How can i make a good Level?

  1. I just wanna know that.I don't have a good imagination.

    User Info: supersonic7777

    supersonic7777 - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Make it challenging. But not too much, also know the heights, bc you might end up with a ledge too high from what you expected... Enemies shouldnt be everywhere as far as the eye can see, Bc, its annoying. Place enemies where you think its perfect for them... Ladders...Shouldnt be that long.... Coz i dunno, loading from screen to screen makes you dizzy. Put the boss door Im an easy place guarded by one hard enemy. Spikes. Shouldnt be over used, unless you really love spikes. Also stages should at least vary to yuor enemy. coz. its more fun that way. :P

    User Info: HMchelsea

    HMchelsea - 6 years ago 1 0

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