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Reviewed: 07/02/07

This game is ok, but only if you REALLY want to kill stuff.

-Summary Paragraph

When I bought Rengoku 2, I bought it because I wanted an action game that I could just pick up and play. Well, I haven't played even close to all of the psp games out there, but I'd have to say this game comes pretty close to that prospect. The game only says loading once... at the start menu. It's pretty action packed, but the downfall is that the game doesn't have very many different graphic layouts. Sure everything looks shiny and pretty, and each of the eight different levels (exluding the extra 100, but we'll get to that) have different graphic styles. But it gets... boring and repetitive.

-Story (3/10)

This game's total story content can be explained in about two minutes. But that isn't what the game is about, it's about fighting. You're an A.D.A.M. which is basically a robot made completely for combat. But you're different than the other robots, you have gained conciousness, and are remembering things (as you progress through the eight primary levels). Also, it's kind of a spoiler, but there's also a story behind it that I won't be revealing: after you defeat the eighth floor boss, you unlock a 100 level, very repetitive tower.

-Gameplay (7/10)

The main focus of the game is combat, and it's quite well developed. You can equip weapons to your arms, legs, torso, and head. This adds up to a total of 5 different weapon/armor slots (1 per arm), and you can also add more backup weapon slots on each body part, which can be switched between. You're non-combat life basically revolves around terminals, which can be found at the start of every level (and you don't have to backtrack in this game AS MUCH as the first one due to warps found throughout the levels). But if you want to customize you're robot, you're going to have to temporarily leave the battlefield and go to a terminal. To advance to the next level, you need to defeat the mini-bosses scattered throughout the current level (their rooms are thankfully highlighted for you) and defeat a level boss (some are rather difficult). The eight levels are pretty large, but you could (theoretically) beat them all in about 3-4 hours. That's not too bad, but the worst part of it all was the fact that all you do is battle, there's no card collecting or anything additional to add anything to the single player game. And the levels become extremely repetitive, the battles are almost always the same, they only differ because your opponents get better weapons as you rise farther through the tower. In all, the gameplay is ok at best.

-Sound (1/10)

Yuck... the same futuristic techo jazz blazing through my eardrums over and over and... AAAAAAAH! Suffice to say, the music is terribly unchanging, the least they could have done was make a different soundtrack play every couple minutes... but no. Now, I usually don't listen to game sound, but the soundtrack was terrible. The weapon effects are ok, but you won't hear them, you're psp will be muted.

-Graphics (10/10)

I loved the vibrant colors they used, it made the game look great. The slightly different looks to each level (I wish they had made outdoor environment type levels, but that wouldn't be futuristic) were noticeable, and quite nice looking. Although, since each room on one level will look nearly the same, this gets really repetitive also. The nicely detailed gunshots and the actual look of the robots really made this game look great.

-Multiplayer (10/10)

I haven't played the wi-fi with this game, but I did gather a few of my friends and play against them. This game has game sharing, but I'm sure if each player owned the game you'd have more options for level customization. You choose the weapon set found on each level, choose the level, and fight. It's pretty action packed, and fun to play for a while. The scoring system is fun for gloating purposes. The only part that wasn't enjoyable was the fact that the weapons you found auto-equipped, so you didn't get to choose which body part they attached to. The best part? Picking up the invisibility item, nobody likes being snuck up on, but that's the fun of it.

-Unlockables/Replay Value (4/10)

The game is completed fairly quickly, there isn't much to do besides beat the levels; there aren't any extras to collect and there aren't any time completion bonuses. But after you unlock the H.E.A.V.E.N. tower with 100 levels, you can get powerful weapons and play the game for quite a while trying to beat it. The levels are randomly generated, but all you're doing is fighting the same so you won't want to play it over for that reason. Defeating the extra boss after completing the other 99 tower levels is a sense of accomplishment, but you probably will only want to do that once, if at all.

-Overall (6/10)

+ Fast paced game to play on the go
+ Great multiplayer and only needs one copy of the game to play
+ Visuals are bright and detailed

- Low replay value
- Terrible soundtrack
- Unattractive storyline

This game has its flaws, but it can be a fun hand held multiplayer game for when you're on a long car ride or if you're feeling like killing some senseless robots to relieve some stress.

Rating: 6

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