PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/13/15chipy_kane168K
100% unlocked.
Save Game File01/04/06lilbart90168K
85% complete. All levels open, all mini games unlocked, all veichles unlocked(except ps2 cars), all weapons unlocked
Save Game File04/01/06lilbart90168K
97% completed 136/142 crystals collected, 2/5 chicken challenges completed, all veichles, all weapons, all characters(not including ps2 cars)
Save Game File08/04/07KYX916168K
99% Complete, Main Story Complete, all: Cars(Except PS2 Cars), Die-O-Ramas, Missions Complete, Tracks, Outfits, Chicken Challenges; 134 Crystals and 32,749 gold
Save Game File12/16/05sjheiss168K
Almost done with second to last world
Save Game File12/26/05Oxguy3167K
I've unlocked Happily Ever Faster and gotten all but 3 of my current tasks complete
Save Game File05/16/06Thomas_H168K
Main storyline completed
Save Game File01/01/06JOshIsPoser168K
The game is complete with all levels, cars and weapons. One clothing left. 81% complete.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/30/06Blue Man172K
100% complete all cars including PS2 cars
Save Game File06/20/06chickennugget12168K
20% of game complete
Save Game File11/19/06Ratchet12345167K
Australian Game Save. 99% Complete. Only some chicken challenges left to complete. All crystals purchased. VERY LIMITED MULTIPLAYER!!!

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