PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File07/14/06soulxsword227K
Completed (Nemo Campaign unlocked and alot of images and movies unlocked)
Save Game File11/11/07QuickDraw13226K
Completed Nemo, Dravania(Duty), and Liberation Army. Most Illistrations, Movies, and Characters for KoC
Save Game File03/06/06_Delta_Zero_226K
Finished (Unlocked KOC and Story mode for all kingdoms)
Save Game File03/14/06Fallen Horseman234K
Gena's Campaign - Duty Path; Beginning of Chapter 6; Uses 4th Slot
Save Game File03/14/06Fallen Horseman226K
Gena's Campaign - Love Path; Beginning of Chapter 6; Uses 5th Slot

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