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Reviewed: 11/10/10

Overlooked, under-rated...

Story (10/10)
Honestly, I'm sick of all the reviews for Rengoku 1 and 2 that say there is no story. You'd have to be brainless to not see the story. Both games are about an android, built for battle, who gains a self-consciousness and a want to understand his world. R2 (Rengoku 2) tells the story from a different angle and with more depth, but nothing too engaging. It won't leave you on the edge of your seat, but it has more depth than what meets the eye. Most gamers, the ones who only look for graphics and ways to brag and be the best, will hate this game because of its looks (discussed later), and never see the story behind it. It's a great story and has many small details that are easily overlooked. It IS based on Dante's Divine Comedy, but it has it's own story entirely.

Music and Sound (10/10)
The music is excellent. Since R2 includes the music from the first game (unlocked by clearing the 100 floors of H.E.A.V.E.N.), I can fairly say that the music is perfect. I wish I could find the files and download every single song. I'd listen to it every day. Opera in some songs, violin in others, and eletronica in all. The music sets the mood on every floor and is great for the battles that take place as it plays.

Control (9/10)
This is where the game finds its fault. The previous game had better out-of-combat controls, but R2's are still good. Many people complained, needlessly, about only using the d-pad so R2 lets you use the analog stick as well. Quick, responsive taps are evasive manuvers tha negate all damage for the duration of the animation. You can control every body part with a seperate button and equip different items on all. If I had more time, I'd go over the vast ammount of items, from hammers to quantom cannons, and their variations, but I'm writing this in a hurry. There are so many ways to play and so many combos of items, that anyone can find a way to fit them well (mine being bullet type weapons like the gatling cannon). There are droves of upgrades for the droves of enemies you will face.

Closing and overall score
I have had, so the first game tells me, more than 30 hours of play time with R1 which only had 12 floors or so. I've been playing R2 for months and still love it, with the added 100 floors in H.E.A.V.E.N. The music is unspeakable, and since there is a gallery to listen to it all, I can put my PSP to sleep and listen to the music as often as I want. If I'm in mid-battle and have to stop, sleep mode saves me again. Rengoku (1 and 2) is non-stop action and epic story-telling all over. If you rent it and like it, buy it PLEASE. There has been a third game announced for PS3, and that game alone would make me buy one (I have a 360). There are illegal free versions of the game online too, so however you get the game is on you, but at LEAST beat it once. In most cases, you won't be sorry...

Rating: 9

Product Release: Rengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N. (US, 09/12/06)

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