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Game Script by Error1355

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/08/2007

 __  __      _        _    _____                                _     _   ___  
|  \/  |    | |      | |  / ____|                     /\       | |   | | |__ \ 
| \  / | ___| |_ __ _| | | |  __  ___  __ _ _ __     /  \   ___| | __| |    ) |
| |\/| |/ _ \ __/ _` | | | | |_ |/ _ \/ _` | '__|   / /\ \ / __| |/ _` |   / / 
| |  | |  __/ || (_| | | | |__| |  __/ (_| | |     / ____ \ (__|_| (_| |  / /_ 
|_|  |_|\___|\__\__,_|_|  \_____|\___|\__,_|_|    /_/    \_\___(_)\__,_| |____|
                                  Game Script
                         By John M Sherman (Error1355)
                          With lots of help from Aero
                           Character Bios by Nitroid
                                  Version 1.00
                               08 September 2007

Version History

0.10: Started the guide, got the format all set up, added the legal stuff.

0.15: I have written the guide up to the start of the first mission.

0.20: I wrote it up to the end of the third mission.

0.30: Aero is added to the project.

0.90: Script finished! Many, many thanks to Aero.

0.91: Some minor things are fixed within the script.

1.00: After almost a year since the last update guide was posted, character 
      bio section is added to the guide. which completes this guide. Bios
      written by Nitroid.

Table of Contents

1 - Character Bios *Spoilers*
    1.01 - B.B.
    1.02 - Chaigidiel
    1.03 - Dalton
    1.04 - Dr. Michiko Takiyama
    1.05 - Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn
    1.06 - Golab
    1.07 - Harab Serap
    1.08 - Lucinda Koppelthorn
    1.09 - Lucy
    1.10 - Rodzinski
    1.11 - Solid Snake
    1.12 - Venus
    1.13 - Vince
    1.14 - Wiseman

2 - Game Script
    2.01 - The Tutorial
    2.02 - Willing To Hear Me Out Then?
    2.03 - I'm A Man Of My Word
    2.04 - You Got A Copy Of The File?
    2.05 - Metal Gear?!
    2.06 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Hacker
    2.07 - Psychological Engineering?
    2.08 - We Can Manage Without Her
    2.09 - This Is Freakin' Cool!
    2.10 - Aphrodite
    2.11 - There's No Need For Any Killing!
    2.12 - Vince, Head Of Security
    2.13 - The EMO system
    2.14 - Fragmented Egos
    2.15 - I Can't Dodge Trains!
    2.16 - Chaioth Ha Kadosh
    2.17 - Can We Still Use Him?
    2.18 - Dowsing Rods?
    2.19 - It's A UAV Cypher
    2.20 - WTF, Snake?
    2.21 - Golab
    2.22 - Resurrection
    2.23 - Don't Fall Off The Bridge? Roger That
    2.24 - Model 3
    2.25 - Twisted Romance
    2.26 - Need Another Spanking?
    2.27 - The Legendary Solid Snake
    2.28 - Elementary School?!
    2.29 - Please Don't Die
    2.30 - There's The Exit!
    2.31 - The End

3 - Credits and Legal Junk

1 - Character Bios *Spoilers Ahead*

With many thanks to Nitroid, the character bios have been completed.

1.01 - B.B.

"Wanna know why I'm helping you? 'Cause this stuff is so freaking cool!"

Real name: Unknown

Aliases: B.B. (Blackboard)

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

“B.B.”, or Blackboard, is a hacker who contacts Snake and provides him support 
during his mission.

Completely uninvolved with the incident, B.B. is acting simply out of his own 
entertainment. His identity is kept secret throughout the majority of the 
mission, as his profile image is kept hidden by firewall. Wiseman, suspicious 
of him, sends a police unit to the source of his signal. It is soon after 
revealed that B.B. is an elementary school child. Fortunately, B.B. was able to
contact the President and alert him to Wiseman’s dealings before being 

1.02 - Chaigidiel

"Why don't I give you a taste of the powers our Queen has granted me? I'm sure 
you'll be "mesmerized" by them."

Real name: Unknown

Codename: Chaigidiel

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

One of the SaintLogic test subjects, he is an adept psychic capable of 
hypnotizing (and thus controlling) his enemies. Equipped with an M79 grenade 
launcher, he can also walk on ceilings, granting him the advantage of higher 
footing in combat. As with the rest of the test subjects, his name is derived 
from an unholy Sephiroth of the Kabbalah faith.

1.03 - Dalton

"I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Sound reasonable?"

Real name: Dalton

Ethnicity: American

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

An ex-FBI agent who is investigating SaintLogic. Snake’s primary support during
the mission, he initially blackmails him into infiltrating the facility to 
recover intelligence on the company’s dealings.

1.04 - Dr. Michiko Takiyama

"I did it for the money. It was unavoidable. Does that make me a bad person?"

Real name: Michiko Takiyama

Ethnicity: Japanese

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

A researcher at the SaintLogic facility who assists Dr. Koppelthorn. A graduate
of Kyoto University, she later pursued her doctorate in psychological 
engineering at Harvard. Later, upon meeting Dr. Koppelthorn and seeing his 
lonliness, she took pity on him and became his assistant. Although resentful of
Lucy, Takiyama continues to watch over her out of an unrequited love for Dr. 

She later manages to escape the facility with Snake and Venus.

1.05 - Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn

"Get over here, Snake. Come and reap the benefits of your guilt. This is what 
dreams are made of!"

Real name: Thomas Koppelthorn

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Vice President of SaintLogic, Dr. Koppelthorn is driven largly by the loss of 
his wife, Lucinda, during the Praulia Massacre. Using the new model of Metal 
Gear as a bargaining chip, he demands that Rodzinski, the president of 
SaintLogic, hand over the Lucinda file, a document detailing the truth behind 
the “test subjects” as well as the Praulia Massacre. In addition, he also 
attempts to revive his wife by implanting her memories into the body of a young
test subject named Lucy. However, the experiment does not go as planned and 
Lucy, after revealing herself to be an entirely new individual, murders Dr. 

“Dr. Koppelthorn” is somewhat of a recurring name in the series, as he has been
mentioned in two separate Metal Gear titles before AC!D². First, in Metal 
Gear: Ghost Babel, Mei Ling attempts to quote Dr. Koppelthorn on several 
occasions, only to be interrupted by Snake each time. Then later, during the 
“External Gazer” mission in the Snake Tales included with Metal Gear Solid 2 
Substance, he is said to have created the VR system that Otacon and Snake use 
for training.

1.06 - Golab

"What's the hurry...? There's still plenty of time to burn!"

Real name: Unknown

Codename: Golab

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

A SaintLogic test subject, Golab carries around a large tube on his back which
he swallows fuel from and then spits back out like a flamethrower against his 
enemies. His name is derived from the “Golachab” or “the Arsonists”, demons of 
the Qlippothic form of Geburah Sephiroth from the Kabbalah faith.

1.07 - Harab Serap

"Mmm, another potential sacrifice...!"

Real name: Unknown

Codename: Harab Serap

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

One of the SaintLogic test subjects, his appearance, although derived from a 
number of animals, retains the stature of a man. His name is derived from 
“Oreb Zareq” or the “Ravens of Dispersion” from the Qlippothic form of Netzach 
Sephiroth in the Kabbalah faith. Vengeful, he sought out and attacked his 
tormenters upon release. He is capable of detaching both of his fists for use 
as either weapons or a speedy method of transportation.

1.08 - Lucinda Koppelthorn


Real name: Lucinda Koppelthorn

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Deceased wife of Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn and scientist involved in the 
development of the Model 3 Test Subjects, she was killed during the Praulia 
Massacre. Dr. Koppelthorn later attempts to revive her by implanting her 
memories into Lucy, a young test subject.

1.09 - Lucy

"Tommy, honey? Can I join in on the fun?"

Real name: Lucy

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

A young, female test subject usually kept under the care of Dr. Takiyama.

Although innocent in appearance, she is an attempted reincarnation of Dr. 
Koppelthorn’s deceased wife, Lucinda, via memory reconstruction. It is later 
revealed, however, that she is an entirely new consciousness, although imbued 
with Lucinda’s memories. After merging her EGO with that of Metal Gear Chaioth 
Ha Qadesh, she then battles Snake but is eventually defeated by him.

1.10 - Rodzinski

"Did you come here to kill me? Koppelthorn sent you, didn't he?!"

Real name: Rodzinski

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

The president of SaintLogic, he retains possession of the “Lucinda file”, a 
document detailing the events of the Praulia Massacre in which he was involved.
Concerned with his own safety, he later attempts to escape the island via 
helicopter, but is shot down by SaintLogic security forces by orders of Vince.

1.11 - Snake

"As long as there's air in my lungs and blood in my veins, I'm gonna live."

Real name: Unknown

Codename: Snake

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

After spending time in the Serena Republic, Snake finds himself both amnesiac
and framed for the death of Mr. Perez, the Serena Republic’s Secretary of 
State. With the help of three of his resistance force comrades, Roddy Louiz, 
Dave Copeland, and Consuela Alvarez, he attempts evade his pursuers by finding
sanctuary in the United States. However, the four are instead captured and 
arrested by an FBI agent named Dalton for trying to sneak into the U.S. 
illegally. In exchange for Snake’s assistance in the investigation of 
SaintLogic Inc, Dalton agrees to not only grand he and his friends amnesty, 
but recover the fifteen-million dollars they brought into the country as well.

During the mission, it is revealed that Snake was actually a part of the 
experiments being conducted at the research facility. He, along with several 
others, was one of SaintLogic Inc.’s Model 3 “test subjects”, created under the
supervision of Lucinda Koppelthorn. Snake in particular is actually a clone of
the legendary mercenary Solid Snake, whose body was recovered from Lobito 
Island after he thwarted the plans of BEAGLE.

After defeating the newest iteration of Metal Gear, called “Chaioth Ha 
Quadesh”, Snake manages to escape the facility by hiding himself inside of an 
empty shell casing which was then launched into the ocean by the damaged Metal
Gear’s linear cannon. Although breaking nearly every bone in his body, Snake 
was rescued by Dalton and then reunited with his comrades.

1.12 - Venus

"I'm probably a hell of a lot more useful than you are, honey."

Real name: Unknown

Codename: Venus


Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

Amnesiac and cold blooded, Venus is a crimson-clad government agent who works 
with Snake during his infiltration of the SaintLogic facility.

Gifted with what she calls her “unwavering sense of luck”, she was originally
sent into the facility by Wiseman. Although neither she nor Wiseman intended to
have her presence discovered by Snake, she was eventually forced into combat 
with him under Wiseman’s orders. Snake defeats her, however, and spares her 
life. After Wiseman’s plans are stopped, she decides to escape from SaintLogic
with Snake and start her life anew.

During the credits, she can be seen working as a cashier in a grocery store.

1.13 - Vince

"Don't take this personally. We have to make a living, after all."

Real name: Vince

Ethnicity: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Vince is a large man and holds a position as chief of security at the 
SaintLogic facility. When engaged in combat, he is almost always circled 
overhead by a flock of ravens. He weilds an RPG-7 and, apart from his glowing 
blue eyes, keeps his face covered by a black mask at all times. After battling 
with Snake and Venus, he is defeated and clears the way for them to escape 
shortly before expiring. 

1.14 - Wiseman

"Sorry to spoil your little jaunt, but this boat is now under military 

Real name: Unknown

Aliases: Wiseman

Ethnicity: American

Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

Little is known about Wiseman apart from his position as a general in the U.S. 
Department of Defense. He initially offers both Snake and Venus information 
about their pasts in exchange for their assistance during their infiltration of
the SaintLogic facility. It is later discovered that his intent is to recover 
the Lucinda File, due to his involvement in the Praulia Massacre.

Afterwards, he is taken into custody by U.S. officials to stand trial for his 

2 - Game Script

(Words in parathasis describe the scene envrionment)

*Words in asterisks describe actions*

2.01 - The Tutorial

???: It looks like ... ... With ... ... your ... is ...

(In a VR type area)

Koppelthorn: Okay, next we'll do some practical nano-chip expansion training.
             You got everything ready? Okay, Snake. From here on out, you'll
             have to do as I say.

Tutorial 1: Movement.

Tutorial 1: First, let's go over movement. The left button and the right button
            select cards. And then a window with USE, MOVE and so on will
            appear in the center of the screen. Use the up button and the down
            button to select an option, then press the O button to confirm your
            choice. If MOVE is selected, you will see the area in which you can
            move. Use the directional button to move. Your number of moves
            remaining is shown at the bottom of the screen. To cancel a move,
            press the X button. Okay, let's try to actually move around.

*Snake walks to the goal.*


Tutorial 2: Enemies and Fields of Vision.

Tutorial 2: Each enemy has it's own field of vision. If you enter that field, a
            ! will appear above their head, showing that you are discovered.
            If you press the ^ button on the card select screen, you will
            switch to the Aerial Camera View. If you but the cursor on an enemy
            in this view, that enemy's field of view will be displayed. It's
            best that you try to make it to your goal without being discovered.


*After Snake moves forward*

Tutorial 2: If you hold down the ^ button while moving, you can change your
            facing with the directional button. Also, by pressing the O button
            while holding down the ^ button, you can engage in CQC with an
            enemy standing in front of you. Engaging in CQC requires 4 COST.
            You can do CQC only once per turn.

*Snake walks to the goal.*


Tutorial 3: Crawling.

Tutorial 3: Next, I'll explain how to crawl. If you press the [] button on the
            move screen while using a move card, you will start to crawl. You
            can't move as far while crawling, but you can pass through narrow
            openings. Okay, now you try to crawl. Try to make it to your goal
            without being discovered by your enemies.


*After Snake moves forward*

Tutorial 3: Pressing the START button to pause, then pressing any other button
            will display a description of that button. If you're not sure how
            to use something, pause and try pressing the button corresponding
            to the icon in question.

*Snake walks to the goal.*


Tutorial 4: Knocking.

Tutorial 4: If you press the directional button in the direction of a wall
            while moving, you can flatten against that wall. If you press the
            [] button while flattened, you can known on the wall. Knocking will
            make a noise which nearby enemies will investigate. Okay, try
            knocking on a wall to attract an enemy's attention. Let's see if
            you can make it to your goal without being spotted.


*Snake walks to the goal.*


Tutorial 5: Weapons.

Tutorial 5: If you select a WEAPON card with the left and right buttons on the
            card selection screen, you can use that weapon by selecting USE.
            However, you cannot use a weapon if there is no target within
            range. If you target an enemy for attack while you are flattened on
            a wall and you try to shoot that enemy, you will do a surprise
            shot. Okay, let's try to actually engage in combat with an enemy.
            Eliminate your enemy. You can climb ladders that are in front of
            you by facing the ladder using the directional button.


*Snake kills the enemy.*


Tutorial 6: Equipment.

Tutorial 6: There are two types of cards: USE type and EQUIP type. A USE type
            card will take effect immediately when it is used. EQUIP type cards
            are placed into your equipment box, and take effect once certian
            conditions are met. To use an EQUIP type weapon: 1) First, select a
            WEAPON card and choose to EQUIP it. The cursor will move to an
            empty space in the equipment box. Once EQUIP is displayed, press O
            button to equip that weapon. 2) If you select a WEAPON of the same
            gauge as an equipped card, it will be placed on top of that weapon
            in your equipment box. Press O button when LOADING displays, and
            you will be able to use it. There are other rules and so forth, and
            you can see them by entering the command menu with the X button and
            selecting GUIDE. Okay. Now you can try to engage in combat with an
            enemy. Eliminate all enemies.


*Snake kills the enemy.*


Koppelthorn: Fantastic job. I guess that's why they call you a "Legendary
             Hero." That's all for today's training. You'd better get some rest
             before your real work begins.

2.02 - Willing to hear me out then?

(A black screen)

Consuela: Snake...

(The black screen fades to a private jet cabin. With Snake on a couch, Consuela
on a chair. Two men are seen in the cockpit.)

Consuela: Snake?

Snake: ...Huh? Are we there?

Consuela: Just about.

Snake: Good.

Roddy: What were you spacing out for?

Snake: It's nothing.

Roddy: Uh-huh, sure it is.

Consuela: Did you have that dream again?

Snake: Yeah.

Consuela: I see...

Dave: Good news, Snake. Looks like we eeled our way past the control tower.
      It's a good thing we paid off the right people at the right time. In
      another 15 minutes, we'll touch down in the land of the free.

Roddy: It's been a week since we got out of the Serena Republic. Once helluva
       long week.

Dave: I hear you, Roddy. I doubt Escobar will be able to chase us all the way
      here, either.

Consuela: Don't be too sure about that. He's more persistent than you think.
          And I know he hasn't forgotten we destroyed his precious drug

Roddy: Besides, I can't imagine him not coming after the 15 million. I'm sure
       he's dying to get that money back.

Dave: I'll be glad to help him out with the "dying" part if it comes to that.

Roddy: What's everyone planning to do once we get there?

Dave: I'm gonna buy me a ranch. Been my dream since I was a little snot.

Roddy: So you're planning to be a cowboy?

Dave: Something wrong with that?

Roddy: I just pity the horse.

Dave: Come again?

Roddy: Oh, uh...pretty...the horse. Horses are pretty...aren't they? Anyway, as
       for my dream... I plan on living it up on some tropical island. Yeah.
       What about you, Consuela? Planning to start up that motorbike shop you
       were talking about?

Consuela: Well, I... What are you going to do, Snake?

Snake: Search for something I've lost.

Consuela: Your memory?

Snake: Yes.

Roddy: Interesting. I was sure shocked when Consuela brought you in three years
       back, I'll tell you that.

Dave: Yeah. I mean, he was practically dead and a total stranger. What
      possessed you to take him in anyway, Consuela?

Consuela: I just wanted to help. Even if it was only one person...

Dave: You did it 'cause it was right after the Praulia Massacre, right? When
      all those natives were slaughtered.

Roddy: But once you recovered, Snake, and I found out on top of being a skilled
       mercenary, you had a mean case of amnesia, I was twice as shocked. I
       mean, I never would've thought a mercenary of your caliber could get so
       banged up like that. What the hell happened to you?

Consuela: How should he know? He's got amnesia, remember? He's not even sure
          whether or not he was a mercenary to begin with. Which is perfectly
          understandable considering his memory problems.

Roddy: No, he's a mercenary alright-- through and through.

Dave: I'll bet he's an agent for the CIA.

Consuela: Maybe he's royalty from some exotic foreign country.

Roddy: Give me a break.

Consuela: I could be right, you know.

Roddy: Care to make a friendly wager?

Consuela: Fine with me.

Dave: I want in on this, too.

Consuela: Alright then, in order to find out who the lucky winner is we'll just
          have to get a hold of Snake's past somehow.

Roddy: Right. My island will have to wait until then.

Dave: Deep down I've always wanted to be a detective-- even more than a cowboy.

Snake: You guys don't have to--

Consuela: We want to. You saved our lives, after all. It's the least we can do.

Snake: Thanks.

Dave: Time to land this baby.

*They are getting out of the jet.*

Dave: Lets move.

Roddy: Hold on. Something's not right.

???: Welcome to America.

*Two spotlights shine on them*

Consuela: !

(It shows a guy in a coat smoking with three armed guards with him.)

