sonic.
    Then, he'll speed around the room, up the wall, on the ceiling and back down, 
    getting faster every time. Jump over him, and don't bother shooting.
    Laser: He'll shoot bursts of blue lasers towards you. You CAN try to jump over 
    the shots and fire back, but staying on the wall and charging, then when he
    finishes, shoot the massive blast at him. He'll usually follow up with a Rolling
    Shield 1.
    Block: If you didn't knock his shield off, he'll block most of your shots.
    Strategy: Don't bother shooting him right away. Instead, wait for him to finish 
    his Rolling Shield 1, then blast him with a Spark as he's landing. At this 
    point, he'll become invincible for a while, commenting on your strength, 
    so charge up your X-Buster and blast him when he starts shooting. After that,
    keep dodging and blasting. Never wall climb when he is Rolling Shielding,
    as he can get you up there.
    Launch Octopus (Subterranean Base) :LCOP:
    Difficulty: **
    Octopus is an interesting fight, but quite easy if you don't run out of Rolling
    Homing Torpedo: He shoots a few small robot things at you, which are homing.
    They can be destroyed, but chances are one will still get to you if you're
    Torpedo Spread: Launch Octopus fires a spread shot of projectiles at you.
    They can be destroyed.
    Tornado: Launch Octopus jumps up and spins, creating a tornado that sucks 
    you in. It deals no damage, so dash away from it.
    Strategy: Just spam Rolling Shield, and avoid whatever attacks he manages 
    to produce. He isn't much of a challenge. If you run out of Shields, Electric
    Spark or Storm Tornado are next best.
    Boomerang Kuwanger (Fortress Tower) :BMKW:
    Difficulty: **
    Nasty in theory, quite easy to avoid in reality.
    Boomerang Cutter: He shoots his boomerang headpiece at you. Jump over,
    shoot and jump as it comes back.
    Dash & Grab: Kuwanger will dash at you and attempt to grab you with
    his pincers, then toss you upwards. If he misses, he will lose 
    balance, so dash jump over him and fire off some torpedoes.
    Spinning: He will spin around you and damage you continuously. Dash out
    of there!
    Teleport: After his sequence of attacks, Kuwanger will teleport back
    to his starting location, prime for some Torpedoes.
    Strategy: Jump over his dashing and his boomerang. He will follow two
    Pattern 1: If he managed to grab you with his pincers, he will spin
    around you, then teleport back to his starting position.
    Pattern 2: If you jumped over him, he'll attempt to Boomerang you, then 
    return to his original position or dash again. Either way, dash jump
    back to where you were before, and repeat.
    Sting Chameleon (Recon Base) :STCN:
    Difficulty: ***
    Once you have Kuwanger's Boomerang Cutter, he's quite easy.
    Chameleon Sting: Chameleon will climb into a corner and shoot 3-pronged
    blasts at you. Go to the opposite corner, and try to dodge 'em.
    Tongue sting 1: Chameleon will cloak himself, and move towards you. 
    If you dash away, he'll move again, and then shoot his tongue at you. Jump at 
    the last second to avoid. 
    Rock Drop: He will go into a top corner and laugh as rocks fall on you.
    Dash to avoid, or just wall hug, as they rarely fall there.
    Tongue Sting 2: He'll stay on the ground and shoot his tongue straight 
    this time. Dash jump away from him.
    Strategy: Just dodge his Sting and Rocks, dash away from the Tongue, and
    Boomerang him at any chance you get. Hitting him with it also stops his
    current attacks.
    This section covers the mini-bosses X meets during the levels.
    RT-55J (Recon Base) :RT55:
    This guy blocks your access to the Arm Parts. Storm Tornado him repeatedly.
    Claw: RT-55J will shoot out a claw, which can either pull you in for a 
    whacking, or pull him to the wall. Dash jump over both him and the claw.
    Jump: He can jump. Dash under him.
    Strategy: He is impervious to the X-Buster, so use your Storm Tornado
    to crush him. Killing him will get you the Arm parts, and also the rocks
    in the cave below won't fall.
    Giant Bee (Central Highway) :GTBE:
    You will meet two Giant Bee robots on your way through this level. He moves 
    towards you as you hurt him.
    Machine gun: The bee will shoot a steady row of bullets, first at a 45 
    degree angle down, then at a 60 degree angle, closer to you.
    Rockets: He'll spawn a couple of rockets that fly at you. Jump over these.
    Walkers: He'll spawn a row of long-legged Walkers to attack you. Pick 
    them off before they have a chance to stand up.
    Strategy: Stay as far away as possible, continuously pelting him with
    your X-buster. When he dies, the platform will fall down, and landing
    on him while he's exploding will hurt you.
    Utuboros (Subterranean Base) :UTBR:
    You'll meet two of these, one blocking the Heart Tank.
    Float around: Touching him will hurt you.
    Burrow: The one not guarding the Heart tank will be able to burrow under
    ground, then come back out.
    Falling: When you kill him, his pieces fall down one by one. Avoid them.
    Shoot his head, or most rear tail piece and he'll eventually die.
    Submarine (Subterranean Base) :SBMR:
    You only meet this guy once, and he's fairly easy.
    Water suction: The sub will either try to suck you in, or blow you away.
    Dash against the current.
    Spotlight: He will look for you with his spotlight, and if he finds you,
    you'll get rammed. Avoid the spotlight.
    Strategy: Shoot his projector until it dies, then his nose, and you win.
    Liquid Shocker (Power Plant) :LQSK:
    This guy's a robot encased in gloop, and he follows a predictable pattern.
    Electric Goo: He'll drop 4 droplets on the floor, which will get shocked.
    Avoid the droplets.
    Lightning line: he will then move over and shoot a beam of lightning down
    at the ground. Stay where you were until he does that.
    Fall: Then, he'll fall to the ground. Now you can start shooting at him.
    Strategy: Learn his cycle, avoid it, blast him.
    Stuff nobody ever reads
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