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Special Weapon Upgrade FAQ by Mega_Pitch

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/03/2007

    +                    Special Weapons  Price Guide                      + 
    |               Rockman DASH 2:  Episode 2 Ooinaru Isan                | 
   .+------------------------[For PSP  (ULJM05037)]------------------------+.
  / Created by:                                            Copyright 2007-08 \
 / Andrew "CommanderxGreen" Schmidt                   Version 1.01 (2008-2-2) \
| 0. Table of Contents:                                                        |

  Search for the characters in parenthesis to jump to a specific section:

   I. Introduction
      1. Background and Purpose (Int1)
      2. What This Guide Is (Int2)
      3. What this Guide Isn't (Int3)
  II. Version History (VerH)
 III. Special Weapon Upgrades
      1. Blade Arm (swBA)
      2. Buster Cannon (swBC)
      3. Crusher (swCR)
      4. Drill Arm (swDA)
      5. Ground Crawler (swGC)
      6. Homing Missile (swHM)
      7. Hunter Seeker (swHR)
      8. Hyper Shell (swHS)
      9. Machine Gun Arm (swMG)
     10. Reflector Arm (swRA)
     11. Shield Arm (swSA)
     12. Shining Laser (swSL)
     13. Spread Buster (swSB)
     14. Vacuum Arm (swVA)
  IV. Totals (swALL)
   V. Legal (lgal)
      A. Necessary Mumbo Jumbo
      B. Usage
      C. Special Thanks and Credits
  VI. Contact Info (cntct)

| I. Introduction:                                                             |

1. Background and Purpose:                                                (Int1)
 Rockman DASH 2 - MegaMan Legends 2 in the US - has been re-released several 
 times over the past years since its initial release on April 20th of 2000.
 Most recently, it was re-released onto the Sony PSP handheld, September 8th (my
 birthday ^_^) of 2005.  Unfortunately, the port was not, and likely won't ever 
 be released outside Japan.

 Certain apsects of the game were changed in the PSP version, including the cost
 of Special Weapon upgrades. Fans of the series may remember the Shining Laser's
 infamous z9,999,999 (the maximum amount you can have at a time) Energy upgrade.
 However, for the PSP version the costs for all the upgrades have been severely 
 cut - to about a third of their original price! 

2. What This Guide Is:                                                    (Int2)
 This guide shows the new costs of Weapon Upgrades, by Special Weapon name. The
 stats appear in the order: Attack, Energy, Range, Rapid, Special - as they do
 in the game.  Total costs are provided for each weapon, along with a total cost
 for the whole lot at the end.  I'm going to try to set it up with the original
 Playstation Weapon Upgrade Costs, too, so that you can see just how great the
 difference is.  I might also include locations for necessary weapon-building 
 items later, seeing as it's a bit harder to understand what's what if you've 
 imported and don't understand the language(like I did).

3. What this Guide Isn't:                                                 (Int3)

 This is not a guide for choosing and using Special Weapons; there are plenty of
 those out there already.  This guide is only intended to cover the costs of 
 upgrades.  The costs are different, but the weapons are very much the same. See
 an old MegaMan Legends 2 Walkthrough if you need help in that regard.
| II. Version History:                                                         |
 Version 1.00: August 3, 2007
               Created Guide.  Added Weapons information.
 Version 1.01: February 2, 2008
	       Generally cleaned up Guide: lined up bars, and fixed spelling.
| III. Special Weapons:                                                        |

 "[INFINITE]" in the Energy column indicates that the Weapon in question will 
 never run out of Ammo; otherwise there's a limit to each one(it varies by 
 weapon). Where weapons have a Special Stat, there's an extra line describing 
 what it affects(that also varies by weapon). Everything else is pretty straight

1. Blade Arm                                                              (swBA)
 Attack:  (====60000===)(===150000===)(===250000===)
 Energy:  (====10000===)(====30000===)(===100000===) [INFINITE]
 Range:   (====50000===)(===100000===)(===250000===)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:  z1,000,000

2. Buster Cannon                                                          (swBC)
 Attack:  (====15000===)(====40000===)(===250000===)
 Energy:  (====15000===)(====50000===)(===100000===)
 Range:   (====15000===)(====40000===)(====60000===)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:    z585,000

3. Crusher                                                                (swCR)
 Attack:  (===100000===)(===400000===)(===700000===)
 Energy:  (====75000===)(====95000===)(===115000===)
 Range:   (=N/A=)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (===100000===)(===300000===)(===500000===)
 Special Makes Explosion Last Longer
                           Total:  z2,385,000

4. Drill Arm                                                              (swDA)
 Attack:  (====1000====)(====2000====)(====3000====)
 Energy:  (====1000====)(====1500====)(====2000====)
 Range:   (=N/A=)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:     z10,500

5. Ground Crawler                                                         (swGC)
 Attack:  (====2000====)(====5000====)(====8000====)
 Energy:  (====3000====)(====6000====)(====9000====)
 Range:   (====1000====)(====2500====)(====4000====)
 Rapid:   (====1500====)(====3500====)(====5500====)
 Special: (====5000====)(====8500====)(===20000====)
 Special Increases Homing Capacity(for real)
                           Total:     z84,500

6. Homing Missile                                                         (swHM)
 Attack:  (====10000===)(===100000===)(===200000===)
 Energy:  (====15000===)(====30000===)(===100000===) [INFINITE]
 Range:   (=====5000===)(====30000===)(====80000===)
 Rapid:   (====10000===)(====30000===)(===100000===)
 Special: (====10000===)(====30000===)(===200000===)
 Special Increases Homing Capacity
                           Total:    z950,000