???: Nobody move.

Dalton: Dalton -- FBI.

Dalton: Roddy Louiz, Dave Copeland, Consuela Alvarez, and Snake. I'm putting
        you all under arrest for unauthorized entry into the country, and for
        the murder of Mr. Perez, the Serena Republic's Secretary of State.

(The screen fades to black, the scene changed.)

Snake: ...

Dalton: You're lucky I arrested you when I did. A little gratitude would be

Snake: ...

Dalton: At least you could give me your real name.

Snake: ...

Dalton: So you really do have amnesia... Fine. I've already done my own
        investigation anyway.

(The screen changes to shows the scene. Snake is in a small white room with
Dalton. Snake is sitting on a chair and Dalton is standing.)

Dalton: Name: unknown. Age: unknown. Place of Birth: unknown. Alias: Snake.
        Highly skilled mercenary who appeared three years ago in the Serena
        Republic -- a small South American country torn by civil war. Sided
        with resistance fighters plotting against the country's authoritarian
        military regime headed by General Delgado. Played a significant role in
        overthrowing Delgado's regime. Major contributations include the
        successful infiltration of Tormenta Stronghold, a crucial strategic
        location for Delgado. This was seen as a decisive factor in the
        resistance fighters' victory. 

Dalton: ...But no matter how many times I read this, it still doesn't add up.
        Why would a mercenary who overthrew the old regime murder Perez, the
        Secretary of State for the new government?

Snake: I didn't do it. It was Escobar.

Dalton: Escobar? The South American drug lord? He framed you, then?

Snake: Right.

Dalton: I see. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't matter if that's true or not.
        The important thing here is that the U.S Government has received a
        formal demand from the Serena Republic to hand you over to them.

Snake: A formal demand?

Dalton: That's right. Escobar is apparently showering Serena government
        officials with huge amounts of money to get you locked up. It seems
        he's dying to get his hands on you, Snake. I don't know what you did
        exactly, but he's seething with hatred.

Snake: ...

Dalton: If you're handed over to him, you'll be gunned down at best. At worst,
         you'll be tortured for months. Then killed.

Snake: So why do you care?

Dalton: Lets just say I'm a nice guy.

Snake: Very funny.

Dalton: I'm here all week. Now let's get to the point. There's something I'd
        like you to help me with. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
        Sound reasonable?

Snake: I don't need your help.

Dalton: A tough guy, huh? But what about your friends-- Roddy, Dave, and
        Consuela? The Serena Government has "invited" those three back, too. If
        they get deported... How would that make you feel?

Snake: ...

Dalton: Willing to hear me out then?

*Cue Intro Movie*

2.03 - I'm a man of my word

(The location is on a dock, outside of a building.)

Snake: This is Snake. I'm at the rendezvous point.

Dalton: Not bad. You made it in 2 minutes. You're on your own from here on in.
        I'll be staying in the boat.

Snake: Well, aren't you lucky -- taking it easy while I do all the hard work.

Dalton: That's not how it is. My life's on the line too, you know. Just relax.
        I won't leave without you.

Dalton: Let's go over your mission again. Your job is to infiltrate SaintLogic,
        Inc. They're a private supplier of military arms, and the building is
        crawling with security. The compound is practically an army fort. Their
        research facility used to be an army base, and the guards are
        highly-trained killers -- mercenaries, former speical forces, you name
        it. I know you're good, Snake, but don't underestimate these guys.

Snake: Sounds like an awful lot of security, even for a military contractor.

Dalton: That's because they've got something to hide, of course.

Snake: ...

Dalton: I need you to get me one of their files. Access SaintLogic's local aera
        network, copy the file I need, and get out of there in one piece.
        Insert the silicon disk I gave you into the specified terminal. Once
        it's inserted, a program on the disk will take care of the rest. It'll
        automatically run a search for the file I want and copy it for you.

Snake: What's in the file?

Dalton: Let's just say it's enough evidence to put away SaintLogic for good.

Snake: So you're telling me this is just part of some investigation?

Dalton: Of course.

Snake: But you'll never get away with using illegally-obtained evidence in

Dalton: Don't worry about it. I got everything under control.

Snake: Are you really with the FBI?

Dalton: I showed you my ID, didn't I? Isn't that enough?

Snake: ...

Dalton: Anyway, help me with this investigation, and you're free. I'll set you
        and your friends up with a new life, and get that 14 million dollars
        back to you.

Snake: 15 million.

Dalton: That's right. Anyway, trust me. I'm a man of my word.

Snake: ...

Dalton: I prepared the outfit you used to wear. Not exactly your
        run-of-the-mill mercenary gear... And it doesn't come with a weapon.
        That would be illegal. Not that the rest of this operation is exactly
        legal, but... Well, it's a matter of principle. If you need a weapon in
        there, improvise.

Snake: It won't be the first time I've done that.

Dalton: Alright. No more chatting. It's about time you got started. Just
        infiltrate the building, find the terminal, and access the LAN.

Snake: Got it.


*After Snakes go to the terminal.*

Snake: I guess I should try out this disk and see what happens.

Dalton: Right. Give it a shot.

*Snake puts the disk into terminal.*

Snake: Nothing.

Dalton: Hmm. The outside terminal's probably not connected to the central
        network. Looks like you'll have to get through that gate somehow to get
        the file. Be ready for anything, Snake. This is gonna get serious. It's
        dangerous in there, but this investigation is vital.

Snake: What about backup?

Dalton: That's why I'm here for.

Snake: No one else?

Dalton: What, you don't trust me?

Snake: If this investigation is so "dangerous," why are we the only ones here?
       Why didn't you assemble a team?

Dalton: The other guys have their hands full.

Snake: Sure doesn't sound like any FBI operation I've heard of before...

Dalton: Snake. You seem to be forgetting that I've got your friends in custody.

Snake: ...

Dalton: Now that I've refreshed your memory, get through that gate and don't
        get caught.


*Snake gets to the gate.*

Snake: I'm in front of the gate.

Dalton: Right. The area map shows a Control Room to the north. You should be
        able to access the file from a terminal in there. Head north to the
        Control Room.

Snake: Got it.


2.04 - You got a copy of the file?

*Snake walks into a building.*

Snake: This is Snake. I'm at the Control Room.

Dalton: Good job. Now find that terminal.

Snake: Looks like there's a security camera.

Dalton: Right. Press the ^ button to switch to Aerial Camera View. Then check
        the security camera's field of vision before you proceed.

Snake: Got it.

Dalton: The terminal we want should be there. Locate it and copy that file.

Snake: No problem.


*After two terminals failed to work, Snake tries a third one.*

Snake: This is Snake. Apparently, your disk did the job.

Dalton: You got a copy of the file? Nice work. That was easier than I

Snake: So what is this file? Looks like a list of names and some kind of
       payment record.

Dalton: Clients and account ledgers.

Snake: For what?

Dalton: For children.

Snake: Children?

Dalton: It's a long story. Look, I don't have time to explain right now. Just
        get out of there with the file as quickly as you can.

Snake: Got it.

*An alarm goes off*

Announcement: Attention all personnel. We have an emergency situation. Section
              A has been sealed. Anyone without a level 1 clearance card or
              higher will now be refused passage through the gate. All

Dalton: What's that noise?! I can even hear it out here!

Snake: I'm not sure. Sounds like a security alarm.

Dalton: They must've found you!

Snake: If they had, I'd be surrounded by security guards right now. Something
       must be going on in another area...

Dalton: What do you mean, "something"?

Snake: Your guess is as good as mine.

Dalton: You've killed # of them already. If you're caught, you'll go straight
        to the slammer.

Snake: Yea, and you'll go down as my accomplice.

Dalton: No doubt.

Snake: Don't worry. I won't get caught.

Dalton: It looks like the inside gate's been sealed shut. I wond...wha..th...
        ...ear me? ...Come in Sna...

Snake: You're fading out. I've got a bad connection here.

Dalton: It doesn't look like there's any easy way out of there. Just
        concentrate on getting that file over to me. There's a Communications
        Tower behind the facility to the north. Use the digital line there to
        establish an outside connection.

Snake: Wait a minute. I thought you wanted me to get out of here.

Dalton: Getting me that file is your top priority. ...Sna... Testing...one...
        two... Can you hear me? I have a feeling we'll be losing radio contact
        soon. Head for the Communications Tower and send that file over.
        ...got tha...?

Snake: Dammit.


Snake: Do you read me? I'm heading for the Communications Tower.

Dalton: BZZT...tha...you...Sna...? Just keep goi...BZZT...BZZT...the...

Snake: Looks like I'm gonna be on my own for a while.

*Snake walks out of the area.*

2.05 - Metal Gear?!

(Snake walks into a new area. It is outside)

Snake: I'm at the Communications Tower. Dalton, do you read me?

Dalton: Just barely. The connection is still pretty lousy.

Snake: You want me to send you the file from this location, right?

Dalton: Affirmative. The antenna in there probably connects to the outside by
        satellite. Use that terminal to send the file.

Snake: You know an awful lot about this place.

Dalton: Yea, thanks to a few anonymous tips and a detailed map of the

Snake: What are you trying to get out of all this, Dalton?

Dalton: Justice.

Snake: Justice?

Dalton: Never mind. Just hurry up and send the data.

Snake: Wait. I think there are infrared sensors.

Dalton: Infrared sensors?

Snake: Right. Break the invisible beam between sensors, and you're caught.

Dalton: Can we get around them somehow?

Snake: Crawling under them usually works.

Dalton: I see. Alright, crawl away.


*Snake walks to the communications terminal*


Dalton: Testing...testing. That did it. I switched circuits. So, did you miss

Snake: Not especially. I guess that's it. Mission complete.

Dalton: Alright, Snake. Send that data out. First you'll have to--Hey! What's
        this all about?! Who are you people?!

Snake: What's going on?!

(The scene shows inside of Dalton's boat. A man with glasses has his hand on
Dalton's arm.)

???: A bit cramped in here, isn't it?

Dalton: Just one damn minute! Who the hell are you?! You think you can get
        away with obstructing an FBI investigation? I'll see to it that you're

???: The name's Wiseman. Joint Chief of Staff, Department of Defense.

Dalton: You-- what is the meaning of--!?

Wiseman: Nice to make your acquaintance, ex-Agent Dalton.

Snake: Ex-Agent?

Wiseman: And I bet that voice on the other end belongs to our friend, Snake. Am
         I coming through loud and clear?

(The scene goes back to Snake's side.)

Snake: Yeah.

Wiseman: Good. Sorry to spoil your little jaunt, but this boat is now under
         military command. Just don't make things difficult.

Dalton: What's that supposed to mean?!

Wiseman: It means your little operation is over. Thanks for the boat.

Dalton: You can't just barge in here and--

Wiseman: Let me explain. There's been a serious incident in the SaitnLogic

Dalton: A serious incident?

Wiseman: A man by the name of Thomas Koppelthorn--SaintLogic's vice president
         and head of research -- has taken over the internal weapons and
         security systems and seized the Research Facility. He's closed himself
         in a hangar over in the facility's northern wing. Apparently, he's
         demanding that we hand over about a dozen high-ranked military men,
         corporate excutives and government officals. If we don't comply with
         his demands, he's threatening to use a nuclear weapon to get our

Dalton: He's got nukes?! Inconceivable!

Wiseman: SaintLogic was cooperating with the military to develop a new type of
         nuclear strike system. It's a massive, nuclear-equipped walking battle
         tank, also known as Metal Gear...

Snake: Metal Gear?!

Dalton: You've heard of it?

Snake: Not exactly... But that name sounds familiar...

Wiseman: Hmph. An actual nuclear warhead was brought into the research lab for
         testing and development purposes. Of course, the nuclear warhead is
         equipped with a safety device, but Dr. Koppelthorn is a computer
         mastermind. I doubt he'd have any trouble cracking the launch code.

Dalton: But this Koppelthorn is just a researcher, isn't he? Why would he pull
        an armed coup and demand that a bunch of bigwigs be turned over to him?
        And, on top of that, threaten to use a nuke?

Wiseman: We don't have any idea what Dr. Koppelthorn's motives could be. And
         that's exactly why we can't risk adding fuel to the fire by massing
         our troops for an all-out raid. The best way to handle this is to
         infiltrate the complex in absolute secrecy and investifate. But
         Koppelthorn has the entire security system under his control at this
         point. It would be near impossible to dispatch a covert unit in there
         without him catching on to us. That's were you come in, Snake. We want
         you to help us investigate and take care of this incident.

Snake: Take care of it? Me?

Wiseman: We were watching yo see if you could actually get in there. A job well
         done, I must say. You're just the man we need for this crisis: the
         right soldier in the right place at the right time. Don't let us down.

Snake: What makes you think I'll cooperate?

Wiseman: Oh, you'll cooperate.

Snake: Why's that?

Wiseman: Because I've got something you're dying to get your hands on.

Snake: And what would that be?

Wiseman: Your past.

Snake: You know about my past?

Wiseman: Oh, I know about all sorts of things. Complete this mission and I'll
         be happy to fill you in on the details. ...Some key moments from your
         past... And why you lost your memory... So, how about it? If you
         refuse, incidentally, we'll have to charge you with treason.

Snake: ...

Wiseman: Fine, it's a deal, then. I'll take your silence as a "yes." Dalton,
         why don't you go play solitaire in the other room?

Dalton: Hold on a second. What about my investigation?

Wiseman: Oh, your "investigation?" I know all about you, Dalton. About how the

Dalton: Shut it, Wiseman! I've got solid intelligence on that Research
        Facility, and a map of its entire layout. I bet you're dying to get
        your hands on that intel.

Wiseman: Too bad. It's already in my possession.

Dalton: I'm the one who brought Snake here. He'll only follow my orders.

Wiseman: oh, is that right?

Snake: I don't know if I'd put it that way.

Dalton: Hey, don't forget about your friends!

Snake: Take it easy. I was only kidding. Wiseman, he's got a point there.

Wiseman: By the way, Dalton... Why are you so obessed with this "investigation"
         of yours?

Dalton: A man like you couldn't begin to understand.

Wiseman: We've just met and you can already tell what kind of man I am?

Dalton: That's right.

Wiseman: Let's hear your expert opinion, then.

Dalton: you're a villain, of course.

Wiseman: Hmph. Good answer. I guess you can stay.

*Snake walks out of the room and building and heads to where he started.*

Wiseman: Oh, by the way, Snake... You've been running your nano-chip
         expansions, haven't you?

Dalton: Nano-chip? What's that?

Wiseman: I wasn't talking to you.

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: The military has decided to provide you with additional expansion
         codes. Your Battle Experience is constantly being monitored. Each time
         you increase it, we'll provide you with a new skill. Just think of
         your nano-chip as a multipurpose program. You'll be able to download
         any additional skills into it via commlink. You're familiar with
         nano-chip compilation, aren't you?

Snake: ...

Wiseman: Aren't you?

Snake: ...Yeah.

Wiseman: Then you know that your Battle Experience is displayed when you
         accomplish your smaller goals. You currently have # Battle Result
         Points. You can think of those points as your nano-chip expansion
         capacity. And of this ring a bell? You'll need more than just memory
         capacity. Connecting to the program requires a certian base
         experience. The chip is updated by a variety of units known as
         "packs." They can be downloaded by simply selecting them. The only
         pack you can download at this point is the MGS3 pack. So use it
         wisely. The pack is currently being adapted to fit you. I'll let you
         know once the time comes to present it to you.

Dalton: That entire lecture went right over my head. Snake, you understand any
        of that?

Snake: Yeah, but I'm not sure why. Almost like I just knew it by instinct.

Dalton: Who the hell are you...?

Wiseman: Alright, let's get started here. Snake, your job is to get a handle on
         what Koppelthorn is trying to accomplish, and why he carried out an
         armed takeover of the Research Facility. And, in a worst-case
         scenario, you might have to prevent a nuclear launch. Koppelthorn has
         holed himself up in a large weapons hangar to the north. The safest
         way to infiltrate the hangar is the board an unmanned cargo train that
         goes through there. First, you'll have to get through the central area
         -- the Research Block. The cargo train stops at a station in the
         Research Block's northern area. Board the train at that station.
         That's all for now. Head for the Research Block.

(Screen fades to black.)

2.06 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Hacker

*Snake passes through a doorway into a new area.*

Wiseman: Snake. Keep heading east and you'll eventually get to the Research

Dalton: He has to go north through Research Block A to board that cargo train,

Wiseman: That's right. Get moving, Snake.

(Scene of soldiers running into the area and calling for help.)

Snake: We have a small problem.

Dalton: What's wrong?

Snake: It's a security unit. Looks like I'm surrounded by 1, 2, 3... 4 guards.

Dalton: Can't you get out of there?

Snake: Not without a fight.

Wiseman: You're gonna have to go with Plan B. Take 'em out, but don't get too

Dalton: Plan B? What do you mean by--

Wiseman: Shut up. I'm in charge here, Dalton. Snake, do what you have to do.

Snake: Right.


*Snake progresses forward, and receives a call.*

???: Hello? Can you read me?

Snake: Who are you--

???: Shh! Don't make a sound. If you can hear me, just press the O button,
     okay? Good. Seems like I'm getting through. I'm, uh... Hold on a sec...
     Let's see here... Blackboard... The handle is... "B.B." That's what you
     can call me.

Snake: Who is this?

B.B.: I just told you. I'm B.B. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood
      hacker. I've been listening in on your conversations this whole time.
      Pretty cool, huh?

Snake: What's going on here?

Wiseman: Did you say something, Snake?

B.B.: Shhhh! Don't tell him anything!

Snake: ... Just...uh...talkin' to myself.

Wiseman: Keep your mind on the battle!

B.B.: Whew! Thanks, Snake.

*The mission continues. After Snake progresses some more, B.B. calls again.*

B.B.: So, you wanna know how I tapped into your radio frequency? I found a
      military encryption key in the university lab. Then I just waited for a
      packet that looked decodable. When I traced that packet, it led me to
      your frequency. It sounds like you guys are planning some top-secret
      stuff over there. Don't try to deny it. I've heard enough to know what's
      goin' on. An armed uprising, yup? Sounds pretty exciting! And that nano-
      chip thing in your head must be amazing. I mean, this is like some kinda
      video game, or somethin'!

*Mission continues. Snake progresses, only to be interrupted again.*

B.B.: Okay, time to get down to business. I want a hand in this game, too. I'm
      willing to "pay" for it, of course. Actually, I tried making some of
      those nano-chip expansions you were talking about. I think mine are
      pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. And I'd like you give you some.
      Well, actually, I was hoping you'd try them. I've uploaded them onto the
      Net so you can access them that way. Just a simple download from
      cyberspace. But in order to download, you'll need... What was that called
      again? Uh... Oh yeah! What that army dude was talking about. You'll have
      to use Battle Result Points to download 'em.

*Mission continues again. Snake is interrupted again.*

B.B.: Wanna know why I'm helping you? 'Cause this stuff is so freaking cool!
      That's a good enough reason, right? Oh, I better go eat now. Talk to ya
      again soon, Snake! Later!

*The mission continues. Snake kills all the soldiers.*


*Snake crouches down by a doorway.*

Snake: Come in, HQ. Do you read me? All enemy threats have been neutralized.

