PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Tornadoboy2 (11/25/2005; 10KB)
  2. From Tornadoboy2 (11/25/2005; 10KB) 2 batttles before the end of chapter 2- the confederate uprising- ALL battles WON
  3. From Tonstone (04/13/2006; 10KB) Dark Regin of the empire. On Final battle. 3 fleets of star destroyers. 2630 Credits. All recruits
  4. From MalWart (03/12/2006; 11KB) Legendary on all stats.
  5. From Tornadoboy2 (11/26/2005; 10KB) Right before the last battle of episode 3-Republic Soveirnty- ALL other battles WON

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From Thomas_H (05/31/2006; 10KB) Complete galactic conquest on the birth of the Rebellion
  2. From Thomas_H (06/03/2006; 10KB) Complete Republic Sovreignty Galactic Conquest
  3. From Thomas_H (06/04/2006; 10KB) Completed A confederate uprising on Galactic conquest
  4. From joekisvcool (12/30/2005; 22KB) Completed First Campaign, includes Profile with legend status for Endurance medal.
  5. From darth_deadly (01/13/2006; 11KB) Has 3 medals on legendary (endurance, guardian and frenzy) and a couple on elite.

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