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Guide and Walkthrough by Kouli

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 01/03/2006

-- Metal Gear Acid 2 --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao (kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
-- Version 0.2 --


<Beforehand Words>

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the Japanese version of "Metal Gear Acid 2"
that is released on December 8th, 2005.

The game is made/published by Kojima Productions/Konami.

I also wrote the first English FAQ/Walkthrough for the first game as well and
it was IGN Exclusive. You can check it out here:



<Update Log>

\December 8th, 2005/
- Version 0.1, beginning to write the walkthrough and got uptil stage 5

\January 1st~3rd, 2006/
- Version 0.2, completed the walkthrough

Walkthrough(Normal Mode)-------------------------------------------------------


At the Title Menu, let's input some passwords:

Viper      (ID 161 - Viper)
Mika       (ID 166 - Mika Slayton)
Karen      (ID 170 - Karen Houjou)
Jehuty     (ID 172 - Jehuty)
Xmeight    (ID 187 - XM8)
Sgnt       (ID 188 - SIGINT)
Hrrr       (ID 197 - Sea Harrier)
Dcyctps    (ID 203 - Decoy Octopus)
Rgr        (ID 212 - Roger McCoy)
Xx         (ID 281 - Hinomoto Reiko)
Kinoshitaa (ID 285 - Kinoshita Ayumi)
Shiimeg    (ID 286 - Ishii Meguru)
Nonat      (ID 287 - Sano Natsume)
Noplace    (ID 288 - MGS4)

(Whether you use capital letters or not, it doesn't matter. You will get these
cards at the intermission.)


<MGA1 Import>

The game CAN load SaveData from the first game. Of course, it has to be the
same region. You can select and carry over 1 card from that SaveData along with
1/100 point. BTW, the SaveData doesn't have to be a Clear Data.

If you are looking for a Japanese SaveData, you can download mine here:



<The Beginning>

First up, 6 tutorials:

~Number 1
You have a whole hand of GRU Soldier cards, so use them to move to the blue
point to north.

~Number 2
Same as above, pretty much. However, there is an enemy in the middle. Don't go
in front of him or attack him, just go around from his back, to the blue point
to north.

~Number 3
This time, go north about 4 blocks. Use Square to Crawl. Then move on to the
blue point to north.

~Number 4
Go up about 3 blocks and go left 1 block. Press Up and Snake will lean against
the wall. Press Square to knock. The enemy will come from the left, so just
make your way to the blue point to north.

~Number 5
Go up the ladder and the enemy will be in front of you. Just use Weapon Cards
like M1911 to take him out.

~Number 6
Go up the ladder again and head to the right. There should be an enemy. Now,
you need to Equip Weapon Cards like M4. You can equip it to one of the two
slots which is shown at upper right corner of the screen. Then, use another M4
but don't equip it to the other free slot. Instead, equip it to the slot you
used already with the first M4. This time, it will say 'Loading' which means
you can then attack the nearby enemy.


<Stage 01 - Harbors Area>
Use Triangle and check out the place. Should just be 2 guards at first part and
another one at north. The first blue point is in the western room.

Once you are there, the mission will change. The goal is at the upper right.

The guards should be pretty easy to sneak pass. You can just stunt them instead
of killing them. Head to the goal to end the mission.

After, you will be at the Intermission where you can select various options.
Use the Map Select and head to the next location.

(If you did input the passwords, you should get the cards now.)


<Stage 02 - Management Department>
As usual, use Triangle and check out the place. You have 3 blue points and you
have to check them out one by one.

Well, start with the near one. That guard just walks back and forth on that
same line. Get to the blue point for the first node.

Next, back track a bit and take the stairs up. There is a camera at south, do
not bother to take it out, just sneak pass from under it. Continue on to the
right to the second blue point for the second node.

From where you are, you will need to go north. But, there is a guard that isn't
moving. Of course, knock on the wall to lure him to come. Go behind him and
stunt him.

Pass the guard, there is another camera. Just don't get in the range, continue
to the north and take the stairs down. Lastly, another guard and the final blue
point for the final node. Take him out.

Finally, the mission will change. Just head to the near blue point which will
end the mission.


<Stage 03 - Communication Building>
Pretty linear area. First up, pass the right near guard, up the stairs to the
right and enter a room. There is another guard within the room and a scanner by
the door.