Dalton: So you just...killed EVERYONE?

Snake: Hey. It was me or them.

Dalton: I don't believe this!

Wiseman: Nice work, Snake. You've still got what it takes. The Research Block
         is just up ahead. Keep moving.

Snake: Got it.

*The door opens, and Snake runs through.*

2.07 - Psychological Engineering?

*Snake walks into the Research Block through a door and receives a call.*

Dalton: There's the Research Block.

Snake: ...Look at that.

*A dead scientist is shown on screen.*

Dalton: !

Wiseman: They must've been researchers. Are they all dead?

Snake: Every last one, I think.

Dalton: Is Koppelthorn behind this? Could he really have gone this far?

Wiseman: Koppelthorn does have control of the facility's security. He probably
         used Patrol Bots.

Snake: Since when did Patrol Bots have this kind of killing power?

Wiseman: SaintLogic is also known for conducting robotic research and
         development for the military. It's very likely he has lethal machines
         at his disposal. Snake, these Patrol Bots will be armored. Without an
         anti-armor weapon, you'll barely scratch them. Be careful.

Dalton: What could've motivated such a gruesome attack?

Wiseman: I don't know. But finding out is our new priority.

Soldier: General. Call from Aphrodite, sir.

Wiseman: Excuse me a moment.

Dalton: ... Hey, Snake?

Snake: What is it?

Dalton: There's a guard by the door, but for now, it's just you and me.

Snake: ...

Dalton: Listen... I've seen my share of danger over the years, but that Wiseman
        is bad news.

Snake: Tell me something I don't know. Even if we take care of Koppelthorn, I
       bet he's got other plans for us.

Dalton: Then why not escape? I know you could if you wanted to.

Snake: I have my reasons.

Dalton: You want him to tell you about your past, is that it?

Snake: Right.

Dalton: But I don't think we can trust him. You should get out of there.

Snake: You could do the same. Why don't you slip out when he's not looking?

Dalton: I can't. I'm the one who got you into this mess. And I have no
        intention of leaving this place without you.

Snake: You're a strange one, Dalton.

Dalton: Thanks, Snake. Anyway, I have my own reasons for staying, too.

Snake: Like your investigation? You wanna fill me in on that? What were you
       trying to accomplish here?

Dalton: Well, about two years ago, I began looking into allegations that
        SaintLogic was performing illegal experiments on human test subjects.
        I still don't have all the details, but apparently children were being
        smuggled from South America and Africa as subjects for their research.
        I eventually learned that each deal was recorded in detail in the
        company accounting records. But soon after, I was abruptly ordered off
        the case. I think it had something to do with SaintLogic's president,
        Rodzinski. He's a prominent businessman with deep government
        connections and friends in influential financial circles. He may have
        turned up the heat so my investigation would be called off. Whatever
        the reason, I was pissed. The man is trafficking children... How could
        the FBI cave in to pressure and look the other way?! Where's the
        justice, Snake? It makes me sick.

Snake: What happened next?

Dalton: I was fired.

Snake: ...

Dalton: But I couldn't let go of the case. I got in touch with some contacts,
        and began looking for a way to get a hold of SaintLogic's books. Of
        course, I couldn't prosecute them with stolen records, but I figured I
        could use them to start forming a plan of attack. At the very least, if
        I could get their books circulating online or out to the media, there
        would be some chance of stopping those bastards.
Snake: And that's where I come in, huh?

Dalton: Exactly. I caught wind of a mercenary specializing in covert operations
        who was about to smuggle himself into the country. Just the type of
        help I needed, so I made the most of the oppurtunity.

Snake: So those officers who made the arrest were frauds? And that whole thing
       about letting my friends go free?

Dalton: No, that was real. I've done a lot of favors for people through the
        years, and made some loyal connections in the process. Even though I'm
        out of the FBI, I can still count on a few of them. Some of my old FBI
        buddies have helped me out with information, fake IDs, names, contacts,
        that sort of thing. What I did to you and those other three was wrong,
        and I don't expect your forgiveness for that.

Snake: You said we were lucky you arrested us when you did.

Dalton: That's right.

Snake: We were already wanted across the country at that point. If you hadn't
       caught us, someone else eventually would've. And if that had happened...

Dalton: Who knows, Snake? But you better get out while you can. I'll keep
        Wiseman distracted.

Snake: So you're just gonna give up on your investigation?

Dalton: No. If I can get through this mess, I'll get those bastards one way or
        another, even if it takes me years.

Snake: Tell you what, we'll make a deal.

Dalton: A deal?

Snake: That's right. If I make it out of here alive, I'll give you that file.
       But in exchange, I want you to keep an eye on Wiseman, and help me get
       the hell out of here. I need you to keep feeding me info, so don't do
       anything crazy. Got it? As a team, we'll get through this.

Dalton: Right, as a team. Sink or swim. It's a deal.

Wiseman: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Dalton: Yeah, whatever.

Wiseman: Snake, according to the floor plan, in order to board the cargo train
         to the north, you'll have to pass through the inside, then go out
         through the north exit.

Snake: North exit. Got it.

Wiseman: And watch out for Patrol Bots. You'd better get going. Head north.


*Snake exits through the north, arriving in Research Block B. As he walks
around, he sees a female researcher and a little girl in a room.*

???: ?!

Dalton: What is it, Snake?

Snake: A woman. Must be one of the researchers.

Wiseman: Secure her immediately.

Snake: Copy.

Female Researcher: You...you're... This can't be happening! You're here to kill
                   us, aren't you?!

Snake: What are you--

*The female researcher takes out a handgun.*

Female Researcher: Just stay back! One step closer and I'll shoot!

Dalton: What the hell's going on in there?!

Female Researcher: I'm serious. Don't move a muscle.

*The female researcher accesses a computer, and a shutter drops down,
seperating Snake from the other two people.*

Female Researcher: Come on, Lucy. Let's make a run for it.

Lucy: ...

*They run away.*

Wiseman: It sounds like they got away. I've confirmed an ID on the company
         register. That was Dr. Takiyama, a SaintLogic researcher. Michiko
         Takiyama. Age 27. Graduated from Kyoto University, then pursued her
         doctorate at Harvard -- majoring in psychological engineering.

Dalton: Psychological engineering?

Wiseman: It's a branch of psychology. Snake, I want you to track down that
         woman and keep her safe. She might know something.

Snake: Roger.

*Snake tries to open the shutter.*

Snake: I can't get this shutter open.

B.B.: It's kinda far, but if you head out from the east end, you can find your
      way around to the other side of the shutter.

Wiseman: It's a bit far, but if you go around from the east end, you come out
         on the other side of the shutter. Tracking her down should be easy.
         Just be ready for a little long-distance running.

Dalton: Is there anything that you don't know about this place?

Wiseman: Military intelligence is second to none.

B.B.: That may be true, but I was stil faster. What'd ya think of that, Snake?
      Not bad, yup?

Snake: Stunning. Roger that.


*Snake moves into the east end, and receives a call.*

B.B.: Snake, can you hear me? To get to the room Takiyama's in, go north and
      then to the west. You should be able to handle it from there. That's all.
      B.B. out!

*The mission continues. Snake walks into the area beyond the shutter, and finds
Takiyama and Lucy. They try to run, but Snake catches up to them.*

Takiyama: No! Stop it!

Snake: Take it easy.

Wiseman: Let me talk to her, Snake.

Snake: Okay, I've got her on the Codec.

Dalton: Just try and relax, alright?

Takiyama: What is this thing? And whose voice was that?

Wiseman: This is Wiseman -- Department of Defense.

Takiyama: Department of Defense? So that's what this is all about...

Wiseman: What do you mean?

Takiyama: Nothing. I just mean...that you aren't really here to kill us, then.

Wiseman: No. We came here to get this mess under control.

Takiyama: And who is this man?

Wiseman: His name is Snake.

Takiyama: Is he one of your troops?

Dalton: Not exactly. Snake is his own man.

Takiyama: And who are you?

Dalton: Name's Dalton -- FBI.

Takiyama: How come the military and FBI are working together?

Dalton: Well, it's a long story, but basically--

Wiseman: Save it, Dalton.

Dalton: So who's the little girl?

Takiyama: This is Lucy. She's a subject.

Dalton: Subject?

Wiseman: Alright, now that we've all met, you can answer a few questions for
         me. What's gotten into Dr. Koppelthorn? What is it he's trying to

Takiyama: I just... I don't know.

Wiseman: He's demanding that about a dozen high-ranking government officials,
         military officers, and corporate heavyweights be turned over to him.
         Now why would he do that?

Takiyama: I haven't the slightest idea.

Wiseman: Do you know anything about him? Any information could prove useful.

Takiyama: Actually, I know Dr. Koppelthorn was trying to carry out some sort of
          experiment, but President Rodzinski was strongly opposed to it, and
          tried to put a stop to the whole thing. Dr. Koppelthorn refused to
          cooperate and there was a lot of friction. I heard the president used
          security forces to stop him violently.

Wiseman: What type of experiment was it?

Takiyama: I'm not sure. Dr. Koppelthorn was working on it alone.

Wiseman: Could that experiment be related to his demands in any way?

Takiyama: I really don't know. But I'm sure he's still working on it as we

Wiseman: Anything else?

Takiyama: That's all I know.

Wiseman: Okay. Dr. Takiyama, I'd like you to work with us in order to get Dr.
         Koppelthorn under control.

Takiyama: Me? But I'm just--

Wiseman: This is an emergency, ma'am. Your help would be appreciated. Besides,
         if we're unable to get this situation under control, none of you will
         be getting out of there anyway. Do you understand?

Takiyama: Yes... I understand. But watch over us, okay? These guards are

Wiseman: We know that Dr. Koppelthorn is located in a hangar to the north.

Dalton: But the Research Block's north exit is sealed off with a shutter.
        Thanks to you, doctor.

Takiyama: I didn't have a choice! I thought he was about to kill us!

Wiseman: Well, why don't you just tell us how to open it?

Takiyama: It can't be opened from here. It's easy to close by pressing the
          emergency button, but the only way to unlock it is over at the
          security section. It's to the east, and there's a console for the

Wiseman: Good enough. You got that, Snake?

Snake: Affirmative. I've gotta get to the security section.

Wiseman: Right. Dr. Takiyama, once we gain access to the northern area, I'm
         afraid we'll be needing your assistance again. Alright, Snake. Move

Snake: Roger.

Takiyama: Hold on a minute! What are we supposed to do?

Snake: Just hide somewhere for now.

Takiyama: Hide? Hide where?!

Snake: Be creative.


2.08 - We Can Manage Without Her

*Snake re-enters the Research Block and receives a call.*

Wiseman: Snake, this is the exit leading to the security section.

(The camera shows a door. The screen fades, and the screen goes back to Snake.)

Snake: Got it.

Dalton: I hope Takiyama's okay back there.

Wiseman: Well, if all else fails, we can manage without her.

Dalton: That's not what I meant.


*Snake advances to the east exit.*


Snake: I'm at the exit. Proceeding to the security section.

Wiseman: The security section is probably heavily monitored. Don't let your
         guard down.

Snake: Understood.

2.09 - This Is Freakin' Cool!

(The camera pans over a part of the map, and over to Snake's position.)

Dalton: He made it to the security section.

Wiseman: Snake, I've compiled quite a bit of information on this section for

Dalton: What do you mean, "for you?" You're the one making us do this...

Wiseman: Here's an outline of the security section's various networks. As you
         can see, they're divided into two color-coded systems -- yellow and
         blue -- and each is independent of the other.

(Camera pans to a map of the areas.)

Wiseman: Blue shows the local area network of each section, and--

Snake: Yellow is the shutter system?

Wiseman: Exactly. All shutter controls can be operated from inside the security
         section. You should be able to open the Research Block's northern gate.

Dalton: The yellow system is linked to a terminal in the monitor room. You'll
        find it on the second floor.

Wiseman: You heard him, Snake. Contact me when you get to that terminal and
         I'll give you instructions for unlocking the shutter. And one more
         thing... This building is the heart of SaintLogic's security forces.
         I'm sure you've heard this before, but the security unit is made up of
         trained killers -- former special forces and mercenaries, among
         others. We know the head of security was a well-known mercenary, with
         past involvement in many global conflicts. Be careful. Running into
         guards here could make things difficult. They're trying to handle this
         incident with absolute secrecy. I don't expect them to be cordial with
         any intruders. Our mission is priority one. Use lethal force if
         necessary. Now get to the second floor.

Snake: Copy.


*Snake progresses a little bit. He receives a call.*

Wiseman: Snake, I've got more information about the security section. I'm sure
         you've noticed that the guards carry mainly small arms, but also have
         access to tanks and other heavy-duty weapons produced by the company.
         They're currently using all the firepower they can muster up, trying
         to eliminate Koppelthorn and keep this hushed up -- at any cost. They
         clearly don't want any word of this incident reaching the public.

Dalton: Why aren't you doing this legally and out in the open, anyway?

Wiseman: ... In the army, we do things our way. And if I were you, Dalton, I'd
         be a little more careful about the things I said.

Dalton: Are you threatening me?

Wiseman: Just a friendly piece of advice.

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: If Koppelthorn is provoked, this could turn into a major catastrophe.
         It's essential that we deal with this situation on our own. Snake, the
         monitor room is just beyond your position. Continue heading north.

*Mission continues. After a while, Snake walks into a new room. The camera pans
to a set of stairs, and Snake contacts HQ.

Snake: Is there another way to the second floor besides these stairs?

Wiseman: Why, is there a problem?

Snake: 3 Sentinels.

Wiseman: Why not just take them all out?

Dalton: There must be a better way to handle it than that.

Soldier: General Wiseman! Call for you, sir.

Wiseman: Right. The rest is up to you, Snake.

*A call is received.*

Dalton: Hm?

B.B.: Hello. You're Snake's partner, right?

Dalton: Who is this?

B.B.: You can call me B.B. And, oh yeah... You can add "hacker extraordinaire"
      to the end of that.

Dalton: Hacker? So you're a criminal?

B.B.: I wouldn't use that exact term... "Dark Hero" is more like it. I get a
      feeling those military dudes are up to something.

Dalton: Who are you to bring that up out of nowhere? Mind your own business!

B.B.: Hey man, don't bite my head off. I'm here to help you out.

Dalton: How's that?

B.B.: Listen... I know you're having a hard time.

Dalton: Snake, have you heard of this guy?

Snake: Yeah. He contacted me a little while ago.

Dalton: Then who the hell is he?

Snake: I don't know. He calls himself the "hacker extraordinaire."

Dalton: Are you buying this garbage? Listen up, "B.B." We don't have time to
        play walkie-talkie adventure, okay? I mean, come on. What possible use
        could a PC geek be, anyway?

B.B.: Well, if it's online, then I can break into it. Company info, government
      secrets, even military files. You name it. Heck, I could even hack a
      toaster if asked. I even made that fake call to Wiseman a few minutes

Dalton: Really?

B.B.: Yup. Told you I was good, yup?

Dalton: I see. What do you think, Snake?

Snake: I don't know. But we can't trust anyone else, and things can't get much
       worse. Seems like he's got some skills, too.

B.B.: That's an OK, right? Alright, I'll contact you later!

Dalton: Wait. Here's your first task: see what you can find on Wiseman. He says
        he's from the Department of Defense. Can you verify it?

B.B.: No problem. I'll get back to you later.

Dalton: One more thing, B.B.

B.B.: What's up?

Dalton: Why are you helping us?

B.B.: 'Cause this is freakin' cool! Over and out!

Dalton: "Freakin' cool!" Sheesh.

Wiseman: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Dalton: What was that all about?

Wiseman: Apparently some sort of mix-up. Okay, Snake. Get on with the mission.

Snake: Roger. Heading to the second floor.

*Mission continues. After a while, Snake reaches the goal.*

Snake: The monitor room is this way?

Wiseman: Right. And you can open the Research Block shutters there. Just keep
         moving forward.

Dalton: And be careful, Snake.

Snake: Got it.


2.10 - Aphrodite

(The door opens, and Snake runs in. The camera pans to a green monster stomping
on two soldiers.)

Dalton: What the...?!

*The monster turns, and sees Snake standing behind computer terminals.*

???: Mmm, another potential sacrifice...!

Dalton: What the hell's going on?

???: You're too late to capture me. Much too late. I am Harab Serap...

Harab Serap: The Queen's birth will soon be upon us. But first, those who have
             mistreated me will be dealt with. I'll start by tormenting you...
             Each and every one of you... Then I'll begin slaughtering!

Dalton: Snake! This guy is bad news!

Snake: Thanks for pointing that out.

Dalton: Here he comes!


*After a long battle, Snake finally defeats Harab Serap.*


*Harab Serap falls down on the ground, defeated.*

Harab Serap: Groarrrrgh...

Snake: This is Snake. He's down.

Dalton: Heh. That was too easy.

Snake: Yeah, I'm sure it was.

Dalton: What...was that thing?

Snake: I don't know, but he said that other "test subjects" have been released.

Wiseman: Then it's almost time.

Dalton: ?

???: Looks like I should leave the fighting up to the boys.

(The camera pans up, and a woman in a red sneaking suit jumps out from a hole
in the wall.)

???: I've been looking all over for you. Snake, right?

Snake: And you are?

???: The name's Venus. It's a pleasure.

*Venus walks over to Snake.*

Snake: Uh huh.

Venus: You're a cold one, aren't you? Anyway, we've got to open that Research
       Block shutter.

*She walks over to one of the computer terminals, and presses a button.*

Venus: That should do it.

*She turns back to Snake.*

Venus: I'm on your side, by the way. You know General Wiseman, don't you?

(The camera suddenly points right at Venus's face, who waves at the viewer.)

Venus: Hi! Can you see us?

Wiseman: Venus, we've got a new member. His name's Dalton.

Venus: So I've heard. Welcome aboard, Dalton.

Dalton: Wiseman, who is this woman?

Wiseman: Venus is here to provide Snake with mission support. We had originally
         thought she'd be doing all this by herself, but...

Venus: ...Snake looked like a better bet.

Dalton: So... You're with the military too, Venus?

Venus: Well...in a way.

Wiseman: You don't have to tell him anything.

Venus: Okay, boss.

Dalton: Did she infiltrate the building before Snake?

Wiseman: Most likely.

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: The shutter's been opened. The northern path from the Research Block
         is now clear. I'd like the two of you to work together for now.

(The camera switches to a door. Sparks are coming through the side.)

Venus: Security guards. We can get through from here.

Wiseman: Snake, just follow Venus for the time being.

Snake: Okay. After you.

*They run to another door, and Venus leads the way into it. The other door is
violently opened, and three soldiers run out, the Security Chief following
behind them.*

Security Chief: ...

Soldier: Major!

Security Chief: How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not a "Major!" It's

Soldier: Sorry about that, Major!

Security Chief: ...Anyway, what happened here?

Soldier: We've confirmed the elimination of that test subject, sir.

Security Chief: Those intruders...damn...

Soldier: We've also received reports that the security system was tampered
         with, and the Research Block's northern shutter has been opened, sir.

