Review by PaulToka

Reviewed: 03/05/07

Ghost Rider PSP--Don't Even Try It

This is my first review and its for a game that pretty much blows. How I will grade a game is based upon:
3.Value (Replayability)

This is the basic structure of any game review so don't go and say "0h emm gee, dat lookzorz like teh gamespotz reviewz!11!". A difference between my review and gamespots is that I'm not biased and I don't make one crappy review for the same friggen' game but on different platforms.

If you look at GS's review, they mention some aspects of the PS2 version, but that is all. I will right now say that The PS2 version is better. So below is my review that I typed up in 15 or so mins! I will try and include all the information that you need to make the decision of to try the game or not.

Okay, now we have Ghost Rider, another character from Marvel. If you're a fan and follow the comics then you'll know that the story of Ghost Rider is pretty decent. And if you're a fan of the comics or not, you WILL be disappointed with this game.

My, my...this game disgraces God of War and Devil May Cry...It uses the best elements of these games (GoWs combat system/DMCs upgrade system, etc.) and turns them to poop. How is this possible you ask? I don't know, just stay the hell away from it.

But if you do continue and try and play the game, you'll encounter more BS. In each level there are "goals" to complete. These goals are so generic and stupid, it lowers your IQ by even trying to complete them. Ok, ok, I said no bias right? Well I don't have any. In every level, they well ask you something along the lines of:

Collect X souls
Avoid being hit more than X times
Perform |Insert action here| X times

And some more stuff like that.

Now the story of Ghost Rider the game is supposed to be similar to the movie. However they changed a lot of things up, which doesnt work out for the better. Normally I would tell you what the story is but since this game ties in with the movie I wont tell. You're gonna have to watch that movie, It's actually pretty good. The basic rundown though is that the devil wants you to kill someone that the devil himself cant touch. Sounds good? WATCH THE MOVIE AND DON'T PLAY THE GAME (unless its on the PS2, but the movie is still better!).

There are many other nuisances in the game, like the whole idea of the bike parts. The system doesnt work so well. Its basically a failed rip of those Mario Kart games. Collect a power up and shoot it and the opponents and blah blah.

So I'll give gameplay a 3/10

I don't wanna type another paragraph insulting this poor game so I'll just rate the stupid thing.


The graphics aren't all that bad but are still pretty crappy.

All this game has is that you can unlock some comic book issues and read them. That is all. If you manage to beat this game just ONCE, or even beat one level--you will never want to play this again.

Value: 3/10

So there's the jist of the game.

Overall: 4/10

Hope this at the very least, convinces you not to try the damn game. If you want to play it, I BEG YOU--try the PS2 version. It works out a bit better than the PSP one here. If you's okay to try this game, but just don't expect anything good.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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