PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File01/10/06warcloud22820K
100% Complete w/CAWs
Save Game File02/04/06dan02992820K
100% complete with various tna/wcw/original caws
Save Game File03/02/06Tommyspud1820K
1st actual full TNA SAVE! Ok, this is a few additions to LostSymphonies TNA save, like AMW, Stables, NWA:TNA belts and so on. V1.0. Give LostSymphonies a lot of the credit, as well as me.
Save Game File04/05/06DCohen726819K
All Charcters, All Arenas, Updated WWE CAWS
Save Game File12/09/17Balveer820K
All new 2K17 wrestlers
Save Game File07/09/06Eddiefan4life826K
ECW save ECW Caws Sandman Sabu ECW Belts
Save Game File12/15/05J_Illuminati820K
Every character and arena unlocked
Save Game File10/02/06blackiceninja27168K
Everything and everything
Save Game File10/06/06blackiceninja27826K
Everything Unlocked and beaten plus some Xtras
Save Game File12/21/05CDawg40819K
Ring of Honor Save
Save Game File04/17/06Fallen Horseman820K
TNA Save File; 100% Complete; 30-Man Roster, Stables, and Titles; No CAWs Creditted to me, most credit to CaptainCAWisma
Save Game File04/11/06Tommyspud1820K
TNA SAVE Version 2.0! Adds: Team Canada (Young, Petey, Roode) X-Pac to Waltman.
Save Game File08/02/06Tommyspud1820K
TNA SAVE Version 3.0
Save Game File01/10/06gamefix121820K
Wolfgang/zurick wcw/nwo save with all three lesners and the three attire out are basic nWo shirt Nash in jeans, the NWo Hall in jeans (basic nWo shirt), and the first DDP with no shirts
Save Game File12/29/05JerryG45427820K
WWE Updated Roster, I Take No Credit To Any Created Superstar On This Save, No Challenges Complete, Everything Unlocked Though!

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File02/18/06rikardo1992820K
9/10 WWE Legends ; 1/2 Costumes ; 0/2 Legend Belts ; Amateur 13/15 ; Rising Star Passed ; Some Created Superstars
Save Game File01/08/06frasierkrane01819K
Everything unlocked, few challenges done, season mode complete
Save Game File12/18/05JD_aka_Dready819K
Save Game File04/22/06takermysterio619809K
Marvel characters save. Roster includes such heroes like Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, The Fantastic 4, SpiderMan and more!! Everthing unlocked, except Jake The Snake.
Save Game File12/15/05Thorpe819K
Most Legends unlocked, few challenges completed
Save Game File05/30/06Tailzehhhh820K
PSP // UK // Tailzehhhh Inc Presents // 100 Percent Finished // GM MODE // LEGENDS // BELTS // 100 PERCENT // ENJOY. // thx to rikardo for some contributions.

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