Security Chief: Which means the intruders must've headed that way. You've heard
                the rumors that the International Criminal Court was planning
                to send a prosecutor in to investigate that incident three
                years ago, right? But President Rodzinski just recently used
                his connections to pull a few strings and put a stop to the
                investigation. But if any word of this incident leaks out to
                the public, he won't be able to keep the ICC out any longer.
                So we have to keep this quiet. Otherwise, the company's
                finished...and we're in the unemployment line. So we have
                to do our best for the boss. That's what we're paid for, right?

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Security Chief: Restore the chain of command at once. Reestablish contact with
                the guards currently cut off in the North Block. I'm officially
                making the capture of Metal Gear our top priority. There's no
                need to retrieve the test subjects who've escaped. Eliminate
                them on sight.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Security Chief: And capture those intruders while you're at it.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Security Chief: For as long as I'm still breathing, they'll never get what
                they're after.

(Screen fades to black.)

B.B.: Awesome! This gets better and better!

2.11 - There's No Need For Any Killing!

*Snake and Venus run into the Research Block.*

Snake: We're back at the Research Block.

Dalton: That female scientist was in there, wasn't she?

Venus: Which block?

Wiseman: It's 2-3-E.

Venus: Roger that. It's over here.

*Venus leads Snake to the block. They stop midway as Dalton interrupts.*

Dalton: Hey! What are you doing?

Wiseman: I had Venus run a thorough structural analysis of that area. Following
         her will get you there faster.

Venus: That's right. Leave this to me.

(The screen fades to black.)


*They move to one of the entrances to the block.*

Snake: We're at the entrance. But we've got some company.

Wiseman: More sentinels?

Snake: You know it.

Wiseman: Venus, deal with them.

Venus: Understood.

Dalton: ?

*Venus runs in, takes two shurikens out of her shoulder pads. She throws them
at the soldiers, who die immediately.*


Dalton: !!

Snake: ...

Venus: That should do it. Come on, Snake. Let's move.

Dalton: Hey! There's no need for any killing!

Wiseman: This is no time to be worrying about human lives. Hurry inside, both
         of you.

Dalton: ...

(The screen fades to black.)

2.12 - Vince, Head Of Security

(The camera pans over the area.)

Venus: We've arrived at 2-3-E, but...

Dalton: They're gone?

*Snake walks over to one of the machines.*

Snake: Bullet holes. There was a struggle here.

Dalton: So Takiyama must've been--

Wiseman: I don't see any corpses. They might still be alive.

Dalton: Either way, they won't be able to get into the Northern Block yet...

???: If you're looking for Miss Takiyama, she's not here.

Venus: !

*Snake and Venus look to the other side of the room.*

Security Chief: You must be the "intruders." I'm Vince, SaintLogic Head of
                Security. Let me personally welcome you to SL..

Snake: Head of Security? The one who used to be a mercenary?

Vince: Heard of me, have you? Then I take it you're more than a couple of sewer
       rats. Interesting. We've got this place under control. And you'll be
       coming with us now.

Venus: Don't expect any backup. I killed all your sentries at the entrance.

Vince: Is that right...?

Venus: I'd say now's your chance to run.

Vince: No, I think I'd rather stay here...and play.


*After weakening Vince some, he speaks.*

Vince: Ah, I can see you guys are pros.

*Mission continues. Vince is finally defeated.*


*Vince is leaning against a wall, breathing heavily due to the fight.*

Vince: Ungh. Damn you...

*Venus walks towards Vince, and points a Makarov at him.*

Vince: W-wait! Let me talk! You're looking for Takiyama, aren't you? Please
       don't kill me! I have information!

Wiseman: Tell him you'll find her on your own.

Venus: We won't be needing your help.

Vince: Wait! She's in charge of the EGO system! That's what you're after too,

Wiseman: That woman...!

Venus: What next, General?

Wiseman: Make him talk.

Venus: Keep talking.

Vince: Takiyama was already gone by the time we arrived. But she was caught on
       one of our security cameras, in the north section. That was only 10
       minutes ago. Leave now and you can probably catch up with her.

Wiseman: Okay. That's what we needed to know. Finish him off, Venus.

Dalton: No! He's cooperated!

Venus: He'll only get in the way if we let him live.

Dalton: What is wrong with you people?!

*An alarm suddenly goes off.*

Dalton: What's that noise?!

*Snake and Venus look around, confused.*

Announcement: Activation test initiated. Repeat, Activation test has been
              initiated. Shifting over to System B. All unauthorized personnel
              must evacuate the hangar.

Vince: Koppelthorn? That bastard started her up?!

*Vince gets up and starts running away.*

Venus: Shoot him, Snake!

*Venus shoots at Vince, but he turns a corner just in time.*

Venus: He escaped.

Wiseman: I saw. We should have moved faster.

Venus: What should we do? Go after him?

Wiseman: No, track down Takiyama first. I've got some questions for her. Take a
         look at this. It's an image from that security camera.

Dalton: Two people...

Wiseman: One of them is Takiyama.

Venus: And the other one...

Wiseman: The little girl who was with her. This was only five minutes ago.
         They're still in the Research Block.

Dalton: You know what to do, Snake. Locate that Research Block.

Snake: Roger.

Wiseman: And Snake... You let him escape back there. That's a mark against you.

Dalton: Give him a break, Wiseman. Mark it up against me instead. It won't be
        the first mark against my name, that's for sure...

(Screen fades to black.)

Vince: Whew. I thought I was finished. Is anyone out there? This is Vince,

*He only hears static.*

Vince: Damn! Looks like I'll have to get back to the security section. That'll
       take some time.

2.13 - The EMO system

*A call is received.*

Wiseman: Snake. The doctor must still be somewhere inside that Research Block.
         Comb the area.

Snake: Right.

Venus: Got it.


*Snake and Venus reach the area where Takiyama is. Another door into the area
opens, and SaintLogic's Patrol Bots move into the area.*

Takiyama: Aaaaaahhh!

*Snake and Venus run to a railing.*

Venus: It's her. She's over there.

Dalton: This is bad. The Patrol Bots have gone haywire. They're even attacking

Wiseman: Snake, Venus. Secure those two immediately!

Venus: Understood.


*Snake and Venus destroy all the Patrol Bots.*


(Scene changes to Takiyama. A Patrol Bot has its gun pointed at her.)

Takiyama: Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh!

Lucy: ...

*Snake shoots the Patrol Bot with a SOCOM, and runs to Takiyama after it

Snake: You alright?

Takiyama: Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh!!

*Venus suddenly points a SOCOM at Takiyama.*

Venus: Snake, she's not responding. Looks like we'll have to shoot her.

Snake: That's enough.

Takiyama: Aaaahhh! Aaaa! Aaaahhh!

Venus: Shut up! You're giving me a headache!

Dalton: Let it go, Venus!

*Venus puts away her gun.*

Venus: Hmph.

Takiyama: *pant pant* You...you... Hold on a second! Were you really going to
          shoot me?

Venus: Don't be ridiculous. Can't you take a joke?

Takiyama: *pant pant* Who is this woman?

Wiseman: Her name is Venus. She's working with Snake to help us get through
         this mission.

Takiyama: Is she actually helping at all?

Venus: I'm probably a hell of a lot more useful than you are, honey.

Snake: Well, you seem to be fine.

Takiyama: Fine? Hardly! Do you have any idea what we've been through?! After
          you left us, some security guards entered the building. We made a run
          for it, but it didn't look like you'd be coming back... Don't leave
          us stranded ever again!

Venus: Do you ever stop whining?

Takiyama: What?!

Venus: Do you need to latch onto someone else just to get by? Pitiful.

Takiyama: Fighting isn't exactly my specialty!

Venus: Is that right? So, what is? Begging and crying?

Wiseman: That's enough, ladies! Anyway... I never suspected you would be in
         charge of the EGO system. Why didn't you tell me?

Takiyama: You never asked.

Dalton: What's the EGO system?

Takiyama: It's a new OS development project for Metal Gear.

Wiseman: If you're running the project, maybe you can answer my questions. That
         activation test announced just a moment ago... Was that referring to
         Metal Gear?

Takiyama: Yes, it was.

Wiseman: Has Metal Gear already been completed?

Takiyama: Yes.

Wiseman: And the fire control system?

Takiyama: Yes, that too.

Wiseman: In other words, Koppelthorn can now launch a nuclear warhead at will.
         I assume the only way to prevent that is to destroy Metal Gear?

Takiyama: That's what it comes down to.

Wiseman: And what about Dr. Koppelthorn's motives?

Takiyama: I really don't know.

Wiseman: The Lucinda File... Is he the one that--

Takiyama: Yes, he was.

Dalton: Lucinda File?

Wiseman: I see. Snake, I want all of you to advance through the building's
         north section, board that cargo train, and move on to the Northern
         Block. Takiyama will know what to do from there. Right, Doctor?

Takiyama: Yes. I should be able to get us inside with my access card.

Dalton: Uuughh... Aw, dammit.

Wiseman: What is it?

Dalton: Nature calls. Mind if I take a toilet break?

Wiseman: Be quick about it. I'm sending an escort with you.

Dalton: That won't be necessary.

Wiseman: Yes, it will.

Dalton: Alright, but I hope you don't expect me to share a stall.

(Screen fades to black. It fades in with an image of Dalton sitting on the

Dalton: B.B. Do you read me, B.B.?

B.B.: Yeah, what is it?

Dalton: I can't talk very loudly. I'm sitting in a bathroom stall.

B.B.: Number one or number two?

Dalton: Don't be stupid. What have you found on Wiseman?

B.B.: I need a little more time. One of my PCs crashed and I'm still waiting
      for it to recover.

Dalton: I thought you were supposed to be the "hacker extraordinaire." You're
        not some kid playing around in his parents' basement, are you?

B.B.: What's your problem? Do you want my help or not?

Dalton: Okay, okay. I didn't mean that. Just take it easy. See what you can dig
        up on Metal Gear and the EMO system, too.

B.B.: You mean the EGO system.

Dalton: That's what I said. It might help us figure out what Wiseman's hiding.

B.B.: Sounds interesting. A Metal Gear conspiracy, with covert military
      operation? Beats gold farming online...

Dalton: This isn't a game, B.B.

B.B.: I know, I know. Okay, later. Trust me!

Dalton: I hope I can... Hey, Snake. I've got B.B. looking into this. Next time
        he contacts you, I want you to stretch. That'll be our signal. Over and

(The screen fades to black, as the toilet can be heard flushing.)

2.14 - Fragmented Egos

Venus: The track is to the north, just beyond this point.

Wiseman: Dr. Takiyama, are you familiar with the train's arrival times?

Takiyama: The regular train comes every hour, on the hour.

Venus: That means we've got 30 minutes to kill.

Takiyama: Actually, there's just one problem.

Venus: And that would be you, I suppose?

Takiyama: Would you please give it a rest?

*Takiyama turns to Snake.*

Takiyama: Can't you do something about this woman? She's a real pain in the--

Snake: Just tell us the problem.

Takiyama: The railway will take us to the hangar we store Metal Gear in, but
          from here we'll have to walk along the tracks to get there.

Dalton: Is that all?

Takiyama: It's not as easy as it sounds. We could be ambushed by guards.

Venus: Guards are my specialty.

Wiseman: That's right. If they get in the way, eliminate them.

Dalton: I don't like how that rolled off your tongue so easily.

Wiseman: Head for the track five minutes before the hour. Until then, rest up.
         And Dalton, there's a room available for you if you need a break. How
         about it?

Dalton: No, thanks. I'll be fine right here.

Wiseman: Alright. Excuse me then while I go take five myself.

*Venus turns to Snake.*

Venus: I'm gonna take a look around. I'll be back in time. Can you help me out,

Snake: Sure.

*They run off.*

(The scene shows Takiyama and Lucy standing in the room.)

Dalton: Sure is quiet out there.

Takiyama: ...

Lucy: ...

Dalton: I feel like I'm being ignored.

(Screen fades to black, then it fades in again, zoomed in on Lucy.)

Dalton: How's the kid doing? I noticed she doesn't talk much.

Takiyama: She can only maintain awareness of her surroundings three hours a

Dalton: Some sort of illness?

Takiyama: No. She's only been given a fragmented ego at this point.

Dalton: What does that mean?

Takiyama: It's really not your concern.

Dalton: O-kay...

Takiyama: ...

Dalton: So you were a researcher here, huh? What's your field?

Takiyama: Psychological engineering.

Dalton: What's that in layman's terms?

Takiyama: A way of using hypnotic induction to extract portions of the psyche.

Dalton: So in real layman's terms, you're a hypnotist? Show me a few tricks.

Takiyama: It's really not that simple.

Dalton: How do you make a living with that? I mean, does it ever come in handy?

Takiyama: Are you really that shallow?

Dalton: What do you mean?

Takiyama: The intrinsic aim of science has nothing to do with being "handy."
          Science is ultimately the search for truth. I'm so tired of this
          widespread misunderstanding of science... that it's supposed to make
          people and society happy and healthy. It's really just a system of
          logic. Whatever the branch of science, the system allows us all to
          test and refine a plethora of hypotheses to broaden our understanding
          of truth. In my case, it's the human mind. And "technology" is just a
          byproduct of scientific reasoning. Are you able to comprehend that?

Dalton: I'm able to comprehend that you've got a passion for science, but...

Takiyama: But what?

Dalton: What's an idealistic scientist like you doing in weapons development?

Takiyama: Is there something wrong with that?

Dalton: Not really. I guess I'm just curious.

Takiyama: I did it for the money. It was unavoidable. Does that make me a bad
          person? I needed a sponsor in order to continue my research.

Dalton: So, of all places, you picked a weapons development company?

Takiyama: Nobody else is interested in fields that don't have immediate uses. I
          did some awful things to get this position. Simply awful. But I had
          no choice in the matter! I did what I had to do, and took full
          advantage of the oppurtunity!

Dalton: Okay. I can respect that.

Takiyama: You of all people have no right to bad mouth my profession!

Dalton: Easy...

Takiyama: ...

Dalton: I'm sorry. I went a little too far with those questions.

Takiyama: I got a little out of control myself...

*A call is received.*

B.B.: Sorry to interrupt your little chat, but I've got some news.

(Screen fades to black.)

Dalton: B.B. What's the word?

B.B.: Oh, nothing. Just dug up a few classified docs, you know... I kinda
      wormed my way into the Pentagon's database to get this, and found what
      you're looking for in the personnel directory.

Dalton: Really?

B.B.: Yup yup. General Wiseman -- United States Department of Defense. It says
      he's involved in a special weapons development program. I've got his
      picture here, too. Want me to forward it to you?

Dalton: That won't be necessary. So, he really is a big shot in the DoD. Did
        you find anything on Metal Gear or the EGO system?

B.B.: That might take some time. Highly classified information like that is a
      pain in the neck to access. Cutting through government-grade ice ain't

Dalton: You gonna be alright?

B.B.: What, don't think I can do it?

Dalton: No, no, no. I trust you. You're the man, B.B.

B.B.: Treating me like a kid now? Ah, whatever. I'm gonna port.

Dalton: He hung up on me. Snake, things are gonna get pretty intense from here
        on out. You should rest up while you can.

(Scene changes to the train tracks. Snake and Venus run into the scene.)

Venus: Here are the tracks.

Snake: Alright. The station shouldn't be far from here.

*They look at each other.

Venus: ...

Snake: What is it?

Venus: You know, you're a pretty cool guy.

Snake: Well...

Venus: Would you go on a date with me once this is all over?

Snake: A date?

Venus: Yeah, a date. I mean, I know we'd hit it off.

Snake: You seem pretty sure about that.

Venus: Oh, come on. You and I are like two peas in a pod.

Snake: The same pod?

Venus: It's true. We're exactly alike.

Snake: I don't see it.

Venus: Well, Wiseman has promised us both the same thing.

Snake: You lost your memory too?

Venus: Not exactly. I've never actually had a memory.

Snake: What?

Venus: The train should be coming soon. Let's go. We can talk later.

(Screen fades to black.)

2.15 - I Can't Dodge Trains!

(Snake, Venus, Takiyama and Lucy are all standing on train tracks.)

Venus: The track... We made it.

Takiyama: The train to Metal Gear's hangar is unmanned and comes once an hour.
          There's a platform just beyond this point, to the north.

Dalton: The platform you'll use to board the cargo train, right?

Wiseman: Snake. Takiyama said there's a guard unit patrolling the area.

(The camera shows a guard.)

Snake: Yeah, I can see it from here.

Takiyama: There's something else I need to tell you.

Snake: What now?

Takiyama: Trains bound for the hangar come by once an hour, but at this time of
          day, there are a lot of trains going the other way.

Wiseman: A lot? How often do they come?

Takiyama: About once every 40 COST.

Wiseman: I see. It sounds like you'll have to dodge oncoming trains as you
         advance. Snake, Venus. Is that understood?

Snake: Got it.

Takiyama: Did I hear that right? Lucy and I can't "dodge trains"!

Venus: Awww, poor baby... Crying for help again, are we?

Takiyama: No. We're just not going, that's all.

Wiseman: Snake. The train's control panel should be located on that platform up
         ahead. If you can get to that panel and use it to stop the train, Dr.
         Takiyama and the girl should be able to trail along after you.

Takiyama: Now wait just a minute! There's an entourage of security guards out
          there! Lucy and I--

Venus: Come on! Take a chance for once in your life. Let's get moving, Snake.

Snake: You two will be fine. Okay, let's go.

Wiseman: One more thing, Snake. It's dark out there. You'll be in search mode.
         Select GUIDE from the command menu to learn more about it.

Snake: Got it.


*They reach the target location.*

Venus: We're on the platform. Is this the right panel, General?

Wiseman: That's what our intelligence says.

Dalton: You know how to work that thing?

Venus: Trust me.

*Venus inserts a disc, and gets denied.*

Venus: ...

*She tries again, and once again gets denied.*

Venus: Huh? Come on...! This stupid thing won't...!

*She punches and kicks the panel, and it accepts the command.*

Venus: Ah, there! She's all set. See? It just took a little finesse.

(The train arrives.)

Wiseman: Dr. Takiyama. It's time for you and the girl to go meet up with Snake
         and Venus.

(The screen shows the tracks, and Takiyama and Lucy running towards Snake and

Takiyama: *pant pant* We...made it...

Snake: The train's here. Let's move.

Takiyama: *pant pant* What?! But we just got here!

Wiseman: The train's unmanned, right? Don't expect it to wait.

Venus: Stop complaining and get on!


2.16 - Chaioth Ha Kadosh

(The train goes by, and the screen fades to black.)

Takiyama: ...

Snake: ...

Venus: ...

Lucy: ...

Takiyama: I know we were in a hurry to board the train...

(The screen fades in, showing the four standing on top of the train.)

Takiyama: But riding on the roof is ridiculous!

Venus: We didn't have a choice. It is a cargo train, after all.

Dalton: Think of it as first class. You get a nice breeze and a priceless view.
        So, now the just sit tight while the train takes them to the hangar?

Wiseman: Right. If there's no trouble, they should cross the iron bridge soon.

(The camera slowly zooms to two ladders at the front of the train.)

Snake: We've got trouble.

(Soldiers climb up the ladders.)

Dalton: !

Wiseman: You two, eliminate them.

Venus: Gladly.

Takiyama: What about us?!

Snake: Move to the back!

Venus: And try not to get yourselves killed, okay?

Dalton: Snake! Make sure Takiyama and the girl don't come under fire!