Take out the guard and pass the scanner which will alert the enemies. Go on out
to the left and take the stairs, then into another room.

Two guards and the goal are within the room. Avoid the 2 guards and head to the
blue point to finish the mission.

After, Snake's Life goes up to 500 and Card Shop is now available. You can only
buy MGS3 Pack right now.

Next, go back to Stage 03.


<Stage 03 - Communication Building> (Part 2)
You will be in alert. Anyway, just take out all four guards to finish this

First up, take the near room and toward the near room first. By then, some
hacker that likes to call himself BB contacts you through Codec. Enter the room
and another message from BB.

Anyway, get the MGS3 Pack and exit out the room. Of course, BB will keep up the
unwanted Codec. Near the barrel, there is some oil stuff on the floor. Don't go
through it. Go around from north instead.

Taking out the guards should be pretty easy, you can even use the barrels and
grenades to help you. Don't forget there is another room at the lower floor, so
save the final guard til you check out that room which contains another Pack.

After, for the Card Shop, aside from Packs, you can also buy Singles of Cards.
Better yet, you can now SELL cards.


<Stage 04 - Research Block>
The goal is straight to north, but there are guards and cameras around. If you
notice, the whole stage is full of machines, the cameras, the robots. That just
mean Chaff Grenade should work well.

Use Triangle to check the area. There should be 2 items at the lower floor. If
you don't want to get them, just go straight to north. You will need to pass 2
robots, so just take them out one by one.

After that, beware that there is a camera to the right, so take the left path
to get to the north.

Second area, go to the eastern room first. BB will contact you again and the
path is that duct at upper left.

Now, first up, take out that robot and take the near left door. In the room,
there is another robot. Take the ladder up and take out the robot as well. Go
out from that right door.

Then get the Pack at the end and Crawl down into the duct. Next, another robot
just by the duct. You can easily take it out while still in the duct. After
that, get the MGS3 Pack from the middle room and the robot you just took out
can also drop MGS3 Pack. Then just take the near door.


<Stage 04 - Research Block> (Part 2)
As you can check with Triangle, the goal is at upper right. First of all, back
track to the south part & you can go east since the previous fence is off now.

Continue on up toward north, and another robot on the way. Grenade and Shoot
combo should take it out easily. Near the goal, there is another robot and an
item to the left. Get the Item, take out the robot, then to the goal. The robot
can also drop MGS3 Pack as well.


<Stage 05 - Security Department>
Ok, head up about 3 or 4 blocks. There should be a guard near. You can try to
take him out with guns. But, he might counter and even activate his armor. You
could also do a Grenade and Shoot combo. He has lots of HPs, so it will take a

Don't worry that if you should get in Alert with him. Just take him out & when
you go through those scanners, you will be in Alert. Pass all the scanners and
stay at that corner. Now, if there are guards to come, just throw few Grenades
to divert them. Better yet, throw the grenades to the robots.

Next, get down to the lower level. Head to the right room. Within that room,
there are 2 doors but you can only take the north one. Next, there are 3 guards
and take out the near 2 first.

For the last guard, he has tons of HPs, so better a grenade and set him on fire
to slowly kill him. Once you got him, head up the stairs and to the next area.

Second area, check the surroundings with Triangle. There are quite a few guards
and gun cameras. The first near guard and the last guard before the blue circle
also got lots of HPs. First of all, take out the near gun camera, and avoid the
near guard. Next up, take the stairs or ladder, to 2 more guards. If you throw
a grenade between them to take them out, this will get you in Alert. Or else,
slowly take them out.

Now, check the near gun camera's range, you should have one spot to aim at it
and take it out. For the last guard, you also got one spot where you can throw
grenade or shoot in a distant. After, get the item and on to the blue circle.


<Stage 05 - Security Department> (Part 2)
Finally, it is boss time, against Test Subject. It's got 1000 HPs. Basically,
shoot and run. If you have Action++, use it and it comes in handy from time to
time. Besure to keep some Ration in case of emergency. Don't bother using any
of the explosive, they won't work. He also can not be knocked down.

