• Alternate Costumes for Roll

    To get alternate costumes for Roll you must Download Roll on Capcom's website each month.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Costume for RollDownload to Capcom's website each month to get different costumes

    Contributed By: thomas_light.

  • Downloads

    To download this content onto your PSP, you must have access to wireless internet. Go to "Construction" Mode and then go to "Connect." THERE IS NO WEBSITE FOR THIS STUFF.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alley Cat RollDownload starting 2 Nov 2006
    Athlete RollDownload from MMWeb starting 4/17/06
    Blues/ProtoManDownload via Construction Mode.
    Christmas St. PackDownload starting 23 Nov 2006
    Ghosts 'n Goblins St. PackDownload starting 3 Aug 2006
    Halloween RollDownload starting 5 Oct 2006
    Halloween St. PackDownload starting 28 Sep 2006
    Knight RollDownload from MMWeb as of 5/5/2006
    Knight RollDownload from MMWeb starting 5/17/06
    Mega Man 8 RollDownload from MMWeb starting 3/17/06
    Mega Man 8 Roll costumeDownload from MMWeb as of 3/16/06
    Old Bombman St. PackDownload starting 30 Mar 2006
    Old Bombman stage packDownload at MMWEB at 3/30/06
    Old Cutman St. PackDownload starting 23 Mar 2006
    Old Cutman stage packDownload at MMWEB at 3/26/06
    Old Elecman Stage PackDownload from MMWeb as of 3/14/06
    Old Fireman St. PackDownload starting 16 Mar 2006
    Old Fireman Stage PackDownload from MMWeb as of 3/16/06
    Old Gutsman Stage PackDownload from MMWeb as of 3/14/06
    Old Iceman St. PackDownload starting 6 Apr 2006
    Old Oilman St. PackDownload starting 27 Apr 2006
    Old Timeman St. PackDownload starting 25 May 2006
    Rainy Day RollDownload from MMWeb starting 6/17/06
    Roll ClausDownload starting 30 Nov 2006
    Roll Refuses to LoseDownload from MMWeb as of 3/14/06
    Roll Refuses To Lose (Character) & Old Elecman amd Gutsman St. (Packs)Download starting 14 Mar 2006
    Straw RollDownload from MMWeb starting 7/17/06
    Summer RollDownload from MMWeb starting 9/17/06
    Ultimate Oilman StageDownload from MMWeb as of 3/14/06
    Vacation RollDownload from MMWeb starting 8/17/06

  • Megaman C

    Beat New Style in Normal

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Megaman CBeat Normal Mode in New Style

    Contributed By: Aphotic_Mage.

  • New Title Screen

    When you beat any boss in new mode with only the mega buster and load the game with the boss as your character, you will recieve a new title screen showing that boss and him saying "Megaman Powered Up".

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss title screendestroy any boss with mega buster and load him as character
    New Megaman title screenBeat all 8 bosses in new mode and have megaman selected as main character. All characters from the game will say "Megaman Powered Up".

    Contributed By: masentka.

  • Play as Blues/Protoman

    To play as Blues/Protoman you must complete all 100 of the games challanges.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Play as Blues/ProtomanTo play as Blues/Protoman you must complete all 100 of the games challanges

    Contributed By: Holy_Sephiroth.

  • Play as Robot Masters

    To unlock a Robot Master as a playable character, you must defeat them in new-style mode using only the Mega/Rock Buster.

    Contributed By: Sarfew2.

  • Play as Rock - unarmed Rockman/Megaman

    Beat the game on Hard Mode to obtain Rock - Rockman/Megaman unarmed. His attack is the Rock Kick.

    Contributed By: KyoKusanagi.

  • Protoman/Blues

    Complete all challenges in challenge mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Charge Shot/SlidingBeat every stage on normal
    RollDownload from Capcom's Website.

    Contributed By: SexyBeastBob.

  • Unlock Rockman S

    Complete Easy mode on New Style to get Rockman S.

    Contributed By: MetalSonic700.

  • Unlockable Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mega / RockComplete New Style mode on Hard as any form of Mega Man.
    Mega Man C / Rockman CComplete New Style mode on Normal as any form Mega Man.
    Mega Man S / Rockman SComplete New Style mode on Easy as any form of Mega Man.
    Proto Man / BluesComplete all 100 challenges or download from Capcom's site.
    RollDownload from Capcom's site.

    Contributed By: 9legopro.

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