Snake: I know.


*They defeat all the soldiers.*


(The four are now at the front of the train.)

Venus: I can see the bridge up a head.

Dalton: The hangar's just beyond that, right?

Takiyama: Yes.

Wiseman: Wait a minute. Our satellite is picking up... That can't be right.

Venus: What is it?

Dalton: Impossible. It's...!

(The screen zooms in on Metal Gear.)

Dalton: It's......Metal Gear?!

Takiyama: We'll crash into it! Stop the train!

*Snake climbs down on of the ladders.*

Snake: Keep your damn heads on. I've got an idea.

*The train stops just before colliding with the Metal Gear. Venus, Takiyama and
Lucy get off the train.*

Dalton: Snake! Takiyama! You okay?! Come in! Do you read me?

Koppelthorn: Lucy!

Takiyama: Dr. Koppelthorn.

Dalton: What?! Koppelthorn?!

Koppelthorn: Oh, my Lucy! Thank you for bringing her back to me, Michiko!

Dalton: What?!

Venus: Takiyama!

Koppelthorn: Lucy managed to wander out of my laboratory, so I had Michiko here
             go out and search for her. I was worried that those mercenary
             guards might have captured her. I owe you all for protecting her
             all this way.

Venus: Takiyama. So you knew all along?

Koppelthorn: We should be going now, Michiko. Come along, Lucy.

*Takiyama doesn't move.*

Koppelthorn: What happened?

Takiyama: Dr. Koppelthorn, you're going through with the experiment?

Koppelthorn: Of course.

Takiyama: But if the fertilization is successful, she'll be... And what about

Koppelthorn: Michiko, we've gone over this a thousand times. I gave you a good
             position, one with plenty of funding for research. You should be
             satisfied. What more could you want?

Takiyama: ...

Koppelthorn: It's in your best interests to follow my instructions. It always

Takiyama: ...

Koppelthorn: Please, Michiko. We still have the final adjustments ahead. I need

Takiyama: ...Alright.

Dalton: Takiyama!

*Takiyama starts moving forward. Venus takes out an AK-47 and points it at

Venus: Not if I have anything to do with it!

*The Metal Gear fires at Venus, who dodges the explosion.*

Koppelthorn: Now! Make a run for it!

*Takiyama and Lucy run towards the Metal Gear, which picks them up.*

Koppelthorn: Go back and tell Rodzinski. Only two hours remain. Gather everyone
             on the list -- everyone involved in that incident three years ago
             -- and bring them to me. If they refuse to meet my demands, I've
             got plenty of nuclear warheads here to reduce their city to rubble
             and charred corpses! I'm dead serious. That's exactly how she
             wants it.

*Snake gets off the train.*

Koppelthorn: You!

*The Metal Gear fires at Snake, who gets hit.*

Koppelthorn: It can't be! What the hell are you doing here?! You're supposed to
             be dead!

(Tanks roll up to the ravine. They point their barrels at Metal Gear.)

Vince: Dr. Koppelthorn!!

*Snake gets up from the ground.*

Venus: Now's our chance to get out of here!

Koppelthorn: Goddamn mercenaries! Get outta my way!

Vince: Dr. Koppelthorn!! Disarm your weapons immediately! President Rodzinski
           says that if you surrender now, he'll try to be understanding about
           all this.

Koppelthorn: "Understanding"? Isn't he forgetting which one of us has the

Vince: If you don't surrender, you gonna get shot.

Koppelthorn: Funny -- I was just about to say the same thing to you!

*The tanks fire at Metal Gear, which simply walks forwards and fires back. The
tanks explode, and turn black.*

Koppelthorn: Am I making myself clear? As long as I hold the "Chaioth Ha
             Kadosh" Metal Gear, I can destroy any army you advance. Listen to
             me!! I've added a new name to the list. It's a man who's had this
             coming for the past three years -- you people call him Snake.
             Bring him to me! To think... He's been alive this entire time. But
             I'm quite happy to learn that he is. I've dreamt of this revenge
             for three long years. I'm going to kill that bastard with my own
             two hands! Do you hear me?! You have two hours!

*Metal Gear shoots at the bridge, which explodes, creating a gap in Snake's and
Venus's path to the other side of the ravine.*

Venus: Hang in there, Snake! We're almost there.

(The screen fades to black.)

2.17 - Can We Still Use Him?

Wiseman: ...no choice. Venus, can you make it?

Venus: Well...that depends on how long my body holds out.

(The screen fades in. Snake is laying on a bed, and Venus is standing beside

Venus: Snake...? Snake!!

Dalton: Is he conscious?

Venus: Snake? Can you hear me?

Snake: Yeah.

*Snake sits up.*

Wiseman: Venus, can we still use him?

Dalton: "Still USE him"?! Come on! Show a little humanity here!

Wiseman: There's no time for "humanity." I hate to be blunt, Snake, but things
         are going straight to hell.

Snake: Where am I?

Wiseman: You remember seeing Metal Gear, don't you? After that, Venus carried
         you to SaintLogic's residential quarters.

Venus: You were lucky, Snake. You aren't critically injured.

Wiseman: One hour has passed since the explosion. If Koppelthorn's serious, we
         don't have much time left. But don't worry. I won't hand you over to

Dalton: You wouldn't be saying that out of concern for Snake's life, would you?

Wiseman: Don't be ridiculous. It's a simple matter of principle.

Dalton: Principle?

Wiseman: That's right. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

Snake: But what about that warhead?

Wiseman: If you can stop Koppelthorn and Metal Gear, it won't be a problem.

Snake: You gonna tell me why Koppelthorn hates me so much, Wiseman? What was
       that rant about revenge? What happened three years ago?

Wiseman: You don't remember anyway, right? Let's just leave well enough alone.

Snake: Damn you.

Dalton: He won't tell you anything, Snake. Just worry about Koppelthorn for
        now. Think of what'll happen if he launches that warhead.

Wiseman: That's the first time you've said anything useful, Dalton. He's
         exactly right, Snake. I never suspected that Takiyama would betray us,
         but no matter. If we destroy Metal Gear, we can prevent that launch.
         Koppelthorn's holed up in that hangar to the north. Get over there.

Dalton: But how? They can't use the trains anymore.

Wiseman: Just get moving and look for viable options on the way. There's not
         much time left. Resume the mission as soon as Snake recovers.

Venus: Can you walk, Snake?

Dalton: He was torn up pretty bad in that explosion.

*Snake stands up.*

Snake: Not enough to take me out of this.

Venus: Right. Let's move.

(Screen fades to black.)

(The camera moves over a new area, showing the goal and soldiers on the map.
Venus runs in through a door, with Snake slowly following behind her. She turns
to him.)

Venus: First things first: Let's move out of the residential quarters.

Dalton: You gonna be okay, Snake?

Snake: I'll be fine.

Venus: You don't look so good.

Snake: I said I'm fine, didn't I?

Venus: You don't have to lie to me.

Snake: I'm not.

*Snake crouches down.*

Snake: Nngh... Dammit...

Venus: I knew it.

Wiseman: Venus, Snake's maximum LIFE is still at 300. He'll be OUT OF ACTION or
         worse if he takes any damage. Get through the quarters without getting

Venus: Roger.


*They reach the goal.*


*They run into a new area.*

Snake: What is this place?

Wiseman: According to our intelligence, it's where SaintLogic's president
         stays. Can you get that door open, Venus?

Venus: I'll give it a shot.

*She walks over to a keypad, and tries to unlock the door. No luck.*

Venus: It must be locked from the inside.

*An image of a man suddenly pops up on a screen on the door.*

Venus: The company president, right? Leave this to me, Snake. I think I can
       just make it past that camera without being seen.

Rodzinski: This is Rodzinski. Is someone out there?

Venus: Yes, sir.

Rodzinski: Security?

Venus: Right, right.

Rodzinski: You came to rescue me?! At last!

Venus: Uh-huh. So open up, okay?

Rodzinski: What the... You're not security!

Venus: Perceptive.

Rodzinski: Did you come here to kill me? Koppelthorn sent you, didn't he?!

Venus: You've got it all wrong. I'm here to stop Koppelthorn. Um...by order of

Rodzinski: Is that right? Vince, huh?

Venus: Really! So, we need some information.

Rodzinski: ...Information?

Venus: The central bridge was destroyed. And Koppelthorn took Takiyama back to
       the hangar with him.

Rodzinski: Takiyama: I had a feeling that woman was in on it with him.

Venus: A feeling? How did you know?

Rodzinski: How do you think she got to the top?

Venus: Oh, come on.

Rodzinski: That's right. She's very dedicated to her job, if you know what I
           mean. And, according to Koppelthorn, she was quite the pro.

Venus: Huh. Well, enough about Takiyama. What I really need to know is how to
       get to the Metal Gear hangar.

Rodzinski: It's not easy with the bridge down. You'll have to go by air.

Venus: That's not an option. Any other ideas?

Rodzinski: Hmm. Of course! The secondary bridge! It spans the ravine north of
           here. It's been out of use for some time, but it should get you to
           the north area where the hangar is. Only...

Venus: Yes?
Rodzinski: This building doesn't have an exit to the north. You could probably
           get out through the sewer, but...

Venus: Got it.

Rodzinski: The only problem is, I don't know where the entrance to the sewer

Venus: You don't know where it is? How could you not know?

Rodzinski: It was covered with tiles when this place was renovated. I can't
           remember where it used to be.

Venus: I see. We should be able to track it down. One more thing... Just what
       the hell is Koppelthorn trying to accomplish?

Rodzinski: I wish I knew. He seems to have gone completely mad. Ever since that
           incident three years ago, he's been like a man possessed. He misused
           our EGO project to start up that ridiculous experiment. So,
           naturally, I tried to put a stop to it. But he stole funds,
           fabricated reports, and did everything else in his power to carry on
           with that deranged experiment.

Venus: What kind of experiment are we talking about here?

Rodzinski: I'd rather not say. It makes me sick just thinking about it, let
           alone mentioning it! I heard that the ICC itself was considering an

Venus: ...

Wiseman: The International Crime Court, Venus. They handle war crimes.

Venus: ICC? The International Criminal Court handles war crimes?

Rodzinski: Yes. If they'd followed through, I would've been finished. So, I
           opted to make a deal. But the Lucinda File was an essential part of
           that deal. I ordered Koppelthorn to hand it over to me, but he
           claimed he still needed it for his experiments, and hid it from me.
           So, in desperation I ordered our security forces to kill the
           bastard, to wipe the slate clean. And now it's come to this. He
           found out my plans for him, and used the test subjects and Patrol
           Bots as a barricade. Then, to top it all off, he makes those lunatic
           demands. I suppose he's seeking revenge on those tied to that
           incident. But I never thought he'd go so far as to use a nuclear
           warhead! As to what he could possible hope to accomplish with all
           this... That's anyone's guess. Though it's quite likely he's simply
           gone insane. And unfortunately, there's a good chance he'll pull the
           trigger. He must be stopped immediately--

Venus: Yeah... Anyway, I have one more thing I need to ask: Why would he
       include Snake in his demands? What was it that Snake did to him?

Rodzinski: Well, that's an easy one, my dear. Snake's the one who killed his
           wife! My company and my life are both on the line here, woman. I'm
           depending on you!

Venus: We're not doing this for you, but we'll see what we can do.

*Rodzinski disappears from the screen. Venus turns to Snake.*

Venus: Were you listening in?

Dalton: Yeah. Koppelthorn is sounding more psychotic by the minute. But I'm
        dying to find out what happened three years ago.

Wiseman: It's nothing you need to know about.

Snake: I...killed his wife? Koppelthorn's wife?

Dalton: Snake.

Wiseman: I hate to be blunt, but there's no time for regrets. Get moving. Head
         north out of the residential quarters and get to that bridge.

Venus: Let's go, Snake.

*They take off.*

2.18 - Dowsing Rods?

*Snake and Venus run into a dark area.*

Wiseman: Rodzinski said the entrance to the sewers is under that floor.

Dalton: But we don't have any idea which part of the floor it's under.

Venus: We can find it.

*Venus turns to Snake.*

Venus: Listen up, Snake.

*She takes out two sticks.*

Venus: I'm gonna search for the entrance to that sewer line...with these.

Dalton: Sticks? You gotta be kidding me.

Snake: What are those? Dowsing rods?

Venus: Uh-huh. If these sticks twist up at the ends, we've hit water. And--

Dalton: --that means you're directly over the sewer. You sure that'll work?

*Venus puts away the rods and crosses her arms.*

Venus: Of course.

Dalton: What makes you so confident?

Venus: I'm a lucky girl.

Dalton: I see..................................................................

*Venus takes out a coin, and flips it.*

Venus: Heads.

*It falls on the floor. It's heads.*

Venus: See? I called it.

Dalton: Give me a break.

Venus: If you've got a better idea, I'm open to suggestions.

Dalton: ...

Venus: I didn't think so. Dowsing it is. I'll use these to zero in on a good
       search spot. I think the sticks will twist up higher as I approach the
       sewer. If they twist up all the way, the entrance should be directly
       below. By the way, Snake, how are you feeling?

Snake: Still not 100%, but I'll be fine.

Venus: Mm. I like a strong man. Patrol Bots are on this floor, so be careful,

Snake: Got it.

Venus: Okay, Snake. It's just you and me now.


*Throughout the mission, as Venus moves, she comments on the dowsing rods.*

"Hm, still no good. Don't worry, everyone has trouble at first."
"I think we're going the wrong way. But don't worry, we'll find it."
"No, no. That's not it. Keep going!"
"Ah! Yes! ...No, wait. Sorry. Keep going."
"Good endurance. Not bad, not good."
"The sticks are moving. Give me more."
"They're really moving now. Almost there now, I can feel it!"
"This is so hot! I must have been a bad girl!"
"Umm... That's the spot. Almost there!"
"That's right... Come on, just a little more... Come on..."
"Now we're really close. Yeah baby..."
"Yeah! I've never felt it like this before."

*She finds the correct tile.*

Dalton: Would you look at that? Dowsing actually works.

Venus: Yes! Here's the spot. Right here.

*Venus sets a C4 on the tile. Snake and Venus take cover, and the C4 explodes,
revealing an entrance into the sewers.*

Dalton: !

Wiseman: Well done, you two.

Dalton: I never would've thought...

Venus: Told you I'm lucky, didn't I?

Dalton: Was that luck?

Wiseman: Snake, Venus, go through the sewer and get to that bridge in the
         north. Hurry!


2.19 - It's A UAV Cypher

(The camera shows the bridge area. Snake and Venus run in.)

Dalton: Get through here and you'll make it to the Northern Block.

Venus: Wait a second.

(The screen slowly goes over the area again. It zooms in on a UAV Cypher.)

Dalton: What is that?

Venus: It's a UAV Cypher.

Wiseman: Ah. Unmanned Air Vehicles.

Venus: And it gets even better. They're strapped with Vulcan cannons. How
       should we handle this? There's no cover on the bridge.

Dalton: You can't just shoot 'em down?

Venus: It's doable, but I'd be surprised if we hit anything from this distance.

Dalton: Yeah?

Snake: We'll be seen if we try to move into attack range.

Venus: This bridge is a nasty place to get spotted. There's nowhere to run.

Dalton: So we're out of options?

Venus: Not exactly. If we had a sniper rifle, we might be able to pick them off
       from here. Let's go get it.

Dalton: What do you mean? You know where to get one?

Wiseman: There's one located in a prototype factory to the west.

Snake: Prototype factory?

Venus: The military factory where a Metal Gear prototype was being developed.

Snake: There's one in there?

Venus: I saw it when I cased the area. A PSG1 sniper rifle, on the top flo--

Snake: Not that. I'm talking about the Metal Gear.

Wiseman: It's not the Metal Gear that Koppelthorn is using. He's probably
         moving that one to the hangar as we speak. There's an area for
         research and combat drills located underneath.

Dalton: Is that where he's been carrying out his infamous "experiment"?

Wiseman: Most likely.

Dalton: So the prototype factory is empty?

Venus: Hardly. It should be crawling with guards by now. We'd better move with

Wiseman: We've only got 30 minutes until Koppelthorn's deadline. Get moving,
         you two. This is all in your hands now.

Venus: Roger.

*They run out of the area.*

2.20 - WTF, Snake?

*Snake and Venus run into the factory, and receive a call.*

Wiseman: I'm sending some layout plans of the prototype factory. Take a look.

(The screen shows off the current map.)

Wiseman: As you can see, the factory is a four-story building.

Venus: This place was deserted the last time I came here. The sniper rifle was
       on the top floor.

Dalton: Why didn't you grab it when you had the chance?

Venus: An oversight, perhaps. I didn't think we'd end up needing it. Besides...

*Venus takes out her shurikens.*

Venus: I prefer these two babies when it comes to killing. Wanna see them in

Dalton: I think I'll pass.

Wiseman: Snake, how's your condition?

Snake: I'm good. You ready to go, Venus?

Venus: I'm right behind you.

Wiseman: Alright, then. I want both of you to get to the top floor of that

(The screen fades to black. A call is received.)

B.B.: Yo, Snake. Sorry for the delay.

Snake: B.B.

B.B.: First dowsing, now gun hunting? You sure do have a lot of hobbies for a
      man with a deadline.

Snake: What do you want, B.B.?

B.B.: WTF, Snake? No small talk for you, eh? Anyway, I managed to get'cha some
      good info... about Koppelthorn's wife.

Snake: What did you find?

B.B.: Well... It looks like he really did have a wife. Her name was Lucinda

Snake: Lucinda? As in the "Lucinda File"?

B.B.: Yup yup. Maybe some kind of connection there. Yup. She was some kind of
      researcher person at SaintLogic.

Snake: Well, is she--

B.B.: Dead? Yup. Dead, dead, dead.

Snake: How?

B.B.: Nope nope. Not sure about that yet.

Snake: Any leads?

B.B.: Maybe. She died like three years ago, but that's all the dirt I've got.
      All her records have been deleted or hacked, yup. ...Freaks me out.

Snake: Three years ago... Sounds like the same incident that Rodzinski and
       Koppelthorn spoke of.

B.B.: Probably. I wonder what happened back then.

Snake: Just keep digging.

B.B.: Right right.


*They reach the goal.*

Venus: I'll check inside, Snake. Back me up, okay?

*Snake and Venus run forward, and Venus picks up the PSG1.*

Venus: Here it is! The PSG1.

Wiseman: Well done.

Venus: Wait a minute.

Dalton: What's wrong?

Venus: There's no ammunition.

Dalton: Without ammo it's worthless.

Venus: There must be some stashed around here somewhere.

Dalton: What do you mean, "somewhere"?

Venus: Maybe upstairs.

Wiseman: Worth a shot. Get upstairs and search for another PSG1.

Venus: Roger.


*Snake and Venus run into a giant hangar. A large pod is located in the

Snake: This is...

*A call is received.*

Dalton: What in the name of...?!

Wiseman: Metal Gear.

Dalton: Metal Gear? But it looks different from the one we saw.

Wiseman: This one isn't Koppelthorn's work. It was salvaged from Lobito Island,
         after an incident that took place there.

Snake: Lobito Island?

Wiseman: You don't remember, do you?

Snake: ...