Now, you should notice he likes to equip various things, making lots of your
attacks ineffective. That means Jehuty can be real useful here. You can also
equip various equipments and set traps around. If you use the Sea Harrier card
on him, you can do very nice damage, the same with the Roy Campbell if you can
move out the way.

Once you depleted all of Test Subject/Harab Serap's HPs, Mission Clear. Venus
will join afterward. Link Battle is now available and you can buy MGS2 Pack in
the Shop. Snake's Life goes up to 600. The Limit of a Deck is now up to 35 and
do not forget you can also edit Venus' Deck as well.


<Stage 04 - Research Block> (Part 3)
First up, take the near lower left door. Within this room, the gate at the left
is now opened. If you check the north, you can see the blue circle.

This should be pretty easy since there are just 2 guards and you can take them
out one by one, especially you have Venus helping you now.


<Stage 04 - Research Block> (Part 4)
Time for the next boss fight, against the Security Chief - Vince. Looks like it
is 2 against 1, and beware that there are lots of barrels here. So, don't even
get close to them. However, you can blow them up if you see Vince are near any
barrel. Also, there are fire extinguishers around, you can just treat them the
same way you do with the barrels but it's best you just blow them up with no
one around. Vince can and will throw them at you. Actually, he can do the same
with the barrels.

Vince had 1200 HPs, and also like to equip lots of things. Jehuty or the likes,
should be handy here. If you can blow up a barrel with Vince nearby, you can
mostly set him on fire. Now, just stay away from him. Keep your Snake and Venus
at 2 separate sides, then attack at both sides. Remember, Vince's Equipment
allow him to evade the front, not his back.

Again, if you have Roy Campbell, Sea Harrier or Harrier 2, this can be done a
lot more faster.


<Stage 04 - Research Block> (Part 5)
You can take the near right or south door. Just have Snake and Venus each to go
take one path. I have Venus to take the right door and Snake for the other.

Once Venus gets to the second room, she finds Takiyama. After that, both Snake
and Venus will be in this room.

Now, you MUST protect both of them, with Snake and Venus to take out all of the
robots. Quickily get infront of those 2 and start killing the robots. If you
have grenades, you can take out multiples in a shot. Or else, this can be hard.


<Stage 04 - Research Block> (Part 6)
Just head in and more scenes. You will back to the Map.


<Stage 06 - Terminal>
At least have one character with the Thermal Goggle, if not, it's not really a
must. Now, one thing to beware about, the train will come now and then, meaning
don't stay too long at the train track. Or else, you will lose Life and mostly
get stunned. To know when the train comes, there is a Cost Timer.

After the first guard, don't move on up yet. Stay at the higher stands and wait
for the train to come. After, go up and you should see an area where you can
crawl in. Use that to dodge the next train. For the second character, move up
further and there should be another area where you can just walk in. However,
beware that there is a guard but he's having his back facing you. Take him out
and there might be another guard near. Don't worry, just block him out and let
the train do the work.

Next, another high stand with another guard. Try to take him out and get both
characters on there.

After that, send one character up and there should be another spot where you
can crawl in. Then that character can move toward the goal after. Repeat with
remaining character. If you want to risk it, move the remaining character while
the initial character moves toward the goal.


<Stage 07 - Material Carriage Railroad>
It's another fight, against 4 guards. They all have lots of Equipments, and got
around 240 HPs. Don't try to set them on fire, because when they get close, it
will just be everyone on fire. If they are close, try to punch them to knock
them off the train. However, since the last kick from your character sends the
enemy to the left, so try to get the direction right.

That's it, nothing fancy and just keep this up. Heal and last long enough to
take out the guards. After the initial 4, there should be a few more coming up.
Once you kill them all, that's it. Kopelson will show up with the Metal Gear - 
Chaioth Ha Qadesh.


<Stage 08 - Residential Area>
Now, beware here. Snake only has 100 Life because he's injured. So, the battles
should be handled by Venus. Try to equip Snake with Front Evade and Armors or
the likes.

There are about 4 guards here, with the goal at the lower floor's upper left.
First up, you will need to go down the stairs and you should just take out the
2 guards. Once you are down, 2 more guards where one is by the goal. If you get
into alert, there will just be one more guard coming, so it isn't a big deal,
as long as Snake isn't near any of the guards.