7. Hunter Seeker                                                          (swHR)
 Attack:  (====10000===)(====15000===)(====25000===)
 Energy:  (====10000===)(====20000===)(====30000===)
 Range:   (=N/A=)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (==10000==)(==100000==)(==300000==)
 Special Ups Pod's Time Before Exploding
                           Total:    z520,000

8. Hyper Shell                                                            (swHS)
 Attack:  (====50000===)(===100000===)(===200000===)
 Energy:  (====20000===)(====50000===)(===140000===)
 Range:   (====15000===)(====60000===)(===120000===)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (====10000===)(====50000===)(===100000===)
 Special Makes Explosion on Contact Bigger
                           Total:    z915,000

9. Machine Gun Arm                                                        (swMG)
 Attack:  (====3000====)(====30000===)(====50000===)
 Energy:  (====5000====)(====15000===)(====25000===)
 Range:   (====1000====)(=====5000===)(====10000===)
 Rapid:   (====2000====)(====20000===)(====50000===)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:    z216,000

10. Reflector Arm                                                         (swRA)
 Attack:  (====5000====)(====7000====)(====35000===)
 Energy:  (====4000====)(====5500====)(=====7000===)
 Range:   (====2000====)(====3000====)(=====5000===)
 Rapid:   (====3000====)(====4500====)(=====6000===)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:     z87,000

11. Shield Arm                                                            (swSA)
 Attack:  (=N/A=)
 Energy:  (====12000===)(====15000===)(===180000===) [INFINITE]
 Range:   (=N/A=)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:    z207,000

12. Shining Laser                                                         (swSL)
 Attack:  (====50000===)(===300000===)(===700000===)
 Energy:  (===100000===)(===200000===)(==2500000===) [INFINITE]
 Range:   (====50000===)(===100000===)(===200000===)
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (=N/A=)
                           Total:  z4,200,000

13. Spread Buster                                                         (swSB)
 Attack:  (====10000===)(====20000===)(====30000===)
 Energy:  (====10000===)(====15000===)(====18000===)
 Range:   (=====6500===)(=====8000===)(====10000===)
 Rapid:   (=====5000===)(=====7500===)(=====9000===)
 Special: (=================50000==================)      
 Special Ups # of Shots to Five
                           Total:    z199,000

14. Vacuum Arm                                                            (swVA)
 Attack:  (=N/A=)
 Energy:  (====1000====)(====5000====)(====10000===)
 Range:   (====1000====)(====2000====)(=====4000===) [INFINITE]
 Rapid:   (=N/A=)
 Special: (====1000====)(====4000====)(====10000===)
 Special Increases Speed of Suction
                           Total:     z38,000

| IV. Totals:                                                                  |
The following totals are in order from most expensive to least, with the final
total at the bottom. 
                  | Weapon Name:           |      Zenny  | 
                  | Shining Laser Total:   |  4,200,000  |
                  | Crusher Total:         |  2,385,000  |
                  | Blade Arm Total:       |  1,000,000  |
                  | Homing Missile Total:  |    950,000  |
                  | Hyper Shell Total:     |    915,000  |
                  | Buster Cannon Total:   |    585,000  |
                  | Hunter Seeker Total:   |    520,000  |
                  | Machine Gun Arm Total: |    216,000  |
                  | Shield Arm Total:      |    207,000  |
                  | Spread Buster Total:   |    199,000  |
                  | Reflector Arm Total:   |     87,000  |
                  | Ground Crawler Total:  |     84,500  |
                  | Vacuum Arm Total:      |     38,000  |
                  | Drill Arm Total:       |     10,500  |
                  | Ultimate Grand Total:  | 11,397,000  |

| V. Legal                                                                     |
A. Necessary Mumbo Jumbo
   Rockman DASH(MegaMan Legends) and all related characters are copyright 
B. Usage
 The values are straight from the game; I don't claim any credit for the numbers
 themselves. If someone decides to pull the  numbers from this guide and use 
 them in a guide of his own, I have no problem with that - how *could* I prove 
 he took the numbers from my guide anyway?
	 Once again, this guide is copyright, Andrew Schmidt, 2007:
 I demand that you do not claim credit for *this* guide.  I also demand that
 anyone who uses this guide on his site gets permission to use it from me first.
 If I give permission to use this guide, the entire guide must be shown, with 
 credit given to me.  

C. Special Thanks and Credits
   1.Capcom - For making this game, for making the Rockman DASH/MegaMan Legends
     series, and for being awesome enough to put it out for a portable system.
     Not so much for ignoring it for the past few years, though.  Tsk tsk tsk..
     Also thanks for the beautiful green-haired goddess who is Mistress Yuna ^_^
   2.The MegaMan Legends fan community - For keeping me hooked on the series for
     as long as I have been.  Particularly MegaMan Legends Station, for having
     provided a very detailed information resource on the series. 
   3.MegaMan Storm - For giving me a site for which to produce content, even 
     though I've hardly done much since I've been on board.

| VI. Contact Info                                                             |
 If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this guide or if
 you've noticed something wrong with it, I can be reached at:
 CommanderxGreen@gmail.com (Email/MSN) or
 CommanderGreen7 (AIM)
:-:                                         Thank You For Reading :)  -Andy  :-:

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