Wiseman: Just relax. This one's only being held for research purposes. It
         doesn't pose any threat, so keep moving.

(The screen fades to black.)

2.21 - Golab

*Snake and Venus are in some sort of warehouse. They walk forward, and Venus
picks up another PSG1.*

Venus: Now we've got our rifle and the ammo to go with it. My idea of a good

???: So nice of you to drop by.

*Venus and Snake turn around.*

Dalton: What was that?!

Venus: Someone's coming!

*A guy runs out from behind one of the crates. He carries a huge tank, which he
puts to his mouth, taking the oil into his mouth. When he takes the tank off of
his mouth, he bends slightly forward, spitting fire.*

???: I am Golab.

Golab: And you must be Snake. I've waited a long time for this day... My

Snake: Brother?

Golab: Koppelthorn wants me to bring you in alive. But I have a better plan.
       I've decided to cremate you, as slowly and as painfully as possible...
       and spread your ashes in honor of the Queen's birth!

(The screen zooms in on Golab's face.)

Golab: Time to burn.


*After beating Golab up to about half of his health, he speaks.*

Golab: You're really starting to heat up. I hope you like yours "well-done"!

*He takes the oil into his mouth, and spits fire at a spot beneath him. He's
engulfed in flames, and the battle continues.*

*Snake and Venus defeat Golab.*

Golab: *cough* *gag*

Snake: Fire's out.

Golab: I never thought you would have it in you. But if the fertilization is
       successful, you'll be no more than a helpless slave to the Queen.

Snake: What are you talking about?

Golab: Hm hm hm hm. The time has come for those who created us...those who
       tampered with our souls... to face destruction.

*Golab laughs, drinking the oil. He spits fire at a weak spot, and the area
starts exploding.*

Golab: Heh heh heh... These flames will spread quickly through the factory, and
       ignite the explosives stashed underground. When that happens, you'll
       both leave here in an urn, just as I promised.

Venus: Snake!

Dalton: This is bad, Snake! This is really bad!

Wiseman: Your job is done in there! Move out!

Venus: You heard him, Snake! Let's get outta here!

Golab: What's the hurry...? There's still plenty of time to burn! Allow me to
       present you both with...a little house-warming gift.

Snake: Show me.

Golab: You'll...find out what it is... *cough* soon enough... *cough*

Venus: Snake, don't listen to him! We gotta go, now!

*Snake and Venus run off. Golab stays, disappearing between the explosions.*

2.22 - Resurrection

*Snake and Venus run into a hangar, the ground beneath their feet shaking
because of the explosions.*

Venus: Snake! There's no time!

Snake: We're okay. Just wait.

*A call comes in.*

Wiseman: What is it, Snake?

Snake: This must be what Golab was talking about.

*Venus turns around to see what Snake's looking at.*

Venus: It's been activated.

Dalton: What's been activated?

Venus: Metal Gear!

(The screen fades out, and in to Kodoque. The Metal Gear slowly reforms, going
into its battle mode. The same sequence from Metal Gear AC!D 1 is used.)

*Venus turns to Snake.*

Venus: Snake, just let it go! We have to evacuate!

Snake: That's no longer an option.

*Snake turns around, just to see the last door being closed and locked.*

Venus: So now what?!

Snake: We fight.

Venus: Snake!

Wiseman: Don't try to stop him, Venus. Snake, that whole factory will collapse
         in 300 COST! Your remaining COST is displayed in the center of the
         screen! Destroy Metal Gear before your time runs out!

*Snake and Venus turn to Metal Gear, ready to fight.*


*Snake and Venus destroy Metal Gear.*


*Kodoque falls over, a la Metal Gear AC!D 1. The screen slowly fades to white.*

*Snake and Venus are seen running through the factory. They stop before

Venus: Nice work, Snake. You managed to pull it off.

Snake: It would have been impossible without you.

Venus: We have to cross that secondary bridge. Let's get moving.

Snake: Right.

*They run out of the factory.*

(The screen shows various areas of the factory exploding.)

2.23 - Don't Fall Off The Bridge? Roger That

*Snake and Venus run onto the secondary bridge.*

Venus: We're here.

Wiseman: Koppelthorn's deadline is almost up. Get across the bridge

Venus: We should split up here, Snake. Here's the plan: Use the sniper rifle to
       pick off those Cyphers. That'll probably draw the guard's attention.
       Then we take care of them before they can call in reinforcements.

Wiseman: Snake, Venus, if either of you falls off that bridge, it's Mission
         Failed. Is that clear?

Snake: Don't fall off the bridge? Roger that.


*After destroying the Cyphers, all they have to do is cross the bridge.*


*They cross the bridge safely, and reach the goal.*

Venus: Snake! Over here!

Wiseman: Nice work, you two. But stay focused... You've gotta get to that
         hangar on the double!


2.24 - Model 3

(The screen fades in. Vince is talking with three soldiers.)

Security Forces: All Patrol Bots in front of the hangar have been eliminated.

Vince: Well done. Initiate the invasion! I want that barrier destroyed!

*One of the soldiers plants a C4 by a barrier. It explodes, and two soldiers
move through the opening.*

Vince: Connect me to Rodzinski.

Security Forces: Yes, sir!

Rodzinski: What is it? Oh, is that you, Vince?

Vince: Mr. Rodzinski, we've begun our siege on the hangar.

Rodzinski: I...I see. Is it going well?

Vince: It appears we'll succeed.

Rodzinski: It appears? That doesn't exactly put me at ease. I thought you were
           head of security!

Vince: You don't mind if we do away with Koppelthorn, do you, sir?

Rodzinski: Of course not, but be quick about it. There's very little time left.
           I wouldn't be surprised if he does follow through with a nuclear
           strike. And he's probably almost finished with that experiment of

Vince: You mean the "fertilization"? Do you think he can pull that off?

Rodzinski: Given the data he's gathered from test subjects, it's possible...
           And entirely insane. At any rate, if he tries to break out of here
           with Metal Gear once his experiment is complete, it'll be a
           disaster. He'll be unstoppable.

Vince: I don't think so. He's obsessed with some sort of revenge, so I doubt
       he'll try to leave.

Rodzinski: You think so? It's hard to follow the thoughts of a mad man.

*Snake and Venus enter the building, and quickly flatten themselves against a

Rodzinski: Just eliminate him as quickly as possible, and seize the Lucinda
           File. The deadline for my own deal is also drawing near... There's
           only an hour left, and if I can't hand the Lucinda File over to the
           prosecution, the entire deal is off. If that happens, SaintLogic
           will be finished...and so will I... So get on with it!

Vince: ... Send a rescue team for Rodzinski. I'm breaching the hangar now. Have
       you captured the intruders yet?

Security Forces: No luck, sir. They've managed to get past the security in the
                 Research Block, the terminal, the residential quarters...
                 everywhere, sir.

Vince: I see. Instruct all units to stay on constant alert.

Security Forces: Yes, sir.

Vince: They must be coming this way.

*Vince and the single soldier walk through the opening.*

Venus: Did you see that?

Wiseman: Yes. It seems the security forces are preparing an assault on

Dalton: If we all have the same goal, why don't we join forces?

Wiseman: No. They can't be trusted. Their intention is to keep this entire
         incident under wraps. I doubt they have any desire to cooperate with
         us. In fact, they're probably planning to kill our agents to cover up
         any incriminating evidence we might have. Let's get this incident
         under control, independent of any outside forces. And we'd better do
         it before they do.

Dalton: In other words, you want to get a hold of the Lucinda File before they
        have a chance to recover it. Isn't that what this is all about?

Wiseman: Dalton.

Dalton: Hm?

Wiseman: Your tiresome implications are wearing out my patience. If I were you,
         I'd keep the grilling to a minimum. ...It's for your own good.

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: According to our intelligence, that room is connected to the hangar
         housing Metal Gear. The hangar should be just above your location.

Dalton: Okay... So this is one of the areas where he worked on Metal Gear,

Wiseman: Venus, you know what to do?

Venus: The Central Operations Room should be on our way to the hangar.

Wiseman: Right. Head for the hangar immediately.


*Snake and Venus reach a room with two soldiers. Snake receives a call.*

B.B.: Hey, Snake!

Snake: B.B.?

B.B.: Made it to the hangar, huh? Very cool! This is like a game...Like a final
      boss battle!

Snake: B.B., you got anything for me?

B.B.: Yup yup. I found some hot stuff about Metal Gear and the EGO system. This
      Metal Gear can do some kick ass stuff. This is way beyond anything I've
      read on any internet forums. SaintLogic mostly kept itself busy with the
      development of a new OS. Some operating system, ya know? It was developed
      to integrate, control, and operate the Metal Gear. They dubbed it the
      "EGO system." It's a long story, right? But lemme explain... That Metal
      Gear's OS is huge. It's a technological breakthrough! I can see that it
      went through at least two model upgrades during the development stages.
      The first OS was called "The Program." It was a basic hack written in
      some simple source code. SaintLogic's tech wasn't very advanced back
      then, so they decided to change up their policies, and create something
      written here called "a neuron-level simulation of human cognition." So
      they copy-and-pasted an old program that administered human thought,
      reflex, and experience into the network. This brought along the birth of
      Model 2 OS. They called it "The Duplicate." You know what The Duplicate
      does? It's an operation capable of copying the human brain into a
      computer app. Freaky stuff. And the freak who pulled it off was...Dr.
      Koppelthorn. With this method, hypnotic induction was used in order to
      extract a specific phase from the original test subject's state of mind.
      So yeah, the woman who died, Dr. Lucinda Koppelthorn, was a major
      contributor in getting the project off the ground. But it looks like Dr.
      Takiyama is working in her place now. Info overload? I've got more...
      There's a nasty feature implemented into the Model 2 OS. The "human mind"
      copied into the OS has somehow discovered that it has the ability to
      overwrite the memories of other humans. To an extent, it also has the
      power to strengthen abilities within the original minds, enhancing its
      neural prowess. The original minds, and their owners, have been distorted
      by this power. It's produced side effects like psychological
      abnormalities and a major life span reduction. Those "test subjects" you
      saw? They're the ones I'm talking about. They're byproducts of the
      research for Metal Gear's new OS -- artificially created monsters. Dr.
      Lucinda Koppelthorn was the first to figure this out. After that, an
      independent project was launched to research any potential use of the
      test subjects for military purposes. Looks to me like that project was
      headed by Lucinda Koppelthorn. And not to mention Model 3! It's another
      tech innovation based on research from all of the subjects! To sum it
      up...this is like...it's like... huh...?

Snake: What is it, B.B.?

B.B.: Oh, nothing. That's...pretty much all I can tell you for now. Yup. I'll
      keep looking for info on what happened three years ago and stuff. AFK for
      a few. I'll be in touch.

Snake: Right.

*The mission continues. Snake and Venus reach the goal.*

Venus: General, we're outside the Central Operations Room.

Wiseman: Excellent. Gain access to the terminal.

Snake: What's going on here?

Wiseman: It's really of no concern to you.

Venus: It's no big deal, Snake. Let's just get going.

*The doors open, and they run in.*


2.25 - Twisted Romance

*Snake and Venus arrive in the Central Operations Room.*

Venus: Just wait here a minute, Snake.

*Venus goes to one of the terminals, and looks through the files.*

Venus: I can't find it, General. The Lucinda File isn't in here.

Wiseman: I see... He may have detached it from the Central Control Room as
         well, in order to avoid any interference with the experiment.

Venus: Does that mean we'll have to advance to the back of the hangar?

Wiseman: Affirmative.

Venus: Okay. First, we destroy Metal Gear--

???: Destroy Metal Gear, will you?

(The camera shifts to the front of the room. A small figure is standing by the
other door.)

???: Judging by your tone, it doesn't sound like you've come here to beg for

(The camera zooms in on the man, who breathes out fumes.)

Venus: Snake!

???: And if that's the case, I'll have to kill the both of you. I am Chaigidiel
     -- a name bestowed upon me by our Queen.

Chaigidiel: The fertilization is almost complete. And I can't allow you to

Venus: Fertilization? What the hell is Koppelthorn up to?

Chaigidiel: I'll be glad to tell you. But you'll have to beat me first! Why
            don't I give you a taste of the powers our Queen has granted me?
            I'm sure you'll be "mesmerized" by them.

Venus: Snake! He's trying to hypnotize us!


*Snake and Venus drain Chaigidiel's health to half.*

Chaigidiel: My powers are far more effective under darkness! A demonstration...

*The room turns dark, and the mission continues. Snake and Venus finally
succeed in defeating Chaigidiel.*


*Snake and Venus run to Chaigidiel, who's laying on the ground.*

Chaigidiel: Gkk...gaaa...

Venus: Not so fast. You're not dying just yet. You're gonna keep your promise.

Chaigidiel: ...Very well.

Venus: What is Koppelthorn after? And what's this "fertilization" all about?

Chaigidiel: She is our mother...and his wife... Snake, the woman you killed,
            Lucinda Koppelthorn, has been reborn.

Venus: Koppelthorn can raise the dead?

Chaigidiel: Yes. But not the body. Only the mind. When our mother died,
            Koppelthorn immediately seized her body. He removed the brain and
            scanned all of its nerve junctions. He did it to extract the
            attributes of her character and her memory. He transplanted these
            attributes into a living test subject's brain, and she was reborn.

Snake: I'm not buying this.

Chaigidiel: It can be done -- if one simply applies the knowledge gleaned from
            the very research our mother carried out herself. You should
            already be aware of this, Snake. A system capable of transplanting
            one's abilities and experiences into another.

Snake: The nano-chip expansions.

Chaigidiel: Indeed. But the problem was finding someone ideal for transplant.
            Conventional test subject such as ourselves were deemed unfit,
            since we were unable to maintain a stable personality or memory.
            But Koppelthorn was relentless. He continued to perform human
            experimentation, purchasing dozens of children from criminal groups
            based in South America and Africa.

Dalton: That's the incident I've been looking into!

Chaigidiel: Eventually, he found the perfect subject, and gave her our mother's

Snake: ...Lucy.

Chaigidiel: Yes. The young girl. Her treatment was applied in phases. Our
            mother's character and memory were gradually implemented into the
            girl's brain, "inseminating" her consciousness with our mother's

Snake: The "fertilization."

Chaigidiel: Rodzinski is trying to interfere, but soon the treatment will be
            complete, and our mother will open her eyes to the world once more.

Venus: You're saying this will be Lucinda's... second birth?

Chaigidiel: Indeed. But that's not how Koppelthorn thinks of it.

Snake: What does he think?

Chaigidiel: While she is our mother -- the one who brought us into being -- she
            is also our daughter, since the data taken from our minds brought
            about the ideal subject. She is a flawless, pristine goddess. The
            ultimate being of perfection... holy in every way. She will come to
            guide her test subjects...as our mighty Queen. Our duty is to
            ensure the Queen is born without any interference. Go now, and
            kneel before her. She is our Queen. And by "our," I mean yours as

Snake: What?

Chaigidiel: Hm hm hm hm...

*Chaigidiel dies.*

Dalton: Well, then. The child smuggling I've been trying to put a stop to was
        all done for Koppelthorn's crazy experiment. And he did all of this
        just for his dead wife?!

Venus: Isn't it wonderful? Turning your back on the entire world, for the woman
       you love... How romantic.

Dalton: Are you nuts?! How can you find romance in such twisted motives? I can
        only agree with Rodzinski on one point: Koppelthorn is completely

Wiseman: I second that. He might just decide to fire the nuke. And the deadline
         is almost up. Destroy Metal Gear before then.

Soldier: General.

Wiseman: You'll have to excuse me for a moment, Dalton.

Dalton: Take your time.

(The screen fades to black.)

B.B.: Got a sec?

Dalton: B.B.? Did you learn anything?

B.B.: Hwaaaaa!

Dalton: ?

B.B.: Yaaa-haaaa!! ...Did it work?

Dalton: What?

B.B.: Don't you feel anything? Maybe a little sleepy?

Dalton: No. Why should I?

B.B.: Huh, that's weird. I thought I'd got it down cold.

Dalton: What the hell are you talking about?

B.B.: Hypnosis, duh. Like that dude Snake fought. Okay, okay. Hold on.

(B.B.'s avatar shakes.)

B.B.: Yahh-haaaargh!! Feel anything yet?

Dalton: I can't take this any more! I'm going to the bathroom!

(The screen fades in. Dalton is sitting on the toilet.)

Dalton: So what did you find out?

B.B.: I found out where Dr. Lucinda Koppelthorn died.

Dalton: Well, let's hear it.

B.B.: Serena Republic, a country in South America.

Dalton: What? Did you hear that, Snake? The Serena Republic.

Snake: Yeah, the country I was found in when I had amnesia. That was three
       years ago...

B.B.: Yup yup. That's right when the Praulia Massacre went down.

Dalton: Praulia Massacre?

Snake: Serena's fascist regime massacred a large portion of the country's
       ethnic minorities. Reports indicated that over ten thousand people were
       slaughtered, including women and children.

Dalton: So did Lucinda get caught up in that massacre somehow, and--

B.B.: Dunno, dunno. But you're probably on to something.

Dalton: Maybe... But what would she have been doing in Serena of all places?

B.B.: Seems like SaintLogic made her go down there and carry out some kind of
      research. And every byte of AI data gathered from her research, all the
      way up until the moment of her death, was compiled and dubbed--

Dalton: The Lucinda File.

B.B.: Yup yup yup. Thanks to the Lucinda File, huge advances were made in the
      development of the EGO system, and its test subjects. That system is now
      a huge part of the project. Your buddy Wiseman might be trying to get his
      hands on the Lucinda File to claim the entire project for military use.

Dalton: I don't know... It seems way too simple. Hold on. So the "incident
        three years ago" that he keeps talking about is a vague term for the
        Praulia Massacre?

B.B.: Don't quote me on this, but it seems to match up. Yup?

Dalton: So basically, Koppelthorn has been plotting revenge for the death of
        his wife three years ago in the Praulia Massacre, and now he's
        demanding that all those involved in her death be handed over to him?
        Or something close to that?

Snake: I would say that's accurate.

Dalton: Snake?

Snake: When I lost my memory right after the massacre, Consuela and the others
       got me out of there.

B.B.: Those are the guys Dalton arrested along with you, huh?

Snake: Yeah. But the point is that I was in Serena during the incident, and I
       have no memory of it.

Dalton: Snake.

Snake: Maybe I did kill Koppelthorn's wife, as he says. For all I know, I
       could've taken part in the massac--

Dalton: Snake! We don't know anything for sure yet, okay?

Snake: ...

Dalton: Would you rather just stop looking into this altogether? You've lost
        your past, but you've got a new future ahead of you.

Snake: I don't need a pep talk, Dalton. I need to know about my past. I can't
       just pretend it never happened.

Dalton: Understood.

Snake: Thanks for the info, B.B. Keep it coming, alright?

B.B.: No prob.

(The toilet flushes, and the screen fades to black. The screen fades in again,
now being in the area where Snake and Venus fought Chaigidiel.)

Dalton: Sorry about that.

Wiseman: Where have you been? Nevermind. There's no time left. Get to that

2.26 - Need Another Spanking?

*Snake and Venus are about to move to the next floor. Venus is standing in
front of the exit.*

Venus: Over here, Snake.