<Stage 08 - Residential Area> (Part 2)
Here, we need to find the entrance to the underground. Venus can take the near
left path and Snake can take the other one. For Snake, beware of the robot in
the room and for Venus, there are more robots to the left.

Basically, Venus' got the tool to find the entrance and Snake can take out the
robots around. If you have Thermal Goggle here, it will come in handy.

Next, with Venus, once you get to the left most room. It seems like a dead end
and there is actually a hidden path. Check the upper left corner. If you just
rotate the map, you can easily spot the hidden path. You need to crawl in to go
beyond. Of course, get Snake to join up with Venus, especially there are robots
around, within the hidden room.

Now, here is a Map of this 5 by 5 room:


The X is the entrance, at least for my game. It might be random.

After, Chronicle Pack is now available at the Card Shop. Snake's Life is up to
700 and Venus' is up to 600.


<Stage 10 - The 2nd Connecting Bridge>
More scenes and you will exit out, since we need to get some Sniper Rifles to
take out the Cythers.


<Stage 09 - Metal Gear Prototype Factory>
There are few guards here and beware of the ones called Tengu. This is a pretty
straight forward area, the problem is just the guards. Keep your killings here
low key, so you don't alert the others.

If you did alert the guards, just block the ladder so no more guard can come up
to you.

Once you make it to the north, head up to the left to another area. Within this
area, there are about 4 more guards and the white circles to north. Since you
are at higher grounds, you can shoot and grenade them. Once you make it to the
white circles, you will get to the next section.

Second area, lots of guards here and the goal is to north. It's pretty much one
way once you take the ladder up. And setting the enemis on fire here is real
fun. You can easily take out all the enemies here without doing much. One enemy
can set the other one on fire and repeat. Just besure to avoid them so you do
not get on fire as well. The enemies with the fire extinguishers, they can blow
up at the end which can also cause damage to near enemies.

For the Cyther at upper left, just get close and take it out. Once you are near
the goal, that's it. You will get the PSG1 but we need some bullets.


<Stage 09 - Metal Gear Prototype Factory> (Part 2)
It's boss time, against Test Subject/Golab. It's got 1300 HPs and mainly uses
Oil then Fire.

Like other bosses, he likes to equip various equipment. There are barrels and
fire extinguishers you can use against him. Same old strategy you used for the
other bosses work here as well. You can gang up on him from both sides and even
stay at both sides, where he can just fire at you.


<Stage 09 - Metal Gear Prototype Factory> (Part 3)
Yet another boss, and this time, a Metal Gear, Pythagoras. You don't have all
the time you want, you MUST take it down within 300 Costs. This can be pretty
hard if you don't use all your heavy-damage cards. Ones like Stinger works well

Spread out and try not to get in range. The Metal Gear works similar to the
last game, that's, attacking with missiles and you can see red spots around the
field. Just avoid getting near the red spots or any crate.

Each of its arm has 500 HPs only, so it shouldn't take all that long. If you're
close, it also can use its laser. That's harder to avoid considering the range
it has.

Basically, just save your Costs & attack one arm after another. Once you took
out both arms, it will get more dangerous here since the Metal Gear will use
that beam blast. When it's charging to do the beam blast, you can attack Metal
Gear which got 1000 HPs. To avoid the beam blast, you must get to its either
side. Stinger gets more important here. You need to take out that 1000 Life
before the Cost Limit ends.


<Stage 10 - The 2nd Connecting Bridge> (Part 2)
You are here to take out the Cythers, and similar to the enemies on the train
previously, you can knock the enemies off the bridge. However, the enemies can
also knock you off, so beware of that.

Starting up, knock the near guard off the bridge. From there, take out the two
near Cythers, a guard and another guard in air. As long as you use shoot in a
distant, you don't need to move or alert the enemies.

Before you move on, set few traps at the south entrance cuz there could be one
guard coming from there.

For the rest of the enemies and Cyther, just take your time and repeat with the
shooting in distant. Once you took out all the Cythers, you get the Mission
Change. Just head to the goal at north.

After, you can buy the MGS1 Pack in the Card Shop. Deck Limit goes up to 40.
Snake's Life is now 800 and Venus' is at 700.


