1. Richard Fine Additional Programming
  2. Juan Vicente Ramirez Garcia Additional Programming
  3. Mike Healey Additional Programming
  4. Morgan Parry Additional Programming
  5. Grant Albrecht Additional Voices
  6. Cathy Cavadini Additional Voices
  7. Robin Atkin Downes Additional Voices
  8. Nicholas Guest Additional Voices
  9. Andrew Kishino Additional Voices
  10. Nolan North Additional Voices
  11. Philip Proctor Additional Voices
  12. Dwight Schultz Additional Voices
  13. Stephen Stanton Additional Voices
  14. Fred Tatasciore Additional Voices
  15. John Nightingale Animation
  16. Mike Philbin Animation
  17. Sam Grice Art
  18. Chuck Park Associate Producer
  19. James Fraser Character Art
  20. Jason Kingsley Creative Director
  21. Steve Ackrich Executive Producer
  22. Wayne Adams Gameplay Scripting
  23. Jonathan Barrett Gameplay Scripting
  24. Andrew Crystall Gameplay Scripting
  25. Phil Gresley Gameplay Scripting
  26. Andrew Haith Gameplay Scripting
  27. Kevin Nolan Gameplay Scripting
  28. Kevin Floyer-Lea Head of Programming
  29. Adam Murphy Lead Animator
  30. Tom Beesley Lead Artist
  31. Jordan Pedder Lead Audio
  32. David Kidd Lead Character Artist
  33. Dan Meeuws Lead Environment Art
  34. Andrew Tate Lead Programming
  35. Christopher Lennertz Music Composer
  36. Andy Severn Producer
  37. Ross Douglas Production Coordinator
  38. Matthew Clemson Programming
  39. Nick Davis Programming
  40. Anthony Gregson Programming
  41. Martin Harris Programming
  42. Tamir Ibrahim Programming
  43. Richard May Programming
  44. Andrew McCabe Programming
  45. Tim Pynegar Programming
  46. Kyle Stevenson Programming
  47. Neil Young Programming
  48. Tom Bible Sound and Music
  49. John Cleasby Sound and Music
  50. Richard Rice Tools Programming
  51. Ian Smith Video Editing
  52. Margaret Tang Voice Over Casting and Direction
  53. Devon Bowman Voice Over Recording and Editing
  54. Jim Connor Voice: Campbell
  55. Armando Valdez-Kennedy Voice: Chavez y Chavez / Additional Voices
  56. Tom Skerritt Voice: Clay Allison
  57. Thomas Jane Voice: Colton White
  58. Marc Graue Voice: Hollister / Additional Voices
  59. Frank Collison Voice: Honest Tom / Additional Voices
  60. Ron Perlman Voice: Hoodoo Brown
  61. Myrton Running Wolf Voice: Indian 1
  62. Kath Soucie Voice: Jenny
  63. Eric Schweig Voice: Many Wounds / FightsAt-Dawn
  64. Kris Kristofferson Voice: Ned White
  65. Bryce Johnson Voice: Port / Additional Voices
  66. Brad Dourif Voice: Reverend Reed
  67. Wade Williams Voice: Rudabaugh / Additional Voices
  68. Dave Wittenberg Voice: Soapy Jennings
  69. Jay Tavare Voice: Stone Hand / Indian 2
  70. Lance Henriksen Voice: Thomas Magruder
  71. John Getz Voice: Webb / Additional Voices


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, Hardkoroff, odino, and oliist.

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