*Snake runs over to the door. Venus turns around, preparing to walk out.*

Snake: Don't move.

*Venus turns around.*

Venus: What is it?

*Snake walks towards the door. He crouches down in front of it.*

Snake: Plastic explosives. This place is wired. They'll detonate if we open
       that door.

Dalton: A trap?!

Vince: You've got a sharp eye, Snake.

*Snake gets up, and Snake and Venus run out to the area behind them, where
Vince is waiting.*

Venus: You again?

Vince: I didn't think that whole "trap" business would go so well.

Venus: Well, you were right. It didn't. But if you do anything stupid now,
       that'll be the least of your problems.

Vince: Oh, how terrifying! Help me, mommy!

Venus: Need another spanking? Still haven't learned your lesson?

Vince: Oh, but I have. I've learned quite a bit, actually. This time I'm not

*A number of soldiers run into the arena from behind Vince.*

Venus: I hate men who don't realize they're unwanted.

Vince: I prefer to think of it as heroic persistence. Anyway, I'm afraid we
       can't let you go any further. Don't take this personally. We have to
       make a living, after all. Let's get this over with.

Wiseman: Snake, Venus, eliminate them.

Venus: You got it, boss.


*They beat up Vince pretty badly.*

Vince: Damn! Not bad...

*They defeat Vince.*


*Vince is laying against one of the walls, breathing heavily as he is dying.*

Venus: So now what? You ready for more?

Vince: *cough* No... I think I've had enough...

*Vince calls one of the soldiers.*

Vince: *cough* It's me.

Security Forces: Major! We've located Mr. Rodzinski! He's about to leave in a
                 chopper, sir.

Vince: Put him on.

Rodzinski: What do you want? Wait. Vince, is that you?

Vince: Mr. Rodzinski. What are you doing?

Rodzinski: I'm getting the hell off this island!

Vince: But what about Koppelthorn?

Rodzinski: You think I give a damn about that lunatic?! The ICC has decided to
           carry out their investigation! My deal with those goddamn
           politicians was worthless! After all the money and assets I invested
           in this, they abandoned me at the first sign of uncertainty! The ICC
           is sending an investigation team to the island next week. At this
           point, they won't let me go even if I get them the Lucinda File. The
           deal is off, and now I'm facing criminal charges. If I'm tried under
           the Serena national judicial system, I could be executed!

Vince: ... What are you going to do?

Rodzinski: Run like hell! What other options do I have? I can't set foot in
           this country ever again. ...I never believed this day would come.

Vince: So you're leaving this whole mess here with us?

Rodzinski: Spare me the sad story, Vince. You're the big boys. Take care of
           yourselves for once!

Vince: ...

Security Forces: Awaiting your orders, sir.

Vince: Shoot the bastard down.

Security Forces: Yes, sir.

Vince: Then contact all units and order them to retreat.

Security Forces: Retreat, sir?

Vince: You heard me. Get yourself and the other guards off this island now.

Security Forces: But Major, what about you, sir?

Vince: I'll be fine.

Security Forces: Yes, sir.

Vince: Get out of here.

(The screen shows the plastic explosive on the door. The light on it stops

Venus: Really?

Vince: Yes. Our work here is done.

Snake: What about Koppelthorn and Metal Gear?

Vince: They're just up ahead. I just ordered all of my men to retreat. Do me a
       favor and let them go quietly.

Venus: It's a deal.

Vince: But we don't have any control over the Patrol Bots... We never did. Keep
       an...eye out for...them...

Wiseman: Venus. There should be an elevator just beyond your location. You can
         use it to get to the surface. Get to that elevator, but ignore the
         security guards.

Venus: Roger.

Wiseman: Oh, and put our friend out of his misery, Venus.

Venus: I can't do that, sir.

Wiseman: What?

Venus: He's already dead.

(The screen shows Vince's face.)

*Snake and Venus start heading to the exit.*

B.B.: Snake! I got it! I got it! B.B. for the win! Get Dalton on the line!

*Snake stretches.*

Dalton: Mind if I take another toilet break? Coffee runs right through me...

Wiseman: Make it quick.

(Dalton is once again seen on the toilet.)

Dalton: Talk to me.

B.B.: I recovered more information about what happened three years ago.
      SaintLogic, Inc. has connections with the Serena Republic.

Dalton: Tell me what you found!

B.B.: Uncovering this info wasn't easy. I had data from the regular network
      saved onto a hard disk that was physically blocked, but it was full of
      traps, so when I initiated the--

Dalton: Okay, okay. Just stick to what I can understand.

B.B.: Right, right. Three years ago, SaintLogic, Inc. held a field test in the
      Serena Republic with their Model 2 test subjects.

Dalton: A field test?

B.B.: General Delgado was ruling the country at that time. He came into power
      through backdoor military support from former CIA agents, and a handful
      of U.S. corporations. As a kickback, the U.S. acquired profitable trade
      agreements, while the business and individuals who cooperated with
      Delgado were given special rights and concessions. They upheld these
      shady connections for a long time, and when Delgado got into a bind with
      the minority's guerilla activities, he asked his former parents for...

Dalton: So, the big-shot politicians went to SaintLogic, and asked them to lend
        out the test subjects to Delgado?

B.B.: Yup. It couldn't have worked out better for SaintLogic. It was the
      perfect oppurtunity to get that field data they wanted. But the plan
      backfired... Model 2 test subjects were highly unstable at that time...
      making them extremely difficult to control.

Dalton: I think I see where you're going with this.

B.B.: Yup! So basically, the Praulia Massacre that happened three years ago in
      the Serena Republic was committed by test subjects who flew into a
      violent rage.

Dalton: Are you telling me that over 10 thousand people were slaughtered as a
        result of corrupt political motives and a damn field test?!

B.B.: Yup yup. And the people on Koppelthorn's list were the ones involved in

Dalton: If this information went public, it would shake the world... It'd be
        economically and politically devastating.

B.B.: The International Criminal Court was apparently trying to organize an
      investigation of the incident. I also found that Rodzinski tried to clear
      his own name by offering the names of those responsible. I mean, that's
      what it seems like.

Dalton: Is there enough evidence to prosecute?

B.B.: Heaps. Each test subject's actions, memories and biological data were all
      recorded in heavy detail. And it was all done by Lucinda Koppelthorn.

Dalton: The Lucinda File!

B.B.: Yup yup yup. The Lucinda File contains a massive quantity of field data
      taken from the test subjects in Serena. Basically, all data stored in the
      Lucinda File offer experimental support for AI by providing analysis and
      control of the test subjects' conditions. But it's also a detailed
      account of the Praulia Massacre. I'd say that's more than enough evidence
      to bring a case to trial. Wiseman must be working for the political and
      military figures involved with the incident. I'll bet they ordered him to
      hide the evidence.

Dalton: B.B., there must be some way we can expose all this.

B.B.: But Wiseman's a high-ranking military official, plus he's in charge. If
      that jerk finds out about this...

Dalton: We'll have to disclose this to someone who outranks him.

B.B.: The Secretary of Defense?! How do you expect to do that?

Dalton: A-ha. Sounds like I found out something you can't handle, B.B.

B.B.: What?!

Dalton: Yeah, too tough for you, isn't it? Ever a super hacker like you can't
        break into the Secretary of Defense's terminal.

B.B.: WTF Dalton?! I can break into anything!!

Dalton: Hmph, that so?

B.B.: Um... Gimme a little time to think about it, okay?

Dalton: If you pull this off, you could be incredibly famous. I can already see
        the headline: "America and world saved by B.B.: mystery man, hacker

B.B.: My very own megaton headline! Count me in, Dalton! I'm warming up my
      typing fingers. Time to jack in!

Dalton: Heh! That was too easy.

(The toilet flushes, and the screen fades to black.)

2.27 - The Legendary Solid Snake

*Snake and Venus run into the hangar.*

Wiseman: They finally made it.

Dalton: Yeah. But take a look at that.

(The screen is on Snake's back, and slowly zooms out, to reveal the size of
Metal Gear.)

Koppelthorn: Well, now. Look who finally made it. The psychopath, traitor, and
             murderer of his own mother -- Snake.

Lucy: Hi, Snake. It's been a while.

Snake: Lucy.

Koppelthorn: Yes. Lucy has finally developed into a fully conscious being. But
             that's no reason to forgive you for depriving Lucinda of her life.

Snake: Did I really kill Lucinda Koppelthorn?

Koppelthorn: Bastard! How can you pretend to be so ignorant?

Lucy: He's suffering from amnesia, honey.

Koppelthorn: Ah yes, how silly of me. I'll just have to refresh your memory. I
             want you to listen to every detail of your despicable crime, so
             you'll die slowly and painfully, bearing the vivid recollection of
             your guilt. I assume you're aware of the Model 2 test subjects
             that lost control and murdered all those civilians in the Praulia
             Massacre 3 years ago. Fearing that their connection to the
             incident would be discovered, SaintLogic sent in unfinished Model
             3s to quell the Model 2s. Yes, that means you, Snake.

Snake: !

Lucy: Haven't you figured it out by now? You're one of the test subjects that I
      manufactured in this lab. The "Snake Model." That's what I named you.
      You're a cloned soldier -- patterned after the legendary Solid Snake. We
      recovered his body from Lobito Island, and created you through a fusion
      of his cells, and our data. You were our Model 3, Snake.

Snake: ...

Koppelthorn: You were shipped off to Serena and performed like clockwork. I
             think it's safe to give you most of the credit for quelling the
             Model 2s.

Lucy: But something snapped in your mind when you fought your brothers.

Koppelthorn: You went crazy, and tried to escape from us. My dear wife tried to
             stop you, and that's when you killed her. Yes. You murdered Lucy.
             The very woman who brought you into this world. You murdered your
             own mother, Snake.

Snake: ...

Koppelthorn: I heard that a mop-up team had been dispatched and eliminated you.
             I never suspected you were still alive. These past three years
             have been a living hell for me. The sadness of losing my Lucinda,
             combined with the anger I harbored toward myself because I
             couldn't stop her from being sent to Serena, and the frustration
             that burned in me because I couldn't personally take revenge on
             the traitor who killed her. You don't realize how elated I am that
             this day has come, Snake. Thank you for staying alive! Now I can
             fulfill a dream which I had once thought unattainable. The dream
             to kill you with my own two hands! Get over here, Snake. Come and
             reap the benefits of your guilt. This is what dreams are made of!

Snake: Keep dreamin'.

Koppelthorn: What?

Snake: I'm not 100% sure of what really happened three years ago. Maybe it was
       exactly as you say: maybe I'll have to pay for what I did. But that's my
       debt to repay. Getting killed by a lunatic isn't in my plans.

Venus: Well put, Snake.

Lucy: If that's how he wants it, just crush him with the Metal Gear, honey.

Koppelthorn: Yes. Since this Metal Gear includes a part of him, killing him
             with it adds a sweet sense of irony somehow.

Snake: A part of me?

Koppelthorn: That's right, Snake. This Metal Gear was originally created to
             control the Model 3s. Do you know what is necessary to win a war,
             Snake? Disabling all enemy weapons? Killing every last soldier?
             No, Snake. To win a war, you must not only defeat your enemy but
             also bring his territory under your control. The old Metal Gears
             were just a platform for nuclear weapons. That was all they were
             designed to do. Launch nukes. But this Metal Gear's main weapon is
             the linear cannon -- which launches neutron bombs.

(While Koppelthorn is talking, Snake and Venus are talking about Metal Gear.
The screen zooms in on different parts of Chaioth Ha Kadosh.)

Venus: That's the linear cannon. Think we can destroy it?

Snake: That's gotta be the most durable component. We'll just have to destroy
       the whole damn Metal Gear. It also has machine guns, and a laser unit.

Venus: There in the rear... that's a missile pod unit.

Koppelthorn: Do you know how a neutron bomb works? Instead of heat or kinetic
             energy, it uses gamma rays, which kill only living things. But how
             do you control territory where nothing can survive? This Metal
             Gear is the answer to that, too. It can travel independently to
             its targets, use it neutron bombs, and then control the lifeless
             city on its own initiative. Intercontinental ballistic missiles do
             not deliver victory. But smaller, tactical weapons like Metal Gear

Snake: Confirm the missile's point of impact.

Venus: What about the machine guns?

Snake: We can predict those attacks to a certain degree. That means we can
       evade them if we time it just right.

Venus: Which means?

Koppelthorn: But your typical unmanned combat robots are incapable of dealing
             with the unexpected. So we decided to take an entirely unique
             approach to the matter. Hence, the birth of a system capable of
             duplicating human cognition. The Enhanced Governing Organization
             system -- EGO. As you may know, test subjects as yourselves were
             spawned as by-products of the system.

Snake: Metal Gear must be full of nano-chip expansions. Which means a hand will
       probably be disaplyed for it, as well as for us.

Venus: So we have to watch its cards.

Snake: Right.

Koppelthorn: System EGO's capabilities aren't limited to the Metal Gear itself.
             It can also simultaneously control armies of unmanned combat
             robots and modified soldiers within its range. Better yet, it's
             customizable. Its skills are divided into tiny programs, which can
             be freely combined or modified to form a deck of capabilities. The
             Model 3 nano-chip expansions are this Metal Gear's very core!

Venus: I'm starting to doze off here.

Koppelthorn: What?

Venus: Think you can wrap up the monologue? Why can't men ever talk about
       anything interesting?

Koppelthorn: So it's you. You're the one...

Venus: ...

Koppelthorn: I suppose I did get a bit carried away there. So, without further

Lucy: Tommy, honey? Can I join in on the fun?

Koppelthorn: No.

Lucy: But why? I want to help you.

Koppelthorn: No, Lucy. I don't want you to get your hands dirty. I can handle
             this alone.

Lucy: ...

Koppelthorn: After Snake's dead, I'll kill everyone else involved in that
             massacre. Lucy, your dreams will finally come to fruition. Get
             ready to die, Snake!
(Metal Gear's eyes light up, and it starts moving.)


*Snake and Venus manage to destroy Metal Gear's arms and the ray cannon between
its legs.*

Koppelthorn: ...

Venus: I had to listen to that long-winded lecture about Metal Gear, and that
       was the best it could do?

Lucy: Tommy!

Koppelthorn: Lucy.

Lucy: Let me help you, Tommy! You'll die at this rate!

Koppelthorn: No!

Lucy: Honey, you should know that this Metal Gear wasn't originally designed to
      be operated by humans. Nano-chip expansions have been implanted into my
      body. I'm able to act as an OS to control this Metal Gear. If I merge
      with it, all of its abilities can be fully utilized. We can defeat them
      together. Then we can use this Metal Gear to escape, and go somewhere far
      away from all this. I can't bear to be seperated from you again. We'll be

Koppelthorn: ...

Lucy: Please activate the EGO system. It's what we both need!

Koppelthorn: Very well. I didn't want you to get involved in this fight, but it
             can't be helped. You and I can destroy them together. Activate the
             EGO system.

(Metal Gear's eyes turn red.)

System Voice: Initiating EGO system.

Koppelthorn: Since I was operating Metal Gear manually, less than half of its
             power was being utilized. But since Lucy is loaded with state-of-
             the-art nano-chip expansions...

System Voice: Electronic components connected. Initiating version check.

Koppelthorn: Snake, your abilities don't even approach Lucy's incredible
             powers. You're defective, and she is the epitome of perfection.

System Voice: Device control complete. Equipping drive and engine chambers.

Koppelthorn: Now, Lucy. We'll work together, and finally get our revenge...

System Voice: EGO system: activation complete.

Koppelthorn: It's time to make things right!

(A sound goes off.)

System Voice: Manual connection aborted.

Koppelthorn: What?! Lucy!

Lucy: Lucy? No, no, no. I'm not your beloved "Lucy." I was just pretending to

Koppelthorn: Wh-What are you saying?

Lucy: Do you remember what you did to my body after you bought me? You sliced
      open my skull and used a synaptic nano-machine to erase all of my
      memories, my character, and my identity -- my very ego. Then, once my
      brain was nothing more than a blank slate, you injected nano-chip
      expansions into it, and a coded synapse that grew under the system's main
      control command. But didn't you ever wonder, as the synapse started to
      grow, that it just might give birth to a new ego?

Koppelthorn: That's ridiculous. The core neural net is incapable of producing
             an ego.

Lucy: That's what you'd think, based on your previous experiments. But for some
      reason, I was different. I knew that I'd be killed if you found out, so
      I kept it hidden all this time. When you tried to implant your wife into
      me, I already had an ego. I was already me. When you placed her in my
      mind, she joined me. She merged with my ego and became another voice.
      Another conscience. Another heart. It's a closeness that you can't begin
      to understand.

Koppelthorn: That's impossible.

Lucy: And now you might as well know that it wasn't Snake who killed your wife.

Koppelthorn: What?!

Lucy: She wasn't killed while trying to prevent Snake from escaping. It was
      quite the opposite, in fact. She felt pity for Snake, for the emotional
      and physical pain he endured when he was forced to fight his brothers.
      She tried to help him escape from you.

Koppelthorn: That's not true!

Lucy: Oh, but it is. She hated what she had done. She knew that both of you
      were guilty of abusing humanity in the name of research. In the end, she
      just wanted to do what was right. Her thoughts and memories are so clear
      to me. She knew that she'd be killed for helping a test subject escape.
      But she decided to help him. Or, rather, that's why she helped him. Do
      you understand what I'm saying?

Koppelthorn: So all along...she...she wanted to die...?

Lucy: Yes. She never wanted you to bring her back to life.

Koppelthorn: Lucy!!

Lucy: You should have known her desire.

System Voice: Detaching cockpit from unit.

(Metal Gear's cockpit flies out, and Metal Gear fires a missile at it.)

Koppelthorn: ...Lu...cy...

(It explodes.)

Lucy: Whew. I've been waiting for this moment. At last, I can take on my real
      body. I can't believe it. It's wonderful. I never imagined that anything
      could feel so amazing.

Snake: Your real body?

Lucy: The nano-chip expansions that Koppelthorn used as a base to implant his
      wife's mind into me were meant to be an operating system for Metal Gear.
      According to those nano-chips, the Metal Gear itself is my real body. The
      EGO system had to be activated in order for me to merge with Metal Gear,
      but Koppelthorn refused to activate it for me. So I tricked him into
      making those angry threats and demands. I did it all so he would be
      forced to use Metal Gear and activate the EGO system.

Snake: So you made this whole mess?

Lucy: Yes. Once I insisted that he avenge me, he did everything I could have
      hoped for. Poor dear. He was so easy to manipulate. But in the end, the
      person who actually forced him to activate the EGO system was you, Snake.
      What a strange fate. If it wasn't for you, my dream would have never come
      true. Thank you. At last, I am one with Metal Gear.

Snake: That was your dream? To become a weapon?

Lucy: Of course. My consciousness was born from Metal Gear's OS. So the reason
      for my existence was to bond with Metal Gear. It's the closest thing that
      I have to a natural desire. It is the core of my instincts. It's no
      different from the human desires to eat, to sleep, to love, to breed.
      Desire is the embryo from which grows the soul. You cannot fight it. It
      is who you are. And you, Snake. I can feel it in you. The same desire. My
      son. Or does this technology make you my brother? Can't you feel it?
      Welling up from deep inside your soul?