<Stage 11 - ??? 1F> (Part 1)
Starting up, take out the Tengu to the right quitely. If you gp up and take the
ladder, you can crawl after, so you can aim at some guard to the right. If one
guard to the right comes in to check the Tengu, you can take him out as well.

You probably do notice at some corner, there is a reflector, which just reflect
the bullet to the other direction. This can come in handy. Go on to the right
to another area. You are at higher ground, so you can easily kill them all. You
can always put someone at the ladder so no guard can come up.

After, go down, take the ladder and through the door to another area. There are
2 more guards and then the goal.


<Stage 11 - ??? 2F> (Part 2)
It's boss time again, against Chaigidiel. Same as usual, spread out and take
cover. Gang up on him when you can. It has 2000 Life, so this might take some

Like other bosses, he equips lots of things. Either try to attack his back or
use Jehuty. He doesn't like to do the attacking, instead, he will confuse one
ally. The confused ally will go after the other one, so make sure you keep the
distant. He also likes to throw down mines, so besure not to step on them. The
rest of the battle is mostly he confuses some ally and have that ally to attack
you. Repeat this for quite some time. He will turn the whole area to black. Of
course, just watch your steps with the mines.


<Stage 11 - ??? 3F> (Part 3)
Another boss fight, against Vince again. This time, he's got lots of guards on
the field to help out.

Make uses of the fire extinguishers and barrels here to take out the guards.
That way, Vince can't use them. Keep up the healings and take out the guards.
If you can set the guards on fire, try to knock them together, so they can all
be on fire. As for that Vince, same old strategy from before. If your character
is on fire, stay close to Vince so he can be on fire as well.


<Stage 11 - ??? 4F> (Part 4)
Here we go again, an intensive fight of the game. Of course, against that Metal
Gear. It's Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh that you've met before.

First up, 3 parts and each got 700 Life. For the attacks it got: Missiles that
can deal lots of damage, energy sphere that destroys all Effects/Equipments,
and column+row attacks that can also deal decent damages. Most deadly of all,
it can walk/stomp at a near target which is instant kill. If your characters
are close, and if he does this 2 times, it's likely to be Game Over.

Anyway, try not to put Snake and Venus at the same column or row. They should
not even be close together for the matter. Best of all, stay away from Chaioth
Ha Qadesh and use Stinger.

Whether you take out the laser or the 2 arms first, it's up to you. Once you do
so, more scenes.

Time for the second half of the fight. Now, it's just 1 part with 500 Life. It
can uses a beam/row attack that causes about 400 damages. Same old strategy and
once you take out the 500 Life, the head will show up with 700 Life. Now, try
to do as much damage before the head goes back. Once it goes back in, you will
need to take out the 500 Life part again.

Once you take out the head, that's it.


<Stage 11 - ??? 5F> (Part 5)
Time for another boss, against your 'partner' Venus. She's pretty fast & seems
deadly and all. Plus, she's got about 1500 Life and Level 3 Equipment. However,
there is one trick to defeat her easily.

See the eastern area? Where one can fall off from? That's right. You CAN kick
her off there to end the battle instantly. Lure her there, get the direction
right and kick her off. That's it.


<Stage 12 - Emergency Exit>
Pretty small and straight forward area. Just take out the robots and head down
to north for the goal.

Once you head up to the higher level of SW corner, you will need to take out
that gun camera and crawl in.

For the 2 robots at north, just throw some grenades.


<Stage 12 - Emergency Exit> (Part 2)
You just have Venus for this battle. She'll be standing on a jeep. You just got
to take out the robots while standing. Just watch out for your Life & you will
be fine. If you put the Tent+ at where you are, you don't have to worry about

That's it, you have beaten the game. At the end, you will get the Metal Gear
Red card. The game will also ask you to make a Clear Data save. Do so.



- Me
- CJayC
- Kojima Productions/Konami


<Legal Words>

This document is copyrighted by Ken Zhao/Kouli. All Rights Reserved. It is for
private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, reproduced in parts or
in its entirety in any form or shape. Since it is intended to be free, you can
not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. It can not
be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes. Further, this FAQ
can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site,
organization, group, company, magazine, strategy guide author without my
absolute permission. This is protected by International Copyright Law, break
or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal

Lastly, this document along with my other ones CAN NEVER EVER be posted on this
site: www.cheatcc.com


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