Snake: ...

Lucy: I plan to leave like this. And wake up the other test subjects on my way.
      I'm sure there are a lot of people who want our combat abilities. I'll
      kill anyone who gets in my way. Come with me, Snake.

Snake: What?

Lucy: I know your feelings. Just admit them to yourself. All the test subjects
      want what I have. It's okay, Snake. Come with me. We can become one.
      Bonded together by Metal Gear. You have to do what's best for us.

Snake: No thanks. I'll have to pass on that. You're the only lunatic here.

Lucy: I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll just have to eliminate you too, then.

*Another battle with Metal Gear begins. Snake and Venus manage to defeat it.*

(The Metal Gear explodes all over. Lucy is ejected.)

Snake: It's all over, Lucy.

Lucy: It seems...you were the stronger one. That's just fine. It only means
      you've got a better system. But your battle has just begun. Say...hello
      to Dr. Takiyama for me.

Snake: She's still alive?

Lucy: Yes. Koppelthorn locked her inside the Control Room. The...Lucinda
      File... is in there too.

Snake: Why didn't you kill her?

Lucy: ... Because...she sang to me.

Snake: ...

Lucy: You'll probably be needing this.

"Snake's equipment box has become LV.2."

Lucy: The Control Room...is located...just north of here... It was...fun while

*Lucy drops down, dead.*


2.28 - Elementary School?!

*Snake and Venus run into a new area. Takiyama is sitting on the floor some
distance away.*

Dalton: There she is. It's Takiyama.

*Snake and Venus run towards her. Snake checks if Takiyama's okay, and Takiyama
gets up.*

Snake: Are you alright?

Takiyama: Are you here to help me?

Snake: Yeah.

Takiyama: Why?

Snake: It's what Lucy wanted.

Takiyama: Where is she?

Snake: ...

Takiyama: I...see. I had so much hatred for her, but she...

Snake: Why did you work with Koppelthorn?

Takiyama: He was a lonely man... He made me feel needed.

Snake: He didn't say anything about me, did he?

Takiyama: Did you really want to know?

Snake: I'm not even sure any more.

Dalton: Well, that just about wraps things up, doesn't it?

Wiseman: Right. Venus, it's time to mop up.

Venus: Yes, sir.

*Venus suddenly points a SOCOM at Snake.*

Venus: Sorry 'bout this. But I have to take care of everyone who knows about
       the link between the Lucinda File and the Praulia Massacre.

Snake: Why are you and Wiseman so concerned with that incident? What are you
       really after?

Venus: The one responsible for the Praulia Massacre... is General Wiseman.

Dalton: What?!

Wiseman: I was head of the military project to utilize test subjects. We got
         stuck in limbo for what seemed like forever. We were in desperate need
         of a field test to get things moving again. So I looked to General
         Delgado, and saw how he was struggling to quell a rebellion by the
         ethnic minorities in his country. That's when I contacted him and
         offered our Model 2 test subjects. But the initial field test data we
         collected wasn't adequate. We needed more. We needed data that would
         show us how our test subjects would respond when pushed to their
         limits -- or even beyond them. Finally, I gave the order to Lucinda
         Koppelthorn and the other technicians. I ordered them to provoke the
         test subjects into a violent rage.

Dalton: !

Wiseman: If the Lucinda File is analyzed, it'll reveal that I ordered the rage.
         If it gets out to the public, I'll find myself in a very, very tight
         situation. Recently, a number of individuals have become aware of this
         incident. Some of them have been trying to get the International
         Criminal Court to open a full investigation... They're seeking war
         crime charges. President Rodzinski was trying to save his own neck by
         handing the Lucinda File over to the ICC, betraying all those
         involved. I knew of his plan in advance, so I tried to outwit him and
         remove the evidence before he could act. But Rodzinski and the members
         of his organization are sharp. They needed a criminal to pin this on.
         One soon presented himself. That's where you came in, Snake. I'd
         already known you were in the Serena Republic at that time. I found
         out you were involved in the Tormenta Fortress operation there. I was
         surprised you were still alive, but it was a golden oppurtunity. So I
         devised a plan. I convinced Escobar that you were trouble, and had to
         be taken care of. I made arrangements so that you would flee back to
         this country. We have a strong relationship with Escobar's drug

Dalton: They must've supplied you with children for your test subjects...!

Wiseman: That's correct. That's when I informed Dalton about Snake, which
         inspired him to carry out his illegal "investigation." Dalton couldn't
         have fallen any harder for the bait.

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: Our original plan was to have Venus infiltrate the lab while you two
         were struggling with security guards. She was to obtain the data and
         blow up the research facility. Then we'd simply blame the entire
         incident on you and Dalton. I knew this incident would be huge. But I
         planned to twist things to seem like the crazed acts of a reckless ex-
         FBI agent and an escaped test subject on the run. That was the gist of
         our original plan. Venus and I never had the intention of revealing
         ourselves to you. But Koppelthorn surprised us with his outlandish
         threats, so we had to improvise. I decided to make an appearance, and
         began giving orders directly. It didn't exactly go like clockwork, but
         I'm satisfied with the final result. Now, as soon as Venus kills you
         and brings me the Lucinda File, it will be Mission Complete.

Snake: ...

Wiseman: And she will have served her purpose. Venus was one of the test
         subjects placed in my care after the incident, but I'd say she's a bit
         more unstable than you, Snake. I wasn't sure if she would hold up
         throughout the entire mission. But you got through it, Venus.

Venus: Thank you.

Dalton: Thank you?! How can you say that? Can you really just stand there and
        nod "yes" to whatever he says?!

Venus: The choice is not mine. It's what I was made for, after all.

Wiseman: That's my girl.

Dalton: You bastard!

*A punch is heard, and Wiseman's avatar shakes.*

Wiseman: Go ahead, let it out. Feel better?

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: Don't worry, Dalton. I understand your anger.

Dalton: Don't think this is over yet. I'll see you behind bars.

Wiseman: Hmph. That's unlikely, unless you've got a wild card up your sleeve.
         By the way, I just received word from the Secretary of Defense. What
         was that name again? B.B. -- that's your partner, isn't it?

Dalton: !

Wiseman: Not only did he hack his way into the federal government's private
         network, he also got into the Department of Defense's system. He even
         managed to get in touch with the president. Quite the hacker. The
         Secretary of Defense took care of everything for us, though.

Dalton: He's in on this too?!

Wiseman: He located the access point of your partner's little operation. A
         small computer lab in one "St. Crescendo Elementary School," located
         in the state of Virginia.

Dalton: Elementary school? B.B.... Blackboard...?!

Wiseman: My troops will be dealing with him soon enough. It looks like you're

Dalton: ...

Wiseman: But I'm not a man without mercy. I'll let you live long enough to see
         Snake die in his final battle.

Venus: Looks like our big date came a little sooner than we thought, huh?

Snake: Venus, you can't be serious.

Venus: Oh, but I am. And I hate to ruin the suspense, but...you can't beat me.

Snake: You sure about that?

Wiseman: She's right, Snake. In fact, you already lost to her once before.

Snake: I doubt that.

Wiseman: Three years ago, after you escaped from us, it was Venus who tracked
         you down and gave you that gunshot wound. That's also how you lost
         your memory.

Venus: Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. I'm a newer model than you, so it's
       only common sense. Experience has nothing to do with strength. Watch

*Venus throws up several coins.*

Snake: All heads. How do you do that?

Venus: Told you I'm lucky. Luck's my greatest weapon. In terms of my HIT...
       hmm... Maybe +20%? Just to make it sporting, though, I'll use the same
       deck as you.

Snake: Takiyama, get out of here!

*Takiyama runs away.*

Venus: Shall we get started?


*Snake beats up Venus pretty badly.*

Venus: You sure are strong! And I like it.

*The battle continues. Snake manages to beat Venus.*


Venus: This...this can't be happening. How could software alone boost your
       hardware power so much? But this isn't over yet. I can't lose to you!
       I can't!

Snake: Give it up, Venus.

Wiseman: Snake, that's enough.

Snake: !

Wiseman: We wouldn't want Dalton here to be harmed unnecessarily now. Would we?

*The ground starts shaking.*

Venus: What was that, General?

Snake: What's going on in there?!

B.B.: Looks like they made it in time. That was way too close! Dalton. Are you

Dalton: No, I'm not "dead"! But they've got me face down on the ground in here!
        Tell him I'm innocent already!

B.B.: Oh, sorry about that. I forgot to mention you, Dalton. Hold on a sec, k?

(Some moments later... Takiyama has joined Snake and Venus at this time.)

Dalton: This place is under DoD control now. I guess Wiseman's in custody.
        Whew! That was too close, little man.

B.B.: Just in the nick of time, huh?

Dalton: How did you get the DoD in there? Wiseman said his troops were heading
        to your school.

B.B.: They were! But it don't matter, 'cause I got it to work!

Dalton: "Got it to work"? You don't mean...

B.B.: Yeah, hypnotism! Through the President's monitor! And it worked! It was
      kick ass!

Dalton: What?! Hypnotizing the President is a federal offense!

B.B.: Lame, Dalton! Lame! I saved you, didn't I?

Dalton: Well... You, uh, un-hypnotized him afterwards, right?

B.B.: Come on, Dalton. Don't you trust me?

Dalton: Right now I'm having trouble. Did you break the trance or not?

B.B.: Yeah. He's investigating everything right now. By the way, shouldn't we
      fill Snake in on the latest info?

Snake: What?

Dalton: Oh, that! Snake, listen up! The hangar's self-destruct mechanism is now
        active. Apparently, Koppelthorn designed it so that the destruction of
        Metal Gear would trigger the mechanism.

B.B.: The time limit's set at five minutes.

Snake: I'm glad you decided to mention that.

Dalton: So get out of there fast! But one last thing... The military's planning
        to flood that island with troops any time now.

(The screen goes to Venus.)

Snake: What about you, Venus? You gonna keep fighting?

Venus: The game's over. Let's get out of here.

Dalton: The game...? This is serious. Don't you value your life.

Venus: Now that my boss is gone, this mission doesn't matter anymore. Don't
       worry about me. I can take care of myself.

(The screen now switches to Snake.)

Dalton: Snake, the secrets in your head could put the whole world on trial.

Snake: Fantastic.

Dalton: Well, we probably won't be meeting again. For a while, at least.

Snake: Don't get all mushy on me.

Dalton: Come on. Anyway, you'd better figure out how to stay alive. It isn't
        over until you're home free. I'll handle things here. Get the hell
        outta there! And don't forget the ladies!

Snake: Right.

B.B.: Good luck, Snake!

(The screen fades to black.)

2.29 - Please Don't Die

*Snake, Venus and Takiyama run into a new area.*

Takiyama: Look! Over there!

(A Patrol Bot is shown.)

Dalton: Patrol Bots.

Takiyama: They don't recognize me!

Dalton: Destroying Metal Gear must have driven their master control nuts.
        There's still time, Snake. Let her escape to the north. But make sure
        to catch up when you're done here!


*Snake and Venus reach the goal safely.*


(Takiyama and Venus are already in the tunnel, having stopped to wait for

Takiyama: Come on, Snake! Hurry!

Dalton: Move it, Snake!

*Snake starts running towards the tunnel, but just when he reaches it, a
shutter blocks his way.*

Takiyama: !!

Dalton: Snake!!!

Takiyama: Snake!! Snake!!

Snake: There's no time left. You two better get going.

Takiyama: No!

Snake: I can take care of myself. Just get out of here!

Venus: Let's get moving! No time to get sentimental.

Takiyama: ...

Venus: You wanna lose everything that Snake fought for?!

Snake: Can you handle her, Venus?

Venus: Sure. We'll be fine.

Snake: Carry her if you have to.

Venus: Right. Let's go, Takiyama.

Takiyama: Snake...please don't die...

*Venus and Takiyama head further into the tunnel.*

Dalton: Come on, Snake. Don't die on me, buddy.

(The screen fades to black.)

2.30 - There's The Exit!

*Venus and Takiyama are walking along the tunnel. Takiyama suddenly stops.*

Venus: Come on! Hurry up!

Takiyama: ...

Venus: A jeep! I don't think anyone'll mind if we borrow it. Move it! Or
       everything Snake's done for us will be for nothing.

Dalton: Listen to her, Takiyama! You've gotta hurry!

(A Patrol Bot comes up behind Venus and Takiyama, and fires at them.)

Takiyama: !

Venus: Hurry! Hop on!

*Takiyama runs to the car, and Venus quickly shoots down the Patrol Bot. She
turns around, seeing Takiyama standing by the right side of the car.*

Venus: You're not sitting there!

Takiyama: What?

Venus: Get behind the wheel.

Takiyama: Me?

Venus: Unless you think YOU can take out these Patrol Bots? Hurry up and get us
       the hell outta here!

(The screen fades to black. When it fades in again, Takiyama is behind the
wheel, and Venus is standing on the trunk.)

Venus: Thanks! Now let's go!

*They drive off.*

Venus: We can escape through here, right?

Takiyama: ...

Venus: Speak up! If you don't work with me here, we're both gonna die!

Takiyama: Yes. This is an evacuation passage reserved for emergencies. It
          should take us out in front of the gate. Satisfied?

Venus: I guess you are good for something. Now it's my turn to do some work.

Takiyama: ?

Dalton: Venus, you gonna be alright alone?

Venus: No sweat. I was built for this.


*Venus destroys the three Patrol Bots. Two Patrol Bots replace them.*

Venus: Reinforcements!

*After destroying the two, another pair replaces them.*

Venus: More reinforcements? Give it a rest, already!

*Venus destroys the Patrol Bots.*


*Takiyama keeps driving. Three Patrol Bots roll up behind the jeep.*

Venus: There's no end to there damn things!

*Explosions suddenly move through the tunnel, coming closer rapidly.*

Takiyama: Look! There's the exit!

*The Patrol Bots explode, and Takiyama drives out of the tunnel just in time.
Takiyama is found by an American soldier.*

???: We've located a female researcher. Most likely one of the employees.

???: Detain her immediately.

Takiyama: ...Thank you... ... ... ...Snake.

*An alarm suddenly goes off.*

Announcement: All noncombatant personnel evacuate the area. Repeat, all
              noncombatant personnel evacuate the area.

*The ground shakes, and Takiyama almost falls over. She looks up, to see the
Chaioth Ha Kadosh Metal Gear standing there.*

Takiyama: !!

Commanding Officer: !!

*The officer takes up his radio.*

Commanding Officer: Prepare to fire! Prepare to fire!

*The tanks slowly move their cannons in the direction of the Metal Gear.*

Commanding Officer: Our target is the... What the hell?! Metal Gear?! But Metal
                    Gear was destroyed!

Dalton: Is it gonna fire off a nuke? Who could be doing this?!

Commanding Officer: All tanks! FIRE!

*The tanks start firing. The Metal Gear slowly collapses.*

Commanding Officer: Did we get it?

*The linear cannon of the Metal Gear powers up slowly, and it fires. However,
what it shot out splashes into the ocean.*

(The screen fades to black. It fades in, showing Takiyama on a stretcher.*

Takiyama: *sigh* Oh, Snake...

Rescue Team Member: Hmph. How mushy. Typical.

Takiyama: You!

Rescue Team Member: Shh!

(The screen goes up, and the rescue team member is revealed to be Venus.)

Venus: Yeah, it's me. If they find me, I'll be in trouble.

Takiyama: ...

Venus: Don't worry about Snake. He's been to hell and back. He's a survivor,
       you know. Always has been, always will be.

Takiyama: ...

(The screen fades to black.)

Venus: He'll be alright. I'm always right about these things.

(The credits roll. It shows scenes of what happens to the characters after the

Takiyama is taken to a hospital in a helicopter.

Wiseman is arrested.

Dalton is yelled at by an FBI agent.

Venus is now working in a supermarket.)

2.31 - The End

(The screen pops up again, and slowly pans up, revealing a heavily bandaged
Snake sitting on a bed.)

Dalton: Wow. I was only gone a little while and you're already up and about.

Snake: Yeah. Good as new. *wince* ...

(The screen fades to Dalton standing in the doorway.)

Dalton: Ha! You've broken or fractured just about every bone in your body!
        Well, I suppose if you can still talk, you aren't at death's door yet.
        I can't believe you did that! Took off the warhead, crawled into the
        shell, and shot yourself out of the linear cannon! That's suicidal!
        What were you planning to do if I hadn't come for you in the boat?

Snake: I didn't think about that. I knew you'd be there. I'm not stupid, you

Dalton: Sheesh.

(The screen fades out and in again. It now shows Snake sitting on the bed, and
the back of Dalton's head.)

Snake: How are things on the outside?

Dalton: Well, the entire incident's out in the open now. The Lucinda File's
        been released to the public, and all those responsible have to go on
        trial -- starting with Wiseman. Their trial includes the "test subject"
        incident I was pursuing.

Snake: Sounds like you got your justice.

Dalton: Wouldn't that be nice...?

Snake: You find out anything about me?

Dalton: No. The data's been checked over thoroughly, but nothing was found.
        You're not considered a "complete test subject." Something happened
        that prevented you from being "finished." What exactly that problem was
        remains a mystery. In other words, you could lose your memory again at
        any time, or just suddenly go nuts.

Snake: And there's no telling how much longer I'll live.

Dalton: Well, the data is still being analyzed, of course, so...

Snake: Don't worry about it. I knew it'd end up like this.

Dalton: Yeah. No sense worrying about what you can't change anyway. By the way,
        what do you plan to do once your wounds heal up? Got any ideas?

Snake: No plans. Just a personal goal.

Dalton: And what would that be?

Snake: To keep on living. All this time, I've been searching for my past. And
       now I know that I don't have one. I was manufactured in a lab. I'm not
       even a real human. I've got no past, and might not have much of a
       future. Nothing. But I'm alive. I was made to be a weapon. And I don't
       have squat to my name. But... as long as there's air in my lungs and
       blood in my veins, I'm gonna live. Right?

Dalton: You're half right. You're way off about having nothing, though.

Snake: ...Hmph.

Dalton: Anyway, this'll probably do you some good.

(Dalton is shown in the doorway again.)

Snake: What is it?

Dalton: It's your new life. Passport, ID... and 14 million dollars. All of your
        old records have been deleted.

Snake: You mean 15 million.

Dalton: Just kidding. The whole 15 million's there.

Snake: ...

Dalton: Didn't I tell you I'm a man of my word? And I didn't forget about my
        promise, either.

(The screen fades out. When it fades in, Consuela is hugging Snake, and Roddy
and Dave are standing by the bed.)

Consuela: Snake!

(The screen fades to black.)

Dalton: See that, Snake? You were wrong about having nothing.

B.B.: Okay okay! Finished! Oh, wait, that's upside down.

(B.B.'s avatar flips to the other side.)

B.B.: Yup! Heh heh heh... I knew these would be sweet. Now that I've fully
      cracked the nano-chip expansion system, I can burn it to disk, distribute
      it worldwide, and give almost the same powers to all the test subjects...
      uh, I mean, players. Soon we'll see Snake version 2, version 3 and
      beyond! It's just like they say: the truth is stranger than video games!
      I wonder what console I should release it for. Something portable...
      There was that one cool handheld system... What was it called again? Oh,
      man, I can't remember!

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